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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :tonight at eleven. another security breach at san jose mineta international airport. this time a woman gets onto the runway and was seen walking across the airfield. this incident is the latest in a string of breaches at the san jose airport. making travelers uneasy. kron four's jeff bush is live at the scene now. with the latest. jeff. >> jeff :this went down a around 515 she got inside the airport around here on the southwest side of the airport
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you can see that the fence she climbed is about 6 ft. tall there are signs posted all around the perimeter warning people to stay out. police officers arrived shortly after she was spotted but she resisted. resisted police say the woman had no identification on her and refused to say who she was. officers the book to her under several charges including trespassing and resisting arrest. we're going to keep tabs on less and up to you whenever new information becomes available. i'm jeff bush >> pam :this is the fifth breach of security at san jose mineta. in less than a year. this is video from midnight. january 29th. when jose mendoza is accused of walking on a vehicle road. on the tarmac side of the airport. mendoza was stopped by security as he tried to climb a perimeter fence.
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last november, miguel zaragoza was allegedly caught trespassing on the atlantic aviation ramp. he, too, tried to escape but was caught by police after allegedly taking a city maintenance truck on a joyride. they call this woman the serial stowaway. marilyn hartman -- she is from the bay area. and has illegally boarded planes across the country -she was able to actually get on a plane at mineta. and fly to l-a without a ticket. and -- of course -- who could forget the teen stowaway. he got on a hawaiian airlines jet and flew all the way to hawaii in a wheelwell of the jet. before he was discovered. that was nearly a year ago. like some of the others, police say, he scaled the airport's perimeter fence. to stow- away on the plane before he was discovered after landing in hawaii. police investigating the death of andrew getty. an heir to the getty oil fortune. are saying. at this time. his death does not appear to involve foul play.
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the 47-year- old son of san francisco billionaire philanthropists - ann and gordon getty. was found dead in a bathroom in his hollywood hills estate. early reports suggested he appeared to have suffered some type of blunt force trauma. just two weeks ago, andrew getty sought a restraining order against a woman, reportedly his girlfriend. that's according to court records. his attorney declined to comment. getty's family have requested privacy during this extremely difficult time a fourth man has now been arrested in the death of oakland mother cheymil pierce. police arrested this man 21 year-old michael stills. in the shooting death of pierce earlier this month. a shootout in west oakland claimed her life. pierce was killed as she tried to protect two of her young children and move them to safety. pierce's death sparked outrage
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in the community. about the constant violence and slow response times to police calls. >> it really is you cannot find words to adequately express the rage frustration and grief. >> pam :police have not yet said what role stills played in the killing. but is one of four people being held in connection with her death. michael stills will face a judge tomorrow. scammers are coming up with new angles. for old scams. the newark police department is warning residents. fake check scams are becoming more popular. kron 4's alecia reid explains. >> alecia :finding a new job isn't always easy. so if someone calls offering a job, that should immediately raise a red flag. this new scam not only offers a new job, but thousands of dollars up front for victims to deposit into their account. the newark police department says the phone call or email offers jobs as secret shoppers with retailers like wal-mart kmart, best buy or home dept. victims are instructed to activate their emplyment by depositing those fake paychecks. they're told to keep
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some of the money as advanced payment. they are then advised to purchase green dot moneypak cards at various locations as a mystery shopper, evaluate the retailer, then email the evaluation forms along with the 14 digit code from each of the pre-paid cards. thing is, once the bank realizes those paychecks are fraudulent and they bounce, the money loaded onto the green dot card is now gone, the scammers have **their** paycheck, and the victim will have to re-pay the bank. remember police say if it's too good to be true, it is! alecia reid kron 4 news >> pam :the "indiana religious freedom" law, which many say legalizes discrimination. has many people in the l-g-b-t community and their supporters. outraged. now, under pressure from around the nation. indiana governor mike pence, who signed the new law just last week, has called for clarity in the law. he is insisting his state does not want the new law to be used to discriminate. indiana's religious freedom law
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is also getting reaction from billionaire warren buffett. >> to the extent that it could in any way be prejudicial to gays or lesbians, i'd be opposed to that. now i don't know.i've heard people say, well, it isn't designed to that or something, but in the end that would be the test for me." >> pam :governor pence says he is not backing off his support for the law. he insists the firestorm is due to misinformation. coming up: the launch point for alcatraz. may soon change. and where it could be heading. has some people fired up. a driver crashes into a bay area boy's home. sending him flying across the room! and -- where huge chunks of ice. are falling from the sky tonight!
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♪♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >> pam :take a look at what is dropping from the sky in oklahoma tonight. a storm produced hail. as large
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as baseballs! the hail pictured here fell in meeker, oklahoma. that's about a half-hour east of oklahoma city. another photograph making the rounds on social media. shows a piece of hail compared to an i- phone. a meteorologist in the region tweeted these photos out tonight. >> reporter :and they're still dealing with some severe thunderstorms in that area. other than that, no severe storms here we will nigel--let you know exactly how long the wind will stick around for when the crown for news continues after the break. kron 4 news >> pam : just when you thought the alleged vallejo kidnapping case. has! to move the alcatraz ferry. >> gary :coming up a little bit
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later in this broadcast the warriors. we have the highlights. we will talk about those stories and more later in this broadcast. >> pam :and stay tuned tonight for the inside edition with deborah norville.
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>> pam :a public meeting today in san francisco. was to decide
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a possible relocation of the alactraz ferry port. the national park service held the meeting in the bayside conference room at pier- 1. the relocation options include moving the ferry port back to its orignial spot on pier- 41, moving it to fort mason's pier 3, or keeping it at its existing pier- 31 -and a- half. >> we are in discussions with the port but we need to reach a conclusion to those discussions because we really do need to find a solid, long term embarcation for the ferry to alcatraz. >> pam :moving the ferry termnial to fort mason. an area the park service already owns. has residents concerned it will have a negative environmental impact. and generate too much traffic in the area. and park officials share some of those concerns. the park service says, it wants to have a 50 -year lease in place. by this time next year. happening today in san jose. pushback from the homeless and their
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advocates. about the city's on- going policy of sweeping them. from various encampments around town. they gathered at the site of the now- closed- 'jungle' encampment to denounce the sweep of a camp near story road late last week. during that incident they say, a woman was allegedly hit and injured by machinery. while she was still inside her tent. long- time homeless advocate pastor scott wagers says, the sweeps are not working. because the homeless often return to those same camps within days of their eviction. they say the real problem is the lack of affordable housing. >> thats what i heard was the strategie sweep the homeless until they get tired, and can no longer stand living here >>:they spend a lot of money sweeping and getting them to leave the county. that is the strategy i heard.
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>> pam :unless and until more affordable housing can be built, wagers and other homeless advocates believe, the best short -term solution. is to establish a legal campsite for the homeless. at least one high- profile public official - county supervisor dave cortese, who attended today's protest, says, that idea is worth exploring. >>:she dies at the scene the vallejo police department says they are. cooperating with are they do not believe the drugs or alcohol had any role. >> emily : a man is behind bars
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after a kid was hit and sent for his room. police say timothy drove into the side of the house where a 11 year-old slot. he is charged with a felony, and the boy is expected to recover from those bumps and bruises. the house is a different story. the family is having to stay with other family while the house is being repaired. considering what could have happened they are grateful >>:hearing vallejo the case of the alleged kidnapping gets more and more bizarre. dave reportedly received e- mail's from the alleged kidnapper. the kidnappers says that the police apologized for saying the kidnapping was a hoax. and i said that they have made veiled threats if we do not apologize
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>> reporter :is still bounty of their here's a live look at the bridge. this is from this evening some of the higher wind gusts. 42 mi. an hour winds and ocean beach. right now wind gusts are not as bad out there. a little quiet with some blustery spots. most of the wins are northwesterly winds here's what we can expect for are overnight hours. cool and windy gas potentially 20 to 30
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mi. for the morning north bay wednesday morning. it will be sunny & breezy again tomorrow afternoon with highs in the lower 70s. what happened today was a cold front came in that was weak and dry. those wins really picked up this afternoon. another one comes in tomorrow again so will be a repeat of windy conditions. conditions. here are your storm trucker temperatures.--tracker san francisco be a little milder at 50. 48 degrees for our friends in oakland over night. your highs for tomorrow afternoon look like this.
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highs for your east bay locations. los '70's are around. oakland will see breezy conditions temperatures popping at the los '70's here is your storm tracker for seven day of around the bay you be sneezing all day from allergies thursday it will not be as windy, and temperatures will turn up through friday. saturday is not too bad. sunday we are tracking a chance for some rain. that ring could stick around for the next part of next week. so we are not entirely sure how that easter egg hunt will work
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out. we are hoping the rain will hold on until the evening hours we will keep you posted >> pam :both coaches enganged in some verbal jabbing before tonight's warriors-clippers game and gary has all the news with sports up next
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>> gary :before the clippers and golden state game tonight steve kerr commented he wasn't playing draymond game because the game didn't "mean anything" clippers coach doc rivers responded by saying "we kind of assumed they didn't want to take the risk of going 2-2 with their regular guys." kerr retorted "either that or we have a nine-game lead with a couple guys banged up." both of those guys are really good guys clippers at one point led by 17 currie is on his way to 27 points the warriors got to work your
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they go on and win 11021 06 110-106 doc rivers his team has major stars but it looks like the warriors had to the clippers' no. mnumber jason randall has passed abdul- jabbar tonight he became the all-time stanford scoring leader stanford had a 15 to nothing lead final: stanford wins 67-60
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they play miami for the nit title the 49ers looking for helf at linebacker. with the departures of patrick willis and chris borland they re-signed linebacker desmond bishop who they aqcuired late last season to a one-year contract the 30-year old bishop who is from fairfield and played at cal spent his entire career in green bay before coming to san francisco his best years game in 2010 and 2011 he will provide depth behind michael wilhoite and navorro bowman the niners are also looking at former bears all-pro lance briggs a sacramento native veteran defensive tackle antonio smith was released by the raiders today it was somewhat of a surprise given smith has been productivve as an inside pass rusher and is a leader in the locker room he was rated the most cordial raider but he got cut
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the team saves $4million against the salary cap with the move smith was entering the 2nd year of a 2-year $9 million deal former raider matt schaub has found a new home. he signed a 1-year, $3 million deal to backup joe flacco with the baltimore ravens today schaub was brought in by the raiders and paid $8 million to be their starting qb but lost the job to derek carr in the attempting one pass an interception against the browns in his final spring training appearance he gave up seven runs it is hard to imagine he is making the roster tiger woods somebody spotted his plan in augusta he hasn't played as of late, but the word is that if he feels right he bill play in the masters a week from thursday.
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>> pam :that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow7
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model versus mogul. the beauty accusing america's most famous movie producer of molesting her. >> what she claims happened during a private meeting in weinstein's office. >> saved by the baby. the american heiress accused of killing her mom in paradise. she is spared death by firing squad. >> and, he said what? >> you are never going to win the nobel prize for quantum physics but you are easy on the eyes. >> why this sports caster is demanding an apology for what was said about her. >> man overboard. risky


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