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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 1, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter: will live in san jose this morning where there is yet another security breach will tell you how woman data on the airfield as coming up in a live report. >> reporter: health alerts have been sent out to parents into east bay high schools. i tell you why they send that out. >> reporter: and the rumpled dealt trial of a south bay team begins today. >> reporter: the winds are
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calmer but it is on the cooler side. he could plan on plenty of sunshine for today you wanna grab your sunglasses but definitely grab a jacket because it is on the cool side this morning. we have light went the route the area. currently gusting as 70 mi. per hour. it will be breezy and the temperature will socially the with art dusting at 17 mi. an hour. . oakland is at 46 degrees occurred is at 46 degrees concord is 46 degrees. sweater weather this morning and a cool afternoon in store. the temperature will continue on to the low to
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mid 60's. temperatures will start to warm-up into the lower seventies across the ammoniacal locations there is a will be a cool them we were yesterday. about 68 will be them namely the high temperature around the area today. the wins will come down to mark of the temperatures warm up throughout the western regions of the week. we're also talking about some langshans is coming up in the four credits. >> reporter: for tracking are hot spots years san jose 101 northbound ride the earlier accident has been cleared. that's why it is now so badly back up right now the drive time is over 50 minutes coming up from 85 to 237 this morning. putting extra pressure on 280 and guadalupe parkway. people
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try to seek an alternate route around those delays and won a one northbound. and we continue with the back up at the bay bridge here for 23 minutes with the dried thyme. >> reporter: the san mateo bridge is a very poor ride this morning over a 30 minute ride this morning coming out of the nimitz freeway of to what no one. and because of earlier curry stalls and debris on the dumbarton bridge it makes all coralroot. >> reporter: for the fifth time in less than a year security has been breached at the airport. yesterday woman data into the runway and she was arrested but not without a fight. >> reporter: the morning james and dari of the we're still wait to hear back from the airport officials who once again have to answer will how someone
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could best security measures. in this case and shows the she does clearly hopped over the fence was on the tarmac. this was about 550 last evening when airport police responded to a woman walking on the airfield. they say she possibly just a hop over the fence in the southwest corner of the airport making it onto the airfield where the officers accosted her the death of bob wire on top. of the sense that the police said the she put up a struggle but they were able to place under arrest even though she's there have been five security breaches over the past year that has people questioning airport security again. >>: is kind of like where is the security are they sleeping on the job. >>: are the is the security
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of their what should be. >>: is pretty open now they're not very secure if the was the woman hopped the fence how big his offense. what kind patroled are the having out there. >> reporter: authorities but that woman into the santa clarita clare county jail for trespassing and resisting arrest. but they complied with all t.s. the guidelines as well was told to me by authorities. but there has been another security breach we're reaching out to the airport officials but we have not heard back him from them yet. >> reporter: mike said this is the latest in a string of security breaches at this airport. we have this video here from back earlier in january when jose mendoza was accused of walking on
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the vehicle rolled on the tarmac side of the airport my mendoza says she was stopped by security as he tried to climb a perimeter fence. and last november miguel of zaragoza was caught allegedly trespassing on the atlantic aviation ran be tried to escape was caught by police after they took the city made his truck on a joyride. and he called this woman the serial stowaway maryland hartmann is from the bay area was illegally boarding planes across the country she was able to actually get on a plane in the net and flied l.a. without a ticket. >> reporter: and of course the old and forget the teen stowaway he got on a hawaiian airlines jet and flew all the way to hawaii in the wheel well of the debt before it was discovered that was nearly a year ago police say he got on the tarmac by scaling the airport's perimeter fence. >> reporter: here we are a
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year later with our. >> reporter: we have a health alert for parents in the east bay. kickoff is been reported to high- school said antioch and jackie sizzle was like a deer valley high school we're in one case was confirmed there by the superintendent. >> reporter: school starts in about an hour we're already starting to see some of the staff members arrived here at deer valley high school this is one of two high schools and antioch this and out of public health alert to the parents and students that of there as been the least one case of hoping call in both high schools. obviously they wanted the word out to prevent any further infection from spreading. in trying to get the odd word
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out about hoping colposcope protests this the clinical name for its purchases. pertussus >> reporter: the save last year was an epidemic they had over 11,000 cases with three deaths associated with the disease. if that 1200 cases this year with one death. and it is curable with a vaccine in the one get that word out. we're hopeful we gonna get a chance to talk to the superintendent of the schools and see what they're helping to get make sure this thing does not get out of control. >> reporter: also happening today the wrongful death trial some of andrea pot is set to start today. she
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committed suicide in 2012 after she was sexually assaulted by three teenage boys while she was drugged unconscious. total of the assault were posted on social media. one of the boys in his family recently settled for $600,000 and will not face trial. the lawyers for the other boys said for suicide was prompted by other factors that were not related to the assault. >> reporter: the dramatic coastguard rescue off the east coast was all caught on-camera will show you footage should tell you how everyone is doing this morning + bay mud customer we know what caused the unusual smell and taste in your water over the weekend what was what that information coming up.
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>> reporter: take a look at this the u.s. coast guard rescuing nine people this happen on monday in this dramatic video shows the coastguard vessel trying to get close to the canadian ship. subleasing one of the crew members jump from one ship to the other. the waves in the area reached nearly 10 ft.. one of the disabled ships crew members was hospitalized after he is said. >> reporter: elides look
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with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. >> reporter: happening today
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in the department of water resources will conduct a final manual snowpacks serbia and the sierra nevada. and the outlook is not good. back in december electronic measurements found a state wide snow water equivalent was at 50% its historical average for that time of year. in january statewide ratings measure 25% and in march the readings were in just 19 percent of the average. opec accounts for about a third of the state's water. >> reporter: argosy rain about easter sunday weekend as the possibility. looking at the palm trees and not swaying as much as they did yesterday the land the currently light across the area. you could see the bright sunshine yields definitely need sunglasses when you step out of the door. here's what choosing
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from the south and concord and it's your cross the coast whence continue to stays sustained at 16 mi. an hour from much as coming out of the west. we could have winds gusting up to 30 this afternoon. we're starting off on the chilly site or must much of the region. >> reporter: cross the east bay we have some forties' out there. 43 in livermore. so you will need to grab a jacket or sweater this morning because these temperatures will stay cold for the next couple of hours. the wins will stay like but that will pick up with sunshine for much of the afternoon and the temperatures on ago and reached the lower seventies today. we're gonna continue
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was mainly upper 60s for the evening hours. so enjoy these temperatures as much as you can before disco once again. across the peninsula of the temperatures will warm up into the mid-60s. >> reporter: then we start the warm-up and the winds will start to die down tomorrow on one of low 70's in some locations is still coat kohl on the coastal and that frightened this friday will be the warmest of the days. easter weekend looks and dried but we have a chance of showers on sunday as we get closer to the weekend will continue to monitor one weakening and exactly see those showers. in the east the festivities you may have planned outside have a plan be in place. >> reporter: was still
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tracking some hot spots on here on 680 in all out walnut creek there's a stalled reported on 680 in the southbound direction and the drive time is 22 minutes diving down to dublin coming out of walnut creek you consider a slow ride into walnut creek coming out of concord pacifist team minute commute time is going up to 80 minutes. the ride five dating westbound is not nearly as bad as we sought earlier in the week. the 680 commute looks better than usual. dumbarton bridge we have problems with the stall and debris in the lane and is so horrible alternate route group to use this
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morning. the san mateo bridge and highway 92. we're back into the macarthur wheys 26 minute drive time. san mateo bridge as the eye when by israel in place. the golden gate bridge is no problem here which member bridge toll plaza of earlier recurring accident is not having much of an impact on the riot but we are back up from the richmond park or westbound >> reporter: the los angeles coroner says the and that's of anjou getty is most likely from natural causes or in accident. the 47 year- old heir to the getty fortune was found dead in a bathroom yester day and his hollywood hills estate. early reports suggested he may have suffered blunt force trauma. angela's parents are gordon and and
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getty their well-known here in san francisco. after opening at their house on broadway street part of so- called millionaire's row for charity events and to hold lot low political figures. >> reporter: none of the state passes of religious freedom lot even as the outcry continues over in the and this controversial new law. this time lawmakers in arkansas that passed the law despite protests outside the capital. critics of the bill lined up in the governor's office yesterday's signing the guest book and asking him to veto the measure. many believe the law is meant to get around anti- discrimination laws. indiana's governor insists the new law does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone. but critics were the law in indiana and now the bill in arkansas abroad. they are
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demanding added protections to ensure the rights of the l g b t community are not violated. >> reporter: east bay mud says the unusual taste in order that customers reported in their water over the weekend was caused by a greater presence of algae blooms. the district says the allergy was filtered out before it reached customers and the water was a safe to drink. most of the water comes from the party reservoir. the water district is required to preserve cold water and deep in the reservoir to release late later in the year for returning sound because of that the district started pulling warmer water from upper higher up in the reservoir on saturday that
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water has more algae in it. the district switched back to taking water from and deeper in the reservoir on monday while looking for ways to eliminate the unusual taste and odor. if you're an east bay mud customer you might notice more changes to your tap water this week.
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>> reporter: back with the quick update a 2.7 earthquake this struck in san problem this morning it was reported at 7 07 this morning about 2 mi. north of
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richmond this was a 2.7 which is classified as a week earthquake a lot of people did feel it if he did let us know. the six maps as the with of near up near richmond and son paolo was where was felt it was a light stay like shaking no damage reports so far we will let you know that changes. >> reporter: the back of the search rates learned rolled lead as the cross of barry's dizzies south bascom avenue in san jose then something from his orders rolled into the streets nes to catch it. stick with this lady with the child and the toe of standing the turn lane also on south bascom yes is scary to see what's going on i am out in front of valley medical center where medical professionals construction workers and just about
7:27 am
anyone crosses the seven lanes of active traffic while ignoring the crosswalk. yes and in many of the cases it is so that people can save a few minutes during a lunch break so you'll see them across the street illegally then he get up either wendy's a subway topple belt or the golden arches and then it's back to crossing illegally again and goes on all day. at one point looks like a herd of orange vests crossing at the same time and now most of all most if not all know they are crossing a legally. >> stanley roberts: of the fact is is only an additional four minutes of the border cross legally the speed limit on south bascom is 35 budget of the speeds are much higher. this
7:28 am
reminds me of the problem at kaiser in walnut creek except these workers are for seeking safety for subway sandwich their art to crosswalks at each end all you have to do is push the button. all said that some of buttonwood mission personally i'd rather pushed across wild but and then push the nurses but not just saying. the gatt yes you did get caught behaving that the ticket for jaywalking is about to wonder dollars think about that the next time you cross in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news. who doest lo a fe keov? the yogo. 's ahowe it's shor. but 's ahowewithew de dy wh, withts n brethroh rmul all itakess ju onehowe fosoft smoher in. wanto fe? fes rely gd. real sil smoh. 's asome i lo it. nedoveody sh. soft, smtherkin ter
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jusone ower
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>> reporter: act more of our more informational that
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are as great destructors morning 2.7 habits 707 it happened about 16 responses came insofar to the gsm nursing the they felt it with their cat carrier categorize it as some weak shaking not allow damages reported if that changes and the crown does shake we will give you updated information. >> reporter: when i spoke with bart a few moments ago they said that this did not register and barred central. so they don't have the whole service or perform any inspections. that is the procedure at bart if a quake does register in their operations center. they're required by mandate to suspend service and operator reduce these wild perform tracking inspections that did not occur this
7:32 am
morning. what is occurring slowest growth slowed traffic in san jose for the ride of 101 in the northbound direction we're still recovering from an earlier accident. and we do now have 40 minute drive. it was seen to be a traffic and 85 and 80 it was a 42 minute drive time. from the coyote valley of the highway to the 37. the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur may switch up about 23 to 26 minute drive time. sematech will bridge a bigger of rome drive time the drive time is over 30 minutes of this area. the dumbarton bridge is that bad don't even think about using it as an alternate. the toll plazas back to the richmond
7:33 am
park white westbound. >> reporter: waking up to some sunshine now there along with some chilly temperatures but is not is breezy across the area. very light across fairfield and conquered but half moon bay us along the coast with winds about 40 mi. an hour is gonna be on the breezy side. the west winds between 10 and 20. on the chillier side for the area vallejo as we can happen to temperatures with the '30's. concord is the same. 47 across the peninsula we have a mid to upper '40's. who's your planner for today but will continue
7:34 am
forties' for the next hour battle continued to about 8:00 and the mcdougals lost some upper 50s during the lunch hour. then and locations of the temperatures will inquire willing warm-up them much more we can say some temperatures and low '70's but across the bay we're talking about upper 60s a cooler day and store and breezy. >> reporter: + were talking about rain chances of launching a when you can expect that on star trek for forecast coming up the 750. >> reporter: the alleged vallejo kidnappers to do not want ransom they want police to apologize and there was some respect to from the cops will tran is at the vallejo police department on what the alleged kidnappers are demanding now. >> reporter: they're not
7:35 am
getting the respect and so far the vallejo police department is not giving out an apology. they were told that the alleged kidnappers said they had until noon to apologize that denise huskins and airing " and led them on all wild goose chase that this was an alleged folks the deadline for the armed threat came and went. if there's a picture of miss denise huskins declaimed in the middle of the night she was kidnapped potiphar boyfriend's home two days later she turns up seven sound and huntington beach near her father's home there was an 85 $1 ransom behind all of this that night the police department says women all the facts are not adding up this assault of calls and if that is proven dagenham's face state and federal charges. it is
7:36 am
proven to be a hoax. the alleged kidnappers in that e-mail to their attorneys the hoskins and when it quaternions save it was bad and even though they got wrong date but they don't deserve this. >> reporter: hoskins and quinn did not deserve to have their security eroded the the the same people the said yes we kidnap denise huskins and we still awful and they will not be mailing anyone * assumed. the latest e will be mailed this came to the san francisco chronicle saying they were serious about this and that the police did not meet the and noon deadline that would turn into agents of power. the police department how serious are they taking this they did not respond at all. >> reporter: their ransom demand was not met their
7:37 am
apology was not met his of remains to see wild there would be their next move. >> reporter: several the family is working to rebuild their home after a driver crashed into the side of is sending their sleeping son flying. fortunately the 11 year-old boy is ok. it happened around 4:00 a.m. monday morning. the crash of the truck crashed through the boy's bedroom wall catapulting the boy into the air and through his closet. he woke up in crumbled drywall and saw headlights he says he is lucky to be alive. >>: i man in his bed was literally one side was over there one site will be here how does this happen and i know there had to be something else in their room helping him. >> reporter: police arrested the driver 23 year-old timothy e. wind down the and
7:38 am
charged him with three felonies in the meantime the family is staying at a relative's house until the damage can be repaired. >> reporter: the alcatraz ferry port could be moving. a public meeting was held yesterday in san francisco to talk about relocation. the national park service says they could move the very poured back to its original spot on pier 41 mauve is from fort mason's pier 3 or keep at pier 31 and 1/2. residents near fort mason worry that moving its at what they're would generate too much traffic and have a negative impact on the environment. the park service says it wants to have a 50 year lease in place by this time next year. >> reporter: firefighters
7:39 am
are hoping that a blaze but could have contained on this blaze later today. is a wild fire this burning out of control. it was disposed to be it's supposed to be a controlled fire. they hope to have it contains some time today.
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>> reporter: again a 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck in san tableau. it classifies it as a very light warm this happen and son paulo san pablo
7:43 am
>> reporter: wattle one northbound ride is 38 minutes from 85 up to 1 01 in 23785 and 280 is also heavily jammed up to a love they chew on those drive * coming up you can also download are free mobile apps. we will be right back.
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>> reporter: the morning carrying secretary and the warriors area brought down the warriors of brought down chris brought >> gary radnich: yes they denny matthews the better of their guards as a slap in the fleiss to the clippers. >> reporter: seth is amazing what the crossovers. >> gary radnich: in the eyes from lost vegas have come out again the same data says that he is an old rallying favorite sets carry to win mvp.
7:47 am
>> reporter: area alone is going 40 pep when is your the crowd currey said in bpa is like there in the playoffs already. >> gary radnich: bustle of like about you used by the guy that scores 40 points you start to feel bad form. winston not think that's a good nowise on the biggest day of your life your entire life is gonna change you to go up there and ask questions about whether or not you were a bad guy.
7:48 am
>> reporter: are the be in a white with my family to you really want to be with the cutaway shots join your face and disappointment that's for the nfl not for you. >> gary radnich: just off the top of my head on the dow the the one to spend time with their families which you can bring your family with you to new york and have a great time. i don't know about mario's but as the first thing i thought about with winston. could be a great day if he's gonna be the no. 1 pick in the espagnole time with the media does bugging you about stuck to done all in the past often feel >> reporter: james winston
7:49 am
the receivers running to catch it of data on a face- to-face you can i'm checking out there he's running his crashing into the sp and table. the same look great and a lot better in a calm buying and you talk about problems all feel that it actually say what bexley's six equally sam was someone to follow him devil lot of money at stake to see how this gaius. >> gary radnich: that followed them on a flight just to see how he acted that's pretty sneaky. also in that case you better have two people followed him. i'm
7:50 am
with you until you start snaking around are you find out they were telling you that is >> reporter: these guys about this and $25 million item of the check your face books they talk to your france i can imagine the nfl not doing sneaky things. >> gary radnich: i still believe and honesty and decency at you gonna put a tail of somebody >> reporter: is rob run cows be a genius or is he get caveman. this is what you want an ideal woman >>: you really want me to describe it claims cooks makes big cash stays at home lets me do whatever i wild berry ninth kind
7:51 am
everything beautiful this has all of us the ideal wife. >> reporter: 81 step for a wife or genetic bunsen buses seriously how she got a club claimed stay on and make millions of dollars. >> gary radnich: 80 just talking and newsday is did read it audience laughing with you and then there you go. was put it this way i got a couple of daughters and their the first thing and think about it and make a mock the amount withdrawn passkey and now crew would your ideals of the lobbying from an before everybody's laughing and before use notes to get ready to go. >> reporter: so is his wife
7:52 am
he would ever letter go to a baseball game or she did breastfeed breast-feeding nursing sweet this i love you set up a couple of chairs in the bathroom to get a whole suite a kitchenette there i think this female fans are going to love this is called the nursing sweet it is so awesome. i remember well as nursing and changing diapers didn't have anything yet to do it on counters it was terrible this is actually quite nice. at this fabulous >> gary radnich: you could have all the breast feeding in the world would she have to win. >> reporter: i'm glad the church for righteous and the trust me. our trust jamieson when sen.
7:53 am
>> gary radnich: i don't trust any media your media person i don't trust any media whilothe mayeep ying nobuy kns easter bett thacadbury.
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7:56 am
>> reporter: we're waking up to a minor earthquake is 1 mi. from some possible 02 miles from when richmond. is 2.7 earthquake did you fill it lettuce and all honor kron 4 phase book page. we have loaded mid-40s across the east bay. >> reporter: him restart the
7:57 am
warm-up and the winds will die down. please could dustup to get 30 mi. an hour at times. on sunday will have more rain chances it will continue on into early next week. this note bombs be report or with a base of 38 a part of the lessor (norstar. if you're gonna be in that area temperatures at the base will be in the 40's at the summit in the upper 30's. >> reporter: islam around the bay area thus that east bay freeways and drive * r tripp from concord into walnut creek onto 42 with 18 to 20 minutes to ensure free wave interstate 80 in 28
7:58 am
minutes from hercules to berkeley and the kron 4 morning news will be back
7:59 am
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>> reporter: live in san jose this morning with following breaking news for the fifth time a security breach at the airport. the rating of to a light breeze out there but the wins will pick up a contract that the details coming up. >> reporter: crews were better earthquake was deported as 7 07 this morning at 227 earthquake are assigned bob law. this
8:01 am
happened and center tableau san pablo.. a 2.7 magnitude earthquake. eagan check out our weather at check out our whether mobil apple >> reporter: us by now from georgia there were any issues regarding bart so far was not to do anything with it is that the case? >> reporter: this did register embarked central so therefore they did not have to delay service. so instead no impact on them that is
8:02 am
good news. there are however plenty of spots that are we're encountering slow traffic the bay bridge is one of and this back up into the macarthur made the drive times have not reached 30 minutes yet. we're still looking at 2325 minute drive. the cemetery a bridge is another story. the drive times and there have been greater than at the bay bridge and that's because of the most leveraged slow traffic on 92 just tried to get to the span coming over from hayward. at richmond we're back to the toll plaza of dust before the richmond park way to get to the toll plaza. >> reporter: time and not a 02 on wednesday with some light conditions out there right now we have a few high clouds out there otherwise clear skies. the wins to
8:03 am
pick up for the day and as of right now the wan's are light except along the coast. the have sustained wan's 60 mi. an hour what would continue to talk about that and other temperatures as well we have meant the upper '30's in the east bay on the cold side across the south bay sunnyvale is still dropping a couple of degrees 41 degrees there. no. bay is 40 grabs a jacket or scarf because physical on the cold side this morning. temperatures will only warm- up into the upper 60s a route to ride around 70 across much of the area and a fall to the upper 60s around 5:00. so much of the
8:04 am
afternoon will be in the '60s with breezy conditions from the west. between 5 and 10 mi. an hour. we're talking about a comer conditions for tomorrow and the warmer to adjust for tomorrow and a few more rain chances coming up about 10 minutes. >> reporter: record-breaking as the we're following in the semi napa airport than where there has been a security breach of again. this woman happen again on the runway but police did arrest search done all >> reporter: passenger says that's a big concern they admit that that's not gonna stop them from flying out. but a spokesperson did
8:05 am
confirm that is not it ought was an airport security was ups employee that notify the proper personnel what she was spotted. san jose police says the woman possibly jumped over that fence that had bob wire in the southwest corner of the airport. airports is the official said ups employees alerted them to the woman. she put up a struggle once of the police approached third they were able to put her under arrest. this month marks five times that they have faced a security breach. >>: the number is not the problem the problem is not learning from the prior yvette one should be enough the young kid the winter white do something about that don't keep on waiting until it becomes a catastrophe and then you react.
8:06 am
>> reporter: and that man was referencing the t's 01 l stowaway. he died in the of wheel well of all wine airlines jet. and that of offal all the little white. we do not know the woman's name speaking with the airport representative they said that all other security measures did work even though issue yes employee that noticed the woman first. and that's because everyone wears a badge is trained to alert poughkeepsie suspicious activity she did not comment on whether not the work done to change their security efforts because the what happened >> reporter: coming back and 30 minutes from now would talk to a communist command about was the and begun to improve security at the airport and as mike said this is just the latest in a string of incidents. with a
8:07 am
sore issue in january that a mr. mendoza was accused about walking on the vehicle rolled he was stopped by security as he tried to align the perimeter fence and another case where the woman was a serial violator were given different plays a different airport she was caught her name was merely hard meant she had taken and some planes illegally boarded planes of all across the country flying without a ticket out of los angeles and get away with it in san jose and to move for get could forget the tv stowaway was the trade bill palm we of bloom who stood to read the world news. he was in the wheel well of a flight still ye and he scaled the perimeter fence in order to get on the tarmac. >> reporter: also happening now of all health alert for parents an east bay will bangkok this been reported
8:08 am
at two high schools and antioch ann kron 4 is jackie sizzle as live in deer valley high school where one case was confirmed there by the superintendent. >> reporter: i just up the phone with the school superintendent of the antioch school district near this and as they found out about these cases they spring into action to alert parents and faculty to make sure that no other cases what occurred. there were two separate cases when the deer valley and one that and the hawkeyes school of monday of this week is an out notices to the parents and posted messages around the school to alert them. he said the toll this gap had editorials that staff to go in these classes with the students were lining inside those classrooms and alert the teachers to watch out for any symptoms of such tilden's they may have been infected. our talk to parents earlier this morning
8:09 am
they're frustrated by these cases popping up at this high school. >>: the sec public is that the whooping cough at this school and my daughter's school i'm i'm really not known i think all the kids need to be vaccinated are really do. >> reporter: and that would prevent whopping cough according to the public health department last year in 2014 whopping cough or protest this was an epidemic and they had over 11,000 cases reported in the state of california the resulted in three deaths and so far they've got 1200 cases this year with one death and they said the this is all preventable and can be taking care of with a vaccine. they said the district is trying to keep a very close call i on the student population and if they see in the updated and
8:10 am
provision that will alert the parents. >> reporter: robin show you some of the latest video you could see lightning strikes their and the funeral for fallen san jose police officer michael johnson will be held tomorrow and will lend a to know what the road closures of you. ♪♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together
8:11 am
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8:12 am
>> reporter: time not a-12 the funeral for fallen san jose police officer michael johnson will be held tomorrow. johnson was shot
8:13 am
and killed while in the line of duty last week. procession will go through part of san of day and there will be some road closures the to need to know about. grant has more information >> grant lodes: 7 road will be closed thursday morning summoned to the afternoon johnson's body will leave los gatos more to worry at 10:00 a.m. and the procession set heads north and winchester boulevard bright on stevens creek boulevard to the s a p center is starts at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. believes has the monterey highway 0 still simmer cemetery for private first burial. we posted all the information on our website. our will be stressing the memorial live on kron 4 that time.
8:14 am
>> reporter: detail the coming up about sense is for rain and warm up in five minutes
8:15 am
discover theowerf ju ve by wa wita eaktoughormu. just onehowegiveyou ftersmooer sn. my skiis rlly lky ooth nedoveody sh. softersmooer sn afr ju onehowe i know wt yore tnkin t th is e imoved
8:16 am
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8:17 am
that brought heavy rain wan's and even hail last night and into this morning. the weather was so bad several cars became stranded in flood waters. thousands of homes and businesses also lost power. the good news is that the storms should taper off later today. >> reporter: when one and know what you felt the earthquake get auletta snow on their face but page. let us know if used felt the earthquake on our face would pay each. it happened this morning at 707 page facebook page 2.7 earthquake
8:18 am
let us know.. the ones will stays the same from the northwest. everywhere else as july. another thing that's different is the temperatures. with slightly on the chillier side this morning. across much of the east bay we have forties' out there 44 in livermore. the temperature is a slowly on the rise right now mid- 40s and lower 50s for the next 30 minutes and then temperatures will warm-up and to the '60s and mobile mileage our would raise the northwest winds carry of the sunshine continues to stick around in the early afternoon. we're gonna have the winds died down
8:19 am
overnight the become into tomorrow. fair cross all when the temperatures will continue to warm up. with still building with slightly cooler temperatures in the above average for this time of year. whether a calmer day in a slightly warmer day for thursday and friday for friday looks like it's gonna be the warmest. and for the weekend on sunday we tracking abuse our so be prepared if you have any outdoor plans he meant it at easter egg hunt you may need a plan be. >> reporter: take a look it traffic around the bay area and non here on the e sure freeway and conditions are heavy of the to those in the second and the discipline up this accident and antioch is in the ninth a new direction eastbound slowing up to ride their the westbound interstate 80 ride from hercules the berkeley from the lower to the e sure
8:20 am
freeway is still tracking a pretty girl cried for 580 west and 680 south. the trip time is just 24 minutes baltimore past looking at a slow rider and 280 north about the drive time as a 23 menaces about twice the normal commute time. for the have this one from the guadalupe part way people. guadalupe parkway to the cupertino 40 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge nearby note to the golden gate bridgen ovato to golden gate bridge .
8:21 am
>> reporter: another state passes a religious freedom law even as the nation this crime fall over the end yet as controversial as block. this time as arkansas and they pass a law despite the protests outside capital. critics of the bill lined up at the governor's office yesterday's signing a guest book and asking him to veto the measure many believe the bill is meant to get around antidiscrimination laws. indiana's governor insists the new law does not give businesses the right and right to deny services to anyone but critics worry the lot is in indiana is now the bill in arkansas are too broad. they're demanding added protections to assure the rights of l g b t community are not violated. >> reporter: meanwhile oakland mayor libby shaft is
8:22 am
the latest in a series of high-ranking bay area officials candace's see all of our boycotting conducting business in indiana because of the new law you can read their statements right now on our is on our homepage. >> reporter: d and athletic director for usc is boycotting a college football playoff meeting today in indianapolis because of indiana's new religious freedom law. usc athletic director pat hayden posted on twitter saying i am the proud father of a gay son in his honor i will not be attending the c f p committee meeting in indiana this week aztec embrace diversity. amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> reporter: and 25 right now investigators are trying to piece together what happened in the final moments of the german flight that crashed in the french alps. a new report says there may be video showing the passengers' final moments. >> reporter: in the rubble at the crash site itself found was reportedly found on in video the was shot
8:26 am
from back of the doomed air flight. that means one of the people on board captured the final terrifying moments before the plane crashed about 35 minutes after take off as the plane rapidly descend pilot was at the cockpit door desperately trying to get in. german newspaper bild the video captures metallic banging more than three times. >> reporter: old alarms not likely heard in the back of the plane where the video was reportedly shot but screams all my god in seven different languages were heard. the scene was so chaotic it was hard to identify people but the sounds of the screening passengers made it perfectly clear that they were aware of what was about happen to them.
8:27 am
>>: i think every pilot across the united states is horrified and very sad sad and that their profession has been taken to a step so low. obviously we'll never know everything about what this pilot was thinking but again i have to say and watching this video which is tough to watch >> reporter: the captain please open the damn door and the plane is not 13,000 ft. the co-pilot is only briefly heard breathing steadily two minutes later they hear the route right wing scraped a mountain that sound was also captured on the cellphone video then the cabin abruptly jerks and the screen intensifies and then silence. >> reporter: follow whipping a developing story out of vallejo this morning another twist to the alleged
8:28 am
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would in the u.s. one of the best things about priority boarding is you can just get on the plane and relax. i put everything on the explorer card. i really want my united miles. >> reporter: time is 830 you watching the kron 4 morning news will in an accident on the peninsula with the normally trouble-free fried and from interstate 280 to middle park into redwood city and salt down here is ann hill road there's an accident is on the shoulder even so is managing the slow the ride down more than usual.
8:31 am
track >> reporter: in the right to the bay bridge west congress still backed up into the macarthur maze was still holding with the 23 the 26 minute drive time. on highway 24. as a 26 minute trip out of hayward over to sam the tail. the root problems off the freeway at edge water war and tracking your ride to the richmond bridge. slow traffic out of richmond. >> reporter: we're gonna have nice weather we have clear skies right now light wan's but the wins will pick up in the temperatures will stay on the cooler side this afternoon. there's a lot of the bay bridge with the mike clouds out there if you are
8:32 am
across the coast or heading to the coast with sauce sustain wan's at 13 mi. an hour. so will be breezy across there. 10 to 20 mi. an hour and gusting up to 30 at times. temperatures of nicole aside as where we are often compared to where we were yesterday. revengeful forties across the east bay area will have lower 50s across san jose and fremont december to the data continue to warm-up into the load mid-50s in the 9:00 hours so still on the cooler side and lunch hour the temperatures will continue to warm up into the low 60s. in the breezy when school continue to rob the afternoon. sunshine for most of the day. temperatures will be slightly warmer
8:33 am
tomorrow chance for rain coming on the weekend. >> reporter: know this morning we're talking live with a u.s. congress about the rates at the airport in san jose. this is the fifth time is of this year is been breached their. >> reporter: talked about a woman they got out on the tarmac yesterday and this is causing some serious concern with a lot of people. >> reporter: jordan does now is the lyrics while well they get us as the u.s. intelligence agency. the morning >> reporter: you're talking about the need to type of security and here we go again on the fifth time later. and i'd enjoy >>: i enjoyed talking with you and wish we did have to talk about this again and
8:34 am
cumbersome this is congressman eric's wall well speaking swalwell speaking.. >>: there has been some progress made by weenie to further security protection at san jose says air so that airport officials are notified we have a thousand acre perimeter and we don't have enough i said to tell us was someone is coming over on the was the person is wandering around that lucky. san jose does not need the federal government to implement this san jose can do it on its own and trying to find resources in the federal government to make it easier. i think with
8:35 am
five breaches something has to change over there because passengers aboard this the less confident about their safety. >> reporter: what does this all airports have this san jose does not. ? >>: did a technology demonstration on in dublin that there is technology that airports are using a canadian airport is using perimeter breached detection and other smaller airports in u.s. and one in colorado the uses it when here in the bay area in the heart of silicon valley we should be using our own technology to make this airport more safe because we cannot have breaches like every few months not san jose about the public's starting to make sure this choice is to go to other airports. or this of the airport where we're gonna go
8:36 am
and do something because everybody seems to go there get away with it. >> reporter: action does the same pressures put bond is by breaches in this time is that once some kind of hearing or some kind of accountability on and on europe in your opinion >>: suddenly there needs to be accountability you can blame the person who's done the breach of seeking credit san jose for compiling the person immediately before the airport as so many bridges in so short time this is unacceptable that passengers of should be exposed to on-screen and ticketed individuals wandering around the airport. >> reporter: 882 mr. sloan is good to talk to eric's wall well eric swalwell.. >> reporter: a bizarre new
8:37 am
twist in the vallejo kidnapping bed turned out to be a hoax. will tran is at the vallejo police department was why investigators believe them doctors may have committed a crime on their island in the past. >> reporter: i've talked to many rank-and-file police officers and they all know the case they're not making any confidence did not fearful especially after they were basically threaten until yesterday at noon apologize to area clan or denise huskins or else you could behind another to a new twist on this is denise huskins and showing your face she was kidnapped for ransom out of her boyfriend's home in vallejo to days later she turned a safe and sound the police department has been so many hours and ann ball the fbi in this and they then called it a hoax and an e-mail to
8:38 am
the san francisco chronicle it is not a hoax and please apologize because they were in fact the victims' and we did kidnap them and the latest twists that they send an e-mail to both of their attorneys not to the san francisco chronicle this time but they're both of their attorneys is wrong of them to target the police department we want to move on and let people know that they are victims and that we are sorry but their sense of security was eroded these are the people the claim to be have kidnapped denise huskins and so far there is no comment from the police department. >> reporter: i can't even begin at have an explanation thank you will the net >> reporter: degeneration of security experts training to protect us from hackett tax. cyber
8:39 am
after-tax more coming ct. fa-actg adl is dignewithn ula-th coing and fast aorbi adv ioncoreechnogy stping heachesnd oer ugh in. fast reliefoesn getny bterthanhis. adl.
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8:41 am
>> reporter: combat the crime for morning news one of the hot spots retracting across the san mateo bridge still backed up to highway 880 the drive time is still 20 to 26 minutes remember eating a traffic any time on the kron 4 mobile application. keeping updated
8:42 am
on what's going on at kron 4 sato and will be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> reporter: target sony and recently and some big places are getting hack. >> reporter: there's mock trial debate team and check club. they're learning to
8:45 am
defend our nation in companies from cyber attacks the call themselves the cyber patriots. >>: we've been learning network team forensic techniques and most important system administration. >> reporter: sounds like the ice tea department at work but here high security is at stake. >>: i've been at cyber patriot three years now. >> reporter: cyber patriot is a nationwide competition created by the air force association to inspire students to pursue careers and cyber security. recently we met up with this team at north hollywood high preparing for the national finals in washington d.c.. the program is supported by big-name companies like
8:46 am
northrop grumman based book cisco and microsoft microsoft. employees there also serve as mentors. facebook it can take seven months to fill one of these jobs versus a few weeks for other tech jobs. >>: it's great from watching them explore and discover new things and celebrate when they've done something really great electronically and is just a lot of fun watching. >> reporter: there are over 2000 fiber patriot teams as schools nationwide and only the top 12 teams get to go to d.c.. the students we talked to a wall came in and second place. if you will learn more about the cyber
8:47 am
patriots go to our web site. i'm rich to mara. demuro >> reporter: was just after 7:00 a 2.7 a mile north of son paulo. san pablo.. a tube 1/7 of earthquake meant to 0.7 magnitude earthquake. 2.7 magnitude earthquake reported near some top law. san pablo.. with the winds right now it is very light right now across much of the reason the wins will continue to pick up the mud today. it could actually
8:48 am
gusted to 38 times years were looking at temperature rises could be slightly colder than it was yesterday at this time. across parts of the east bay we have some forties' up their and these temperatures are now slide on the on the slight incline. load mid- cities will continue on for the next 30 minutes. still wins will pick up during the lunch hour. we have will have plenty of sunshine. in we're also talking about a warm-up and to tamara and the winds will die down high-pressure building in from thursday to friday friday will be the warmest for the week across the region. and still on the closed its office on the slightly cooler side. easter
8:49 am
weekend looks good organist still keeper run the 70 degree mark so on sunday is the possibility of showers. plus we have some showers into early next week when us all begin the little bit afraid. >> reporter: if you going to the sierra obsolescent still open 3 added a lesser still open norstar seven out of 20 more throws by about eight and if you're headed over there that in the temperatures will be in the lower the mid-40s. >> reporter: are still tracking delays on 282 menlo park this is the assault on the sandhill road where an accident occurred earlier. thus be the picking up past the scene of the crash but it is an unusual but the leg of the southbound to weigh the ride. is nothing unusual about it. and as was
8:50 am
happening now but the backup is still reaching towards the edge of the macarthur maze. you're right to the sam retail bridge is about 25 minutes. the golden gate bridge that is approaching what should be the peak hour for traffic we're not seeing much impact here in the southbound direction and at the richmond bridge the westbound 580 rightists still backed up in the left lane. >> reporter: of this morning nearly half a million wal- mart employees are getting a raise. sam's club warehouse stores will start making $9 an hour or more in april and that is at least $1.75 more than the federal minimum hourly wage of 725 by february 2016 our we're employees will make it least
8:51 am
and dollars an hour after completing about six months of training. >> reporter: now and today is my kron 4 story a san francisco resident is speaking up about what she calls a great tragedy she says are red has nearly doubled over the past six months. her name is irene hernandez says or red has gone up from $2,900 to $5,900 she says it all started with her landlord died last year. the house was sold in the new owners gradually started to increase the rent. she says that said of the increase is an attempt to force her out of the house. our recess she and her husband are giving owners 30 day notice but now she does not know where she and her family will end up. we checked off into the story after i read reached out to us and if you have a store you think you'll you would like us to check out
8:52 am
get to our web and click on the micron for tab.
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>> reporter: take a look this an astronaut giving look in the super typhoon. and up with the semantics aside in this debate to this headed toward the philippines is to make their sometimes saddening night is a category five. it covers the entire field of view and this is looking from the international space station and it can't get the and the wide enough to cover the whole storm. hundred and 60
8:56 am
mi. an hour sustain wins sustained winds >> reporter: bolt is turning april fool's day into a throwback. combining global maps and pac-man. and is easy to play just club global maps google and in this year the company was a day early in rolling out this pac-man game early are thinking click and the downstream view and in your pac-man chewing on a straight soleplate than cbs rail. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 news talking wall street with rob black prefers check this out of high school in oregon with
8:57 am
the fire and they think this suspicious to one of the latest on the blaze in a live look here at the embarcadero in the bay bridge is a breezy morning will have the latest on whether is well. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents.
8:58 am
avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. (cluing isesevyone wantso bethe cadby bunny causonlye brings delious dburcreme eggs. ile hersay keep trng bunnknoweaster tterhan cadbury.
8:59 am
9:00 am
& >> reporter: we've inviting you to go to our facebook page to let us know if you felt the 2.7 earthquake. we heard like a was a pretty good jolt their lending and richmond says she felt that
9:01 am
she said the house should just one time so you can continue to share your thoughts moving on from the small quake will go to the hot spots. >> reporter: as we continue to travel delays on to weigh in the southbound direction we're still slow for the ride relating through menlo park. it was the accident and said hill road because the delay in that area and that's what things a still sluggish here in mountain view and where during the short of a problem on city streets that would be el camino riel and center antonio road there's a signal light malfunctioned area the right to the bridges as been difficult the bay bridge is actually started on wine is back up while there is some slowing to the maze is a us solidly connected to the back up the bay bridge it now as we to assume was grand ave. and the trip to the san mateo bridge is still slow here
9:02 am
does not make a good alternate. we're talking about a 2225 minute drive died. >> reporter: time now is 9 02 we have clear skies out there we did have a flag out to the right against the guy is not really blowing when sunlight as of right now but they will pick up later on this afternoon. the current when speeds are very common except along the coast where it 60 mi. an hour is gonna continue the same breezy across the area tend to miles an hour to 20 mi. an hour to route the afternoon. a vallejo still has just the temperature of 39 degrees. we at 58 degrees in antioch. with the mid
9:03 am
40's and mid-50s out there may be a light jacket this morning you probably will not leave it needed later on in the day because robin have sunshine and cool conditions this afternoon. the temperatures will warm up into the low '70's. but is still: the more we were on the we had with march. >> reporter: much of the afternoon will be spent in 60 degree weather which could be a couple of degrees cooler times were talking about a warm-up plus we may have rain chance of coming up >> reporter: a lusted back to another breaking news story this morning the security breach at the airport but she was arrested but not without a fight the woman this is now the fifth breach the that airport a seat in the year.
9:04 am
>> reporter: an airport representative says the their security measures worked as designed even though the woman was able to get onto the airfield she was not deterred detected by airport personnel she was detected by ups person that alerted the authorities sturt walking the tarmac. and that's what happened last night this happened about 515 last evening when the san jose police says she possibly jumped over the fence that had bob wire in the southwest corner of the airport. the airport officials say it is still unclear how she got access. a ups applaud employee alerted them to the woman she did put up a struggle that will ultimately able placer under arrest she is then charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. this of the fifth time this year with a security breach.
9:05 am
>>: if a person obviously deranged into that and then that the person that is more dedicates him do it we run the risk that even though the securities and could we run their risk of danger in the plane's. >>: the data more security are better fences i don't know but this is not something wrong >> reporter: airport officials tell me the perimeter fencing here meets the guidelines pd. the airport was not able to comment on any security changes made after the incident last night as for the woman will a whole lot about her because she did not have the idea of her and she did not give them our name such this point we do not know she is a were trying to get that in
9:06 am
formation and as soon as we get that we will pass along >> reporter: and has said mike this is not the first breach of and then in january yet jose mendoza accused of walking on the vehicle rolled on the tarmac side of the airport he was stopped by security as he tried to climb the perimeter fence last november miguel is there goes the was caught allegedly tressed their trespassing on the atlantic aviation ran up and then they got maryland heart meant she was lost another serial stowaway she's benumbed reaching lots of different airport security she was at a would get on the plane and mineta and flight l.a. without a ticket and then last year's situation where teenagers stowaway in an hack how i in airlines flight in the wheel well of the jet before he was discovered alive which was incredible that was a year ago he also scaled the fence. at the san jose
9:07 am
airport as saudi gabon >> reporter: putting now there's a health concern of for parents an east bay. hoping kafka's been reported that too high schools and antioch. jackie sizzle as live in deer valley high school were one case was confirmed there by the superintendent. >> reporter: this is one school that has reported up cases upper tosses which is working off. corteses is wiping off
9:08 am
. i had a chance to talk to some parents and sinn thickens here at the school and i've talked to one lady who has a son with special needs and cannot get the immunizations' shots >>: we guess it keeping get vaccines get vaccines because more than just your child at school. my brother has special needs though he if anybody was that habit he could even come to school he had an allergic reaction was shot and was paralyzed, so it's important for everyone around him to be vaccinated. >> reporter: ann whopping cough is making a comeback. according to the california department of public health says the last year in 2014
9:09 am
it was asked at epidemic proportions. eddie 11,000 cases with three deaths this year that 12,000 cases 1200 cases and one death so far this year. but the illinois exactly how many students and the district have waivers to get out of those vaccines but they are on top of this and monitoring the situation as closely as possible and try to keep everybody involved in the situation. >> reporter: is not all nine right now we'll be back in a couple of minutes. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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9:12 am
>> reporter: know this morning one man is dead after an early-morning house fire in oakland hills it was set for 50 close to 5:00 this morning on el patio street crew saw smoke coming out of the chimney they saw the fire was burning in the kitchen that it under control within about a half an hour when they got into the home and search and they found a man who has suffered a cardiac arrest in the bedroom they perform cpr butted taken him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a was not his identity has not been revealed.
9:13 am
life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. 7
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9:15 am
life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> reporter: sell about this ann hill road has an accident this one time up to ride for a while. a south from highway 92 the highway
9:16 am
85 and cooper to and in cupertino. 880 lead up as the colosseum the drive time is 24 minutes from highway 92 as head north out of high in a word into downtown oakland. the bay bridge first westbound right is backed up to west grand avenue is still very have been allowed to macarthur maze that traffic is not headed to the bay bridge is headed to the east shore freeway. the golden gate bridge ride 101 start and get a little heavier in the northbound direction but the south prime southbound traffic is fine. and for the trip to the richmond bridge and marin county the breadth of the starting to break now over to the weather sitter now >> reporter: we welcome to
9:17 am
an earthquake we woke up to an earthquake about two hours ago and san pablo. if you felt it go to our and let us know. the sunshine with a few high clouds out there so surprisingly the windsor knot is breezy as it were yesterday. the from the northwest at 50 mi. per hour. however temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees right now would 39. even across the north bay the temperatures will come warm-up to the mid to upper 60s. to be across the south bay plenum more 50 degree weather. this morning the winds pick up between 10 and 20 mi. an hour later to
9:18 am
gusted to 38 times. sunshine with breezy consensus and the temperatures will be in the low seventies. 70 degree weather about 4:00. the rest of your storm trackers forecast program starts to warm up into tomorrow with, and wins in by friday it looks like it's gonna be the warmest day of the week. to be slightly cooler again talking about the weak and we do have a shot or chance unscom be isolated at the best and then we have more rang chances to continue on into early next week. >> reporter: 10 and now for winners losers when the rival black here robert black. >> reporter: this is the job
9:19 am
report 80 peace >> reporter: the jobs report that came out today from adp is private-sector jobs does not include government is the first time was under to ordered thousand positions added a week this of all local data for the drop under two and a thousand is a pretty big number. with higher as well as lower oil prices and for a hundred thousand oil workers out of jobs in the united states the napa create oil done at this time the galoot oil drops he may not fill all jobs in the bay area as a very real situation. >> reporter: speaking of old oil, i know crude-oil prices are low. but gm is coming out strongly backing
9:20 am
alternative fuel technology. and that's in your water column today we like about this tragedy >> reporter: and the longtime i think millennial cyrillic care about the planet. gm is betting on low fat of fuel and fuel efficiency high efficiency high fuel efficient as the low-cost. the strategy is a stool in the loop still in the limb the malaga's 47 mi. per gallon is a hybrid. the malibu 47 mi. per gallon per gallon is pretty smart how gm is bobbing in and out of this market. >> reporter: you mention the
9:21 am
millennial earlier, to bring up the ball of the topic the baby boomers are in that phase where they're settling down starting to buy houses starting to release set roots and is really impacting the economy out what is your of your input on that >> reporter: their entering the stage of life would rescind record number of marriages happen in the summer and the millennial and out of the nest as a spate begin to house to get married make babies there's 86 million millennial are rather invest with that idea than were worried about what's happening in greece. when you're renting at 30 percent of your in come when you own home the to your child needs the book betting cyclos you get the idea so the investments formally unveils record number of marriages the summer as could be benjamin
9:22 am
more pate by wells fargo bank of america and as you leave the 20's is certain older you lose your cool you staying at home a little bit more disney. media companies >> reporter: us of your question from aleksei how important are our dividends hoddy break this down as a little bit above about apple. >> reporter: apple was raised their dividends in the month of april. it's about a third of the totals more stock market i like dividends i like dividends and buybacks. if you know so your stocks look i love dividends. >> reporter: if you like a
9:23 am
question answered e-mail to rot at raw black dot com rob
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9:26 am
>> reporter: 925 renown up the u.s. uc-davis veterinary student in her roommate are dead following a murder- suicide official said the 27 year-old whitney engler died after being shot in the head and chest. our room made joseph stein died from a self-inflicted gunshot won't. their bodies were found early friday on second floor of the duplex. king lear was expected to graduate from uc-davis in may. >> reporter: happening now a investigators and organa try to figure out what started a for alarm fire at a high
9:27 am
school in oregon. the fire broke out about 330 this morning two hours later part of the roof collapsed. the cafeteria at the school is a complete loss. it is unclear whether the fire began or what is what started it. firefighters said the fire is highly unusual and arson investigators are on the seen so far no injuries have been reported. >> reporter: now is senator robert menendez us could be charged today with corruption. >> reporter: and other state-of the religious freedom law even as the outcry continues over indiana's controversial new law. this time bomb makers and arkansas have passed a law despite protests outside the capital. critics of the bill lined up in the
9:28 am
governor's office yesterday's signing the guest book and asking him to veto the measure. many believe the bill is meant to get around anti- discrimination laws. indiana's governor insists the new law does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone. but the critics worry the law in indiana and now the bill in arkansas are too broad they are demanding added protection to ensure the rights of the algae bt community are not violated. >> reporter: and meanwhile out oakland mayor limb the shaft is the latest in a series of high-ranking bay officials and see old or boycotting conducting business in indiana because of the new law you can read their statements right now on our is on our homepage amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ like right now it's our amazing wine
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>> reporter: 930 right now and it wasn't worth a small earthquake this morning may be felt in the tube white 7 magnitude earthquake struck in san tableaus. according to the u.s. geological survey. the quake was reported at 7:07 a.m. and was centered a mile north northwest of central san pablo and 2 mi. north richmond. and the committee
9:31 am
and on our facebook page and let us know if you felt it. >> reporter: wicking of the cooler temperatures out there and a light breeze. will somehow some upper '40's and vallejo. the temperatures will be cold but above average. areas across the bay in inland areas will warm-up and to the upper 60s low seventies. we in dumars with some warmer temperatures but and
9:32 am
we're starting april was some slightly cooler temperatures. with start warm just a little bit more we do have a possible chance of rain for the weekend. and early next week now becoming up firestorm tracker for forecasts. >> reporter: things have cleared out on the peninsula and the 280 was still slow on the 880 ride out of san leandro. interstate 580 looks good into yet oakland. leg part into the maze you will see some really stroked slow traffic the drive time is 20 minutes is should be 12 at the was no traffic. and tracking right to the bay bridge this morning as a little bit of a rebound but there's still a slight break between the heavy traffic in the maze in the actual beginning of the bay bridge
9:33 am
back up so the back up is really still starts around west grand ave. in a trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 is still rough ride in place we have a when in buys three still in effect here >> reporter: they did not get their ransom but they want an apology from the vallejo police those alleged kidnappers that took a vallejo woman and safely released are in southern california where her parents lived kron 4 is will tran is here at the police department with was was going on at the latest. >> reporter: the alleged kidnappers wanted $8,500 they never got it the one of the vallejo police department to apologize by tuesday they never got that in the latest twist their apologizing to the vallejo police department for them
9:34 am
saying they were wrong to make threats and they had and that the police department headed all rolm this is not a hoax and date is set breading the department is something that they should not have done. here's a picture of denise huskins was in the center of this a few days ago. her boyfriend and her and her boyfriend here in court and says that they were kidnapped in the middle of the night in a few days later on wednesday she was dropped off in huntington beach and their dad's home and the vallejo police department brought in the fbi and 40 investigators and they have come back with the conclusion that this was just a wild goose chase and if it turns out that this was the hope scott you will have to pay us back and face state and federal charges. will that did not sit well with the alleged kidnappers they've been sending the
9:35 am
bills to the san francisco chronicle and the attorneys of denise huskins and her boyfriend in stating that they were victimized by the arm kidnappers and is wrong of the police department to go against of their sense of security because they are admitting that they are the ones that kidnapped her. the police department is currently not making any comments. >> reporter: so the allegis kidnappers it accused the police about violating >> reporter: was robbed of the mumford calling it a hoax and not taking it seriously and eroding aum denise huskins and her boyfriend sense of six security >> reporter: thanks for trying to make sense of that for us will.
9:36 am
>> reporter: that unusual odor and taste that customers reported over the weekend was called by a greater presence of algae blooms best east bay mud. the district said the algae was filtered out before rates to customers in the water is safe to drink. most of the water comes from the party reservoir the water district is required to preserve cold water deep in the reservoir to release later in the year for returning salomon because of that the district started pulling warmer water from higher up in the reservoir of saturday and that water has more algae in it. the district switched back to taking water from the deeper part of the reservoir on monday while looking for ways to eliminate the unusual taste and odor. if you're an east bay mud customer you might notice more changes to your tap
9:37 am
water this week. >> reporter: some say it sounded like a large explosion some said is freaking them out and is disturbing pets police and they've come to a neighborhood like here often acted in berkeley to check out reports from residents saying heard the sound so far nothing has been pinpointed but some police are receiving complaints from other neighborhoods in berkeley about this i occurrence we're gonna be checking in with police to get their thoughts on this and talking to neighbors as well if you are the allies let us know tweet be about to the kron 4 facebook page here in berkeley terisa estacio kron 4 news >> reporter: coming up the u.s. coast guard crews rescued nine people from the disabled ship off the coast of massachusetts and will
9:38 am
show you the dramatic video of the rescue + 3 jet researchers say being tired may make you more creative we will explain the reasoning behind the new study that's next.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> reporter: he tired how creative are you kolyma not a tired brain is the more creative grain. being tired may actually sought help you solve problems sarah require inside. researchers gave more than four are astuteness questions there were balls in sight based and analytical and at different times of the day. on the questions that were analytical there were no difference analysis performed blood on the inside question ones that require creativity to answer the students did better when they were tired. researchers believe that when you are sleeping you actually have less control of your thoughts and that freethinking can often lead
9:42 am
to create a outcomes. >> will tran: spent sometime at valley medical center in san jose.
9:43 am
9:44 am
ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate.
9:45 am
diover brookside cruny clters. >> reporter: 944 is the time right now and look good weather and traffic >> reporter: temperatures are in the cold side this morning. the temperatures of still as chile but it's gonna be a cold day all we're around. with a few high clouds of their white with plenty of bright sunny skies looking at the embarcadero rail the embarcadero the flag is are they moving enjoy these type of the conditions because the winds will pick up later on this afternoon. the temperatures will continue warm-up into the 50s across much of the area never till the spot and the pleasanton at 39 degrees. if you're
9:46 am
gonna be across the east bay it met the upper 50s will continue in the next 30 minutes by the lunch hour the temperatures will mourn up and to the mid-60s and then i daytime highs will only reach the low seventies is of the cooler day in place compared to yesterday. by 5:00 the temperatures will fall a few degrees and will be in the upper 60s with breezy conditions throughout the afternoon. from 10 mi. an hour to 20 mi. an hour and possibly gusting up to 30 mi. an hour at times. the wins will be called tomorrow but the temperatures will be warming up him count on look low seventies for the rest of the week friday and appears to be our warmest day this week and for the we can we do have a chance for some hours and thus could be easter sunday and were talking about those showers
9:47 am
will continue to stick around into early next week will meyers to your forecast all week long. the one about the sierra have this note * report as a few less open in boreal in the temperatures will continue to stay in the 48 and at the summit norstar seven of the 20 lessor open fire by the eight lisser open it the other one. tempers would continue warm-up into the weekend >> reporter: was finally winding down in the south bay where things got to such a bad start. the drive time from hercules to berkeley is 21 minutes now that's not bad, and the trip tammy harris 680 southbound pretty good the to 38 corridor to
9:48 am
37 corridors clocking at 34 minutes as the best drive time for the week for this hour. and the south bay won a one norodom is still a heavy leading up to 237 beginning of the coyote valley and the money you expressway is not that that right now would drop my 28 minutes it was twice that yesterday about this time. in tracking a ride to the bridges the bay bridge commute into the end of the back of there's still heavy traffic in the maze on 92 on this cemetery rye was still heavy year. and the drive time a still 18 minutes and 19 minutes our a word in san mateo. this truck is finished on the span one lane to the west so that means then only three lanes southbound they've added a third lane northbound and
9:49 am
the richmond bridge rightists sluggish again hear the toll plaza was brown as nine dozen eager reach castro street. >> reporter: sacramento is the latest city to approve a plastic bag bay and. of at supermarkets pharmacies in convenience stores the sacramento city council unanimously approved the ban last night it starts january 1st. about a third of california's cities already have plastic bag bans in place last fall governor jerry brown signed a bill calling for a statewide plastic bag bay and. but a referendum seeking to appeal that been qualified for the 2016 ballot. >> reporter: now take a look at this the u.s. coast guard rescued nine people from the
9:50 am
disabled ship off the coast of massachusetts it happen on monday. this dramatic video shows the coast guard vessel tried to get close to the canadian ship suddenly you see one of the crew members jump from one ship to the other the way is in the area reached nearly 10 ft.. one of the disabled ships crew members was hospitalized after he is said. >> stanley roberts: now back the back of mr. reed's role leading as we crossed a very busy south bascom avenue in san jose than something from his orders rose the to the street and he has to catch it take a look to this lady with the child and the toll standing the turn lane also on south bascom avenue yes is scary seeing is going on. i'm in front of valley medical center where medical
9:51 am
professionals construction workers and just about anyone crosses the seven lanes of active traffic while ignoring the crosswalk. yes in many of the cases is sold because that people can save a few minutes during their lunch break so you will see them cross the street illegally then hit up either wendy's subway tackle bill or the golden arches of mcdonald's then it's back to crossing illegally and it goes on all day long at one point looks like a herd of origin as crossing the same time now most if not all know that they're crossing illegally. the fact is is owned it is only an additional four minutes if they were cross legally the speed limit on south bascom is 35 but you know the speech of much higher this reminds me of the problem at kaiser in walnut creek said these workers are forsaking safety
9:52 am
for subway's sandwiches thereto crosswalks at each end all you have to do is push the button. i'd rather push the crosswalk button than pushing the nurses and button just saying the ticket for jaywalking is about $200 think about that the next time you cross in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 news robin ago the big stories that we've been following this morning and keep you posted on weather and traffic. we will be right back
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> reporter: hear the big stores the been following a woman is behind bars for trespassing at salmon that the airport to scott walking across the airfield at 515 last night that matter in the southeast corner she
9:56 am
resisted but they do have during clare custody suit looks like she jumped over the fence and as i should add in us the fifth security breach their the airport. a health alerts and allied east bay for paris to watch out for a whooping cough. deer valley high school and antioch high school. officials are working to make sure doesn't spread into was continued to come in the alleged kidnapping of denise huskins of from vallejo police call it a crew hoax the san francisco chronicle says the adopts theirs either mailed at the paper making a threat to the police department saying that they needed to apologize because the objection was not hokes the deadline came and went the police did not apologize and the chronicle that another e-mail yesterday claiming to be the leaders of the alleged kidnapping group
9:57 am
apologized for making the threat against the police and said that he would turn himself in and if they were not given immunity from prosecution >> reporter: 9 and hit it we have new information on active mark wallboard signed on to prado us produce a new moral void a new movie about the boston marathon bombing is based on the boston comice police commissioner in the manhunt for the bomber and wallboard is expected was to play the commissioner. fox acquired the rights to another script called boston strong hope you enjoy the rest of your day and be a little windy but until then you stick connected to our
9:58 am
and our mobile application and facebook and twitter will see later
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