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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he bay area fell to reach 9%. today the governor this some think he opposed to in the past making a comeback making the cut back mandatory. >> reporter: reducing water percentage by 25 percent the executive order will require golf courses and cemeteries to read it reduced water consumption. >> reporter: to adopt model pricing for water use. >> we are in a new era. the thing of the past is spreading water being launched and watered every day. >> reporter: try to get measurements from other parts of the sierra to get water percentage is just 5 percent of normal reporting
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live in the news room. kron4 newsprint >> pam: kron four's dan kerman is in this will affect everyone from gardeners to golfers, alecia reid begins our team coverage in the newsroom. >> reporter:governor brown made the point that in a normal year, be covered by five feet of snow, instead, there is just dry grass. >> reporter: the governor has come through with this here in the east bay specifically has already plan to do drastic reid strictions before the governor had talked about doing disparate talking about raising rates and having excessive penalties for those who use excessive water. dropped surcharges for the bottom line here is
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in the east bay they have to reduce their demand. there will also need more money to buy more water. they have to do more. their part. >> we have no more snow left above our reservoir. in the rain or snow that comes by with the numbers of brett is what we have for the rest of the year. >> reporter: 7 reservoirs are now half full and may be only one-third full by the summer. >> reporter: 15% has fallen off in the first three parts of the year. >> it is less than 10% which is unfortunate because we
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need our customers. >> reporter: east bay mud has already had greater restrictions under consideration for the governors that the interest excessive use penalties for big water users in creek rate hikes as well as a surcharge for all customers. >> the average customer is something lacking 11% increase on their bill. tough for the higher usage we're looking at more than $100. >> reporter: if these other restrictions do not work he did because that father than two days per week. >> reporter: that does not mean that it will all be going ground but that is not the case for medium street strips separate cover lying and then on grass for public mediums. >> reporter: back live here in oakland talking about the
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plants behind me grit of the bottom line is that many of these restrictions are under construction by east bay mud these drastic restrictions if they going to place will start this summer. reporting live in east bay dan carmen. >> pam: this snowpack report may be discouraging but the state to reservoir are actually a little better off than one year ago. shasta or veal, trinity and folsom. are the four biggest in northern california are all well above half of their historical average. one reason is that the major storms in december and january brought rain, and not snow.
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>> grant: happening now. trying to figure out how it happened again. police said the breach was right here with the two roads come together to rid the fencing they're not as big 168 somehow the woman made it over the fence and went east between two runways. before she was spotted trespassing creek this is a popular spot for people to go out to watch planes take off and land. there is a parking lot here with a par at times this can be a high traffic area. that parking lot is were we find kron4 rob fladeboe live tonight. with a closer look at the area that was compromised.
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>> the public's confidence to keep people out of the airport without being screened is erroneous to read they now see where people are plant had a breach of every two or three times a month. it's going to allow the bad guys to look at this as an opportunity to it easily to get through and not be detected. >> grant: airport officials were sent it was a success because they were able to apprehend a mormon. others say that people should not be able to get over the fence in the first place. we lost barack, however he
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should be back as 6:00 p.m. tonight. we lost rob * >> pam: a man was arrested after falling from a traffic stop hitting a parked car. then running away on foot that according to the police today. according to the marin sheriff's department the man was driving in a bill to yield at a police conducted traffic stop. the man fled from that pursuing deadbeat only to hit a parked car while driving. >> pam: he then ran on foot and was caught hiding in the apartment near fourth street and vallejo ave creek at the spot a loaded handgun and marijuana in the suspect's car no name has been released.
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when >> reporter: have some relatively cool conditions for the next few days with a chance of rain entering the forecast we will talk more about that, not!coming up!
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>> grant:a youtube video shows a man attacking a cab driver with a padlock in san francisco monday. the cab driver's dashboard camera recorded the moments before and during the attack. >> grant:in the two minute video, the cab driver asks the passenger if he wants to get dropped off at a closer bart station, which would save him some money. the passenger responds "right on." a few moments pass. then he starts to reach for something on the side of his leg. the padlock becomes visible, and he starts to swing it on his finger. the cab driver asks "what do you got going on back there?" in that moment, the passenger begins hitting the driver in the head with the lock. the driver screams "what the f**k, no, no, no," and the video abruptly ends. >> grant:warning: video contains disturbing content and explicit language youtube user cognizant dissident published the video claiming to be the taxi driver's friend. in the video description, he or she said the assailant mentioned living in fruitvale within ten blocks of the bart station "though this could obviously be a lie." return >> pam: tonight. an alert for all parents. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate will show us just how
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identity theft. >> pam: plus. plus, we are just days baseball season. coming up. a sneak peack inside a-t- and t park.
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to allvallejo police are not >> pam: talking. but the alleged kidnappers are. although not for long. the attorney's for denise huskins. the physical therapist who says she was abducted for ransom. and the attorneys for her boyfriend. each reportedly received an e-mail yesterday claiming to be the kidnappers. >> pam: it comes one day after another e-mail demanded calling the entire incident a hoax. >> pam: kron 4's will tran reports. this latest communique will be the last for at least several months. >> reporter: glenn me that those to let them on a wild goose chase. it 10 days ago, the alleged kidnappers took the niece of hodgkin's from her vallejo home in the middle of the night and then on wednesday she returned
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home state and sound. near her father's home. they gathered all the facts and came out and sit close to let them on a wild goose chase and it was conclusively proven that those two will have to possibly face state and federal charges. >> reporter: now, the latest twist is that they were victimized by the vallejo police department and wrong the officers to erode their sense of security. my view, they were the ones that insist that they can that denise's husband and they are aware of this is making any comments in regard to the police department. over teenager audrie pott's blame three of their
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>> pam: the motive for the murder -suicide in palo alto that happened last month. may have possibly been revenge for a perceived theft. police say, marc miller, the man who allegedly shot and apartment building's himself. believed the manager had been stealing things from his apartment. >> pam: miller had called police in february, alleging that vincent collins the manager, had been stealing items of personal property. police have not found any evidence of theft. >> pam: the two were both tenants of the alta torre apartments in palo alto. where the incident happened. >> pam: a man who shot and killed building's himself last month believedstealing things from his apartment, police said today. but detectives found no >> pam: evidence that vincent collins, 70, had been stealing from marc miller, 69, and miller's friends told police he had likely just misplaced the missing items. >> pam: the two were both tenants at the alta torre apartments a 56-unit senior living complex at 3895 fabian way, and collins also worked as a manager there. >> pam: on the afternoon of march 19, miller went to collins' first-floor office and shot him four times with a smith
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>> pam: once again - residents in an east bay neighborhood are waking up and asking themselves. what is going on. >> pam: they even have a name for the perplexing situation. calling it the "berkeley boom." as kron four's terisa estacio reports, some say this latest incident came with a flash. te - >> reporter:jim emerson says this time when he heard the loud noise near his berkeley home. it was different than in times past. >> reporter: >>jim emerson/berkeley. i saw a flash. >> reporter:and emerson is not alone. for more than a month, berkeley residents say they have been hearing some strange noises at night. they ahve even given it a name on social media calling it the berkeley boom. >> reporter:this mom says whatever it is. it has not been fun at all. >>29 yuli weeks/mom i hear the noise and jump. it sounds like a gun blast. i was in arab spring. the baby wakes up too, and that is not good. >> reporter:emerson says his dog - boady - not happy about it either.
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>>emerson. yeah he gets a bit annoyed. >> reporter:out at the san pablo tennis courts, some believe they know what is behind the noise. >>johnny young it is a bunch of kids liting off fireworks. kinda annoying. >> reporter:police say they have gone to check out the complaints. but so far, have not pinpointed the source. jennifer coates. no matter what the source, most people say they hope it just stops. te >>funeral services for san jose police officer michael johnson will be held tomorrow morning at the s-a-p center. >> catherine: officer johnson was killed in the line duty last week. shot by a man who pulled a weapon on his wife and had threatened suicide. johnson had been with the san jose police department 14 years. >> catherine: the funeral procession will begin in los gatos at ten o'clock. >> catherine: a motorcade will head up winchester boulevard to stevens creek boulevard on it's way to the s-a-p center on santa clara street. the service for officer johnson begins at 11
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o'clock. we will live stream the entire service on our web page. kron4- dot- com. >> reporter:looking to stay dry, sunny, but also windy on thursday as a system exits well to our north. wind gusts could approach 30 miles per hour especially at some higher elevation locations. >> reporter:clear conditions continue into friday as the wind starts to die down a little. >> reporter:temps will continue to decline into saturday as and continue to build into chance of rain slips into the forecast with the best chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. >> reporter:rain totals should not surpass one quarter of an inch or so. >> reporter:most areas are likely to only see trace amounts, or perhaps a tenth of an inch. things dry out and clear up by tuesday afternoons. >> reporter:temperatures will rebound as well, back into the 70's for the inland areas by wednesday. >> pam: the major league baseball season opens sunday night. giants playing their first game of the season this monday in phoenix. today. the team highlighted some upcoming events for the >> pam: they displayed their three world series trophies, previewed the
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television advertising for the upcoming season. and gave the media a taste of the new food items. which will be served up at the ball park this season. giants president larry baer talked about the unprecedented support giants fans have already shown. before the season even opens. >>"we this year have set a record, and it is not just a record for us, but we think it's a record in all of baseball where we are going to exceed thirty thousand five hundred and fifty full season tickets and that is people buying seats for all eighty three games." >> pam: those season ticket holders will be part of the three -hundred -and -twenty- seventh consequtive sellout at a-t&t park. the giants first home game of the season will be monday. april 13th. against the colorado rockies. >> pam: an uber driver -- the target of road rage. coming up. who was behind the verbal attack. that has police scratching their heads. >> reporter: job identity theft is on the rise this is something that every parent should know about and take action.
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"it's a big problem. identity theft is a much bigger problem than it is for adults." >> reporter:kenneth is with the federal trade commission, one of the government's lead agencies fighting identity theft. i was shocked when he told me that id theft is growing quicker among children than with adults. >>- kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission "recent studies have shown that the i.d. theft rate of children is between 7 and 51 times the rate that it is for adults" >> reporter:id thieves love kids because they have a clean slate. >> reporter:they have no records or credit reports. their identities are easy to steal. >> - kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission " it's not something that people are looking for so criminals can get away with stealing identities for years at a time. " >> reporter:id thieves are stealing social security numbers and personal information about kids from a variety of sources >> kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission " a lot of them just from
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school records that are often not as secured as parental records in other situations." >> reporter:anytime you give out your kids information it's putting them at risk >> reporter:all those forms and waiversanything medical related after school activities clubs, summer camps, sports. >> reporter:and it's not always a hacker compramising a computer to steal this information. it could be someone your kid knows >> kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission "in ohio there was a situation where a high schoolerer took the information of a classmate >>and the student who stole the identity ran up $27,000 in government benefits using this stolen i.d." >>kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission "parents should be looking for signs that their child's identity has been compromised. >>they should look for things like if they start getting collection calls in the names of their children do not ignore them that means that their identity has been stolen. >>"if the irs is telling you you can't take your child as a deduction that is a warning sign. >>if you've been denied gov. benefits for your child that is another warning sign."
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>> reporter:there are companies like all clear id that offer id theft monitoring and id theft insurance for kids. but it's pricey. around $20 a month. >> pam: tonight. many are wondering why a popular east bay preschool may be forced to shut its doors? we will hear from the school district. next at 5:30. >> pam: plus, another state passes a controversial religious freedom law. next. why one governor is saying. not so fast. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: parents and faculty at a beloved east bay preschool plan to pack a meeting tonight focused on their future. it's about a "my kron 4 story" we first told you about on monday. >> pam: 300 students and 35 workers at the "kids club" in antioch. face a school shutdown. the decision was made by the antioch school district. >> pam: kron 4's scott rates when to the top. to find out why. >> reporter: kron4 was the first to tell you about the staff and parents to frustration over the fact that the school district
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will not review the least here creek leaving the schools in jeopardy. >> reporter:right now the pre-school to the antioch unified school district, but the district says they need the space, and that they warned pre-school this was going to happen still if the kids club pre-school in antioch see's some 300 kids come through these door annually. this decided, so i took the staff students and parents superintendent but the executive director says the sites that the district's options don't meet the needs of the pre- school. >> reporter:we checked into this story after viewers reached out to us. and you can share *your* story with us. at kron 4 dot com. >> reporter: the executive director of the preschool options does not meet the need of the preschool. >> < 1,000 ft. of space.
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which we would have to share every day. there are sanitation concerns. >> there is no building and are district large enough to handle that many students. the quick >> it will benefit the district financially and the parent and staff. >> reporter: there any way that the preschool students that are currently there and special needs students can share the building quit? >> there is not enough just maybe the chris coquette occupied those classrooms and stay in existence. >> are so concerned about the education their children are receiving threat we want to make sure that there is no disturbance and services. >> because we are dealing with so many vulnerable
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children i am concerned. >> pam: look in the "news" menu at the top of our home page. and click "my kron4 story." >> reporter:looking to stay dry, sunny, but also windy on thursday as a system exits well to our north. >> reporter:wind gusts could approach 30 miles per hour especially at some higher elevation locations. >> reporter:clear conditions continue into friday as the wind starts to die down a little. >> reporter:temps will continue to decline into saturday as some clouds start to build, and continue to build into sunday. >> reporter:by late sunday evening, a the forecast, with the best chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. >> reporter:rain totals should not surpass one quarter of an inch or so. >> reporter: only see trace amounts, or perhaps a tenth of an inch. things dry out and clear up by tuesday afternoons. >> reporter:temperatures will rebound as well, back into the 70's for the inland areas by wednesday.
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>> pam: arkansas governor asa hutchinson will not sign that state's controversial religious freedom bill into law. at least not yet. a similar law in indiana sparked national outrage. as the gay and lesbian community labeled it as a tool for discrimination. >> pam: cnn's stacey cohan has more from washington. >> reporter:whether it was the controversy. >>: we shall overcome. >> reporter:.or the contents of the bill. the result is the same. >> reporter:arkansas governor asa hutchinson will not sign the religious freedom bill as it is currently written. >>arkansas "we want to be known as a state that does not discriminate but understands tolerance." >> reporter:the bill mirrors a law businesses a license to discriminate by refusing to sell their good and services to gay people, if they choose. >> reporter:indiana's governor mike pence is now asking legislators to make changes. >>indiana "we will fix this and we will move forward." >> reporter:back in arkansas - governor hutchinson says the debate over the bill really hit home.
5:35 pm
>>arkansas" "my son seth signed the petition asking me, dad, the governor, to veto this bill." >> reporter:the arkansas republican did not kill the bill. legislature to make changes, so it will more closely match a federal law already in place. >>"you've heard some good news today.your pressure is working and the governor has finally acknowledged the problems that we've been stating from the very beginning about house bill 1228." >> reporter:19 other states have already passed religious freedom reform acts and 14 are considering bills. in indiana and arkansas.the matter is far from decided. in washington, stacey cohan reporting.. >> pam: new jersey senator bob menendez is facing federal corruption charges. today, a federal grand jury indicted the new jersey including conspiracy to commit bribery. and wire >> pam: prosecutors had been investigating whether menendez improperly advocated for the business interests of a florida eye doctor. menendez has acknowledged that he flew on the doctor's private plane to the dominican republic. and
5:36 pm
failed at first, to properly pay for the trips. >> pam: he later made reimbursements. senator menendez says, he has done nothing wrong and will fight the charges. >> pam: mcdonald's says. it is increasing the pay for workers at its company- owned u.s. restaurants. starting in july the company says, wages will be a dollar more. than the local minimum wage and workers will get paid time off. >> pam: by the end of 2016, the average hourly wage for mcdonald's workers at company owned stores. will be more than $10 an hour. the company owns about 10- percent of its more than fourteen- hundred u.s. restaurants. >> pam: the rest are run by franchisees. >> pam: he is the world famous creator of the bikram yoga method -- but his success story is now being threatened. >> pam: details of the sex assault allegations.and his reaction to them. ahead at 5:45.
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>> pam: plus. a man claiming to be a detective with the n-y-p-d. goes off on a road ragenext. the confrontation. and why there are doubts about the man's claim that he's actually a detective. >> pam: on wall street. stocks continued this week's downward slide. >> pam: the dow fell 78 points. >> pam: the nasdaq dropped 20. >> pam: and the s and p lost eight.
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>> grant:this new york city detective is being investigated for what he did before returning to his car. >> grant:it's a racially
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charged road rage rant against an uber a passenger in the back-seat. the detective is driving an unmarked hyundai with a flashing red and blue lights in the windshield and supposedly pulls over the driver for honking at him because he didn't use a blinker. >>the only reason you're not in handcuffs and going to jail and getting summons in the precinct is because i have things to do that's the only reason that's not happening 'cause this isn't important enough to me, you're not important enough. >> grant:the official said the man is assigned to the f-b-i's joint terrorism task force with top secret security clearance. >> grant:and he's facing suspension, reassignment and loss of his clearance. san francisco based uber issued a statement: the behavior in the video is wrong and unacceptable and we appreciate the nypd investigating this incident. >> grant:stuck in a hole.nearly filled with muddy water. to abandon his expensive luxury car to a giant sinkhole. this was early this morning
5:42 pm
in toronto. >> grant:the driver was in the parking lot where he works. >> grant:he said he noticed that a section of the lot was full of water and sand so he drove over to see what was happening -- and drove right into the sinkhole. the hole is longer and wider than the car and the jaguar immediately sank. >> grant:the driver had to crawl out the window in order to escape. >> grant:all of the sudden, straight down like you pressed the elevator going to the basement. it just went straight down. >> grant:it appears a water main break caused the sinkhole. >> grant:a chance of showers this coming week. >> reporter:how good of a chance where and when. coming up.
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>> catherine: the man who
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pioneered the crime bill but has broken his silence over rape and sexual assault claims. from six women who are his former students. 69 year old bid from top to see any and deny the allegations and said he never resort to physical assault. he says he loves women so much that he doesn't need to attack them to have sex. he says he feels sorry for his accusers who have filed lawsuits studio which used his hot yoga program have been dropped the crumb from the name because of the allegations. >> pam: new jersey housewife terisa terisa do diced poses for her family follow behind bars but could this total up caused a serious backlash? insider has more information on this. >> no matter what joe and i will always stick by each
5:48 pm
other. >> reporter: holding to that pledge made to the insider before being sentenced 15 much for fraud. this is the first glance of the real house with a federal prison on you as we could cover. --us weekly >> reporter: to get on the visiting day march 15th the family is making the best of being ripped apart with a measure smile terisa da the extension for a crew here and a prison issued khaki jumpsuit she sits alongside has been joe and two young the stores adriana and millennia. >> reporter: joe told the magazine he drives their four girls 80 mi. from their new jersey home to the federal prison in danbury connecticut nearly every weekend. >> it to all the to the
5:49 pm
family starts at 9:00 a.m. when this into our star at danbury connecticut prison and the inn at 3:00 p.m. creek that are allowed to hug and kiss only at the very beginning in the very end. >> reporter: terisa is expected to be released from prison in december after serving nearly a year behind bars will have so much more on the story tonight at 7 on the insider for kron4 news. back to you pam. >> reporter: >> pam: you can watch all of your celebrity news here on kron4 after the insider entertainment tonight years as 730 foul by kron 4 news at 8. >> reporter: looking to stay dry, sunny but also when the on thursday as the system and is well to our north. when the dust could approach 30 mi. per hour, especially as some higher elevation locations. clear conditions continue into
5:50 pm
friday as the westar's you die down a little. >> reporter: to purchase will continue to decline in to saturday, as some cluster to build, and continue to build into sunday. by late sunday evening a chance of rain slips into the forecast with the best chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. >> reporter: rental should not surpassed one quarter of an inch or so. most areas are likely to see only when trace or certain trace amounts of perhaps a 10th of an inch. things start out and cleared up by tuesday afternoon appeared to purchase will rebound as well back into the 70's for the inland areas by wednesday. >> reporter: were snowbound ski report looks like this. alpine meadows has a base of 23 in.. two of 13 shares
5:51 pm
are open. squaw valley has a 32 in. base with 12 last running creek and heavily has a 40 in. snow base with one-third of their cheerless open.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:the back of this shirt reads learn, grow lead as he cross very busy south bascom ave in san jose then something from his orders rolls into the street and he has to catch it >> stanley:take a look at this lady with a child in tow standing bascom ave yes it's scary seeing this going on i'm out in front of valley medical center where medical professionals, construction worker and just about anyone crosses the 7 lanes of active traffic while ignoring the crosswalk >> stanley:sot i gotta ask you whay not use the cross walk all man >> you know short of time >> stanley:yes, in many of the cases its so that people can save a few minutes during their lunch break, so you will see them cross the street illegally then hit up either wendys, subway, taco
5:55 pm
bell or the golden arches >> stanley:then it's back to crossing illegally, and it goes on all day long >> stanley:at one point it looked like a herd of orange vest crossing at the same time now most if not all know that they are crossing illegally >>sot: i was i hope it not a cop or something i know it wrong its so wrong one muniite to save the time >> stanley: >>the fact is its only an additional 4 minutes if they were to cross legally, the speed limit on south bascom is 35 but you know the speeds are much higher >> stanley:this remindes me of the problem at kaiser in walnut creek except these workers are forsaking safety for a subway sandwich >> stanley:there are two crosswalks at each end all you have to do >> stanley:ok that enough button button. >> stanley:id rather push the crosswalk nurse button
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#just daying >>i got caught behaving badly. >> stanley:yup you did >> stanley:in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news. ----------------------------
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: it is an unprecedented access action to deal with the historic drop the spirit and dropped doubt it is fourth year. >> pam: in an executive order issued wednesday brown ordered the state water board to implement reductions in cities and towns to cut this usage by 25 percent. >> pam: the move will impact residents, businesses, farmers and other users. process the historic trust demands unprecedented action.
6:00 pm
>> pam: the order will require campuses, golf courses and cemeteries and other large landscapes to significantly cut water use and then watering of grass on public street medians. from a bid announcement as did officials conducted the winter bynum annual survey of the snowpack in the sierra nevada. >> catherine: thinks are so bad. the governor says we are living in a different world. a world that now includes california's first effort mandatory water restrictions. brown has ordered measures aimed at reducing water usage by 25 percent. that is huge. >> catherine: he want local government to replace 50 million square feet of lawns with the drought tolerant landscaping creek
6:01 pm
and he want water agencies to use new pricing and essentially to punish us if we do not play along. >> catherine: among the other details, a golf courses and cemeteries are among the other places. that will be required to use less water. and no more water in of the grass in public street mediums. everyone is talking about this as you can imagine. >> catherine: here are some of your tweet again this is all because of the snow pack so low is off the charts. described as a way below the records. >> pam: according to the u.s. geological survey, california's use an average of 181 gal. of water each day. our coverage continues tonight with a closer look at how these restrictions will impact you and your water bill. kron4 decrement
6:02 pm
is live in oakland tonight. --dan kerman >> reporter: 2 san francisco bars are doing their part to raise awareness about telephone historic trust and savings little water in the process. >> reporter: >> with water supply projections are low we need it to last another year. >> reporter: from levels or half full not and will be its third full by the end of the summer. that is why we must do more to conserve creek >> have you looked for leaks on roundhouse and have you fix them? are you using the most efficient showerhead? what about updating your
6:03 pm
washing or your toilet. >> reporter: >> hi there come back and more water restrictions. dropped surcharges that may be in place by next summer. and policies that might affect our hired water using uses disparate --higher >> reporter: we should tell you that he's bay will be looking at all of those options coming up a little bit more of this month. >> reporter:live in oakland kron 4 news. >> grant:so ma's wish bart
6:04 pm
and the mission god bart are both offering a dollar discount for all drinks and that cannot use any ice. it it's a small incentive but the discount applies to any ice free drink be it the beer wine or shots of need whiskey's. the move comes in a week of sweeping water regulations passed by california earlier this month which includes and a provision that states that restaurants and bars are only permitted to serve water upon request. >> pam: will continue to track the impact of california historic dropped for more information hit to our web site, kron4 dot com. >> pam: a live look at the bay bridge this wednesday
6:05 pm
evening derrick could the bay area's and get some much needed brain? then rubin is in the weather center with a look, at dan? >> reporter: looking to stay dry, sunny, but also wednesday and thursday as the system x is well to our north. when the dust could approach 30 mi. per hour, especially at some high elevation locations. >> reporter: clear conditions continue into friday as the wind starts to die down a little where temperatures will continue to decline in to saturday, as some clouds start to build and continue to build and to sunday. by late sunday evening, a chance of rain will slip into the forecast with the best chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. >> pam: another e-mail from the allegedly vallejo kidnappers is getting the
6:06 pm
story about and a deduction for ransom yet another twist. the e-mail was sent to the attorneys for denise hutchins and to the attorneys for daring plan her boyfriend. --aaron quinn >> pam: and at a person claiming to be the ringleader of the group they are backing off their demand that the vallejo police apologized for " the case in hopes. they insist the abduction last week was real. and criticize how vallejo police have handled the case. vallejo police have made no comment and the alleged kidnapper say that the last e-mail would be their last for a while. >> pam: tonight we have learned the fourth man charged in the murder of an oakland mother, it is accused of giving an assault rifle to one of the shifters grit 21 year old michael still make a brief court appearance this
6:07 pm
morning. according to the court documents, still was identified by witnesses as being present during the gun battle that killed she male peers. >> reporter: the 30 year-old was shot while trying to shield her children from gunfire. prosecutors say even though he did not fire a gun under law he is charged with murder because he participated in her death. he is to set who enter a plea april 14th. >> reporter: the city of san jose is gearing up for officer michael johnson's final tomorrow morning. many had been mourning the slain officer. police are encouraging residents to use public transportation during the hours of the memorial service because of road closures and expect traffic congestion. >> reporter: the final procession will leave the
6:08 pm
los gatos marcher written a.m. heading north on winchester boulevard making a right on stevens creek boulevard to the s a p center. at 1:00 p.m., the casket will be transported to oakland cemetery for a private cemetery for a private ceremony. this will be an extremely large law enforcement yvette. more than 4000 people are expected to attend the from including the ipe gas and dignitaries but the attorney general, harris.
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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>> pam: whopping cough has been recorded at two high schools and antioch. there is one confirmed case at deer valley high school and a second at antioch high school. school officials are working to ensure content of the problem at both schools creek will be coffee begins
6:12 pm
with the cold like symptoms and can progress to severe fits of coughing and it can be prevented through vaccinations. >> pam: after the break derrick >> pam: in bay area lawmaker demanding sweeping changes to security in mineta san jose international. this after another person hopped the fence and buy their way onto the tarmac plus, another governor backed off a controversy of religious freedom bill. what he wants done before it is signed
6:13 pm
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>> pam: a security breach at mineta san jose international airport. this time, an intruder managed to hop the fence and make it across the tarmac. >> pam: airport officials insists east bay congressman says no it is not.
6:16 pm
in fact, he told kron 4's rob fladeboe.these ongoing breaches are putting travelers at risk. >> eric swalwell/u.s. congress -- >> eric swalwell pulled no punches in his assessment ofsecurity at mineta san jose 5th such breach in the past eric swalwell/u.s. congress >> reporter:san jose police say this woman, 20-year-old deanna predoehl, scaled the airport fence near gate 168 on the southwest corner of the airport about 5:15 tuesday evening and then made her before she was spotted by a u.p.s freight worker near gate 118 on the east side of the airport, where she was confronted by security and arrested. >>rosemary barnes/san jose airport-- our security program worked that one of our employees detected and large it deep authorities right away. -- alerted
6:17 pm
>> reporter:in the wake of the four airport is already in the midst of a security review and said to be considering motion sensors infra red cameras and radio wave technology and will almost certainly be increasing the height of fences in this area, perhaps the last place where the public can get close enough to those fences going. >> reporter: going to surveillance video here was a tenant additional affirmation of the possible motive of this security breach. the intruder to be charged with reid and refusing all rest and trespassing. --arrest
6:18 pm
>> reporter:looking to stay dry, sunny, but also windy on thursday as a system exits well to our north. miles per hour, especially at some higher elevation locations. >> reporter:clear conditions continue into friday as the wind starts to die down a little. >> reporter:temps will continue to decline into saturday as some clouds start to build, and continue to build into sunday. >> reporter:by late sunday evening, a chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. surpass one quarter of an inch or so. >> reporter:most areas are likely to only see trace amounts, or perhaps a tenth of an inch. things dry out and clear up by tuesday afternoons.
6:19 pm
>> reporter:temperatures will rebound as well, back into the 70's for the inland areas by >> pam: in national news.
6:20 pm
>> pam: the woman sneaking onto airport grounds has been identified as 20 year- old deanna. tonight she is being held without bail at the santa clara county jail. that is where kron4 j.r. stone is live tonight with more on what we learned about the suspect j.r.? >> reporter: this could have done some type of april fools' joke gone bad. here at santa clara county jail. deion a just turning 20 year old two weeks ago. her on all spoke with me a few minutes ago, says that she has never done anything like this in the past. she does not have any issues appeared to be weeks ago she moved
6:21 pm
out of their home and moved with a boyfriend. however that did not work out and returned home with tropical and her father. --uncle and father >> reporter: >> can i do these type of gas exported not at an airport doctorate that is not the type of thing that you should do. --gags >> reporter: i did put in a request for a jailhouse interview. that has been denied. live in san jose j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: and national news. >> catherine: another state
6:22 pm
governor is back-tracking on the so-called religious freedom law. his time - in arkansas. >> catherine: just like in indiana -- there's been a huge backlash rights groups. just a day ago - arkansas governor asa hutchinson said he'd sign the bill. >> catherine: today.he says he wants the legislature to recall it - or pass a follow-up measure. >> catherine: among the businesses making him think twice --- wal-mart. >> catherine: the giant retailer is based in arkansas. he's also getting 'family' pressure. >> son, said it signed a petition asking me, his father and the governor to ban this petition. to ban this bill >> catherine: critics argue the legislation would allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians - although supporters insist it's simply intended to keep the government from interfering with religious beliefs. >> catherine: but many people aren't buying it.
6:23 pm
>> catherine: in the meantime -- 19 other states have already passed religious freedom reform acts -- and 14 are considering bills. at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪
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>> grant:happening today. >> grant:new bart tracks.that will cut down on delays. they're called crossover tracks.and they'll work like this: >> grant:when there's a diabled train or police activiity or something else blocking the tracks.these crossover tracks will allow trains to get around the issue. today.crossover tracks near the pleasant hill station opened. >> grant:a similar system near walnut creek opened earluer this year. >> grant:the crossover tracks can also be used to divert under-used train cars.adding capacity where
6:27 pm
needed. >> grant:a new set of crossover tracks opened today along bart's pittsburg/bay point line as part of a project expected to bring more train cars during peak commute hours and decrease service delays, transit agency officials said. >> grant:the central contra costa crossover project consists of two sections of track crossovers between the walnut creek and pleasant hill stations, according to bart officials. >> grant:the crossover closest to the walnut creek station opened earlier this year and the crossover near the pleasant hill station opened today, bart officials said. >> reporter:cooler weather on the way. and possibly wet. where and when. coming up.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: major drought news today with california's first ever mandatory drought restrictions. stating that it is so bad we are living in a different world the
6:31 pm
governor puts it. he is talking about big cut and add water revisited. and at 25%. >> catherine: was water agencies to use new pricing to punish us if we do not play along. golf courses and cemeteries are one of the places that will be required to use the new mandate. >> reporter: here in oakland following governor brown's announcement. they plan to up the voluntary restriction which is that 50 percent creek resident could look for rate increases and surcharges due to the drought. penalties for those who use the excessive amount of water. in oakland, kron 4 news.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: another security breach here at the international airport a security breach in the past year 20 year old woman that man has alleged to scale the fence here on the avenue of coleman creek before she was spotted by a freight worker who notified security and then confronted and are rested the woman. --arrested >> reporter: the airport is putting its passengers at risk unless they can come to a procedure that will obtain individual immediately. less >> reporter: knight, a woman somehow made her way onto the airfield while police has addressed the turf. this marks 5 security breaches in the past few years. blighter
6:33 pm
say that it is starting to really get out of hand. >> reporter: in santa clara county the woman who breached security at san jose international airport last night is still behind bars and spoke with her family members who tells me they do not know what happened. they believed it could have been some type of april fools' joke that went bad. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> reporter: what is going on? residents say they have been hearing a loud noise is the last few months. calling it the berkeley boma. they have received complaints that the police department, however they have not been able to pinpoint the source. sometimes it is so loud that is set off car alarms as
6:34 pm
wicks up sleeping babies. >> reporter:looking to stay dry, sunny, but also windy on thursday as a system exits well to our north. wind gusts could approach 30 miles per hour especially at some higher elevation locations. >> reporter:clear conditions continue into friday as the wind starts to die down a little. >> reporter:temps will continue to decline into saturday as some clouds start to build, and continue to build into sunday. >> reporter:by late sunday evening, a chance of rain slips into the forecast with the best chance of widespread precipitation coming monday. >> reporter:rain totals should not surpass one quarter of an inch or so. : >> reporter: only see trace amounts, or perhaps a tenth of an inch.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: by tuesday afternoons. >> reporter:temperatures will rebound as well, back into the 70's for the inland areas by >> pam: a reminder -- you can get all your weather alerts, forecasts, check radar anddownloading our ***free*** kron4 mobile app. return to index of stories... there have been several >> pam: mountain lion sightings in recent weeks. >> pam: the latest happened on monday on the peninsula. >> pam: kron 4's jeff pierce spoke with a wild life expert who has been studying the big cats using motion- sensing cameras. >> reporter: >>this is an adult female and she has been visiting the same camera location for at least a year.
6:36 pm
>> reporter:steven bobzien is a wild life ecologist for the east bay regional park district and for several years now he has been studying mountain using motion sensing cameras. >>ohlone wilderness which is a very remote contiguous out path highly suitable for mountain lions. as the animal passes the view of the camera will take a whole series of images of the animal. >> reporter:bobzien hopes his cameras mystery surrounding mountain lions in the east bay. >>what the remote camera study is going to help us do is possible figure out what the population is and where some of these cats may or may not be coming from. >> reporter:the cameras have captured hundreds of pictures of mountain lions in just a small part of the park. >>the cameras have taken about three hundred and ninety eight pictures of the mountain lions and having that many photos allowed us to identify at least nine individuals within this relatively small square mile area of the sunol-ohlone wilderness. >> reporter:that number of mountain lions was a surprise to the researchers.
6:37 pm
>> some high density from prior research in wyoming and some of high known densities of mountain lions you have about five or six cats in one hundred kilometers square. >> reporter:if you are hiking through the many trails in the east bay park don't expect to come across one them. >>it's highly unusual to be able to see a mountain lion. they do an extraordinary job of avoiding people and it's a very very rare event if you see a mountain lion in the wild. just be aware that there are mountain lions there. >> reporter:steven bobzien is always in awe when he checks his remote cameras. >>they're the main apex predator we still have in california they're incredibly majestic. >> reporter: >>for me whenever i go out a check the cameras it's like christmas because whenever i get a picture of a mountain lion it's exciting. >> reporter:in the east bay regional park district jeff pierce kron4 new spiri
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> pam: opening date for the giant is right all around the corner. today, the team rolled out the red carpet for media day. the world's 10th biggest a preview of the giants television campaign for this season. the three world series trophy for also on display. but the big attraction today was be fooled. --food!! >> pam: the giant and build new concession stands a with a new menus. we were told the spicy chicken wings and toasted grill him a cheese salads received rave reviews. how did we miss out on that?
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary:good evening! >> gary:the honors for the warriors just keep coming. >> gary:steve kerr is the nba's western conference coach of the month for march he led the warriors to a franchise-record 16 wins for the month they clinched their first division title in 39 years and also clinched the top new franchise record for wins in a season they now have 61 >> gary:kerr is the first warriors coach to win the honor twice it in january don nelson won 1989 and 2007 george karl in 1987. >> gary:some social media fun involving steph curry and chris paul. >> gary:steph curry scored 25 points the game in last night's win over the clippers going causing chris paul to fall down the kids call it an "ankle-breaker" >> gary: and it didn't take
6:46 pm
long for social media to get wind of paul falling in a variety of scenes hit the internet >> gary:to paul's credit he reposted his favorites #1 being him playing "twister" >> gary:others included cp3 skateboarding breakdancing and helping spiderman save new york city! >> gary: he issued a statement saying that he is having fun with it. curry got the better of him on that mold. --move.
6:47 pm
>> gary: have you heard about this? >> pam: i am sure that it was raw. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: you have never seen one dirtier order rob-- rawer! >> gary:cleveland cavs coach david blatt was named eastern confernce coach of the month today but yesterday it was revealed that lebron james has been doing much of the three months >> gary:blatt and james downplayed it saying it's not unusual and that point guard kyrie plays as well >> gary:james says blatt still calls plays himself throughtout the game and during time-outs but it seems like lebron has the right of refusal. >> gary: the owner of the
6:48 pm
kings is of a native of india. there it is we will keep an eye on this new player in the nba creek i do not believe we need to be told this but it came out that lebraun james is calling the plays for the cleveland cavaliers. >> gary: at the very least heads off to these guys for honesty. alcatel lebraun james what to do, pam?--who
6:49 pm
can tell >> pam: just like who can tell you what to do? >> gary:stop! stop! >> pam: (laughter) >> pam:it's true! >> pam:okay, okay... >> gary: i wish i was as good as lebraun james. >> gary:chris mullin! boy i hope he makes it. he's a good guy. >> grant:he's been here.
6:50 pm
>> when the opportunity was presented to me i could not turn it down. i will work hard to beat the best basketball coach that i can be. i will try to win every single game, i can guarantee that. (cheers & applause) >> gary: i just hope the want to work. at 51 years old you do not have to work every day you kind of get into the rhythm of this. >> gary: i am in the rhythm of it but if i laid out for two years and all of sudden, had to go all day long and could not do it? so >> gary: we will see if he could pull it off accurate. >> gary: thank you, for keeping track of me.
6:51 pm
>> pam: (laughter) >>! >> gary: always have to check back there to see who is doing the weather. i like to know and then we will go from there. >> gary: résumé has sold out the 49er stadium it was the most watched with a 1.3 million household watch on- line on the w w e network. the highest grossing live a bit in history brady and $12.6 million. pay-per-view data is still coming through in this expected to bring all record histories. >> gary: back to pam moore
6:52 pm
and my good friend dan will be out here soon cre!
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6:55 pm
>> pam: a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00, it is the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 730. then we are back with kron 4 news at o'clock. >> pam: california lottery announced today there is a winning make the million ticket in oakley. worth more than $672,000. lottery
6:56 pm
officials said the winning ticket matched five of the six winning numbers and was sold at and eight r c old gas station on main street. the ticket owner has 180 days to visit a lottery district office and claim the prize. >> reporter: another sunny but cold across much of the bay area. cooling off over the next few days with rain possible late sunday evening into tuesday. our best chance of widespread, a light sprinkle will be on monday. >> pam: we hope to see you at 8:00. until then stay in touch with us on kron4 dot com or download one of our applications. goodnight.
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top-trending stories. >> no matter what, joe and i will always stick by each other. >> the first shot of teresa giudice in prison. our "insider" gives us details of her so-called low-budget spa stay. >> she works out up to three times a day. she's getting pretty buff. >> does her photo op break rules? >> california police are investigating the death of the heir to an oil fortune. >> billionaire heir andrew getty found dead in his hollywood hills home? was there foul play? we're inside the case. >> i'm really, really worried about rob. >> and are the kardashians fighting over an intervention for rob? >> this is pathetic. >> and north west, it is time for your close-up. >> then singer jason derulo is known for his bad breakup with america's sweetheart, jordin sparks.
7:00 pm
♪ >> now he's looking for redemption. >> will you ever make another song about marriage and put your girlfriend in it? >> to write something like that i was very, very touched. >> let's go inside! >> now, the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider," together with yahoo. new jersey housewife teresa giudice poses for her first family photo in prison, but could this photo-op cause a serious backlash? hello, everybody. i'm louie aguirre. >> i'm thea andrews. >> the price of privilege. being the son of an iconic tv producer almost cost randy spelling his life. >> i sat down with him and it is compelling, but teresa taking the reins in controlling her public image, but will her new revelations behind bars cost her in the long run? >> no matter what, joe and i will always stick by each other. >> holding true to that pledge made to "the insider" before being sentenced 15 months for


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