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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> reporter: a lot of people may have slept through this earthquake waking up to a more this morning today was an earthquake happen after midnight is centered near san ramon. kron 4 is jackie sizzle is live in san ramon and a was not a lot of people are the did you talk to anybody this said they felt the earthquake. >> reporter: i am here and us starbucks where people are getting their morning coffee but i've only found one person that actually felt the earthquake. and happily after midnight of
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3.6 earthquake. and it was centered about 1 mi. north west of san ramon. so people in danville ramon and lafayette did feel the earthquake there was no damage reported so far. most of the people i talk to slept right through it. did i did talk to a few people the said it was pretty violent. >>: i was already awake about midnight and have felt the initial jolt a bullet hit the house and that about five seconds of shaky enough for me to get out by her raveling and was enough to wake up everybody in the house us so i'm glad was over. what's scary i am not used to these things i was born raised here right the experience not easy to say i do not like them. >> reporter: anita's dss
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said they had to about 2500 jets reporting the earthquake. and this is all on the heels of of the earthquake that happened on the san pablo area with a different fault line. a lot of people felt it in a lot of people slept right through it. >> reporter: us slept right through the whole thing out why did fill it. if you felt the quake let us know you couldn't send us an e-mail at breaking news kron 4 got time or deepen the message on our facebook page. or are don't forget there is a mobile hack app to track the weather. >> reporter: we weigh all this time and we get no rain
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and it has to be easter. >> reporter: a live look at the bay bridge george will be up to talk about the traffic. the headline for today is not is wendy and it will be a little milder this afternoon. this right now on the low 50s temperatures of about 64 around lunchtime lots of sunshine. temperatures will top out around 73 degrees this afternoon not is wendy. the temperatures will cool down to the low '70's by 6:00. 60 and a vital 51 and 0: 46 in san jose. with talk about that easter forecast and the chance of rain. >> reporter: bottoms of
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building up from the baby were not trekking in the hot spots right now was an accident and ann will pass road and highway 4 is slowing the ride up is not a major problem your commute to the san ramon bought valley looks pretty good will get a 16 minute drive from highway 24 down to the industry interchange of 580. and tracking your commute to the bay bridge this morning the metering lights are activated and then back up is still only slow from the 880 over crossing. and the trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 also looks good we have not yet seen bright lights coming on. the drive time is still under 30 minutes of from sam a tale of a word. >> reporter: and for some people the drive has begun for people that are coming to still their final respects officer michael
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johnson he was a 14 year veteran was shot and killed in a line of duty the last tuesday will tran his life from the as a piece center that's where the memorial will be held from now of just a few hours from now but officers will be coming from all across the nation. >> reporter: thousands of officers are expected to turn out our work also this is known as the shark tank but it will be full of tears as those officers family members and supporters will be saying the by to michael johnson he was just 38 years old this is a picture of him he and two other officers were called to the same last tuesday michael johnson's appearance at that this at that scene was not an accident he is trained to reduce the volatility of a situation like that. on he got a call but it was a suit
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sought a suicidal man a scott michael johnson and the other officers on return fire. michael johnson died at the scene. and there was a procession along with many of the police officers staying at the same even though was all over the lead him away from that area. this will start at 1030 and go all the way to 130 in the afternoon will monitor the situation and legend of the traffic problems all over the south bay johnson leaves behind a wife he did not have any children. his father is a life his father was also a law enforcement officer. and sally this is coincidental but the last time san jose had an officer killed in the line of jewelry was 14 years ago his
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name was jeffrey montana he was a classmate academy of michael johnson's. family members will make the remarks when they will leave to go to the cemetery for private burial this'll be the final chance for everyone to say goodbye. >> reporter: the private cemetery that they're headed to an after-hours we don't have a plan for that, but beforehand around 10:00 the procession starts in high winds up escapees center. sap center.. george says the to use the highways in those areas if you don't want to be a part of the remembrance and along the route and observe the procession. kron
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4 is mike pelton is at the start of the room right now he's gonna be showing us and about 30 minutes more on the route and more on the procession and the memorial today. it >> reporter: german wings says that it was unaware that andreas lubitz the co- pilot the crash the plane and the french alps had suffered from depression during his pilot training. lost sons of which is the parent company of german wings confirmed on tuesday that it bay new lubas had suffered from an episode of severe depression before he finished his flight training but said he passed all his medical checks since then. andreas lubitz started working at german wings in september of 2013 investigators believe that andreas lubitz intentionally crashed the plane into a mountainside. >> reporter: meantime
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investigators have found so phones and the degrees of the german wings crash but so far they said none of the phones have produced any clues about what happened. a french magazine previously reported that they had seen a cellphone video from the final moments of the flight but investigators say there is no such as video. the special mountain troops are still searching the crash site today for personal belongings and the second black box flight recorder. >> reporter: and still had a kron 4 news of morning news at least 15 people are dead after a shooting on a college campus in north east can yell and will have the latest on the devastating attack and what happened plus a governor jerry brown is calling for an unprecedented water uses cuts throughout the state awaken me for your water bill.
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>> reporter: breaking news and this is just horrible were gunman went in and started firing as students in a dormitory at least 15 people are dead 60 are injured and this attack happened on a college campus and northeast kenya. it happened early this morning in the town of gris up. the gunmen were shooting inside campus dorms and opened fire on the guards on campus. right now are partnered cnn is reporting that five and 50 people are unaccounted for. three of the dorms on campus were evacuated and the gunmen were holed up in the fourth investigators believe the attack was carried out by and says some molly
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islamic extremist group. this is a breaking news story and we will bring more information as it comes into our newsroom. >> reporter: governor brown is calling for new water restrictions will breakdown which need to know plus the city of los angeles is playing milk millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit with occupied protesters will tell you what police did wrong
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>> reporter: us get back to the coverage of that earthquake that she may or may not have felt it happened around midnight and it wasn't 3.6. it struck just after midnight in san ramon. you taking a look at the usgs website which more intimation we have more people this said they felt it about 2800 people said they felt it the country may the contra costa county sheriff's office said that they have no car reports of injuries or damages from the quake. you can share your ever mention about the quake with us on our our facebook page. >> reporter: i woke up this
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morning to check my phone and saw the the rebuild about the earthquake and ask my wife did she feel in she said yes she felt it don't ask me if on sleeping and of their five fell to an earthquake of the sleep right through them >> reporter: we had the earthquake earlier we were tracking some glances not as bad out there's just a couple of spots that are breezy the winds have died down quite a bit. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge clear skies the start of the thursday morning and looking at the south and planner now for the next 30 minutes of your planning on getting out the door is a chilly start so grab a jacket shoreline but lunchtime while might seek gust of wind up to 20 mi. an hour but nothing compared to what we have been experienced in the past few days. northwest winds tend
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to 50 m.p.h. later on in the day. temperatures will top out in the upper 60s low 70's. concord livermore santa rosa all checking around of the degree mark right now. a measure of future tests for showing it to purchase the 11:00 will be in the '50s and '60s lots of sunshine today so you will want to bring your sunglasses by 3:00 today the temperatures will top out from the upper 60s to the lower '70s. some places will get to the middle '70s. and then tonight will be pulling down into the '50s and '60s and then will be cooling down overnight into the '40's and '50's. >> reporter: the see low seventies in redwood city 73 in sunnyvale. 74 and nt hack
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vallejo will be 72 center rows of will be 71 degrees. santa rosa 71 degrees tomorrow will be our warmest day at 75 sunday we have a chance for morning showers. but the good news with the showers they're not gonna be very heavy we're looking at very light amounts we could use a lot more. we may get some more showers on tuesday. and then a warm-up begins next week on wednesday. >> reporter: were tracking a long hot spot this morning on highway 4 in the westbound direction which really has not added much to the drive here and i wait for westbound the normal commute would be about 27 minutes and right now is a
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25 minute drive time it would accident there is not in the lanes is on the shoulder. your trip now through the all to my is 34 minutes as the head out to the dublin interchange and that's not bad. here in the south bay were picking up little snowing on one-on- one is still on a minute 20 dried a 20 minute drive time. the bay bridge ride is backing up to the macarthur maze the '92 commute across the san mateo bridge is just the beginning to see some brake lights they're coming out of mid span within the next 10 minutes we could see things stopped here at the toll plaza and your trip to the golden gate bridge were delayed for eight and here's your right to the richmond bridge where interstate 580 traffic has not yet backed up with the westbound ride leading to >> reporter: happening now
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gov. jerry brown is my them is ordered a mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use statewide it will be up to zero water agencies like the santa clara valley water district an east bay mud to decide how those cuts will be made. but agencies that do not would boost water uses could face fines of up to $10,000 a day under the governor's new order there will be a rebate program for people replace old appliances with once and that say more water east bay mud which services 1.3 million customers is considering higher penalties for big water users. >>: since the beginning of your customers have been cutting back less than 10 percent and we need them to step it up for the average
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customer it would mean $11 ought increase on their bills starting this summer or from high water users a could be more than a hundred dollars. >> reporter: the governor's order comes after yesterday's snowpack survey which found the state wide gap snowpack is just 5 percent of this historic average for the board this time of the year. governor brown of order will create a rebate program to replace old appliances the order puts the pressure on campuses golf courses and cemeteries to use a lot less water it bans watering and public street medians. it bans new homes and developments from watering was drinkable water and it pushes local governments to replace lawns with drought tolerant landscaping. >> reporter: millionaire real estate air robber durst is doing court in new orleans where his attorneys are set to argue that the
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fbi searched the his hotel room he legally employees covered it up in statements they used to get an arrest warrant. the robber dirts was wade has waived extradition to lost angeles where he faces a murder charge mr. durst his attorneys moved filed a motion today arguing that the fbi agents to rummage through the 71 year romance hotel room without a warrant before he was arrested they say l.a. and louisiana authorities did not mention that search when they ask for an arrest warrant. >> reporter: now the city of los angeles will pay nearly $2.5 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed police improperly arrested hundreds of occupy loss angeles protesters and observers. this is video from those protests back in november of 2011 the l.a. city council approved the
6:24 am
settlement proposal yesterday the suit was filed on behalf of about 300 people who were arrested when police evicted demonstrators from and occupy l.a. camp at city hall an attorney says some people were handcuffed to tightly and others were held on buses for six hours and not allowed allowed to use the restroom.
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ju abo anyere u ussuga you n ussplea®. ...ncaloe swtene splend® ls yoexpeence. ..he j of gar. ..itho allhe corie ink gar,ay senda >> reporter: time now a 626 and happening now the men some the head men's basketball coaches of the final four teams are weighing in on indiana's new religious freedom restoration act. the coaches got together in a conference
6:27 am
call yesterday to discuss the issue since this man semifinal and championship games will be played in indianapolis starting saturday critics claim the law gives businesses the ability to discriminate by refusing to sell goods and services to gay people if they choose. in a statement the coaches said they support the policies of the n.c.a.a. and their respective universities. they also said " discrimination of any kind not should not be tolerated. in the " and as part of america's higher education system college basketball players an important role and diversity quality fairness and inclusion a will continue to do so in the future. the final four teams are michigan state duke wisconsin and kentucky.
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>> reporter: and we're back coming up a 630 with the opening bell the stock exchange in the nasdaq trading this morning is been uneventful doll was been out 11. s&p down two and three- quarters of positive of because unemployment rate has dropped which signifies a strong job market and economic growth. >> reporter: is telling you that the scene of your love one reacted to in our earth
6:31 am
cup quake that happened at midnight the day rollover were they concerned all. and since his jump on his wife and shielded her from the spindle where i had to wait for her the smack me and ask me did i feel it. it was a 3.6 earthquake right underneath my bedroom and i could not sell it and that's the way these things go sometimes this is a joke or wrote so go ahead and go to our and facebook and share your thoughts of the and feelings of the quake. 2800 people say that they did fill it. >> reporter: there was no major damage no reports of injuries. >> reporter: a gentle reminder that we live in earthquake country. >> reporter: was cold out
6:32 am
there this morning. >> reporter: it is a little chilly of their this is a live look at the bay bridge lots of sunshine to start up this thursday morning free friday years to storm tracker per east bay planner at 7:00 this morning is good vehicle start light winds and temperatures in the 50's and 40's. by lunchtime lots of sunshine a little warmer for lot of locations under sunny skies and a breeze to be fairly light we might see some isolated brisk boxed in by 5:00 this afternoon 780 west when at 5 to 15 mi. per hour. will be a lower seventies today. 53 and san
6:33 am
francisco 52 in redwood city 45 unconquered in mid '40's for santa rosa. 45 for concord. >> reporter: right now even though the commute is building up would not tracking any hotspot spring. we cleared up the highway for problem here is the bay bridge and westbound ride continues to slow as we will pass 6:30 a.m. in the back up will region to the macarthur mates for the first time this morning. is about the time when things should really start to slow this year the san mateo bridge that is exactly what is happening despite the time was our ride is 18 minutes now. the golden gate bridge is still problem free. and the drive time is
6:34 am
still under 30 minutes out of nevada 04101 southbound. interstate 680 south there's no problems or surprises there your trip to walnut creek is 16 minutes in the southbound direction and the ride leading into oakland this morning northbound is just 14 minutes of san leandro. >> reporter: back to our stories is happening today we have a memorial for officer michael johnson who was shot and a line of zouk duty last week the memorial center of the memorial will take place at the sap center. mike pelton is there and then life. >> reporter: it alive look outside the funeral home and lost battles were a couple of police officers near so far this morning is one of
6:35 am
the patrol cars as a black band over the san jose police logo paying respect officer michael johnson they have been here round-the- clock at the few wrong since his body was brought here last week. there will be many more officers starting to arrive for the procession it starts at 10:00 this morning here is the route to start the down santa cruz avenue to winchester boulevard then east on to stevens creek and then up albans street to the sap center are expect road closures and heavy traffic and los gatos. after the memorial and ends at 1:00 this afternoon that a recession would add to oak hill cemetery for private ceremony the chp is helping to coordinate the route. is gonna have hundreds of officers taking part of the next few hours. >> reporter: gemayel delighted to see a couple of officers out here this
6:36 am
morning and i did have a chance to speak to one of officers he tells me that he actually knew officer michael johnson at his locker was a short distance away so this is a very emotional morning for him as well as the entire police department and they said they tell me the one officer this morning question sons the ones that aston relive that tragic day all over again and it will be tough for him and many of his fellow officers. >> reporter: will have live team coverage throughout the broadcast this morning until 10:00 a.m. will go off the air but the service itself the start and at the start that 11 if you wanna watch that you could switch over to our because will live streaming it for you. >> reporter: we now know that the deadly apartment fire in mission district was not intentionally set fire the fire department has determined it has up and
6:37 am
may have been the result of an electrical fault. the fire originated on the third floor hallway and extended into the attic. to the attic. 40 year-old reseal or lined a died in the for alarm fire. the building sustained an estimated $4.5 million in damage along with $4 million in damage to its contents. >> reporter: hourly wages may be raising soon for some employees will be viewed e permission coming up next.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here the quick look good traffic coming at a walnut creek the headlights of northbound 680 to the walnut creek interchange so far with backed up three the
6:41 am
number lavoro road and would delay for youth brought the san ramon valley. 16 minutes to the dublin interchange get updated information through our mobile application. >> reporter: johnny met social famous fans are some are giving johnny mitchell as famous as are voicing support and worry for the folk song i kind as she is hospitalized in los angeles. lead can sleep senior paul stanley tweed in this picture of themselves and mitchell telling his followers to send our love and prayers. harry potter star m. watson tweedy yesterday that she has not been able to concentrate some she heard about mitchell being hospitalized kevin bacon boy george and tory and most are also among well-wishers. joni
6:42 am
mitchell was found unconscious in our home to the nine taken to hospital by ambulance she was later in intensive care and are undergoing tests there has not been any further word on how she is doing. >> reporter: you whether is next coming up when the warning bells continues after this break. he purest honey ..and, it only takes you 3 minutes to enjoy it. perhaps we made it too delicious nature valley, delicious granola bars made with the tastiest ingredients from nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
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>> reporter: and were back now time is 644 a m one give
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you some update about the wild fires in southern california your thumb their mopping up the smoldering remains this morning the one and 85 a. blaze near vector rio victorville is 95 percent contained no homes were threatened. the fire began tuesday afternoon as a controlled burn to remote remove weeds from riverbed at san bernadine no county regional park shifting winds blow the flames out of control and the fire destroyed a truck and a shed and some nearby home or briefly evacuated. >> reporter: the fire danger is still a very high and the the wins will be as strong today but will definitely see some breezy spot throughout the afternoon live look as have all airport this afternoon as if all airport no delays
6:46 am
sfo airport.. we may have some response was sustained winds of 5 to 15 mi. an hour shift. in the mid-40s in san jose by lunchtime will see the temperatures the '60s. when will have lower '70s by late this afternoon. it will wiccan expected date bay area right looking for we will see some breezy spots otherwise sunny and a little bit milder the be our warmest day are really nice afternoon. as we head into easter weekend saturday looks dry by reducing rates potentially on easter sunday. storm trackers says this not to back of strong winds in fairfield from the
6:47 am
north and 25 mi. an hour temperatures write non are wising a lot of fifties and forties. 53 in downtown san francisco. east bay france curtis chile at 45 concord is at 45 degrees. will start in the south bay allow the '70s 72 in palo alto east bay mid-70s the walnut creek limb of-73 berkeley 69. >> reporter: storm track for warrants and the mind and ask to malt and beer
6:48 am
warmest day clouds will been on saturday sunday we may have morning showers possible for easter sunday am sorry to say. also be up plans on sundays the good news with the showers it will probably be light we're talking about a 20 percent chance of some sours and potentially more rain on tuesday. >> reporter: the big fish that used to be the thing for easter. no hot spots right now we're looking at a pretty easy drive of around the bay area right now we're not tracking any problems across the span of raw 92 the san mateo bridge commuters simple squint swing 19 minute drive time as your head over to san mateo and the trip to the golden gate bridge to won a one southbound that lies here look great no problems
6:49 am
through marin county. and a quick look pitcher east bay commute here this east bay he is a great one is still under 21 minutes from hercules to berkeley now slowing into walnut creek there are no delays in the san ramon valley the drive time to the altar of mine is still not bad at all at 35 minutes out to the dublin interchange and south bay freeway continues to build up or slowed traffic here on the guadalupe parkway on 101 northbound in the drive time here through the corridor 880 southbound from 238 to two up 37 your drive time is just 30 minutes. is much lighter than usual. >> reporter: happening now talks about it runs a
6:50 am
nuclear program are continuing in switzerland this morning. this as the seventh straight day of negotiations between iran is a former minister secretary of state john kerry and senior diplomats from five other world powers. parties are hoping to lead the talks with the framework deal for the final agreement that needs to be reached by june 30th. iran's former foreign minister says officials made significant progress in sessions overnight but unofficial agreement still has not been reached. >> reporter: happening now duke university is investigating after andwas found hanging from a tree on campus. it was found early yesterday morning in response students marched to rally against racism. the
6:51 am
duke university president described the news as of vicious symbol. the news was found in a plaza on campus. >> reporter: no big news this morning the nypd is investigating a video in which get out of uniform nypd detective golan off on all road rates like tirade at you burp driver. uber we now know that the detective and patrick cherry has been stripped of his gun and badge a passenger in the you b e r car recorded the incident showing the detective cherry pulling over the driver for alleged traffic violations he did take a lesson. according to u b e r the driver does not
6:52 am
want to comment but the company used in this statement. the behavior in this video is wrong and unacceptable and we appreciate the nypd investigating this incident. the passenger in the car testified wednesday at the civilian complaint review board. >> reporter: oakland facile workers to are part of a growing fight for $15 mauve mat saw will protest at local mcdonald's stores following the company's announcement that it is increasing pace likely for some of its work force. workers say it was a publicity stunt and they are demanding the company raise wages to $15 an hour for all workers and respect their right to form a union. mcdonnell's made the pay increase announcement this week after workers said they would strike a stage a strike in 200 cities on april 15th the pay increase
6:53 am
impact some 90,000 workers and starts july 1st. >> reporter: more americans purchased a vacation home last year compared to 2013 which could be a positive sign about the u.s. economy. that is according to a report from the national association of realtors. it found 21 percent of all homes bought last year were vacation homes that is the highest level of vacation home purchases since 2003 the most popular location for those looking for a second home is not surprisingly the beach. experts say popular vacation spots like the beach in mountains could use the boost since the 10th have a slower economic recovery pace.
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>> reporter: we're back now timeous the phipps ifs 6:56 a.m.. baseball is tonight's
6:57 am
game is this exhibition is fun to watch it your coming from the east bay instead of driving just take the ferry. we get very service to the ballpark and might make a little bit easier to get in and out of att part plaza and the traffic can get pretty jammed on game nights. >> reporter: adding garies world will be chatting about the bay bridge. will also had 7000 the police officers heading to san jose this morning to pay their final respects to officer michael johnson. will it have more on what chicken expense on the memorial service and the procession route. and a man has video of the show's and the woman jumped a fence at the airport we have video
6:58 am
pish from him showing her breaking into his home.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: is getting closer now to the hour when the memorial will began for the san jose police officer the was killed of duty. in the next few hours your seat thousands of officers heading to san jose to pay their respects to officer michael johnson. last tuesday he was shot and killed without warning last tuesday. >> reporter: started about 3 in the house hours from now i can tell you some officers are already inside there is much work to be done at san jose police


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