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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 2, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter: is getting closer now to the hour when the memorial will began for the san jose police officer the was killed of duty. in the next few hours your seat thousands of officers heading to san jose to pay their respects to officer michael johnson. last tuesday he was shot and killed without warning last tuesday. >> reporter: started about 3 in the house hours from now i can tell you some officers are already inside there is much work to be done at san jose police officers and i
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used to this because they fully it's been 14 years as a last death and his name was jeffrey fontana and: the late that does happen to be michael johnson's awesome classmate academy. >> reporter: he was cultus ought east ought san jose for reason it was his special tilt specialty to defuse situations like that without warning johnson died at the same and the officers returned fire and killed 57 your a suspect it was the night over nine hours since standoff bryant finally around 330 in the morning they determined it was over but a heartbreaking scene was a very emotional i was there at the time. ms. many officers could have left the scene but they stay there at the time and they did a procession leaving his leading his body to the coroner's office there will
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be many dignitaries and up to an attendance of this funeral. his sister will make time comments he leaves behind his all wife did not have the children his father was also in law enforcement and inspired him to get into law enforcement he was a 14 your veteran that was so loved by many officers and the community. >> reporter: i know the police chief for a beer here at 730 in the morning. wabble live also interview with him as well thousands of people will be here and will try to talk to the sum of the officers as we all know there's nothing like the pageantry of officers memorial service. >> reporter: certainly a lot of people want to listen in to will be streaming live on our
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>> reporter: mike pelton is standing by with the part of this part of the story. >> reporter: agitate this live look carry concealed couple of police officers stationed outside the funeral home here in los gatos the procession will start here later on this morning expect a lot of officers to come here as scored the casket to the sap center where the memorial will take place a few hours from now the procession begins here in los gatos at 10:00 in the morning it has down santa cruz avenue and avenue to winchester boulevard east of the stevens creek of auburn street at el ultimately ending at the sap center. for the 11:00 at memorial it will pass to los gatos campbell and san jose is scheduled for 11:00 afterwards at 1:00 the officers will start another
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procession heading to the oak hill cemetery our cemetery where there will be a private burial. new look outside the your the darling fisher funeral home is just a couple of officers here right now that will change over the next few hours a we're expecting dozens of police officers and by 10:00. this will definitely cause delays for other drivers this morning. >> reporter: course the easiest way for motorists to avoid that is to stick with the freeways 17 and 280 will carry you around these problems. because of the procession is consigned to this us city streets. >> reporter: we're getting a word of a problem in the north bend on highway 37 the with the report of a motorcycle accident that could be obstructing the westbound ride is a harrowing experience crossing 37 and every
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morning but adding an accident blocking the westbound lanes could only back up the right bus heading out of vallejo this morning and tracking the commute to the bridges the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maize but it is incident free. and the same could be said for the san mateo bridge weather westbound 92 ride is slow but there have been no additional problems for your ride up to this day and in the richmond bridge ride is now backing up the toll plaza is a begins to slow on 580 westbound coming over from the richmond parkway. over to the weather center- and >> reporter: saliva look at the embarcadero camera looking of a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. we have a nice conditions for this afternoon. with clear skies starting office thursday morning. 8:00 this morning cool conditions sunny light
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winds temperatures in the '50's and 40's. by lunchtime sunny and mild upper 60s bay shoreline and inland and 4:00 today for a sunny and pleasant temperatures topping out generally in the lower '70s. so you will fill little warmer this afternoon because temperatures will be a little warmer and the winds will not be as strong. heading out the door right now is 51 in oakland 53 unconquered. when i come back will talk about chancels showers on easter weekend i will let should know when on easter we will see it. >> reporter: and to the latest of the earthquake that shook the east bay overnight. it is a 3.6 earthquake that struck at midnight in san ramon. the usgs website had more than
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2500 it's from people in the bay area saying that they did feel it. the contra costa county sheriff's office said that there no reports of any injuries or damages from the quake if he did fill it let us know what our facebook page or the . >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 news of president this of happen in we're gonna tell you what jerry brown governor is gonna do regarding the drought and your water bill. and in more information what the of about the co-pilot the crash the plane into the french alps that formation of the next
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>> reporter: 710 a m happening now gov. jerry barr brown is ordering a mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use statewide it will be up to water agencies like the santa clara valley water district in east bay mud to decide how those cuts will be made. but the agencies that do not reduce water use is could face fines of up to $10,000 a day under the governor's new order there will be a rebate program for
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people who replace all plants as with ones that save more water. east bay mud which services and 1.3 million customers is considering higher penalties for big water uses. >>: since the beginning of your customers have been cutting back less than 10% in we need them to step up for average customer would need $11 increase on their bills starting this summer but for high water users a could be more than a hundred dollars. >> reporter: the governor's order comes after yesterday's snowpack survey which found the statewide snowpack is at just 5 percent of this historic average for this time of the year. gov. brown's order will create a rebate program to replace old appliances the order puts the pressure on campuses golf courses and cemeteries to use a lot less water in bands watering and public street medians. it
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bans new homes and developments from watering was drinkable water and it pushes local and of governments to replace lawns with drought tolerant landscaping. >> reporter:
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beautiful shot from the embarcadero cameras the really nice start up their lots of sunshine a little bit chilly so you would bring a jacket for the morning hours. the wins will be a strong but may bilberries yet * northwest winston the 50 mi. per hour. temperatures are right now in the mid '50s carry your is a glut of ciba to co- workers by late this afternoon the temperature will be dropping off right around 34 clot nicole down into the lower 60s the consumer wins are not as bad out there is the work before. still cn north breeze for fairfield. temperatures right now we're looking at 48 in a bottle 44 in fremont future cash for
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choses by 11:00 this morning '50s and '60s and lots of sunshine in the afternoon by 3:00 more lower amid 17 wind readings 70 degrees temperatures would generally be in the '60s this evening under sunny conditions a pretty pleasant evening evening >> reporter: upper 60s in downtown san francisco 73 in sunnyvale and san jose. for the east bay's upper 60s richmond 74. 72 in pleasanton 73 in san rafael. warmer today even more more tomorrow tomorrow will be the warmest day. clouds will
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come in on saturday whomsoever the morning we could have showers a 20 percent chance rainfall amounts may be light in may impact your sunny their easter brunch or your easter egg hunt. money would also have the chance of rain from an also tuesday. and the boy in we can use it anything we can get we will take. >> reporter: we are in a remarkable situation here were not tracking in the hot spot presently the plus the commute is getting into full swing was there no major incidents to slow your ride. the back of does reach into the macarthur made to a 22 minute drive time for the westbound ride has will have the with the san mateo bridge ride with the slow but is not hard to stop and go but we often see here in
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the westbound direction 18 to 90 minutes of hayward and san mateo. here at the golden gate bridge but won a one is riding smoothly no delays in either direction and interstate 580 of the richmond bridge the westbound ride is sufficiently slow at the toll plaza above back up to the richmond parkway east your freeway commute westbound and interstate 80 is not doing badly the still under 20 minutes from hercules the berkeley 37 crash is cleared give 680 south 580 west the committee still a pretty good one and zero of 33 minute ride out to the dublin in a change in the beginning much heavier traffic and 85 northbound in the 101 north from the capitol expressway is now over 20 minutes talking about a 23 minute drive time is still tracking pretty
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normally. >> reporter: breaking news now out of northeast kenya. police said gunmen who stormed a college campus are holed up in the dorm building right now and possibly holding hostages. the president of kenya has ordered security forces to go to the school to end the hostage situation. at least 15 people were killed and 60 others were injured when the time the gunmen attack early this morning in the town of curassow chris the the gunmen were shooting inside the campus dorm an open fire on the guard on campus. right now our partners cnn is reporting that five and 50 people are unaccounted for. three of the dorms on campus have been evacuated and the gunmen are holed up and up of forces dorm room. investigators believe the
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attack was carried out by some mollie islamic extremist group. >> reporter: german wings says it has it was un aware that andreas lubitz the co- pilot of the jet that crashed in the french alps suffered from depression and during his by the training. lufthanza of which is the parent company of german wings combined on tuesday that it knew that andreas lubitz had suffered from an episode of severe depression before he finished his flight training the city passed all his medical checks since then. andreas lubitz started working at german wings in september of 2013 investigators believe that he intentionally crashed the plane into the mountainside. meantime investigators have found cellphone and the degrees of the german wings crash but so far they say none of the phone to produce any clothes about what happened.
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>> stanley roberts: coming up the california patrol and the san francisco police department participate in a joint crackdown and now have that story coming up in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> reporter: this just in robert schuller the televangelist of the crystal cathedral magic mega church has died schiller was a
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pastor a motivational speaker and author he was principally known for the weekly what our hour of power tv show. he founded that show in 1970 and hosted the 2010 he was 88 years old. >> stanley roberts: taxing behind the wheel can be so distracting that even the chp officer and a uniform full uniform can walk up to your car and handmade you over. to kick off distracted driver awareness month the california highway patrol and the san francisco police department celebrated by handing out free cell phone tickets to distracted drivers. now what would tend to think if you get a free cell phone ticket you might be met the person that actually gave you the ticket.
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>>: menu gave me the same guy wire you videotaping me why am i videotaping i do a segment on which the 04 call people behaving badly and they're doing enforcement of cell phones and your on your phone while he was standing looking right-to >> stanley roberts: he wasn't the only one pulled over this driver was chatting away while holding the phone the reason i stopped you is because you were talking on yourself phone while driving all she was concerned about was stanley roberts so i tried to talk to work >>: i don't want to be film so please turn so >> stanley roberts: man i am getting no love for distracted drivers today the chp and the severances the police department flooded highway 101 also known as
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van ness ave with tickets and tickets were issued this driver support to the officer that she never had a phone in her hand and the debate watched the driver wasn't quite sure what just happened suddenly my phone is coming so your phone rang and you decided answer yes write ok you don't have a blow to know you don't have headphones you ever thought of getting some what the main which brings back to drivers getting hand stopped the driver was looking at photos but when i talk to her was actually checking my time you have a clock on the phone or your car yes i was checking to see if i was going to make my meeting there will be more crackdowns around the bay but what better way to kick off distracted driver awareness month with distracted drivers and san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>> reporter: happening today funeral services were slain officer michael johnson who was killed and a line of
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duty last week by a man who turn the gun on his wife and then opened fire on police. he built with the police department for 14 years this >> reporter: the funeral procession will begin in los gatos the motorcade will go up winchester boulevard to stevens creek boulevard over to the sap center turn on santa clara street will have live coverage streaming on our >> reporter: we should qualify there will be an impact because these are major arterial people in that area will definitely notice the closures but up when i would like to make is that this will be relatively
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easy event to restore steer around and that's what people need to do this morning there several alternatives and the most likely of which would be used highway 17 or interstate 280. 17 for the no. they ride while some winchester boulevard and interstate 280 east west portion of the ride through downtown san jose we will cover the procession what is on steven screen boulevard. >> reporter: taking a look the traffic around the that is still remarkable the we're not tracking in the hot spots currently traffic is not actually bad be conceived as peninsula right here 1 01 and highway 92 was actually pretty good. interstate 80 is stuck with starting to pick up some slow traffic on the westbound ride of the east shore free way in which is just moved up to 23 minutes for drive time from 19 at last check. at the bay
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bridge the westbound ride is backed up into the macarthur made but it is incident free. the centel bridge as does a slow approach is still 19 to 21 minute drive time and your trip to the richmond bridge we are back up westbound and as well- received as slow going coming out of richmond parkway interchange of 580 west. wettable to the weather is the turn get the latest weather center >> reporter: live look at sfo airport this money surtees guys sunny skies is a look at the storm track for 8:00 this morning cold conditions light winds the when severally backed off quite a bit compared to last couple days chile we have
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temperatures curly in the '40's lunchtime today it will be a little milder this afternoon as the twins also backed off it will be more comfortable so you may want to shed your jacket later in the afternoon the temperatures will be in the '60s by 4:00 this evening more sunshine temperatures topping out and low to mid 70's today when i come back we'll talk about the changes that could include rain for easter holiday. >> reporter: the bigness' the recovered covering this morning a sunnyvale man says he has video of a woman that jump that fence. he has video of her breaking into his house earlier the homeowner contacted us about the strange encounter in the video which against the right your for you to see the girl get through a crack in the fence and the homeowner said she came all
7:33 am
into his house and shot and he had never seen before and listen to how the interaction when it >>: i don't know you are she said deanna i said i would have actually begun know who you are she would back into the bedroom i followed her and i said i needed to leave and she said all i guess i shall leave that and i said yes and she climbed out of the window and i kinda looked at her like ok is that how you came in and she said yell >> reporter: the moment is setting is checking today's news and saw the woman looked like the one that broke in this house. and she looked like the one at the airport he said he never felt threatened nothing was taken from his home in sunnyvale police are looking into that to confirm this is the same woman involved in the airport incident. >> reporter: another e-mail from the alleged vallejo kidnappers has surfaced.
7:34 am
this is just another incident end up back vallejo ran some request. in the e-mail sent to the attorneys is said to be the ringleader of the groups said their backing off their demand of vallejo police does not have to apologize for calling the aum kidnapping of an alleged hoax. the melons this bill that the abduction was rail which and which they continue to insist despite the vallejo police are depicting it as a hoax. >> reporter: know this morning we know the deadly apartment fire was not arson the comeback in january was not intentionally send out set the fire department had determined the fire may have been the result of an electrical fault the fire originated the third floor hallway and extended into the attic. 40 alkmaar reseal
7:35 am
or lima died in the for alarm fire the building sustained an estimated 41 $5 million in damage along with $4 million in damage to its contents. >> reporter: now a serial stays is possibly a loss in petaluma and a seven day stretch five businesses have been robbed in the police believe the same man is responsible for all five robberies the latest robbery hack and at a 711 story on washington street tuesday morning. this is surveillance photo of the suspect in all five robberies police say this man wore dark clothing and the mass you can see the similarities in the other pictures of the one-man snapped at some of the other crime scenes stop, a valero gas station and allow east pharmacy. the owner of the 2711 stores robin monday and tuesday says he is telling his employees to be on high
7:36 am
alert. the police have also released this surveillance image of a person of interest at the was seen at the crime scenes. investigators say it is possible he is associated with the alleged thief. >> reporter: know this morning one bay area's companies see ito is helping its employees for uncomfortable with indiana's controversial religious freedom act. sales force and ceo marc benioff is helping his employees move out of the state if they live there. the mold is in response to a law signed last week by indiana gov. mike pence that allows businesses to refuse a service to gay lesbian and friends didn't gender people on religious grounds. spot market better off ceo marc benioff says several
7:37 am
employees have asked for transfers and he has agreed even supplying up to $50,000 or relocation packages. >> reporter: now the men met at that ahead men's basketball coaches of the final 14 are weighing in on indiana's new religious freedom restoration act the coaches got together in a conference call yesterday to discuss the issue since the men's semifinals and championship games will be played in indianapolis is starting saturday. critics claim the law give businesses the ability to discriminate by refusing to sell goods and services today people if they choose in a statement the coaches said they support the policies of the n.c.a.a. and their respective universities they also said " discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated in the " and as part of american higher education system college basketball plays an important role in
7:38 am
the diversity quality fairness and inclusion and will continue to do so in the future the final four teams are michigan state duke wisconsin and kentucky.
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>> reporter: comeback to the kron 4 morning news with taking a look at the ride on interstate 680 right now into the san ramon valley action is not too bad and northbound ride looks good as well as the drive time now is not 19 minutes down to dublin and news this morning >> reporter: and news this morning a little girl battling leukemia and denied her welch now as the dream
7:42 am
play house and she's been some asking for 60 ella a few ways of those make a wish was ready to build ellora dream playhouse in but the neighborhood homeowners' association stepped in and said it would be in violation after nationwide media coverage and a flood of social media pressure the homeowners association relented and now ls a playhouse. >>: boys are not allowed >> reporter: this issue is responding well to retreat meant and because of that she's able have friends over the renewed playhouse. >> reporter: years alive look at the golden gate bridge get ready for warmer temperatures and also a chance for some hours that could impact your palm holiday weekend will continue after the break.
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so your bo canhe as u re. advil pmfor healg nighs slp. >> reporter: time for the world according to gary >> reporter: the morning carrying the bay bridge starts tonight tactically dozen matter what they do in spring training it would be good to do this against a's to prove they have the end the worst in a nationally and can be good does that mean the slapping.
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>> gary radnich: and yet can you tell me how azine giants did in the practice games >> reporter: they're saying is not really an indicator of any kind. >> gary radnich: think i tell you this yesterday and we have been the guy for the giants getting would like to play a weaker to do to get some momentum or is this an indication that this is gonna be a long season of answer is no >> reporter: sometimes they say a lot of all veterans did up and take some time for them to get a jumpstart >> gary radnich: the reason it takes so long is because the pitchers have to get their arms and state. and the pitchers have to get there i'm strands together. your reading too much and you spring too much time on statistics
7:47 am
>> reporter: how we stood and the baseball park and knowing that they're gonna be tom brady. >> reporter: espn did uphold and actually asks of the nl be players if you could live the life and trade alive with what other famous eye athlete it was brady, brady and lebron james. >> reporter: 0 worsening of the vacation this pitchers of brady and giselle >> gary radnich: and allowed a little bit with all these pictures are more give-and- take of a case in this year and not just lived through brady. i'm looking over pam she says she's more worried
7:48 am
about her vacation and i told her how selfish can you beat. >> reporter: when showtime and the by hamas play with michael jordan and i thought that was funny. >> gary radnich: i will say this a body cast an acetate allotted time to do that. >> reporter: is a very entertaining the county does a lot of photoshop being. >> gary radnich: his that three young kids he's got time to be doing this ought to get fit for and bought gas he has people for that. >> reporter: snot so funny on april fool's is to weed out that you were caught drunk driving on seahawks linebacker bruce irving tweedy that he got caught
7:49 am
with the de you like and then it was disposed been an april fool's, april fool's plant prank i want to apologize for the drug driving it wasn't a joke. >> gary radnich: anytime you would drunk driving in their that is the bad ideas. >> reporter: karen rogers is gonna be doing something funny just pick celebrity jeopardy. the play jeopardy in the living room in rogers aaron rodgers.. karen rogers was going to be a lawyer.
7:50 am
hear some of the words that he said the lead to the final four antiestablishment i can you say the so i don't know what all of a mean little on some of of the prominent t- shirt which is very funny and this is wisconsin basketball player nigel days. the mss and you cannot sell the search no likeness of the player >> gary radnich: everybody
7:51 am
wants to protect their so stuff i guess but there should be some extent suctions he was not getting any money. if you wanna do something quick the coaching is getting a million dollars a year for wearing the 10 issues from these different companies is really gone too far. >> gary radnich: no offense i would wear that shirt anyway is too many words. >> reporter: talk about coaches getting a lot of money players dilaudid money in the latest deal is this patrick wallace returned some of the sign in bonus money and for the unplayed years. he was a rookie and was cut it was returning the money what about that aquilas >> gary radnich: what was is a bonus and how many years were left? >> reporter: he signed a five-year extension in 2010
7:52 am
he worked two of them. should he repay for the last two years that he didn't work. so would amount to about 3.5 million public what he did and all the years. >> gary radnich: as duck board and one year borland chris borland willis you can make it back at all have any problem and really meant a lot to lot of people i would be more inclined to let them keep this as opposed to chris moreland. borland.. >> reporter: i feel the same way the guys were about walking and he served you well. >> gary radnich: 8 years your part of the fabric of everything one year now.
7:53 am
>> reporter: despite the salary cap in inclination's i'm with you. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents.
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avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde.
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>> reporter: welcome back with and are as bad today that's gonna help allergy sufferers. a live look at the san mateo bridge lots of sunshine now there and here's a look look at jus' san francisco peninsula forecasts the next 30 minutes will continue to be chilly. lunchtime not is wendy and a bit warm and the temperatures will be in the upper 50s and 60s by the large diamond across the bay. and in the name they will send temperatures will average in the '70s. is still chilly in livermore 45 and concord highs for this
7:57 am
afternoon would-be in of opera sixties and their mid- 70s. 73 in san jose and oakland 68 downtown san francisco will be up 71 mid- 70s for tomorrow as our warmest day. the clouds come in for saturday world are temperatures will drop a little bit. for sunday it would be nice of you would drive for the easter egg hunt and sunday brunch but we are looking at possible morning showers. is not a complete washout right now talking about a 20 percent chance and we also have sours coming in on tuesday. >> reporter: at the snow bomb boreal has 30 in. but a
7:58 am
half-inch to it into a brand-new snow has come in the last 24 hours in this late spring ski season we're back with more after the break.
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>> reporter: began see right behind me flags are at half staff. i just saw few officers give each other hugs' this is very emotional for them is a the first officer in san jose killed and a line of duty in 14 years faithfully they have not had a lot of practice. the last person died in 2001 he was actually an academy classmate of michael johnson the 38 your lives behind his wife he did not have to teach children to eat into other officers arrived in east san jose around 5:30 p.m. last tuesday he was called there specifically because he is training on how handle volatile situations like this and in this case it was a wife that call 911 stating that haul her husband had
8:03 am
the was belligerent and had pulled a suicidal and that he get a firearm with them when the officers arrived he immediately fired and officer johnson died at the same toward officers reeves returned fire and killed the suspect. it was a 57 year- old man many dignitaries will be end and a descendant and many officers are coming from across the country on two officers were headed here from el crawled nearer l. l. grove near sacramento when they got into an accident but this is obviously very important and a brother would is a starlet of the police force for them to show up including the at san jose police chief the we're gonna try to live interview with them as well attorney general will also be in attendance. this will all be dead on 130 this afternoon. this will be the last chance to say goodbye because after his body les
8:04 am
this location will go to a cemetery where there will be a private burial. >> reporter: this is something about the continued follow and will continue to see more and more traffic as we get closer the 10:00. mike elton is at the front >> reporter: the morning james looking at the lives look out the darling fisher funeral home. you're looking at the rehearsal would take him over to the sap center. officer michael johnson. officers are standing at guard outside that tells us that the procession that takes place at 10:00 will consist of about two under motorcycle officers and 30 trocars is talking about a very large procession the will start here in los gatos of winchester boulevard on to stevens
8:05 am
creek and then up autumn's tree to the sap center l 4 11:00 memorial. expect some road closures and delays as you as it passes through los gatos campbell and san jose. the officers will start another procession to oak hill cemetery for private ceremony at after the the on memorial. after the funeral. >> reporter: a least 230 officers are trying to make their way here for that procession at 1030. and then everyone understands what a tough morning this is for the san princes' go police department the san jose police department as well. this is a very difficult day for the law-enforcement communities in the bay area. >> reporter: taking a closer look at how this will impact
8:06 am
traffic looks like you wanna be there to make it easy for you and if you don't wanna be it is also easy for you. >> reporter: that is right doria to get to the event is stevens creek is axed easy access to anyone that wants to pay respects but because there's so many major arteries in the south bay in be easy to avoid them my best recommendation or to avoid this congestion is to use the freeways instead of winchester boulevard that would be northbound 17 and set a stevens creek that would be to interstate 280. it'll be very easy for people that want to avoid it to get around it. it will have impact of traffic in local areas. >> reporter: the big traffic of problems today is there so few traffic problems and look of the bay bridge back up you can see
8:07 am
the end of it is been under 20 minutes now for over 45 minutes for the drive time less amount and it continues to improve item that was seen the metering lights turned off or deactivated door and the commute all we could see and into the back up. for a ride to the san mateo bridge westbound highway 92 is better than usual here for the westbound ride and is actually the best day of the week. in your trip to the richmond bridge 580 west town is moving well is back to the toll plaza but that is slow going westbound coming from castro over to the richmond parkway. >> reporter: we're getting closer to the weekend with the be possibility of easter rain people have outdoor plans on easter egg hack with a cut some >> reporter: i think maybe after have a back up. allied
8:08 am
that the bay bridge were tracking changes that can't be brought over the weekend no showers today lots of sunshine today in the winter sun glasses and sons cream. the temperatures are now in the '50s and temperatures by late this afternoon around 4:00 are 73 degrees under sunny conditions will see northwest winds around five to 10 mi. an hour. and of the bill a little bit warmer this afternoon. a chilly start for this morning sunny and not is wending but the temperatures occur '60s for the city and 07 is for the bay shoreline and the peninsula when i come back will timeout that easter forecast for you >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 morning news gov. jerry brown is calling for a reduced in water use is what
8:09 am
that could mean for your water be built plaza a massive oil fire in mexico kills four people and you tell you what happened. and 15 people are dead and more are missing after gunmen stormed a college and were gonna tell you how to open fire in a dormant carry dormitory and now the police how many police the president called in to help with the hostage situation that information is coming up next.
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>> reporter: breaking news of north east kenya the president is confirming that the gunman that storm the college campus and barricaded themselves in the dorm room are holding hostages right now this is all unfolding since we've been on the air this morning and found out that the bulk of mass shootings that happens inside the dormitories the president has directed the police chief now to fast-track chaining for 10,000 police recruit so they can immediately held in the hostage situation as reporter we first went on the air the least 15 people were killed and 60 others were and are injured when gunmen stormed end of the campus early this morning in the town of chris so. king is interior minister says the one of the suspected extremists was arrested waffling the seen a witness says he saw five gunmen in all on campus that were shooting in sign the campus
8:13 am
dorms and opened fire on the guards as well. our cnn partner is reporting that five runs and 50 people are unaccounted for investigators believe the attack was carried out by a solemn a lot somali excess islamic extremist group. so molly of islamic us extremist group
8:14 am
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>> reporter: breaking news this morning reverend robert shuler the televangelist the brought his message of possibility did thinking has died his daughter said he died earlier today it started preaching adam in 1955. he started a tv ministry the hour of power at its peak from program reach 20 million bloop viewers in 1980 built last house of worship. >> reporter: there was a quite what you're sleeping up 3.66 quake 3.6 quake earthquake are website at about 2800 get around the bay area of many people said
8:17 am
they felt it. how about you you to weigh in on our facebook page if you still cannot all reports to us so far there were there's no damage or injuries from it but there were conflicting reports and even the same house fall. james's wife fell to begin. he did not fill the but is why did >> reporter: you will notice the we're not seeing hauling wins the we had the past couple of days. a san jose day planner for today said the temperatures will be in the mid-60s by lunch time will still may be seeing of you breezy spots at times northwest winds 5 to 15. the temperature is will top out a lower seventies around three of 4:00 today with sunny conditions will dried
8:18 am
across 69 at 6:00 p.m. the star tracker for today breezing in some besought spots a little bit milder today's tomorrow sunny and even warmer weather really nice afternoon to finish out the work week. then we have easter weekend many people have plans in have easter egg hunt we and talking stop rain chances especially on that holiday without more about it in a minute. a lot of locations of quieter pace with the few exceptions affair filled with the north of the brick breeze of 80 mi. an hour. 10 in oakland in half moon bay. >> reporter: temperatures are still chilly as a stepping out of the door '40's and '50's. pleasanton is currently at 46 a santa rosa of the 49. you're probably pilau the jacket for the afternoon which will
8:19 am
need this morning. we have high-pressure sitting over as which is giving us the warmer conditions today. and then saturday with of clouds moving in for the weekend in which will produce the rain for easter sunday. our cool spots will be in richmond a warm spot will be in antioch killed creek may get a browns' 75 degrees today upper 60s in downtown san francisco around the bay forecast tomorrow will be our warmest day and in the '70s and land on saturday the clothes role in the clouds roll limb with checking a chance of showers on morning easter morning. it will begin big day lewis of rainbow we will may be getting a little rain so 20 percent chance. when another
8:20 am
chance for spring showers arrive on tuesday >> reporter: we're tracking and disappearing or back up at the bay bridge toll plaza the drive times and now down to 10 to 11 minutes even out of the macarthur of maize because traffic is so light. no back up on the 880 or the 580. coming from the east your free we're looking at a great ride. highway 92- 92 is a lighter than usual commute. the drive * currently under 20 minutes and there is no stopping go traffic right now and that is remarkable. rick richmond is a backup were attracted a couple of dry times for your we're looking at a pretty good commute here like the right on the e sure freeway is under 30 minutes 25 minutes from our
8:21 am
achilles to berkeley the minutes freeway is a little bit slow for the northbound iraq a june at the san leandro from downtown oakland is a 25 minute drive time that the is traffic between davison and the coliseum. >> reporter: western officials said that a run in the u.s. have agreed on the outlines of an understanding that will open the path to a final phase of a nuclear old and negotiation. but there is a dispute over how much should be made public over this. the one to curb bronze nuclear technologies to run once sanctions left lifted diplomats use seed secretary john kerry had been meeting in switzerland for seven straight days now. >> reporter: 4 people were killed in a massive oil road fire. 45 others were injured
8:22 am
in the blaze two of them are in serious condition this morning 300 people had to be evacuated from the platform investigators said the fire started in the platform dehydration and pumping area the exact cause is still under investigation the douro expire in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: is due to drought restrictions on your find out how much she could be fine if you do not reduce your water usage that information coming up next.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> reporter: happening now gov. jerry brown is ordering on mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use statewide. it will be up to water agencies like the santa clara valley water district an east bay mud to decide how those cuts will be made. but agencies that do not reduce water uses could face fines of up to $10,000 a day. under the governor's new order there will be a rebate program maple replace old appliances with new ones that say more water. east bay mud which services 1.3 million customers is considering higher penalties for big water users. >>: since the beginning of the your customers have been cutting back less than 10
8:26 am
percent and we need them to step up for the average customer would need $11 increase on their bills starting this summer of from high water uses it to be more than a hundred dollars. >> reporter: the governor's order comes after yesterday's a snowpack survey which found the state white snowpack is that just 5% of its historic average for this time of year. >> reporter: governor brown's order will create a rebate program to replace old appliances the order put the pressure on campuses golf course is and cemeteries to use a lot less water. it bans watering and public street medians and penn's new homes and development from watering is drinkable water but it pushes local governments to replace lawns with drought tolerant landscaping. >> reporter: officials say it took more than a hundred
8:27 am
firefighters to put out the fire a man was pronounced dead at the scene and two were hurt of clear of his minor child because of the fire is under investigation this morning the hotel had functional smoke alarms but there were reports of people jumping out of the second- floor window to avoid the flames. the so >> reporter: any fellowman says the one woman who was captured fort brooke breaching report also the airport is the one that broke into his house more detail information coming up next. and more information from the alleged kidnappers of denise huskins why we think this might be the last one for a while. that information coming of next
8:28 am
ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> reporter: we're taking a closer look at the weather been breeze last couple of days beginning see flags blowing a little bit but everybody's looking for the weekends the holiday weekend with eastern we're looking at a little bit of rain >> reporter: swift changes coming this way we're already filling a today the winds are a lot more, a live look to the brave bridge we have lots of sunshine to start off this thursday morning years will look after oakland day planner for today the temperature is currently in the '50s lunchtime and we have the temperatures will be in the '60s and then the evening after noon on is will we bring in the '70s. the breezy afternoon but definitely not as strong as
8:31 am
we've been seeing in the past couple of days. woolsey gusts of the 20 mi. an hour and temperatures topping out in the lower 70 the will fill little warmer. breezy and some spies a little bit milder to marl and a booby our warmest day tomorrow. we're attracting raid had a chance of rain for east date of easter sunday morning. it is also a chance for more rain and tuesday of next week. >> reporter: surprisingly the commute is well saddam today is just below sluggish at the toll plaza is no longer backed the. very good condition this morning is lighter the man is not as " lighter than usual all around the bay area this
8:32 am
morning with the san mateo bridge ride where did all the traffic go yesterday was still looking at 15 a 20 minute commute times as late as 945 and here we are in a 30 and is already clear now your trip to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound about the next 15 to 20 minutes will be at peak traffic flow was still moving south us here at the richmond bridge for starting to see the end of the back up here with the rest omri. >> reporter: breaking news out of northeast kenya where the president of kenya is confirming that the gunman to storm the college campus are holding hostages at this moment end of the very latest information the two of those hostage-takers have been killed by police now the president has directed the police treat the fast- track the training of 10,000 recruits recruit so the thinking it to the scene and help out the situation.
8:33 am
silas 15 people were killed 60 others were injured. one suspect fixed pizzas suspected extremists was arrested while fleeing the same. the witnesses say he saw five gunmen a total on campus the shooting inside campus dorms firing on guards. 550 people are still unaccounted for. it was carried out by the somali islamic so extreme group al- sabah up. >> reporter: the mcdonnell's employees that are fighting for the $15 and our movement is increased their increasing the pay but not the $15 an hour and protesters are still protest thing. the workers say it was a publicity stunt and they're demanding that the
8:34 am
company across the board rates weighed raise the minimum wage for all workers and what the right to start a union. they will be staging a strike into lenders' cities on april 15th that pay and creased starts july 1st and it attacks about 90,000 workers workers >> reporter: vallejo mesa's he has videos showing the woman who dumped over the fence at the airport breaking into his house. this is the fourth is this is finished cambered from his backyard reconsider the woman sneaking and their bill he says she came into his house and she confronted him and to which she didn't realize until the very end of the counter this is how he described it >>: i don't know who you are us and said she said deanna assembled have actually because i know
8:35 am
you are she went back into the bare room i followed her and i said to me to leave and she said oleg especially then and i said yes and then she climbed out of the $1 and a kind of looked at her like ok is that i you heyman and she said yes >> reporter: how hot is this and she took her shoes off she's holding her shoes so he's thinking she's clearly in balance and his calm but the thing is he didn't call please even think much of it until after the fat man to later on that evening we was watching the on line and show her mug shot dead penetrated security and san jose is mineta airport and saw the was hurt in the was earlier the same day. so the police have to confirm if it is the same woman they are looking into right now. >> reporter: you can't go into the san jose ought
8:36 am
airport and eat it is a security risk and it could be someone the one to do harm so this is a crazy story >> reporter: finding more affirmation about the deadly fire bomb is san francisco's mission district back in january it was not intentionally set the fire department has determined that the fire has been the result of an electrical fault. the fire originated in the third floor hallway and extended to the attic. of 40 year-old more reseal or lineup died in the four long fire the building suffered about $4.5 million in damage along with $4 million in damage to its contents. >> reporter: now have another e-mail from the alleged vallejo kidnappers of the surface this is just the latest twist in the story about the adoption of
8:37 am
ransom. the e-mail was sent to the attorneys for denise huskins and her boyfriend aaron when yesterday in that the person claiming to be the ringleader of the group says they're backing off their demand that the vallejo police the part must apologize for calling the case a hoax. the e-mail and says that the abduction was rail bed also added that this would be their last e- mail for a while please have not commented on the threat so far. still >> reporter: ahead on the kron 4 mournings and officer goes on a tirade on an allure driver is all caught on camera what sparked it and why is so controversial this morning you had actually given your with that said. >> reporter: a popular website as turn into a breeding ground for skimmers mind as gabe slate
8:38 am
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8:40 am
8:41 am
>> reporter: as it was also some racial slurs and there but i did hear any and that portion would just heard. to speak like a cop your regular driver is not in uniform is in an unmarked car trying to trot art that uber driver comes behind
8:42 am
him and the top decided what he was gonna do when they're flipped off on the road read this guy the right neck and he went too far. this is a police officer so you're going up to the guide as a whole is much weight. he carried the badge an older driver is backing off the uber driver is backing off i didn't break any longer so is much as much as the officer was offended by it but no law was broken that is what's happening in new york today. we have a lot of crazy stories today. >> reporter: surprisingly light the r.e.m. take a look here the bay bridge toll plaza where is all the traffic gun and we have similar conditions and other bay area bridges of be able to update that information
8:43 am
with kron 4 news returns
8:44 am
8:45 am
wish yr sk cou boue ba quily ait ud to introducg neroge hyd bot war ge insttly quenches skin toeepit sple d hyated y afr da formulat withydringhyaloniccid which retas upo 10 tim itweig in ter. this refreing ter l plps in cls wh intense dratn anlockit . for pplehydred sn th boces ck. w hyo boost. fr neuogen >> reporter: back to our coverage of the earthquake might be breaking up saying what earthquake. it happened around midnight last night. but in fact 28 under people said they did fill this quake and ask going on our web site and are you could also tell us from on
8:46 am
facebook it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. >> reporter: my wife felt that woke me up and said they do feel the earthquake and i in felony think i slept right through it she said the she was just falling asleep she was awake just enough to see that the bid was shaking. >> reporter: i was in san francisco and i did feel anything. i'm retracting the wins this morning not too bad the with the rally died down to a poor temperature the star tours, a warm-up and a couple of days in the rain is done it on easter of all days i think the easter bunny is gonna be ok lang of eggs and stuff he's used to the rain here give alive
8:47 am
look at the bay bridge where the traffic. georgia talk about that in the second. >> reporter: east a planner the temperatures are cooler out there we have light wins. 5:00 today still sunshine west wins five to 50 mi. an hour temperatures in the low seventies right now 54 in downtown san francisco. concord is 46 center rosa is 47 degrees. center road so santa rosa. >> reporter: 13 win 30 mi. an hour wednesday in oakland 13 mi. an hour winds. 73 in san jose 73
8:48 am
also in oakland. >> reporter: this last couple of days this ridge of high pressure will allow us to war all over the next couple of days of a storm system is gonna bring clouds on saturday and then rang potentially on easter sunday so here's a storm tracker for easter forecasts in the u.s. to plan ahead for this in the morning '40's and 50's on upper 50s in afternoon and a vehicle dais chance for some mornings out showers will affect your easter plans especially given the outside but it looks like those showers will be fairly light and nothing heavy is expected as of now. a little warmer tomorrow tomorrow will be our warmest day the clouds come in saturday bring the temperature is down sunday even cooler yet showers may be affenpinschers show that on monday and will get a
8:49 am
little break for another shot shot is spring showers on tuesday. thus check out cosmo tom ho is the tail end of the season here in lake tahoe all whole into a snow. moreau's 5 out of seven less are open so you're gonna go up you and distorted. >> reporter: is been a surprisingly light dating this morning. here the bay bridge toll plaza we have no back up for the westbound ride unusually light conditions and is the like this all around the breck bay area. from the 92 to the san mateo bridge ride this back up is breaking now as we approach 8:50 a.m. we're still jammed at the bridge just 24 hours ago to a 930 and 10:00 so this is an exceptionally light conditioners conditions.
8:50 am
your the golden gate bridge for the cp traffic southbound and it would be usual to same conditions back to the mid span but that is not the case. the richmond bridges also lighter than usual. the reduced have some delays through which richman on 580 westbound. interstate 880 the four commute the drive time is now us 46 minutes was high but still within the normal range and the commute into the south bay is still heavy and won a one into 80 northbound the drive time and from the capitol expressway to the mighty you expressway is 26 minutes. >> reporter: a popular child care website is being targeted by stammers. our tech reporter gabe slate met with the student almost fell to this news gammon nearly lost a lot of money. >> gabe slate: i'd
8:51 am
>>: i definitely know their scams out there just never thought would happen to me >> gabe slate: she one cared that time that all website that helps connects families would care providers. she baby sister care got time to help pay for school. but lately it's been a dangerous place for nannies and babysitters looking for work scams are trying to take it that it of these job seekers. to the dye promised your job and want to communicate with her outside of the care-time system he started he mailing and taxing her. $2,000 here is the check he wondered a cash that check and keep most of it but take a small
8:52 am
portion of it and give it to a local real estate agent he was supposedly working with on acquiring housing with to move here. carol and the instinct was right this is a classic scam. someone sends you a check asking you cash it and said a portion of it to someone they know. they get the money you san typically from your account and the check they said is fake it in the bouncing a you get stuck dealing with that. caroling called him out with this text message saying she was uncomfortable with all this and she only works only work with them and accepted payments through the care dock website after that he never contacted her again careless says people should feel good about using the carrot got kind service she is still using it but she offers this advice. caird got time is well aware that the scanners are trolling their service and the issue
8:53 am
have issued warnings to all users they have done a great job of setting up a special page on their website warning people and giving advice as to how stay safe gabe slate kron 4 news
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> reporter: the baseball is back and happening today the san francisco giants take on the giants at take att park. it's not opening day and this is a lot of fun and it's really with pride on the two teams playing each other first pitches that 715 if you and the gall been awarded friday to take the 7 san francisco ferry service. this fur barry will be leaving from delay all alameda and main street and
8:57 am
london jack square. so is the san francisco giants taking on the oakland a's to knighted att park is an exhibition game opening day is and until monday >> reporter: glue in free stuff. coming up on the kron 4 morning news of the 9:00 hour with an be talking about winners and losers with rob black. >> reporter: plus thousands of police officers being assembled and nuns also sell bay area m for the michael officer michael johnson's funeral. >> reporter: and more information on the german wings crash with the second block black box being found this morning whether those details coming up next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> reporter: happening now in less than an hour with thousands of police officers will be heading to san jose to pay their final respects to a fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. last tuesday the 14 your police veteran was shot and killed without warning. will tran is live in front of the sap center in san jose with a memorial service will be held. >> reporter: piquancy the officer's right behind me people are starting to come in and pay their respects we do know that the stars the 1030 in the morning. bill be
9:01 am
setting up the american flag for the procession goes through there so you can see the hustle and bustle down here traffic is already an issue even aware 90 minutes away from the starting. you have officers or from all over the country all over the state coming here to pay their final respects officer michael johnson was killed last tuesday at 38 year-old man showed up at the scene with two other officers and shot without warning he died at the scene anytime an officer dies in his fellow police community very hard and joining me now is the chief heart of the moderate to please department. why is it important for you to be here sir? >>: is two reasons first we talk about the thin blue line because we are at the end group blue line out there trying to protect everybody every day we need to show which other how much we care about each other and pay our respects to michael
9:02 am
and secondly and more importantly is that we need to show the family of michael johnson how much we care about him and how much we respected him and how much of all the things that he is done for this community i knew him in passing yes. >> reporter: we are nothing but great things that he always had a smile on his face but in this case i've heard enough where i believe that he was as nice as everybody says he was >>: and that is absolutely correct he is a great human being a very nice gentleman serving his community. >> reporter: how many officers from your please from will be here server? >>: 1212 officers from my district will be here. 12 officers >> reporter: they're trying to have as many police officers in attendance as they can. this doing this
9:03 am
three hour funeral service it will be up chance for many people will say goodbye to my officer michael johnson but once he leaves here his body will be taken to a cemetery where there would be a private burial. >> reporter: were all following the procession's this is starting in lost gallows lost status los gatos.. >> reporter: you take a look of side the darling fisher funeral home. is it the look on the right side of your screen you see there versus an antibody to the over to the sap center to the 11:00 memorial. the procession this morning there would be to run and 30 officers taking part many of the officers coming m from other agencies it will begin here at the funeral home where the mob michael johnson's
9:04 am
body was brought last week since that happened officers have remained here around the clock. >>: is been a lot of different emotions mostly seeing all the officers and the people honoring him is so incredible >>: procession this morning and that is already gone by is really given me the children really excited to see what is about to come. >> reporter: the procession's starts here los gatos goes down winchester boulevard on to stevens creek up autumn street over to the sap center. the chp is coordinating a lot of the procession so it's best closers and delays through those streets. the memorial is set for 11:00 this morning the officers will start another procession that has to the oak hill cemetery for privacy of
9:05 am
private burial about two and 30 officers will take part in the procession and you know the that means delays for other drivers out on the road. >> reporter: there will be rolling closures with the procession now as some within at 945 would start to see things gathering together. some us through december crews to winchester. the easiest way to avoid this is to use the interstate system highway 17 in the northbound direction and for the eastbound portion of the trip southbound interstate 280 will keep you away from any of the rolling road closures. the be easy to begin staged to winchester boulevard there be plenty of excess points there. we've been monitoring the freeways and we have an
9:06 am
unusually light ride in the two missing now the bay bridge toll plaza and no back up and the westbound direction and i didn't think it would turn the metering lights off with traffic will this flight date with possibly conceive them deactivated before the morning commute. ins. over at the golden gate bridge the one on one southbound ride is a little crowded but not at all sluggish or maintaining speed all across the span. a quick check of drive times for you as we update the commute on the east to borscht these were sure freeway. there was a recent accident and the west bound lane at paul st. so we're looking at 20 minutes for the drive time. >> reporter: we will continue our live team top coverage of the services all morning long ride on to kron 4 news at 10:00. the service
9:07 am
itself will be strained live in its entirety on at 11 on our >> reporter: here's a live look as if all this morning we have lots of sunshine and temperatures are gonna be a little bit warmer. the san jose day planner for this afternoon today will bring the temperature is currently in the fifties will get to the '60s around noon and topping out at lower seventies about three and 4:00. the wins will be northwest by to 15 mi. an hour. up first at these by 8:00 tonight to will talk about that easter forecast when we come back more details >> reporter: 90 7:00 a.m. right now breaking news out of north east kenya. 70 people are confirmed dead in the shooting incident that
9:08 am
happened in kenya on a college campus gunmen stormed the campus and shooting at the dorm rooms shooting guards and people. they're actually in one of the dorm room holding hostages. and the last 30 minutes the interior minister of kenya says the 70 people were killed in the attack and two of the attackers have been killed. if the pictures coming into kron 4 these fingerboards look and how young the students look. not everyone is rattle the tuition is currently on the folding on air. the shooting happened early this morning and now the hostage situation. >> reporter: kenyan president has directed the police chief of the fast- track the training of thousands of police recruits so they can help end the hostage situation.
9:09 am
at least a fifth team were killed but the update is now is 70 people killed. they were firing on guards based on initial one witness said he saw five gunmen on capa's come arse partnership with cnn is reporting that five and 50 people are still unaccounted for. investigators believe the attack was carried out by somali islamic extremist groups. >> reporter: will tell you what the government once the water companies to do and how you're gonna pay for it. that
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> reporter: more breaking meadows of about this stunning details about the crash of the plane in the french alps among we just found out that the co-pilot had researched suicide information online briefs for crashing that plane. the pilot was pounding on the door and the passengers knew
9:13 am
what was gonna happen before the plane went down the co- pilot did bring the plane down here and they found a tablet a computer tablet at andreas lubitz apartment and that's how they could see that he had visited five difference stores including asleep expert and he was a flake afraid that he would lose his pilot's license because of all his medical issues which included depression. also we have rid of the crews have recovered the plane's second black box from the german wings crash. that block bought that black box is the data recorder that contains readings for nearly every instrument on the plane. the first black box they discover was the voice recorder which helped officials realize that andreas lubitz lacked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane a news conference
9:14 am
about the discovery of the second black box is expected later this evening. >> reporter: we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge snot is wendy and is warming up one of the complete forecast after this break.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we're tracking and
9:17 am
exceptionally light ride around the bay area were not trekking in the hot spot right now. there is no back up the metering lights are still active and i don't think the be turned off before the end of the commute but you won't have any delays regardless of your approach coming from the mason the east or the nimitz freeway to highway 92 in the san mateo bridge looks good when the tracking any problems there the back up is in the much earlier than usual and your right to the golden gate bridges problem free is in the slough of traffic for the southbound tunnel one ride and a state 5 a right is still sluggish from castro street and just passed it out of the richmond. in tracking a few dry times for your the san ramon bought the valley rise still has some sluggish traffic traffic leading into danville out of walnut creek so the drive time is 19 minutes instead of 15
9:18 am
minutes and you're right on 880 south bomb to the corridor to 38 done a 237 we're down to a 33 minute commute time. was settled to the waterston and knacks >> reporter: you wanna grab a jacket back and especially with the morning hours because is not is wendy but this much cooler. the see the flag blowing and when there is breezy in some spots. his a look at the storm track for east bay planner we do have light winds for good portion of the east bay right now with the exception of the delta of will see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and about 5:00 sunday in pretty pleasant loom highs will be in a low 70's and a west wind at 5 to 15 mi. an hour. here's a look to the headline for today breezy in
9:19 am
some spots more sunshine tomorrow and tomorrow will be our warmest day and then easter weekend is when the changes will come sunday with saturday and have the clouds roll in and we have a cup of potentials showers for easter. we have some blustery conditions for the fairfield area when windsor coming at 42 mi. to 22 mi. an hour. and assuming gusts up to 30 in fairfield otherwise the temperatures and now in the '50s no more 40 sarah 56 is san francisco 55 in san jose by 11:00 today exceed the temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s and thence will see quite a few seventies across the bay area specify for in locations indicated by the yellow. and the temperatures will close down slowly but
9:20 am
of fairly pleasant evening. >> reporter: is a quick check of their highs this afternoon will see a lot of seventies 71 in santa rosa '70s and snap up and walnut creek as well. napa.. changes come not in there to my room which is continued warm things up slowly and we do have an area of low pressure coming in from the pacific northwest saturday we should be dry was cloudy conditions and then easter sunday looks like this will start the morning hours with forties and fifties chile so if you get to kids in their easter outfits make sure you bring a sweater or jacket with them for the easter egg cut the and there is a chance as showers mainly in the morning. an upper 60s for the afternoon. winnie
9:21 am
the rain. and the fight to be light amount of 2830 percent chance of showers on sunday. temperatures will continue old town on sunday. the money a break and then another shot the showers on tuesday. >> reporter: now when talked to rob black about the winners and losers. >> reporter: 21 and 68,000 americans lost their jobs in the past couple weeks marched out to the unemployment office the next for them to send me a check. any number of degree and an 50 doubt three under
9:22 am
friday tomorrow the jobs report comes out wrong look for unemployment to stay around 5% made a little bit lower these a very solid numbers and this shows that the economy is doing well and have people spending their paychecks there pushing the economy at the portion economy that's helping wall street and people like me say a new record highs on wall street are right around the corner. >> reporter: now mcdonald's is getting on board in some respects with this trend of increasing wages what is the the dollar >> reporter: a dollar over the local minimum-wage. and that must be why people are protesting an oakland today because this raises just a crew of a publicity but stunt the 1 $15 and our rage. and wage
9:23 am
>> reporter: it's a little bit of a token cut up the minimum wage wal-mart is doing it t.j. max's doing it there tending to get the lower skilled and workers of america was more money is nice but $10 an hour i can't raise some family and $10 an hour. the skilled labor pays a lot more than $10 an hour soulless us this socially a very uncool thing for me to say but you're not gonna get the franchise its franchise fees to pay that much. >> reporter: some new information out about smart phone use which is broadly spiking the dovetails with what other people are doing searches on mobile devices rather than their browsers.
9:24 am
>> reporter: this is the big negative for global clothes they dominate the desktop search. the numbers produced staggering 35 percent of people have smart phones and now 66%. and then a limited number of options would going online other than their cell phones. 54 per cent of americans as the this cell phones and not always needed and 46 percent says that they cannot live with out there from and i am guilty of this. when i go into the gym today i'll watch about 20 people all and 19 of them while they're from. >> reporter: i chuckled when you suggested this statistic but you're absolutely right. e-mail
9:25 am
maps that's a huge thing for me when i'm driving around the gps. >> reporter: of your question from tiny of your question from bonnie or that analysts who were these analysts for being called for this >> reporter: be the professionals that have the job of modeling a company. the contact agencies the see of more orders have been placed the best case scenario out of just went 40 is the kind of help that the brokers to tell their client and this is what they happen with the stock of the economy their very important and with that being said this did group of home market salamis there's a pool account p.m. mayor
9:26 am
tray are mark of fidelity is incredibly intuitive and kiki also. >> reporter: have any questions for robert e. miller met rob black dot com. e-mail him.
9:27 am
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9:29 am
>> reporter: one ticket like the san jose live the police chief of san jose is speaking up about the death of michael johnson and a memorial service. >>: and discernible audio >>: he losses like providing services for citizens with
9:30 am
the initial staved of grieving obviously in we want to bury him and a proper manner and yes this is the parts of the process of working with now grief counseling for us providing that to them to make them feel not only appreciated the to make sure that we account for their mindsets in terms of their abilities to continue to function and understand that this is normal the lot of the feelings that they're having right now. >>: a discernible questions >>: potential applicants wouldn't understand the dangers that are out in highlights and that there is always that possibility.
9:31 am
what this brotherhood and sisterhood means to all of us in the community and the accordance of providing safety for citizens it really helps the meant that. >>: on this question is not discernible >>: i think it's all of that i think it really is speaking in talking to his family sing the respect of his fellow officers within not only throughout the department but throughout the country i think it's everything about this day that is very important for me and all of us. >> reporter: what goes to an officer's mind on a day like today
9:32 am
>>: i think for officers today the one and make michael and his family proud and show him the respect that he deserves a thing that that is important having attended a few of these before in my career i think personally that officers that i spoke with that's what they wanted do they want to respect the family and express their condolences by show of force just to be there they may not have that conversation with the family just to be there and show how much michael meant to them. >>: this is a difficult day for me and all of us of lost an officer under my command at the san jose police department and that is very difficult to dilute deal with it happen to anybody in our organization but is difficult for all of us it is not easy.
9:33 am
audio difficulty for the question >>: i'm gonna talk about it a little bit inside but he is he's a very bum simple man in terms is very brave really simple about spain's things about things that the ad didn't carry with them on and tell a story today sodom really wanna talk to much about right now the was a story that his wife conveyed to me but just in general michael the person was buried very outgoing in terms of being approachable always as respectful professional and always had a smile on his face they was
9:34 am
really easy to talk to. and mel talk about it but he was a special person he was a marshal a and martial arts and black belt in judo you would never know it by michael but he's the type of guy that was quiet is a quiet leader and >>: when i received a phone call which was about a few minutes after again thank you for being here now see inside >> reporter: ellis san jose's police chief the was talking about his fine memories of officer michael johnson will be back with our continuing coverage and a few minutes.
9:35 am
♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less than what you'll ♪ ♪ find at regular stores. ♪
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♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ shop here first and you'll always find more bargains. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ like right now it's our amazing wine sale, save up to 86% versus elsewhere! ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market. ♪ >> reporter: continuing now our team coverage of the memorial service for michael johnson who was gunned down on the job last tuesday a 14 year veteran of the force
9:37 am
which is heard live from the police chief and his fine memories of the officer and kron 4 is will tran is in front of the sap center or the gun have the memorial. >> reporter: he was the real deal according to the police chief they told us a little bit about michael johnson he was always smiling and it was a very good guy he was on a black belt in martial arts and you would never know it because of he was such an easygoing guy. and ask them how quickly did you learn. >> reporter: your shot is breaking up but legacy of officers there is amazing. this us see of officers there sea of officiers
9:38 am
there. >> reporter: the officers are ready to roll into a grand protest procession for officer michael johnson. mike is there with that intimation >> reporter: officers from all over the bay area are making their way here at the los gatos test what the hearst of michael that officer michael johnson to the sap center error. your taking a live look out here as a black band covering the essay us does this the please sign. the procession this morning will start in about a half hour to run and 30 officers will take part in the procession. people that are watching is difficult to know how they're feeling right now. >>: this conflict to see
9:39 am
that officers and fills me with the chills >>: seen as an officer standing watch there has really gotten to me just to support their giving to the family and >> reporter: the procession starts here on winchester boulevard and up at the sap center aaron expect some closures and delays as the procession starts. after that on officers will start another procession to the oak hill cemetery where the would be a private sarah money taking place later this afternoon a private ceremony taking place later this afternoon the procession starts at 10:00 this morning to wonder and 30 officers so you know that that's gonna mean delays for a lot of drivers. 230 officers will be escorting
9:40 am
michael johnson. >> reporter: we've been talking about the impact this will have for the south bay. there will be closures and these processions can take 10 and it could take 20 minutes to clear an intersection sometimes because the length of it. >> reporter: we've all seen funeral for processions for regular food funerals will be please their that on what the police procession i'm assuming that and keep that going for quite some time once that streak is dedicated to the procession there will be no cross traffic allow there will be no stopping for signal lights they will have priority. >> reporter: there are many ways around this is your neighbor would stick to the highways. >> reporter: that keyes
9:41 am
streets are winchester bork boulevard. so getting around it will not be a problem the easiest way to get around is to use the adjacent freeways in the case of winchester would be highs' i will seventeen or interstate 280 in the creek live for stevens creek boulevard. >> reporter: and i was reading the tweets out from the san jose police chief officer it means so much to them this report if you are there in your line in the street is not only moving but it's a way to show your report in june your that your care about this and if you cannot be there to see their we artistry meant on our we are going to string it on our news
9:42 am
website. stream it live at 10am on >> reporter: the still good way to show appreciation for the job that these law enforcement's do for us. everybody will appreciate the support >> reporter: will be back in a couple of minutes.
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9:49 am
>> reporter: we're getting close to the memorial in san jose from officer michael johnson was gunned down last tuesday. will tran has- beens following their arrival all the police officers around the country coming to pay their respects. >> reporter: dari i met their sap center your id the see hundreds of police officers walking across the street their information because they're waiting for michael johnson's immersed to arrive at the scene is very emotional course we have officers from all over the bay area respect
9:50 am
thousands of people san jose's police chief says some kind words about michael johnson. he found that within a couple of minutes after he was shot dead one of his officers were killed in the line of duty and this is the first one in 14 years of faithfully san jose is not used to this. coincidentally the last time happen was michael johnson's a classmate jaffray montana was a classmate of his thumb and the was the officer had died in 2000 and one. michael johnson was called out to the scene with two other officers because it was a reporter was suicidal man at the complex he and the other officers were fired at without warning
9:51 am
officer johnson died at the seen his wife will be here he does not have any children his parents will be in attendance and a sister will make remarks plenty of dignitaries including on attorney-general harris will be attending in will be going on until 130 in the afternoon many officers either knew him personally or heard stories about him until you some really loving stories and the police chief said he was definitely the real deal. >> reporter: he said he hopes that it doesn't deter other people from going into the law enforcement industry is a noble job that have. so more officers are rob are on the delight to see the lights or on we will carry it live for you as it happens will try and get more interviews from dignitaries as well as close
9:52 am
personal friends of michael johnson's we brought in a police patrol car just a vacancy is well. the pageantry is amazing. >> reporter: will be more back with more of our lives team coverage with of this in just a few minutes. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place
9:53 am
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>> reporter: we're moments away from the procession starting to roll for mike officer michael johnson. we're live with our helicopter partnership with abc seven news we're gonna be covering every angle of the memorial service you can see a few cars here posted for the procession to go by scott ibm massive amount of cars and motorcycles participating in this processional. >> reporter: 2 officers actually experienced an accident on the way to the event fortunately they were not hurt. they're quite a
9:56 am
number of officers that have already arrived at sap center and it will not be a part of the procession will will be there to greet their herds when it arrives here we see it over low overhead the abuse of the procession of where the procession will start over head used. views... will know the moment that they start rolling. >> reporter: the have the assets of memorial service at the sap center whether you're gonna be talking about officer michael johnson's life. >> reporter: because there will be such long processional of them when the streets and many streets will be closed for several minutes at a time there and will be no cross traffic on
9:57 am
any of them so he wondered what they your respect either of those to route will be appropriate places to do so. >> reporter: you can see a few people line up here all i'm in lost battles. this is where the procession starts in lost battles los gatos.. and another way for you watch this is you can boult fire up your computer right now because we're gonna be straining alive. we're going to stream it lies on our kron4.comstreaming live on >> reporter: that pictures
9:58 am
on display of the officer that was killed in a line of duty officer michael johnson ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less than what you'll ♪ ♪ find at regular stores. ♪ ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ shop here first and you'll always find more bargains. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ like right now it's our amazing wine sale, save up to 86% versus elsewhere!
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