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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark:and a bay area man is killed in yemen as violence escalates in the country. >>darya:and taking a look at storm tracker four. >>darya:get ready for a much needed storm headed to the bay area. >>james: beginning with a live shot outside it is calm for now but it is the calm before the storm as it look at the satellite read are few you conceive or is planning right now will to north up near the oregon border this is a pretty big systems and is steadily marching this with for the bay area beginning late tonight the 2:00 or so the rain will start to arrive this walk into will be
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can expect with this system as we are looking at the right to start from around 10:00 tonight to castle the modeling for time for 10:00-afternoon talk of cycles in the east bay but the bulk of it saying will to our north. >>james: you can see it is like to moderate even heavy in nature and by 1:00 in the morning we see it will be intense rain coming down at a fairly fast clip but the storm system will be moving at a fairly fast clip of pushing out to about 6:00 tomorrow morning just in time for the morning commute the heaviest of the rain should be gone more will be left with top of showers cold air and instability light to moderate heavy downpours at times with possible thunderstorms on tuesday is going to be a pretty wet one for us when we come back alive for ship will talk about exactly how much when we
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can expect with the system in terms of storm totals. >>james: dedicated web application is a great tool not to traffic. >>george: a stalled by a stroke on the suspension span of the bridge west of the island blocking the line scare the time the metering lights on early and we are ready backing up into the macarthur maze and drive times are already pushed over 20 minutes very quickly and very abruptly this is of big change something similar occurred on friday recovered from i think we will the back of that we have this morning is likely to stay with us for a while already backing of the worst approach renounces coming out of downtown oakland on 580 and even the 880 approaches beginning to slow and there slow traffic building in on 680, in the south on the rich as it hit down from the dublin into a chain store salt and has
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not been, runcie is feed but there are reports that there may be install on 680 in the south about direction before the high with 84 turnoffs it could be blocked in the lane and that is why we might be saying things backing up earlier than usual. >>darya:happening today. >>darya:a's fans are gearing up for opening day. the green and yellow will open their regular season at home today. >>darya:first pitch isn't until 7:05 tonight. but the preparations are already underway. >>darya:kron 4's will tran is live at o-dot-co coliseum this morning. good morning will. >>will tran: we all cannot wait in fact there was a fan that showed up at 4:00 in the morning they will not open the gates to let us onto the field until at the clock before the fans the long wait is over 13 hours and counting by the way they're still tickets to tonight's game they have been hot even - 1 in the world series
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the sentences would giants they have been to assist in the one the american league west for the past three years and last year they asked him a wild card game attend the opening this year they will go deeper into the playoffs but this year's game does not look like last year's game they traded for jon lester he is gone-donaldson is gone couple chris is on the disabled list will be back for another four to six weeks there is a lot of optimism in the air with track down that fanned his cross the street here is what he had to say about the 2015 season. >>: if the a's can hold onto a few good players and build on them get to second into the playoffs the senses are the best the dire friends have stuck with the team through ups and downs that knock off the first of brown's will on the support this
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team but aside from the get to second and third rounds. he is happy also there is no rain scheduled release for tonight but you cummingtonite bring a jacket is already called this morning will have the ultimate welcome are many grammar gloves by the way also sunny great is taking the mound >>will tran: a little bit easier if they start off talk hopefully get a when and at 34 and at home against the texas rangers more fans should be arriving >>darya: we'll check back with you later.
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>>mark:new this morning. >>mark: she ran from calling for help when he broke and when officers arrived he already left their receive multiple cars from the family member saying he made threats against them and he is frequently armed and own multiple guns. >>mark:a bay area man is the first u-s citizen killed in an attack in yemen. >>mark:jamal-al-labani is from hayward. >>mark:he died last week when he was hit by mortars in a rebel attack while he was leaving a mosque. >>mark:al-labani left for yemen earlier this year to visit his pregnant wife and two-year-old daughter. >>mark:he was hoping to bring them home to california-- where he owned a gas station. >>mark:but the civil unrest in yemen made it impossible for the family to leave. >>mark:the united nations says at least 519 have been killed in yemen in the past two weeks.
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> >>darya:oakland police are looking for the gunman responsible for shooting and killing a musician outside of a bar over the weekend. >>darya:it happened early saturday morning outside of the golden bull bar on 14th and franklin streets. >>darya:police say the man who was killed was an innocent bystander. >>darya:the victim has been identified as 26-year-old emilio nevarez. >>darya:his mother says he was packing up his equipment after playing a show. when he was hit by a stray bullet. >>darya:another person was also shot. and is in stable condition. investigators think that person was the intended target. >>darya:the shooter took off in a car and is still on the loose this morning.
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♪ ♪ hersy's spreads. brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - erytng. withersh'spreads, thpossibilits ardelious. >>mark:simmons began his career as the voice of the giants with
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russ hodges in 19-58. >>mark:he spent most of his five decade career broadcasting for the giants.but he also called games for the oakland a's for 15 seasons and the 49ers for 26 seasons! >>mark:retired in 2002 and inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 2004.simmons was known for his trademark home run call "tell it goodbye" >>mark:sunday, the giants tweeted out: >>mark:lon simmons was the voice, the soul and the emotional connection of the san francisco >>mark:hash tag: r-i-p lon simmons. >>mark:he is survived by his 4 daughters. >>mark:lon simmons was 91. >>darya: we are tracking the storm that is moving into the bay area looking at the radar and when it will rain in your neighborhood coming up. taking a live look right now we have no rain but have a lot of traffic on the building the bridge were keeping up with the morning
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commute as well.
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♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >>darya:this is what it looked like in the sierras over the weekend. >>darya:a late season storm brought a dusting of snow. >>darya:not enough for some ski resorts. >>darya:but just enough for folks to get out and play in.
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>>james: future cast for focusing in on the tahoe area of heresy to cash source said for 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at that point from 1 to 6 in. tall and hear a lot interstate 80 does not matter where you're going to the north shore south bay you looking at the same requirements in all likelihood a jamaican way over the passes at 11:00 p.m. tuesday evening over the course of today to stay will the other hand will get rain unarmed men between 10
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and midnight will start to see the light to moderate and heavy rain with the rain moving this way over the center of the bay by early tomorrow morning 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning strong wind with the system as well there will start picking up steady of force of 20 mi. per hour and gusting it will be a strong gust the evening tonight. >>james: thunderstorms possible after that the bulk of the wet weather the heaviest will move past us before the morning commute really kicks and will be dealt with on the stump potential hale strong winds and scattered showers.
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>>james: and as for no. they valleys and have finished of the east face of the committees and across the santa cruz mountain an inch and have a lot of rain with the system will be tracking in state-owned will have more coming up >>george: to alaska for the bay bridge is becoming a hot spot we're looking at new problems on interstate 680. in the southbound direction because the report install earlier now the sea its fee is talking about an accident off southbound 680 right here and some commission boulevard that drive times out down from dublin down to fremont should be about 24 minutes and is already a 28 minute drive it looks as though things will start to come down hill and tracking your commute through
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the south they still looking at a good ride on 11280 and highway 85 another bond drive times the montague expressway still holding at under 20 minutes i mentioned the bay bridge in paris for shut this is the 80 ram practically at a standstill this still have not managed to get a clear traffic is backed up not only of and into the macarthur maze but backed up all the way across the upper deck. >>george: it is a slow ride to the golden gate bridge in the 101 ride no delays have a northbound or southbound that is still an easy trip in both directions. >>mark:new this morning. >>mark:authorities say at least five people are injured after a car crashed into a tour bus in southern california.
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>>mark:one person is seriously hurt. it happened around 7 last night near fontana. >>mark:some passengers had to be cut from the wreckage. >>mark:officials say nine people were initially injured when crews first arrived. but later reduced the injury toll after closer assessment. >>darya: it is not clear as the bus to the intended target or maybe it was a stray bullet the jervis injuries are not serious the minor injuries of the suspect was taken into custody after the shots were fired no details on the most. >>mark: attracting an article of an alleged rape on college campus the author of rolling stone discredited the articles of write on campus call to review and approval and come experience the story centers on a woman claims of a gang rape and university of virginia fraternity house the bomb as article led to protest the u v and the university suspended of
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return the activities within a month the story from the alleged victim jackie started to unravel a columbia journalism school colors the results of a three month outside of the few incise multiple instances say they fell to engage in basic even routine journalistic practice to verify details of the or deal with the victim. >>: more reporting and phone calls have been done the discrepancies welcome to the surface and the writer and editor avoided this. >>mark: the managing editor called the report pain for reading to me personally he said in his stead for committing themselves to make changes recommended in the report. >>darya: the first phase of the boston marathon bomber that ms. prosecutors today have one last chance to make their case to the jury they admitted in he
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participated in the bombings but his older brother of acid the mastermind behind the attack three people were killed and 260 others are injured if he's found guilty the same jury will hear more evidence-second phase and that is when there determine whether he is the death penalty or life in prison. >>reporter: fox news anchor chris wallace has issued a public apology to the kelly clarkson for comments he made about her weight during an interview they joined jose commented on her size saying " she could stay off the deep dish pizza for a while they're released a statement he said " i sincerely apologize to cut clarkson for my offensive, and i admire her remarkable talents in michigan the focus of discussion about our huge backlash on line over the incident a few days
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ago and despite the apology people are still coming to clarkson defense and here is a look at the streets where come across a recurrence of the apology a lot of people were actually coming to park some distance this person said if all the women i know clearly make the exchange and will never trade their kid for a perfect body. >>reporter: by the way she has not responded to the remark. >>darya: the los angeles dodgers have set a record-breaking opening day payroll
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>>mark: he's facing federal charges to the drug to women in order to write them he set to appear this afternoon before a federal magistrate with his face at the rhetoric charge to set up to more easily guilty or no contest in three different states it is unclear when he will enter his formal plea under a plea agreement last month he's been behind bars since there are
6:26 am
filed lost angeles last year. >>darya: this abysmal record with $270 million opening date payroll nearly $44 million of the payroll is one to players and the longer even on the team major-league baseball's also set a mark $4.2 million that is a 6.3% from last year of the payroll includes $43.8 million for the year to cover the cost of players traded and let go houston and miami and have the lowest payroll. >>darya: perhaps if you're not thinking baseball you're thinking basketball the madness comes to one and wisconsin and duke played in the championship game of the n.c.a.a. basketball tournament set a perfect season for the kentucky wildcats to advance to the final duke easily to this list instead squad punching their tickets to the game the last college
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basketball features two of the best big man of the country at duke freshman joe will all before that is the mass of the almost everyone to be watching for kentucky's loss to wisconsin over the weekend led to riots on bradstreet's of lexington thousand people gathering after the game police in riot gear had to come out to keep the order at least 30 people were arrested saturday night and sunday morning for people accidental to the hospital and research the injured--were not seriously injured. >>mark: first loss of the season still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the roof of a church collapsed during an easter service will have details on what happened ahead. >>darya: a live look at the golden gate bridge traffic was good and conditions are clear.
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>>mark: the baseball season is underway with the disappointing jobs support tech will look at the weather and a storm is coming our way. >>james: tonight will be in bed but if you're into the upper mountain the clock forestalls we
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have cool air and the santa rosa temperatures 43 concord a lot of low 40's right now that our forecast but in the day down to three distinct parts highlighted by 7:00 a.m. we will see sunshine at that point and those cloud alive shut up there will have enough clear skies wishes he distant sun rise temperatures will be on the cool side by noontime cause to be taking over the ones will make things difficult the is the getting of the school at that point is
6:32 am
expected to rise above late tonight. >>george: tracking a hot spot and is the bay bridge which is badly back the already through the macarthur maze we're looking at 30 + minute drive times it was only moments ago that they began clearing the stall from the upper deck of the bay bridge this is westbound out near the center and rich this happened at about 530 and only now that the bridge has cleared and took nearly an hour to get the trucks moving off as they slowly
6:33 am
cleared in of the upper deck to block the like lance colleague back across the bridge and there's very little movement as you say we are backed up through the macarthur maze thing you're ride on interstate 680 this morning a year trip from dublin down to fremont slow because of early recovering problems before so no and axes southbound 680 assault commission >>mark: outside of the coliseum and where the a's have the home opener tonight there on the road for the next seven games will people will be gathering at at&t park nonetheless. >>jackie sissel: for the third time in five years the san francisco giants will start a season that does not mean a you
6:34 am
cannot come down here with the favored giants year to celebrate opening night his video from a world championship season last year the six months hundred and 62 journey the loss paulo san the law will wait and see what happened the gates opened at 6:00 and the pregame starts and 630 the game starts at 7:00 of the first 5000 fans did need a free hot dog and a cheer card $3 a fans even get a foam finger
6:35 am
the san francisco giants in the organization will be playing with heavy hearts that is because last night was announced that a long time announcer lon simmons died yesterday at 91 years old. he was the original broadcaster came out west with the san francisco giants from 1958 to 73 and then had another over five decades in the broadcast not only did he do giants games but it also did the oakland a's decolonizing 89 world series with the oakland a's called hundreds of games for the san francisco forty-niners and keys are stadium and at candlestick called insuperable they're obviously he was the voice of many generations of san franciscans not only in football but also in baseball he will be sorely missed and a bit of irony san francisco giants as
6:36 am
the reigning world series championship. >>darya: a mummified body is found inside a home in san francisco city leaders are calling this one of the worst cases of ordering if ever seen police discovered the body saturday the remains of at a home in the cities into richmond district that from the home was full also of rats of waste and trash pile all the way up to the ceiling never said that of woman and her mother lived there but they have not seen the mother in years the medical examiners are working to identify the body. >>darya: church ceiling collapsed during easter services it happen in new jersey one person has serious injuries 113 others have minor injuries this happened during a spanish- language mass at the methodist church in rahway the 275100 people were in the church when the roof started to crumble
6:37 am
before track of the rubble and the had to be free if this is some momentum away on stretchers coming up a pre orders for the apple watch are starting this week will tell you what you need to know if you plan to get hands on one of those raucous and iconic mention now for sale will show you was in a home and is how much it is going for. foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>>george: we're tracking at hot spot this morning and it is the bay bridge was down the back up into the macarthur maze already clocked at over 30 minutes because for nearly one hour we had a stalled truck blocking one of the lines on the upper deck install is finally cleared but we're dealing with the backup and likely will for the rest of the morning.
6:41 am
>>darya: the city of san jose's want to address public safety concerns with residents represent from the city as well from the santa clara county they're going to discuss the problems that are facing their neighborhoods in east san jose car theft home burglaries traffic enforcement and drug and gang crimes. >>darya: mexican heritage cause of. >>mark: free order to the apple watched cars this week you can try ordering just after midnight pacific time friday morning at 410 there's a big switch with the swatch once it is released you would not be allowed to learn about site of the store to buy one of to make an appointment for a fitting in they will ship it to you or you can go back to the store and pick it up the shipping is free but the watch is not cheap it starts at 5 kron 4 $9. >>james: still ahead i am tracking the what we have a storm on the way not quite visible yet in storm track four
6:42 am
but i will show you where the rain is falling right now, as we would are the system
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>>mark: let's get details on what to expect. a lot of details to get through starting with a live look at the golden gate bridge we have decent guy conditions for now the clout to really build up this afternoon
6:45 am
at the moment it is cold out there make no mistake about it 37 degrees santa rosa low for its a little more concord san jose all and that 41 to 43 degree range in mid 40's out in the open san francisco is a cold start this afternoon the went to pick up at the head of the system. >>james: the satellite and radar view a lot of rain falling of the oregon border. this continues to advance toward the bay area into the when to pick up a head and it will pick up really guest is afternoon offers of 35 to 40 mi. per hour. >>james: stand went into the mental or four is the rain will arrive. the sea to cassette for 6:00 a.m. this morning and not a lot going on other than the clouds across for not a lot going on about three this afternoon the kids are getting out a school teacher cast the bulk of the wet weather still to our north of santa rosa that
6:46 am
changes as we head toward 2:00 tonight we're expecting a light rain began to fall moderate advance to the few hours to about one in the morning you see the center is light to moderate look of these pockets of heavy rain. >>james: the good news for you is all likelihood you will be sleeping and then by 6:00 in the morning the man from passes as by we're looking for some of the early rise is the will be dealing with scattered showers at that point but it will be a mix in terms of the top rain will get some of it will be like you see here the other moments throughout the afternoon during pop-up thunderstorms you see hale and a lot of activity tomorrow afternoon. >>james: take a look at the screen fall--rainfall total. the entrance and nothing at the three-quarters of an inch for our bayside committees for the east bay in the south if you're down in the santa cruz mountain
6:47 am
highway 17 will be a dicey one this morning and into half of all over santa cruz mountains. >>james: a lot of rain associated with the system we have not had any for so long is acid dry and hard it would difficulty absorbing the rain as it is coming down could be looking possibility of new since flooding tomorrow morning capitola will let you know everything that is developed over the next two to four hours with this land as this afternoon was awarded to low 60s and it will be cool and windy and dry for now but that changes tonight into it the day tomorrow wednesday will begin to dry and hot and dry pattern for the rest of the sudden they a slight chance for spots on friday it will get better and then as we go tonight storm and a small shrine to almost a certainty and round they should be pretty decent storm. >>george: we are tracking the hot spot at the bay bridge this morning was about we are still backed up because of early
6:48 am
recurring problems here a stall on the upper deck desk for nearly an hour block the language to bomb the stock was just recently cleared within the last 15 minutes and traffic here and a virtual standstill in the main you're looking at the carpool lane. >>george: easy to get to for the toll plaza without any back of the rest of the lanes are just really jammed in the ride to the golden gate bridge will of course it is trouble and so was the commute through marin county. >>george: we're still tracking delays for the ride on 680 in the southbound direction as you head down from salt you still have accidents southbound south mention it is no more blocking any lines. >>george: drive times still holding at 20 minutes at slightly above normal for the sow about ride from dublin down to fremont. >>darya: new water restrictions in place california and residential looking for more drought tolerant landscaping
6:49 am
that means that you need to find other things like maybe a cactus or boxful of guard--a yard full of rocks. >>darya: they would get more creative like you insist on flour they have drug-resistant flowers it said sales water and it can also save you money. >>: we cut our water bill by $300 to the site is a lot more water and a lot more manus but in reality is about half. >>darya: the governor opposes last week is a mandatory water restrictions and that is from residents businesses farms to cities and towns across california you can see by 25 percent of the squeezing customers first remember to
6:50 am
assign your sprinklers off or you will be fined. >>mark: 60 to your san diego man was pulled over board by the sea lion he was posing for follow on the sea lion try to get the fence and that the man's arm and pulled him down on the water in a mission that the man got away from the sea lion he had cuts on his hands and feet and taken to hospital police say that high when shared the wings off of a glider what was signed over downtown reno and the afternoon for the loss out of reno the pilot was able to parachute to safety >>darya: and land on the roof of a parking garage suffered minor injuries the gliders suslov landed in a nearby parking lot they're still looking for the other wing. >>darya: happening now prince harry is australia to begin four
6:51 am
weeks of training with the country's military before reporting for duty the third your visit australia the press is already spent time with australian troops he's them to the military 10 years i felt like he is 10 years old. the spurs are just too much for the warriors last night the san antonio spurs rolled past seven to 92. --70 to 92 >>mark: was the rats and a 917 shooting clay thompson was held at 64 is 3 to 11 shooting struggled mistake. >>darya: it was a big weekend in the sports world but all the
6:52 am
action if you missed any check out and express my life. >>reporter: wisconsin francs kaminski is the college player of the year to the 0.11 rebounds over kentucky the first wisconsin player to win in a prayer of the year since 1951. >>reporter: your impressions here of lawns simmons. as a
6:53 am
child listen to the giants broadcast it was forced out remember the most not only with the giants with the a's as well i had a chance to meet him he is so much ability to the tremendous-i miss him so much because you always tell me work hard but do not it is so serious and have fun.
6:54 am
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>>darya: the castle on let's talk a whole is on sale 7000 square feet on the market for $26 million in the seventh house where p 1.7 a. and incline village as the conceit is european-style five bedrooms 5 and have battered veterans elevator and of course you get a worm a kitchen for entertainers income to motorized boat lives in a boat launch and also has of course gardens that are lit with fountains with in a minute ponds and walking patio's. >>mark: the heck is in the home
6:58 am
opener and the giants opened up the police fans and both at&t parks will be live reports coming up. >>mark: etching the snow a dusting elect tahoe more on the wake will have more and how much land in the bay area storm track four a lot of activity just for your a few showers off the short end rain hitting in tonight.
6:59 am
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>> reporter: of hours left the first game for oakland a's against texas rangers coming up a live report from a business oakland and tell your the a's


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