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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> reporter :the showers are starting to trickle in. and in a matter of hours. there will be *much more* than a smattering of green on the radar. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. we're tracking the big storm for you tonight: kron 4's jeff bush is in berkeley for us this evening. we'll check in with him in a minute. first, venessa bezz-itch has our storm tracker 4 forecast. vanessa? >> vanessa :widespread rain develops late tonight as a strong cold front slides south southeast down the bay area. cold air will filter in behind the front through tuesday afternoon, producing showers and thunderstorms with small hail. we dry out by tuesday evening. snow levels will come down to
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3,500 feet, bringing a dusting of snow to the higher elevations like mount hamilton by tuesday night. the cold front will actually push through into the wheat area the older pushing through into the bay area bringing us showers and also some rumbles of thunder. also some small hail, from now to 2:00 a.m. most of the city really constituted in the north bay. otherwise, bay area wide we're looking windy and cool into the wee hours of the morning. we're looking at modern and heavy--moderate and heavy rain in the bay from midmorning on however the rain will taper off into showers mostly into the afternoon hours. it will be our best chance to see thunderstorms spread out over. the bay over will have the rest for you coming up in a little that
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cathering > > :now let's go back out to jeff bush. where it's been windy and chilly in the east bay..jeff? >> jeff :the wind was gusty and the temperature dropped around mid afternoon. strange cloud formations could be seen in the distance and a spooky gray sky dominated the bay area on mondaya storm brewing off the coastanxious and unseasonable. pg&e is always interested whenever the weather alarm bells start ringingthat utility was busy all afternoon with work crews getting the trees that are near the power lines trimmed up and ready for the unusual, spring stormy weather that is appoaching the bay areaa storm that is expected to pack a punch and offer some badly needed rain to the bay areait could be the last, best chance
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for a significant amount of precious water to fall on our drought strickened part of the planet. forecasters are saying the storm could bring at least an inch of waterwhich is not as much as we need but any precipitation is welcome and considered a blessing to the region. the rain is expected to start falling sometime after midnight and should fall throughout the night time hours. i'm jeff bush, live in berkeley, kron four news. > >catherine : a deadly motorcycle crash closed four lanes on the bay bridge tonight. causing a backup that is finally clearing up now. news at 8 o'clock: almost all of the westbound lanes were closed just west of treasure island. around 8:20. these pictures of the backup. tweeted out by some of the people stuck in the backup. the lanes were reopened about an hour ago. the cause of the crash is being investigated. new at 11: police reveal details of a brazen robbery at a local pharmacy.
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a clerk was held at gunpoint while a man stole prescription medication. kron 4's alecia reid reports. >> take a good look at the suspect >> alecia :dressed in a coat zipped up to his neck, a hat and shades. police say this man --- making every effort to disguise himself -- walked into the walgreens on the 3900 block of alemany boulevard last monday headed to the pharmacy, and had some communication with the clerk. at one point authorities say he pulled out what appeared to be a small black handgun before hopping the counter. the pharmacist was ordered to open the locked cabinet, where the suspect stole anywhere from 15-20 bottles of oxycontin and 5-6 bottles of morphine - drugs that are in high demand on the black market. the suspect then walked briskly out of the store with his green whole foods bag in tow. >> this is becoming a trend, not just in sf, but nationwide. you can sell each pill for $15-20
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for one single pill. the public will hopefully help us figure out who this person is and put them on guard. >> alecia :alecia reid reporting, for kron 4 news. > > catherine : a thief shot three cows and then stole a calf from a castro valley rancher over the weekend. the rancher discovered the scene at his ranch on eden canyon road saturday morning. the thief also removed the ears from the dead cows -- removing their identification tags. the incident appeared to be an effort to steal the unmarked, unbranded calf. the rancher says the thief will probably take the calf to a livestock sale where he could sell it for several hundred dollars. we now know what killed a father and his seven children. found dead today. their bodies. discovered in a suburban maryland home. the family of 8 died of carbon monoxide poisoning. relatives say the power to the home had been disconnected
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because of an outstanding bill. and that a generator was being used. police showed up at the home after a co-worker called police, worried the father had not come to work. the children were between 6 and 16 years old. eight dead in home jurors will begin deliberating tomorrow in the trial of the 21- year-old accused in the 20-13 boston marathon bombing. the defense and prosecution made closing arguments today. the prosecution said dzhokhar tsarnaev made a coldblooded decision aimed at punishing america for its wars in muslim countries. the defense maintains tsarnaev was influenced by his older more radicalized brother. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces life in prison or possibly the death penalty. the jurors could return a verdict quickly, perhaps tomorrow morning. we'll be following the case closely on the kron 4 morning news. still ahead.a fisherman posing for a photo gets a nasty surprise. how he got pulled underwater. a former 49er makes headlines again -- for all the wrong
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reasons. and our first look at the woman accused of lighting a home in mill valley on fire. and then trying to burn another woman!!
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> >catherine :new at 11: shes spread lighter fluid on the person and tried to let her on fire. shields reportedly behind a series of arsons in the past week. she is being charged with
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attempted murder. the victim was not injured san diego officials say a 62 year-old man holding a fish he caught was pulled into the water. he was posing for a photo on the boat when ac line apparently lunging for the fish that the man's arm and pulled him into the bay. -- sea lion he was taken to hospital with cuts on his hands and feet >> reporter :storm trackers currently picking up on the weather we are tracking the rain, will show you when and how the rain will fall coming at > > catherine : still had a san for cisco woman who was apparently living with her mother is decaying corpse for years. --san francisco
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>> gary :and i have the sports news later in this broadcast > > catherine: and we have an opening day section at . we post a link to all the big league action right on our home page.
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>> reporter :we are tracking a stronger and wetter storm than we experienced on easter sunday. we have had reports of three lightning strikes right a long the coast the cold front will sweep through overnight tonight into the wee hours of tuesday morning. and behind it the popcorn looking clouds those are cold air. about 20 degrees below zero we are looking at more instability as the cool air continues to filter through. looking into our future cast lots of steady rain. it will actually drop to the south east and that is where the steady rains will continue to push and in both a chunk of the bay area.
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that steady rain will begin to taper off into showers mostly in passing portions of the 280 corridor down into san jose. will get some additional rumbles of thunder as the colder air comes in. we're looking at a few inches of rain for the north bay and in the upper level-- elevations half an inch of rain expected for the east and south bay community temperature starting out in the mid to upper 40's as the head closer to lunch time the rain will taper off. and off and then temperatures will drop preening small piece of hale-- hail more sunshine and dry conditions from thursday to friday. a bit breezy as we head into this upcoming weekend. our next storm
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is expected in wednesday >>:a woman said offhand that there was a dead body in her apartment. police it has met team and other investigators have gone into the house >>:i heard of the house is quite filthy >>:a woman who appeared to be her 96--in her nineties was found dead along with jars of feces and a other garbage >>:we always thought that looked like somebody died there because the windows were closed, and i
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had never seen any light and air >>:the old woman's id has not been released yet. people are saying that her name is ann regan. >>:i think when her mom and dad must have been and things went south and she did not know how. to deal how it >>:i thought there something little off about her when i saw her walking her dog around the neighborhood >>:investigators say that a strong order not only permitted to route home, but follow the women wherever >>:nobody knew what was going on in their i think if we have not was going on it would have wanted to help her >>:there contact over the phone by cayenne--kron 4 news public neglected to give us any comment her passing is more of a tragic reminder to the dangers of hoarding which leaves no one to
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charge--press charges against > > catherine:former 49er offensive arrested last night in san francisco. after police say he was involved in two hit-and-runs - while on drugs. this video shows a car turning the wrong way down 14th street and then pulling into the driveway of a v-w dealership. police arrived and arrested harris.who was found sleeping in his car he was arrested for the hit-and -runs, driving while on drugs and even aggravated assault. police say he tried to bite an officer's hand while being handcuffed. in 2013 harris was convicted of beating his boyfriend. drafted in 2003, he played his first 5 seasons with the 49ers and one last season with the raiders in 2008. the d-a will decide on formal charges. it has been a huge state in sports. the giants are trying to defend all the a's tried to win an opener
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>> gary :the a's have not won a home opener since 2004
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it was a sellout. and he was the first person to. head home to there he goes 2-0 a's he had a no-hitter through seven a free round last just there 244, three i riatrbis's that was it, eight innings only one hit one walk, a great opening night 8-0 a's win tonight >>:i could not wait to get out there and get in front of the fans they were amazing, and always are. it is good to get the spring behind me get out their, compete and try to get
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away and >> gary :they're bad news flying around with the giants starting pitcher. there isbaumgartner open with three hits and four trips to doubles for our variousrbis brandon the lever is in the sixth inning it was five to one. it was five to four after arizona scores 3 in the eighth inning. pv scratched for tomorrow. he has a little form tightness and as getting in and of i.
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-- he has some forearm tightness and is getting an mri it would put him only behind johnny woods. duke rallied from a nine point deficit in. the in. --allen had 21 minutes of play 21 and 12th this guy had 23, he was voted the most valuable player. duke 68 wisconsin 63, it is time to cut down the necknet
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five different groups. wisconsin disappointed they came up a little bit short >>:i have never led the team as much as i've love this team. for them to win 35 games and one of the national titles is incredible. >> gary :all right there is mike. we're going to go back to baseball cap. here is something put together by the hosts of sports night live. normally we have all of your baseball in one segment, then you have basketball at, then you have other things but we are shaking up a little bit. catherine : just play around a little bit if, it's ok >> gary :out rodriguez back for the first time after a one-year
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suspension--alex >>:#15 alex rodriguez >> gary :for what it is worth rodriguez and the yankees got peaked but rodriguez had a hit and a walk in his first game back. i will ask our productions can--staff to skip to the sharks. we've got young people and they watch here that's what makes it great to--. and here's the hockey. sharks have been eliminated from the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. they lose to dallas to5-1
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driven to death by mockery? >> you look fantastic. >> the dermatologist to the stars. he treated famous celebrities, but did this new tv comedy drive him over the edge? >> he just took it very personally. then, poisoned in paradise. how this family ended up fighting for their lives on vacation. and what happened to supermodel christie brinkley? how did she get that black eye? plus, the college basketball coach fired. wait until you see what he did in this bar. and new questions about the man lost at sea for 66 days. >> deborah: his story coming under


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