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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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conditions along the bay area right now with the bay bridge backed up and wet and windy for the center fell bridge the ones as well >>james: the rain coming down is getting kicked off from the cars as it had up door this morning mr. close to look in storm track for greater than is aware of this in some of the heaviest rain falling and places like san jose and milpitas what areas their inbred you see how dark it is that is a listing the heaviest rain will sample the rainfall rates and some of the darker red areas come down from two to two and happened to our that is an intense rain and that we are experiencing pretty much for the entire south bay moderate to heavy rain right now is moving off the to the diablo
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range and that is what is the end intensity and began to lift the cloud and runs out more more the rent and give heavy rainfall into the diablo range. >>james: dublin and pleasanton same moderate rainfall ride down the entire stretch of 580 and not to live a more in the altamont pass to haywood union city same story for you to north of the east bay the northern half of the east bay we have benicia it becomes a little bit lighter as it get into zero clear but not by much senses the beginning to taper off just a little bit and enough that we're saying it tipoff a pop-up sale of heavy rain ride and a bottle that is where we're sitting on radar at the moment we have team coverage and that in 15 minutes
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this is not the end of it we have more on the way. >>darya: will is in mountain view looking at the conditions there. >>will tran: went in very cold is serious business when i get the gloves were there is no choice because it's windy and wet puddling going on right behind me that south on 101 in the slot the cars are finally adjusting to the conditions because you can see all of the spaces in between the cars a little bit earlier it looks like the there are making room for each other to conceal all of it picking up from the water i can tell you that it was raining really hard at around 530 to 6:00 now it is slow down just a bit we're talking about a steady rainfall with windy conditions still pretty much the same as when you saw me about 30 minutes
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ago take it easy. >>will tran: the chp officers on the roadway passing for five police cars chp jivey north and south won all one just to make sure that the drivers will a little bit slower than the usual conditions many people are not paying attention to that take it easy be careful especially when you hop on the bridge. >>darya: is wilted in a live look less over to jackie in the live look in hayward. >>jackie sissel:-->>george: we and i used to driving in the rain we see so little of it it really is a big change for us and we have to get out and at that is one the reasons why we're seeing much slower than usual traffic this morning that
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is of course are really the thing that is with the chp is recommending will look at the east shore free ride the time and now is 603 is to be about 14 minutes drive times and is already up to 25 minutes and there are few accidents season and hear but is not because of the accident the traffic is moving slowly look at the nimitz freeway let's check this out one more time adjutancy the ride on a 80 both directions here through hayward slower than usual. >>george: this is the major hot spot in the southbound direction the traffic backed up because of a northbound accident took a look here no. 686 alert still in effect here at mission boulevard and even though they're getting some lanes opened the biggest impact has been on the southbound ride check out the drive times 33 minutes for your trip time from dublin here down to fremont and down to the south bay or we continue to see delays
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on 101 northbound the lines are clear and brokaw road there is no accident reported here in los altos will flock to 80 at el monte. >>george: this could slow the ride getting into cupertino less track the commit for you at the bay bridge westbound already backed up into the macarthur maze for the westbound ride a when advisory for the bay bridge the san mateo bridge the dumbarton bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge bridge. trip time here for the san mateo bridge still not too bad running 13 minutes. >>mark: here is video from the east bay in berkeley as the winds were starting to pick up
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yesterday afternoon temperatures dropped off the clouds and this could be the last best chance for significant rain falls on the bay area for the chickens--drought stricken state. >>mark: send us pictures of you in the cave is at breaking news at kron enough to get detective for cash with you by downloading the mobile application it is free and available for apple and android devices. >>darya: police are looking for the person who held a clerk at gunpoint and stole prescription medication from a local pharmacy let's take a look as a surveillance video showing the man walking into a wall grison the 3900 block of alameda boulevard in san francisco last monday he headed back to the pharmacy and there is talking to the clerk then he pulls out was like a small handgun and hops ride over the counter he
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demanded the from to open a locked cabinet he stole about toxic talk to morphine those drugs on high demand and the black market. --toxic cotton. >>: hostly that hope was to identify who the person is up on guard. >>darya: he got away with 20 bottles of drugs. >>mark: an elderly woman died in her san francisco home was not discovered until years later we're hearing from neighbors for the first time since the woman was found the investigation began late tuesday after a woman told her tax adviser that there was a dead body inside for home from the body in the house along with the jars of human feces and trash the victim's daughter may
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have stayed in the home long after her mother died. >>: no one had an idea what was going on i think we all felt like if we knew there was something along on that we would have wanted to help her. >>mark: they're working to identify the body they said the biohazard that was her home is not the grist for the general public >>darya: stay with us as to continue on the morning news to keep you posted about where the rain is falling off the worst habits at the moment.
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thpossibilits ardelious. >>mark: blues musician b.b. king is in the hospital but his daughter says that he's doing much better. he was hospitalized a dehydration caused by the type 2 diabetes he was diagnosed 20 years ago back in october he canceled his concert tour because of dehydration his release more 50 albums and is in the rock-and- roll hall of fame. >>darya: stay with us we have team coverage of the weather here is a live look at storm track four which shows you the areas that is hardest hit like
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fairfield in concord in livermore the yellow shows to the heart of down for it is still raining adjutancy up in san rafael and down in san the sale will continue the team coverage in just a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: the results we've had in decades the national weather service's a star but not enough they are ready hitting here making a way to central coast to the l.a. area up in the to appear over half inch of rain over or to the dance it mandate we cut back 25% that will probably get conservation targets down and newport beach there are ready finding people who water their lawns on the wrong day and will use too much water back to the water that we are getting with been waiting a pretty good dose to that the
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wind is blowing off the strong from the south. >>james: that is what you for dealing with this one unless your right to this contract for radar will to show you where it is running the heaviest in it is in the east bay in the south it will begin an assault by this morning to interpret this math you have to look at green yellow and red to green me like bring yellow may moderate in the red means heavy and by the looks of it you concede there was a lot of heavy rain falling right now in the areas of san jose six sentiments for our and some spots in the dr. rest will be
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even worse than that to and pretense of an inch off almost one half inches of rainfall per hour that is pretty intense and come down not only here in the east bay as well will refocus on the dublin and pleasanton area the 58680 interchange moderate rain falling the same story on the the more as a head over to alter my past. >>james: the initial martinez, a walnut creek on the the gun would moderate to heavy rainfall between martinez and concord this was under moderate rain in the last update was was to green oakland almost in the clear is missing the front began to pass by at least the bay bridge toll plaza investing of a downtown as well so to try things out when it for 1 hours
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will more nonetheless san francisco spotty showers throughout the city and and and not the resting heavy retinol as a mecca where from the bottle all along the highway 37 mi. with american canyon heavy rain at times to the stress petaluma beginning to try things out and looks like a good bit of a no. 3 shoreline also beginning to system showers back off just a little bit. >>james: we have 14 out and fairfield for more on the weather is handed over to michele. >>reporter: michele: the sec a look at the temperatures around the area the rain has cooled down much of the region will continue on with cool temperatures for much of the day into the to the team to stay ride on average than of the
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umbrellas away just get it is to get ready for your day here is what the storm track 4 ft. past looks like into this hour we will continue on a heavy rain across livermore down to the eastern side of fremont and in the south bay for san jose that a currency to the edge of the east and direction will the bill was an isolated showers across the area of this what looks like a cross 9:00 the edge of the peninsula and along the coast will see a few more isolated showers about the team to stay that way of living up to the lunch hour and buy lunch hour you'll see some scattered showers but we will see some sun and clouds along with that it will help us to have the right ingredients for a few thunderstorms letter on this afternoon parts of the south bay san jose is out of fremont you could see thunderstorm lead on this afternoon could be having to do some small hai. >>reporter: michele: this time
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highs only reaching the upper 50s to the lower 60s that is right where said but this time of the year will continue on with the dye pattern into the rest of the week will such a warm little bit more for fried into lower '70s and will continue on with upper 60s to around 70 and that will continue on into early next week. >>george: welcome to the rain definitely had an impact the chp right now has 66 locks opened their 66 incidents to which they have been dispatched in the nine county area guest today at this hour there might have been 15 or possibly 20 and that is the extent of bed with the ride on the east shore freeway how much red is showing up on the traffic map indicative of just how slow the ride is is to concede with yellow showing on westbound to force out 680 track in the drive time here on the east shore freeway that is coming down from
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hercules to berkeley with nearly at 30 minutes already with the 28 minute drive times the of the house what we have been following of the settler in fremont north down 680 still only one lane open at mission boulevard and backing up the southbound ride that is where is having the biggest impact out 35 minutes we have added 14 to 15 minutes to the drive times as we have started tracking. >>george: in the south bay all lanes are open now on 280 north down here at el monte but it did manage to back up the ride in the northbound direction even the most of the traffic here is on the southbound side taking a look at the rest of the ride to the south the backed this crash and brokaw road is still clear the u conceit is affected still left traffic slowed in the northbound direction here is a lot of the bridges for you all of these are on the wind it advisory's the bay bridge backed
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up into the maze the san mateo bridge also underwent advisory look how slowly the traffic is moving here will see some flashing light could be is to the on the bridge there on to investigate for the golden gate bridge of the ride is a little slow southpaw but not backed up and for your richmond bridge ride it will for the wind advisory in place with the richmond san rafael bridge bridge agency is still a very with ride. >>mark: that his contract in this form and hayward. >>jackie sissel: 7 giving ground charge here is a shot of a northbound 880 at a welling forcing your one to notice how much to praise coming from the freeway several of them look like they've been coming into the to to divide lot of water on the freeway this morning on his
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letterhead a lot of rain in the last several weeks or months to a is a lot of oil on the road i would suggest slowing way down the their commute time if possible is also when george talked about the wind advisory on the bridge across the richmond san rafael bridge bridge along 4:00 a.m. this morning just uppers of 30 mi. an hour with the rain coming in sideways adjutancy on the road the best suggestion is to slow down lost of spring in water. >>darya: the loss to get before you head out to work or school make sure you have the mobile application on your from that is ready and if the weather and traffic on the goal is free download it today will buyback. --we will be right back.
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>>darya: the csa released a report passengers left nearly $675,000 behind last year to year before that ... under the $40,000 this will force the agency tries to return the money to passengers but if it goes on claim that its turnover and to the finance office back to out
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by congress if a to the power to use the money to help fund its operations. >>mark: will continue the coverage of the storm moved through the bulk of it down near the coast in san francisco still very heavy rain on the 684 off track in the gusty winds and possible thunderstorms this afternoon will have details to encourage it ahead. . scov broside d diovern excitingcombinatioof ttes. richdarkhocolate coveng st ceers. flaved with exot fru juices. i's chocole anfruiflavors li you'veeverexperiend bere. scov broside.
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>>mark: opening bell on wall street after a while they yes the dow over a hundred and up over hundred we saw a surge in crude prices yesterday that the spell bad news in six weeks' time the features upstarting points issue we will watching wall street. >>darya: the big story is the rain brought to bay area where getting a pretty good dose of it here was a live look on the san mateo bridge. >>james: still persisting this morning technical we're saying heavy rain falling for pretty much the entire city of san jose milpitas as well evergreen
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area is a dark orange and red that indicates a more severe brain it to make out as we look at each hour in some spots that is the store with the south bay this morning this like the map and show you where cinnamon is a beginning to line up it was followed by yellow that is not pushing along 580 out for livermore and the sea out toward tracing that is the modern trend is going at the moment will martinez, a walnut creek still under the gun would moderate to heavy rainfall for that portion of the east is beginning to recognize the four pinole and vallejo. oakland now the bay bridge the bridge from the open side looking to be clearing out >>james: spotty showers heading out in that direction for the remainder of the morning this kind of thing little bits and pieces of green the more intense
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widespread in the rain is beginning to adjust to the east bay in south bank of nevada down to san the failed a little stretch of 1 01. is to continue our tent covers in fact a said over to mark for more on that. >>will tran: the heavy rainfall is done i took out my hand and have a beanie on is the recall this morning check it out to a loss i've been able to do this you can see just from the motion coming from if you're driving you do not have to deal with that as bad as we saw 45 minutes ago it was a good steady
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rainfall the cars the you're seeing right now are going southbound on 101 if there is a lot of water for taking up the that was water from the past two hours a major puddling because this pretty much dissipated james talk about the rain fall in the south bay in the east bay come to this location but i can tell you right now it looks like it is slowing down that time now that the sun is slowly coming up you can start to see a little bit of the sky i am torn this morning i know we need the rain fall but it's my job to love if it can be miserable leon this conditions if you're leaving at this hour you're good to gulf plenty of space between cars and looks like the clothes behind us for now. >>will tran: yes definitely i
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hope you are nice and warm no problem is no reliable we do and hopefully there will not be any major accidents but the chp are open on this location at the very least would get a ticket if you're speeding of course and they're going to get the breaks every now and again just a slow down the cars probably i believe the cars are paying attention. >>mark: as head of the door take pictures with the kids in the rain gear heading back to school this when sending your pictures to breaking news at kron 4 dot com it to be part of our storm cover the loss to get it to download the mobile application with the latest weather.
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>>george: what was talking earlier about hoping and they're not any major incidents it was a little late we're still tracking a number of hot spots it of the chp has been busy this morning will start with the east stressfree where were the westbound 80 ride is backed up for a much slower drive than usual already 30 minutes for the trip here from hercules down to berkeley a full half hour now for that drive which usually at this hour this morning is about half that and we have a new accident here in the macarthur maze the chp is issued a special traffic advisory this is eastbound on 580 trying to get on the high with 24 it could affect the ride both on westbound 80 and northbound interstate 880. >>george: track to turn this way and a lot turned that way it could and of having an impact on the commit direction even though
6:36 am
it is unarmed combat direction accident was still do not have all the lines open here accident started in the 4:00 hour north about 680 on mission boulevard in has really jammed up the sock found ride still nearly 35 minutes here to get from the dublin and to change down to fremont 680 south arm you're ride here is san francisco's come up highway 92 with a wind advisory in place on this and several other bridges traffic moving very slowly drive times already over 19 minutes for the
6:37 am
west about ride. >>darya: happening today jurors began deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial of the question is whether the only surviving suspect john arsenide will face the death penalty and get life in prison the attorney told the jury that they did take part in the attack with a his older brother was the mastermind tomlin and joe are act as partners and the carry out the bombing and other people on the 260 not is up to the jury to decide. >>mark: will concede chapter heavy rain moving to the bay area the walnut creek a martinas areas lighting got around highway 4 and that is attracting some went to prop up showers in looking at thunderstorms but expected for the afternoon here is a lot of from downtown on the crippled the rains are packing up intensely.
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>>mark: who are not already have a four year degree will be eligible for full tuition with a is to all my programs in place to qualify with the scholarship will covers 42 percent of the cost full-time part-time employes eligible unless they were at so-called license stores like the grocery store the compasses 7% of its workers do not have master's degrees.
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift.
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my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >>mark: and natural gas leaks
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the aba ministration as access to data to help predict how affect the climate change. >>darya: the weather and traffic is our big story today is not an easy ride at this hour. >>james: the san mateo bridge from example of the condition people are experiencing a to the rain coming down and wept during the view in some cases the wind is blowing sideways that makes it hard for the high-rise sections on the when is coming at you from the side and strong 20 mi. an hour sustained winds in some cases that is what we're saying to live cameras switch gears in the storm track four radar to see where it is raining the heaviest in the south bay still dealing with the shower door on the heavy side san jose downtown still looking at it giant alcatel sunbelt's loss of those getting a breather before guest at showers. >>james: the sustained rain in san jose come down pretty well some of the areas in yellow come
6:46 am
down or an inch per hour as an into some of the data areas as the rain coming in for his power as a difference between yellow and red will the driver through the changes along 68101280 that is the way it has been all morning long and the south bay. dublin presents and stomachs like a moderate rain. a wider view shows they have scattered rain. will have more detail
6:47 am
would expect to come up in just a moment. their strong look at hayward ride at the san mateo bridge 80 mi. an hour sustained winds 12 in concord 13 in fairfield. >>james: we are saying that right now in terms of the wind let's continue our team covers with michele. >>reporter: michelle: is also on the court decide what to show you the current temperatures around the area of the upper 40's and lower 50s you also need to grab a jacket you need to bundle of this morning and temperatures also stay on the plus side this morning this afternoon into the upper 50s or 60s. but it 9:00 to touch the dial for parts of the east bay a few more shower the return for part of the peninsula will also
6:48 am
have some breaks to sons and clouds with the daytime meeting at a potentially see some thunderstorm letter on this afternoon san jose and parts of the south vacancy a thunderstorm may be some heavy rain at times. >>reporter: michelle: cool temperatures because will continue to gradually clear on that you'll continue on that off to the east may be to the sierra we do have with storm warning still in effect it could see potentially up to 15 in. of snow for elevation and 500 ft. or higher up to 2 ft. of snow like to mention is going to continue to stay on the plus side today affected the lower 60s for much of the area and the cool weather does continue on for them no part of the week lower 60s
6:49 am
across the bay and that will slowly one of the was the to get into the warm temperatures and to the weekend friday said it agreed to the daytime high opposite is right around 74 the weekend. >>reporter: michelle: dry and cool weather this weekend in the week ahead. >>jackie sissel: good morning the rain is letting up a little bit janes and michele just talking about if you slept through it is a lighter than it was just even a half an hour the rain was coming down in sheets and sideways because of the strong when the and so far released in the last 20 minutes or so we've seen a lead up a little bit out here and hayward boy really the story is out on a freeway a clear shot of 80, the los--close as to what north
6:50 am
about 80 here in hayward freeways in very slow and very wet lost of hydroplaning i saw several spinoff taxes georgia wants to talk about the freeway conditions coming up and traffic but definitely slow down i'm sure a lot of people slept through it a lot of people will of the middle of night here in the wind and heavy rain if you're getting up now is a little lighter than it was. >>jackie sissel: the rain continues to fall. >>darya: we keep checking in with you because things are changing as we speak and so is the traffic. >>george: continues to get worse but let's talk about two areas were not experiencing problems recounted 101 southbound ride not bad and the peninsula also not that there for interstate 280, and u s 101. the rest of the ride a in the east shore free right numerous minor incident for the westbound interstate 80, arrived.
6:51 am
>>george: 30 minute drive times just from hercules to berkeley and the bay bridge back up is pretty intense there is no accident for the northbound 880 at 23rd and according to the initial report it could have a number of mines block tear on the nimitz freeway and it could be another special traffic and by its reluctance similar eastbound in the macarthur maze and highway 24 the accident they're blocking release two lanes of traffic this is our big seller that has been since the 4:00 hour as alert as a special advisory a california highway patrol caught a hot spot on the call a settlement that means one or more lanes blocked for 30 more minutes this has multiple lines blocked for several hours now on 680 know about look at what has done for the southbound ride nearly 40 minutes now for your trip time from dublin getting down to fremont.
6:52 am
>>george: track in the ride for your here on highway 580--680 in the southbound direction sidling into walnut creek to come out of conflict the bridges are backed up in the bay bridge are backed solidly into the macarthur maze the chip time at the san mateo bridge is there 24 minutes down for the westbound ride for the golden gate bridge and edmonton loran is a trouble-free ride southbound tunnel problems on the stand getting into more than a heavy ride was bought 580 early recovering eastbound accident at oregon--so traffic conditions across the span. >>mark: don't forget to pick the four test with you any time in an update on the go with our mobile application and a mobile web application it a try for free and go play in the application store. >>mark: coach k with a big win
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once again the blue devils from the cells on top of the basketball were taking home the fifth n.c.a.a. championship. in the final 11 minutes after the blue devils were behind 48 to 39 new join ucla's lead to coach john wooden as the only coach to win at least five into aa men's basketball titles. >>darya: thousands of duke fans are celebrating with a bonfire. a large batch was from and for the flames although the party is peaceful dissent like is never a party without a bonfire to have to burn something. 63 of the time will be back with more our team coverage and the big story today which is the weather.
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>>mark: as low was and how the poll actions and to arise championship was born in 1928 and died last year the close of the session of one the most dynamic voices into 20th-century american literature. >>darya: coming up we continue our team coverage of the storm heading the bay area here is a live look of storm track four to show you who was getting hit the hardest of areas and the yellow with green this frigate rain as well you can see is move out of the north break down the size bed, also and to the east of livermore is one of the areas that getting a heart attack right now we're back with more and a couple moments.
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>> mark: this for joining us for watching have a rain moving to the bay area right now. in the east bay we see the aftermath in san francisco with heavy rain and heavy winds. >> darya: coverage continues to zubin hot trend in the hardest-hit areas. i wonder if that goes with were the worst traffic is as well. a triple live look also crews out in hayward. walnut creek the look of the golden gate bridge what.. sit right to live >> george: still dealing with the first hot spot with interstate 680 in fremont. this jackknife big rig is still blocking lanes and it's not likely it will clear any time soon. and out there for a couple of


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