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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 7, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you see some heavy rainfall what you see the yellow. pish in the walnut creek area. the silt coming to right now you can probably see a very wet slick roads out there and there's a large north look at the storm track and that is gonna get hit with another track another cell at 524 this evening. get ready for another round of strong winds and downpours. take another look at this fellow right here just north of martinez looks like expert at 511 uber and the beginning it would rank >> reporter: 1 is an outspoken show you the other locations this san leandro dublin san ramon and also in san carlos your looking at thunderstorms plumbing
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three-year as well. most of these systems are heading east for the most part we're expecting tonight or more showers and thunderstorms. it may taper off after sunset. watch for a heavy downpours with hail and gusty winds. more details are coming >> grant lodes: is a most welcome sight in april in check it out so snow in the sierras. the upper elevations is seen as much as a flood. the upper elevations of scene 6 to 12 and 6 in.. more is expected to it into tonight carry the snow started piling up this morning. this is a live look from a heavenly ski resort last week the snowpack was measured just by percent of normal so any snow we will take. there been chain requirements on and off
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dating to the lake tahoe. >> catherine heenan: and as we have seen their still some showers out there and it has been that kind of day kron 4 is on rob fladeboe reports now from south bay where he is enjoying the sunshine one minute and then a few minutes later reaching for an umbrella >> reporter: apollo was standing water in the promise of more to come. with add about 1/2 inch of rain here in morgan here and often not the cobwebs away from the rain gauge. what began with the telltale were recently absent pattern of showers is turn to showers and a steady drizzle drizzle by daybreak. the pot holes made for slick roads the commute from highway 85 region for wipers as the son died between the clouds what might in a normal year be on
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new sense but these days this is enough to help us resist temptation to reach for the water holes too soon. and of course it's been so dry for so long the wattages soaked into the ground and did not provide any real runoff. lexington and reservoir still remains as half full heading into the sump summer. >> catherine heenan: kron 4 has a new weather at this perfect for this situation you can use it to track the storm whenever you want to wear every war that act as free and in the ad store for all devices. >> catherine heenan: the bay area is one of the few bright spots in the dismal report onwater conservation efforts. alecia reid is here with the new numbers just released >> reporter: the state water
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board says the conservation rate has dropped to its lowest rate since measurements began nearly a year about the most of the blame goes to southern california. for some the solution is the japanese may combine sink and toilet for others there are using rain barrels to collect water for their gardens. but as a whole the state is falling short of the governor's goal of a 25 percent cutback. bay area water consumption was down 8% in february compared to two years ago the state average was less than 3% dragged down by southern california with more than a half the state's residential consumers the actual use more water than in 2013. the state says san francisco leaves california cities and turning off the taps. with and residents using an average of 44 gal. a day san
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jose and san diego used 59 gal. loss angeles used 69 gal. sacramental is at 81 gal. and baker still that 99 gal. per home per day. >> reporter: l.a.'s water consumption also varies from neighborhood to neighborhood a ucla study found wealthier communities like malibu and palo verdes use nearly four times as much as poor ones like santa ana it is not just a difference in lifestyle upscale neighborhoods into have few or apartments and larger lawns that need water. >> catherine heenan: a san francisco supervisor is floating a new idea on how drink say drinking water coming up to 530 and big german reports on the plan from builders to make sure the drinking water is not used for flushing. >> catherine heenan: bay
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area mayors are easing their stance on the controversial indiana religious freedom law passed last month both the mayor's of san francisco and oakland have today ended restrictions on city funded travel to india and many critics nationwide claim the law would allow business owners to reduce services to gays and lesbians but late last week indiana's governor signed a clarifying amendment is specifically banned any discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender. >> catherine heenan: we're following breaking news tonight disturbing video of the surface showing a police officer's shooting a man in the back. that story's coming up also the race for the white house is heating up another republican throws his hat in the ring and next why google is coming under fire for its new you tube kids application.
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n pride al pnnin anprepatio althnd wlnesserves d peonalare rvic throh cuom ce pls th canhangas nds cnge, soour ing ved es n st hap andealt the ownome. ♪ >> catherine heenan: will introduce the new you to act aimed at children. but it is now being criticized for its ads. some consumer activists are calling it unfair and deceptive. say it is stuffed with ads and product placements. the application is restricted to family focus content but critics say it is hard to tell the difference between entertainment and commercials they want the federal trade commission to subject the act to the same
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rules as television. >> catherine heenan: facebook can be an effective way to connect with friends but is also linked to depression. a study by the university of houston finds that the more time you spend on facebook the more likely you are to get depressed. people tend to compare their lives to others including their friends activities and accomplishments. the study says is good to remember that people tend to post most of the good things in their lives often leaving out the bad. >> catherine heenan: still ahead a bandit armed with a purse police hunt for a bandit gang bandit in a bit in a bad way also the bay area get some much-needed rain we could see more and more tonight but nasa as the forecast coming up next vanessa bezic has been forecast coming up next
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breaking >> grant lodes: is in the kron 4 newsroom this explosive vehicle video showing a white police officer fatally beating of black men as he ran away. when the officer michael slater has just been charged with murder the shooting followed a traffic stop in caroline's them over the weekend it is see it happen right here that officers
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shot the victim as he ran away the video the with looking at is courtesy of the new york times website the times is reporting that officers later followed his taser initially at the victim 50 year-old walter lamar scott and then after the officer fired the taser he then pulled out his hand gun and use it at the time sitting at the corner told an attorney of the victim's family that the big the was it five times three in the backs one is in the upper box and once in the ear. the officer's release a statement saying he felt threatened. he says that the big then try to grab his stun gun. another place is that the group grabs the headlines have prompted a nationwide discussion are in this incomplete video is on our it will have updated the will update the
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story throughout the night. >> catherine heenan: the man was shot and killed as san francisco's crocker amazon playground last month has been identified carlos nunez was found with gunshot injuries march 28th he later died at the hospital his death marked the third homicide are around the playground in the month of march. investigators are still looking for the gunman. >> catherine heenan: the motorcyclist died in a crash on the western span of the bay bridge last night has been identified 36 year-old danville restaurant as an east bay about crashes by kidding the south rail of the bridge launching his motorcycle of hundred feet away these photos are treated by some of the people were stuck in the traffic backed up in the area the chp says that he was pronounced dead on the highway. >> catherine heenan: the contra costa county district
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attorney has solved two murders cases while was nearly 30 years old and the other 22 years old kron 4 felicia reid joins us now with obols crimes falling to one man kicked >> reporter: contour, a media has charged 51 year- old william lee huff also known as wild bill hoff with double murder there was too special circumstance allegations of murder during the course of sexual assault 21 year-old deanna land but and butterfield was killed in 1987 and left and tilden park in 1993 newly shout a woman in north mid-50s was found dead in her boyfriend's back yard police linked mr. half its dna to both women women >> reporter: anyone with information about william hough or know of any other rape a fixation assault or
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murder case cases is encouraged to call authorities in addition to bay area house is known to be associated with clothes the chico redding orville and santa cruz. >> reporter: right now and san francisco is quiet but take a look at east bay. salmon is still looking at moderate to heavy showers falling right now and-sour the headed to the east in most locations south of san leandro caster valley cannot see some moderate to heavy rain at 5:21 p.m. and dublin that 5:31 p.m. and heading over to the storm system here south of san ramon this one can actually bring the matter be actually dying out. and also take a further north to concord in walnut creek is a light rain falling for basically east of walnut creek heading over to the peninsula redwood city is looking at a pretty
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decent sell coming through here you what you may be sitting hale with the systems along with gusty winds. but scattered showers right now this is a very active evening right now the sour should come down after sunset. is bringing some positive this note to lake tahoe. in addition have about 2 ft. of fresh powder by tomorrow morning. we're also tracking some hire when guests. 35 mi. an hour wind gusts livermore is also reset as 24 mi. an hour winds. sustained winds 22 in oakland 22 in vallejo. hail and gusty winds somali scattered showers for the morning and afternoon hours and by thursday we should dry out and look for a
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sunny and milder conditions. will look at the rain totals when i come back. >> catherine heenan: some people are saying that a new u.s. forever stamp honoring the late author and poet maya angelou has failed to deliver first lady michelle old, oprah winfrey and others attended a dedication ceremony revealing the step which includes the picture of my angelou and a ". but it is a line she didn't actually write the " is actually from 89 your author joan walsh on glenn. the postal service a spokesman defended the printed " saying it was widely attributed to add my angelou is not clear yet whether they will come up with the new version of the stamp. >> catherine heenan: and next kron 4 is learning new details on the rest in the murder of an oakland mother
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>> catherine heenan: more arrests have been made in the case of an oakland woman was shot and killed while trying to protect her children tonight police investigators say kron 4 haaziq madyun says the more arrests more would like please follow. >> reporter: two more suspects are under arrest all pd homicides says is the twenties your 20 euro urges john ward tried to hide evidence in this case. if he tried to conceal and for those of rainfall did the shooting. as rabbi alexander it davis was also arrested. alex davis now joins the remaining suspects in cubs custody for a good death of chyemil pierce. to
5:24 pm
strive to get her children to safety but she was killed by one done. donegun.. >>: doesn't matter if you would directly that person that shot which you were you perpetuated that yvette and you're just as guilty as the person that pulled the trigger themselves. >> reporter: oakland police said these are arrests are because of an outbreak community that are willing to speak up for the people that were involved in that shooting. >>: yes this is a neighbor was boys this is a community's voice sang bignesses not allowed on our block >> grant lodes: be a lookout for a bank robber who police are calling mrs. dowd fire. these are two images of the suspects that a crew the investigators say they believe the robber is a man dressed as a woman during the crime it happened
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around 3:00 p.m. friday afternoon @ u.s. bank on morrissey boulevard in santa cruz. police said the suspect was wearing away the blonde wig prescription glasses navy blue scrubs and a light purple long sleeve under shirt when he handed a note demanding money to the teller no weapons were used and no injuries were reported the suspect is described as roughly 25 to 35 years old when and about a month and 6,270 lbs. and standing 5 ft. 5 in. tall. >> catherine heenan: there is a neglected neighborhood and at this crossroads of san jose which one homeowner says has fallen off the radar of officials who might one start paying attention before it is too late. >>: iamb lord conti on this is by kron 4 story problem is that we haven't homeless
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encampment behind are wrong. >> reporter: sizzle crossroads stores kids bites and picket fences. >>: what they had been walking down the street with shopping carts in garbage that been climbing behind our house is in high grasses lighting campfire's were worried about all the grass is behind our on starting a fire which had a lot of drug activity in our neighborhood >> reporter: behind this chain lang slinks sense is property that belongs to caltrans. >>: we yell the them to leave were gonna call the police and they told us with the police are not going to come. and the sad thing is that they won't. we had a woman dragged back there by two men was called in by our neighbor and he waited a half-hour with no response
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from the police sought this point is very frightening. >> reporter: will begin tell right now about 20 tents out here on any given day the homeowners said it to be a port of 100 homeless people in their backyards. >>: conceive their on areas of the bean pot path and that on after the not worried about the weather that much no one is listening and hope you guys will last give someone out here. if find somewhere for the homeless to go. >> catherine heenan: and we checked up the last story after of your reach out to us if you have a story idea go to our click on the mike kron 4 story get button. to submit to story >> catherine heenan: an aggressive new plan to fight the bay area's water crisis and the lights were out in the nation's capital what caused the huge power outage
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today that information coming up next
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>> catherine heenan: with california and a severe
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drought kron 4 dan kerman is this san francisco city hall with details. >> reporter: white his drinking water to flush the toilet orson water from the shower to the store plant those are questions that are being axed is an excess of to him it will be done this looks like the any other building but this leaps and bounds shun water regarding water conservation. that water is not going down the drain to the sewer plant being treated on site and then this great water goes back up these purple pipes and is used in all the buildings toilet's meeting with each flush recycle water is being used. >>: 4 typical office high-
5:32 pm
rise building is about 12 gal. per person per day and is the usage. mr. on the system the were using were about 3 gal. per day and that's 80 percent less water the we're consuming. >>: if we could reuse water than we should do it. >> reporter: now scott wenner wants to require all new developments to do just that treat water from six showers and washing machines on site and then use it for irrigation in to flush toilets. >>: we have the technology is not overly expensive at pays for itself and is the essential for the future of our state and our water crisis >> reporter: wiener says these recycling systems to reuse the water should increase the development to one to 2% and that is he says the that is a bargain.
5:33 pm
and winners took the first step today by introducing this legislation will go into committee of a little bit over 30 days from now is disapproved wishes starts seeing this new wrinkles fiat recycle water in buildings within a year or two. >> reporter: the was seen as an active weather this evening will be impacting the evening commute. is quiet in the north bay and san francisco we're definitely attracting some active weather even some downpours in some locations. right now scattered showers if overall highway 101. over the east bay we didn't have the rank potentially having allowed 880 wising showers. hebert is also seen showers dublin pleasanton is also looking at wed conditions 580 is also what ride. the
5:34 pm
system is also bringing some impressive activity as well. with still the experiencing strong winds. here's some of lookit mount diablo was 53 mi. an hour winds. more details coming up >> catherine heenan: kentucky senator ran paul announced his presidential bid for 2016 earlier today and says he plans to do it as a different kind of republican. >> reporter: the republicans have a second candidate for president. first term kentucky senator rand paul is throwing his hat into the presidential ring the conservative libertarian made his announcement official at the rally in louisville. and he's not
5:35 pm
wasting any time he is taking off for state campaign swing through new hampshire south carolina iowa and nevada. paul is an eye doctor and son of former texas congressman ron paul who ran for president three times. his father had a small but passionate following among libertarians but he never gained enough support within the republican party to make a serious run that is a mistake when paul hopes to avoid. >> reporter: called joins fellow senator ted crews as the only major republican candidate to formally announce their campaigns a recent cnn poll showed paul near the top of the gop pack with 12 percent of the vote. in 2013 paul held a 13 hour filibuster on the senate floor protesting that
5:36 pm
an essay collection of phone records in what will likely be a crowded republican field poll holds his unique voice stands out >> catherine heenan: citywide power outages hit what washington d.c. today. that outage affected about 2000 customers a was caused by a small explosion and fire at a power station in maryland. the white house was one of the many buildings the did not have power for a while. and officials would homeless securities says that there is no indication that was in the militias activity and the power was backed up by 2:00 p.m.. >> catherine heenan: the future of johar tsarnayev johar tsarnayev the admitted boston bomber is beginning is beginning this is be is being decided by a federal jury juries jurors deliberated for about seven
5:37 pm
hours before calling it quits for the day they have to work through 30 counts including 17 that carry the death penalty the 2013 attack killed three people and injured more than two and 60 if the jury convicts johar tsarnayev that will then decide whether he faces execution or life imprisonment >> catherine heenan: a jury has also decided what happens to former new we glimpse patriots player aaron hernandez jurors began deliberating after his lawyer and knowledge that his client was at the scene of the 2013 killing of odin lloyd if convicted of first- degree murder the former nfl standout tight then could face life in prison without parole if convicted of second-degree murder he would be eligible for parole after 15 years deliberations continue to mar the fate of the former nfl player aaron hernandez is now the hands of the jury during closing
5:38 pm
arguments defense attorney james sultan suggested for the first time that hernandez may have witnessed the shooting of odin lloyd but he blamed the death on hernandez his co-defendants hernandez is charged with murder in the death of light who has been a cult was a close friend. >> catherine heenan: their tons a dating have out there one of them is letting women take charge details on how work said 5:45 p.m. and nextel lang ride is taking aim at victoria's secret and body image
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my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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>> reporter: lang bryant's new ad campaign has debuted i'm no angel has debut nationwide. is the finding redefining society's traditional notion of sexy with a powerful core message that all women are sexy the brand is the nation's leader in fashion for women size 14 to the size 28 and i'm no angel-tag has is dating a lot of support on social media many are urged to join in the mold with the selfie that showcases their idea of sex the c-e-o and president lyndon easley says the campaign is designed to empower all women to love every part of themselves in the video models describe this was sexy means to them. >> reporter: this ad comes
5:42 pm
five months after victoria's secret change their perfect body act when it received major backlash saying it was sending a body shaming message many are speculating that i'm no angel campaign is taking a dig at victoria's secret. >> reporter: right now is reining in dublin and is headed over towards livermore's more details after the break.
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind
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of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >> catherine heenan: a dating at is getting traction and that offers women a unique experience and puts them in charge. women's side which men will be allowed in the dating put pull. the idea is to empower women and create a safer environment. kron 4 staff reporter gabe slate met with the user to find out how it works. >>: i use many dating have and have had bat test and incidents with people saying
5:46 pm
inappropriate things if you're serious about finding some when you do not want you want someone that's a not disrespectful. >> gabe slate: lauren is has been trying out wild fire a new free dating application that aims to eliminate the problems that seem to play dating applications how they can be flooded with a crow stockpiles cat fish attempts and creepy guy is just looking for quick hook ups. the dinosaur on wildfire have to be invited by women users. the idea is women will only invite in males friends that they think our quality catches. died they would feel comfortable with setting up their female friends with the also built end a baton of security features. people can on hack only have one profile they
5:47 pm
that males on facebook checking their photos making sure its them they have a very responsive flagging system if any woman flags the guy for inappropriate behavior their profiles are immediately frozen so with your tech trans gabe slate reporting >> reporter: for the most part for the harder the baby of quiet conditions were trekking light to moderate rate now there resume minute the east bay locations we do have some light been detected out of our viewing area basically is north east of lota deceive the right now with trackings and showers out the livermore fairly light in nature. these are looking at rain fall braises about a quarter of the interest of heading over to the cupertino area this cell could unpack san
5:48 pm
jose and the next 30 minutes or so so get ready for some moderate rainfall in san jose. for the rest of tonight i'm expecting the showers and thunderstorms activity to diminished as we get closer the sunset this evening at 7:00 would just probably see a scattered showers the will be light in nature for the most part been overnighters sleeping view public see more scattered showers the pattern will continue through tomorrow for wednesday as we're expecting mostly cloudy conditions for wednesday so hold onto the umbrellas through tomorrow. rain totals not too bad every little bit helps fremont had 1.76 and should hayward had over one- and-a-half inches san mateo picked up three-quarters of an inch of rain. >> reporter: abysses bring some much-needed snow up to lake tahoe. distills going
5:49 pm
up there right now. we're talking about it more than a foot possible by tomorrow early morning including the cisco and tigers and the higher elevations. overnight lows will be in the '50's and '40's and will get to the '60s tomorrows 60 in san francisco oakland and san jose. were unsettled the tomorrow but thursday more sunshine and we're getting ready for drier padding and warmer conditions by the weekend. >> reporter: smell bombs the report of the resorts opened and were picking up all little bit of snow and should abort its sugar ball. i think will have an updated report on long to marl kirk would put picked up 4 in. of new snow. >> catherine heenan: now before there were 50 shades of gray there was jackie
5:50 pm
collins. her steamy books take you inside the lives of hollywood's rich and famous she sold more than five and a million copies of her books many reaching the new york times best-seller list should now she is back with another new book and insiders louis aguirre spent time with her loss angeles. >> reporter: the new so- called mommy erotic as a big distinction >>: i saw the movie and i thought the movie was beautifully shot him but it was not sexy. >> reporter: and novelist jackie collins knows sexy better than anybody it was in the recording studio while she read from her upcoming steamy summer page turner out june 16th jackie reveal how she writes a sex. >>: when you're writing the
5:51 pm
book it just happens i years ago some great news bit a little ussher and little old so marvin gaye. >> reporter: so you set the scene first >>: i set the same >> reporter: but apparently it was once hard to control jackie growing up in england little sister joan collins became high school dropout. >>: i came here and john literally met me at the airport told me years the keys to my car and learn how to drive. >> reporter: will have so much more on this story as seven on the insider louis aguirre back to you kathryn >> catherine heenan: you to watch on his celebrity news here on kron 4 after the insider entertainment tonight ears and 7:30 p.m.
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follow by kron 4 news at 8.
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>> stanley roberts: this of water running down a storm drain in concord possibly hundreds of gallons. this from the sprinklers that were turned on wall the country homes the worker claims he was there of orders from his boss detests the sprinklers. this is another home entry boulevard also on the city of concord is always up for sale and no one was home but the sprinklers were on full blast. and this is the corner of coldwell and st. charles place where this time is not sprinklers is a damaged water pipe that is leaking as a result of an auto collision the day before. >> stanley roberts: the car spun out because in rain the day before which brings me
5:56 pm
back to the worker checking the sprinkler heads of the home where no one's home and the sprinklers or going full blast by walken all were soaking wet their new mandatory restrictions in effect in 48 hours after any rate you are not permitted to water your launch this means you can not check your sprinklers for leaks and you cannot have water running down your sidewalk there is a five on the dollar find it could be imposed if you're caught will not fly in this drought. many residents are using creative drought resistant wants and summer just letting brown be the new green. at least until the drought since remember we all need to conserve water because it is a renewable source but is not renewing right now in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news >> catherine heenan: coming up the sitting making headlines this shows police
5:57 pm
officer's shooting a man as he was running away and will learn more about the charges that are facing this offers officer kron 4 news continues next at sixth.
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5:59 pm
>> catherine heenan: more rain for the bay area's coming down in fits and starts the rob today in not necessarily have the ball was hit and enough to wet the pavement from the north bay to the south bay there were a lot of moments of significant rain for the bay area thirsty for more here's what it looks like right now and young is here to let us know we can expect spurious blustery and cloudy.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: we're still trackings showers and thunderstorms 01 mention the rainbows the people had been sitting across the bay area came in from april on the face and put age and she's one of many people that have captured beautiful shops shots of the rainbows and across the bay area and we are still tracking showers and thunderstorms this evening a stick a look the storm trecker for you can see was still have scattered showers and i see one that just popped up in the santa rosa area st. helena where the storm system is bringing moderate to heavy rainfall in that area right now other locations is east bay mouth livermore and just north of milpitas they're moving to the east. cupertino i'm tracking a new cell here. and looks a give this annals say area you may be getting some wet weather within the next 30 minister so. was a moderate to heavy
6:01 pm
rain. on expecting the scattered showers and activity to diminish in the next few hours. >> catherine heenan: the biggest time of the bat of the bay area was overnight and early morning kron 4 the will tran and jackie sizzle were in the middle of it. >> reporter: started coming down around 4:00 in the morning. this is video from southbound 1018 the see just how hard the rain was coming down it for 40 5:00 a.m.. just as the morning commute was starting to pick up. thankfully a lot of cards adjusted and then we move to another location as the morning will donned this is a 880. 237 southbound. with some breaks throughout the morning but sure enough the
6:02 pm
rain came back cars in this location adjusted to the re puddling wet when de the chp says they were busy throughout the day for fortunately no major accident and no fatalities to report is jeff definitely take it easy as you head home this afternoon and this evening because we expect this rainfall to continue not to mention their still puddling on the roadway >> reporter: only the puddles are left here in hayward after fast-moving storm that doused significant rain. this is a scene in hayward this morning at 438 him not only was the rain coming down the rain was pushing aside ways and that combination made for difficult driving conditions. on your way from the north bay to hayward i saw no less than a three spinet three spinoff on the freeway. the heavy rains
6:03 pm
fell about 1:00 a.m.. by 9:00 a.m. the rain has stopped completely and hayward blue skies could be seen over head and hayward jackie sizzle kron 4 news >> catherine heenan: is as if santa claus himself delivered is better late than never rain to the bay area farmers and other businesses that depend on it kron 4 the rob fladeboe reports the growers of the christmas tree say that even a little rain at this time of year can make a huge difference. >> reporter: los gatos christmas tree grow or gym bag showed me how the inch and a half of rain that fell here at passion's tree farm overnight is already having an impact on is drought stress trees.
6:04 pm
>>: you can tell right and weighted the streets really appreciated >> reporter: patent's 15 a. of cedar, monterey pine and douglas fir trees here on mountain charlie road are not irrigated but entirely dependent on mother nature. you can see how bad is using a thick layer of mulch to trapped moisture and keep the weeds down histories have adapted well to drought conditions but he worries about the long dry summer i had just the same. >>: about its and a half for rain will bowl least 6 in. down into the soil but is not deep enough for the roofs you talked about a matter of weeks not months that this could of disaffected last >> reporter: bill have to take our word for it but the
6:05 pm
trees are also incredibly fragrant as a result of the recent rains beck says a bit more rain would be just what they need an los gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> grant lodes: new images night showing snow in the sierra. see a speech rocky and chp south lake tahoe have been swinging out pictures like this warning of the rough road conditions and chain requirements. the picture from squaw valley group resort shows the blustery conditions the snow started this morning in sierra more accumulation is expected in tonight lake level locations even got snow as much as 6 in. or so. upper elevations the see as much as 2 ft. by the time the system moved out. with many resorts already close you could call this a little too late but
6:06 pm
in the snow is welcome as the drought intensified. >> catherine heenan: and kron 4 has the new weather act is perfect for situations like this seeking use it to track storm whenever what you want whenever you want the act is free in the at stores are for all devices. >> catherine heenan: the plans to finish clearing up the san francisco house where a mummified corpse was discovered among piles of debris are on hold until a hearing tomorrow in probate judge will determine who is responsible for the house and the cost of the cleanup. it took the public health workers for days of trash removal before the body was found meanwhile kron 4 as maureen kelly stock talk with mental-health advocates say there is help available for people are compulsive orders.
6:07 pm
>> reporter: aaron scott she says with her there problem cropped up over decades before she was connected with the mental health association of san francisco where she is now a responder helping to support others. she also lived around the corner from 55 your sharon reagan the was crammed with debris and the mummified of body that is believed to be that of her mother. >>: i felt badly that she could not let her mother go and she was a child like enough that she could not reach out to other people so she kept her mother with her >> reporter: marcello with the mental-health six society situations like that were much more extreme apologize technical difficulties
6:08 pm
>> catherine heenan: with a chilling video tonight were a police officer was chased chasing and shooting a man and will what happens next the surprising story still ahead and a bay area cancer patient is kicked off a flight from hawaii will explain why and tell you why the airline with the airline is saying and how san francisco rates among walkable cities and what the city ranks even higher in. the still coming up next
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
6:11 pm
>> catherine heenan: celts' trend is gonna close the san mateo hayward bridge over two weekends in may. it is happening it's happening in the weekend of may 8th to the 11th and then may 15th to the 17th. full closure will be from 10:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. monday the third week enclosure is reserved for may 22nd to the 20 seth but might not be needed. crews need to resurface the entire span of the bridge akes replace expansion joints and electrical work the commuters can take alternate routes like the dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge. >> catherine heenan: san francisco is the second most walkable city in the nation according to an on-line company called walks core
6:12 pm
san francisco scored nearly 84 with only new york doing better among the things considered our public transportation options abundant parks and neighborhoods dense with stores and restaurants all easily accessible by walking other cities in the top five include boston philadelphia and miami. >> catherine heenan: and the video of and a new video making big news tonight a police shooting captured on cell phone video on charleston south carolina will have more information coming up.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
do youant knohow rd i cabeto batheith pd? itan fl li thi pd iludechroc brchit anemphema. spiva a oe-day inhaled copd mntence tatme thatelpspen airys f a ll 2hour spira helps me brehe eier. spirivrespat ds no reace rescuenhals fosudd sytoms tell youdoct if u ha kiey pblem glaoma, trouble inatg, oan larg proate. these y woen wh irivrespat. discuss l mecineyou keevenye dps. if youbreaing dden woens, yourhroaor tgue ells you t his, vision chang or e pa orprobms passing urine op ting irivrespat and callour ctorrighaway side effts iludeorethro coug dryouthnd sus fectn.
6:15 pm
nothg carevee co. spirivhelpme batheette toearnboutpiri resmatslowovinmist ask your dtor vis spivarpimacom breaking >> catherine heenan: news there is new video the wising for the first time today this making big news tonight is a police shooting the was captain of cell phone video this is in charleston south carolina. grant lodes as been looking at this is disturbing to even watch this. >> grant lodes: we're gonna be saying this for months to come this is a still frame showing this white police officer over there as the
6:16 pm
issuing the victim and a turquoise jacket right there and we play the video you can see he shot he shot multiple times as the man was running away. >> grant lodes: right the shooting followed a traffic stop in north charleston south carolina the video the to looking at is from the new york times website we have blurred up the victim on the crime ride their the times is reporting of michael slater fired a taser at the victim 50 year-old walter lamar scott and then he took up the gut done this is a slow motion video. the times is reporting that the corner for the victim's family says that he was hit five times three times in the back once an upper box and once in the ear and the m-1 point to conceive of death of police officer dropping the taser at the victim's body. the office of
6:17 pm
attorney says that he and if he felt threatened and that he was trying to grab the officers stun guns but this video files controversial encounters from missouri to ohio to new york. we've been told we posted the entire video on our we have multiple reporters working angles to get a perspective on this breaking news. airstrikes >> catherine heenan: gunfire explosions are sending the country of yemen to the brink of civil war and a humanitarian disaster. the un says at least 540 people have died in this fighting since march more than 70 children have been killed in the last two weeks some 16 million people are also without electricity which is three- quarters of the country. >> catherine heenan:
6:18 pm
>> reporter: he was extremely tired and wanted to share his journey of being trapped in yemen and trying to get home. >>:, bay area resident and unfortunately some unfortunate events happened to me in the last few meant a with yemen working on a project we've been given warning us about traveling to yemen but unfortunately overnight was a war that happened between 10 coalition countries in the first night they bombed a civilian airport in four weeks we tried to reach out to someone to help evacuate us and i took an extreme met strict measures being desperate i took a boat left yemen to a's eastern african
6:19 pm
country to be rescued a couple of my life at risk because my government cannot help me i'm very glad to be home and looking for to see my family. they've been very worried about me even though they know that i'm here to an ad and the facilities until they see me ideas would go on now and see my family >> reporter: on what an active day's been here on the bay area and all out sam keene valley of the was and listen to us of a funnel cloud did receive around the bay area this afternoon from the foothills and and glenn county had a tornado warning of their no confirmed reports that a tornado touched down. it's fairly quiet and boeing trackings and showers in the north bay and east bay locations in on the take a look at your future for test scattered
6:20 pm
showers overnight but the activity should die down within the next hour so we will definitely see active weather over night of the annulled on to the unsettled weather pattern the tonight and tomorrow morning. i think but tomorrow morning we do have a chance of sourness of an unfettered power alone will stick around for one more day of we do need the rain so any more rain the we do get we will take. with some pretty impressive rain totals for last 24 hours hayward picked up more the engine and half of rain oakland over an inch. san mateo had three- quarters of an inch of rain. showers and i may be thunderstorms i haven't seen any lighting in the past couple of hours in the bay area chilly start tamara look for a sunny and mother conditions later in the afternoon. overnight lows
6:21 pm
will be falling into the 40's. 42 and livermore highs for tomorrow low 60s 56 in oakland. is a quick check of the storm track record for unsettled to tamara hold onto your umbrellas and we dryout on thursday and the the bill a little bit warmer. >> catherine heenan: coming up a mother with cancer was kicked off a flight to san jose because of current on frail health she recorded the encounter and now it's going viral and why the airline removed from what they're saying about it now and the new republican candidate for president white ran paul says you should vote for him.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> catherine heenan: the south a woman and her family were back on the way from hawaii the woman was removed from the plane because she had cancer and she did not
6:25 pm
have a note to fly alecia reid is here she put the sun facebook and as wise getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: else started when elizabeth put on a mass when she went to get on our flight a flight attendant asked what she okay she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma sensuous find a she might need more time to get on the plank is sometimes she feels wait a short time later on alaska's rep of alaska airlines representative says the she could not fly because she did not have a doctor's note you can see her husband and her two sons and herself or kicked off the plane they had to spend the night and a white and she says because of this season and missed chemotherapy sessions which she has never done before. >>: anyone ever wonder how i got to hawaii. i've been thrown from the plane because i have cancer. i'm
6:26 pm
sorry to hold everyone up. >> reporter: alaska airlines apologized for her and convenience sake released a statement saying her family's tickets have been refunded and that will pay the cost of their overnight stay in likud the situation could been handled differently. >> catherine heenan: coming up the vice president is coming to the bay area will tell you why coming up next and the grim circumstances regarding the home but was courting and police arrested another suspect in the killing of chyemil pierce was trying to protect children.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: aaron oakland police headquarters homicide
6:30 pm
investigators announced the arrests of two more suspects making a total of six and now in custody for the murder of chyemil pierce 20 year-old john ward and alex dave is join the rest of the suspects connected to the case investigators say is more tips come in from the community more arrests are likely to follow. >>: i always put a number on it but the community members are flooding on lines with information. >> reporter: and emily turner and fairfield were a neighborhood is relieved this afternoon when a superior court judge wang went against the state recommendation to release a sex offender in their quiet neighborhood. if chosen by the state has buzzed hospital for the only location for frazier's methyl was the convicted of a 70 us the us of a 17 year- old girl. >> reporter: here in
6:31 pm
oakland neighbors along broadway civic there's an ongoing concern about cars in the shrubbery along the roadway all condemned because the shrubbery is starting to overthrow the rob blake is causing cars to swerve into the center line and that's a recipe for disaster. some of the neighbors said they reached out to the city with no luck so far today i reached out to the city coming up at 8:00 tonight up to you with the city is saying about this problem and what neighbors are saying reporting an oakland scott rates kron 4 news >> reporter: the plastic cleanup the house with a mummified course corpse was found is currently on hold due to go all wednesday hearing. a judge will have to determine who was responsible for the house and the cleanup. it took four days of trash removal before the body was found. the the identification of the body is believed to be the mother of the 55 year-
6:32 pm
old woman that was living there no-fault plan is currently it is suspected. >> reporter: supervisors got a winner here is city hall is a given us solution to conserve water. he says the whishes start using some recycle water to flush toilets. the water coming at the sink wash machine and shower can be reset hyped-up and this recycle to flush toilets he says if the legislation is approved because servicing this recycle water in new developments within a year or two the san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news >> reporter: in the south bay april showers provide a welcome water for partial like landscape. there was virtually no rep runoff for the reservoirs. but the shower that fell late this
6:33 pm
afternoon in los gatos and elsewhere in the south bay cabdriver's reaching for their wipers in the meantime growers of christmas trees in the senate crews mounds as the engine half of water that they receive is really helping their drought stretched farms. >> reporter: right now standing at the intersection of highway 35 and 92 in san diego county is see a storm with push through this is been the story all day on tuesdays at small cells pass from west to east across the bay area including the peninsula in elton the south bay and north bay it wasn't that have the steady rain without overnight but the storms did bring quite a bit of moisture to rob the bay area. >> reporter: and i'm still tracking some areas of sour this evening. with gus and scattered showers out there so here headed out to take your dog on a wall you may
6:34 pm
encounter some showers in the save selena area is still rain dropping out there in salina and down field. young bill yount bill yountville... a lot of people got some beautiful rainbow pictures. his firm prepared iced brick beach and ran paradise beach and should taper off in the sunset will dry things up after tomorrow on thursday the high tomorrow was low 60s. >> catherine heenan: a first term senator declares his candidacy for president it happened eight years ago and brought all bond ended up in
6:35 pm
the white house. now the junior senator from kentucky is hoping to do the same thing is president obama >> reporter: the libertarian icon is hoping to make the grand old party duran new party in his an announcement in louisville today all promised he will be a different kind of president. >>: too often when republicans have won we have squandered out victory by becoming part of the washington the shame that is not who i a.m. the the the words of ran paul. >> reporter: his yacht enthusiastic followers chanted president paul at his tea party message. like his father three-time presidential candidate ron paul rand hall is running against big government. he
6:36 pm
also appeared to move away from the traditional libertarian isolationism. >>: the enemy is radical islam and you cannot get around it and not only will i named them again to me i will do what ever it takes to defend america from these haters of mankind >> reporter: paul has already come under fire the man who made infamous with bowed heads against john kerry released one against paul for his support of the president on iran. all responded by citing conservative idol ronald reagan. >>: ross but verify is required in any of the negotiation but that our goal always should be and always is peace not war. >> reporter: paul is the second major republican candidates to officially job
6:37 pm
and to the 2016 race texas senator ted crews said today he welcomes the competition for orders amid marco rubio is expected to announce next week and so is hillary clinton's official entry in the democratic race. >> catherine heenan: the white house says the vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be in the bay area later this week by a military and apolitical fund-raiser thursday in san francisco. he will also visit a pg and e facility in oakland friday to talk about the importance of job training programs jill biden will be at the on the college in cupertino talking about president obama is the ministrations commitments to the community colleges. >> gabe slate: coming under attack report napm at 8 pm
6:38 pm
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>> catherine heenan: the white house hosted a post eastern prayer breakfast this morning where christian leaders from across the country join the president to pray and reflect on the holy week and easter. the president as the size love and acceptance then joked he was in the need of prayer because of to certain people in his life. president >>: about misspeaking " my daughters are starting to grow up and started to go on college visits and the prayer i start tearing up in the middle of the day and i can explain it why am i so said in the " >> catherine heenan: it was all laughs in the east room of the white house where the president got to speak off the cuff today's breakfast was the sixth time president obama has hosted the event since he was elected. >> catherine heenan: tiger woods is an agusta getting
6:42 pm
ready for the masters jason has all sports coming up next
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: welcome everybody tiger woods was in a jovial mood as he prepared for his 20th masters today was all smiles and very muggy during his practice round today was hugging everyone he'd find he was decidedly to appear chipper even announcing he will play in the par-3 event for the rest for the first time in 11 years with his two kids caddying for him. tiger woods has not played at all since tweaking his back two months ago and fact he's only finished 2 of the past nine tournaments that he's played then. and has not sought under par and around since last august he is 39
6:46 pm
with back problems but says he feels great and ready to compete. >> reporter: wild tiger has fallen to 111th in the world golf rankings this man 21 year-old texan jordan speak is burst onto the scene currently ranks second in the world. spade was just a baby when tiger 1 his first masters in 1997 something not lost on tigard today. >>: tiger was speaking i won the masters when he was in diapers. in >>: i was three almost four when tiger won the masters of our member wearing diapers at the rate of four might have on pull ups. >> reporter: giants fans are
6:47 pm
holding their breath little as kane " is put on the and disabled list the good news is no doubt legged that meant and the giants are hopeful that he could return into the three weeks. chris heston is ready to rock he is ready this starts the season and sacramental but instead he's gonna be starting in place of came against the diamondbacks. get a very good solid spring so he came is out for now heston is thin as a spot starter for the time being and and j.p. was scratched from arizona due back soreness. and the a's will send this newcomer to the amount 25 year-old jessie haunt who came over from san diego. he has a big curveball and a bigger upside we sat down with hind
6:48 pm
not too long ago and asked them who in his life made a big impact in helping them reach the majors. >>: definitely my father is the one the work with me from day one any time when it to go to the park could throw he was mceachern. >> reporter: we heard so much about how loose the clubhouse this who the sum of funny characters on the team still >>: invokes the the character of a team but that does not playing baseball he's gonna be doing something else which is somewhere down the road. maybe a basketball referee he is definitely the one the funniest guys in the clubhouse >> reporter: the think there's something with the front office the less the players be what they will they are. >>: still get our done we come to the park every day but we have fun along with it and has a huge part of the >> reporter: the eupepsia
6:49 pm
continued contender here? >>: absolutely we looking on were contained chemistry right now once we get everything together as a team on this bill i think this team can go a long way. >> reporter: the contest interviews like that with jesse on every night on sports night live with dick roberts in may. the raiders are holding their kolyma that was talking to the media with their cars showed up.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: video quality was not great the sounds like car was challenging him to raise both players are pretty phat mix car ran for 640 and mack of 469 so they're pretty) when you're not dealing withdrawal like conditions of five time n.c.a.a. champions will emerge from the plane from the tame the later have a rally at indoor stadium on the duke campus more than 9000 that in the venue with last night's win over wisconsin to to her chest the past eight off ross. he'll have to double that total if he was to be john wooden kin. >>: in the history of our program we won a lot of
6:51 pm
things this is been the and not trying to insult the to the other team but this is been my favorite year. >> reporter: and this is the reaction by 120 san jose was the winner and actually tied that espn pull more than 11 and ann have entered an this met this young boys santo he's one is gonna be entered in the $20,000 gift card and espy and a trip to maui the only thing is just to be 18 to qualify so is that this size set on a more modest request >>: out probably get the next box because i really want one right now pretty excited >> reporter: yen from $20,000 to an ex box of sure he'll take everything get there. we have an overly aggressive east bunny easter bunny is the the bundy jumps
6:52 pm
out and body slams looks like george washington heed this is the but he comes out of know where this is staged but an aggressive easter bunny teddy roosevelt by the way it also get a little bit of but the treatment and the looks likes his william howard taft when one the race. >> catherine heenan: still thinking about tiger woods yucking it up. still ahead good news for star wars fans uncollectable edition is available for download and a lot more news ahead.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
>> stanley roberts: be up a grocery stores around the bay of literally gone to the dogs all explained in the
6:56 pm
next edition of people behaving badly tonight it date. >> catherine heenan: for the first time ever the star wars movie will be available for digital download each of the six films of the saga will be released on digital h-p is gonna happen very soon april 10th the release will come with special bonus material highlighting the star wars history and in december there will be a new addition to all of this. the reason the timing it this way is because dire wars awakened. do you care about the star wars? >> reporter: at a minor movies but when sen line to and then a quick check of the forecast tonight just saw some scattered showers out there and will respecting for tomorrows still a few showers and a was starts to warm things
6:57 pm
up and try things out on thursday stay connected everybody we hope to see you at 8:00 have a good night.
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> i lied. the two words brian williams reportedly refused to say after his nbc news scandal. >> he clearly has a good deal of bitterness. >> but what could be his next act? and is he already laughing all the way to the bank? >> the national champions. >> as duke blue devils celebrate their big ncaa win. >> duke university condemning the latest act on campus. >> why is the student still enrolled in the university? >> and "g to rattle the cages of scientology. >> i felt like a pioneer in many ways. >> john travolta finally breaks his silence.
7:00 pm
>> and chrissy teigen's secrets about the billboard awards. >> i love when people mess up a prompter. >> i'm with jackie collins, the diva of erotic fiction with over half a billion sold. >> how's that for a school dropout? >> she's laying down how she gets in the mood to write the perfect sex scene. >> i usually put on some great music. a little usher. >> let's go inside. >> can i come over? >> now, the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. brian williams back in the spotlight. will his passion for comedy trump his love of hard news? and, is his next gig already booked? hello, everybody, i'm louis aguirre. >> i'm thea andrews. speaking of passion, louis, you spent a little time with the queen of romance novels herself, jackie collins. i heard it got a little heated there. >> what she really feels about "fifty shades" and her epic affair with marl


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