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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> catherine : off the top at eleven: campus concerns at cal after a student is arrested for video voyeurism in a school restroom. police say they caught alfred mendez video-taping other students in a co-ed bathroom in a campus residence hall. kron-4's dan rubin has more from berkeley tonight. >> dan :here at the residence hall in berkeley students are shocked to hear about what happened >>:i can't imagine why someone to do that >>:it makes me rethink my whole life on my floor >> dan :she said she caught a man holding a self on underneath
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a stall while she was inside using one of the co-ed restrooms. >>:i heard stories about this but the good thing is that in our unit both sides are covered like for the shower so i don't think there is a possibility of happening that. >> dan :but it was from underneath >>:underneath? all i didn't think that was possible >> dan :she no longer lives in the same residence hall but it's unclear if he lives on campus or not. >>:obviously there can't really be off our security in the bathrooms because it is a communal restroom. but you never know what can happen with colored bathrooms. >>:it still leaves the question of whether others are doing the same things and whether we should be worried as an institution will be to do about
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it. it is a violation of personal space >> dan :reporting then rubin-- dan rubin >> catherine : a softball coach -- with roots in the north bay -- is out of jail, but facing nearly 100 counts of child molestation. now, some who know him - are talking about the case - and his background. kron-4's j-r stone has our story from petaluma. >> j.r. :this is a person facing a hundred counts of child molestation while this news may come as a shock to those of the northeast, many of for paaluma are not surprised in the least. in fact they're fearful of him to this day and have chosen to hide their identities >>:i've been a neighbor of him for years and i chose to report
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in to police and had an attorney for right a cease and desist >> j.r. :in the 10 years he was around he coach softball at sonde, univ. university. he will also a touch of a 18 year old and under traveling softball team. they're fearful that he could be linked to other victims. >>:i have daughters of my own and what of the horrifies me as all of the women have been damaged by this man >> j.r. :police have been in contact with a variety of individuals in palme at this point additional charges have not been filed. there is a sense of relief knowing that charges have been filed >>:i was absolutely in for. this day to for i was elated
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>> j.r. : j.r. stone kron 4 news >> catherine : right now, east bay mud has enough water for its 1-point-three million customers. but they're having to take some drastic measures to keep it that way. with governor brown's call to action, they'll have to penalize future water wasters. that threshold is four and a half times the average use of a single family household which is currently pegged at about 11- hundred gallons of water a day. for every 748 gallons over that threshold, it will cost you two dollars. >> "the end of december our customers were conserving at about 13 percent, from january through present the number has gone down significantly, and we're at six percent conservation" >> catherine : all east bay mud customers, no matter how much water you're using - will probably see their rates go up 25 percent. for the average customer - that's about 12 dollars a month. it's the fifth day since cement
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was accidentally spilled into an oakland creek. and the clean-up continues. east bay mud now says that most of the cement that spilled last wednesday morning has been removed from the broadway branch of glen echo creek. crews spent the past weekend checking out pipes and drains near the creek.and today they began clearing out those sections. >>:we know it is going to be several more days. we think that everybody wants to be out of here by the end of the week, known as leading into we get everything out of here >> catherine : >> east bay mud now says that most of the cement that spilled last wednesday morning has been removed from the exposed portions of the broadway branch of glen echo creek.
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today was the giants home opener at a-t-&-t park. with excited fans more than ready to see some baseball. some began arriving hours before the gates opened. the 2014 champion flag was raised for everyone to see. as diehard fans young and old got ready for the opener against the colorado rockies. >>:best team, best color best flag >> catherine : so the day didn't end in a win for the giants. but there was still a lot to celebrate. coming up later in sports. gary has all the highlights. still ahead. a kron-4 viewer asks us to help out when she finds mold in a popular children's drink. what one grocery chain is now doing about her problem. later: an east bay school board member feels the heat over comments she made about air conditioning. and wait until you hear what caused an airplane to return to a major u.s. airport today - right after takeoff.
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>> catherine : an alaska airlines flight heading to l-a was forced into an emergency landing after someone could be heard screaming in the cargo area.
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as kron 4's alecia reid reports it turned out to be a trapped worker. >> "we don't have to dump fuel or anything like that. i think we have -- we're hearing a noise coming from the baggage compartment. might be a person in there so, we're going to have to come back around." >> alecia :14 minutes after takeoff, alaska airlines flight 448 was back on passengers and crew members heard someone screaming for help. the person was trapped in the front cargo hold. >> i just don't understand why he was in there >> alecia :christina tuscany was on the plane with her newborn son gavin. she spoke with our cnn partner over the phone. emergency crews met the plane at the gate. they need to take better precautions. >> alecia :when the vessel landed, the ramp agent slid out of the cargo area and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. he told authorities he got trapped because he fell asleep. that section of the cargo was pressurized and temperature controlled. the same area pets are held while being
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transported. alaska airlines is actively investigating the matter. >>:he told first responders that spoke with him that he boarded the cargo hold and is taking a nap are to the aircraft taking off--prior to the aircraft taking off >> catherine : later in our broadcast: drinking danger. what one woman bought for her young child that grossed her out enough to call us. what we did about it. and a heated controversy over school air conditioning has one official backing down tonight. >> gary :and coming up in this broadcast giants and a's and opposite performances. later in this broadcast >> reporter :a storm system is trying to bring someone into the bay area but it looks like it will come up short however is main booking some gusty winds
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coming up
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>> catherine : a warning tonight about a potentially dangerous nutrition drink for children. it's now being pulled from store shelves. following a "my kron 4 story" investigation. kron 4's scott rates shows us what he helped uncover. that led the store taking action. >>:my name is >> alecia :robinson and this is my kron 4 news story
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this was inside my babies sippy cup she took a sip of it and said maumee this is burning my tongue--ommy >> scott :she made this discovery just two days after buying this bottle of pediasure >>:i decided to examine the bottle and found a small abrasion but when you squeeze it you can see it's an actual whole--hole >> scott :so she picked up the phone and called the authorities >>:i was worried that other children had been ingesting this >> scott :i talked with the
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honor of lucky shot and he said that they are pulling be vanilla flavor off the shelves until the can investigate the nature of the issue they went on to say that if a customer has purchased the product recently and has a concern about it they encourage them to return it at their local store for a refund she said that her children's doctor says her kids should be ok but the very lack--least it has been a very few frightening days >>:it was very scary and i guess i haven't, slept haven't but they're ok right now. you know all we dealt with this is over there and bouquet--they are okay >> scott :robinson says that she is very faithful the--thankful that her children are doing ok but says that she has not ruled
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out a legal action >> catherine : and we checked out that last story after a viewer brought it to our attention. if you have your own story please go to our web site and click on the mmy kron story tab >> catherine : a martinez school board member is backing down tonight after some controversial comments about air conditioning at some district schools. as kron-4's jeff bush reports it has some parents really fired up. 11pm parents of one east bay school district are angry and calling for the resignation of a school board member because of comments she made about the tradtionally poorer and ethnic students of a martinez elementarty school. kron four's jeff bush was at the first school board meeting since the controversy started and talked to parents about the poorly chosen words.
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>> jeff :school board member denise elskin wishes she had not said what she said last month during a discussion about how to spend prop k funds in the district. i would say that 95 percent of the students at las juntas do not have air conditiong in their homes and would be better aclamated to the heat. that is how elskin described her reasoning for being against a new air conditioning system at los juntas elementarymany in the district took her words as racist and elitest and made their dissatisfaction known at the school board meeting on monday night. >>:treat these kids equally to the other kids in the district and show them that their health and their safety and their education are super valuable. + >> jeff :ms. elskin gave us insight on how she makes important decisions about our children and how she makes musd school board decisions. she makes decisions based on bias faulty assumptions and leaps of logic. elskin finally made an apology in front of everyone at the meeting. denise elskin school board member >> unfortuntatly, my poor choice of words and a malicious video that was widly serculated on social media have now cast a shadow on our district and las juntas and have taken away the important work that we still have to do for our children and for that i am truly sorry. >> jeff :but, elskin's mea culpa seemed to fall on deaf earsparents say her words show her insensitivity and that she is out of touch with the needs of the students in the district. i'm jeff bush in martinez, kron four news.
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>> reporter :the winds really ramped up today. winds of around 25 mi. per hour mt. diablo recording wins 50 to 60 m.p.h.. it is going to remain breezy tonight. and tonight same time there is a weather system coming through but it looks like all of the rain is going to just fizzle out. lots of sunshine tomorrow and other cool to mild day, winds as strong as 40 m.p.h. we're looking at some scattered clouds and the bay as weather system goes by, and earlier in the forecast maybe not sprinkles but, the clouds will be gone, sunshine to start out the day
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temperatures relatively mild, up around 70 in the warmest spots an east bay value-ballet-. here is the storm trackers temperatures into the upper '70's low 80s by the bay by thursday and friday close to 90 degrees inland >> catherine : coming up madison bumgarner rides a horse for the giants' home opener and klay thompson has a monster game for the warriors. the sports, next!!!!
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>> gary :warriors will not know until wednesday night to they will open the playoffs against of this weekend klay thompson had himself a night vs. memphis klay went nuts in the 2nd quarter hitting from everywhere on the court klay actually outscored memphis all by himself in the quarter 26-25 klay ended up with 37 points in the 1st half for the game: klay: 42 points, 6 assists warriors almost blew a 32 point lead in the 4th but hang on final: 111-107 warriors warriors improve to 66-15
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season finale: host denver wednesday wednesday night they will find out who the host this weekend. new ordinance or oklahoma city-- new orleans bishop o'dowd's ivan rabb is one of the top high school basketball players in his he chose where he'll play his college ball. with his family and friends on hand rabb chose cal over arizona 18 year old played at bishop o'dowd and is rated as high as the number 6 overall recruit in the country cal is getting a 6-foot-11 athletic playershot blockerpasserhas some offensive skills. espn calls him "a potential difference maker on both sides of the court" the giants had a glorious home opener. everything except the final score festivities begin with the center field fence opened up and
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out walks the entire team lead by bruce bochy, tim lincecum and buster posey carrying the giants three world series trophies world series mvp madison bumgarner stole the show when he mounted a horse out on the warning track.then carried the championship banner over to the flagpole led by sergio romo several players hoist the banner up flagpole in front of 42,019 fans then the game startedgiants offense stayed cold bot 2ndbases loaded angel pagan - grounds out to end inning sf: 0-7 with runners in scoring position / giants strand 12 runners top 3rd, scoreless rookie chris heston - his 2nd big league start - pitched great but makes a mistake here to sunnyvale's troy tulowitzki who rips a single to right to bring in a run 1-0 col final: 2-0 rockies giants: 7 runs over last 5 games and have been shut out twice the a's have outscored their opponents 38 to 1 in their four wins this year billy butler this fall
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completely leaves and minute maid part. top 5th, 5-1 a's country breakfast hit his first home run as an "a" not just any home runit complete leaves minute maid park it's a 3-run blast to break game open 8-1 a's billy butler only a.l. player to hit in all 8 games bot 5th scott kazmir gets help from his "d" sam fuld - an outstanding catch - extending the body to rob jake marisnik of extra bases kazmir: 6 ip, 3 hits, 1 run, 8 k's final: a's win 8-1 a's improve to 4-4 red sox had their home opener washington tom brady throws out the ceremonial first pitch at fenway for the red sox home opener vs. nationals brady bounces it before the platenot impressivestill gets a hug from david ortiz 1st inning great catch here - speedy outfielder mookie betts - great leaping catch up up against the low wall to rob bryce harper of a homer
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michael crabtree won't have to go far to join his new team crabtree is expected to sign with the oakland raiders. he's averaged 12.5 yards per catach over his 6-year career with ninershe was the 10th overall pick by the niners in 2009 raiders are still expected to draft a wideout in the draft this looks worse than it was wet conditions at the grand prix of louisiana francessco dracone loses control in the pits and his car runs right into pit crew member todd phillips who flies through the air. luckily phillips only needed six stitches for a cut on his leg very dramatic video though here and give you the warriors had to be the giants i give you the a's. my heart goes out to
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