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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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meanwhile on the other side of the bay. aerial images courtesy of our partnership with abc-7. show 'black lives matter' protesters in oakland. attempting to shut down northbound lanes of interstate- 880. the demonstrators were near the jackson street on ramp. and caused some traffic to backup. protesters also marched to oakland city hall, and momentarily occupied council chambers. across the country today. nearly 30 protests were planned for today and tonight. all billed as "national actions to stop murder by police." here in new york. a large demonstration. people blocked the brooklyn bridge. dozens of activists there were arrested. pittsburg police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead at a gas station near a busy highway. kron four's jeff bush explains what happened. jeff bush>>: police say they got the call around one in the afternoona baypoint man had been
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shot in the refueling area of the chevron on california avenuenear highway four and the loveridge exit. when officers arrived they found the victim, a man in his 20's dead of a single gunshot wound. according to police, the man was filling his van up with gasoline and talking to some friends when all of a sudden, the suspect confronted him and shot him and took off in an unknown direction. police looked for the shooter but were unable to find him. you can see that there was a heavy police presence after the shootingcrime scene tape went up and investigators were gathering clues and talking to witnesses at the gas station. the investigation took most of the afternoon and the gas station was closed down during that processpolice were unable to determine a motive or if the victim and the shooter knew each other. police would not release the name of the victim. that
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information has to come from the contra costa county coroner. police say it is unclear if the shooting was gang related. i'm jeff bush in pittsburg kron four news. sometime later this year the san jose police department will equip a dozen of its officers with body cameras. but there are several major hurdles to overcome before the program can be expanded. the decision was just made today. the city estimates. that to equip all patrol officers with cameras, and build a system to manage the videos, it would cost about a - million dollars per year. no one knows how that bill would be paid. but san jose mayor sam liccardo hopes. the cameras will eventually be available to all patrol officers. >>:,we want to ensure we have accountabilty on both sides and body worn cameras reduce our litigation costs protect officers and protect members of the public. despite the challenges liccardo says, putting cameras on officers could benefit the
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public and the police department. the body cameras and video will be test-used over a four month period. it's a pretty astonishing site. a huge, dead whale has washed up on a beach in pacifica. and it is going to take a lot of work to find out how it died. and to remove the carcass. kron 4's scott rates reports. scott rates>>: well the whale is a very though spot to get at, it's on he other side here at mori point in pacifica here's what it looks like from out helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. you can just how big that whale is as the waves crash over it. according to the people at the marnie mammal center the close to 50 foot sperm whale washed up on shore sometime monday night experts with the mammal center say there is no sign of trauma on the whales body and that it is still unclear how the whale
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died. but has definitely has been talk around pacifica today. people are coming out here to try and take a look at it but they're having trouble getting out to it, because it is in a very difficult spot. we do know that if the whale does not wash back out in the ocean overnight, a necropsy team will be out wednesday to try to figure how the whale died they say they will be out to do that only if the waves do not take the ocean back out to see tonight. it is high tide right now but is possible overnight for the well to watch back out to ocean. pam moore>>: six years in the making 'the magical bridge playground' will make its long- awaited debut this weekend in palo alto. the colorful, new facility on east meadow drive. is not your ordinary playground, but rather one of the most innovative inclusive playgrounds anywhere. built with seed money and land
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from the city of palo alto and some $4 million dollars in private donations, organizers hope 'the magical bridge' will spark a national conversation about the importance of building playgrounds for everybody including those with physical limitations and other challenges. >>:we worked with inclusion experts over the last couple years to build a playground for children and adults of all abilities. those with a wheelchair is, disabilities, optimism immigration issues... we created a very magical place for everybody to feel secure and welcome. pam moore>>: palo alto's new magical bridge playground at 600- east meadow street. opens for business this saturday at 10 a.m. everybody is welcome. later in the broadcast: family and friends of a mentally challenged teen -- killed by police -- speak out on what would have been her 19th birthday.
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coming up at eleven: we will hear an officer who sees and hears the suspects fire a shot into the air. he warns other officers to steer clear but one officer does not listen.
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oh man down. reporter>>: that is one officer. suspects did survive he robbed the 7-eleven before stealing a car a gun and ammo from wal-mart and then walked around the neighborhood shooting. a shooting >>:stand down. the unit is loaded. standoff. reporter>>: after being hit the suspect was taken to the hospital and then taken to jail two days later. the police chief is the offending officer. >>:if we're going to choose between letting him go a bit farther and seeing what is happening or taking him down now
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and eliminating his opportunity to hurt somebody else, we're going to lean in favor of the innocent people. reporter>>: while the office-- while the suspects lawyer says this is a clear case of excessive use of force the police are standing behind their officer. pam moore>>: coming up at 11 friends and family remember a mentally challenged woman. hot and killed by police. tonight, they still want to know why the police were forced to fire. and remembering an r-and-b legend. we pay tribute to percy sledge. reporter>>: coming up later in the broadcast we are only a little bit into this season that the world champs need a win. we follow the giants. also the slogan for the warriors and the playoffs is coming up. reporter>>: temperature's for the mountain view are coming up
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later with temperatures falling off than the rest of the week
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organizers were demanding changes after the death of yanira serrano. she is the mentally disabled teen. who was shot by police less than a year ago, in half moon bay. kron 4's vicki liviakis talks with her brother and friend.
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vicki liviakis>>: this week yanira serrano would have been 19 years old. the mentally disabled teen was shot at her half moon bay home. when an officer says she charged him with a kitchen knife. her brother tony - says it's been nearly a year and he wants justice for yanira. >>:we have been fighting for mental health and police brutality vicki liviakis>>: tony and other supporters dropped off nearly a thousand post-cards like this at the county supervisors meeting. demanding change and better training for police. >>:there are appropriate ways to handle this and ones that saved the victims' lives. this is not acceptable. vicki liviakis>>: county needs more specially trained officers. this county brochure says to call police if you are faced with a mental illness issue and ask for an officer who is trained in crisis intervention. >>:this is not going to bring my
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sister back that the only thing i can do is make sure this never happens again. i do not want another family to go through this. >>:she is not going to come back in a way this is her week-- work. vicki liviakis>>: in half moon bay vicki liviakis kron 4 news. reporter>>: in west marin at good samaritan tries to help to suspects in a stolen car and held--ultimately ends up getting her car stolen. police got a call around 11:00 last night and jumped into action after her car was seen taken away from the scene of the first crash. they apprehended suspects a few minutes from that police department but have not found the second suspect yet. they're looking for information that ultimately the dam to the other
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person. the good samaritan was just leaving a restaurant. thankfully she was not injured. go that but what a hit it was. reporter>>: the state has issued a statewide water crisis and water restrictions. they have agreed to a purchase of water from other sources to bring into the state to assist with the sources-short-inch. here we ever a port of the huge waste of water that is pouring out of this business. the citizens want to know why it the company is not doing anything about.
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>>:is certainly not the company's water is this private facilities water. in this case we have an underground spring that is making its way to the bay in an unconventional man made way. pam moore>>: it was his only major hit song but what a hit it was. percy sledge. who recorded the soulful rendition of - 'when a man loves a woman". died at his home today in baton rouge louisiana. sledge recorded the hit in 1966, and went on to sustain a long career. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2005. sledge died after a year - long battle with cancer. he was 74- years old. reporter>>: pleasant day today, albeit a bit breezy. more of the same tomorrow with temps even slightly warmer.
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that won't come until after a chilly start though, with temps dipping into the mid 30's for some of our inland areas. by the afternoon on wednesday though, we'll see highs ranging from the mid 60's by the coast to upper 70's inland, and we may even see a stray 80 or two. so we are looking at a pretty nice day tomorrow winds settle over thursday and friday and temperatures will climb with that, peaking by friday well into the 80's for our inland spots and even 70's by the coast. if that does draw you out to the beach, be careful. sneaker waves, rip currents, and waves from eight to eleven feet are exp3ected to hit
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thursday and friday, the nicest days of the week. by the weekend, slight cooling but remaining dry for the next week at least. we have that hottest days on thursday and friday before that cooling trend
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gary radnich>>: buster posey and madison bumgarner both get their silver slugger awards bumgarner also got his ap athlete of the year award tim hudson pretty solid but after giving up a run in the 2nd has one get away for a wild pitch corey dickerson scores 2- 0 rockies bottom 8th/ 3-0 rockies this has got to be the play of the year it is just sensationalnolan arenado with runners on 1st and 2nd goes right into the tarp full speed to make a great catch of gregor blanco's popup take another look probably the defensive play of the young season in all the majors for the gold glover after the giants made it 3-1 on a sac fly pinch-hitter buster posey looks like he'll tie it with a 2-run home run but it dies in dead center and charlie blackmon makes a nice catch against the fence
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final: 4-1 rockies giants go 19 scoreless innings before the 8th 3-for last-40 with runners in scoring position 5th straight loss some giant fans may be excited because tonight in boston pablo sandoval gets hit right on the top of his left foot by a steven straberg pitch only an 82 mile- per-hour curveball but still looks painful there is no word yet on how serious it was however sandoval did stay in the game but was eventually removed in the 6th inning the early prognosis is a foot contusion so it doesn't look serious red sox beat the nationals 8-7 when the a's win they are really good. tracy mcgrady the former nba all-star who tried some minor league pitching recently throwing out the first pitch in houston kendall graveman after a rough debut really good tonight he strikes out former "a" chris carter for the 2nd time
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top 6th/ 1-0 a's billy butler goes the opposite way down the right field line ben zobrist is coming home and he's safe rbi double for "country breakfast". 2-0 a's two batters later stephen vogt sines the single to right butler scores 3-0 a's graveman gets his 1st major league win final: 4-0 a's they've outscored their opponents 42-1 in their 5 wins the warriors looking toward the post-season. the playoff banners are up outside oracle arena the slogan is "strength in numbers" for the top seed in the western conference steph curry and company gearing up for the playoffs they still have one more regular season game hosting denver tomorrow night the warriors will open the playoffs saturday or sunday at home against the oklahoma city thunder or the new orleans pelicans they are also the co-favorite with lebron james and cleveland to win the nba title here are the odds
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golden state warriors: 2-1 cleveland cavaliers: 2-1 san antonio spurs: 13-5 chicago bulls: 14-1 atlanta hawks: 16-1 nhl playoffs start tomorrow. the sharks of course not in the postseason. todd mcclellan should find out tomorrow if he will still be the sharks coach next season but he is good enough for team canada today it was announced that mcclellan was chosen as head coach of the canadien national team in the world championships next month in the czech republic the sharks brent burns was alos named to the canadien team while recently acquired ben smith will represent team usa big-time golf on the horizon in the ba area. current masters champion jordan spieth will play in the world golf championship match play at harding park in san francisco
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about two weeks from now the 21-year-old spieth became the 2nd youngest ever to win the masters tiger woods was 5 months younger when he won in 1997 spieth also equaled woods masters record of 18-under for the tournament here turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm. plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?) introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale.
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asleep in baggage compartment. >> how did this happen? >> then, medical crisis for tom hanks wife rita wilson. >> she just had a double mastectomy. >> actor dennis quaid meltdown. >> i am acting here and this -- [ bleep ] wonders on to my set. >> is it a hoax? >> then, the accidental shooting everyone is talking about. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> i meant to taser him and i shot him dead instead? really? >> you may be surprised how many wanna be


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