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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 15, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james:this morning on the kron 4 morning news. protestors force their way into city hall as they join demonstrations across the nation. >>james:and a man gunned down at a bay area gas station. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >>james:and police in san jose trying to implement body cameras for every officer. we'll tell you what could be getting intheir way the kron 4 morning news starts right now. >>james:good morning. it is wednesday, april 15th. i'm james fletcher. >>anny hong>>michelle apon: the prepare
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for some or temperatures the winds are light this morning parts much of the area if you're cross does across the fairfield 22 mi. per hour from the north be careful as you drive 80 westbound looking at the coast have moved a 12 lot our across open we have light winds in comparison to yesterday with nine out our wednesday and northwest temperatures the peninsula minutes afforded low 50s across to inferences as
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human for this day will start of was to cool temperatures this to the morning were you probably just into layers because the list out or the side just warm letter off for today mainly illinois locations lead on this afternoon temperatures will continue to warm up into the upper seventies to ride around 80 and for parts of the bay tim to concede to heat up into the mid to upper seventies. >>michelle apon: into the mid to upper 60s across much of the area of very warm with a quick check of traffic here is what looks like right now at the east bank you concede that traffic is moving smoothly pretty of grain on the map as of right down whenever destination you're heading to also if you're traveling from any bridges there is no high wind advisory area looks like right now or parts of the east bay if you're going to the interchange traveling west lawn of the travel 580 to hayward no delays as well
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looking at the sea of green on the map a very quiet commute and it will continue to enjoy it like a mute as the progressive dog the weather will continue to be nice specimen on today. >>james:it was a long day of 'black lives matter' protests in the bay area on tuesday. as demonstrators showed their disapproval of police killings of minorities nationwide. >>james:in san francisco. 'black lives matter' protesters gathered outside city hall. before forcing their way inside. >>james:the group of more than a hundred. cracked a window in the process, as they interrupted a board of supervisors meeting in city hall. >>james:the crowd of protesters then took to the streets. marching to the south of market area. six people were arrested as
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they tried to shut down interstate -80 eastbound. the group then decided to march down market street. causing heavy traffic. protesters then moved their rally to the mission police station. >>james:meanwhile on the other side of the bay. images courtesy of our partnership with abc-7. show protesters in oakland. attempting to shut down northbound lanes of interstate- 880. >>james:the demonstrators were near the jackson street on ramp. and caused some traffic to backup. protesters also marched to oakland city hall, and momentarily occupied council chambers. >>james:across the country. nearly 30 protests were planned. all billed as "national actions to stop murder by police." on the left you can see protests in new york. where people blocked the brooklyn bridge. dozens of activists there were arrested. meanwhile. protestors in tulsa oklahoma remained mostly peaceful. >>james:happening right now. pittsburg police are investigating a deadly shooting at a gas station near a busy highway.
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>>james:kron four's jeff bush explains what happened. >>reporter:police say they got the call around one in the afternoona baypoint man had been shot in the refueling area of the chevron on california avenuenear highway four and the loveridge exit. wound. according to police, the ed for the >>reporter:you can see that there was a heavy police presence after the shootingcrime scene tape went up and investigators were gathering clues and talking to witnesses at the gas station. >>reporter:the investigation took most of the afternoon and the gas station was closed down during that processpolice were unable to determine a motive or if the victim and the shooter knew each other. >>reporter:police would not release the name of the victim. that information has to come from the contra costa county coroner. police say it is unclear if the shooting was gang related. >>reporter:i'm jeff bush in
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pittsburg, kron four news. >>james:in san jose. city officials announced that a dozen police officers will be equipped with body cameras by the end of the year. >>james:and officials hope that the program can eventually be expanded. >>james:but there are several major hurdles to overcome before that can happen. >>james:the city estimates. that to equip all officers with cameras, and build a system to manage the videos, it would cost about a - million dollars per year. >>james:and right now there it's not known who would pay the bill. >>james:but san jose mayor sam liccardo hopes. the cameras will eventually be available to all patrol officers. >>:,we want to ensure we have accountabilty on both sides and body worn cameras reduce our litigation costs protect officers and protect members of the public. >>james:despite the challenges liccardo says, putting cameras on officers could benefit the public and the police department. >>james:the body cameras and video will be tested over a four month period.
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>>james:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a bay area woman demand answers after she witnessed a continuous flow of water being wasted in the east bay. >>james:plus. a police car intentionally hits a man. we'll tell you why police say the officer probably saved lives. >>james:and six years in the making. >>james:after the break we'll tell you when the magical bridge playground is finally going to open in the south bay. take a look at
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>>james: successfully launched another cargo spacecraft to the international space station. >>james:but the private space exploration group's attempt to safely land the rocket. did not end as hoped. >>james:the falcon nine rocket tipped over as it came down on this floating platform off the florida coast. >>james:space-x is developing a system that can deliver payloads into orbit, then return the booster to earth so it can be used again. >>james:a similar attempt in january also ended in failure. >>james:space-x founder elon musk says the company will keep trying to produce a reusable rocket in order to cut the cost of space travel. >>james:in the south bay.
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>>james:it's been six years in the making, 'the magical bridge playground' will make its long- awaited debut this weekend in palo alto. >>james:the east meadow drive. is not your ordinary playground but rather, one of the most innovative inclusive playgrounds anywhere. >>james:built with seed money and land from the city of palo alto along with some $4 million dollars in private donations. >>james:organizers hope 'the magical bridge' will spark a national conversation about thecluding those with physical limitations and other challenges. >>james:palo alto's new magical bridge playground at 600- east meadow street. opens for business this saturday at 10 a.m. everybody is welcome. >>james: trout, along the embarcadero and san francisco
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giving us a look of the conditions are like as you head up this morning in the city calm the fears that one should warmer to 7 agreed letter on to the back with more headlines and a 4 track of weather and traffic in
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>>michelle apon: it's not too bad expense if you cross the fairfield area to the delta will have some gusty wind up to 30 mi. per hour sustained when 22 as of right now from the north to be careful in that area if you're traveling eastbound and westbound car yet well with a to cool conditions chilly in some spots ran across and locations and parts of the north bay farther north we do have temperatures that will continue to fall apart touches around 30 here looks like outside at the embarcadero and cannot tell the to skies are clear as of this
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morning and winds are calm so perfect start today a major you dress warm here is what is going on for today a retired fashion in place giving a clear skies is one to track down the temperature before the sun comes out we could see the potential just for a few passing clouds mainly along the coast went on for today was in the we are going to have this different guest today are some warmer temperatures as of right now we're off to the cooler side. 42 in livermore of norcross the south bay for this morning at the 40's not to that over that along the peninsula of the forest floor fifties. >>michelle apon: dress in layers for today because the temperatures of one to be nice comfortable this afternoon to discuss it along the and locations are to the east bank the when i was talking about along the coast to moscow or from the north and northwest will change and as of morning but looking at fairfield they're going to sustain at two to 3 mi.
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our for the north still continue to be light between 10 and 20 mi. from our ill- conceived to warm up into the low 80s and was what looks like for this afternoon fairfield a breeze blew in a warming up to 78 napa of 80 degrees across parts of the south bank of the '70s still a struggle along the coastthe >>michelle apon: 77 degrees if you're born to at&t park there was another game tonight when to continue to slowly die down when the game starts in 550 m.p.h. tim to the slovak to cool to the mid-60s you my will to bring a
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jacket look at friday the mid to upper 80s in different parts of the bay we have mid to upper a quick check of traffic this morning no high wind advisory in this area if you're traveling across parts the peninsular we prepare for a few closures but still no big delay is looking at 80 west bought into richmond not only seem to many delays looking at the dublin and to change by then it will be reimposed if you're one to be across other parts of the erie you look across the peninsula if you're traveling in
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this reason menlo park will be close and march rolled until 6:00 a.m.. traffic was for quite as of this morning conditions are pretty calm everyone else is not too bad chilly in a few spots. it will quickly more lives on today. >>james:water. running day and night during the drought. commercial property in east oakland. >>james:the situation has outraged one woman who lives in the area. she tells kron 4's haaziq madyun. that she wants someone to put a stop to it in this my kron 4 story >>reporter:gallons of water pouring onto the street and literally going down the drain, this storm drain that ishere on 98th avenue in east oakland >>:"that's a lot of water that's coming out of there"
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>>reporter:and she is not happy about it! this oakland resident who asked us not to reveal her identity says an endless amount of water has been coming from this property here on the corner of 98th avenue and medford street >>:"this water continues to run every day 24 hours a day i'm concerned because of the drought that were having right now and the governor talking about us rationing water" >>reporter:she says prior to calling kron4 she contacted eastbaymud about the problem. eastbaymud says the water is coming from a natural spring from a well under the property >>:"why can't eastbaymud try to capture this water?" >>:"it's technically not eastbaymud's water" >>reporter:eastbaymud spokesperson andrea pook says the utlility company has no right to access water coming from a natural underground source on private property >>:"right, so it's technically that property owners waterrather than let it go out"
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>>reporter:i contacted the real estate broker who represents the owner of the property and he told me that they are aware of the leak coming from the well causing this problem and that they are in the process of capping that leaksomething that can't happen fast enough for ann >>:i'm very upset about it" >>reporter:in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >>james:we checked out that last story after a viewer reached out to us. >>james:if you have a story idea you want us to check out, go to kron4- dot-com, and click on the "my kron 4 story" button on the homepage. to submit your story. >>james:east bay mud customers are in for some drastic water
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restrictions because of the drought. and they could see increased penalties for water wasters as well. oard declared a stage -4 drought emergency. >>james:the board also set new outdoor watering restrictions. already limited to 2 days a week. but now, the hours between -9am and 6-pm will be off limits. >>james:and the board voted to buy about 11- billion gallons of sacramento river water from that extra water. >>james:the board is also looking at penalties for excessive water users, and will take a final vote on that in two weeks. >>james:in national news. the obama administration is moving forward with plans to remove cuba from the state department list of terrorism sponsors.
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that could have big implications for improving relations between the two nations. >>james:but as c-n-n's patrick oppman reports, there is resistance to the white house's approach. >>: not get t flag and reopen the u.s. embassy restore and for the man relations with cuba for the first time in 54 years along with four issues the u.s. government classification of cuba as a state-sponsored terror to was included in 1982 along what saddam hampson syria protecting the can was applied filling bloody conflicts to cross the lives of thousands of people a former state farm official said the u.s. black politicsfor many years the
4:22 am
have not been sought to devalue the u.s. when it comes to terrorism with president obama that is the start of the new approach u.s. states and the process' to examine whether cuba to be taken off the list of the removal will likely result in increased international financing with the government as well as will be advocating for cute but inclusion in these international organizations that was allowed to give credit we want to make sure that at some point in time in maybe useful to have organization like the ims not give them help but help them open their economies.
4:23 am
>>: before opening the wallet and maybe a question about the government wants to open members turned. >>james: will show you a problem their cause of the people in the presidio of his ally of the outside would have the camera at walnut creek shaman just a very dark shot with economic got the headlines travels along interstate 680 in antioch or out to the east 54 degrees early.
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them.
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i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >>james:national news this morning. hillary clinton starts a second day of campaigning through iowa. >>james:today, she's touring a family-owned produce company and talking to small business
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workers. all part of an effort to make more personal interactions. >>james:yesterday, clinton arrived at a community college in the small town of monticello. population four thousand. >>james:dozens of reporters from around the country and internationally, were there as well. after spending two hours at the college. clinton made a very brief comment. >>james:as reporters saw clinton's convoy go past where they set up. there was a mad dash to get video of her. as you can see here. >>james:just another sign of the media frenzy that's just beginning in the presidential race. >>james: 0 well, sure and the pacific a will to you what is being done to figure out why it died painted the had the man with carp are we saving the man's life. back with more news
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whether traffic
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>>james:in national news this morning. dash cam video shows a police officer hit a man with his patrol car. and now police say the officer actually saved lives. andrew spencer through our partnership with c-n-n explains. >>james: lifland on california avenue highway right there at highway 4 at the exit but also the man confronted him shot him once and then took off the is not the time of the more they do not know if the victim and the shooter to each other looking into that police say it is unclear.
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>>james: a dozen police officers will be quick would buy a camera body in the the year that will be tested over four months. now to weather and traffic. >>michelle apon: rain and bathtub with attempted will be nice but just a little bit warmer is to continue on
4:31 am
the morning commute. the lower 52 cross and francisco and oakland slightly cooler temperatures and sandegrees, but 45 lookinglivermore temperatures are side at 42 degrees. santa rosa 46 degrees if you're across the north in the farther north your freezer until a empyrean temperatures are wanted seems to heat up into lower 7 is across the bank if you are
4:32 am
traveling on a 580 west about into dublin and to change the offer will be close to 5:00 a.m. right before 680 now looking at the roadwork 84 westbound the bustle of the close of 2:05 a.m.. >>michelle apon: 101, and northbound and southbound right near march in menlo park that will continue to be closed until>>james:police in arizona say
4:33 am
is shocking move may have saved the man's life. >>reporter:"jesus christ. man down!" >>reporter:.but his lawyer disagrees. >>:"i find it ludicrous to say that we're saving this man's life who's suicidal, by almost killing him. i mean he could have died." >>reporter:mario valencia was reportedly taken to the hospital in serious condition, but the marana police chief says he was cleared, without any injuries, and released into police custody two days later. >>reporter:police say this surveillance video from february
4:34 am
19 shows valencia just before he steals a rifle and a box of ammunition. >>reporter:dash cam video later that day shows a clearly volatile situation. >>:"you don't want to do this. you don't want to do this." >>reporter:someone calls out to officers to tell them there's no need to fear the suspect, because there's a trigger lock on the rifle. >>:"he's got. it's locked. he can't get the lock off." >>reporter:.but then. >>reporter:.the man fires into the air. >>reporter:the officer tells the unit down the street to back off. >>:"just stand off. stand off. the gun is loaded." >>reporter:.and from behind. >>reporter:marana police chief terry rozema says he was shocked when he first saw this video but he says the officer likely saved lives by taking action. >>:"we certainly don't know what the individual's going to do but we can't allow him to get to the point whethe office complex, we can't" >>reporter:valencia's attorney insists police could have done
4:35 am
more to de-escalate the situation without using this much force. >>reporter:i'm andrew spencer reporting >>james:it's a pretty astonishing site. a huge, dead whale has washed up on a beach in pacifica. and it is going to take a lot of work to find out how it died. and to remove the carcass. kron 4's scott rates has the latest. >>reporter:well the whale is a very though spot to get at, it's on he other side here at mori point in pacifica >>reporter:here's what it looks like from out helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. you can just how big that whale is as the waves crash over it. according to the people at the marnie mammal center the close to 50 foot sperm whale washed up on shore sometime monday night experts with the mammal center say there is no sign of trauma
4:36 am
on the whales body and that it is still unclear how the whale died. but has definitely has been talk around pacifica today. >>reporter:we do know that if the whale does not wash back out in the ocean overnight, a necropsy team will be out wednesday to try to figure how the whale died >>james: will tell you how the city of boston is commemorating the second anniversary of the boston marathon bombing the ftc alleged to have you tried over mobile application this is not safe to use that is next on crown--kron4
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slate:the apps allowed users to take a picture of a mole on their body and findthe ftc says these apps can not accurately diagnos's tax day. have you filetax form 48-68 gives you an extra six months.
4:39 am
st year, the federal government issued more than 330-billion dollars in tax refunds, with the average refund being about 27-hundred dollars. >>james:failure to file can cost you between five-percent and 25-percent of what you owe. >>james: we have a live look to show you this is the camera here on the bay bridge approached on the open side hear from conditions in oakland to two degrees warming up to the of the seventh letter on today back with more headlines in the tech of weather and traffic in just a minute.
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>>michelle apon: it's beautiful and clear you concede the flag will will just a little bit tense calm when conditions across much of the area many lessons in moscow hours was to draw crowds winds blowing to the 20 mi. from our heroes was
4:42 am
happening retire pressure given us clear skies to the judge will be warmer especially with high pressure building across the area of as of right now high- pressure will have similar forcesla of the for the two affected nor to the to men for as a possible the and bought a ticket agreed the far north the faa's advisory for the region looking at the when the mainly like oakland from the northwest and i'm out our but fairfield there is a wind advisory for that area travel to be repaired for some warmer temperatures high es meant of persimmon is much warmer than what we have been the past couple of days to the sea to stick around and tx
4:43 am
livermore pleasanton open on a looking at daily city 65 1/2 on bay on the cool side into the mid '60s north by mid to upper '70's now the giants are home once again give star system 15 tonight is on to the team to be one for much of the afternoon to prepare for the warmer to track is on to bay on friday was meant to appear '80s maybe the some isolated 90s across parts of the area of looking at the bay friday at 77 degrees it will be very warm across the region all
4:44 am
land and bring closed at 101 of the bomb right at one south, and that will continue to stay close. >>michelle apon: traffic is for quite this morning into bridges on the coarse side but breezing for the east and parts of the delta this morning and wanted the team to one of lead on this week. >>james: city of boston making the second anniversary of the boston marathon bombing the city will be idling the victims and survivors with the day of service to that. >>reporter: just a small and
4:45 am
touching symbol of blue and yellow strand but ms. flowers marching the to spots where the bombs went off exacted two years ago on wednesday and anniversary still tougher so many. that date is getting a new meaning one boston that like a hyatt hotel that collecting shoes for the st. francis, shelter all across the city they're helping people and businesses take part just because for survivors the motion
4:46 am
the still pretty raw she cannot come back last year but this year issued the boston college talk about what happened to her temple to not only hill but to grow. >>james: killed sidings and san francisco the time of year when they are having babies and the ones in san francisco are causing problems for some of the people who live and play there as well family turned explains and this might kron 4 story > >>: 2 cheilitis came running out of the woods to the right of the trail the noise
4:47 am
they made was howling hissing and is sort of an assault an immediate assault to the is the time near cairo is a more aggressive in fact this video they cannot every year to one residents about that but in the last week alone park officials said seven of the five runs with the rest of coyotes unprecedented the parks is collecting doors and the counters to find clothes areas offer around them already a portion of the bay area is close the pact but when a dog already attacked the word is that it will not be enough i am afraid of individual people getting hurt and nestle s.a. of walking on the neighborhood at night something has to change. >>james: we check out the last door after of your reach out to us so we like to invite a let us
4:48 am
know will take a quick break coming up the giants continue their orderly season struggles we will have the bay area baseball highlights coming up after the break here is a live look outside the approach to the bay bridge this morning to take a quick look at conditions and hay were 49 degrees early a slight breeze a little chilly this afternoon we're looking at 75 and sunning. back with more news weather and traffic
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>>james: they're off to the best part in the history game no. 2 at at&t park but they both fit the silver slugger award tim hudson was for a solid hit one
4:51 am
giveaway the when is this is that she comes in five wins oakland the road in houston billy but what goes the opposite way bins or and is coming home he is safe and this 14 to nothing oakland getting his first major-league win. >>james: take a look at this
4:52 am
performance during halftime of the suns game a dancer for the poughkeepsie he made it through the entire performance without touching on the practice that come up on the kron 4 morning mills--news >>james: beginning today we will talk about what type of he will experience a day and for the rest of the week in just a minute.
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>>anny hong: good morning. >>george: know that upset or the latest today is the one of the big wall of of the record near high possible by the end of this week it will be pushing a 90 degree mark across a good bit of an invalid get outside were off to local start this morning it is cold in some parts of the veba by this afternoon will make up for that to purchase this afternoon right up near 80 degrees for some communities >>james: not very vigorously this morning here is a breakdown will be can expect a storm
4:56 am
track four this hour is chilly outside in chris if you have to leave any time the next hour that is what you expect to the judge and the upper 40's live below 50 now and then but ms. afforded by 11:00 is get into a new hour for lunch it will be briefly once again but sunny attempted at that point will be in a low seven is what is a big improvement over yesterday and and then by 4:00 this afternoon we will look for again sunny and very war will sea temperatures and the mid to possibly upper seventies for a good number of locations especially for an unbalanced a lot to 42 on the waterfront like a said we're off to a chilly start in some spots sensible the 46 degrees 49 in hayward and san jose little more now 42 san francisco 10 degrees warmer at 52. >>george: a quietcommit were not tracking any hot spots it is like an easy rng the westbound ride no back up yet nonetheless come in from the macarthur maze with just a nine minute drive time in tracking a
4:57 am
commit to the east shore freeway and a trip down to the bridge this morning again a like an easy ride for interstate 80 just a 12 minute drive tractor the san ramon valley 15 minutes for us all about trip to dublin of the lead from dublin down to fremont and south bay freeway look great this 101 of our ride is just 14 minutes from the capitol expressway up to the montague expressway. >>mark: 0 will washing up on the beach and pacific of this morning officials try to figure out how died. >>reporter: i am at more point i am about 9 minute walk away from where the will is it is still pretty dark the chilly the video we got yesterday from the partnership with abc seven news and you concede that this was a very bidwell 49 to 50 ft. long some people are saying that when
4:58 am
they were walking along the beach they thought it was some huge rock that had never seen as they got closer they realize that it was a whale now the marine mammal center says that they've done and this examination on the well and they said is now seen to be any type of trauma on the body they're not very clear about what had caused the will to die they're hoping to come back out there today and take a closer look and figure out the reason why the well died in and appear on the shore. >>reporter: this is overnight it has not been taken back in to see because of high tide and of course assumes it is like out here i will try the tech eye out there and see if the will is still out there and of course we need some fresh video and hopefully we get to talk to someone from the memo sent there to see what time they get out here and it was a little bit more information about that will that washed ashore by the
4:59 am
way it's taught well as a sperm whale that was up over here. >>anny hong: the fight over better pay and fast food and other low-wage jobs goes nationwide the biggest protest yet in more than to run the 30 cities across the country that we pay $15 an hour and the rest to form a union organizers are calling to the stress of the 5415 campaign approach is also planning gone in the bay area started as six this morning an hour from now at 24th and mission streets in san francisco and at 3 this afternoon a rally at uc-berkeley from all. >>mark: that was that's can video showing the police patrol car hitting a our man at high speed is recorded in february that use the police said to the
5:00 am
hospital in serious condition he stole the rifle emboss ammunition from a wal-mart store and was suicidal he was the injured in the incident and was released in police custody two days later the police department is thin in the officer's action of hitting the suspect saying the shocking move likely saved his life and others the. lawyers the >>: i find it ludicrous to say that we are saving this man's life who is suicidal by almost killing him he could have died. >>mark: of the did not give the man to put the gun down, any effort to assess current situation she said they could handle the situation without using this much forced. >>anny hong: they're looking for the person who shot and killed a young man near a busy freeway happened around 1:00 p.m. yesterday at the chevron on california avenue near highway 4 and levers of a point man is 20 laughlin with gas and talking to
5:01 am
friends with someone confronted him shot once and then took off investigators to the afternoon talking to witnesses and a gas station was closed du police have not determined a motive and do not know if the victim or should renew its other police said it is unclear the shooting was gang-been released. >>anny today marks the two-year anniversary of the boston marathon bombing will tell you how people are paying their respects to the new this morning will tell you why some bay area companies are trying to persuade people to eat but in after the break a spike into a side on bart tracks and now their launch a campaign to stop the will to you more about. a live look outside the embarcadero is here on this wednesday morning and san francisco right now is the cool 51 degrees looking for an afternoon high and a lower seven is warming up this afternoon a lot of bay area locations.
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>>anny hong: on the downtown berkeley station platform writers was sees signs from the station that says " suicide is not the route the national suicide 24 hours support line will also build to display a sign the rosetta the chase this is the raw bar system 2013 and the 19 marks the toughest >>mark: and a local playground that have kids all ages can come and enjoy.
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>>james: today a big different story of the '70s terrell coast 8071 as san francisco 7780 degrees and another in napa valley of the warmer spots in the house for today as then fried it will one is up to lament.
5:11 am
>>george: here is a look at the bay bridge with the western town ride i want to track the skinny on interstate 580 for the west about ride out to the dublin and to change in the ride through little more clearly the drive time 27 minutes on the altamont pass out to the dublin and to say is that's a pretty good ride right now to the south bank and the sea green showing here on most of the freeway that is the milk the drive times for 101
5:12 am
northbound is now just 18 minutes from the capitol expressway of the montague expressway mid peninsula traffic looks good. . >>mark: boston will remember the anniversary in a moment of silence the ring of church bells called orchitis official raised the banner on the street market the time the first of two bombs exploded near the finish line in 20133 people were killed and 260 were injured in the bombing of the surviving bombers, guilty on all 30 county
5:13 am
faced. >>anny hong: patti's father taxes yet?--have youlast yea than $330 billion of tax refunds but the average refund bank about $2,700 it cost between 5% and 25 percent of what you might go president obama is using tax they to draw attention to family friendly tax proposals that the public may not know about it will be enough carolina today and also answer questions about work and family issues and the tiny hall in charlotte the president has called on congress to expand and create new ones to help for a 4 million working families so far lawmakers have not taken action meanwhile the house will pass a bill of killing the estate tax will take a look at tax. >>mark: lead to a vaccination
5:14 am
the california state law makers are working to consider a bill that prevents parents are often not immunizations this video from the last issue a lot of parents brought their children to strong opposition to the measure offers on the extra security to than the said the measure would increase vaccination rates after the measles outbreak to start in disneyland and december and six could be coming to somewhere near you--and >>anny hong: even the u and have been promoting the way to improve nutrition reduce greenhouse gas and the production the bay area is already in the south bay is in
5:15 am
six years and making the bridge for a ground will make its way debut this weekend and auto the new facility from ease >>mark: build with the money and power out tell their perform million dollars the private donations organizers hope the magicalplaygrounds for>>: all those grisly impaired have altruism we created a very magical place for everyone to feel secure and welcome the new medical bridge playground
5:16 am
>>mark: the space is developing a system to return the booster to are stuck in the used again rather than crashing into space protesters called destruction on both sides of the bay done in demonstrations around the nation against police brutality will surely the video coming up after the break not all snack foods are created equal which are the least healthy we will tell you next.
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sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. >>mark: a judge will in the mormon must return nearly $3 million of guest the judge says
5:20 am
she must give back $2.6 million worth of gifts include the house and exotic cars this will not for love legal cases that included the sale of the l.a. clippers it turns out. >>anny hong: 01 in a letter released by the fda says a few versions of time are do not need the nutritional are meant to be labeled healthy and that a decision take action to address the violation they include the allman and apricot cobbler math and the dark chocolate and a dark chocolate cherry cashew + into accidents them as have less than 1 g of saturated fat in those kinds contains 35 5 g of
5:21 am
saturated fat last year and this amount for the 50 million units of these bars this says is now working with the fda. >>mark: will tell the house if the food is and dining on the peninsula will tell you by coming up + ... unless trying to get by cameras every officer will could be getting in the way of the program taking a look at the embarcadero out of the bay bridge this morning with if a bit warmer will have more on how to to the come our way.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>>anny hong: the warmer temperature. >>james: this is the embarcadero, as the bay bridge in the background we are looking for conditions that going to be nice and warm this afternoon and then hot as we head into the lead on this week and i will show you the temperature is coming up in my fourth check for now the is what people expected a hit with a storm track four if they part 5:00 a.m. showmen as conditions in the 04-12 the number of people of low fifties for a majority of the bay area is hit or 3:00 4:00 and 5:00 tonight from the peak woman at the morning commute temperatures and the oppressive is near 80 in some spots flaws
5:25 am
to look for to on the waterfront deny for temperatures to enjoy have the seven day around the forecast coming of it was what it does look like a metaphor if a littl still t meeting like the 68024 interchange headed out toward highway 13 rid interstate 580 west bomb problem free soul of is that the 20 minutes of time from the list down to fremont on 101280 85. >>mark: as a result of the measures or the disapproval of the nationwide in san francisco black lives medical test data outside city hall if forced away inside the to to the streets
5:26 am
malkin the stock market areas 64 arrested and it was shut down to stay 80 east town and the group decided to march down market street in that caused heavy traffic delays protesters moved their rally to the mission police station meanwhile across the bay the images courtesy of the helicopter partnership the protesters and oakland attention to shut down of our land a 80 the demonstrators were near the jackson street on ramp because of traffic the back of protesters also march to city hall monitor the ought to climb the chamber's. >>mark: 30 processor plan build a national action this summer by police some of the video here coming in from new york city where people blocked the brooklyn bridge and dozens of activists were arrested.
5:27 am
>>anny hong: police in santa cruz and arrest a man for such a abusing a 15 year-old he was arrested last thursday at his home after there was a $100,000 warrant out for his arrest the arrest was result of an ongoing investigation by santa cruz police had known the teen girl through other family members with a were not related the suspect is due to be arraigned today in santa cruz. >>mark: color called a full safety inspections said it will be going across center clear accounting a green plant in the cave they pass the inspection yellow means they are passed on a conditional basis and will again be inspected and no more than three days and read me the restaurant will be closed until on sit in this is the corrected the problems already been in place in the bay area counties.
5:28 am
>>mark: whitehouse saying is willing to give congress a say on and a potential nuclear deal with iraq during the time president obama will not be allowed to waive in the congressional sanctions against tehran it also requires the white house a certified congress every 90 days it is complying with the deal the u.s. and six other nations are working on a bill to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. >>anny hong: jules first place on that list back in 1982 and face harsh economic sanctions this applies decade and a terrorist and supported marks and scrunches such as columbium the removal from the list will likely result in increased international financing for the cuban government as well as increase criticism of the new cuba policy for many years we've
5:29 am
had that allegation that and you'd spots into mass terrorism in the value as word when it comes to terrorism and investing is are waiting for cuba to lose the tier designation before investing money in the country. >>mark: a dozen police officers will be equipped robotic cameras by the end of the year and officials hope the program consisted the expanded the there are several major hurdles to come before the in half and the biggest one is that the city estimates the cost about a million dollars a year and are now they do not have the funds to pay for the san jose mayor san the cargo holds that it will be available to all police officers. >>: will want to assure the we ever accountability on both sides in a net plus to the tech
5:30 am
public in the policetested over four months. >>anny hong: that average price of regular unleaded gas is $3.11 a gallon higher is bay area prices is in san francisco as usual at 327 a gallon and san mateo is that 322 those prices are well above the national average of $2.39 the prizes are expected to move lower in the months leading up to the summer's peak driving season coming up >>mark: you can get freebies and bills on bay area my story aggressive coyotes here in the bay area could be a threat to your pet will explain to us after the break surprisingly high number of landfills and not getting credit cards. interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster
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>>mark: according to credit card stock, 36 percent of americans between the ages of 18 to 29 don't have a credit card that said this may be due to all the required those under 21 to approve their income to get permission for their parents or to get a credit card instead they're leading toward debit or prepaid cards rather than take credit cards southwest airlines is trying to make its flights more comfortable. >>anny hong: they're not saying how
5:34 am
much wider the redesign seats will be the new seats will go on the seventh 37 plays being rolled out for next year. >>james: there is a live look outside unhealthful look at the weather coming up we hav to to this afternoon and hot temperatures on the horizon.
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
>>mark: the pardon is more than 7,000 gal. of trash each weekend in san francisco and the rest apartment's try to do something to get letters on the control officials plan to unveil today at 65 net texas and a new feature to help blind users what shows on the tram service will show you how works coming up at 65 in the construction continuing on section of highway
5:38 am
4 in the pittsburgh into area and its net loss really going to bring some relief will table crew the adding of the area and when the profit will be done a little bit chilly out there but looks like we're in for a nice warm up. >>james: the high temperatures i have full hours away by time get to know this afternoon as go outside the embarcadero camera and a live shot some as the bay bridge visibility fantastic it is a little chilly and a little windy this to quick live look at the wind map page which have a 26 mi. an hour when near fairfield nothing new and where in the delta come to the cartoon history we have good conditions and for that reason the national weather service has issued a wind advisory in effect until 6:00 again for solano county dental sacramental as well in the bay area as well the viewers wins coming off and on
5:39 am
north 15th and moscow were sustained with a gust of the 40 mi. per hour will be really blustery for early this morning difficult driving conditions you my experience that tree damage and debris on the road we keep that in mind will be coming up on 6:00 this is to expire soon if you have to leave the house and an extended 15 minutes for expected to be a little bit when before you use whatever to bar at the moment for for a cost of 42 of pleasanton cool in the east bay valley's 49 in san jose and 50 in oakland 53 in san francisco and in the norplant in the course start with mid 40's slightly warmer out and apple a santa rosa and a bottle we're looking at mid 40's oakland today you'll the store where temperatures whether talking about the heat up in this map shows exactly what we're talking about a 10:62 noon time simply their rewrite of where to 77 degrees nearly 80 degrees by 3:00 or four of the winds will still be there 1015 with a is a
5:40 am
nice big spike in temperatures. >>james: it will be beautiful in the evening hours to the outside that as a store for oakland and we will replicate that pretty much every inland body location in the east bay in the south bend percent and is expected to santa rosa 80 degrees in the napa valley who look for similar stories and the weather across's degrees to 70 acrossit will be fantastic afternoon an bring the timber to the even more on thursday and write them even more on friday and will and his work week on a very unseasonably hot now. >>george: very seasonal we're not looking at any unusual conditions here at the bay bridge the meeting last for just activated for the west about ride now that reaches across all lines and start to stretch back toward west grand avenue for you're ride to the bay bridge track and a commune in the east
5:41 am
bay starting with the east shore freeways still pretty good ride highway for the trip time this morning from antioch out to concord is just 19 minutes no problems there the san ramon valley ride still a very easy trip at 15 minutes the delays for the ultimate task is to disable the gridlock in one lanes westbound on interstate 580, a glendale and a slowing the ride come from the 2 05 come into strange in the south they still tracking of. good ride for your of >>george: 101 28285 in the guadalupe parkway and highway 17 looks good come in out of the santa cruz mountain. >>mark >>michelle apon: is you're stranded coffee yet a free small coffee at any mcdonald's and is only nine business hours heavy if you're still craving some brokers had to the bagel and get a bigger bill for $10.40
5:42 am
less 13 bagels with to cream cheese to others at much time metal to brought to market buy one get one friend of any of the individual mills sorehead of our size the cost of the 50 percent off coupon is only good until checkout until may 3rd to you all something to hear what the following old to 16 ounces for $4.1510, but unless all have more offers for some retailers out there. >>michelle >>anny hong: it now says pyrrophyte extract might be useful and may help kill certain cancer cells and use would
5:43 am
radiation and this is a dramatic shift from the previous year on the subject which was much positive teredo professor of coastal land on the web site >>: he was walking our dog to clients came running out of the woods to the right of the trim and the noise they made would them howling in hissing and an assault she knows is a timely era detail more aggressive in fact is the video to handle every year to warn residents about that in the last week along park officials said there but a to five runs with aggressive hyades is really scary the first time in eight years i lived in this
5:44 am
neighborhood that we had any of the title is actually come out and attack us unprecedented are reports of the bay area ridge trail because the pentagon one dog already attacked the were we will not be enough time friend individual people getting hurt and not filling said of the neighborhood change will look into the story after she reached out to us if you have a story i did it go to our web site and click on the button on the home page and submit your ibm. >>anny hong: here is a look at the storm track four temperatures is a little chill in some spots including santa rosa and 45 also a little more 49 and san jose dress in layers is warming up this afternoon more details coming up after the break.
5:45 am
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♪ ♪ all e gonessf milk l thdeliousness of hshe's rup. >>james: 62 by 8:00 p.m. 60 by 9 getting political for your log great looking forecast for at&t park tonight is the giants once again posting the rockets. >>mark: five straight losses for
5:48 am
the giants and a slow start to the season so far the does not help the rockets off to the best part they're both getting the silver slugger awards getting the a p f the of the year awards does go to the bottom three nothing rockies ceramic into the dark and it pulled off a double play incredible that of the fixed-rate lost in the a's 42 to one in five wins on the road in houston the rookie
5:49 am
chaparral for the second time the game the lead bullet goes the opposite way he got hit all nine games were working on a few developing stories which they will support is on a personal belief which they bought the complex they're filing today plus the cliches caught on camera and the suspect was on a horse will tell you what that the suit.
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>>george: not tracking any hot spots pretty quiet.
5:53 am
>>james: and sang a lot of red because that is
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