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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>george: not tracking any hot spots pretty quiet. >>james: and sang a lot of red because that is what all our
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temperatures perhaps the find beginning to show the 80 degree mark temperatures will be awfully close for most of the bay area a few spots getting better and more communities out tomorrow 90 degree weather on friday a lost look forward to will have live look outside shonas clears that all have those when speech coming up in just a little bit a quick look at the data are forecast you're not going to have led all you need something you need to take off by 11:00 noon we already in the low 70's you want to be in charge and teachers at that point specific id's for recess will be a really warm outside today temperatures at the moment it is chilly in some spots, a pleasanton prime
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example for to their 46 and about 54 san francisco and in the south of san jose come again at 49. >>george: the back of the bay bridge continues to grow the drive times are about 18 minutes now for the west about ride the bike approaching to west grand avenue for a chip out of the macarthur maze and heading toward downtown san francisco northbound beginning to pick up a little slowing on 101 mid peninsular ride still as i for one 01 and 92 not tracking any delays there and the marin ride still on the 25 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate
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bridge. >>mark: a sperm whale watching up on the beach and pacifica and this morning officials are trying to figure out how died>>reporter: at 10 minute warom they're still pretty it is on the shore not but the to see the video we of yesterday with our partnership and said it is his seventh news and it is just a really good look of the whale we know at what steps sometime monday night and then about 49 ft. was in the case is possibly a male and adult male will the have examined a little bed and they see no trauma on the bottom
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tried to track exactly the cause of death of this well and hopefully is still out there was the sun comes up in a little bit hopeful in the next 20 there to get a new video of the well and hopefully it is still there is a wiccan figaro exactly what caused his death. other low-paid job goes nationwide this is-can video on the police patrol car in the unarmed man at high speed the seven is video recorded feb. the
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man had was reported taken to hospital in serious condition is a video of him stilling he was suicidal but he was not injured the lorises list of have a situation without using as much force that in the bay area happening. >>anny hong: near a busy
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freeway it happened around 1:00 p.m. yesterday at the chevron on california avenue police say a big point man in his 20s was filling up his plan would gaskin talking to friends when they confronted him shot him once and then took off investigators spent the afternoon talking to witnesses and a gas station was closed during that time the have not determined a motive in the man of the victim and should and each other well. >>mark: the san francisco on the wrecked apartment has come out with a new way to get a handle on a huge trash bomb and the part in the feature there watching this weekend. >>mark: track already started to back up this morning on the approach will get more on the drive times to make a way across the bridge this morning.
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>>anny hong: san francisco recreation and parks department is unveiling a pot of recycling compost is addressed more than 7,000 gal. of trash each weekend and analysis of the waste out of the 65% of it is composed of are recyclable starting this saturday that it will part will be open from noon to 8:00 p.m. on saturdays and sundays and also holidays the members and
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volunteers were at the pop-up and separate drink containers boxes and other trash alicyclic compounds in trash. >>mark: them are releasing the last the bird back into a while today it will be released before 1130 this morning the to bring the total number of birds released 265150 birds have died by the time they arrive to the center had to euthanize the wall of worker said hundred and seven other birds dead along the shorelines of alameda to hayward. >>anny hong: a new study out of uc-berkeley finds that when people make lower wages because of the taxpayers more money how much and why the vaccine debate continues on our state capital where senate committee is considering a bill that prevents parents from seeking vaccination exemptions the supporters and
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critics are saying about this is the official east bay mud customers and expects a major water restrictions in the coming months will take a look at the changes the board approves.
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>>james: take a look at this beautiful shot we have free from outside this is outside the studios along the embarcadero and san francisco looking out over the bay the horizon began and to get towards sunrise at half-
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hour sold it for cool conditions around the bay handsomely by this afternoon. >>james: not so much really bad in the heart of the bay is out in solano county at fairfield travers airport based to 20 mi. an hour sustained winds will talk more about that brought the morning temperatures right now in the 40 tear in concord in pleasanton for the to their mid- 40s in a box of 54 san francisco and the san mateo. >>james: oakland temperatures getting into 77 and 78 degrees this afternoon and i strong run of about 3:00 4:00 this afternoon the wins will still be there on the light side a 10 trip to moscow our 7779 degrees getting any hot new bird was 77 a pleasant and senate in
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livermore and the south bay 77 does want to be really popular number on the map adjutancy with temperatures centering around that some if oakland and san francisco and again 77880 degrees across the north bank the stretch is run on into the weekend as well. >>george: this spring break for some is not so much affecting people in the east bay the last two weeks thistle resting on the return to normal traffic flow from the east bay toward san francisco and for the peninsula does like the dumbarton bridge
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the san mateo bridge at the bay bridge week as a heavy traffic westbound the drive times currently 19 minutes out of the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco and tracking you're ride out what muckrakes southbound on interstate 680 tell lies are heading down toward alamo to have left a note about coming up out of the valid the commit direction here of course is in the southbound side of the freeway where tracking and accident just reported now for ride on interstate 680 in your chips out from coming out of pleasanton leading down toward some no.sonul. >>george: with only added three minutes to commit time from dublin down to fremont's off to 680 southbound. >>anny hong: the boston marathon bombing second anniversary there remember the anniversary with a moment of silence their race
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commemorative to 40 9:00 p.m. eastern time marking the time april 15th allston that in addition, the city three people were killed and another 260 were injured in those bombings the surviving bomber was recently found guilty on all three counts he faces a connection with the attacks today's headlines the fight to of 14 tax returns you can laugh often a stanton tax form 4868 give you an extra six months you get with fees of the small fees to get to file. >>mark: they are still do today to check is due today you'll pay penalties on that this issue more 300 billion in refunds if
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we don't file your taxes if the cost of between 5 and 2 to 5 percent of what you will. in california among taxpayers spend almost $3.7 million. >>anny hong: there are some bills from businesses today and s&ls from some retailers and it had. >>michelle apon: however you
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cannot read them in the to late 13th through may 17th at the store for this line and get $10 of the coupon code of hundred dollars on more and at the foot locker you spend $50 you get 10 percent off and will continue to last for both of those until come in and study mess i will share of our post. >>anny hong: the lawmakers will hold a second round in the senate education committee is committed to a bill that carries paratransit in that nation's exemptions because of religious or parts of leaks supporters say the measure would increase back to mentioned rights but critics say is a violation of punter rights to the bill passes california would join the mississippi and rest the jenny as the on the state of strict vexing rose. >>anny hong: he says some people
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support the personal belief close call for exemption with south of vaccination the one on my post his said the decision to opt out of vaccine were decided the decreases demanding. >>: children who have a chronic condition like cancer dark therapy cannot be immunized and deadpan and the rest was to protect and engage and around this issue to me that is very unfortunate. >>anny hong:sed the measure after one margin of 47 people came down with measles this year and operate glen to disneyland >>mark: suicide is not through a
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national suicide and for our support line will also be displayed on the side of the retail between states to stop the board system that the 19 board fatalities since 2013. >>anny hong: to miss it easier for people who are blind to enjoy shows on that flex the new servers and co. is launching and we aren't watching bay area weather and traffic a live look at the embarcadero a sunny start looking for warmer temperatures today. it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse
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>>mark:ablishing a 25% drop management program governor brown call for the city or to state to reduce water use to buy certain percentage was decided based on with the city was currently using as expected east bay mud customers for some water restrictions because of the drought yesterday the east bay mud board declared a stage for a drought emergency to send our water restrictions outdoor watering is already limited to two days a week but not off limits from nine in the morning to 6 at night no outdoor watering the board also voted to buy about 11 billion gal. a person, or water from the government and the cause like to talk down to customers were members of looking at penalties for excessive water users was due to the final vote on into weeks. >>anny hong: starting tomorrow they will seri their double will feature audio description that
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is why was happening including changes in the chair to special expressions and setting the director of content says it will also be added to current and past seasons and series is now in water out of every three american and keeping households. >>mark: protesters set of a stretch across the bay area voicing anger of police killings across the country will tell you about the protest and the rest that were made to how the rest of protest. >>mark: will tell you what back to the main going forward. a live look from beautiful walnut creek and the six a ride with sleep on this wednesday morning.
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>>mark: the earnings and a jar of the market in the middle of earnings season that puts the dow of 56. will be held 18,000 mark this morning gaddafi to up another 72 >>anny hong: it looks like the weather is soon. >>james: it will revise to enjoy this morning a little cool out there but it has been every morning to see the black--flags. >>james: the temperatures will beginning to warm up this quickly once the sun comes up here is what can expect storm track four the candidate into the different part this hour is
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still chilly tim to the most part the metaphors we're still seeing some of his low '40's temperatures of the low 70's at that point we should hear a maximum 7779 degrees with a couple of places after getting the 80 degree mark you have that look forward to today warmer temperatures for thursday and then again friday on a to come and a full check of 15 minutes the meantime bird temperatures are right now for your head up the door like i said it is cool and spots mild and others not of currently at 56 as the weather >>george: it is starting to back
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of the right out interstate 680 in the southbound direction the drive time not 26 minutes from dublin heading down to milpitas. >>mark: it was a day that marked protest the black live smatter protest and the bay area across the nation the mr. shaw and the disapproval police killings nationwide and san francisco they gathered outside city hall the group of more than a hundred cracked a window and across the kron 4 process and into the streets marching to the south of market neighborhood 64 arrested as they try to shut down interstate 80 eastbound they marched down market street causing big traffic delays protested then will the rally to the mission police station in the east bay here is the images from our partnership with abc seven new song there were seven jackson st. on rather cause
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traffic the back of their processes also marched open city hall and momentum of the occupied council chambers and suspended for nearly two hours because of this protest. >>anny hong: 45 year-old was arrested last thursday at his home there was a 100,000 out what out for his arrest the please the tech and on investigation and police say that the 15 your garden each other through family members but did not know each other that will his own or for his arraignment. >>mark: the globules and san mateo, and the worst of the rise of approving the program to use clean yellow and it will be
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respected read me the restaurant will be closed until on six conditions will be corrected. >>anny hong: president obama will remove cuba from of list of state sponsors of terrorism but for many years ahead of them and so is the values the u.s. word
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and it comes to terrorism removing cuba from the careless could pave the way for the opening of the u.s. embassy in havana. >>mark: a dozen of his offices in san jose will be equipped robotic cameras and and of the year to help to expand the program eventually it'll cost about a million dollars a year and right now is not known where the funds will come from the san jose mayor hopes the camel will eventually be available to of all patrol officers to by the camera and video will be tested over four months. . >>anny hong: gas prices are down 30¢ from last month the average price of regular
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unleaded gas is $3.11 a gallon higher is the air gas price is in san francisco as usual at 327 a gallon december sale at the to to present a expected to move lower in the months leading up to this summer's peak driving season work is underway on a section of highway 4 stretch of rapids perch antioch pretty congested now to make traffic better it is going far this morning will tell you how the fall was taken even though is not plan any more signals live with the embarcadero some coming up the debris turned a little more off shore and temperatures starting to spike will have details of how one will be and how was what it will be is needed for the weekend.
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>>anny hong: a boy named carter is undergone five open-heart surgeries no stranger the scars will begin to grow the most recent one his that the facebook to encourage his son that there are beautiful the post read he is afraid that people think he's ugly as of this morning he has 1.3 million likes take a look at this command is behind bars after he led police in kentucky on a chase what he was on a t him the animal control the to start taking care of them the weather out have a full update coming minute as it live look from the walnut creek
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>>mark: is being getting some much needed expansion work that is likely to ease the for the traffic congestion is an update on the highway for project you
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pretty much know to with that the traffic the congested highway for with the drivers on the horizon. we have several projects total and this is the last one that lets private visit to the mall expansion of art and antioch the blue building is the
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maintenance that they will have four the new unit accounted the project is said to be about two- thirds complete a spring 2016 and antioch. >>anny hong: reducing traffic backing up on highway 4 howe was looking down. >>george: we're tracking delays and to stay 680 in the southbound direction will have the accident at bird sale and the drive time now to 28 minutes for your southbound trip heading out of dublin and leading down toward milpitas and the new
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passengers reported here on 101 southbound at alexander the off ramp for sausalito and started to slow traffic not for the top of the waldegrave for you drive down to the golden gate bridge and tracking you're ride here at the walnut creek and to change still looking at pretty smooth conditions for both the northbound and southbound to state 680 >>james: the camera in walnut creek look into the south as we look in the direction of alamo and then them so far so good weather looks pretty nice is cool as a lookout for the delta fairfield anti-immigrant what might be picking up some 20 mi. an hour sustained winds through fairfield best judgment they 80 has had up to sacramento and
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that is why there is a weather advisory in effect from the national weather service errors which can expect the areas of blue you'll be taking that i 80 and if you have a profile vehicle tree damage possible debris on the road almost a certainty with when sustained at that level 47 in oakland and san jose a little warmer and san francisco 54 then across the north by a mix of low forties for places like santa rosa and about 43 for those locations it depends on where you are here is where temperatures will go for san
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francisco were looking for nice warm days woman to the 70 degree mark by 3:00 the 4:00 in the afternoon when speeds will be on the mild side and 50 mi. per hour winds widespread of for seven is right get a degree mark that will be the case of the inland ease a valid the south bay and up they really does not matter pushing right up near the 90 degree mark lot of nice warm weather to look forward to. >>mark: the white house says
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it's willing now to give congress a say in it, is up to 52 days to review the deal that could such a kron 4 concern to stopping and development in a nuclear-weapons program the white house also have to certify commerce every 90 days. meanwhile secretary of state is in germany this morning to especially after president agree to the legislation giving congress the agreement the legislation is expected to sell through both houses. >>anny hong: antitrust complaint against the area of this global
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the have given an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service investigation of insect could be coming to dinner plate near you. >>mark: they can reproduce with the land sold in water and other sources of animal protein the bay area is already home to several and set to start as including the food and site from a. >>anny hong: the have just
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change the language on on-line section dedicated to marijuana it now says the pyrrophyte extracts from useful as medicine and that may help kill certain cancer cells and when use of radiation increase in the cancer killing radiation the gives her husband gave to her were paid for what mirror propping the judge says they must give back
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$2.6 million riding traffic on the top of the screen 6 a south lawn as head down toward of on the. traffic coming up.
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what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
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2 low and the bloom and satellite a scene from nasa's no rise in spacecraft that transmitted the total yes to that new horizons loss nine years ago on a mission to explore planets they say. hong: take a lesson is
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among posted the video online of the first time he heard her voice you concede him look abouther when he says a ninth he even gives a little smile it was born with severe deafness in both ears. >>mark: the japanese do recovering the festival all week we have a list of events and special section on kron 4 the sun is coming up with could get more answers we have the latest detail and a live report in get rich world to try and heavyweight boxing champion less
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sex and launch the spacecraft and the laststation
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>>george: it's been remarkably quiet and fuel taxes we've had have just recently cleared will take a look or the slow traffic is come up. >>james: the what looks fantastic so far so
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