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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 16, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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meyers of palo alto began on wednesday evening and resumed again early thursday park police and alameda county search and rescue brought in dogs to comb the steep terrain. >> : there is enough clefs and fall of slopes that backs could happen >> reporter: meyers car could be seen here at 5 1/2 mile loop mcguire peak trail head. our police had left a note on the windshield. reported missing by his family when he failed to return home on wednesday meyers is said to be an experienced hiker familiar with the park who may have met with an accident. >> : try to determine whether not he fell or not the investigation will determine that >> reporter: the trail where the grim discovery was made is one of the highest in the
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park. rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: the family of a missing antioch motorcyclists is acting volunteer boaters for help in his search near antique fabric today. 26 year-old dylan rath was confirmed by friends and family to be the man who went over the ante on rich after his motorcycle collided with a car on sunday afternoon. he is presumed dead after falling more than 100 ft. into the san walking river. the california highway patrol suspended the search for him on tuesday as the choppy waters of the river had the search officials said early there is no organized search effort for the body of dylan rath but any marine units in area will use their equipment and look for the motorcyclist. >> pam: today police and
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attacked police say after an initial investigation there was no intent it attempted kidnapping of an antioch high school student the student told authorities that a stranger approached our yes third after a morning she told police that when she got into more on car and drove away the man followed her police say the two dead speech at us 711 parking lot but it does not appear that the men involved followed her to school officials reviewed video evidence from the store and high-school and their two different cars in each video which do not appear to be related. >> grant lodes: there's delays of up to 40 minutes this images from our heptachlor helicopter partnership from abc seven it happened around 4:00 with the prime northbound train a emergency crews on the scene of the injured woman was taken to the hospital she was not part of that it was six people on
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the train and no injuries to the passenger a crew will stay on top of the situation and bring more breaking news storm our >> pam: a bay area man is maintaining his innocence tonight after being accused of molesting and orinda girl six years old the suspect is now at the contra costa county jail in martinez and that's where dan kerman joins us live >> dan kerman: agist held in he's best has up bella's need a $4.2 million bill is requested. all little girls said a her nanny molested her six years ago. they are arrested this man walking crews six counts of
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molestation. >> dan kerman: sarah crews as attorney says that if his wife was never the nanny his wife was the nanny. this >> : >> dan kerman: attorney joseph sullivan find the strain that after six years the alleged victim can recount detailed details of the kidnapping. of the molestation >> dan kerman: and at police also say that they believe that there is a selected victim in orinda. as a second family low the but suspect it worked for. no- fault charges have been filed at this time reporting live in montana as dan
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kerman kron 4 news >> pam: a seventh suspect has now been charged in the oakland murder of chyemil pierce the alameda county district attorney's office charged 16 year-old julia m. rose of oakland with murder and attempted murder and some enhancement clauses all in connection with the death of chyemil pierce although he is a minor ambrose is to be prosecuted as an adult could shamil pierce is the young mother was fatally shot in the 2800 block of chestnut street and west oakland back on march 9th. six other suspects have previous previously been arrested and charged with homicide attempted homicide and other crimes the case is still being investigated >> grant lodes: there's the february hit-and-run crash with a driver's car was found on fire about half a mile away from the collision with the dead teenager lang by. alex out
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as are 23 of milpitas is being sought by police in connection to the february 4th incident his vehicle crashed with a garbage truck at a north milpitas' boulevard and jacqueline road intersection in the early hours of the morning. the car was found a half mile away from the crash engulfed in flames with a 14 year-old cynthia ramirez found dead next to the car out as far has been charged with a fatal hit-and-run fatal wreck was driving and driving on suspended licenses will continued follow developments >> pam: only on four new affirmation this evening and the case of that he's a police officer arrested in san francisco kron 4 news was the only news organization in court today as officer kenneth white face a judge as terisa estacio reports although officer what is in custody he did ask one privilege to talk with this child
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>> reporter: san pablo police officer kenneth white is facing multiple charges was serious consequences including possible jail time. and perhaps losing his job as an officer but during this hearing white seemed focused on one singular issue he wants to talk with his daughter ever since being arrested last week there has been an order refraining white from having any contact with the stotler his new attorney asked for that to be changed. >> reporter: like daughter was in the car when he was recently pulled over in san francisco police said they discovered heroin, cocaine and illegal firearms in the car. he has been charged with several felonies for the drugs as well as child endangerment. police believe white was in san francisco to buy drugs another person has been arrested in the case after some
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consideration the judge agreed to allow white to talk to his daughter by phone a on why clutched tightly the document changing the order granting of permission to call his daughter. whites attorney also brought up the fact that whites is a former marine and he is asking the court to allow white to apply for veterans court proceedings. >> reporter: white is scheduled to be back in court next week in he is currently on paid leave from the san pablo police department as an internal investigation is ongoing and san francisco terisa estacio reporting >> pam: there is much more of ed 5 coming up why local catholics are demanding the archbishop of san francisco the remote plus column the comeback kid four years after a brutal attack left
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him rain damage ride in style is about to take the mound and next a troubling trend with ease cigarettes and teens. >> reporter: will talk about how long were gonna have this warm weather coming up. ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪
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a month and lock in your rate for 2 years. plus save up to 20% on your home owners insurance. call 1-800-xfinity today. >> pam: the current use of electronic cigarettes among middle and high school students trouble from 2013
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to 2014 that's according to the cdc. the national use tobacco survey showed about six under 60 pelton high- school students use the cigarettes in 2013 and in 2014 that number rose to 2 million students and last year about for under 50,000 zero school students small electronic cigarettes. although traditional cigarettes use has declined ride in e cigarettes and who got has offset that decline there has been no decrease in overall tobacco use in the last few years >> pam: still at local catholic send a message to the pope france's they want new leadership and san francisco why are demanding a change next plus there is a new star wars teaser and rebuild some secrets about them we will show you coming up.
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>> pam: a group of prominent local catholics has taken out a full-page newspaper ad to get a message to pope france's at the vatican
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their request is to remove the archbishop of san francisco from his boat maureen kelly explains why >> reporter: the full-page ad was i opening to say the a parishioners at at the church today. they're calling it an unprecedented step directed to the holy father himself the letter asked them to remove on salvatore wholly-owned saying that he fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance he is pro life there's concern about the morality clause that teachers are asked to be signed at catholic schools >> : the determinative for anything from birth control to advocating stem cell research >> reporter: art officials
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emanation he's considering now greatly evil. the message is sent to their children there are concerned about. >> : my question is why with the archbishop said such mean things about our family. >> reporter: in a statement that out of the archdiocese says that the that is of misrepresentation of this this spirit of the archbishop. the signers are assuming to upfront speak for the catholic system in severances go. maureen kelly kron 4 news >> pam: the oath and athletics and the hayward firefighters association are helping out the team was burglarize over the weekend. and hayward and sons sell part with the stall about
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$7,000 worth of donations. it was from the alsace a worst us little lead us annual fundraiser tennis and american which was held saturday the insurance cover the money but had a $1,000 deductible sold today the aids community find an hayward firefighter announced they would donate $1,000 each to settle at $1,000 deductible believe serves more than 200 kids on 18 teams. >> pam: flowers like a cherry blossom embody the beauty of nature and the japanese culture bringing together those elements in harmony of color in balance is a true art form jeff pierce found two women who are experts at the art of flour ranking that will be featured in severances " cherry blossom festival this weekend. >> reporter: 8 in know bo is
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one of the main schools of japanese a floral arrangement and julie nakatani has been displaying her skills at the annual san francisco cherry blossom festival for 47 years. she learned it cut it cannot go ikenobo from our mother king co now 95 she still guides her daughter and ways of traditional japanese flower arranging. both mother and daughter hold a teaching degree from the master in japan and speak of the subtleties of flour ranging. >> : we like to make sure
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that the arrangement is facing up toward the sun >> reporter: after nearly five decades of demonstrating floral art at the cherry blossom festival they share one goal. >> : it is a matter of pride that this is what ancestors had this is a tradition that we want and need to keep going on in the future. >> reporter: at tokonoma and pacific but jeff pierce kron 4 news. >> reporter: plus we have lots of sunshine with cooler temperatures them had today we were really one with a east today. 80s all over the place 84 in oakland '70s all went out to the ocean but things are changing for tonight just a little bit beyond the winds of a pickup low clouds. that will
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make for slightly cooler weather by the bay and on the arrests of four test coming up >> pam: well the royal baby watch has started for the duke and duchess of cambridge get ready for the birth of their second child. the hospital where the baby will be born is making preparations to managed the expected crowd of people hoping to see the on this royal cnn world kind of correspondence max auster has this report from buckingham palace >> reporter: the baby is due sometime before the end of month the media is already starting to take their positions there. more positions are being marked out outside the hospital. and if you roll fans the party turned up their already >> : we're booked into a war till we been here every day for the last two weeks. >> reporter: a course the
5:22 pm
question is is it gonna be a boy or girl cake and williams says the they do not even know. cate.. >> pam: coming up it may be months away but anticipation is building for the new star wars movie a look at the new trailer that revealed some secrets is next cost sony pictures is rocked once again by the hacking scandal coming up where you concede thousands of leet sony e- mail's. where you can see allison's of leet sony e- mail's leaked sony emails
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>> pam: a judge has ordered former rap music mogul suge knight to stand trial out stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges in the deadly it and run. the
5:26 pm
co-founder of death row records has been charged with intentionally killing 55 year-old terry carter and seriously injuring bone flown by striking them with his truck outside a compton burger stand in january night was a has pleaded not guilty in the case after the road and the 49 year-old was taken to the hospital after experiencing a medical emergency at a downtown los angeles courthouse. >> grant lodes: star once hack of star wars fans most of them at least salivating tonight as another trailer is released today in anaheim previewing this winter's a big release. >> : video clips music
5:27 pm
>> grant lodes: about that the new star wars them the seventh in the franchise his theaters december 18th. >> pam: coming up the was brutally attacked outside a dodgers game four years ago now san francisco giants fan ride in style is making a comeback kid story is next plus the man to call this year at the nation's capital faces a judge what he was ordered not to do it again is next at by 30 p.m.. 5:30pm..
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>> pam: it's an amazing story four years ago san francisco giants and brian's know was been outside at dodger stadium. the attack left him severely brain damage now four years into his recovery he is said to throw out the first pitch at belo opener for this san jose giants. them francisco giants a team where he used to be a paramedic before the attack kron 4 jr stone joins
5:31 pm
us from san of that with more. >> jr stone: people are already lining up their excited to see brian stopes no here this is a man that it's been through so much over the past four years. do see some of the older pictures before before the injury. bryan snow... bill bell helicopter lands on the field of one. is gonna be a sight to see is gonna happen around 7:00 i been talking with fans about being here and this is what they had to say >> : i am excited to see where he's been through see how he has come along to be able to throw a ball that's a big thing and mean that
5:32 pm
it's getting better >> : to see that guy come out of what happened to limb ad man in los angeles it was not necessary to get beat up like that what you just watching a game >> jr stone: they can't wait to see that guide officially the first pitch will be thrown out at 7 07 by snow. he was walking with a walker is no word is he's one of using a walker to get to the mound but this is a very exciting night out here in san jose jr stone kron 4 news >> reporter: and is a gorgeous evening in san jose with '70s right now on san francisco lots of '80s. upper 60s at the coast look
5:33 pm
for mostly clear skies tonight and clouds will developing up the coast of a cool things down across. of talk about the forecast for the weekend coming up. >> pam: more than 7000 fugitives are now in custody after a nationwide sweep led by the u.s. marshal's office. they focus on seven cities across the country including oakland. the marshals office as it was focused on finding the most dangerous fugitives high- risk felons wanted for get day affiliations' weapon charges sex crimes armed robbery and homicide. in northern california 1 and 37 people were arrested and a six week operation called violence reduction 7 1/6 kron 4 reports on the bay area fugitives were captured. >> pam: the pilot who landed a tiny aircraft on
5:34 pm
the capitol lawn yesterday has been sent back to florida with the jeep dps bracelet on his ankle and orders never to fly again grant lodes is here with more on the fallout from the postal workers' protests. >> grant lodes: doug hughes who is his name he war is pursed those partial sure service uniform as he appeared before a federal judge his legal troubles are just getting started he is back due back in court next month to facing charges that keep it could keep them behind bars for years. >> grant lodes: as a publicity stunt as a publicity stunt it was a complete success with tourists gawked and police scrambled as of gyrocopter was over the wall small inland on the capitol grounds, a penetrating several layers of increasingly restricted airspace. police believe you took off from gettysburg
5:35 pm
pennsylvania that are penetrating the outer circle where all aircraft are required to identify themselves to the inner circle where no flight are allowed without specific authorization and into the prohibited zone that surrounds the white house there he made about the landing with the only official response along capitol police officer. hills offered no resistance as he was led away. nothing dangerous was found on the aircraft. president obama was out town when it happened a military adviser told him about the unusual event. that of the senate homeland's security committee says he wants to know why no one stopped use during his flight. >> : we need to prosecute him a set of very strong
5:36 pm
examples of all having more stunts like this so of the we can take action against people really are trying to do us harm. >> grant lodes: here says facing two charges of violating national defense aerospace and operating an unregistered aircraft his next hearing is may 8th in washington. >> pam: whistleblower site windy links has put hundreds of balance of e-mail and documents from last year sony hack into a searchable online archives. the website founded by julia and assigned says that is data base includes more than 1 70,000 e mills from sony pictures entertainment and subsidiary plus more than 30,000 other documents in december sony suffered a crippling cyber attacks cause of ahead of the release of them will be the interview said north korea and i know organization
5:37 pm
leaked documents and other damaging information on line but it but now it is an and easily searchable data base in a statement of sons said the documents show the inner workings of the international co. and therefore belongs to the public domain sony has not commented. >> pam: the regular season is over the playoff are here we will hear from the warriors as they prepare for their series in new orleans coming up and later the hollywood actors was taking on people of shame and bully women online.
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>> pam: will of course the job of the u.s. congress is to take care of the serious business of running the country. but sometimes a softer side folks through check out the senator pat roberts ringed town which
5:41 pm
interrupted a committee meeting to dairy. >> : just let it go mr. >> pam: a case you did know that was a new classic let it go from the movie frozen. the committee was discussing the u.s. tariff policy policy so the disney tune was probably a welcome break. >> reporter: sunshine over the bay area outlet to know how long it will stay that way coming up. i will let you know how long
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>> grant lodes: been the hottest team in the nba and now the warriors are getting set to begin their playoff run on saturday in oakland last night capped the best regular-season in team history. 67 wins. the dogs are just can't seem ever to
5:45 pm
win that many games in a regular season. they also said season records for most home and road wins long as winning streak 16 games and head coach steve carr won more games than any other first-year head coach in the league history we were at practice today and the team says that they are ready for the next challenge in what is being and what has been a charm season season first up the new orleans pelicans on saturday >> : if you want to compete you don't have to we do this for a living you go find a job and other weapons somewhere else >> grant lodes: yes is all about the competition game 1 is at oracle on saturday at 1230 game 2 was also an oakland monday night at 7:30 p.m. the competition then shifts to new orleans it is
5:46 pm
best of seven series. the bay area is the one matt spence coming out of the wood were jumping on the bandwagon the die-hards are still here on facebook people are sharing pictures showing you and your crew in blow and all good der cheering on the dubs you can submit your kicks on twitter facebook instagram or by e- mail in us at the >> reporter: is the sunny and warm as the allied you add berkeley we have lots of sunshine over the campus of berkeley with temperatures in the load mid-70s right now but is not a and b as in 14 tomorrow a cooler sea breezes pushing in from the bay. the clouds will begin to develop at the coast and that is a sign of change those clear way pretty fast
5:47 pm
as we go to the week in more sunshine but not as warm. were clouds of returning to the coast tomorrow so as not as nice of a beach day. in bay area beaches are down from the seventies today to the '60s tomorrow but of a look for this some big waves what possible recurrence for tomorrow is potentially hazardous. right now is clear is we start the day on friday but as we go into the morning hours the clouds will beginning to form at the coast going to the golden gate into san francisco del should be out pretty fast by nine or 10 but the low clouds will be hanging on at the beaches throughout the afternoon and that will bring down the temperature is also. >> reporter: 80 for the south bay where rumpuses a
5:48 pm
radical '70s for saturday and sunday look for morning clouds and drizzle both days and temperatures allow mid-70s by the bay mid '80s inland. that could bring a few showers >> reporter: we're talking when as and losers on wall street was rob black. >> reporter: stocks are puget a net looks had more subscribers than expected it. net blacks. net flix... 2.2 8 million new consumers were added to blow up their no. the should be into a country's right now there
5:49 pm
and we expect to be into a country's next year there and 50 countries right now. looking to expand to 200. >> reporter: the bankers messed up the level lot of money on the table that priced the 2 low. >> reporter: all the money has been made and that seemed i did not make it i stay away from ipos and not all but mostly the said that after 90 days. insiders it the shares. party supplies already has a modern 60 stores good one at 300 more ideas cannot get excited about traditional retail >> reporter: this is about people making money on you tube and eight year-old girl is making over a hundred grand a month >> reporter: you tube has
5:50 pm
become synonymous with fame. 29 million use each month they're doing on content creation making videos and 2012 for 50 foster there ashley is a taste testers is adorable people under 35 years old beses how to watch the media now. >> reporter: 11 questions for rob booked with facebook page. >> pam: next at 5 on line by adding shot betty shaming is that a growing epidemic. body shaming.
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>> pam: brazilian supermodel giselle bunch in sashayed down the catwalk insoles follows fashion week in an emotional farewell to the
5:54 pm
runway. she announced over the weekend that she would reap be retiring from the cat walk though not the fashion industry. the 34 year-old who was married in new england patriots quarterback and san mateo native tom brady has two children and has said she wants to spend more time with her family late last night and brady had a front row seat at what was hailed as historic moment in brazil's fashion world. >> pam: actress and expected mom jamie kane is speaking out to die about how she was body shamed for showing are pregnant body of social media the insiders the andrew's has from loss angeles on how this growing online epidemic. >> : i should eat hamburger >> reporter: j.b. posted this instagram might body my growing baby. brokaw and is
5:55 pm
about then fate figure drew no comment about her at then figure was blasted end social media she wanted to ignore the online belize but she could not she was a onetime model turned tv actress >> : you how easy it is to stir people up. >> reporter: the haters pounced on this picture over the weekend the suspicious perceived weight gain. she's realistic about her post baby. our therapy insider says that just meant see every day people cannot
5:56 pm
laugh all calls. >> : social media has contributed to body because people can be anonymous. >> reporter: will have more on this story on the insider at 7. >> pam: there's much more new still ahead on kron 4 news and sex a crack down leads to the arrest of one man and an oakland murder how u.s. marshals went on a hunt for fugitives in the bay area and a three alarm fire restore restaurants where it's started and why was such a tough fire to a battle kron 4 news at 6 will be coming up next.
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>> pam: now at six a bay area girl says she was molested six years ago and now her alleged attacker is behind bars that evening everybody i am pam moore the alleged attack took place in antioch but the suspect is maintaining his innocence. kron 4 as dan kerman is live at contra costa county jail in margin as with that suspect is behind bars and night >> dan kerman: sieur crows remains behind bars pleading not guilty in this case of police believe that there is not just one victim that could be others. mr. cruz was taken into custody late last month with six counts of child molestation. this after a 12 year-old miranda girl told him that police that he molested her in its anti-iraq home. and the
6:00 pm
appellees says that crows was the nanny. but the suspects as that his wife was the nanny. >> : the alleged victim is a 12 year-old when and at san 30 at night telling her mother that she had been molested gave no core roberts of evidence has been on given she has not been subject to a medical testing. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office was unavailable comment. but another and ago girl was molested scarecrows has pleaded not guilty mr. cruz has pleaded not guilty >> jr stone: back >> dan kerman: the suspect
6:01 pm
remains behind bars and he is due back in court at the end of the month. >> grant lodes: another arrests in the shooting death of the west oakland mother in it to see their hit by a stray bullet as she shielded her children outsider on a 16 year-old boy julien ambrose is the seventh person to be connected with the march killing of chyemil pierce the other six suspects they have not renascent mr. ambrose is mug shot because he is a minor. he was just released from highland hospital. it is also up charged with attempted murder he's got another suspect terry garvin jr.. after two groups of women were fighting some of the suspects do have a gang ties and more rest are expected >> pam: a nationwide
6:02 pm
dragnet puts more than 7100 violent criminals behind bars. over one and 30 fugitives were wanted for crimes committed here in the bay area including one of the seven people arrested in the shooting death of chyemil pierce as it resumed has the story >> haaziq madyun: checking names of their fine faces pounding on doors and taking wanted bay area fugitives from justice into custody. the joint law- enforcement asked effort was called violence reduction seven or v r seven. this press conference at the u.s. federal building in oakland was called to report the results of an intense a six week manhunt led by the u.s. marshals service. >> : the operation resulted in the rest of 137
6:03 pm
individuals most notably 64 homicide for for attempted homicide and 84 armed robberies. >> haaziq madyun: one of those arrested during the r seven with alex davis he is being charged for the shooting death of chyemil pierce a young mother was gunned down in west oakland while trying to protect our children from a gun battle taking place outside of their on the r seven also netted john l. carter who was on the run after escaping from the custody of the santa clara county deputy sheriffs office. when it comes to the question of just how much of violent crime will be reduced in the bay area as a result of taking 137 fugitives off the street the deputy in charge of operation violence reduction seven explained it this way. >> : most of those in that individuals do not have a job and it continued to do
6:04 pm
criminal activity. this kind of guess there denise we know that they're not victimizing the community. >> pam: a tragic end to the search for a hiker and this and all regional wilderness section of the east bay regional park this afternoon authorities recovered a body believed to be the missing man. the search for 70 year- old r went down meyers palo alto started late wednesday and resumed this morning after mr. meyers failed to return home a district police spokesperson tells kron 4 they believe the body discovered by helicopter crew indicate this afternoon is that of mr. meyer's but are awaiting formal confirmation from the corner >> : the search the area
6:05 pm
confirmed that look like a body they landed the helicopter chordata with the additional resources on the ground that went to the location where the body was discovered and confirmed that the person in the case is deceased >> pam: meyers car could be seen at the trail head on the 5 and 1/2 mile upper mcgwire peak trail among the highest points in the park at 1,688 ft. by all accounts meyers was an experienced hiker park police say the trail is to eat and some los floodings and say in it appears in that meyers may have fallen. >> reporter: years legacy breeze keeps things chilly at the close and warm and lynn but today the winds are
6:06 pm
coming from the north east and that keeps the sea breeze away keeps everybody warm we're gonna see a little bit of a change coming up tomorrow. as the sea breeze makes a push into the bay area have been captivated by this flashing light in berkeley and i've been informed that is the solar begin to large computer-controlled mirrors that reflect the sunlight. in berkeley where in the mid-70s right now clear skies below clouds will develop you the morning. that's a sign that the sea breeze is starting to come back and will cool the bay area off. >> pam: and also coming up next and a credible from brian stall stow... the calls are getting louder
6:07 pm
for the archbishop to be removed. and big delays in the south bay after another incident revolving cal train and another pedestrian that information coming up.
6:08 pm
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>> pam: caltran is experiencing delays after pedestrian was struck earlier this afternoon near santa clara station emergency crews responding
6:10 pm
to the scene around 4:00 p.m. after the northbound 261 train hit a woman on the tracks caltrans officials say the incident was not a fatality. 68 passengers were on the train at the time of the accident no passengers or crew reported any injuries crows are currently working to restore service. >> pam: as an francisco's civic center station has reopened it this earlier this afternoon nearly three hours after a person was struck and killed on the tracks the person was reported under the trade at 10 all eight in the morning on the daly city line the station was closed and barred ran trains through the station without stopping while emergency crews responding to the station reopened shortly before 1:00 p.m. but major delays still reportedly persist systemwide know the delays have been released. >> pam: firefighters responded with three alarm
6:11 pm
fire that broke out in the kitchen a restaurant in south san jose this cell phone video shows the fire which was reported a 20 7:00 a.m. at jimmy's restaurant on was capitol expressway near snell avenue. it started in the kitchen behind the load and duct system where the sprinklers could not reach fire crews were able to contain and isolate the fire to one location details of damage were not available no injuries were reported in the cause is under investigation. >> pam: 90 killed on the san pablo police officer was busted on drugs. and more good information about bryan stow coming up next
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6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> pam: of group of prominent local catholics are making a bold move to make a bold change them asking paul francis to replace san francisco archbishop put a full-page
6:15 pm
ad in the san francisco chronicle but said the archbishop is fostering an atmosphere of in of division and intolerance. catholic school teachers are asked supreme promote and live by. the call homosexuality gravely evil >> : everyone that i have spoken to that were signers of the lever and received in boxes full of people that wanted join you i expect the coalition to grow to the extent that we expect a call to say of a q i am replacing him tomorrow and do not think that is one that happened but we are not going to go away >> pam: the archdiocese says that some misrepresent isn't wrapped misrepresentation of the catholic teaching and
6:16 pm
misrepresentation of the spirit of the arch miss the and and the poseidons are presumed presuming to speak for the san francisco archdiocese. >> pam: no affirmation tonight about a case against an east bay police officer kron 4 was the only camera to record this hearing today san pablo police officer kenneth white was arrested last week when police say he was involved in a drug deal. they said they found cocaine heroin and illegal firearms in his car as well as his two year- old daughter. today in court the judge changed a restraining order and allowed white to talk with his daughter now in a family's cares members care can as white is also possibly eligible for veterans court he is a former marine.
6:17 pm
>> pam: white is in custody is expected >> grant lodes: former nfl star aaron hernandez is on suicide watch tonight one day after a massachusetts jury convicted them of first-degree murder. his sentence life without the possibility of parole for killing odin lloyd who was his fiancee's sister's boyfriend now we're getting a look at where matt hernandez will be spending his time. the 51000 square foot maximum security prison in shirley massachusetts open in 1998 and is the state's newest correctional facility lacks all lights and water and other features are operated by interface computer terminals it boast one of the largest camera
6:18 pm
matrix systems in the u.s. tonight we are also hearing from jurors who decided his fate. >> : is hard to come to that decision at the end after three months they're almost like a part of you and now you have to make this decision put away or let him go >> grant lodes: a put away he still faces two more on related charges for a drive- by shooting that happened year before it was in it was allegedly overspill drink at a club. >> pam: happening tonight an incredible step in the recovery of bryan stow he is the giants' fan severely beaten by two men outside dodger stadium in los angeles four years ago to now be able to rod the first pitch at the san jose giants' home opener jr stone is live in the south bay tonight where excitement is building. it makes everybody
6:19 pm
feel good that he's doing this tonight they are >> jr stone: do what you're exactly right tammy came in about 20 minutes ago he was wheeled right in. you see that san jose giants signed see all the people on the other side those are family and friends of bryan stow he is meant in that crowd all while ago he was taking pictures with some of the paramedics out here as well dave wanted said do this before you drop the first pitch. you can see him and the video leaked they wheeled him in the wheelchair he had been using a walker will when they got and public use the wheelchair. >> jr stone: he's gonna be actually on the field throwing out the first pitch and a lot of people cannot wait to. >> : i read about in the
6:20 pm
paper this morning that even bat halfway from the mound and would then be taking pitches just like you guys. >> jr stone: and it is certainly all eyes on bryan stow tonight you look at the area where he is right now you're getting the feel ready for the first pitch at 70 7:07 p.m. all eyes will be on bryan stow cam back to you at the studio >> reporter: 10:00 p.m. at looks like a beautiful evening in san jose will low seventies there is san francisco. and the same reason as to make a difference and aren't temperatures tomorrow. and
6:21 pm
were what meant ellen right now 80 and fairfield san mateo is 81 degrees clear skies tonight with the sea breezes will be pushing and wednesday of store have been blowing from the sacramento about it out to the ocean and the winds are gonna change in rain and clouds tomorrow morning the clouds and the sea breeze will cool the temperatures down and that's gonna continue to be the trend into the weekend will be mostly sunny but will see slightly cooler weather. >> reporter: there is is weather system out of the of for corestates spinning around and that's helping to push winds from the north east to the southwest so the winds are blowing out to the ocean and that makes everybody warm and it's gonna be reversing for tomorrow. storm tracker going into the morning see
6:22 pm
the low cloudiness reforming at the coast pushing through the golden gate to oakland berkeley's san francisco start things out by nine to endicott and of the back in the ocean but look at the low clouds will be hanging onto the beaches throughout the afternoon i do not believe it's gonna be a sunny day at the ocean temperatures local upper seventies low 80s. love the mid '80s and antioch that spurt in concord. and severances go into the '60s of the 74 guests coming >> pam: coming up next of a huge payout by target over that data rates. and at 630 died and this is backed that the the top of the town
6:23 pm
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6:26 pm
>> pam: a disturbing new report about your health records according to the study of the journal of the american medical association more than 29 million health records were compromised in data breaches in the past four years about two-thirds of the breaches involve electronic data often stored on a laptop or other mobile device more than 58 percent of the breeches happened via fast. >> pam: tracker and mastercard have reached a settlement over the 2013 hack the compromise of the 40 million customer accounts. the retailer would pay mastercard issuing banks up to $19 million for losses they incurred in the data reach the settlement will help cover not only fraudulent charges but also the cost of reissuing credit-card and debit cards. target and mastercard have reached a settlement over the 2013 attack. the
6:27 pm
retailer will pay the of mastercard the $90 million. >> reporter: as a beautiful afternoon on the bay let canopus good weather is the ground for the weekend coming up.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: accounted jail in martinez a bay area man remains locked up accused of six counts of child molestation he maintains that he is innocent mr. crow's was taken into custody last month. a 12 year-old told police that she even had molested her edits antioch home six years ago. the suspect's attorney says the and his wife was the nanny. says mr. crow's
6:31 pm
as planned not guilty and maintains his innocence is due back in court at the end of the month. >> reporter: us careful antioch high school after girl claims that a man tried to lower entasis his car out wednesday at 711. she claims that the man told her to come here come here she never did went added her car and went to school told the principal wented the end to the police department investigators have determined that the man did not do anything an appropriate and that he was not following her to the school is that if he did do anything it was inappropriate but not criminal. reporting from an ad will tran kron 4 news >> reporter: a grim into the search for missing hire don meyers of palo alto failed to return home from a hiking
6:32 pm
trips. the search continued to the day about 2:00 p.m. the helicopter crew discovered the body of a man in the case. meyers car was parked at the trailhead they believe that the body is that of heat meyers told was an express their experience tiger who may have met with an accident investigation is can be conducted by the corner rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> reporter: some prominent members of the catholic community want a new arts been shut and it took out full-page ads in the san francisco chronicle to get the bond archbishop replaced. it's not labeled artificial insemination and homosexual relations as gravely evil the
6:33 pm
archdiocese says this is the misrepresented sit a misrepresentation >> reporter: here at the u.s. federal building and ocean off of operation violence reduction seven catching fugitives for crimes committed right here in the bay area. >> : 9 were arrested for assault with a dock deadly weapon 84 failure to register as sex offenders. >> reporter: lots of sunshine and warm temperatures all around the bay area. next couple of days we will see the beginning of a gradual cooling trend. it is gorgeous out here san francisco we will begin to
6:34 pm
see clot low clouds portion to the bay area. it should clear out pretty fast by nine or 10:00 with the exception of the beaches. the '70s by the day down a few degrees '80s and land. the saturday and sunday will have morning clouds when relatively fast clearing load mid-70s by the bay low to mid '80s in land and a weather system will be dropping in from the gulf of alaska next week and make it even cooler still and a possibility of showers on wednesday and thursday. >> reporter: on have to do is follow the long winding your there this little fischbach on a perch overlooking half moon bay as poking cut in cooking up
6:35 pm
fresh seafood since the 1970's is a family operation to be sure melete will agree to and yes there is a real barbara her mom back and a manager titian chef rival and waiting tables in his wife kim taking fried calamari orders. other diners might swear by the crass and witches yes you could set a fresh fish here is also or audit. if you can't take a line take the line you can do take out and eat bite out by the water >> : my favorite is the fish
6:36 pm
and chips the fish and chips are phenomenal. >> : it's all good anything. >> reporter: just watch out for the hungry sea gulls and half moon bay vickie liviakis kron 4 news. >> pam: you can see more of vicky's pick at the restaurant reviews are in the features section on our just look for dyeing and dishfor >> pam: still had a shocking report on the volunteer deputies charged with manslaughter after he accidentally shot a suspect during an undercover sting why the department could now be in trouble. cooked thoroughly to 165.
6:37 pm
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>> pam: some supervisors at
6:40 pm
the tulsa county sheriff's office were told to forge trading records of the the reserve deputy who fatally shot a suspect instead of using his taser. three supervisors refused to change robert bates training records were reassigned to less desirable duties the orders apparently began years ago before mr. bates shot and killed eric harris on april 2nd the newspaper did not say to a legibly ask the supervisors to falsified records or white but the state where lawmakers are calling for review. >> pam: form rap mogul suge knight is back in a loss angeles hospitals and night just hours after a judge ordered he will stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges. suge knight is the clue is accused of plotting his truck into to people in a restaurant parking lot back in january 1st of those men died suge
6:41 pm
knight the turn explains his crime was ambushed and was trying to escape when mr. knight ran down the men in the attack after a security video it is the fifth time suge knight has been rushed to the hospital from court since he was charged. >> pam: and we have a full hour of entertainment news next at 7 and as the insider followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30 p.m. and then we are back within a kron 4 news at 8. would add gary coming up with sports and next.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>> gary: containing everybody is gonna be thought water around here golden state will long with cleveland favored to win the nba title. playoff time practice today and your bogan was not available when the warriors were knocked out last year by the
6:45 pm
clippers he's healthy and ready to go. warriors 76 franchise records in the regular save and 67 nan's 67 wins. 730 in oakland 5:00 a week from saturday to deem steve kerr never posed in this season postseason but as a player he was on five championship teams sizzle little bit of experience to give to stream >> : a select of the team is pretty much a favorite underdog lots of games and memories to pick from the water right in use for my family my from my memory i will do that >> : have a better record
6:46 pm
than we've ever had going to the playoffs and this would do everything like we did the last two years the filling is the same we understand what it will take to win we just have to go out there and do >> gary: what is funny at 9:00 jim burnett is gonna be the guest sunday pam it annulled she will give me credit but fcc regulations we have that have every word this witness in the teleprompter and cue cards and he isn't pam is looking and saying he is not saying anything that is in there but because the sport i can have little bit more fun with it. this is a little distracting but those are the words of my body guard
6:47 pm
kevin a body guard he types in words even though i ignore them. some >> gary: you're not actually getting what i'm thinking you're also getting what kevin is thinking. pam is saying it's not reading any of the stuff is not a genius but is one of those things i speak from here here. just come out here for a minute. this is the wont get over here ideas on this you know why he is honest and the poor lady who wrote the other day your using him like a yo-yo. genet fong was very upset >> reporter: whenever i can
6:48 pm
do to make you look better. >> gary: pam you know that i do not like anybody. i want him to speak at my funeral. >> grant lodes: know the problem is not of this was in the teleprompter. >> gary: he is not raining in the oven that taken will be back with his 19th of day in moments. >> gary: the pelican show that there were no bodies full warriors 31 overall at the warriors did not bring their eighth game they could of one at the end was set curries' shot went in and out they did a little dense. seth currie
6:49 pm
>> : conversation player compensation >> gary: this is the most excitement that i can remember and have lived here my entire life warrior basketball like it is now if you're a woman's basketball fan or just a basketball fan in general and you follow the college game a bit tonight was a big night. >> : new lord liberties of flax slags pretty boy brittany boyd... selected and one night >> gary: red table i was
6:50 pm
selected ninth overall. brittany boyd and roshonda gray.. >> gary: age and peters and can play nfl football again he was cleared to return to the minnesota vikings you know he missed most of last season facing child abuse charges. the deal was he took a 4 year-old switch to the switch to is for year- old son and he will have to fulfill all the obligations of his plea deal read these think reducing a felony charge to a misdemeanor. of minnesota said today was we fully expect peterson to come back and play for us or
6:51 pm
dallas could be his of eventual landing spot. >> gary: at the this pretty ugly tirade brit the camry. britt mchenry.. >> : i to be a college dropout and do the same thing i'm on television in your and a trailer >> gary: we've all done stuff that we are not proud of initiative espn of the pile a written apology. she apologized and we've all done this but on one of these guys within your wall
6:52 pm
in within your team within your family where everyone say is fine but use your head when you're on tv to beat up someone is working foretold cut jolt the company is very bad. the bully somebody this working for living like that because you're on tv is wrong out would never do that to than taken. van aiken..
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
behaving badly at 8:00 >> pam: the time magazine has named his 100 most influential people of the year. u.s. supreme court justice ruth later ginzberg actor brad the cobourg ballerina mystical and mosaic mural and music mogul, and a west and news anchor jorge ramose are among honorees on five different issues of the covers. in choosing the time one under the magazine says it looks for people who connect with various elements of our world like arts and science and speak about their subject impact on the world on all levels time magazine has named the 100 different lunch of people. >> reporter: look for- tomorrow ennis uppers' '70s and no rain in the forecast
6:57 pm
>> pam: we will be back at 8:00 and hope to see you then in the meantime stay in touch with our
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> every time i say something, it literally breaks the internet. >> love him, hate him, you can't deny kanye's inclusion in time's most inflew wen shalls. i had no idea theal impact the movie would have. >> empire is under fire again. >> the new lawsuit claiming terrance howard ripped off his real life story. >> he's not the entrepreneurial nature. >> and happy birthday. >> celebrating.
7:00 pm
>> we just had a great time. >> i'm with michael douglas who's breaking down his most iconic sex scenes. >> 11 pairs of rip away panties? >> that's a good day on set. >> your celebrity and pop news. i they are the most influential people in the world. but who on time's 100 list will kick off this current controversy. here in assignment in miami. thea andrews and the team are back in hollywood with more. plus we have empire under attack again. the low note hitting lucious lion where it hurts. >> time's 100 most controversial figures that are sparking


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