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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the search for missing boaters in the north bay came to a tragic bay today. they took an adventure to go fishing. coast guard said despite a new small craft advise prescription now we know the names of the 2 that dies, 62-year-old diane kelly and 59-year-old richard hargraves jr. >> reporter: the group of 4 went out fishing with and 2 of them came home in the hands of
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rescuers. >> we had to go out and angle today. you could tell it was going to happen. if you don't look at the swell, you could easily crash the craft. >> reporter: one ship, a smaller rescue boat, two rescue choppers, and more are on o the hunt. the coast guard said it didn't look good, and that started yesterday when the visibility was so bad, they couldn't lift off the helicopters. >> reporter: the visibility is usually several miles. you could see the horizon. you couldn't -- you couldn't see the horizon, which would be from where i am to the end of chrissy hill. waves were about 6 feet high, but there were breakers that got all the way up to here, 10
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feet high. >> reporter: the boat was recovered on the rocks near tamales point. >> it reminds us that you want to get out there, but it's rougher than it seems. >> we've learned that the coast guard will suspend their portion of the search for 2 boaters. search efforts will resume tomorrow. foul, shot is good, and one. >> a thrilling finish to the game today as the warriors o go up 1 game to 0 over the new orleans pelicans. playoff fever is running high. >> reporter: it was a spectacle
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at oracle arena as you might expect. the stars came out ready to play for golden state, klay thompson and steph curry having monster games. >> reporter: warriors fans came ready to win. after a few pre-game selfies and a trip up the golden carpet, showing off their team colors, fans piled into oracle arena. >> go warriors. >> reporter: everyone paying top dollar to get in. >> $245. >> the ticket cost $200, but the experience is priceless. >> reporter: and the warriors certainly put on a show. steph curry was up to his old tricks. klay thompson and draymond green also in the mix. the warriors were up 13,
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holding the pelicans to just 15 points after the 1st quarter. the pelicans eventually recovered. forward anthony davis led all scorers with 45 points, at time making the crowd nervous, but curry and thompson combined for 55. that was enough to hold off the comeback. warriors win by 7. >> that was great. >> 1-0. we'll be 2-0 on monday. >> thatthat was a -- that was a little too close for comfort. >> no matter how pretty it is or ugly it is, a win is a win. >> we want to close a little better and make some free throws. but you win and you get better
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the next time. >> reporter: both teams are back at it at oracle on monday for game 2. >> for your complete warriors coverage, join jason appleba00 and biv robert for sportsnight -- appleba00 and bi -- applebaum and biff robert for sportsnight live. phil raf fell off the ant yok bridge -- off the antioch bridge, and his body was recovered today. his motorcycle collided with a
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truck and flung him off the bridge. garcia morte covered up abuse by a couple. the court found that once the girl became pregnant, she was taken out of middle school. garcia morte got her new identity to appear 18. the girl gave birth to second child very soon after having the first. the victim told police that she repeatedly told the woman she was being abused and did nothing. california officials proposed a new water use reduction plan after their first plan was called unrealistic. some bay area agencies have already implemented water
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cutbacks, which repeatly voted cut water exhibits. 14 people were injured. torts say a county worker on a tractor hit a gas line. 3 of the victims are listed in critical condition. investigators are still working the scene of the explosion. coming up, new york health officials issue a warning over the dangers of a synthetic drug that has sickened more than 100 people in a week. and a unique playground debuts in the area. and next, a growing california wildfire now can be seen burning from the sky and is forcing hundreds to evacuate.
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a wildfire in southern california has forced evacuations. it was burning through thick and dry vegetation in a river bed in corona that hasn't burned in years. the flames sent a large plume of shock. 160 people have been rushed to hospitals in new york after having reactions to something called spice. state authorities have released a health alert concerning this relation to a synthetic marijuana. spice is also known as k2. after smoking the substance,
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symptoms can range from drowsiness to headaches and seizures to loss of consciousness. still ahead, questions remain about this dramatic video of an officer that rammed a gun-toting suspect. and the magical bridge playground, dubbed one of the greatest parks in the nation. >> and it ranges from 51 degrees in half-moon bay to 85 in livermore. we'll look at the 7 day forecast coming up.
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1 of a kind playground opened on a peninsula today. the magical bridge playground is designed for kids and adults with disabilities to be able to play side by side with everybody else. some people have been waiting for years for this to open. >> reporter: it's a day the park, alank vilarial has been waiting for for years. >> it's so beautiful. >> reporter: the magical bridge playground was designed so people of all physical and
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intellect cull you'll ability -- intellectual ability can participate. and every part of the playground is accessible. slides are wider, swings are safer, and spinning toys allow wheelchairs. >> it's incredible that all of these people stand up together to make everyone equal so we can play with other people to play with. >> reporter: but this innovative inclusiveness didn't come keep. it cost about $4 million to build, 90% of that from private donations. keep piece cost about $50,000. that's something that jill asher hopes will change.
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>> we want to spark a national conversation for playgrounds to be accessible in the united states and the world. unfortunately, most of the material came from europe. >> reporter: they're hoping to spark the manufacture of more american-made improvement. the cherry blossom festival is wrapping up tomorrow in japantown. can you catch out martial arts performances and live bands as well. the colorful floats and taiko drummers will head to post and filmore streets. for a complete photo gallery of
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this week's events, go to we'll start out with low clouds in the morning. that's what we have in the golden gate. although we've had cool temperatures, it's been a different story at the beaches. temperatures have been confined to the 50s. so we start out with gray skies just about everywhere. sunny skies for the afternoon. active weather taking place. just to the north, there's clear lake, to the north of the trinity mountains. now that the sun has gone down tonight, the suns have been winding down. the next several days, it looks like it will be active in the mountain, the see rare, and mountains north of the bay area. we are going to deal with the
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fog, 6 a.m., north bay and the livermore valley. san jose, possibly some low clouds early on. look for the clouds to clear the valley. all of that is back up to the ocean by 10 to 11. then he we look at sunshine with the exception of the coast, where it l be cloudy and cool. warming up to the 70s by the bay. upper 70s south bay, and more 80s on tap. coming up for next week, we have a weather system that will help to cool temperatures down. slower clearing and possibly some showers on wednesday. family and friends gathered to remember man shot and killed by a tulsa reserve deputy. a viz taitionz and viewing ceremony for eric harris was held this afternoon. sheriff's deputies were trying
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to arrest harris when robert bates grabbed his gun instead of his taze and shot him. harris' son says he wants the sheriff's office held accountable. the family would like to bury harris soon, but they have to wait for an autopsy. there's new information on how the suspect taken out by a police cruiser in arizona got the rifle he was carrying. he threatened a walmart employee that gave him the rifle and ammo. we want to warn you that the dash cam video is graphic. miguel marquez report from our partnership with cnn. >> jesus, christ. man down. >> reporter: did this ever need to happen? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: new video shows a walmart loss preintention officer telling police officers on the scene the gun this man
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had just stolen had a safety lock on it and couldn't be fired. >> it's locked. he can't get the lock off. i'm positive. it's locked. >> reporter: 10 seconds later. okay, nevermind. >> reporter: theball mar loss preintention officer wearing short an sandals has his young son along for the ride. police finally yell at the employee back off. minutes earlier, mario valencia, mentally unstable, on a crime spree all morning, is handed a level action rifle by a clerk who told police he seemed normal. you can see him inspect the rifle normally. he then turns his attention to ammunition, telling the clerk don't do anything stupid, give me the ammo. the employee first resists, trying to buy time, but tells police she handed over the
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ammunition because val network cia was threatening to break the case, and if glass got on the other boxes of ammo, they could not be sold. she also said it's walmart policy to give over items during the robbery. walmart says the employee acted -- says the employee acted appropriately. a photo of the rifles stolen by valencia shows the cable lock still on. there was enough slack that the lever could be operated. a explosionpen insists the lock was properly stored, and then either the suspect work it loose somehow or the force of the impact jostled it loose.
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over 1,000 min is are being recalled by bmw for a problem with that could cause the air bag to deploy. bmw says one minor injury is linked to this defect. bmw will replace the detection map in the models for free. coming up after the break, the san francisco giants taking on the diamondbacks. we'll sew you the special ring ceremony at at&t park.
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the san francisco giants snap an 8 game losing streak tonight with a 4-1 victory over the arizona diamondbacks. they also had a ring ceremony at park. it's the first time in 5 year -- it's the 3rd time in 5 years that they handed out world series ring to the staff, so -- series rings to the staff, so maybe it inspired the players to give them a championship- worthy game. idaho firefighters responded to what they thought were screams from a burning house and found out they were not from humans.
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the birds had been trained to issue a warning call in case of an emergency. they issued a call for help, leading responders to think there was someone inside the house. >> they were saying fire, fire, help, fire. smart birds. in fact, there was actually nobody besides the birds in the house. >> the crews removed the birds and provided oxygen for them because the fire is still being investigated. those look like african grays. they're little talkers. >> very smart. if you like the win tonight for the giants, you'll like the win tomorrow, i'm predicting. there will be a little breeze.
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>> lady antebellum's tour bus in flames. narrow escape on the way to the atm. >> a tour bus fire. >> then sofia vergara, fertility wars. >> and, the guy trapped in the cargo hold speaks out. the 911 call. >> i'm inside a plane. >> plus, madmen star john ham out of control? >> then, she killed a giraffe and is proud of it. can you believe she's a granny? plus do it


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