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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 20, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> james: please not on a hunt for the driver this morning + two men still missing and two others already found dead and we of the latest not story and thousands of people thought battista nine golden gate park for the annual for 20 celebration the day wore on love story in today's news coming up. >> michelle: waking up to some low clouds out there in
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some fog give yourself some extra time as you make your way out on monday morning 10 loma half moon bay down 5 mi.. gone along this morning or across north they'll. look outside in our area across a street looking at the embarcadero just gently moving in the wind. winds are light however winds are breezier than other locations and all in know where coming up. were looks like temperature was a handful of these out there mild start to cloud cover and fog. keeping the temperatures on the milder side. and get ready for the bay fog and some patchy drizzle possible. a convention morning commute and temperatures will continue to stem a milder side and to.
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>> michelle: for their easter even the south bay temperatures will continue and was lower sundays during lunch hour and only warming up and to the upper '70's letter on this afternoon. a cooler day across much of the area. and women of all land and land. coming up if you're in chances coming up a storm tracker 74 test quick check of traffic this morning and it's going much of the area freeway you can see plenty of green on maps this morning after traveling close to downtown 7 cisco not seeing any delays a look at 586 city dublin interchange as he continued westbound traveling on a 80 closer to the south bay not seeing any delays in that area of very quiet, yet this morning miles temperatures and fog and could affect your morning commute and the
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next 30 minutes to an hour cooler temperatures along the coast for today. a father, husband and radio host killed by a hit- and run driver. searching for the person who crashed into him. >> james: 36 year old wesley burton died early saturday morning in a hit and run in oakland. to his best friend and show co host about the empty >> reporter:the aftermath of this hit and run accident is shocking. the car of 36 year old wesley burton is all but flattened. when burton's best friend got news of burton's death he felt flattened too. take sot the whole he leaves"for me personally long friendship is like the on gone as devastating. >> reporter:burton was a
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radio show co-host and engineer at kfpa. his show spotlighted local musical talent. he driving home saturday morning when this white dodge charger, police say came speeding down 60th and hit burton on mlk in oakland. burton was pronounced dead on the scene,the driver- took off- and police have yet to make an arrest. meanwhile burton leaves behind his wife three children and an audience of local listeners his friends say loved him. "to bring a man who's been a great person to everyone here at the station. it's awful helpful a person continuing and kind to everyone. >> reporter:a bicyclist recovering this morning with a punctured uber driver in san around 1-30 sunday afternoon. police say the bicyclist rode up to the uber driver's passenger side and began yelling at the driver to push in his
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mirror. the bicylist then sped up and the uber driver also sped up.striking the bicyclist. the driver did remain on weapon. >> james:police respond to a bizarre call in the east bay. richmond police say a car ended up upside down after flying off the road and into a church playground. it happened saturday around noon. the driver was traveling with her 7 year old son. when she got distracted. drove up on the sidewalk and slid down an embankment before landing on a slide. luckily, no one was injured in the accident. >> james:the search continues this morning for two missing men following a deadly boating accident in marin county. this is video of the search from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. on saturday. officials recovered the bodies of windsor resident diane kelly and santa rosa resident the search for the fishing party started after someone reported that the boaters hadn't returned to dock near bodega bay. crews later found the missing boat overturned near tomales point.
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>> james:san francisco is preparing for "four-twenty". an unofficial marijuana holiday that brings thousands of people to golden gate park. big to ignore. last year an estimated 15- thousand people packed the park. so this year, the city has a plan. they will be blocking off westbound kezar, that's the thoroughfare connecting fell street and lincoln way. from about 3pm to 7pm during commute time on monday. . there's also a contingency plan for other road closures if traffic gets out of hand. there will be extra officers around to help keep smokers out of trouble. and there will be more trash cans around to keep the park clean.
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an unattended cooking fire sparked a wildfire that has more than 800 firefighters have helped battle the fire. coming up. the bay area has warriors fever. we'll preview game two as golden state takes on the pelicans once again. can the dubs finish stronger? also ahead. a my kron four story. a bike thief caught on camera. the big reward the owner is now offering. and tens of thousands turn up for the big cherry blossom festival and parade in san francisco's japantown. why many say this important.
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h ' om festival over the weekend. it wrapped up sunday afternoon in japantown with kron-4's will tran followed
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the festivities all day long and shows how the community came together to celebrate japanese culture. >> reporter:wasn't easy jamming more than 50 thousand people into san francisco's japan town doing it. cherry blossom festival was the place to be on sunday to immerse yourself in all things japanese. like this family did from marin. organizers say it cost more than 300-thousand dollars to put on the event. but what they get back in terms of cultural identity and pride makes it more than worth it. this girl says it makes her even prouder to be of "i enjoy everyone enjoys my culture it's really hon. a very loving culture'"
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the food was amazing. "we raise money to help sustain projects and chinatown"would allow the world community service" but once they got a taste. it was more than worth the wait. "come here once a year with family and friends are really good time here really good food" >> reporter:cherry blossom is japan's way of celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. the colors. the sounds. make up the pagaentry of one of san francisco's most popular parades.
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"to assist in this tradition and maintain japanese cannot culture in japan town"will get more money and sustain the tradition if" >> reporter:organizers called this year's festival a success..even before the parade was over. as long as people keep learning about their will keep coming back. in san francisco will tran kron 4 news >> michelle: so far and will see some sun and more temperatures and no where. plus great chances in your 74 test.
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>> james: to francisco camera showing along the embarcadero. a slight breeze in the area today let's find notes and store for the
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forecast for the rest of today and the rest of the workweek. >> michelle: waking up to a light breeze out there some areas waking up to some preconditions. talk about the coming up in the second hard see out here right now but we do have some clouds and a little bit of fog keep that in mind is the get ready for work this morning here's what looks like temperature wise a handful of 50s out there and claude cover keeping those temperatures on a milder side to the degree weather across san francisco oakland into the mid '50s mixup a mix of upper 50s and the south bay north bay bottom of 50s. across much of the area however spare. for free when >> michelle: speeds at 24 mi. per area for south and southwest keeps the mind as you continue to that area on a 80 this morning oakland for today and temperatures bottom out in the lower 50s
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and milder temperatures this morning this afternoon continue on with or temperatures in the afternoon. daytime highs and no plans to make up for 60 is hands start to drop off a round 6:00 and plant on the cooler day across. the stage for across length farther up easily go temperatures warm up intimate upper '70's. so a 10 degree difference across the east bay. looking at the south bay warming to load a mid-70s claw. cover is expected along the peninsula temperatures will continue to warmup a note upper 50s lower 60s floor along the coast further inland temperatures will go up for seven days. star trek 470 forecast. >> michelle: continue on with quiet weather into tomorrow and. then we have our rain chance to move in because of a fall moving and early wednesday. we have shower chances for wednesday and isolated shower chance
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possible on thursday. and we try out into weekend. quick check of traffic at the dublin interchanges 68580. traffic going westbound looks good quiet as of right now. and traveling on a 80 southbound in two san jose. class as well fun to agree on the map this morning not releasing any delays. traffic is moving smoothly keep in mind the need to know that it could see potential for some fog in areas across low-lying areas. keep that in mind as you get ready for your day to day. a mild start with some for possible. we will be talking makalu temperatures along the coast for today and warmup later on this week. >> james: camera.
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it. a starting not to their it said start times live reports from boston to up the morning to the tune here kron 4 for lettuce with that in today's micron for storable fees caught on camera he steals an expensive but in san francisco owner is offering a big rewardstahl says the kind of lock >> james: panthers a 730 erica stalled and grabbed a drink. the cut took the bench when he was inside. and restaurants honor pulled the surveillance photo of this incident a man and a blackly facing the bike facing it. "every is a cable lock
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picking up to use things like water that was my mistake my biggest message to everyone out there never use a cable lock only use a harden steel the block because those are harder for the endicott. >> james: is offering $5,000 toward its abakan fiber road but the rate trends for the a's led cycle. if you have a story you would like us to look into.go to our website at kron 4 dot com and submit your idea under the special my kron-4 story tab. >> james:a cab struck and killed a pedestrian in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood. according to police. report of a traffic collision in the area of pine and larkin streets around 10-30 saturday night. police say a cab heading west on pine struck a pedestrian when she ran out into the street. the pedestrian died from the collision.
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the taxicab driver cooperated with officers. bcn75:sf: cab struck killed pedestrian saturday night in researcher his own seat. on bound for san francisco. researcher chris roberts tweeted that onboard aircraft systems. could be compromised. roberts was heading to a conference. when united a united spokesman said roberts was denied for making "claims regarding manipulating aircraft systems". a new report last week by a congressional watchdog said some modern aircraft could be vulnerable to attack by in-flight wireless networks. roberts was denied boarding >> james:a man was found dead sunday morning. lying in the motel. re-al. at around six yesterday morning. to investigate a report of an
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according to authorities.paramedics deceased. the victim's identity is families gathered around the chairs of their loved ones at the oklahoma citythey wanted to remember and ones they lost 20 years ago.rick maranon spoke with one woman who, for the last twenty years, has been never forget -- her dad. >> reporter:his chair is in the last row. but his story and his life take a back seat to no one. "are dea daughter of sercret service agent mickey maroney. he died on the 9th floor when a bomb tore through the building on april 19th 1995.
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the pause to reflect an unsubtle pressure for them dad. and for our country. it gives me peace. this isn't about tragedy anymore. it's about what we've for alice. it's an annual ceremony. she went to timothy mcveigh's trial. and testified against his co- she says she has justice and now she's dedicated to keeping her father's memory "i don't go to the cemetery. i prefer to come here. i'll come here to this chair, and i'll sit here and i'll have my moments crying with me and dad having some good conversations" but this year. there was someone new around mickey maroney's chair. homeland security secretary jeh johnson. who eventually would've been maroney's boss. also stopped by to pay his respects and personally visit with the family. "has moments.
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>> james:president obama meantime said in a statement. that while the passage of time will never extinguish the pain of loss. the american people remain strong. coming up on the kron four morning news. california's drought appears to be taking a toll on a threatened fish species.
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>> james:state officials say they found just one delta smelt during a survey this month. the survey typically turns up dozens of the fish. experts say the number of smelt is considered a measure of conditions in the delta. but combined with the ongoing drought. the numbers were not unexpected. >> james:the rock and roll hall of fame inducts the class of 2015. meanwhile, usher isn't letting crutches keep him
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from dancing. andy rose has those stories and more in today's hollywood minute. >> reporter:rock n' roll lovers rejoice. the band behind this anthem is among several new members of the rock n' roll hall of fame. joan jett and the blackhearts, ringo starr and green day were just some of the musicians inducted over the weekend. usher is still recovering from foot surgery but that of his moves at an earth day concert the r and b star even had gold crutches custom made for the event. he's now giving the crutches away to promote the global citizen earth day app. >> reporter:furious 7 held on to the number one spot at the box office for the third weekend in a row making nearly 30 million dollars. kevin james's sequel paul blart mall: cop 2 opened in second place. rounded out the top 3. for hollywood minute i'm andy rose. >> james:still ahead on the
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kron four morning news. thousands of people set to run in this year's boston marathon today. two years after the bombing that killed three people and injured more than 200 others. plus, a strong earthquake triggers a tsunami warning south of japan. we'll tell you if that warning remains in effect this morning. and we'll also have a look ahead. at game two of the warriors and pelicans playoff matchup following a weekend win.
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>> james:we're coming up on 4-30. here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning. oakland police are investigating the hit and run death of a radio talk show host. 36-year old father of three wesley burton was killed in a car crash at 59th street and martin luther king in oakland just before 2:30 saturday morning. burton co-hosted the sideshow radio and after hours music shows on kpfa. the driver of the other car accident.
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>> james:the search continues this morning for two missing men accident in marin county. this is video of the search from our helicopter news. on saturday crews found the missing boat overturned near tomales point. and today is april 20th. 4- 20 on the calendar. an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts. that brings thousands out to celebrate in san francisco's golden gate park. thousand people packed the park. extra police officers around cans around to keep the park clean. >> michelle: the end of the breezy and a few areas later today on the cooler side the further west you go or more the farther east you go huge array of temperatures for this afternoon clustered average and zero outside
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that as traffic this morning not to bed. likely as of this morning. a look at the weather maps this morning we have some quiet conditions out there. claude's a little bit of drizzle possible. traffic was good across the mid peninsula not too bad going the speed and as of this morning. satellite radar cloud cover out there. all a little bit of fog possible. give yourself extra time is the get ready for your drive this morning as your kids off to school. the we could see little bit of delay along one half moon bay balance of 4 mi.. panama approval the up to 7 mi.. everywhere else dizzily looks good. the into the bay bridge hard to tell but we do have cloud cover as of this morning. temperatures will be on a milder side. a handful 50s out there. daly
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city 50 degrees san mateo 53 elite were 54 vallejo 52 so as you get right into the next hour. temperatures will stay in the '50s. along a coast this afternoon temperatures stay into the upper 50s. run around 60 so much cooler there we expect little more cloud cover along a coast and peninsula. most of the bay temperatures warmup match upper 60s. right around average for this time of year and. if an indian lands east bay inland areas parts of the south bay temperatures quickly warming up into the upper '70's. >> michelle: a lawyer to be talking up quick check of traffic traffic quiet into this morning. and amid tense will once again traffic moving plenty of grain on the map as of this morning. no delays in this area also in the south bay parts of the dublin interchange not seeing any delays as well. the and that's a very quiet you as of this morning but
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couldn't see a little befogs my wife give yourself extra time as the monday started. >> james:thousand runners are lacing up for the 119th boston this morning. this is the second marathon since the bombing that killed three people and injured more than 200 others in 2013. expected to line the 26 point 2 mile course. and as you can imagine, security is tight for the race. today's race comes just one day before the sentencing phase begins for convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jurors will decide whether tsarnaev will spend the rest 8 year old martin richard. the youngest victim of the bombing. are urging federal tsarnaev to death. bill and denise richard say sentencing him to death could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the
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>> james:also today, federal officials say they'll provide more details following the arrests of six people in minnesota and california. as part of a terrorism investigation. authorities say at least one of the suspects died while fighting for militants. this follows a string of young americans who have either travelled to syria or tried to get there to join the islamic state group. >> james:a tsunami warning has been lifted in japan following a strong earthquake. japanese authorities issued the warning after a magnitude six-point-eight earthquake struck in the seas south of okinawa and east of taiwan. a japan agency said the epicenter of the quake was at a shallow point of nearby islands. the tsunami warning remained in force for over an hour. local reports said there was no initial damage. the warriors are in good spirits this morning after
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taking game one in the first at oracle arena. the dubs were victorious pelicans on saturday with a final score of 106-99. but as kron four's philippe djegal explains, the on the big picture going >> reporter:the road to the championship for the golden state warriors continues here at their practice facility in the warriors say that with a victiory against the pelicans in game one. but there are a lot of things they have to clean up with a win in game two. sot- "we got off to a good couple runs there in that game. they counter punched and we did what we needed to do to win the game. so, we're one and oh in the series and that's always good." head coach steve kerr says, in practice sunday his starters didn't push max effort -- and he didnt want them to. at this point of the season, the guys are just trying to stay sharp and rested for game-time. sot- "go watch a movie go read a book, go relax. a big part of the playoffs is to free up your mind and relax." something his players are taking to heart. knowing now that they're in the post-season, like saturday.
4:36 am
minutes on the floor will increase. bubble the whole year. you know, coach managed my minutes very well. um, averaged mid-20s the whole season and i'm feeling the benefits of it -- my body feels good." sot- "we got through this season well and i feel sot- "there's no more back to backs, no more 4 and 5. so, i think us, this is the you can come in relatively healthy, think it'll stay the season." because in the end -- these guys are not only playing for themselves. rather, the entire bay area. sot- "people are really cheer and encourage and we're gonna try to keep it rolling." in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. and a reminder, we want to >> james: see your warriors pride. we have a special section on our web site on the team in the n-b-a playoffs. you can send us your warriors pictures to com. we'll be showing some of
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half >> james: this on a pipeline explosion that's another dozen people hospital. quitting what was done before the blast has pgm officials wondering what went wrong. hillary clinton has to new hampshire to the into her push the campaign trail her potential gop rivals are saying about here before she arrives, >> reporter: the apple watch be a flop of its coming up next on kron.
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>> reporter:. tonight at it will apple watch be a huge success or become part of our culture daily life like i had will flop like a google glass. will we learn from the pre order only fueled the mystery of what on display now and apple source you cannot buy their only pre order on the line and that sold out quickly to
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try to order one noun it will ship in june in some backward into july august that they underestimate demand what is already a smashing success or they purposely limiting supply is tight created from a famous apple marketing machine leander writes for the tech log call of mac covering apple product launch is set for a decade to be limited to the console more. >> : they make as many as the console. >> reporter: is playing games here the devices a new category for them unlikely legitimately the not know what to expect when the pre order when live rich duck apple will not talk at the time for the sellout or how many watches have been sold so far
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leander things it will leave the notification feature that initially attract users quick break coming up on the kron 4 more news update you on the search for survivors from the migrant boat but one of the coastal be a saturday. quire rescuers think the death toll could reach hundreds. meantime live look from boston this morning. a final preparations underway here the starting line is 119th annual boston marathon two years after the deadly bombing near we killed three wounded
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>> michelle: waking up to some cloudy skies and a little bit of fog hard to tell our camera looking at the bay bridge and be prepared it's going to be on the cloud your side this morning a some patchy dense fog possible also some call conditions you conceive not removing too much bother areas it is breezy settler your picture and those continue offshore areas especially lot run the coast and temperature wise keeping some pitchers on the milder side handful 50s much of it your temperatures continuing stay this way for the next few hours and then
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start the warmup for a few those areas livermore from the west at a m.p.h.. across the airfield top mobil oil in canyon as well preconditions from the southwest end 24 m.p.h. is your be in that area be prepared for preconditions what led up until later on today to lobby across san jose temperatures continued obama what mid-60s and then start or mobile but more across the south bay temperatures will be in the low '70's for much of the afternoon across every world's men's upper 70's further ec go across parts of the space in the state's shoreline much of the bay my upper 60s along the coast and temperatures warmup in the '60s around upper 50s runcie's for the most kuehler farther west ago and in the north bay upper sixties or seventies sokolov along the coast and more inland and we will continue on with that trend or an to
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tomorrow l move out in the early afternoon and then we have some rain chances in store and a cold front moves through tuesday night. potential for some rain overnight and early wednesday. >> michelle: sledge are possible on thursday family dry out into the weekend in those temperatures continued warm up. quick check of traffic's. >> michelle: across the state heading westbound to walnut creek getting closer to 30 maybe even 89 we've seen any delays here richmond center fell bridge and snow delays and check the moving smoothly with much of the bay area traffic looking good as of this morning and we need to account for with some fog possible temperatures a milder side color along the coast for today and warmer of four areas. across areas >> james: on to the news now latest on the gas line
4:47 am
explosion in fresno happened friday pg&e says the line wasn't expecting quite twice this week but never found and a ground surveys conducted on the first aerial survey on april 16th this said friday the blast happened what counted up an operator was building up the dirt burner and pg&e detect a problem with up the pressure in line 7 and then some minutes before the report of the explosion and since then all the peoples of the hospital four of them with critical injuries and toy exactly happened is now well under way feist. >> : >> james: after strong storms left plenty of damage behind over the weekend and national weather service says elise two tornadoes touched down in eastern alabama meghan want to sever centrals tap. >> reporter: enter weekend interrupted by storms and
4:48 am
heavy rain and storms making its mark denise national these neighborhood couldst at no have idea what scared cause look the parents to "i thought nearly up fall light in the mirror when lightning struck and the tree and i are. >> reporter: planning to go part of this tree came crashing down of the roof causing thousands of dollars of damage and then the live power lines started sparking hist. >> reporter: fire departments spent the afternoon following calls damaged concentrated in east national area every seventh.
4:49 am
>> james: thousand people lost power in saw southern alabama large hail size of golf balls the state causing damage to homes vehicles as well. back to a store happening right now and world headlines search continues for survivors on board ship to capsize off the coast of libya saturday rescue crews now fear only two dozen migrants such limited out alive a group of about 700 so far the italian coast guard has recovered the bodies of 24 people in hiding to sicily with 28 survivors and others will overturn as rescuers were on their way latest as series of deadly accidents involving migrants heading for europe to escape turmoil and africa and middle east. >> james: new isis video released reportedly shows the killings of ethiopian christians and lapel. two groups of men pictured with orange and black being
4:50 am
executed unsuitable and locations within libya interceptions and >> james: warehouse expresses condolences for the victims' families. also happening today after republican leadership summit heller clinics from case to voters in new hampshire and dispenser reports of a series of small meetings and as she continues to reflect criticism from the gopgood morning and thanks for for now >> reporter: hillary clinton heads to a first nation primary of new hampshire and they say it was will be similar to the eye wall last week ahead. of construction received a bit of attention as of today republican leadership summit.
4:51 am
"think her civic duty not doing her job not providing security for forces diplomatic missions should forever preclude her from holding our office. and she >> reporter: 0 p.m. a big push in new hampshire's many of them to take shots at clinton and presidential campaign. she did and i what she plans to hold hyde private meetings and small ships in hampshire. >> james: news story this morning after years of paying higher airfield prices some relief now for travelers heading to the summit tiny bit. a report by the airlines corporations average price of a round- trip flight in the u.s. stands at $454. down $2 from
4:52 am
last summer. and people traveling to europe fairing better down about $50 on average not everyone will get the save money for its team york sen francisco are on the rise this evening. now to more headlines after 55 years and caps corners and francisco closing in stores for good. kron 4 was there for less nice service on sunday. governor jerry brown good with friends a total one less time. patrons told us their service to the north beach restaurant shut down. warsaw is unfortunately there was an issue with police and require of the rest of the we responsible for losses. something the new owners said they cannot agree to a. and a quick break coming up on kron 4 more news crazy for stake. being her own record in the eating competition what she devoured coming up next mean all i look outside camera and washington d.c. sharing a beautiful look out the
4:53 am
window more oil than is the jefferson memorial back with more in minute.
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> james: postal worker who landed in a chair across caught their the ended begins house arrest today of. according to the tip of the time the hughes returned to his home for an sunday it. the mailman being charged with operating an unregistered aircraft violating national airspace. possible fines for years in prison. he uses a mouse stunt was a protest of campaign financing he called his x the act of civil disobedience. "brought this on myself and managed to what ever happens here in one of the speeches of"and civilized professionalize"views sissies been planning this flight for two and a half years as families calling
4:56 am
and a patriot and very proud of his efforts. >> james: until woman broker eating record on tx yesterday it molly shuler 83 signals that the big texan steak house in amarillo. not only 72 of stake but a solid deck until shrimp cocktail and rolls have the the whole thing. sheet three of them adds up a little over 13 actual pounds of stake. aided in less than 20 minutes mahler walked away with $5,000 for completing the challenge. the dimension sheila's hundred 24 lbs.. her previous record was set last year when she finished her first stakes in four minutes flat and 18 seconds. >> james: not friday it started searching stores a bus sunday in the vote
4:57 am
pulitzer. design pulitzer from horseshoe's housewares sold in just a minute. as long as it had pulitzer label attached to it. customers to tread the shop online has more problems. the company had to temporarily take its website offline at lord slow down traffic. apparently of is that bad,. the nea has apologized for the inconvenience. >> james: the star of the boston marathon two years after the deadly bombing their law. report coming up by the top the hour stay tuned for that. activists and baltimore protesting the death of a 25 year-old man rushed to hospital following an encounter with officers. and will warriors make it tuinal previous night's matchup with newborns millions pelicans in the playoffs.
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this comes just days after the second anniversary of the 20-13 marathon bombings. and the day before johar tsarnaev begins the sentencing phase for this involvement in the bombings. >> mark:some 30-thousand runners will take part in the world's oldest annual marathon today. chris welch with our partners at c-n-n is live in boston this morning. >> reporter: marathon monday second marathon since those attacks two years ago. a man now convicted of those attacks awaiting sentencing. and this is a possibility in life imprisonment or death. today not about the survivors many of them running in the race today. says it's about moving forward.
5:01 am
a million >> reporter: spectators 30,000 runners will spit the streets of boston among. the survivors for two years ago claimed three lives injured over 250 more. survivors and day for your will run with 23 others also and injured in the blasts. "think about happens everyone and we saw" >> reporter: das security will be type. officers on hand to make sure the race will go on without a hitch. 'other events to the destruction along the course certainly for a worst-case scenarios" >> reporter: closures bad checks parking restrictions. boston's mayor says since the events two years ago the two-year the city has become even stronger. since 2013 thisweek one boston day when. saw how the surviving
5:02 am
community has helped us make us more resilience compassionate as city. witness all across a city acts of kindness and incredible and the city boston. "our scars will be there forever we'll know what happened every single live our life and it's what you do with that but it puts that chapter and turns next page at all feel that will ever be closed" >> reporter: presentence in face of the trial the judge in the trial hasn't instructed the jury not to attend the events here at the marathon and step to avoid any kind of media coverage and the same jury convicted the will decide whether he lives or dies. >> darya: get the weather on this monday morning back to work.
5:03 am
>> james: spring breaks are done no more with run- through. we're in to enjoy a cooler weather this week a couple systems toward north over and the chancellor sprinkle tuesday night and wednesday not a whole lot. keeping an eye on and what it's like outside right now on the cool side a little breezy. a normal to make all the flags here at the entrances to the peers in conceive flapping in the wind. o we have at the moment it's cloudy overhead and that's what we will see a quick look at the storm tracker date are forecast. warding lockyer present by 6:00 a.m. close to hang around flaw potentially at the coast of. and protected inland valleys to. temperatures and low 50s by about 6:00 by noontime on fog will begin to clear. temperatures warm up to the '60s was avenues for and locations. by 4:00 this
5:04 am
afternoon it will be a very different forecasts for the coasters is inland. and for up to this point obese in foreign predators and the bed. to make clear conditions on the toes 59 about as warm as it gets. and then primarily for mid- 60's from the media bay and. and inland warm side pushing up for seven days getting close a 80 degree mark. and we did hades of the weekend today just a few degrees cooler and upset will hold on to that somewhat cooler trend as we begin our slow week. and show in detail with russell they forecast coming up in a better. the view quickly with a glance of the temperature map for current conditions are now low 50s are on the bay. and beckham 15 minutes with actual forecasts. not traffic. >> george: westbound. a great start this morning not tracking any tosspots been no major incidents to slow your writer ron beck. no back up here for the west aren't bridge run. all i easy approach to of a minute
5:05 am
drive time. no problems for any bay area bridges this morning. tracking your ride to the east shore freeway interstate 80 a look at the commute here for westbound a vacancy green showing on the road wait sensors. tracking the drive time in her series to berkeley coming in at just 15 minutes you're right down to university avenue. 680 right san ramon valley is 15 minutes the dublin coming out of the altamont pass still under 30 minutes for westward trip. already a little slow through here east end of all to what the. no major problems south bay prop through is a great not tracking any delays 11280 or highway 85. >> darya:police are looking for the person who hit and killed a radio show host in the east bay. 36-year-old wesley burton was driving home saturday
5:06 am
morning when police say a white dodge charger came speeding down 60th street and hit him on martin luther king junior way. burton was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver was able to get away. burton was a radio show co- host and engineer at k-f-p- a. where he would spotlight local musicians. his coworkers and friends say he'll be greatly missed. "then the whole he leaves for me is a deep one a long time french is like deion gone; this devastating" >> darya: burton leaves behind his wife, three children, and an audience of local listeners who loved him. the radio station did a tribute to him over the weekend, and the lobby is full of flowers. his coworkers are also launching a campaign to make sure his kids and widow are taken care of.
5:07 am
>> mark:happening today. san francisco is preparing for "four-twenty". it's an unofficial marijuana holiday that brings thousands of people to golden gate park. the city says this celebration has gotten too big to ignore. thousand people packed the park. so this year officials have a plan to control the this does include several road closures in the area of golden gate park during the evening commute. kron 4's will tran will have a live report at 5:30 with the details on how to get around the closures. a bicyclist recovering this >> darya: morning with a punctured lung and several broken bones. after being hit by an uber driver in san francisco. it happened around 1-30 yesterday afternoon. police say the bicyclist rode up to the uber driver's passenger side and began yelling at the driver to push in his mirror. the bicylist then sped up and the uber driver also sped up.striking the bicyclist. the driver did remain on assault with a deadly weapon.
5:08 am
and take a look at this. richmond police say a car ended up upside down after a church playground. it happened saturday around noon. police say the driver was traveling with her 7 year old son.when she became distracted.drove up on the sidewalk and slid down an embankment before landing on a slide. luckily no one was injured in the accident. >> mark:still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. another fence jumper at the white house. and this time the suspect was carrying a suspicious package. we'll have the details on what happened. and a gas line explosion in fresno injures a dozen people. crews are still trying to figure out what happened this morning. we'll have an update. plus after the break. six people arrested in two states. including california. in connection with a terrorism investigation. we'll have the details on what happened.
5:09 am
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since >> da >> mark: six people have been arrested in minnesota and california in connection with a terrorism investigation. the arrests were made sunday in minneapolis and san diego but investigators say there safety. the charges are related to an investigation in which authorities have been tracking young people who have traveled or tried to isis. y. my blazin' chicken sandwich has ghost pepper ranch sauce. you crave it. but you need to respect it. so remember: keep it neat, before you eat the heat. coming in hot! jack's blazin' chicken sandwich is back and it's got a new bacon buddy. they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. livi witchroc miaine feels ke eh day a ge of chance. want toput the od iny favor. so mdoctor to meabout botox® fdapprod treatment at snificantlyeduces
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5:15 am
>> darya: chemical for the week. >> james: we have some fog and some of the north bay is beautiful for dollar is driving. but some walls are dealing with fog and not that bad. go outside walnut creek camera showing us a live look from the camera across 680. when out there in the space and looking pretty good visibility nice and clear. and the fog and clouds hanging low in some parts of they not everywhere and we take a
5:16 am
quick look be see the clouds of there and they will clear out and sunny afternoon all in all the notice as public few degrees cooler than was yesterday. bill be felt most for now part of the coast. and with the winds we have really strong winds up and they're still. 23 mi. an hour ends sustained right now. flowing good to the martinez straight path. some on our wednesday about at livermore. pretty much the suns went to see up there right now. no wins right now august and rose and pencil coast line. will see some kron can it's fog formed. a person this one is too strong in the wind now fog will be forming yet. a sourcing at the moment temperature wise smile. the twos and francisco 56 in san jose. widespread 50s this morning. see temperatures warmup to levels of look like this for several cisco right up near 62 degrees downtown. and that the giant
5:17 am
temperatures where we are this one and. but right around 52 to 56 degrees. the death temperatures will take in san francisco for most of the peninsula as well. if it'd be and however you will see more he and temperatures that will get up as high as 77 to 78 degrees for the delta. and yet brentwood 77 of the more mutt 74 partly sunny and up and fantastic weather for seven clara valley. 67 oakland and san francisco expecting daytime highs downtown it right around the 62 degree range of. in the north they look for a purse '60s mid-70s and. napa valley public some of our warmest temperatures are on 75. and some tracker 7 there on the day forecast. we continue to watch with interest fall ahead of these two systems. a pair of them tuesday night and wednesday. and not too much out of that one. and the second coming in for wednesday and thursday that one could very well give us some isolated shower activity. and watching for that intent way how this of
5:18 am
also course the next few days. most recent computer runs have some back off a little bit will issue no hod develops on traffic house that developing. >> george: pretty well so far back to you to check a pretty good writer on the bay to. chp logs are quiet and not tracking any major incidents no hot spots for your driver on the bay. and a quick look at the bay bridge light traffic for the westward arrive this morning at the east bay. and we're not tracking any delays on the approach the bridge was just 11 minutes and reduce time out of the macarthur mays had been towards emphasis of. and picking up. spare ride their interstate 580 on the westbound direction still tracking a good under 30 minute drive as you head out of the gulf, has won no one here in the northbound direction is coming in at just 60 minutes from but capitol expressway up to the montague expressway. also a good ride and commute through marin county on the 11 south country ' currently
5:19 am
under 25 minutes for nevada heading south to the golden gate bridge. >> mark: investigating another security breach outside the white house. agents say a person scaled the fence on the south side of the complex last night. the person was carrying a package that was determined to be harmless. there have been several incidents like this recently. in september, a man climbed a fence and got into the white house. in october, a man jumped the fence, but was immediately found by secret service dogs. officials might add spikes to the bars of the fence to discourage jumpers. >> mark:world news and happening now. the search continues today for survivors on board a ship that capsized off the coast of libya on saturday. rescue crews now fear that only two dozen migrants made it out alive. out of a group of about seven hundred. so far, the italian coast guard has recovered the bodies of 24 people. they're now headed to sicily with 28 survivors. the smuggler's boat overturned as rescuers were on their way. it's the latest in a series of deadly accidents involving migrants headed for europe to escape turmoil
5:20 am
in africa and the middle east. >> darya:two men remain missing this morning following a boating accident that left two others dead. it happened in marin county over the weekend. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. on saturday. officials recovered the bodies of windsor resident diane kelly and santa rosa resident richard hargreaves. the search for the boaters started after someone reported that they hadn't returned to dock near bodega bay. crews later found this missing boat overturned near tomales point. the search for the two remaining boaters has been suspended for now. but officials say depending on weather conditions there might be an opportunity for an air search this week. >> mark:now to the latest on the gas line explosion in fresno from friday. p-g and e says that line was inspected twice this month for leaks. and none were found. the company says its crews conducted a ground survey of the pipe on april first and an aerial survey on april
5:21 am
16th. authorities said friday's blast happened while a county equipment operator was building up a dirt berm with a backhoe p-g-and-e detected a drop in pressure in the line seven minutes before it received a report about the explosion. the incident sent 11 people to the hospital. four of them with critical injuries. some of the injured were prison inmates >> darya:firefighters say an unattended cooking fire sparked a wildfire that has burned more than one thousand acres in southern california. right now, the fire is still only 35 percent contained. cooler weather and the efforts of hundreds of firefighters are helping beat back the fire. it is burning along the cities of norco and corona. evacuations for more than 300 homes have been lifted. but residents are still worried about their homes and property. more than 800 firefighters
5:22 am
have helped battle the fire. no injuries have been reported. a tsunami warning has been lifted in japan following a strong earthquake. japanese authorities issued the warning after a a canadian couple has sued a georgia sperm bank saying the anonymous donor they used to conceive a child was they say employees talked up the donor, saying he was smart, healthy and mature. they later found out the donor is schizophrenic dropped out of college and had been arrested forthe president of the sperm bank says they clearly informed the couple that thestill ahead on the kron 4 morning news. but will they beat the pelicans in game two state is getting playoff ready. the list. we'll tell you which one.
5:23 am
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>> mark:new this morning. the neighborhood mifflin west in madison, wisconsin tops the list of the 10 most livable neighborhoods in the country. r-p livability index. the upper west side of manhattan and down cross in boston came in at second and third. south of market street in san francisco is listed at number 4. a-a-r-p compared more than 200-thousand neighborhoods across the country. using numerous factors including housing, health, and more. researchers say the goal of the index is to help better serve everyone. including the aging population. >> darya:new this morning. after years of paying higher airfare prices. some relief may be ahead for travelers at least a tiny bit. a new report by the "airlines reporting corporation" shows. the average price of a roundtrip flight in the u-s now stands at 454 dollars. down two bucks from last summer. people travelling to europe
5:27 am
are faring better too. with tickets down about 50 dollars on average. but not everyone will get to save money. flights to new york, denver and san francisco are on the rise this season. >> reporter: apple 20 as monday most people it to me. other people very happy here day in a park and the meaning of it and please to doing about it coming up a live report and here in san francisco nice the rld fild wi air but r pele wh co sometis brthinair n bediicul if you he co, asyourdoct abo oncdail anorellipta. it hel peoe wi cop brthe tter foa fu 24hrs. anoro liptis t fir fda-prov proct
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>> james: the embarcadero cameras showing as conditions in 7 cisco premixing this bay area wide relatively clear in terms of disability the breeze is out there not too strong, some of the delta social year fairfield woman's right now they're calling. in some areas of patchy fog and enough moisture in the clouds mutt that could bring out in the form of drizzle in some locations from the bay this morning now widespread but the movement mike childress so because the marine layer to. matures mild low 50s bay area wide. midday the new our look from slope clearing temperatures in the low 60s by the bay. the '70s in mind this afternoon we will probably hang on the cloud cover on cell francisco on the coast. we cds and clearing in when temperatures reflect that radical at the coast 59 again those caught tubings
5:31 am
away 67 mid-60s by the bed with mostly clear skies and sunny inland temperatures warm note to the upper 7070 will be as warm as we get three degrees cooler than it was yesterday for some of the hottest month spots. cycled on sunday the more to come with a seven-run the forecast coming up a bit. quickly they were temperatures are right now and in case if leave the house right away 756 in san jose 54 know when it. back with more not complete forecast a seven on the bay coming up in 50 minutes. george and the traffic center were you seeing george. >> : >> george: trip leaving out of dublin in castro valley the west on a ride over the dublin great which is normally trouble-free with see all other congesting coming out of livermore up to a 68580 interchange then usually it's a breeze had ignored a castro valley but the accident now at you and kick in canyon road nw
5:32 am
onside backing up traffic all the way to not very much along your. tracking your ride to the bridge this morning the bay bridge starting the season morning on the right-hand lanes which are a lot seiters screen there but starting to back up just a bill which is a tactical they now passed 530. >> darya:happening today. san francisco is gearing up for thousands of people to descend on golden gate park and it's all for "four- marijuana holiday. at golden gate park this morning. will, will the road closures affect the evening commute? >> reporter: everyone's asking a share this know anything yet and the answer is no not yet but we do expect thousands of people turned up so do police
5:33 am
officers what looked being behind the some of those barricades their the signs there will but they will be ready to go to as the will close on a street tough to know what anyone hurt they know this is the unofficial day for the celebration of marijuana and some videos so it's done throw the year as we expect tens of thousands of people flocked the golden gate park and this is the day the police officers will not more than likely not arrest you if your will people out there celebrating because they simply are overwhelms this is the economy into a situation in each other's no fights not out of control and of course not just happening and services across all across the country specifically in san francisco in the past couple days as a gun a little there were some other reason why is in 2012 some $10,000 cleaning up the mess left behind and then my steer city spent $15,000 to clear
5:34 am
up and of course of the liver rounds here a with of what's going on and women don't get a camera but she stuck by whats for cleaning tooth. a lot more homeless people >> : depart more aggressive with just people walking by also one day carrying on chairs the snow from of your house yes did close the windows have really gotten into with any of the people here celebrating? >> reporter: no art work but i just usually avoid this area >> reporter: as between
5:35 am
three and 7:00 as technically when you're supposed to lead up the 420 in the afternoon the expected will show little bit earlier endometrial video gear reaction from fun from the police department of behind me the radio as well off. thanks will. we'll check back with you. >> mark:a cab struck and killed a report of a traffic collision in the area of pine and larkin streets around 10-30 saturday night. police say a cab heading west on pine struck a pedestrian when she ran out activists in baltimore are protesting the death of a 25-year-old man. after he was rushed to the hospital with spinal injuries following an encounter with police officers. freddie gray died yesterday. after 80 percent of his spinal cord had been severed near his neck. gray had been stopped by police officers nearly a week ago. police say he was running away from officers when he was arrested and put into a transport van.
5:36 am
then about 30 minutes later. hospital in critical condition. top police officials are looking into the case. california's drought appears>> darya: i still want to do another when head coach steve kerr says ever practice yesterday but the starters to not pushed the max effort he did not want them to in this point the players are as kron stay sharp instead arrested for game time. "the mid-20s the whole season
5:37 am
"the fresh and radio" >> darya: to go against the pelican's game 2 tonight at 730 reminder once a year warriors pride everyone has their warriors the jackets shirts on the charts and slaughter fun so will hold special section devoted to the nba playoffs and the doors to choose to break the news at kron that will show them i online will bring back th is sandch. intrucinthe w suay rkeytalio me. tender oven-asteturk brst. robust goa sami. smoky,picyeppeni. when tse b 3 mt unr ablant ofeltyrovone
5:38 am
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>> mark: researcher chris roberts suggested on twitter on board aircraft systems could be compromised. as was latest of inner-city conference any not and would allow him toward the plant. at a spokesperson says the news tonight from making plans regarding manipulating their kron systems. then detained by authorities last week for joking he could deploy the oxygen masks on a plan. >> mark: many crops, grain price for >> :
5:41 am
getting roasted noninductive bates homes consume more water in all indoor house for old water use in california population and its fourth year of the drought $6 billion common profit now driving debate over water use. the >> james: tracking the weather live look from outside in walnut creek relatively clear conditions and at sea level cards ever had patchy fog out there your full monday forecast coming up in a minute.
5:42 am
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> mark: rebars of the amount of movement emerged from bombing coming the other and make the best a bad decision was one survivor is doing with disabilities at 625 audience
5:45 am
breaks out between protesters police in south korea. >> darya: bull voicing anger of the ferry disaster the killed hundreds what they're demanding and or following. congressional negotiators discussing of budget plan what's on the chopping block in washington. being an update on the weather than a second as a lack of powerful storms that her going to the self leaving a big wake of damage with the national tennis see a lightning took on a tree there that came crashing down on the roof of the brand new house and the not had several tornado warnings issued in south carolina and 9000 power outages reported across the state. atlantic trees are down traffic problems all kinds of accidents. another line of storms and to the sophomore focused on national weather as well here in the bay area that looks roth. and if you look to the national map you can see parts the system the
5:46 am
rock itself here. in the course of yesterday and more rain hitting this week. a national here not only is a portion across the gulf coast and now in the florida. the moisture that really wreck louisiana yesterday. >> james: another band of showers moving their way across the northeast. from virginia all let the southern new england. job one the two more inches of rain over the for the country but tonight is the. a lot of intense showers there for the day today. those to hot spots in terms of whether national front saw. here over california there really is much talk about we have some clouds that's about it. that will clear out look living as a sunny conditions and then later on this afternoon. speaking of and when we have warmup great commercial and some nice to hear through san ramon valley. then you conceive traffic light all laid-back says is a set of the visible. the fine but the father and not a big factor. the will >> james: is our strong with fairfield 22 mi.
5:47 am
and hours there. time now are ones in oakland and looking at the livermore with the same. other portions of a dealing with that she saw this morning. >> james: 27 cisco 54 in oakland even more still in san jose 56. there currently. no reports on the map and marcel the starting off in the low 50s. a quick break down of the space for vest and the next 30 minutes per o'clock be mostly cloudy patchy fog in spots. by noon time mostly clear conditions. temperatures mild. los 6 is low '70's. and then by about 3:00 this afternoon sun and warm and and. temperatures first or even an invalid around 78 degrees. that all we certainly warmup 67 by the actual bay shoreline. they stay forecasts of paper a similar pattern for you. low 70's listeners there. upper 60s the upper seventies across north bay is. ephesus the downtown on 62. continuing cloud cover in
5:48 am
san francisco where we see clearing and wind. the >> james: temperatures chemicals side for the rest of the week possibility for sprinkler to. come tuesday night and thursday morning a. of rebel more detail as we get closer to it. letters on the commute. >> george: we are tracking live interstate 580 westbound. over the dublin grade near eden canyon road we had an accident. this was first miss reported in the use fun direction but is in fact that contraction now not only slowing arrive from dublin heading of the graham toward castro valley. also adding to the delay on 580 in the westbound direction. you conceive richard out of all, pass the. heading that direction was bound. and in the south bay's tracking and reconditions here. 16 minutes still the drive time in the northbound trip as you head up from the coyote valley. up toward
5:49 am
sunnyvale. and mid peninsula traffic looks gray no delays at the 1 01921 0184 interchanges. a quick check from marin chose a white easy ride from the southbound. still under 25 minutes for nevada down to the golden gate bridge. speaking of bridges with the bay bridge ride. where a restart the susan sloane now across the lanes and the westbound direction. and looks as though the metering lights may already been activated off. >> michelle: boston marathon. this mess from starting any use of people are saying on social media this morning. reading all starts here before the ride got was less ninth boston marathon wallstreet saying of the determination of the boston marathon runners is truly inspirational this morning for those saying a
5:50 am
hundred 40 people keep its a farmer from monday. also saying that they're searching analysis along the assembly for medical tons. embossing please pardon sang marathon fun affect 46,000 gal. of spring water will be around during the race. very busy day in boston this morning. coming up will former california mayor running the boston marathon and her story with you guys and about 30 minutes. >> mark: days after republican leadership cement mixer and trip to new hampshire. and dispenser reports mesclun plans to hold those small meeting in venice during her trip as she touches criticism from the gop. >> reporter: for now democrat and a terrace and a canada sea and herbicides heller coming months of this nation primary state of new hampshire. this will be some order trip to iowa last week. even had of clinton's trip she received quite a bit of attention as of today
5:51 am
republican leadership summit. "the lyrical and must not be president of the nine states" her not doing her job her now providing security for forces"for diplomatic missions should for ever secluded from cutting office of" the bench >> reporter: 0 presidential canada it's been a big cushion hampshire taking shots a clinton and her present potential campaign. i should deny what role has spread meetings and old ones for the venture. >> mark: and roller out of the fairfield area police looking for a year-old brought the newsmen and his family car and was warming up in the driveway fairfield. someone stole a vehicle with in a year old
5:52 am
boy inside. booking for 2001 toyota corolla with license plate five b w and 072 taken from a driveway in fairfield the car was being warmed up. year-old boat boy inside the whistling for the source quoted kroll retinol. >> darya: temperatures to near a neighborhood everyone mostly in the load amidst 50s and more about what you faced whether traffic and a couple minutes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
5:55 am
the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! >> darya: former heisman trophy winners and the duel with the eagles to already have quebec san bradford and mark sanchez on the roster to collect them. and go to mary and the next, and the last season analyst for espn made no secret to winning the back in the game must and suited up for nfl team
5:56 am
was in 2013. he went to training camp with the patriots. >> darya: as a obama a national champion ohio state football team. and the get those rings the buckeyes won first-ever playoff beating over oregon. and looks like the proportion of people to about torture players coaches and staff making it the washington d.c.. >> mark: amber alert issued this morning for a year old boy and fairfield chp fit in fairfield prep newsmen a year old boy taken while vehicle was been warming up in the family's driveway. please frantically looking for to cells in one toyota corolla seoul. california license plates on your screen may keep following you on this breaking news story out of their skill area. are taken from families try that way with a year old boy inside. working on several other developing stories on kron 4 coming up
5:57 am
next hour marathon monday and boston. two years of the bombing of a woman began their run 30 minutes live report at a boston coming up the top the are. ticket this the car ended up in a playground in the bay area and will more. watching the weather this morning changes coming in the forecast of the cool down fog out there more on your weather forecast traffic saucepot as we return a few minutes.
5:58 am
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5:59 am
good morning and thanks for joining us. and i'm mark danon.
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>> darya: has half the workers will use to the designs live up in this a year old boy in the toyota corolla. another big star following right now. farmers lining up this morning this comes days after the second anniversary of the second 13 marathon bombings. and the sentencing case for this involvement in the bombing so. and 30,000 runners take part in the world's oldest annual marathon survey. partners cnn with more.


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