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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark: we had a fire this morning a house along the creek and pitcher that was given to us from the fire department showing the blaze. >>reporter: the smoke had dissipated the fire is contained but they are still working to put out hot spots there were not able to conduct such of the home did not find anyone it appears no one was trapped inside them
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believe no one was even here when the fire started early this morning never sold by a crew that the family who lives at the home is often out of town it appears that was the case when the fire broke out a house there bird is about 4000 square foot property from six on the block of the cost of the because the amount of fire they call for a second alarm after about 45 minutes that contain the blaze but say there is a lot of damage to the home. the home is a tour lost the entire roof has collapsed into the structure it was a pretty stubborn fire for us to pull out because of the amount of fire and what we from will we got here. there really are not sure what sparked the blaze investigator is here on the scene to make that determination that is at the damage to the home at around two runs and $50,000 we do not have the best vantage point
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which my bill to see the flash lies inside the home spring a whole lot of water as they continue to battle hot spots this morning. >>james: web once again with this live look at the embarcadero camera and san francisco looking back at the bay bridge the visibility is fine here in this city however there some fall out there want to point out nine of visibility which is just a haze in the air is not too intense we will watch it because of low clouds and we're looking for more clouds this morning there is a that our forecast as we break down the day for your early hours right now we have fog as a possible drizzle to this and the low 50s 11:00 to known partly cloudy we will warmer at that point to the low 60s by the bay and then
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right around 70 degrees and land like o'clock this afternoon it will be slightly warmer than it was a guest today we will see more to purchase and the low to the tensely mid-70s this afternoon a lot to look for to. >>george: hot spot developing here on interstate 580 and number of accidents reported at one time as many as three for the west about ride the chp is settle on these to all adore the road crassus santa rita road they have an impact on the westbound ride 34 to 38 minutes with a little late you see here on the centers in the westbound direction to concede to track accident at and railroad on 680 southbound that is also having
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an impact on the ride down to dublin. that puts the drive time at 19 to 21 minutes your trip to the san mateo bridge starting to see the bright lights come on as the drive times start to creep of for 15 minutes now out of hey were handed over to san mateo there is no longer a back up after 6:00 all the tollbooths are staffed. >>mark: the parents of in a drawer bay area boy who was kidnapped while slipping in the car the parents' driveway there were upset by the way it treated by police and jackie is live in
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fear filled with more on the story. >>jackie sissel: the story actually had a happy and now has a twist to it with the parents of the year-old are saying they were mistreated by the fairfield police department after the child went missing on monday morning less backtrack to monday morning at around 445 he was taken out to a family car in the driveway by his father he would back in the house came back out and the car was missing at that point the called police in a frantic search. a twist to the story is the palace of the boy said that there were mistreated
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by the fairfield police department for their part the federal police department says they went out to the home after they receive the call from the parents and wanted to search from the home and inside of the home. >>jackie sissel: there were denied access by the mother at that point confrontation ensued there is a he said sea said but there's also a video from the fairfield bicameral please of the syrup here is the sound from. an incident >>: is there a reason why you don't want us in their did know how many people have told that?.
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>>jackie sissel: the husband of suzanne says the reason why they would not lead to the inside of the house because of the two dogs. one of the will bite if i am not present when people are in there so she asked not to into the house for their part
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the fairfield police department says this is standard operating procedure when it comes out to a missing child like this the first thing they do is search are around the area of the couple has hired an attorney and are contemplating filing of five with the fairfield police department obviously is one of the store a decade developing as to get more information on the complaint will pass. >>darya: happening now police in san mateo or looking for additional victims of a registered sex offender who has been working as a massage therapist and finally all woman complained she says that she was insulted here is the salon and is on the king street in san the sale police arrested the 53 year-old he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was given a massage their last week the board is determined
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that the salon was not licensed offer massages and that he is a registered sex offender is not a licensed therapist. >>mark: a man and a motorized wheelchair and is up on the metro tracks in washington d.c. we were showing how they came to help him will take a look how much the climate is changing in recent years.
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>>mark: mature relevant the man he climbs on the tracks to the metro station and the sea a terrible fall in is unclear what caused him to drive off the platform onto the tracks firefighters to come to a hospital with a bloody mob but he would tacitly injured. >>darya: that want to celebrate the expansion of the pit stop public to program the first three picks stocks opened in the tenderloin last july and there is one of them there are toilet sinks and a use and need receptacle and also a dog with station designed to produce him and was on the streets the average number of their requests
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for credit services on the sidewalk industries have dropped from 27 to 15 requests since the pit stops were put in. >>mark: the vaccine may continue today at the state capital would stay with the new bill is calling for + top officials confirm same errors college student has meningitis will tell you how many other students i have been exposed above the school is doing about it.
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>>mark: scientists said they believe that since there isn't that so reclining changed nine of the 10 were missing as of the record if according to measurements and is largely because hi carmen dioxide levels ned collins c levels to rise. back and bay area happening today san francisco is one to announce crime action strategies. he will announce the new 051 route campaign. >>darya: it would demonstrate the city's commitment to send a zero ways to the landfill reach 50 percent sustainable travel and use 100 percent renewable energy and pull carbon dioxide are the air >>michelle apon: i have a few
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bills the trend in online at terrible coffee to purchase the 2015 earth month, you can get unlimited coffee for the rest of april and the origin if you purchase any thinking get a free copy go toque and bracelet that america in the right and old pair of jeans and give it 20 percent off a new pair of jeans and that has to be turned into insulation for homes and had overall garden and the web site to claim a free coupons to get the kids may with purchase of an adult on tried you cannot use the coupons until tomorrow the also has a to 50 percent off a further status and cameras. >>james: here is the weather as to take a live look outside the camera just outside of the studio along san francisco's embarcadero looking out to the east of a treasure island the hills and the back or what you cannot see this morning low clouds running right against the ill and that we will be dealt
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with once again this morning just as we have on monday and tuesday temperature is mild a lot of 53 54¢ scoreless san francisco 53 san jose 54 you get the idea mild to start this morning but centers will spike nicely this afternoon temperatures will be up at 65 and then 70 by 21072 by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon the waxy part a little earlier today in the sun will have a little warmer and less like temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than it were yesterday that is the forecastle the south bay the east of a similar we have 73 expected in concord for 76 for antioch ultimate seven of the east bay valleys for ultimate seven is as well for the no. they would not of coming in its 76. >>james: a lot of moisture in the sierra low pressure wrapping
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the more sure mom the counterclockwise direction later on today we could get some of the dropping down soft enough perhaps near clear lake in santa rosa future tasks set for 7:00 a.m. nothing but clouds i will push the kron 4 and time. >>james: by 6:00 still more the same scattered showers possible in the higher elevations around santa rosa 8:00 it will all go away and we will be high and dry until the weekend where the next shot or bring comes into saturday keep it tunes i will keep you updated day-by-day. >>george: thankfully there is not much to track in the traffic department that is always good news for you will start off with the problems on interstate 580
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pretty much clear out that is back to our normal drive time we're not looking at any hot spots rarely in a pretty good size backup at the bay bridge for the westbound truck we are back into the macarthur maze the drive times of around 22 to 4 minutes for your trip to the san mateo bridge is still starting to slow with the upper class coming in from just past the toll plaza 16 minutes it took time currently for the golden gate bridge we're not tracking any delays or problems is a smooth ride both northbound and southbound getting into the more randy of the richmond bridge no backups or delays for the west by five a ride. >>george: the interstate 80 camille along the east shore for a rare look at that still great drive at just 16 minutes essentially no delays and here is the western town 580 ride that we were very much concerned about after we've had several accidents to report but things have cleared out very well the
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time on highway 880, southbound for the commute from to 38 down to 237 still comes in at under 30 minutes. >>darya: it is 619 requires all children in california to be vaccinated the vote was delayed last week because committee members for the pride unvaccinated children of an adequate education changes were bill it does allow for family to opt out of vaccines to home school their children or look for independent study happening today a st. mary's college student is in hospital recovering from meningitis their concern that dozens of students and staff to have come into contact with the student that on a s student is a male and 60 people
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and is transmitted by close contact with others as to who has a meningitis is expected to get a four recovering. >>mark: the los angeles police department's said it killed a man who came at the what a large hunting knife this happen in the lincoln heights area the recalling police reported the man stabbed himself the man died at the hospital no offers a four injured. >>mark: they're being recall this one will say which models the impact of what they're so dangerous.
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>>mark: they're expected to pass the senate does after lawmakers and a dispute over abortion this sidetrack the bill for weeks this approval would now clear the way for the attorney general nominee republican leaders put off for nomination to trafficking build resolved if confirmed it will be the first african-american woman to hold off of attorney general. >>darya: will allow customers to pay for only the data that they actually use each month limit
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additional wireless plans have subscribers pay for unused data that expires end of each building. the service will be available for sprint and t mobil initially it will only work on the nexis ex-con. take a look at the track and the problem that and the paralyzing the person who was riding a bike the recall all of that becomes a kind that with the front desk break was to call the fund will to suddenly stop that will catapult the writer three incidents in the report as we said in one case he was paralyzed the company says it can go to the retell for free installation of and no quick release device.
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>>mark: of firefighters are battling to alarm fire in the apartment building is starting just before 6 this morning in the 36 on the block of pine tree in martina's the police officer was also injured >>darya: they're now one step closer to ask lee moved to southern california would tell you why.
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>>mark: they're opening up the
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18,000 marks the feature up 27 points right now fall when the market this morning as we are in the middle of the earnings season. now to weather this morning. >>james: along the embarcadero and san francisco giving as a great shot the trees on the 4 romp was a real look up with the winds are like you can see it is nice and calm come when to come to much as mild there is some but not terribly get napa 6 mi. visibility there is a look ahead at the forecast we would expect clouds to still be with us we
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should cease and desist sunshine coming through 6:00 by the bank today a warmer dead on hold a couple times once is afternoon to talk about that in the till this coming weekend not to traffic. >>george: we're tracking the right to the bay bridge and the westbound direction with a commit times are hovering around 24 minutes out of the maze approaching interstate 580 and you're ride to the san mateo bridge this morning looks great we're not tracking any problems on 92 and the westbound direction but you could see the traffic is moving slower and slower in the westbound
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direction that means we are tracking 16 minute drive times out of hayward heading over to san mateo. >>darya: santa clara county sheriff's deputies are looking for servicing your boy who went missing from this school the cupertino he was last seen on monday and here we're wednesday morning looking for him. >>reporter: this search all over campus at local parks as well as local shopping centers and still no sign of the teen special you a picture of the young man he is 17 years old 55 and weighs about 150 lbs. now his family last saw him on monday morning around 7:00 in the morning he did show up for his first period class this solemn last about
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10:00 a.m. the staff said they last seen wearing a black t- shirt a faded black sweatshirt black shorts and blue and white athletic shoes along with the dark colored backpack he has an additional small athletic bag containing school books and track equipment according to the shared apartment they say he likes playing video games and that he likes to run at the fremont older open space preserve so they're asking for the public's help on this they're asking to contacted door is call law enforcement and all of their concern and worry family they're asking for the public's health on this case. >>darya: this of course help and showing in telling about it some inspectors the right is in
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charge of both sharon both teams was said they're working to find new stadium solutions. >>mark: the project is one of the to stadium proposals in the los angeles area happening today the airport area business association will hold a public forum to discuss the coliseum proposal is a $2 billion makes huge project for the sports and the same district as well as retail stores and hotels the public for months and some 30 to 930 this morning police in this city are looking for an address
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teenager who is missing since the weekend. >>darya: she was last seen she has a developmental disabilities so they're concerned about her that happened saturday night in brentwood at antioch the first of an amc theater to young man. >>mark: minutes later to young man stole so from from the boy nearby there was a similar route reporter and antioch coming up adult using a popular childhood activities to relax we will tell you how you might be ever to reduce your stress at any age.
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and is a woman is asking for your help and from the police they want to track down to people who stole our diamond wedding ring from her home and she has surveillance photos of the thieves. taking a life lived here at the approach to the richmond san rafael bridge not too much traffic in the visibility is great at this hour we will be right back.
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>>george: that is a good ride and the 40 men all to my past to the dublin and to change means conditions there are pretty much normal. you could update traffic
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any time for your sup with the kron 4 mobile application. >>michelle apon: coloring books are not just for kids and more adults are enjoying them to bear on amazons best sellers with recovering books in the top-10 nature of animals and classic paintings they're marketed to stress the benefits that the current session can bring. to
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the stadium was coming up at 715. >>james: hear a live look at the golden gate bridge cameras, mr. cloud overhead will have the fall out there will talk about that and the possibility of spread on the horizon we come back in just a minute.
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >>mark: a wedding ring stole an increase in residential burglary in the east bank i am thankful
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that i was not here. and i here seiche >>: but this is irreplaceable raw and have drawn 9:30 a.m. monday morning at a home on pleasant hill road in pleasant hill he has the backpack and a pillowcase filled with cash electronics and during now there and in the burglars were inside of the home for approximately 10 minutes he was able to break the
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glass he got and the women followed them back inside that is one that some of the door was open. she is hoping someone out there recognizes them she says she wants is a wedding ring returned because is been her husband's family for nearly 80 years my mother-in-law given to me when we got married it was passed on to her from her mother i was not using the rain because i was saving for my daughter. >>mark: restock to us if you
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have a story i dare go to our web site and click on the my kron 4 story button. >>james: this looks a little different it was clear forming and nagasaki because the weather is beginning to push through the golden gate right now some portion of the north the bank will a civil it dense fog but heavy fog like this for most of the morning and took a quick look at what we're seeing right now temperatures have not changed a whole lot 52 forgive 354 degrees in as little we're seeing very wide in terms of temperatures san francisco should warm up to 6364 this afternoon will be down in the financial district temperatures will begin to respond by 10:00 the clouds will keep the sun at bay for just lyle it will come
6:47 am
down to mid 50's letter on tonight but the winds will be five to 50 mi. from our elsewhere around the bay would expect temperatures to be in the low 70's maybe even mid-70s which is a big change over yesterday we barely got to the 70 degree mark it will be a little one out nickel patina of ride to 3 degrees some of the warmer temperatures will be seen out there and a napa valley the wide view of the storm track four satellite perspective shows rain will be in this year and more from lead on to lead. >>james: it is set for 7:00 a.m. but we have to really push it out to three this afternoon before it finally comes into view as to push forward in time to 5:00 it comes a little more
6:48 am
is there and the chance of scattered showers for santa rosa and napa valley the possibility but it is very short by at the clock is gone and then it will not be the chance of rain perhaps saturday and we have here on the seven they're on the they forecast beginning to mar temperatures will drop we get down to the upper 60s by friday eventually this coming weekend should bounce back in the mid to upper 70's by middle of next week >>george: we did star with will look like a hot spot for the 580 ride that is not the case, i will not tracking any hot spots for the bay area looking at the bay bridge for the westbound truck as the currency is a slow one come out of the east bay and has not been any problems on the span there was a problem before the toll plaza but again that will not contributed any delays
6:49 am
in its problems on the bridge against stock things up for your ride to the senate sale bridge highway 92/or and slower but no problems on the span drive times running 18 minutes they were to some sale the golden gate bridge still alive and is the trip with no delays southbound or northbound with the richmond bridge is starting to back up not only at the toll plaza but also coming out of richmond on 580 westbound we will update the drive time for you here is the east shore for a recovery still looks good coming up to 22 minutes starting to pick of some slowing for southbound to 42 in southbound 680 with a 12 minute drive time into walnut creek. >>george: here is the westbound 580 ride in his nicely recovered from early retirement problems here at the dublin pleasanton and to change the ride on 680 southbound getting heavier just
6:50 am
40 minutes now west down to. the dublin and to to >>darya: happening today negotiators are meeting in an effort to reach an agreement to curb our lawns nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief for prisoners from the u.s. are meeting to find to our framework agreement that was reached early this month that denies it is interested in nuclear arms but has agreed to reduce the capacity of the nuclear programs that could be used to make nuclear weapons in exchange the country once sanctions. >>darya: yes today there were shot in the photograph of him giving the finger to the security camera in his jail cell still set when he was arraigned in court three months after the 2013 bombing a prosecutor said
6:51 am
the fall was proof that he is unconcerned unrepentant and unchanged after the marathon bombing three people were killed and more than 360 injured in that attack >>mark: the demand answers and the death of frank bragg he died on sunday after suffering a severe spinal injury while in police custody officials said they do not know how he suffered the injury the was no signs of visible from the six officers involved in the arrests have been suspended the have not been forced to give statements. as part will take a man put him in handcuffs and then want to hurt him that is not acceptable to keep doing this is no reason no justification for some other thing is being done we want to see justice for people with the killed by police what to see justice for freddie great who brutally murdered. >>mark: they hope to finish the investigation by may 1st and turn it over to the state
6:52 am
attorney's office >>darya: a bay into tobacco push from of a city of san francisco unanimously of voting to ban chewing tobacco that includes at&t park of the giants' manager said they dealt with the addiction to drop his career and he won't even let his two sons neared if the measure passes every team that plays at at&t park of have to follow those rules a lot of fog and traffic was bound more newsletter in traffic when we return body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-thi all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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>>darya: a quadruple line boat in new york and the fall has gone by role she's not the shot
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guest today and there is what you did after the storm are rainbow for everyone when things did not go well for the a's ticking on the angel and southern california. >>mark: there is no chance of coming back the lost 14 to one the first home one of the season for the angels game 3 the giants will get back on track against the arrival at&t park with the story of this game with a great defense played behind for one giants san francisco he
6:57 am
looked so horrible tonight is a great pitching match at madison baumgartner he has long hair ahead at 7:00 and there was world we will talk more about the giants did detect a file ball to the head is it your fault + the niners and raiders' schedule and the parents of and a your fare for a boy who was kidnapped what you will sleep in a family car we told you about this now the family is filed a complaint against the fairfield police would tell you and show you exactly what they're angry about.
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this is the bay area's news station. kron. good morning. thanks for joining us. weather and traffic check to get you out the door. another foggy start. yes, there is a chance of sunshine later this afternoon, but you are right now, it is a foggy start for some and a cloudy one for everyone else. and the clouds and a chance for fog, it is all conspiring now to cause delays. arriving flights, right now, and hour and ten minute delay.


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