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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam moore: baltimore is burning tonight in an explosion of anger after the funeral of a man who died in police custody there here you can see a police swat vehicle pelton was rocks and bricks of the police cars were set on fire more than a dozen officers have been hurt right now the national guard troops are moving in and after the maryland governor declared a state of emergency old and protesters are marching tonight to live pictures in just a few moments first was cnn's polo sandoval is live in baltimore >> reporter: officials here in baltimore says an odd level an unprecedented amount of violence is currently happening in their city. 15 police officers have been injured as a result of these writing and
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looting. several buildings have been set on fire. these writers a source started from a peaceful demonstration and have now escalated to this level of violence balance that we are currently same. the 1600 national guard troops will be on the ground here backing up the state and federal police meanwhile the city is taking steps to keep a curfew in effect. it's for all miners in start tomorrow for the entire city as bald mark tries to regain of control the situation. >> reporter: the family of freddie of as condemning actions of these of writers. >> pam moore: grant lodes
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joins us now with a lot more information >> grant lodes: is of former charge part of what your seen burning multiple fires right now those police say that in the streets are not in control of the officers there is may and throughout the city. therefore fires currently burning while former churches bird and it was being converted to affordable housing for seniors it would of been human health services facilities and a struggling part of block baltimore what was needed most for the city is now burning. we're also seeing the fire it for the of the former church to concede the right there police cars that were badly damaged smashed and burned as well. you could see multiple people here just going after police vehicles
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on fire and take a look at you wonder why there's a matisse fires because of sabotage. >> grant lodes: watch this guy and a pink jacket take a knife to a fire hose right there he stabs the fire hose so the firefighting efforts are compromised. then look to the got the tape again stabs again multiple plot to rooms in the halls trying to stop the fires that it was to stop a fire and cvs pharmacy will do slo-mos of the chicken see this happen is a gas mask gun in the community activists is asking what are you doing there are people out there that are trying to keep the peace and they're trying to preserve their neighborhoods but there are wires and looters who are doing their best to destroy parts of baltimore are baltimore tonight taking
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advantage of one of the situation. >> grant lodes: them 14th street near 980 is been peaceful and oakland. it's been shut down from time to time but nothing like what we're seeing right now in baltimore will continue this pri's of the situation in oakland as well as baltimore. >> pam moore: of course the images coming out of baltimore are very unsettling. then shall the city and anarchy but the police struggled to get control and reinstate order. kron 4 as jack bush is live tonight he spoke with the former severances " police chief tony were berra and has some spurs active on the events unfolding back east >> reporter: his says the police really have their hands full and need to
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control the situation. loading birding building is a general sense of chaos. the video from baltimore is disturbing and illustrates the lawlessness that has overwhelmed the baltimore police department. total gerbera is the former san francisco police chief and is currently a criminal justice professor at usf. >>: was starts off as a our exercise their first amendment rights turned into armed it and i think that is what we have here. >> reporter: chief riberra says the main focus for police commanders right now is getting the fires put out and re-establishing order on the streets. >>: some of the covers that i've seen as large groups of police officers moving in certain areas so looks like they have adequate personnel by question is what are their strategy is what i'm
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talking about here jeff is this a yes you have people exercising their first amendment right and they have to be respected but to also have a criminal element there that is creating anarchy in the community and using violence that is committing staff and harding police officers and they have to be dealt with. >> pam moore: kron 4 isn't the outpatient stanford hospital in redwood city >> reporter: writing for somebody that and had surgery a 55 year-old man has been charged with four counts of sexual battery he was an operations room tax and for the victims as it was the dating coming out of surgery and recovery he abused them. and they're not giving out any more of the
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mission at this point they do have them behind bars. is all part of the investigation is probably will be more victims. all these victims were men. i'm here to stanford medical center and hopefully talking to patients and doctors about this and all have more coming up at 11 assembly turner kron 4 news >> pam moore: palo alto police looking to identify this man he is a suspect in the sexual battery of a 12 year-old girl the suspect allegedly grabbed the ball up but acts of the girl while at sigona's farmers market at the stanford shopping center on el camino real in palo alto. the sexual battery reportedly occurred about to attend sunday afternoon and was reported to police by the victim's mother detective working the case.
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>> pam moore: in a small community of discovery bay family and neighbors are coping with a loss of a young boy was apparently murdered in his old home over the weekend. nine year- old jordan algren was found dead in his bedroom sunday morning. the suspect in the case a friend of the family was arrested sunday afternoon charles clifford was in discovery bay today he has the update >> reporter: known throughout to the day monday neighbors were the year discovery bay had been visiting a small but growing memorial to remember nine year-old jordan almgren. the third grader was found in his own bed sunday morning apparently stabbed to death several hours later 18 year-old william schulz was arrested for killing the young boy is apparently a friend of the victim's family and they have spent the night in their home before attacking
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the young boy we have also learned of money that during a jailhouse interview with the contra costa times william schulz of confessed to the killing he also told paper that he killed a young boy because he wanted to know what it felt like to murder someone before the world ended william schulz may have been dealing with mental health issues he was apparently admitted to the hospital on saturday but released a short time later following an argument with his mother and then went to spend the night at the victim's house on monday as the news of the killing spread neighbors in this quiet community were left to mourn the loss. williams' style is being held in a martinez as detention center on $1 million bail. >> pam moore: now still to come in broadcast will take you back to baltimore is the national guard tries to bring peace to a city set on fire by angry mobs later of
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>> grant lodes: we continue to cover the breaking news in baltimore this is bay of the cvs pharmacy that we mention cuffs the house before loading is that the cds of fire this was one of many buildings that has been little fired today you can see the police presence there but is no match for several underwriters and loaders that a bit causing destruction around baltimore today today on the day after freddie grey was laid to rest the was a suspect who suffered a spinal injury under mysterious
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circumstances two weeks ago and died a week later with the loading we see a check cashing facilities you can see all of those people it is utter chaos and remains that way tonight the police the tweeting out minute by minute car set on fire building set on fire there's not a sense of control right now despise police officers and all hands on deck situation the national guard has been called in and you and it has not yet been deployed in force a state of emergency has been declared it has been author chaos people are looting and we continued follow this up information out of baltimore. >> pam moore: and the death toll from the pods are earthquake has climbed above 4000. the numbers are expected to rise once the out rescuers looked to the
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mountain area for americans were among the dead. the new earthquake was more than 20 times that dedicate bed a devastated 80. the entire indian subcontinent mo 10 ft. northward from this quake. many people are trying to bring attention and help the families of nepal. >>: but cousins are sending messages like please help us >>: a lot of the people are not in this city and then a different part of the country and tried to call them in text and we're not getting all of them >> pam moore: goal is to raise money and to get supplies to the survivors not just in the large cities like kathmandu but the outlying areas as well. >> gabe slate: are silicon
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valley kids tech companies are helping to combat so the facebook and set up easy ways to donate. yuzovka selected amount to donate an news and taken from any pedestal are said to have set up but i tunes. if you go to the american red cross phase balkans could also add this to the top of their windows to the will match bit donations of the $2 million if you click on this window this window pops up is as simple easy way to donate to the amount enter credit card and a lot phase but up hundred% of the donations will support the survivors of the pols are earthquake. >> pam moore: of venerable as is the two should shrink
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is moving out of its hold as the high-end jeweler them will be out of the historic home vickie liviakis shows us more. >> reporter: sure it is leaving after 109 years in the same spot the severances gold jeweler is not going to renew its lease mike mueller of san francisco here attached says the shrieve building may have survived the 1906 quake but the rest of 2016 not so much sure there are all sorts of expensive and sparkling jewels shrieve is famous for. shreve... but the pricetag to do business here in the city's unions where apparently too high for even this i in-store she
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should know lord's sakes is a top commercial real estate broker in the city so low wild replaced the story here at the corner post in red? another jewelry store harry winston from new york u.s. the same eerie winston mobile stars wear for the oscars. >>: you look around this action and is occupied by other international brands and harry winston will complete that. >> reporter: at bell said with their eggs they intend to go but they intend to keep the spot somewhere in union square >> pam moore: severances coast is area are hoping the supervisors davao on monday for businesses that want to stay in the city. and we're
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gonna be revisited baltimore with the fiery riots that are occurring right now. >> gary radnich: will talk about the fight on june 20th it's right to fill up jackie allen may weather. when read with some sparring shock's i get a grant malek a little bit for of all an interview with andre ward is coming up later. >> reporter: we're cooling down quickly along the san mateo bridge where it 60 degrees the see the clock clouds blowing into the bay weather temperature the: george's for tomorrow coming up train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life
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>> reporter: when it a big temperature disparity across the bay area today and the berkeley had 93 degrees in and point read is really at 56 degrees that big temperature difference is what is augmenting. up as we of lower pressure for the interiors of the air so the sea breeze is quite aggressive along the coast line and the temperatures are dropping very quickly. 67 in san jose in concord in livermore as in the middle '70s as we speak. that unfold a gusty breeze in the teens right now but we do have gus read been reported
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in the 25 mi. an hour range. high pressure will slowly start to their of to the east over the next 24 hours as a result this cold front of the northwest when mostly dominate when oregon and washington is whether it will increase the onshore flow and when and as we headed to tomorrow cool to the afternoon will be cold and quincy will get another impulse of energy to wrap up the when. and be quite cold as we headed to tomorrow mimosa the moisture increasing trend overnight time frame >> reporter: fog will spill into the bay area air up in the overnight hours and will be locally dense fog along highway 101 especially in sonoma county. 9:00 a.m. you concede the clouds will be very stubborn to break along the immediate coast line and
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down the peninsula holding the temperatures in the upper 50s perry will wake up to temperatures in the law or upper '40's lower fifties. as we get closer to an moon the coal from the clippers of to the north and west we spent a little bit more sunshine as we had and and limb. temperatures will be up topping off in the upper 50s from the water and her upper sixties around the bayberry bay area. >> reporter: it will be windy as a secondary impulse pushes through wednesday and thursday temperatures will peak around friday afternoon >> pam moore: much more to come in tonight's broadcast ahead another live report from baltimore where protesters continue to set a city on fire >> stanley roberts: coming up lake merritt is getting
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trashed literally the city once people's use the pond and not leave like this i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> pam moore: next at 830 we go back to baltimore and ask art reporter there about the call for the national guard and the impact it is making for the area in the video for the audience as the bart police they think of brutality claim.
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>> pam moore: broken bones and black eyes for a woman of being booked into jail what she has to say and what bart by bart says her treatment was justified.
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>> grant lodes: tonight this city and turmoil buildings and cars on fire some officers read injured some seriously polo sandoval is following the developments on the ground he's joining us live below the spiral out of control quickly and some people are wondering how major american city to get out of control like a dead
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>> reporter: especially how quickly this happen grant even hours after it just happened is still hear the police sirens you could still see the police officers tried to scramble to get control of the city at the same time the national guard estimates his decision to be done to the governors of decision to apply this and national guard is what else is there left a debt due based on what we're seeing right now. jill's northwest where we are right now what is the place where mote most of this is happening is gotten to the point where it's affecting families. were watching a family that had to be evacuated from their home. >> reporter: the the very new images. jesus came out a few minutes ago that's the level of violence is happening here now city officials are saying this is unprecedented and they're calling these writers thugs.
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rioters are thugs... and will also be awhile before life returns to normal for the people of baltimore. there's currently a partial curfew in effect. tomorrow the curfew will limit of fact the entire city. you should be six if you're experiencing a medical emergency and went to work without about 5000 national guards will be in the area tomorrow. state and local officials are struggling to get control and that maybe the answer that is needed. >> reporter: also the firefighters are calling for back up the need 30 the additional fire trucks are headed that way from other agencies situation is far from over and some of these people are still facing all
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of fighting with police in this hour. >> grant lodes: freddie grey is the man at the center of all of this protest it in his mom was calling for peace tonight she did so just as short time ago at the same church where his funeral was held today is there any talk or of any peace being inside are the protesters for tomorrow? >> reporter: we do know that there is already some sort of arrangements for protest tomorrow the family some hoping for peaceful protests. that's all we saw barry paul on saturday morning a peaceful protest and up it took a matter of hours before turn violent saturday especially not the level of violence that we currently saying right now. city officials are hopeful that the families of
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baltimore will hopefully spreading the message and may lead to the younger individuals the cb the was this agitators' behind this situation right now hopefully that will calm the situation down. >> reporter: police choppers overhead the firefighters it doesn't look like it's gonna be endings. >> grant lodes: polo sandoval live in baltimore tonight we thank you for home in regard to our partnership with cn in these are live ariels these images are from telegraph the grove just left the plaza area couple of dozen protesters out tonight but things have been peaceful and oakland. >> grant lodes: been minor
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disruptions to the traffic but it looks like the this some sort assaulted song or dance going up because the people and oakland are demonstrating without violence and fire the worse thing in baltimore we will continue to keep our eyes on the breaking news in baltimore >> pam moore: new tonight of bay area model as brought an excessive force lawsuit against the bay area bart police on she says the officers broker faced jr stone has her home information >> jr stone: this is video of 27 year-old megan she had been thrown to the ground as she is being booked into santa rita jail a take down the left or on the ground unconscious and in more own blood. >>: for broken bones in my
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left eye in the orbital socket. one to snap out in 12 is shipped she >> jr stone: spiled all lot of formal lawsuit saying of citing excessive force by the police officers the police officer said she's suddenly toward tarn towards them was off this closed fist and use the armed are take down but he says that she attacked him. >>: what moses when she asked me how did this happen to you how much goes to say that a poll a policeman did this she is disposed to think that a policeman is there to protect you and be there for you to be the good guy i'd not gonna tell her that a policeman did this to my face is just and
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honorable and every aspect of my life >> jr stone: she admits that she was drawn up and the stall remember much from that night. she was arrested for public trek up the intoxication when she woke police founder passed out at a bart station after patrick st. patrick's day party the world moldboard resisting arrest counts and battery on a peace officer and a lawyer says this does not justify this kind of a take down at the jail. >>: this doesn't mean they could use the sledge hammer he could use a fly swatter. >> jr stone: and the officers acted to to really p.m. my car your urinated in my car >> jr stone: less than 40
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seconds later. wall >>: i'm not saying that all police are bad when they make a mistake they need to be accountable for it >> jr stone: jr stone kron 4 news >> reporter:: conditions by midweek that information cooler conditions by midweek more details coming up
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>> grant lodes: take the alive right now the baltimore police commissioner anthony betz formally oak was police chief is addressing the riding going on tonight >>: we have the state to state combat rid of the state police. national guard
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are on the ground here with inner-city reviews them for it is holding structures which a concede is will we go into a location would push the direction before and they read take the area is the we pushout of having a number of those assets are good and strong to with plans for a yes we plan for that was not the issue there were too many people out there to overcome the numbers we had to sustain this issue overall >>: i do what with it >>: from what i know we had black guerrilla families the bloods and crips at a meeting yesterday validated and verified at the conclusion of mr. gray's funeral each group was intending to kill and take
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out a police officer >> reporter: sure to have given the protesters that much latitude >>: i don't think we gave them much room or latitude on saturday it was for peaceful until 6:00 yet of group's letter off they did reckless are problematic to the got to the northeast corner of the baseball stadium and then that's when they started acting up wheat was down resources the war already available in the area we took them to jail and we did arrest. i saw our reaction and i gave them direction to advance of them they outnumbered us and outflank us. >>: that is not the case on saturday we were giving the
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space they have their first amendment rights once they start breaking windows and door criminality that's when we changed our attitude to engage in those that were causing harm because of the bricks of the glass and the stall the coming in after we did that and push them and started running around and that's when we had to adjust for that. >>: i will have the official numbers there's about 15 officers injured six that were seriously injured i saw six officers and shot trauma i told talk to them and told how proud i was and to stand tall for a city it as a whole. we will get to the numbers as soon as we can >> grant lodes: were
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watching a live press conference in baltimore the police commissioner of addressing the riots that it the city tough questions for the case of a commissioner will be right back after this.
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>> grant lodes: continued follow the situation in baltimore and throughout the country a march of solidarity is happening here in oakland is a peaceful
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demonstration this been going on for a couple of hours on telegraph a group of a couple of dozens that our marching this is a situation from baltimore earlier this afternoon it was utter chaos pouncing on the police cruiser and breaking windows jumping on the roof this world for several minutes of this a lawless scenario in which revenue video the one guy was not able to get away you can see the cruiser storm and it was actually a guy in the police car got tackled almost escaped the tackled was again and this is the situation the played out to allow baltimore to much of the day. as fires rioting and looting dominated much of the day. were continuing to follow the situation breaking news in baltimore. >> pam moore: the warriors
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as you know are in round two of the playoffs will there be a chance for you go see the day with the tickets for the first three western conference on sale later this week there are three presell events for a season take boulders where is the morning at 10 warriors in the writers of thursday morning at 10 the general public gives their shot at thursday it 1:00 the warriors that time. >> gary radnich: good evening everybody you'll find out who their real warrior fans author if you sell your house. in new orleans there practicing already in oakland waiting
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to see if this indeed officially memphis tonight the grizzlies have but three nothing lead. when you're in a mission and that gang draymond green is not concerned about low they're gonna play live segments of maybe the tame but portland could pull the throat >>: wages fell is about what we do no matter how long they play in portland comes back we have to focus on what we do and that's our focus drop of 04 series and throughout the playoffs >> gary radnich: steve kerr may not have won the coach of the year award but he has received rudy tomjanovich award named at the houston rockets coach goes to the coach this the most cooperative with the media.
8:48 pm
steve kerr is the most cooperative coach this season and bad news for lebron james and his mates said kevin love the gonna miss a least the next round of the nba playoff with a dislocated shoulder suffering yesterday when the celtics kelly aleksei grabs his left shoulder when going for rebound and it could be worse. but he says do not count me out cleveland is waiting to see if this could be shipped cargo or milwaukee as their opponents but kevin love will be missing the next round of the playoffs >> gary radnich: assets and hawkes derek williams had 35 points tonight. he put brooklyn up 116 to 113. how about talks great regular- season. and not showing up
8:49 pm
when they're winning and the nets won in overtime the series is to even get to the milwaukee bucks on the road with the one tonight michael carter williams 94 to the score of 88 after a number of for all sleeps less a in >> gary radnich: i andre ward serving the best fighter around these parts will come back of boxing on june 20th at oracle arena he would take on of veteran fighter from england paul smith this'll be his first bout in 17 muncies which management he is now represented by jay-z. we ask
8:50 pm
him is he's ready to go after this long long way long >>: boxing is a lifestyle for me. i have to stay fit as a part of a lifestyle i did speak up where i left off all of us feel good right now for june 20th i was close to retiring with that lay off my wife told me know we have four kids in europe to keep working. >>: out follow floyd we're may weather i hope and live up to the height to making in excess of $100 million are there any losers? >> grant lodes: encouraging the grant is a pretty boy and he looks ready
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>> gary radnich: have you ever been touched by a professional but boxer >> grant lodes: not like that that was hard core. laughter when do weekend >> gary radnich: grant as a good stead if you can take that good chin. >> gary radnich: the giants have rallied. jos hamilton acted too rough years with the los angeles angels of anaheim with this self reported relapse of alcohol and cocaine use has been traded back to the zero original tame the texas rangers he was halfway through water and $25
8:52 pm
million of five-year contract with the angels who are expected to pay the remaining $80 million owed to hamilton was 22¢ american league mvp in texas where he was able to keep its problems with addictions under wraps. >> pam moore: straight ahead the last check on the grim situation in baltimore tonight minister that was helping to build senior housing has comments about this fire widgeon gulf his hopes tonight.
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>> grant lodes: the breaking news of baltimore and a heartbreaking twist it appears the disuse fire set by an arcases deteriorated some and was badly needed former church in east baltimore was being converted to affordable senior housing the very
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thing that this community badly needed the pastor that was of leading this project just gave a group prayer says it sang in his heart was broken not understanding that we were for the community and we were working on behalf of the community to invest when no one else would. >> grant lodes: seen a lot of fires and ugly scenes and when you see with that charge was going to become an that got burned to the ground right sure hard. and they were only nine months from finishing >> pam moore: ollie nine months from finishing were seniors would have a place to live low end, people would have some words that >> grant lodes: i don't think any of was will say the policing doesn't need a change but to burn down a city in the interests of this is ridiculous. >> pam moore: we hope to
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join us at 11:00 will give you more detailed information as it becomes available
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