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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: stay of an emergency in baltimore now as riots break out after the funeral freddie gray edge and a man who died in to discuss their early this month we have the latest video into kron 4. >>darya: 20 of cars were destroyed as well and about a dozen businesses were looted. >>reporter: this is a group of national guard troops in maryland state troopers who had been given the assignment of protecting baltimore city hall throughout the city right now more than 1500 national guard troops are in this city designed
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to protect in their wake of the riots and right now the city's mayor is the of the demonstration took place in yesterday's ride just hours after a funeral services for freddie gray writing and older on the streets of baltimore. >>reporter: protestors threw bricks and rocks at police more than a dozen officers or injured in the violence six seriously cars and businesses were set on fire marilyn's governors declared a state of emergency baltimore's mayor said baird. every source to gain control this is what our darkest days as a city to another we're much better in this. we know the world is watching and we cannot allow our city to evolve into chaos when local residents took to the streets telling people to go home this is not relevant data to have themselves at home they do not respect this john
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man's death his family also condemn the violence and called for ride to and. of the city schools in baltimore or cancel there'll be a curfew that starts tonight at 10:00 we mention the mayor is touring the city she has to take the she is thankful for all the people have come out of their home to begin the process of cleaning up the debris a mess that was left behind from yesterday's riot. >>james: stay with us as we continue covering this story today we will hear how local law enforcement is responding and preparing for possible protest you can find the latest video coming out of baltimore
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>>darya: as you're walking up all lanes of no. 5 interstate 880 in san leandro are open again but there was a multi vehicle crash jacket is live this morning on the conditions as you look at them now. >>jackie sissel: things are much better than they were even an hour ago you concede i matt davis tree in your book and about 880. they came back to the south you can see that all lanes are back open that was not the case an hour ago because of this to the sec a look at the video shot around 330 this morning according to chp at least one car caught on fire and there were five cars and alternately involved in this accident at least five people were injured one of those injuries is being described as critical and after the accident turned a 80
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northbound virtually into a parking lot traffic was backed off the freeway in the wrong direction as a said as early as 5:00 we anticipated it will be hours before the traffic was back to normal sea its feet was able to clear of the burned out debris of the cars in clear traffic lanes and reopen traffic >>darya: everything looks good but yet more hot spots it is the south bank
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>>george: of course the easiest route around that would be here at the guadalupe parkway highway 87 in the northbound direction the backed richest right down to the 280 interchange design time know about are ready up to 33 minutes from the capitol expressway of to the montague expressway so far interstate 280 looks good northbound 17 there are fine and so is northbound 85 optical percent of the peninsula commute no delays at the 10192 interchange as a smooth ride here in the marin commission is still well on the third minutes. at the bay bridge the back of already reaches into the macarthur maze for the westbound truck in the drive times already pushing over 22 to 24 minutes now come from highway 24 the
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backed a growing fairly quickly as a list of the mid realize our been cycled little on the slow side over at the san mateo bridge tie with 92 still flowing fairly smoothly we're still enjoying an easy ride and as we mention an easy trip still poor accounting for 101 southbound. >>michelle apon: were waking up to some fall across the area not just here but across coastal locations as it travelled across the span dealing with some extra time looking at visibility is across the rest of the area petaluma down to half a mile u.n. is i come for this this morning waking up to some
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fifties you may need to grab a light jacket especially across coastal and peninsula locations it will be on the cooler side for today and not just their we're running about 10 degrees cooler across parts of the sock back into the afternoon and what they could see letter on for today + we are talking about when the warmer temperatures will return all the details coming up. >>james: happening today the other big story we're following comes out of the sea where they are had steered the historic
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arguments in cases that could make same-sex marriage legal the justices will offer the first public comments in the dispute whether they can continue defined marriage as the union between a man and woman or if the constitution gives gay and lesbian couples the right to marry but also look into whether states that do not permit same- sex marriages must the recognize the units were is legal. in several states the big question is they have to decide are they going to make this our right nationwide.
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>>james: here you are the culmination of what many would argue you started years ago in san francisco what are your part? >>: it is an extraordinary moment we're on the 14 states and a is what happens in 1967 and the loving vs. virginia capes at and where one to see the same thing happen here but we will know a lot more in the next few hours. this is also going to bed ahead politicians
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if you're a republican you may want to see this thing go away even republicans practically under 60 support marriage equality. still has an advance the likelihood the republicans' domestic compete nationally outside of the primary this is the difficulty that was tear or roughly two years ago for the
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winter decision the actual question that central very negatively of course the decision went by positively and over the attorney including the case is really hard. >>: a lot of this atmospheric allow the questions is really hard to get that set. reminiscence francisco's city hall in 2004 that talk about homosexuality a lot of angie in participation and we're about to hear history in the making.
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>>james: we will be following this story intently over the months to come keep the tone here will take a quick break we will be right back.
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>>james: the right and baltimore the consummate the pictures come into our our news room they're breaking out after freddie gray funeral at he died in police custody something a final injury more than 5000 its officers and 5000 members of the national guard have been mobilized and baltimore to help this morning. police in oakland ordered a smaller of protesters to leave the area following the for a great demonstration yesterday this is courtesy of a helicopter partnership with a is a seven hundred people marched along telegraph avenue to show solidarity with the delicious and baltimore. . >>james: chp blocking an on ramp to interstate 980 with interest state 80. . >>darya: he is weighing in know
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what is going on in baltimore right now and how it is being handled the have their hands full because of a growing sense of lawlessness their he believes there is a difference between a true free speech and demonstrating for that and the strong neighborhoods. >>: if it is a peaceful demonstration time texas courts but when lawlessness and colonia's conduct is occurring to do have to take immediate action and i am not sure how much that is being done. he is encouraged by the fact the national guard is moving and to establish order happening right now in florida deadly fonda's could decimate the crops.
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>>james: they're carried by an invasive beetle that is taken hold in south florida and kill all the keitel trees within two months research's are saying defective like drones and use thermal imaging to discover the location of stress trees and when they find those this on the farmers and research tended to act on this they can save a tree. >>michelle apon: we have won slightly cooler day for today a little break to enjoy it will have reason this this afternoon because of the strong sea breeze keep the temperature is on: here is what looks like outside we have a thick cloud hovering over the airport this morning and we have some fog across parts of the area here is what looks like from our studio looking at the bay bridge it will continue to
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last until the middle part of the morning plan on this as a continue to get ready for work or if the kids off to school to purchase out there are into the fifties and a few isolated authorities to call spots across parts of the bottle and even the daily city along the coast could see the cooler temperatures everywhere else we have the fifties. >>michelle apon: with that being said we could deal with some reason conditions and it could make the temperatures feel a little bit on the kuala side this morning pared the reasons why is the complex 13 mi. from our fair filled up and down to a few miles per hour at 21 for the delta bridge conditions oakland has picked up from the southwest at 10 mi. per hour. plan on low clouds and patchy fog to continue over the next 30
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minutes to launch our temperature is warming up into the low 60s political for bay locations it will only warmup on to a cul-de-sac and to the mid- 60s also by 10 degrees cooler we will be dealt with mid-70s during the lunch hour inland locations about five degrees. >>michelle apon: we have to purchase only one man up into the lower 80s it will be a breeze and one out there with a strong sea breeze of the winds up to 25 mi. per hour. that is where we're going to be done with the biggest temperature san francisco woman up to 63 during the afternoon is troubling to the a's game and start the 7 05 tonight. where i want to
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continue on with a warm temperature for friday and then the weekend will start the call in track into early next week. >>george: right at the interchange with a 80 near brawl car rolled this is a big rig in a motorcycle collision--brokaw >>george: the 28101 boundary look at the drive times of to 45 minutes for 101 northbound the guadalupe parkway is still agree alternate 280 still works do not expect that to last very much longer i do believe that with in the next few minutes we will probably going to see the
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movement of this accident toy trucks are arriving on the scene and that was one of the big delays in getting that crash cleared were also looking at some delays for the 680 southbound arrived there was a spa reported at bird now look at what has the to the drive time 27 minutes for the southbound trip coming out of dublin this is a look at the come you coming past center reader road this is the typically heavy traffic out a little more to over to the dublin and to change this morning and back to the writer interstate 80 the west about commute still doing reasonably well as is the 680 ride look at the hercules the berkeley drive times is 19 minutes backed up into the macarthur maze are ready over 26 minutes we expect to see some changes here at the san mateo bridge as addressing a
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few more replies but it's still not stop and go that could happen in the next 20 minutes the trip to the golden gate bridge in easy ride with no delays. >>james: we're getting our first look from or on video woman accused of setting a fire the fire captain was badly burned after he fell through the roof of fighting the fire. he is still in hospital undergoing surgery she is due back in court for a preliminary hearing will be back with more headlines just a minute.
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>>darya: we are following this morning as there was a night of violence in baltimore after the funeral for freddie gray the black man who was and dying after bank employees custody concede the chaos if they dealt with yesterday what is going to happen to that? people are back to work and in some cases back
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to the endamage destroyed stores and businesses know what is going to school today the governor has the squared of state of emergency in their in baltimore and there is no school there was a no curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 5 in the morning after all the destruction and violence broke out 27 arrest more than a dozen police officers or injured and now the national guard is there to host maintain order and also for our state troopers. >>darya: those are some of the things that are doing today is what they do not see this happen again. >>michelle apon: we're waking up to some low cloud cover here is what looks like out the bay bridge to concede that we have the thick clouds keeping the
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temperatures on the call side this morning and if you're traveling from marin county heading maybe southbound into downtown san francisco it could be done with pettifog and not just there to could see some very low visibility across petaluma we are seeing reduced visibility take your time and give yourself extra time on the road in this area have more than san jose rather than down to 8 mi. per hour pettifog is possible one of the biggest source for today is that we are going to have some cooler temperatures across much of the area 10 degrees cooler in comparison to yesterday across san francisco temperatures will continue to stay into the upper fifties until about 10:00. >>michelle apon: sfo warming up to 80 yesterday downtown san
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francisco mid-70s and we will be 10 degrees cooler across most of the peninsula along with breezy conditions from the west between 10 to 20 mi. per hour where talk about the rest of the day planner crossed east may be in the south bay a warming trend into the week and all the details coming up at 645. >>george: with a stated track the south bay hot spots to see is the with the special with one line shut down north about 880 at brokaw road still no indication about when they will get it reopened the just told me moments ago that because this involves a motorcycle and i know it is a little counter intuitive its use it takes longer for toll trout to lift or motorcycle than it does a car because there are not built to do that there were dragging this more cycle of onto a flatbed truck truck moments ago look it would has done to the drive time 45 minutes out of the title of the valley just to get up to
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santa clara on 101 northbound the back of now is starting to have an impact on the rest of the ride so expect to 80 and the guadalupe parkway adjutancy hitting and from the valley we all to my past is not the only stretch of slow traffic the jive time this morning 43 minutes the bay bridge ride was down to the macarthur maze 26 minutes plus for your drive times here and for your trip to the san mateo
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bridge. the backed up against the build for westbound highway 92. >>darya: 30 minutes away from the supreme court beginning to hear arguments in cases that could make same-sex marriage legal nationwide well as live in san francisco city hall this morning with more on what is happening. >>will tran: it is a historic day for the u.s. supreme court to set aside two and half hours this morning to hear the issue they are very busy in the arctic plan from 7:00 this morning to set up the issue the san francisco the reason why we are here to will be to rallies at 7:30 minutes from now a pre rally on this issue and then another one at 5:00 tonight at san francisco are asleep they and as a center for same-sex marriage the u.s. supreme court
6:37 am
tackling many parts of this issue to things i want to lay out first is whether or not the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional it is legal to get married in 36 states by the end of the court session we could know whether not it will be legal to marry and all 50 states get this time the space where is the legal right now it is legal in california if they move to force states in particular tennessee ohio mich. those three states in particular and kentucky if they move to those states where there is currently a ban in place when the and not those days are forced to recognize lost to consider we will get a reaction from people who show up at city
6:38 am
hall this is so huge we do know he is washington d.c. we have crews on their we will try to get reaction from him when this all goes down. >>darya: with and have our we spoke live with gavin nilson he did a little reporting we will continue to monitor what is on and washington supreme court is not want to issue a decision today is not coming until probably june with our hearing these arguments today and so there are even set for the bay area as he said in san francisco people in support of marriage equality are rallying at city hall and a prayer rally event is taking place starting at 7:00 this morning just about 20 minutes from now at the harvey milk plaza de castro and market
6:39 am
street the rally begins this evening at 5 on the step to city hall as well we will be right back.
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>>james: after she says officers quite literally broke her face of the bill whereby to show you may find disturbing it shows a man getting thrown to the ground as she's being booked into santa rita jail she was arrested early that night for public intoxication and from her past out at a lake merritt bart station and a police report the officer said that she has suddenly turned toward a began by a plunging at his face we do not see that in this particular section of the video that would he use the unarmed or takedown she suffered four broken bones in her orbital socket is just
6:43 am
too high she had stitches in her lip her left eye and went to knock out and another one chipped. >>michelle apon: we're going to be dealt with the temperatures and was to expect coming up. ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪
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>>darya: this morning my kron 4 story.
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>>reporter: walk out is right out what out for this feature film makers in this video production class at deer valley high school antioch talented teams use it produced this public service announcement awarding of the dangers of taxing while driving part of the team drive 365 them contest sponsored by toyota in discovery. he stars in and directed the video. . 1100 bills nationwide were submitted for the contest your were shows last moment to be among the 10
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finalists it is an important message in the whole context texan and drive it video has turned out to be a source of pride for students at deer valley high. top prize for winning the contest $15,000 is also of your choice award for video with the most votes locked onto the team drive 365 website and cast your vote. >>james: the is a menace the utility district's board of directors is going to be hosting a public hearing in the second reading on the adoption of the
6:48 am
excess of our youth penalty on the top of this at a meeting early this month declared a search for a drought emergency the board plans to improve the surcharge on all water users at a joint meeting which could increase the bill by $12 a month for customers and hundred dollars a month for access to water users the board is also increasing as conservation target from 15 to 20%. and it will include banning outdoor watering from 9 and 1 to 6:00 p.m. and buy 11 drilling dollars a sap terminal whence river water. >>james: will get a check of the weather in a moment before stress go to the traffic center. >>george: we're tracking the number of hot spots in antioch even though the accident in the east about is having an impact on the west about ride here at hillcrest a vehicle on its side but again it occurred on the opposite side of the roadway
6:49 am
here was of no accidents 4880 southbound this accident involving two vehicles requires to tow trucks because of the kent damage of the '80s that drive times now already nearly 40 minutes for your trip from to 38 down to 237 will continue to track this chp alert on 101 northbound or the left lane remains blocked by this motorcycle accident and really should have cleared by now. >>george: the drive times are still pretty bad for ride on one 01 northbound nearly 50 minutes for your trip tie from highway 85 up 4 to 37 and montevideo track in the ride to the bridges and the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze statistics minutes plus the drive times san mateo bridge really bogged down here for the westbound ride as we are looking at 19 to 22 minutes for the drive times and for the golden gate bridge is an easy trip
6:50 am
here not to bomb there was an accident in the county line at the sanitary landfill here at the richmond bridge we are starting to see it back up now enough so that the west about ride is all from castro getting over to the toll plaza. >>michelle apon: here is a live look at sfo if you know anyone who will be arriving in the next day the flights are delayed about an hour and 12 minutes on average contacted local airline if there are flying into sfo because of the low clouds and fog across the area. if you're traveling in this region unit to give yourself extra time on the road we are going to be dealt with the fog into the the part of the morning this morning and fifties is a much of the area of low clouds and fog keeping the temperatures on a slightly milder side to carry
6:51 am
>>michelle apon: pleasanton 48 degrees we're also dealing with some breezy conditions and everywhere right now most of bed and killing was some light winds in oakland we have wind speeds at 10 mi. per hour it could be difficult if you're traveling across the east if you're traveling across their field and as the winds right now at 21 mi. our if you're in the south that temperatures will continue on was the mid '50s temperatures will only one up into the low to mid 70's you and i was suspended outside because we have a strong breeze for the lunch hour into the early afternoon and one thing the grow once the bill with a is a strong seabury's i will keep those temperatures on the coarse side this afternoon it centers on a one-to-one up into the mid seventies across much of the south bank.
6:52 am
>>michelle apon: by the lunch hour we could start to see the 50 still swing during along the coast those are 60 degree temperatures during the lunch hour temperatures easily into the lord to bid seven is because some isolated '80s across the east bay valley location and we will have even warmer temperatures later on this week but it will be to call a day of the next seven days looking at the storm track the 74 cast a little bit warmer tomorrow but still cool along the bay locations by thursday we really heat up in the 90 degree temperatures for and in locations a degree temperatures for parts of the bay. >>michelle apon: by the weakened slowly pulling on down into early next week for have temperatures on a slightly cooler side into the mid '70s. >>darya: a salon owner who was arrested in san mateo after a
6:53 am
client said that he inappropriately touched her during the massage is due in court trying murphy pleaded not guilty to one felony count of sexual battery if according to police the salon does not have a permit to offer massage services and is not his first brush with the law in 98 he was convicted of such a molesting a child under the age of 14 in santa clara county. >>james: will take a break will be back with more include the sea lion attack caught on camera will shave the picture the cap to that moment all started here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge camera the right on highway 92 moving well but it will be cooler this afternoon and one at the end of the week.
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>>james: he got dragged underwater by sea lion the beginning of that attack was captured in a photo they're on their vote early this month she was the one taking the picture of then with his fists when the sea like him out of the water left his hand and then the fish at the same time and drive them both on the water there was a struggle with the animal for about 20 seconds then said he has some comes from being bitten the otherwise his ok. >>darya: the latest of baltimore what is happening after a night of violent protests and and it carries world major league baseball delays are moving because of the riots he said someone to the woodshed over pitcher heading plus when you can get your hands on warriors' playoff tickets.
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