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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 29, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: the streets of baltimore mostly quiet thanks to a massive show of force to police thousand national guard to called in to enforce the city's curfew it is part of an effort to extend the violence that plagued the city is one day earlier and it all stems from the deck of freddie gray he died while in police custody. >>james: keeping the peace and his life and baltimore now with the latest perry >>reporter: things are quiet and home. last night the national guard was able to successfully enforce mandatory curfew. some
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minor run and would please more 1000 police officers and some 2000 national guard members to to the streets to enforce the overnight curfew the goal they arrested 10 people but called the situation stable. the protests spread to other cities including ferguson missouri the town no strangers on rap. it ended in violence or two people were shot margin also held in chicago and new york mayor as governor rejected criticism he reacted too slowly into clearing the state of emergency and deployed the national guard. >>: we were fully prepared to get all the assets ready or
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prepared as soon as the mayor thought we activated. >>reporter: a young boy was seen often in water to a line of police officers in riot gear. there was not damaged violence there were still local of an act of protest they still want answers and the death of freddie gray the place i expected to wrap up an internal investigation later this week to handle to the state's attorney by friday. >>james: there will of the process' one man was shot and let the other one and a net no word on the condition this morning that a column of baltimore solidarity march into
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law was family is on our web site including the latest images coming out of baltimore and a timeline of events as well. >>michelle apon: we are going to be it warmer once again and cooler temperatures along the coast but not as cool as yesterday. it could be a little bit of warm across the location of we are talking about a little bit of fog nothing but sunshine across the bay area and to the afternoon these to spots have not changed in the past 24
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hours is to purchase on a milder side for areas across the east bay and the south bank will have a handful of its upper 60s antioch 59 degrees and along the coast we have some slightly cooler temperatures also in the north they did this city 48 degrees looking as santa rosa 47 about the 48 degrees chilly in those spots. >>michelle apon: it will concede to drop over the next few hours with some of those clouds moving out temperatures could fall before it comes out so plan on to cool temperatures in the coast of four parts of the inland valleys looking at the bay it will be possible those clouds and that will start to move out will have sunshine during the lunch hour into the early afternoon temperatures will be a little bit warmer and the inland area at a special low to mid '80s for bail cases it
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will be warmer about five degrees compared to yesterday's oakland san francisco plan also more '70s i have the forecast a meal with the storm track your looking at the bay bridge traffic is moving quietly. >>michelle apon: as to make your approach and to downtown san francisco a quick check of the san mateo bridge we did have a minor accident blocking the right shoulder as you make it with over 92 looking at the golden gate bridge traffic is quiet be careful there could be some pettifog lead on this morning. >>michelle apon: a quick check
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of the richmond san rafael bridge it looks good and quiet not seen any delays as you make your way into marin county. >>james: back to the news this morning we have a poll finding americans are more likely to favor same-sex marriage and there are close to a that is the supreme court over the constitutionality of, same-sex marriage the issue is whether states can continuing advancing or is whether gays and lesbians have the right to marry. they argue they do have that right they are defending our dream that people should not decide people should decide not the court. >>: it is very difficult for the court to settle. the difference
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is based on the different sects. >>james: the supporters say they're optimistic with the corps were a vote to strike down state ban on same-sex marriage. the supreme court is expected to make a decision sometime in late june will befall the store for it would take a quick break we will be back with more news in just a minute painted thousand dollar fine for wasting water could soon become a reality at how much you are expected to conserve and after the break is a frustrating this will people think of our community. what northern california university is doing after a controversial
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>>james: they're creating controversy on campus some to play uc-davis up on the faldo culturally insensitive they claim the university is using this total to help teach students. uc-davis once again at the center of racial controversy last remember of the university women's lacrosse team posted this total on social medium a group of singers dressed and is there to the associated with some male hispanics the sum considered culturally insensitive this comes almost exactly one year after a campus coffee shop posted this event called sickle they drink coke effective people
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sombreros climbing over a fence. >>reporter: school officials that word about the recent post and the parma immediately to action they immediately responded by issuing a letter of apology they say it was an apology to the entire committee what they did was really poor judgment it was insensitive it was inappropriate at absolutely was a violation of the spirit of our principal of the community is not something that was a violation of capa's policy or rise to the level i don't think
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it is by any means they want to punish people but at the same time the incidents continued to happen. so >>james: would take a break coming of we have warm weather across the bay area to round out between now and then it will be another mild day.
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>>michelle apon: at the golden gate bridge you could possibly
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see a little bit of pettifog especially along the coast would not as bad as a gesture that will have nothing but sunshine across the bay area of four today here is what it looks like looking at the satellite and radar we have a little bit of cloud cover moving at high pressure will the county to build and clear skies for much of the day the to the judge will help warm them up into the afternoon it is still breezy and a few spots very similar to yesterday's fare for a 24 m.p.h. the poor credit could be difficult to drive we have some light went and half moon bed a lot of our from the north with a little bit of cloud cover this one is keeping some of those temperatures on the milder side again antioch 59 degrees a handful of mid-50s across parts of the east bay looking at the south that we have mid-50s across fremont and san jose. >>michelle apon: we have some
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mid to upper bore is in those areas you able to grab a light jacket if you're across the region for this morning you might not needed jacket because it will be a little bit warmer and the to your future cast we have a little bit of cloud cover and will continue to move about by 8:00 we could see some isolated spot all afternoon is really going to help one of those temperatures lead on for today but it will drop down those temperatures as soon as the sun set so be prepared for the court down overnight tonight. >>michelle apon: cool again that is what we're going to see during the lunch hour to the judge will easy one up into the upper 60s to read from 70 if i
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was across open heading to the game lead on tonight it starts at 705 temperatures will be on the warmer side but when the sun sets temperatures will easily fall into mid-50s we have submitted seven is across parts of the south bend and the 90 degree mark that you seized and the locations is going to be hot in those areas plan ahead we one
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of the temperature days into smaller afternoon by the weekend web when to be worn for the first half but by sunday in the to be a little bit cooler and will continue on with the cooler temperatures and to next week looking at traffic this morning as you can say close of the toll plaza on the bay bridge. >>michelle apon: is a smooth ride and drive traveled to downtown san francisco not the at the san the sale bridge traffic in the westbound direction that have the golden gate bridge cannot really make up the golden gate bridge of of my traffic in the southbound direction looks good and quietly should not see any delays be prepared for some pettifog is still quiet drive into marin
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county. sunshine optimal to warmer temperatures. >>james: we have people wasting water may now be facing fines of up to $10,000 per day in south a string but the legislation was announced yesterday after a meeting between gov. jerry brown is $10,000 a day fine would only apply to the very worst offenders that's what the governor says the condition of the area will broken down in the bay area the governor's plan requires an a percent reduction for people living in the as as the u c meanwhile the san jose water co. the penalty fees will
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be issued for people using we to take this seriously when the state legislature will is a well as to improve the government's plan as specifics on that that is still yet to negotiate with lawmakers of the headlines is model half a former san francisco giants' barry bonds speaking to tv cameras the first time. >>james: he appeared apple logo of the house the to the ig for a charity event the major-league baseball they're smiling and joking with some of the guest he describes as 11 have a legal battle during the federal investigation as long and
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strenuous his future is promising all of his role to giants this season has not been settled they indicated they are considering asking the u.s. supreme court to review the decision to overturn the conviction prosecutors have to july 22nd to make a final determination is considered complete barry bond's interview on our web site >>james: pfft after a suspicious device to some on campus it was discovered outside our call on tuesday nicosia the police tape and officers on scene the class were canceled the bomb squad
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said the memos that the bias and is now being analyzed at a nearby lamp. they present their case in the trial of gunmen james holds off of his wife kate describes how she had to choose between helping her husband or protecting the unborn child. he has pleaded guilty by reason of
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insanity in said the court on tuesday showed absolutely no emotion >>james: at this event last month seeking to liberal groups telling them the giants and the dodgers renew their rivalry is traveling to victory in downtown oakland without high expected loss 72.
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>>james: this was a pitchers' duel. 7 cisco going for the victory scheduled at 710. this should go days when this to the final six to two the war is a
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now heavy favorites to the nba championship the silk is close to according to what you see on the screen hear the cry of the outside we have a live camera at the san mateo bridge recognition outside of a mile this morning where talk about low fifties we will be right back.
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>>michelle apon: here is a lot of the outside of very quiet start today we're waking up to some low clouds and some patchy fog as of this morning it can from yesterday not the thick fog we saw yesterday morning but we have some reason when to have picked of just a little bit more and half monday at 12 mi. per hour here was a we can plan on for today clean one of and in
4:31 am
locations where talk about lower seventies and then some 80 degree weather along with lower seventies and will have another day with low 60s along the coast. >>michelle apon: cool across north bay and coastal locations along the coast may be a like to check it like a sweater to the afternoon the westbound at
4:32 am
actaeon wages on the offering were born to get more information on that the prepared that you may see some minor delays if you're traveling westbound through the region. looking at the golden gate bridge traffic in the southbound direction quiet as you continue across the span into downtown san francisco rookie at the richmond san rafael bridge and still quiet and best really has not changed we have the car fire was brought on 80 in their cabin way
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>>james: it was much calmer after the citywide curfew went into effect the night before the process' is refuse to leave the sea in this bill they were throwing smoke try to recover. >>: is in fact working we have not a lot of controversy. we would not tolerate violence or looting. let's talk about thousands of anxious they patrol national guard to people on the street they're making sure that it stays calm. the death toll
4:34 am
for saturday's 8.8 magnitude earthquake in the call is now talk 5008 workers said it would take time to get to a remote areas of the country that will cut off by the quake by all accounts the kaiser permanente employees with the beloved husband and father and a friend. >>reporter: he was known as a happy adventures guy who loved to travel and risky activity which is what led him to the base camp of mount everest one of the most dangerous places on
4:35 am
earth. he liked it that way and his friend said that was just his style. bill no surprise that the lettuce and venture was in the palm and mount everest it they died during the avalanche and all the deadly earthquake he was at the space camp in was killed by a wall of snow that avalanche buried 80 other hikers on that day. he does say that he
4:36 am
went out doing we love the most. >>james: a local device salesman born and raised in the call loan with he can to revive the his family members were still in the country did see him there gathering thousand medical supplies to hospitals around the bay area if sending them overseas he is partner with the medical and doctors without borders in hopes of helping the paul--nepal the air quick in the palm raised concerns about earthquakes here in the bay area--nepal they have new
4:37 am
research now in the san andreas and hayward fault system that research has led to the forecast we suggest moderate sized 8 facebook 92 from 6.5 to 7.5 to be somewhat less frequent still ahead. the latest headlines come at you we
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>>gabe slate: where harry first impressions about what is good about it i have one more setting but then i get concerned about battery life he has had the apple watch for few days he shares a negative and positive it takes a millisecond for the screen to come up when i left my wrist before i get it to life face i know what time is
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advisable for the big screen version when choosing your or what it costs $50 more well worth especially the small touchscreen is really small a certain functions can be difficult to navigate my feeling as if you're going to go with a is essentially a computer on your wrist get the biggest grain they make but this is the case where the real-estate matters it will be a more enjoyable experience with a bigger screen. battery life has not been an issue he likes of voice call feature the ability to quickly answer a call your rest his leg and the ability to quickly glance at incoming messages on the watch and not have the date of his own. in response to the quick voice tax--tax
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>>: those who really did consume about what is galling on our smart phone the ability to will blow it off and look at your watch that is almost an abdication of responsibility for few minutes to admit something i need every now and then perry >>james: time for 42 coming up michelle will have a look at the forecast for today at the mild afternoon expected to result was live look outside to show us what it is like a san francisco law breezy and a little cool 51 currently on the thermometer.
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coming up is 15 minutes will take a look at why people and was more blaming the city's mayor for letting the violence take over the city water wasters in california could face hefty fines jerry brown announcing people who do not conserve water may be facing sizable to $10,000 per day and hear and the bay area governor brown once an aide to 20% reduction in water used in the on the county and where you live this comes on the same day east bay mud and said pinnace is will be issued more than four times the average amount of water the discovery of a man accused of killing and by your boy makes his first court appearance today william schulz faces first-degree murder he was that to death at his home he was
4:46 am
arrested and antioch hospital a short time after the murder. >>michelle apon: we're waking up to low clouds and patchy fog looking at sfo not a bad way to start it is still dark out there which to start to see the pettifog along coastal locations will show a satellite and radar really quickly we did have of coastal move through smoke clouds we will see it some sunshine off because of high pressure building in place that will really one of the temperatures this afternoon this morning no changes to fairfield in concord still breezy in these areas just like yesterday morning at 446. >>michelle apon: the wins will pick up this afternoon very breezy to the afternoon light yesterday afternoon and i mild
4:47 am
start today this is where we stand right now in the 50s across the east bay at antioch 59 degrees across the south that along the coast that is when we're dealing with some cooler temperatures the north that cool as well as to the mid to upper '40's and some of the temperatures could drop as a few more degrees plan on dressing one you're going to be in those areas looking at a temperature timeline for future cast the concede they're plenty of blues on the map. we will start to see some sixties across their field and then we start to quickly warm-up. that means 70 this how they parts of the east bay valley will one of quickly staying cool along the coast into the lunch hour and then we start to really one of the could
4:48 am
system isolated '80s farther east we go across parts of the east bay more mid-70s will continue on and parts of the south bay but was still see slightly cool along the peninsula with the temperatures only warming up into the '60s. not too bad as a little bit warmer than yesterday but still on the cool side for looking at the rest of the 74 cast thursday and friday will want to continue on dry weather in two weekend and early next week then those temperatures will start to cool down into early next week will to mid '70's for inland locations in the pacific by the middle of next week. >>michelle apon: still looking good meeting allies are not on
4:49 am
as of right now it should be a slow drive as we continue to downtown san francisco looking at december sale bridge traffic looks good moving smoothly as we cross over 92 a quick check of the golden gate bridge a quick check of the richmond san rafael bridge quiet again nothing but sunshine letter on this afternoon with warmer temperatures. >>james: be careful what you do online.
4:50 am
>>: ease. police raid, facebook posted says she typed monday afternoon the 33 year-old is accused of making threats and a paragraph long rent under the name template ticketing i condone a black on white killing goes on to say i thought about shooting every white cop i see in the head and stated my killed at least 15 tomorrow i'm planting now is play police teamed up with the d.a.'s office and took the loss of 24 hours a search the condo is sacred to custody i'm nothing
4:51 am
she anticipated that we would respond as quickly as we did sit in charge of disseminating information related to terrorist acts in the middle of the baltimore bed and on the heels of several police shootings against labor finds is unbelievable. very dangerous and careless to put someone like that on facebook. >>james: they see computers cell phone and a gun and a woman's apartment the president obama administration is on track to deport the fewest number of immigrants in nearly a decade the federal immigration we have
4:52 am
one person did this morning after two freight trains crass and mexico take a look at the video state police the crew members on the train did not realize the other train was standing on the track until it was too late. we will have more headlines for you we have live look now at low clouds overhead wicking up to similar conditions like we had yesterday that with more news in a moment.
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>>james: the baby due dates was six days ago she is overdue by almost they're waiting everyone loves a good story in this one has a man looking for some closure it was nearly four years ago when nicholas jasper helped a man his pregnant wife gets a hospital it was a rainy weekend night in the fall of 1977 in seattle he was 28 years old the time when a frantic man like to down the interstate the army veteran and that the couple to a hospital and now he's looking for them also to medium the story has on viral perry >>: i think a judge of the
4:56 am
story. 38 years ago the 1973 or to be of the bill if you were the one who was on the side of the road desperate try to get to the hospital in your wife was pregnant and that was a carpet you love reach out he is on line waiting to connect with you. >>james: the cat out of new jersey needs to shed some pounds her name is sprinkles and she weighs in at an incredible 33 lbs. a regular cat weighs about 10 she is grossly overweight and he's become a dai-ichi these to be cared for the expenses she was given to many table scraps of the years she would not be adaptable to she's back to normal weight. we will take a break coming up a glitch with an eye patch because it does the price to be grounded. how much
4:57 am
more likely you are to be diagnosed.
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>>darya: with foothill boulevard and a cold streak after an early morning homicide nearby >>james: it shows police searching the area at actively searching for suspects will is live on the way to the scene. we will to begin with other big story of the turmoil in baltimore things much, last night it got off to a rocky start adjutancy knowledge of going home but the crowd quickly dispersed as officers in riot
5:00 am
gear showed up use tear gas people in baltimore are accusing the mayor there were not prepared for the riots and that caused the riots to get out of hand. >>james: the have a big show of force on the streets there definitely prepared last night they had 3000 police and national guard to enforce an overnight curfew we have been chatting with him yesterday morning we would join it again now with a lot of that on the situation. >>reporter: things are calm today last night police of the national guard able to successfully in force a mandatory curfews. today the city hopes to begin the process.
5:01 am
i get reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity our movement. >>reporter: spread to other cities including up for some missouri it ended in violence that two people were shot march is also held in chicago and new york meanwhile maryland governor rejected criticism there reacted to a slowing in said the state of emergency and deploy the national guard. amid the tension
5:02 am
a glimmer of hope a young boy was seen offering water to a line of police officers in riot gear. >>reporter: given the was not the much violence it was still very act of that is a necessarily mean we get any answers right away that is the latest live from baltimore >>james: there are other process' across the country last night hear some video of those protests with two people shot during soft ferguson missouri. >>james: similar process to
5:03 am
place in chicago and what they're recalling a baltimore solidarity march will continue to follow the turmoil and baltimore on air and online it could paulo the global application and take the news with you were also posted a base that we cover right here kron4 including the latest developments on >>michelle apon: we are going to see the high temperatures today and it would get even hotter for tomorrow the calm winds over here but some preconditions if you are across the delta and the fairfield some south winds and concord now with 50 mi. our the
5:04 am
wins will pick up so plan on a breezy at the know along with so warm temperatures across the area of santa rosa of parts of the clothes we feel to match up before this it did are getting ready instead of out the door plan on temperatures in the low to mid '50's for bay and in locations pettifog may be possible. for an and location warmer their and the temperatures continue to heat up into the lower 80s they only woman up into the upper 60s to lower seventies i have the
5:05 am
oakland a's for past plus the rest of the areas out the bay. >>george: are to a great start we're not tracking any major hot spots or delays so no need to rush out the door this morning starting with a look at the ride to the bay bridge the approach of the macarthur maze looks great we're not anticipating any the less coming in from highway 24 from the east shore or the northbound in the tree went if you're going to be heading to the san mateo bridge this morning expect a pretty good ride and six of flashing lights out there hitting into a westbound direction that is more likely to associated with the construction. >>george: the eastbound not commit direction they're heading back toward hayward and the tail lights tracking the ride to the
5:06 am
golden gate bridge and 101 the cameras at the toll plaza traffic heading south bound moving where crews are on the bridge. so for pretty good writer with a 25 minute drive time from accounting. >>darya: discovery bay man who admits he killed and nine your boy stabbed to death because you want to see what it would be like to kill someone he will make his first court appearance today prosecutors as filed first-degree murder charges against the 18 year-old william schulz he admits he fatally stabbed and jordan in his home on sunday and he was arrested and in antioch hospital a short time later prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty
5:07 am
because of his age as i said he is a king and because he had no criminal record still ahead of dozens of flights grounded linked to an electronic device was a you the glitch that cause problems in east bay mud laying down the law with water wasters how much you can get fined more deaths linked to the nepal earthquake including a bay area climber that story after the break. terest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs.
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5:11 am
government is providing free transportation to people or hoping to get to their home towns and villages to reconnect with family and loved ones that one of the loss of a mountain climber who was killed in an avalanche on mount everest caused by the deadly earthquake hit the kaiser permanente employees they said he was unhappy inventors who love travel and risky activities which led him to mount everest the women who are diagnosed a new prediction for you and taking a live look outside of the golden gate bridge parsing not a lot of cars will be right back.
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>>michelle apon: plan on some of the 40's for some areas along the coast and some local for is for the north as of this morning looking as satellite and radar this unsigned will continue on a to the afternoon and in locations will be hot once again we have some of the four is for the north bay of both boards along the peninsula across the delta of plan on the mild start across the east as of this morning if you're cross the
5:16 am
peninsula plan now cool temperatures along the coast as you make a way out the door it will be cool in those areas plan also low 50s and passing fog may be possible this morning one of the to just a few more degrees it will be breezy into the afternoon and then we will have to shift the pattern is one to be warmer will warm up into the mid '70s this afternoon yes said a top of the to 7 degrees
5:17 am
temperatures will be into the mid '60s until sunshine grab a life jacket. >>george: will will start with the look at the bridge around the bay not tracking any hot spots it is an easy ride in general for the bay area so far the sec alleged that the toll plaza which flows westward from
5:18 am
the chapter on the wide side of the screen toward a high-rise from hayward out to across the span at about three minutes the was about five a rise of the has no backups this morning for the ride coming over from the richmond parkway will track the drive from the bay hercules to berkeley as did the sea on the maps looks good from paul dow to
5:19 am
university avenue of the drive times coming in at just 15 minutes is an easy trip for the san ramon valley south about 680 down to dublin in come the comes in at 18 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway >>james:. and i pad is what forced american airline to ground about two dozen flights the digital mapping and choose by the cockpit and clear which one it was but into the to the team met airline began the first allies have is pilots rely on the four
5:20 am
flight plans and navigation for the plan to get a bed all the time to there and to cut down the excess paper. >>james: joan mitchell is not unconscious contrary to previous reports that reported that he was unconscious and in a coma yesterday but a statement on an the web site said that she is not in service at a long time friend was named to the server according to the site
5:21 am
>>darya: they send home all hundred and 27,000 people as of mid april from being illegal immigrants. the numbers were found internal government documents from the associated press. >>james: 300 women and girls several rescue from the islamic extremist group vocal gram the nigerian army now screening and profiling to what the girls and 93 women he is kidnapped, as numbers of girls women and young man to be used as sex slaves and writers. >>darya: a disservice for addiction has increasing number of women are expected to get breast cancer in the coming decade to the national cancer institute says the you can expect to see a 50% increase in
5:22 am
breast cancer cases in the united states by the year 2013 the major reason at baby boomers are aging and older women are more likely to get breast cancer. >>james: hear from former oakland police chief howard georgian on the perils between the walls were riots and occupier protest that was back to the 11 that is coming at 530 after the break the side that never been seen a baseball game with no fans.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
baltimore that is with the orioles have decided they're going to have their game but is going to be close to the public the close contest they did not play the schedule of games the team also announced it will move three games set for may 1st second and third against the tampa bay raised instead of having those at home still play in florida of the previous four antennas and a major league game was six it was played the. >>james: it was somewhat of a novel idea at the time. people
5:27 am
better get a refund for the tickets they offer to that they are now favorites to win the whole thing. because of a big injury and for that reason there are the favorites first you have san antonio up next new when could the next big one hit.
5:28 am
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5:30 am
>>darya: quick will just got to the san what do you know right now? >>will tran: shots were fired and other cover police officers the fifth and foothill still
5:31 am
very much active did the sea all the activity are behind me plenty of his officers including the swat team oakland police we're waiting for them to come over and it was a news conference we know this happened around 1:00 in the morning on the cover officers were following up on a homicide case of very fresh homicide case when they were shot at several times the good news is the does not appear in it of those officers were hit. there probably are not at the sea will get more information it receives this is shut down this is several miles from where we heard the shots were fired as far as the suspect we are hearing air people involved they immediately arrested two people in that a short time ago that arrested a third person as soon as they come over and it was a news conference we will second life as we can but as you see police
5:32 am
officers swat team members yellow tape still very much here at 55th and foot hill. >>james: out of the east coast i have full arrest occurred in baltimore overnight but it was by all accounts and commerce commerce seen after the first night of citywide curfew took a quick look at the latest pictures is opposed also submitted a practically a ghost town at o'clock last night curfew went into effect in baltimore to concede the streets all the city nearly 3000 police and national guard troops are patrolling baltimore and will continue to patrol baltimore overnight to the next zero days they arrested 10 people shortly before midnight including seven for violating the curfew is not hard to drop a similarity between what is happening in baltimore and will start a trend archetypal tuscan oakland that in 2011 i think the whole
5:33 am
situation is regrettable. >>: is a pattern with sen across america in oakland ferguson misery of places like los angeles and baltimore he says police and baltimore are trying to do the best they can under the circumstances he hopes the protest and peacefully and that no one else to turn. will continue to fall the latest turmoil in baltimore on air and on line also put our mobile application give that a download will post a base in the get on our web site.
5:34 am
>>michelle apon: you definitely need the 80 this afternoon because the potential jurors will likely heat up the to the upper seven is to lure '80s were awakened to a record start looking at the embarcadero temperatures are on the courtside with some mental performance in san francisco lower fifties in this is were sent across the rest of the area oakland 52 degrees set jose 53 not a bad way to start off the morning but some called the spot santa rosa 47 degrees north bay and coastal as many square of light jacket but you will not needed this afternoon temperatures will quickly warmed up into the mid to upper 60s along the north to bay may be some isolated '70s is some
5:35 am
reason across the delta concord winds have picked the 15 m.p.h. from the south and southwest it could be a driver you need to hold onto the steering wheel and your travel across the east bay shoreline several or to be at about 5 degrees warmer it will be nice a little bit of a breeze and the winds will pick of the to the afternoon the temperature heating up to 70 degrees letter offered to make. >>michelle apon: will start more about the rest of the south and parts of the peninsula to give the temperature is which can expect for today some hotter temperatures tomorrow. >>george: member we are taking a look at the bayshore freeway 101 specifically between san carlos
5:36 am
and berlin gained if i've been tracking the sea is the law this morning that had been three separate hit-and-run accidents reported here here and hear san mateo hillsdale and eberling and are all of which reported the vehicles were sideswiped seven the vehicle exit the freeway to the chp is out looking for the suspect vehicle as you can see with green showing on the road with senses it is a pretty good ride the bay bridge redress have not yet been activated with a will be within the next to men is changing the drive time the san mateo bridge highway 92 looks good the right side of the screen look traffic heading away from us is a 11 minute trip out to send sale and hear at the golden gate bridge the southbound lanes of as the rich is reconfigured for the morning commute. >>darya: people wasting water could now face a fine of up to $10,000 a day the legislation was announced yesterday after a
5:37 am
meeting between the governor and several mayors from across california the $10,000 a day fine would only applies to the worst offenders and the plan requires water agencies to reduce water consumption between eight and 36% depending on the area in the bay area the government conservation require an 8% reduction for people living in the san francisco puc area of that number goes up to 16% that are required to say for the alameda county after the east bay mud customers the san jose water co. have to conserve the most is expected to reduce consumption by 20 percent. >>james: the big world golf championship in san francisco thousand of fans expected to attend to some of the best golfers in the world will be there as well and would you know mike pelton is also live there this morning not a bad sign this morning.
5:38 am
>>reporter: if you could to bring my golf clubs out to me that will be great to a lot of police officers just pulled into a parking lot we are seeing a lot of activity picking up and looks more like a cadillac dealership that a golf course the players and the fans also clear on this morning but the first time set for 950 this morning that are here to compete in the match play tournament the winner are among some of the many golfers jealousy over the next few days this is a unit of time and that is five days not for through friday they will play a lot of him fit of that lack of march madness term and bottom line offer to play at least three rounds e will have several chances to see your favorite thousands of fans are expected to come there for the weekend were also on standby
5:39 am
because just in case one of the golfers may be mrs. their teatime our vaunted a step in although i would not make it to the weekend. >>james: will take a quick break back with more than just a moment. new flone alrgy liefasalspyouerfos
5:40 am
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5:42 am
will be back with a complete look at the forecast was all about what you can expect this afternoon.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>james: the fatal shooting where they had a couple of suspects arrested and one still on the loose a police search for a while we understand recently they did bring a third suspect into custody official at this point are they having a press conference or preparing for it has not quite startled will let you know as soon as it does to the tune here
5:46 am
>>michelle apon: >>reporter: they tried to were of the officers we know is more then one shooter we did have two other homicides and oakland. we believe one of the victims was a member of the gang when this did
5:47 am
occur we had another homicide that was actually occurred at the same time affair was a very busy night in oakland. >>will tran: just carries on the cover officers how were they discovered to be shot at by the suspect? i >>: do not know as a to less still under investigation all the officers involved with witnesses and suspects were taken down to the clinton administration building. was it hard to track down? with the initial operation was related to either of the homicides? i cannot talk about that right now because i am not sure what all to be assuming. >>will tran: any such strike their cars or get close to them or did they hear in the vicinity of the location? >>: it was broadcasted that they had been shot at and i confirm
5:48 am
haunted to the search of an eye? what happened was the the people on the firearms there was one house we did have to search because will read that the family of the house holding back against hostage for the suspect the door was open web to clear that house and into the family was safe we pulled out the suspects connected to the homicide as far as i know now. installed as a back operation
5:49 am
with a much of what exactly what it was the award for his arrest. these officers are put on paid administrative leave was what happened to them? >>: most likely not the they will go back to the was anyone injured? as far as i know now know >>: that is a very tense moment the first thing i want to do is get on the scene of course. as
5:50 am
you see that is rapid of the news comes right now he gives the today that there were two homicides that happen overnight there are investigating those two homicides and it may rest in this case they're not going into detail whether or not those three suspects to the arrest and surely after that our undercover officers were shot and it goes to a suspect was somehow connected to the two of nine murders we will stay and monitor the news conference in the slight is talking a little bit more out of more information at the top of 6:00. >>darya: but time is 551 to get look at the weather because that has been making headlines. the temperatures will continue to grow of for today right now
5:51 am
we're into the fifties we may need to dress warm for some of these areas this morning this afternoon not so much less but before is across the north bank and the peninsula we have a light breeze as of this morning still the with the called marine layer this morning and for bay locations and low '50's pettifog still possible this morning at clearing out by the middle part and we will one of just a little before the close of the lower 60s the location one of just a few more degrees parts of the bay still stand a little bit warmer and to the lower 80s drive the afternoon or the '70s for friday we start to cool down just a little bit for the second half of the weekend
5:52 am
>>george: that is the to drive times a up to 18 minutes as you can see the traffic in the center line is filled in when a field across all the lines as was use the occurred at the meeting unless activated on highway 92 the san mateo bridge as we look at the tail lights getting away from us will still glossy a lot from reckless that's what the drive times to 30 minutes a quickly at the peninsula commute because we have been watching to see after the early reports of a hit-and- run accident in terror and the impact of traffic so far there has not been the drive remains
5:53 am
normal for the bayshore freeway would take a quick break and be back with more after this.
5:54 am
brksidchocatenohas crun. brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs.
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >>james: moments ago we just heard from oakland police what they described the events that unfolded for the last couple hours and involved to undercover officers being shot at by suspects cuban all the latest you know that this was all related to two homicides overnight there are investigating a homicide two officers were in their car when
5:57 am
three suspects opened fire on them likely those officers would not injured but there was a manhunt that existed for while to success brought into custody at third was still at large and just recently that third suspect was brought into custody now we have all seen that is beginning to wrap up the will that the latest he is out there at the moment to get of this from him just a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>darya: undercover police
6:00 am
officers shot at an oakland good morning. we brought you a live news conference from police a lot of details revealed in their fresh. >>will tran: you can see here is lt. it was the one given the news conference there was more the cell because it is not everyday that officers are shot at in the line of duty is bessie in the overnight our when there were trying to do the investigation you have more information bees and of officers were in east oakland to do we believe he was involve


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