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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: breaking news next on kron-4 news at eight: shots fired at officers in under arrest and a third on the run. >> catherine:also - huge protests across the country - in solidarity with those in baltimore. what they're saying tonight. >> catherine:i'm catherine heenan. the news -- at eight -- is next. >> catherine:now at eight. tensions rise as night falls in the riot=torn city of baltimore >>maryland "we're just going to hope for the best and we're going to be prepared for the worst." >>whoosh
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>> pam:on the russian river. sonoma sheriff's deputies shoot a suspect in guerneville. >>whoosh >> catherine:police on the lookout for a man who sexually assaulted a woman on this trail in the east bay. >>i dot thin its safe here for women by themselves >>whoosh >> catherine:heald college students blindsided when their school goes bankrupt. >>this is beyond frustrating. >> catherine: transcripts. other local colleges offer to help. >>whoosh >> catherine:and the bay area gears up for cinco de mayo. >>tons of bands, food tequila for days this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:breaking news: >> catherine:shots fired at police officers in menlo park. this. at a business park near the dumbarton bridge.
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>> catherine:people at the business park. tweeting these images tonight. in the past hour we've learned how those officers responded -- and what happened to the three suspects involved. >> catherine:kron 4's charles cliffordminutes ago. and has learned a lot since then. >> catherine:charles? >> catherine: audio difficulties. we will keep you updated with more. >> catherine:breaking news out of sonoma county where a deputy shot a man. we first told you about this in our 6:00 broadcast. >> catherine:we now know that deputies say they were forced to fire on a knife- wielding man at the "fife creek commons" housing complex. that's off fifth street in guerneville. >> catherine:the man -- who was shot in the shoulder -- is being treated at a hospital. no word yet on any charges. >> catherine:more breaking news: >> catherine:there's still turmoil in baltimore. but not like last night or the night before. the city-wide curfew began about an hour ago. >> catherine:only a couple dozen people were at the scene of of tonight's curfew. police cleared the streets.
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warning to stragglers: "you must go home. you will be subject to an arrest." >> catherine:right before the curfew, a news chopper overhead caught a fight that broke out. many demonstrators continued daytime protests today over the death of freddie gray. >> catherine:he died after injuries he suffered in police custody. >> catherine:baltimore wasn't the only protest site. protesters have been marching in new york city. sphere >> catherine: hundreds had gathered earlier for a rally in union square - showing solidarity with baltimore. more than a dozen protesters were arrested in the area after they blocked the street. >> catherine: 500 demonstrators marched the death of freddie gray. it was a peaceful protest. >> catherine: and about a thousand "black lives matter" protesters marched through the streets of downtown minneapolis. >> catherine: major league
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baseball banned fans from attending today's orioles game in baltimore. saying it was because of safety concerns. >> catherine: so there was a game -- and no fans. that was a first. sports director gary radnich shows us what it was like -- coming up at 8:45. >> catherine: tonight college students left high and dry by the closure of corinthian colleges. are getting some answers. >> catherine: heald college one of the by corinthian held an open house today for students. they got transcripts and met with representatives of other local colleges. >> catherine: but as kron 4's emily turner reports, they still have questions. >>" im sorry, but are you a student?" >> catherine: >> reporter:heald college's
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campus saw a constant parade of unhappy people today >>take sot "i'm pissed. i literally didn't sleep last night." >> reporter:melissa kava is one of the thousands of students without a school now that corinthian has shut the doors to all of its colleges. >> reporter:we weren't allowed in but today, one of those colleges spot- academically and for some, finiancially- >>"i start over. i start back at square one." >> reporter:there will be no way for anyone to finish out the degree they started- and the credits they've earned may or may not transfer to other schools. 11 local colleges showed up today to help figure it out. >> the goal is to bring some velocity to the situation so these students aren't set back. >> reporter:the government is offering students, but even that, students say, comes at a price.
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>> " there are two options keep the creditskeep the debt or release youre credits and release your debt." >> reporter:emily turner kron 4 news. >> catherine: for students who are interested, there will be another open house tomorrow at heald's campus from ten to four. >> catherine: there's another side to this story -- with our tech reporter gabe slate: attorney general kamala harris helped shut down these for-profit schools. >> catherine: now she's trying to help the students online. these students just got the rug pulled out from under them. >> reporter:a lot of them would have prefered to finish their before it was shut down. but these students and their families have so many questions right now >> reporter:and we want to try to help with that >> reporter:so the attorney generals tool for heald students to learn about their legalhow to apply for debt relief >> reporter:and how to
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connect to local people and organizations that can help. there are ways students can get their federal loans forgiven but it may require giving up their credits. >> reporter:this is a very confusing time for students and theirunderstanding the choices and options out there is difficult. >> reporter:on our website kron 4 dot com we break down the options people have. and help them take action. >> reporter:we also have a direct link to that online tool the attorney general set up. >> reporter: on kron 4 dot com. or through our mobile app. >> catherine: a man accused of killing a 9-year-old boy during a sleep-over made his first court appearence today. 18-year-old william schultz is charged with murdering his best friend's little brother -- jordan almgren. >> catherine: the boy was stabbed to death in his sleep while shultz was spending the night at his discovery bay home this past weekend. >> catherine: the public defender says shultz is mentally ill and family tried to help their son for months before the attack. shultz is facing a murder charge with the use of a knife >> catherine: and a special circumstancehe is being held
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without bail. >> catherine: schults is expected to enter his plea ina bout three weeks. >> catherine: a san francisco man is in jail tonight -- accused of stealing a car with a four month old girl inside. this is the suspect's mug shot -- allah ah-moo. >> catherine: he's been booked for car theft, child endangerment, kidnapping and parole violation. >> catherine: police say the child's father was driving in them when someone kicked his car. when he got out to check the car -- a man jumped in and drove off. >> catherine: the suspect and car were spotted on 7th street by a police officer only 10 minutes later. the baby was still in her car-seat and has been reunited with her her parents. >> catherine: police are still investigating if the person who kicked the car was involved. >>that is going to be part of the investigation if that first person who kicked the car was involved with the suspect who drove the vehicle away. should always pull over to a safe place because there are scams that happen"
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>> catherine: the suspect was arrested in front of the public defender's office. and a spokesperson confirms that the man is one of of their clients. >> catherine: but they couldn't say if he was headed there for an appointment. he does have a court date tomorrow on another matter. >> catherine: prosecutors are presenting their case against colorado theater gunman james holmes. >> catherine: today, three police officers who responded to the attack described the bloody scene. defense lawyers say schizophrenia compelled holmes to kill. >> catherine: the defense for the surviving boston marathon bomber is trying to convince jurors not to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. sit character witnesses. >> catherine: tsarnaev's third-grade teacher testified today that he was a quiet, hardworking child who "always wanted to do the right thing." >> catherine: bart needs nearly 10 billion dollars to replace its aging infrastructure. that was confirmed today in a new report by the state auditor.
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>> catherine: over the next ten years bart dollars to improve its aging system.and bart only has half of what they need. >> catherine: improvements include 3.3 billion for 1000 new bart cars, 275 million for a new maintenance facility and 900 million to replace the train control system. >> catherine: bart officials say they need funding to run more trains in order to keep up with thebart is seeking federal and state funds.but they will likely ask taxpayers to foot the bill through a bond measure. >> catherine: vermont senator bernie sanders says today that he *is* running for president. we told you about this last night at 8. >> catherine: tonight senator sanders that's he's running -- and he's running to win. as he puts it. >> catherine: that's despite the fact he against hillary clinton. sanders is an independent. but caucuses with the democrats. >> catherine: his official public announcement is set for tomorrow. >> catherine: still ahead.a sexual assault on an east
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bay hiking trail. >> catherine: tonight: we'll hear from the man who found the the search for her attacker heats up. >> catherine: later: >> catherine: a small community with water concerns as its wells run dry. what they're planning to do. >> catherine: and straight ahead: in one of the bay area's most quaint communities has a lot of people upset. >> catherine: you'll see why they're so angry.
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>> reporter: will be in the low 90s tomorrow. it will delight in midsummer as we wrap up the month of april crude still warm as we head into friday. it will fill a whole lot cooler sunday. 10 to 20 degrees as compared to what it will be like
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tomorrow. 58 degrees in oakland, los '60s and concord. 59 as the head in to livermore. >> reporter: coming in between 10 and 20 mi. per hour. we are looking at squeaky clear as to the up a storm trecker satellite braden. --radar >> reporter: temperatures will remain on the comfortable side. tonight, however, temperatures will remain in the upper 40's and it fit the spirit of talk about the rapid warm up. the police did jacket behind. --you can leave your jacket
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behind. mid '80s all around the bay. and the south bay upper to the middle '80s. and the east bay with of looking at temperatures below 90 spirit with antioch and pittsburgh. 754 union city and daly city. the heat will come thursday in still more on inland and inland on friday. >> reporter: by saturday, cooler moister air and on sunday it will return to more seasonal with temperatures. for this time of year.
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>> reporter: catherine ironically it has been on hundred years since the construction of the building on campus. what makes it so special is something that could be gone for good. >>music >> reporter: some of those beautiful be used could disappear. >> taking away that you could be taking away a piece of history. my counterpart has been going to city council buildings expressing concerns of students. they are not interested all it all we have to say. >> reporter: winning 2000 people in support.
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>> have x people to sign this petition the mayor and the city council has received the e-mail. >> reporter: petitioners say the iconic deal could be threatened occurred by a 18 story building this proposal has been in the works for sole cause sometimes gripped the downtown plan has that adopted by the city council in 2012. >> reporter: residents lost the battle back a few years ago now smith says something needs to happen to preserve this piece of history or fish for future generations to enjoy. >> this breaks my heart. >> reporter: i did check
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with the chancellor's office here on campus. they say that they are not to worry about it because everything is very tentative but they will be watching over the next few months to see how it plans out. they did look at the plant and they believe that it will not obstruct much of the view out here creek however, that remains to be seen. >> catherine: later at eight: >> catherine: a sexual assault on a popular bay area hiking trail. where it happened, and what police won't say about the suspect. >> gary:sports later to night! >> catherine:
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no officers were injured corporate three men in their 20s were arrested prick and palo alto on suspicion of groping a young girl and it grows restore last weekend creek the girl and her mother had been shopping when the man allegedly brushed up against the girl and molested police say overwhelming support of the kennedy responded. >> catherine: a man who found a woman who had been brutally attacked on an east bay trail. >> catherine: would check on baltimore again we're protesters are ignoring the city curfew. >> reporter: tomorrow, we are expected a 20 degree boost!
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: livermore police as they are working on round-the-clock to find a suspect that has consulted a woman. kron4's j.r. stone is live tonight near our royal road in livermore j.r., you talk to the man who found the woman? >> reporter: he says he was walking along the old royal past with his girlfriend when he heard someone screaming for help. he walked off their and saw this 29 year old victim lying there. this is all that is there after
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afterwards. the yellow police tape. >> reporter: as than 24 hours from winning woman was sexually assaulted. the man who committed the crime is still on the loose. >> reporter: walking on this trial when she was grabbed from behind by a man. letter found in this area bloody on the ground. appeared that she had been on crutches. those walking the trio had learned of the news on wednesday afternoon. >> very, very awful and scary to be in the f to be in our neighborhood. i am glad that i do have my doll. --dog >> we have heard some things about women getting broke. things like that. --groped
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>> reporter: police officers as they do not know if the stories are related. those walking that past is all about staying safe. --path >> i dragged him along. i love to walk but i will not come down here by myself. >> i do not believe this is a very safe area for a woman to walk along derrick.. >> i fell like is safe this time of day when i have my dog. however, it was the same time of day yesterday. >> reporter: liven livermore j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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>> catherine: the bay area may be waiting for the new 18,000 square feet are reno. expect to be completed but a nonprofit group called the alliance is coming out against the project seemed that they are worried about the new stadium so close to at&t park will create a traffic and parking nightmare. >> meaning it to be all hours of the day to be traffic issues. along with the existence to traffic that comes from the giants games. the war >> catherine: is issued this statement that they have been working with the neighbors for about one year and a half has support in
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regards to the moleskins they said this comes on of nowhere. >> catherine: governor is calling for the state to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below 1990 levels over the next 15 years. governor jerry brown or align california greenhouse gas production targets with those of leading international government ahead of the united nations climate change conference in paris later this year. the order does not say how the state will achieve the reductions which are the equivalent of taking 36 million cars off the road. that is more than all the vehicles registered in california last year. >> catherine: the city of
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brentwood is making big changes because of the drought. today the city council acted with a stage three water contingency plan that included a 35 percent cut in water use per that is up from 20 percent people have already been asked to cut back. also, water in between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. is not restricted. and people can only water their loss two days a week. -- lawns >> catherine: nepal is now getting their first to supply since is devastating earthquakes helicopters deliver supplies to remote mountain villages. the u.n. has launched an appeal for $415 million in emergency relief over the next three months. more than 5000 people died and thousands of homes have been reduced to piles of stone and wood. >> catherine: a baby boy was
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rescued after being trapped under a collapsed building before month old baby has been buried under the building for 22 hours. there were unsuccessful attempts to get the child on saturday after the quake. but military riskless return returned on sunday he discipline him out the condition of the boy's family is unknown. >> catherine: is moss east bay community wonders how they will survive the drought. we will hear from people directly connected to that problem. >> catherine: we will be back with more accurate
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>> reporter: we are tracking the arrival of dry beer tonight and more weather on the way!
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>> catherine: double check kite bellow the treatment drug focuses on reading it spells when injected in the it can cause serious side effects. including nerve
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damage. it is called ky- bella >> reporter: will always with temperatures will be in the comparable simon-- comparable side. it will be the hottest day for the entire work week. >> reporter: some spots will approach or surpass the 90 degree mark. continue to remain behind continue to remain hydrated. as we plunge in the temperatures as on sunday we will drop to our seasonal temperatures about 20 degrees. >> reporter: and we are tracking a disservice by
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cloud cover cheaper it-- cloud coverage. and to the next 24 hours. if you're in the bay area and will mostly keep the environment mixed up overnight. it will keep was very comfortable creek as it continues to push off to the east. high pressure will build and from the northeast to southwest. unlike off shore snow will start to build which will bring again dry air. here in the bay area. >> reporter: as of now middle fifties. 52 in the south bay 72 in concord and livermore. the plant is out about 20 mi. per hour with a breezy conditions that will continue to about 11:00 p.m..
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>> reporter: temperatures will remain in the upper 40's and middle 50s near antioch and fairfield occurred and are looking at a mild night. we will be in the low mid to low 50s. by 78 am. by lunch it will be on route 80 degrees. will be in the low 70's and hit 90 degrees for the day. >> reporter: we are looking at temperatures at 88 degrees in santa clara creek as we head into east bay will perk will pass the 90 degree mark. off to the north and east toward sacramento there will be gusting wind. >> reporter: as we head into the north we are looking at lighter wind. temperatures at 90 degrees and santa rosa, 75 for downtown and seven wofford ocean beach.
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--and the 70's for ocean beach. >> reporter: temperatures will drop down to below 86 on saturday and sunday we are back to normal. 71 degrees or run the bay and 58 at the coastline remain cool and dry as we head into the early part of next week. >> catherine: you will hear more from a mother and sand creek they were in the middle of the rights and baltimore. --riots
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>> gary: gary has the sports next! 7
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>> catherine: tonight we are hearing for the first time
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the 16 year-old sam and he thought when he heard or saw his mother coming at him. >> reporter: when you made eye contact with you think? >> i was like oh no pretty well with my mother be down here? >> when i heard put that break down. i heard that was my mother i knew that was my mother creek. >> i worry about him. walking out the front door. the life we live on around here you do not know if he will walk back in the door or knocked you would not nor if he walked back in the door or not. >> catherine: did say that
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she would do the same thing if it would happen to get a gander--if it happened again. >> catherine: the private water wells are about topped out. people are holding a town hall meeting looking for solutions. >> our water basically for our committee basically has no water flow. so we need help creek. long >> reporter: time residents gathered at the town meeting hall and danville joined by representatives of contra county environmental health. what are that much alternatives or means to find drinking water.
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>> reporter: the east bay-a bull district and other water agencies recently put a stop to truck in your water creek as they have done in the past. non- residents are exploring other options. >> i know that if they need water in new delhi which are trying to find and provide water to them in other areas. >> i think that there are grants alter the could be taken of them tough. >> i think that there are grant out there that could be taking advantage of. >> gary: good evening
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everyone! >> gary: harding park. >> gary: he would go on to win his match 4-2 appeared. >> gary: this would normally be the shot of the day six tall brick zack johnson holds up his approach for eagle. johnson won his match to up here is the shot of the day 17th hole. then
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martin with a hole in one to go up on that. martin would win one and up pricked--1-up >> gary: justin rose to credit watching stuff curry and his men last sunday in lawlessness is the shortcut and loses his match 3-2. >> gary: on the flip side is the l.a. in the bay area. this evening with giants lose and the dodgers' 7-3. >> gary:hunter pence waiting for him to come back! >>music
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>> gary: giants on waiting for pence to come back from a fractured arm. >> gary: catherine, you are my friend a long time. ever get a sore throat and i am not on kron one night and i am shaking my you know what do not even tell me this is it really shook me in the late--leg. >> catherine:shoot you! >> catherine: (laughter) >> catherine:yes a little weird. >> catherine: we earlier established that was not
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twerking but whatever it is to not do it. >> gary: rabin which is asking for people to carry guns and kapernick agreed. --catherine ! >> gary: very strange game in baltimore today. an empty candy bars at the orioles played with the white sox and no fans inside the ballpark due to unrest in baltimore. --camden yards >> gary: fan still stood
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outside the gate to the ballpark and the first two games of the series were postponed. >> gary: just show me the warriors with a couple quick bites. it could be sunday or tuesday. bond layoffs. -- long layoff >> it is good for us. >> gary: now the way this breaks down is that mathis is planned right now and if they go on and when the games with portland they will start on sunday. if mrs. lose tonight is warriors still could be pushed back as far as tuesday. >> gary: it is true creek
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>> catherine: the calm after the storm and baltimore. >> catherine: you will have to trust their we go. solidarity protests in other cities and will be checking on york city. st chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed!
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: we hope to see you tonight at 11 creek stay with us.
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