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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> reporter :breaking news tonight. we're learning new details about the suspects who shot at menlo park police officers tonight. police say they had invaded a home.and one of the three men is still on the loose. two are under arrest. good evening everyone. i'm catherine heenan. we first broke this story at six tonight. >> catherine : police have been searching since then for the third suspect. kron-4's jeff bush is live in menlo park with the latest.jeff? jeff :police were investigating this dark car that the three robbery suspects were driving inpolice from fremont and newark were chasing them when they came
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under fire. menlo park police were investigating this and dark car the the three robbery suspects were riding in. that investigation went well into the evening. police from fremont and newark were chasing the suspects when they came under fire. >> cdr. dave bertini :as they pursued them they came across the dumbarton bridge and ended up turning onto willow road. in the 1300 block of willow road multiple suspects began to shoot at the officers who were pursuing them in that area. >> jeff :a police car was hit but no officers were hurt. the home invasion suspects got out of the car and started running away. police caught two of them but a third got away. officers say >> bertini :
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the menlo park police department will be handling the assault with a deadly weapon against police officers and the attempted murder of the police officers. so we are handling the scene investigation where the vehicle is and we have recovered several handguns from the scene and we have two suspects in custody.: what happens next?: >>:what happens next is that the police department fremont police, along with newark and east palo alto police are going to be setting up to look for the third suspect. they have some leads into where that person may be and they are going >> jeff :police say they are holding the two suspects that they caught in the city jail. the police said they will release their names tomorrow. i'm jeff bush, live in menlo park, kron four news. >> catherine : we're learning new details tonight about a deputy involved shooting in the north bay. sonoma county deputies say they were forced to shoot a man who was holding a knife. it happened at the fife creek commons housing complex in guerneville. the man was shot in the shoulder.and is being treated at the hospital.
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the streets of baltimore calmer tonight. where a curfew is in effect for the second night. only a couple dozen people were there in defiance of the curfew. you're looking at video of a fight that broke out and earlier today thousands marched peacefully to city hall for a rally. on friday - police are scheduled to report to the state on the death of freddie gray.who died while in police custody earlier this month. across the country people marched in solidarity with the baltimore protesters. in manhattan -- hundreds marched in the union square area. and more than 60 of them were arrested. in washington d.c. there was a rally.with people chanting as they marched. and in downtown minneapolis -- about a thousand "black lives matter" protesters rallied. for the first time in major league history -- a baseball
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game was played today in front of an audience --- of no one. fans were not allowed inside for the baltimore orioles game today at camden yards. the ballpark was closed because of the unrest in baltimore. baseball officials say it had to be done because of safety concerns. we're tracking the protests in baltimore on our website at kron-4 dot com -- and our mobile app. today - we heard from both a mother and her teenaged son who were caught on baltimore. the woman had spotted her son taking part in the riots and was seen on t-v beating him for joining in. she told c-n-n that she'd do the same thing again.and you can see the full interview on our website. livermore police are investigating a sexual assault that happened on the arroyo trail.a popular hiking spot. they say a 29-year-old woman was on the trail last night when a man grabbed her from behind and attacked her. he ran away and has not been caught.
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a man passing by with his girlfriend heard the woman screaming - and got help. she's now being treated for her injuries. people who live in the area have been talking about what happened. >> "i'm saying that it's not safe here just for woman by themselves. we've heard of other things happening.woman getting groped and stuff like that." >> catherine : police say there have been at least three sexual assaults on that trail. more patrols are being added to the area. thousands of students feel frustrated and and angry - after corinthian colleges shut down all of its campuses. today - at least they were getting a few answers to the questions. heald of the schools owned by corinthian held an open house. they're trying to help students stay on track. but that's going to be tough for many of them. there may be no way they can finish the degrees they began working on. it's not clear whether they'll be able to transfer credits to other schools. some local colleges are trying
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to help.and the government is offering loan forgiveness for students. but that's only if they forgo any credits they've earned. we're tracking the college shutdown on our website. on kron-4 dot com - you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions on the closures. a teenager accused of killing a nine year old boy the suspect is in court. and what rescue workers pulled from the rubble days after the deadly nepal quake. and next a car stolen with a baby still inside how the fees manage to get into the driver's seat--thief
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>> catherine : a 4-month-old girl is safe at sick kidnapped today in a car burglary in san francisco. the suspect.allah ah-moo now faces car theft.child endangerment.kidnapping.and parole violation
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police say the child's father was driving when someone kicked the car. when he got out to check - a man jumped into the car and drove away. the suspect was stopped a few miles away by police. police are still investigating if the person who kicked the car the man accused of killing a 9- year-old boy during a sleep-over had his first court appearance today. 18-year-old. william charged with murdering his best friend's little brother -- jordan almgren. the boy was stabbed to death in his sleep while shultz was spending the night at his discovery bay home this past weekend. the public defender said mental illness played a role in the stabbing death.and family tried to help their son for months before the attack. shultz is being held without bail. still ahead -- not everyone is thrilled about plans to build a high-rise in downtown berkeley. the latest on the petition to stop the project. and in the midst of california's drought -- the community where people insist they're in more trouble than most.
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their pressing problem.coming up. >> gary :and later in the broadcast we have the sports >> vanessa :today was warm but tomorrow will be hot. i'll show you how mild it will get coming up.
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>> catherine : the on-going drought is leaving one east bay community dry -- and searching for answers. the rural neighborhood of tassajara valley sits between blackhawk and dublin. "only on four" tonight kron four's philippe djegal talked to people at a town hall meeting who are anxious for solutions. >> "it's very tough." >> phillip :some residents still have water. >> "and, its worrisome." >> phillip :others essentially tapped out. >> "we are barely getting by." >> phillip :the close-knit community of tassajara valley meeting as a group in danville. brainstorming water options. now that surrounding utility districts -- citing short supply -- are no longer allowing these residents to truck metered water into their homes. >> "some people are drilling new wells. we're looking into drilling a new one on our property, maybe refurbishing an old well to see if we can get some additional water out of it"
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>> phillip :one of the long-term solutions discussed in the meeting is tassajara valley possibly forming its own water district. >> "which seems honorous, but i think, a, there are grants out there that can be taken >> phillip :meanwhile, in the short-term. contra costa environmental health overseas the construction of and issues the permits for private wells. at the meeting, the director says shes working with local water agencies to see if they can ease their restrictions on shuttering rural communities like tassajara valley from trucking in water. >> "we have found some districts in the county that have water wells in the county and don't have that restriction and help these folks out so that is good news." >> "we pay a lot of property taxes and the value of our home are impacted grealy by the lack of water." >> "if we don't have water for a potential buyer, what kind of value can our home have?" >> phillip :this group hopes to have more brainstorming session in the future. because they need a solution -- fast.
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in danville, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine : it's been a beautiful day across the bay area. and vanessa bezz-itch says it's about to get a lot warmer. and >> vanessa :you notice anything to an attended tenanted degree boost--10-20 degree boost temperatures will plunge especially by part two of the upcoming week this shows a disturbance that is pushing right now into monterey bay as we speak mostly starlit skies this evening as you can see not a cloud out there as we head into the bay area there is a nice ridge of high pressure and that will help to bring dry air overnight especially after 2:00 a.m.
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very light winds as of now but it will pick up of the eastern a slow on the overnight times a very comfortable evening we're looking at temperatures in the mid-50s concord is a warm spot was 63 degrees tonight it will be a comfortable start with dry air arriving by 7:00 a.m. and we will all be in the '50s will be able a beautiful sunrise we're looking at 70 degrees blue skies bay area wide by the latter half of the day beautiful beach stay--day
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as we head into the east bay we will surpass the 90 degree mark in concord pittsburg that'll be the hottest spot in the day the heat will peak on thursday still warm in london on friday by the end of we will see a nice on shore search of low clouds that will help to bring temperatures down along the coastline a bit of a soggy start along the coastline temperatures topping up--topping not in the low 60s >> catherine : some people in berkeley are upset about a plan to build an 18-story building downtown. it would be near the berkeley bart station. a petition against the project
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already has more than 2-thousand signatures. block iconic views from cal berekley's campanile way. the city council adopted the plan back in 20-12. this month neighbors lost a battle to try to "landmark" the area and stop anything from being built. they say they want to preserve a piece of local history. >> reporter :here in san francisco a nonprofit is opposed to building the new arena in this neighborhood. they say they are mainly worried about traffic and parking issue is because it is so close to at&t park. the warriors said that air surprised about this opera is-opposition- and said in working with together with the community for years to plan this. >> reporter :here in san francisco they're having a funding crisis in part--bart to
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replace infrastructure that is continuing to aid in the system. most likely they'll have to bring a bond measure to the taxpayers later >> catherine : in the midst of the despair surrounding the earthquake in nepal. the story of a tiny baby who somehow survived in the rubble. nearly a full day after the quake.military rescue workers were finally able to get him out alive. we're only now seeing the video. it was not immediately clear if anyone else in the family made it. meantime.the death toll from saturday's earthquake has topped 55-hundred. and more than 11-thousand people have been injured. there's growing frustration over the slow delivery of humanitarianm aid. as many people are without food, clean water.or shelter. we now know who the warriors
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will be facing in the next playoff game gary has the highlights and all the sports next
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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> gary :giants-dodgers rubber match in chavez ravine. time to shave the beard "vogey". bottom 1st
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he gives up a solo home run to joc pederson 1-1 tie 3 batters later adrian gonzalez takes him deepfor another solo shot 2-1 dodgers he walked the next batter then andre ethier a 2-run homer three of vogelsong in the inning!. 4-1 dodgers bottom 3rd alameda's jimmy rollins 4th home run off vogelsong 5-1 dodgers final: 7-3 dodgers giants start 10-game home stand friday against the angels giants-dodgers in a few minutes but in the mean time here is hunter pence shaking his booty.
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said it is about the fourth time i've seen it and i'm starting to like it this is him dancing to daft punk he enjoys himself on social media speaking of the angels. in oakand. mike trout the best player in baseball top 3rd/ 2-0 angels trout solo home run off jesse hahn 3-0 angels bottom 6th/ 3-2 angels josh reddick riding a 7-game hit steak rbi single to tie it 3-3 after the angels went back up 4- 3 in the top of the 7th trout with the bases loaded a shot to the left field wall two runners score 6-3 angels final: 6-3 angels albert pujols had to leave the game with tightness in his left hamstring looks like he may not be ready for the giants friday at least
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this poor man has facial fractures the grizzlies wind they eliminate portland next saturday and monday in memphis that still line up the warriors will host memphis and round to kevin love is now going to miss the rest of the he's pointing surgery on his dislocated shoulders the warriors keep rolling the world golf match play. note
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is not the u.s. open this is a team competition i could explain this to but then nobody would want to watch and there's a whole and one from ben martin on the 17th rory is number one in the world and he sinks his putt on no. 10 they will play for sunday and the mayweather fight they are set to go with a press briefing
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here she is. >> get over here. >> the tough love mom who yanked her son out of the riots comes forward. >> it was unacceptable. and curfew chaos. >> almost hit by a car. >> and where is everybody? >> for the safety of individual, the this ball park today is going to be empty. >> ghost stadium. then, near disaster. you've seen the video. exclusive, here are the kids. then -- >> deborah: the presidential motorcade and the baby that just won't wait. >> the baby was not going to wait for the president. >> exclusive, twin sister, one's black, the


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