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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 4, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: 2 gonna and are shot and killed outside of the building were cartoon contest were being held depicting the spot of mohammed. we have pictures of what it looks like inside the courtesy call wilson said and garland tx this was sunday afternoon to men drove up to the center started shooting at a security guard. officer started back killing both gunmen there was a concern the bomb squad was called in to the scene to search their vehicle they're not sure if the shooter was related to the court to contest but we will still top of the story and bring you any new information as it comes into our news from was head over to the
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what attracted center. >>michelle apon: we are off to a cool store across much of the bay area low clouds and drizzle and maybe even some pettifog across the east bay where keep that the patchy fog in temperatures into the early fifties. not very warm like last week. a new location will continue in the mid '70s. where talking about a breezy afternoon not as you get through your day you will deal with some low clouds across sfo. will i
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break to some sunshine would possibly fog will be back in parts of the coast. >>michelle apon: the same for the north bay areas across the south today is into the fifties this morning as you get through your name the course spots will mainly stay on close line with the temperatures into the mid to upper 50s bay location only a warm-up and to the mid-60s their december 2nd were we were yesterday we have a slight rain chance where you can expect a letter on this week. traffic was good as it approached the bay bridge right before the toll plaza of a quick check of the
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san mateo bridge traffic in the westbound direction would smoothly this morning as you cross over 92 ease about traffic was good and quiet. traffic in the southbound direction very quiet but fog may be possible across this area plan on that as you get ready for your morning drive looking at the richmond san rafael bridge quiet and for 03 this morning a quiet start the fault may be a concern this morning and we have rain chance. >>james: the other big story we have been falling comes out of the east bay where a driver suspected of hitting and killing a bay area mother and an infant is out of jail this morning fall on bonn to will show you the same the crash happened saturday night at an apartment complex and livermore it received a video the wreckage that was left behind from the crash family they're the victims
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of drunk driving accident or police a 35 year-old. >>reporter: the tires slashed to the ground. he was speeding around the bend jumped a curb and the mother and daughter killing them after a crash through the two trees into the backyard and finally come to hold on the neighbor's porch.
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southern has to be done about inviting. he is sure to counts of vehicular manslaughter he leaves behind a to your son to to your daughter and husband and france say they are hot all are broken. . >>james: it is a trouble spot and they hope safety is improved in that area in some way police also want to know where he was with king five and 7:00 p.m. there like to see if you serve alcohol after he was seen drinking heavily. >>james: the series of her twins that rattled the bay area five
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of them hitting just south of congress and the afternoon the large when they get 3.6 magnitude is range from you're born and raised tear it was nothing. it is a 12 in. steel pipe that ruptured sunday afternoon about an hour after the earthquake struck in that spewed water into the intersection of north main street in happened about 4 mi. in, but we will be monitoring the work to fix that were made this morning.
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>>james: of this and for sellers will the next quake happened to. the two car crash on highway 1 01 with cars going northbound near the park west and the afternoon you can see the damage from your one car overturned in the accident and you can see the severe damage done to the other car and as you be flipped over there are injuries but exactly how many in the extent of those injuries may 4th in star wars than made
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before to be with you. fans of the franchise to celebrate all along with a line they started on line and spread from there and no doubt fans will be spending money on merchandise star wars related enough to get the new movie comes out later this year as a mother to stay near. here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge camera shots as the ride up on 92 we will be back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>: 20. game. if >>james: that was that they beat
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the grizzlies to pump the crowd at oracle rain of fans are going absolutely crazy he was there in that reaction from fans one absolutely nuts after the wind. perry is always the best. let
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alone all the way. >>: issue not even be a game five on that this year to be over there waving their flags the warriors really looked good and another piece of good news it sounds like stephanie perry will be awarded the league's mvp trophy tomorrow there are reports out there tonight says that that will be happening we will have to wait and see about that all the warriors are looking really good right now.
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>>james: hopefully will be looking for the mvp announcement we have complete coverage we want to see your reaction and the warriors tried to post your totals and your comments.
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>>james: let's find out the details on the four cast with michele. >>michelle apon: mild conditions this morning letter today we're off to a core star of course coastal locations
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will begin with fog and drizzle and a little bit of low cloud cover and you will need to read and jeff beck is one to start off all across san jose this afternoon temperatures will bottom out and to lower 50s if we will more just a little bit more if you're in said was a guest today that will quickly fall into low to mid '60's
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timber to across the north to bay also into the upper '40's we have some slightly milder temperatures across the south that we have so mid fifties out their temper to one of for the east bay boat will warm up into the lower 60s san leandro hayward fremont woman of corporate much all around the cool spots will be along the coast mid-50s along the coast but on this afternoon. >>michelle apon: we're also talking about some slightly warmer temperatures across the east bank concord 70 degrees wednesday it will also pick up into the afternoon we're talking about a few rain chances for thursday you're up to the
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alleged is news and weather. traffic in the was wrong direction looks good they're slowing down just a little bit looking at the santa sale bridge traffic in the westbound direction if you're traveling eastbound in to paris in castro valley announcing any delay is looking at the golden gate bridge the fog will be possible especially leading up into the middle part of the morning and could move back into the afternoon traffic is move smoothly stop by for marin county to downtown san francisco the richmond san rafael bridge and the very quiet commit patchy
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fog will be possible was also talking about cool temperatures quickly one of them for inland locations only in the '70s >>james: spa the possible closure of two fire stations we have the east a contra costa county district saying that it has run out of money and is now on the verge of closing and failed to gain voters and raise money to keep the stations running this ad cuts could mean longer response time customers the district serves more than a hundred thousand people and as more than 6000 calls annually in talks about the closures are planned and publicly to not let you know. >>james: the bay area and has no plans the university says the
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best of us will be letting the film with sediment and provide rotted streams the reservoir is now a wetland area and calling for it to be left alone. tough >>reporter: for is brought to light what also right on the label the water comes from private swings in area called back after a california water during an unprecedented california drought. as a water
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activist taking the sacramento star but should be ashamed. this is why we elected them back as our agents. stubbles water comes from private springs not public water sources it depends on how much water is being taken we don't need bottled water and more. >>reporter: we should be looking at mexico will
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colleagues and i directed deal with water to began brainstorming and as in the federal government starbucks customers. >>james: there are several reports out today saying that many the fight he fought with an injury against me whether we have some controversy brewing telos in a unanimous decision declaring may weather the winter and now many said the shoulder injury was to blame for lost the citadel is right showed this week before the match still the decision does depend disappointed for the fans and
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now some are calling for a rematch. >>james: the victory takes his unblemished professional record to 48 of pac-man walk away with a lot of past getting roughly a hundred and 20 million of an estimated $300 million. >>james: a big weekend for avengers fans will tell you how much the film brought an here is a live look outside traffic last unlike on westbound '80s of you have to get out early and have that on your side an easy commute for now.
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l be taking a staggering $187 million the first three days in theaters to a walking dead is caught on camera and more than 20 years after his death album in the works of >>reporter: for walking dead star is apologizing for his recent trends on the new york subway according to a dmz the actor says he was frustrated by the events happening in baltimore and boston and new some on the train using the inward. the festival for to the new album and the some of the director of the upcoming documentary he says he went to close to two hours and now plans
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to use those to put together a new album the film about the late premier is home monday night. the edge of all trust master box office this weekend coming an estimated 187 point million dollars that is the second-biggest opening in history. >>james: a double decker bus goes up in flames and a popular tourist spot and san francisco city passengers into of panic chemicals may be to blame for the fire showing the chaos in israel thousands of people flashing the police the reason behind the violence coming up also gunfire saw the contest to pick the profit mohammed two gunmen are did this morning with the investigation stands at this
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>>james: here are the big stores you the file for uses 4:00 a.m. a mother and her baby killed after a drug driver crashed into the backyard or their home in the more the driver is out of jail this morning released on bail is a loss control of his corvette while driving at twice the legal limits saturday night after attending a wine festival police are trying to figure out where he was that night to find out if you served alcohol after he was seen drinking heavily plus a series of earthquakes rattled the bay area is a picture of the earthquake five of heading south of concord sunny afternoon the large when magic replace six and magnitude the others ranged in size to 2.0 to 2.7 people from san francisco
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to look weak pulp the ground move the warriors dominating yes to that they beat the grizzlies 101 to 86 steps perry had to two points and seven assists clay thompson had 18 points this for 16 to help the top-seeded war years at rockets or orinda currie in fact will also be named the nba's mvp sometime today again to. >>michelle apon: fox is one to be breezing jacket with a sweater whether anything to keep you warm this morning is one to with the temperature still illiterate call or when he got
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san francisco 50 degrees daly city and 48 degrees a handful of mid 50s across the east bay also this morning across the south the backed up will start for a monday morning. plan on some patchy fog in a little bit of drizzle to wake up to this morning by the lunch hour wrap talking about a little bit of sunshine your lunchtime showed us will be on the cool side once again heating up into the upper 60s and then we will continue to warm up and to lure '70s. sfax alive the outside looking at the bay bridge to conceal a little bit of cloud cover to keep the temperatures in the lower 50s until the middle part of the morning it will nonesuch a warm-up and you get through the day plan on some low to mid-
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40s across parts of the inland and coastal locations bay locations will start off with a lower 50s during the lunch hour and for parts of the area during the afternoon daytime highs reaching the mid-60s. rather see a lot of fog this morning and some cooler temperatures for much of the afternoon very close to where we should be. >>michelle apon: 20 and expects that coming upon a quick check of traffic in the westbound direction looked good traffic move smoothly right before the toll plaza will continue to move smoothly across the bay bridge into downtown san francisco looking at the san mateo bridge traffic in the westbound direction another quiet start
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your monday morning across highway 92 a very slow start over there traveling eastbound to hayward looking at the golden gate bridge traffic in the southbound direction moving smoothly as the continue to downtown san francisco traffic is moving quietly and very slowly in this area not a bad way to start if you're heading into marin county with a study of a very quiet start >>james: to men are dead after police said they opened fire at a free-speech event and taxes and included a profit mohammed cartoon contest several stores the details but the government and religion they're still not clear. >>reporter: the event was wrapping up. police a to a man
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armed with guns rolled to the the senate and garland tx an open fire just outside. the unarmed security guard was shot in the ankle treated and released from hospital the event was called the mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest the keynote speaker a dutch politician police said they were aware of the nature of the event. for hours police left the
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bodies of the suspects lane next to the card checking the vehicle for explosives as a precaution. >>james: new this morning and their terms of violence in israel take a look. this to the scene on sunday were more than 60 people were injured and 40 arrested as thousand people clashed with police and demonstrators were protesting how israeli police officers treated and is rarely shoulder of if the open dissent that shut down a major highway they threw stones at officers and took the road patrol cars they fought back as you can say it sold water water. >>james: is get a double decker bus that caught fire in san
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francisco's neighborhood police said no was injured when the bus bars in flames on the morning but it was a dramatic scene the bystanders are small, the vehicle and chased it down they mated to the scene and quickly put out the blaze investigators of looking to call the fire with this is saying the fire smell like chemicals that may offer invested some clues. happening today on-line help is being offered filed a student who was taken by surprise when a father of the college to shutting down for a big houses close estimated 20 campuses last month but the two weeks after the fourth chain it was fined $30 million from the war misrepresentation as many as 16,000 students linked to a caribbean including hilda callers had been wondering what comes next. hist still ahead the curfew maybe over baltimore the
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>>james: some breaking news this warning former teck executive is running for president she may be announced about a half-hour ago the republican was onetime chief executive of she believes americans are ready for outsider. therein is criticizing hillary clinton said and still has a lot of questions answered about the attack and her personal e-mail
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and server. retired neurosurgeon has confirmed and he will also seek the presidential nomination from the republican party person who has never run for public office will be a high-profile african- american candidate has had success and author and a speaker will be entering a competitive cab and is more established politicians he will make a formal announcement in detroit sometime today. if you have not picked out of prison gave has about all i guess the guy just for mom. for >>gabe slate: mother's day is almost here if you do not have that gift yet did not bother going to the store dirl the traffic ease let me help you shop from home on line. check out the mother's day tech a gift guide on my tech page will showcase 50
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great eunuch innovative products that help make her day easier or more fun each idea has a picture a description the price and a link to purchase it. asked hist she connected go off with of very strong vibration an alarm sounds.
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>>james: it will be the up to date attention and baltimore here is a live look outside the camera showed less cloudy skies over the airport but we will get another update coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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>>michelle apon: we have a lot to talk about. if the mild morning we also have fog and
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drizzle and low clouds possible across parts of the peninsula if you are travelling across the golden gate bridge could be dealing with volume morning tried but the low clouds will start to read by the middle part of the morning we will see a little bit of sunshine the coastal location will continue to stay on the course i into the mid to upper 50s and coastal commission will continue to stay there all afternoon the bed of fishes the room to lower 60s when you get the kids home from school planned on a big cool and breezy with the west winds between 10 to 20 mi. from our a live look outside of the required star with a little bit of cloud cover the costs will move out by lunchtime temperatures out there we have some cool temperatures across the north to bay and parts of the peninsula of the 40 to around 50.
4:47 am
>>michelle apon: temperatures look good as a low to mid '50's also to start and more across the south bank--south bank. >>michelle apon: when you get the kids home from school danville san ramon and mid-60's walnut creek in concord woman to seven degrees looking at the south to the temperatures looks warm it will be very similar to what you're going to expect for this after long a little bit cooler across the bay of for six days possible across the south bank south bay.
4:48 am
>>michelle apon: readiness out shard chance the rain chances will continue to stick around by the weak and will continue on with mild weather across palps --parts of the and and valleys. >>michelle apon: go to download all are free mobile application is completely free. right before you get to the north plaza made a lesser not all as of right now it is moving quite nicely if you're traveling over the bay bridge in downtown san francisco traffic in the westbound direction looks good still moving slowly started to
4:49 am
pick up truck in the is bound direction looks quiet the golden gate bridge traffic in the southbound direction realigned the road for leas will be available as headed to downtown san francisco the fall of apostle of looking at the richmond san rafael bridge traffic so very quiet in that area of the start off with a very quiet start it will be possible was cool temperatures we have the rain chances by the end of the week. >>james: the national guard troops are leaving the city after several days of rioting and looting you're the get video of peaceful demonstrations held at city hall sunday a big difference to for singing and dancing now is of course came in the wake of the death of a black man while in police custody died
4:50 am
a broken neck last month the governor says to run the businesses will lost to writing he will ask president obama and congressional leaders to send a delegation to look at what is going on and baltimore. we have to look at our country as one if we do not begin to justice problems it will only hurt our entire country if you do not have african-americans and other at the populations it will take was giant and make burning and spend money and keep the economy going of lot of businesses will not be well. the hearing is set for may 27th for the officers charged to the death of freddie gray. >>james: the murder of sex- related crimes and the military community is much bigger and a previously thought to a report released today by democratic senator reveals the spouses of
4:51 am
service members and women who live and work much as a basis are at risk of the senses those cases are not counted and sex also surveys how the department estimates there are decreasing in the victims are more confident that after this will be held accountable happening today to form political allies of new jersey gov. are set to appear in court today the case is on charges in this and this is a lot of political motivated lane closures and the george washington bridge to ever charged on friday the same day the court worker pleaded guilty consistency charges that he helped plot laying closers
4:52 am
>>james: they're refusing to rebuild a climate brought about as a double destroyed by an earthquake more than a week ago a texas woman survivor a quick and paul is back home this morning--nepal she was out loud evers when a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake triggered an avalanche she was able to send a text message to her mom was not able to contact family again for another two days because it took that long for the hike down that jury trial. --destroyed trail. >>james: with the stress that many people are injured. 7000 people have died. here is a bit of what you missed.
4:53 am
>>reporter: hoff rupert a comfortable but and composed and ready for the moment and did not try to do too much. the main story line was what happened beyond the arc the warriors made 13 three-pointers the grizzlies the story. . >>reporter: he has good plate coverage for their four majors on the pga championship twice he became the youngest player at 22 the top 7 million earnings on the pga with losses last level
4:54 am
we already knew who want to win this fight. >>james: the defense was my life every sunday night at 9 after the new law will be right back.
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>>james: some moms do not have at home to go to our family and so on and you even by the hamilton >>: center in san francisco that are more than a great fall it has been a transformation for
4:57 am
may in the 21st year of the dance that cook are living up to the name and cooking for 50 families who will then the to go to a special shot at the starlight room mother's day to remember. coming up a dire situation and paul the aftermath of the devastating earthquake why they're refusing to rebuild the route that leads about everest. big news for staff perry likely announce mvp of the and highlight to sunday's
4:58 am
win over the grizzlies.
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>>robin: is sticking up out of
5:01 am
80 on to san francisco. >>james: let's talk about what is happening today a live look outside we have the camera at the bay bridge approach the clouds are widespread and the the the coming down as well the winds will pick up in the east bay let's talk about the east bay in the next 30 minutes you're looking at low clouds temperatures at the moment and the low fifties with the inland valley by the noontime most cloudy that will be pretty busy with temperatures warmed up to the upper fifties by the shoreline to the mid-60s and led 3:00 this afternoon bayside will
5:02 am
be cool and land will be mild were meant to the low seven is on average will get of to 75 for one or two places also case will be right there in the 07 is for the inland valleys. >>james: mild temperatures and best. >>robin: no hot spots out there pretty smooth and quiet so far this is nitpicking of if you have to get out of oakland into san francisco, to do for that is great no problem for 580 the east shore you're ride is a pretty smooth all the way across the upper deck is less than to men is that is not bad at all the rest of the bay area of was
5:03 am
it a look at the mass in the south of a. >>mark: suspected of driver arrested for killing a mother and her baby the driver is out on sale this morning this happened a little more saturday will is live with their is a bronze memorial. the candles are still burning behind me. >>will tran: the deal i'd driver made bail and had a $50,000 he was taken to hospital after that he posted the bill he is home this morning in my the people around our just heartbroken over what happened because the victim to mind on business the chilly the picture of the driver we are talking about his name is brian jones from livermore 35 years old police say about two hours before the crash he was at a level more festival when he was arrested as alcohol was 0.13
5:04 am
he was driving his brand new chevy corvette he was renting a room the corner he lost control of his car slammed into a couple of trees and then the mother and her 14 month old child there were just walking along the path when he slammed into them debris from the collision into them as well the trees and flew everywhere it actually ended to voices of several years ago there were here at livermore
5:05 am
would exceed the more brutal you're hurt the guy she as other kids and some of the law much older it was so bad the apartment complex to house approximately that he should not have that alcohol and time to listen down that do not know if you want to another place and continue drinking that is part of the investigation.
5:06 am
>>darya: 0 water main breaks seems to be cleared at all in the creek and ruptures surely after a series of earth or excess today jacket was check out the progress and see how they're are going yes today the water was spilled on the intersection more now on the quick yesterday afternoon the biggest was a 3.6 >>mark: it included a profit mohammed cartoon cards that opened fire just outside a
5:07 am
police always come on and shot and killed the man that was shot in the ankle but they respected to be ok it was called the mohamad art exhibit and cartoon contest. send in the drawings have an art exhibit and the winner is one to $1,000. >>mark: they were aware and rotted is also the case something happened they left the government body as they checked for explosives. >>darya: in assisting hundred block of third and ninth avenue and he was shot there ought to say as many as three suspects have been involved in the shooting of the one person shot the man and then they took off and then there were two more people in a car they are looking for those people this morning.
5:08 am
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>>mark: things are returning to normal in baltimore this morning city officials with the citywide curfew yesterday people spent the day celebrating police said they made it a fire under arrest the process root out last week and then died of severe spinal injury a prosecutor said is already in a police van will how the 13 officers and to respond to ride protests haven't people this morning after prosecutors
5:12 am
announced criminal charges against the six officers involved in the arrest. >>darya: nepal continue to recover from a devastating earthquake that hit over a week ago hear from a woman who survived an avalanche on mount everest that was triggered by the quake and taking a look at the golden gate bridge is morning visibility not back is a different kind of they cool and a little bit moist we will be right back. guamol guamol acame se trit osandchesike e new ipot chien mt th gcamo. subw. eafres i cat fi my scov car waiti cafree my coun [tch te] troding eeze it, from disver. alls yoto pvent w puhaseon yr acunt in secds iyourard misaced not re.. ♪ and ce y finyourard,
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brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs. ♪ ♪ rsh's read brinthe licis tae of hshe's ocole anying evythi. th hshe's read the ssibitieare licis. >>darya: you have to get ready for whole week of whether it is the nice and hot from the bay it will be really cool and mild to. >>james: and the next 30 minutes it will be cloudy drizzled and we saw some of the on the way and. people's houses getting on
5:16 am
the one side and his last have some the cool air by noontime some sunshine the san francisco ocean beach and daly city the clouds will stick with you. breezy mainly cloudy again for the coast the bay shoreline on the peninsula will be perhaps most clouded partly cloudy along the coast some temperatures mild here is 50 in the city 52 in oakland 55 in san jose and the east bay the only spots where capturing the upper '40's right now out of the left of center rosa and daly city folk of the
5:17 am
coming in a 48 to 49 degrees today is whether break it down bay area wide temperatures are going to jump up to 66 by 3:00 4:00 this afternoon for the and then committed temperature is one of to the low sixties for the most part the few spots could get up to the mid-60s. >>james: if you will see what i mean 07 is generally just a few locations will continue with the forecast into tomorrow. it is
5:18 am
only about 10% not really a big chance we will watch it and let you know now to track. >>robin: so far so good no major trouble spots a pretty quiet traffic is pretty light it is a quick 10 minutes for your drive time come from the maze from the toll plaza getting a little busy more commuters heading into work with the commission is doing just fine for all the way across the upper deck into san francisco here is a trip from the east bay to the peninsula a look at the committee on 101 the golden gate bridge this morning heading into a lot of san francisco so far
5:19 am
pretty good shape right at the 580 split is getting sloper the altamont if you have to travel west and the slow through antioch ride through the construction zone it will pick up by the time you get into the store only eight minutes for a commuter highway for the 680 split will check to arrive through the south bay looking pretty good so far no crashes or stalls to stop traffic you're a good check on 1012 of and the guadalupe parkway. we will let you know so far so good >>mark: of fire destroyed consensus is cook for us over the weekend and happen a
5:20 am
shopkeeper in a homeless man ran after the bus to tell the driver there were shooting at the rear engine and all the passengers in the driver managed to escape from a double decker tour bus no one was injured. >>darya: tanker terms of violence in israel take a look at the scene and televisa yesterday's more than 60 people were injured and 40 arrests were made thousands of people clashed with police and demonstrators were protesting how israeli police officers treated an israeli soldier of ethiopian dissent protesters shut down a major highway into stones and of the war patrol car police fought back with tear gas and water emergency physicians say they have seen a surge and he are patient visits since the affordable care act took effect this is just the opposite of what the americans had expected a poll released today by the american college of the emergency physicians to 28 percent of the doctors they
5:21 am
surveyed saw a big increase that go against what was to reduce pressure on the emergency rooms. >>mark: 80 executive and seattle announcing that she is running for president issue the formal announcement that to you this morning at she believes americans are ready for an outsider at the of the political gridlock in washington only likely african-american they are both political outsiders in a field dominated by governor's former governors and senators. >>darya: it will likely end of this year's season amount nearing have to the end of the
5:22 am
month to climb the peak it through is not fix it is impossible for them to make it the death toll from the earthquake stands at more than 7000 and more than twice that many people are injured a texas woman who survived the nichol earthquake is back home she met her family at the airport in dollars--nepal >>darya: the big quake had she sent a text message to her mom was not able to contact family for another today's because of that long for the hike down the destroyed trail. >>: so i sent walking >>darya: the have been killed in the quake and hundred and nine people are still missing included two russians and nine americans.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
we pour ouhear intoveryquar >>james: we have mountainview sunnyvale cupertino coming in the upper 60s will look for 70 in san jose as you can say widespread 07 is the route the south bank of four look at the forecast coming up after the news. >>darya: want to happen steven curry is going to be it announced mvp of the nba. that
5:27 am
average 23.8 0.717 assist and two steals this season to lead an 86 three-pointer and helping the warriors finished the league than 67 wins amazing over lebrun and russell west. >>mark: that while all were men visiting game won the second round series the warriors won the last was in one straight home games for memphis marks of 21. and he saw at the beginning the point guard and the broken face debar ready predicting.
5:28 am
still ahead will ease they can deceive facing cutbacks in their fire fighters was somehow could impact you. >>mark: two gunmen opened fire as security guard outside of the cartoon contest what they're saying what the men involved. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less than what you'll ♪ ♪ find at regular stores. ♪ ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ shop here first and you'll always find more bargains. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ everyone gets a unicorn! umm...what? no they don't. ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market. ♪
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5:31 am
south they planned the next 30 minutes look for to continue to beclouding some patchy fog out there the chance of drizzle but you have to be closer to the bay to see that temperatures and the low fifties in santa clara valley by noontime the will break up a little bit for the most are cloudy temper to that the appointment of for sixties then by 3:00 4:00 today we will see a mild afternoon temperatures at the moment is school 55 in san jose 49 as san francisco that distraught and the last two minutes. >>james:-->>robin: traffic
5:32 am
starting to back up at the bay bridge toll plaza if you have fast-track you are doing just fine if you're cash a customer a little bit of a back of for the far less at and you can say they have not turned amid relies on so it is still a great ride no major trouble spots coming up with checkback and on highway 4 and 580 in the east bay backing of hitting west into it at traffic along the peninsula. >>darya: 2 gunman involved in a shooting outside of a cartoon contest and texas are dead it is being held for cartoon depictions of the prophet mohammed and that in texas this morning and has the very latest information come from the scene. >>reporter: they say the shooting erupted just 10 minutes before the mohamad art exhibit and cartoon contest was supposed to be wrapping them this is an
5:33 am
event that have been a work for some time because a that there was a great deal of law enforcement's present surrounding this event were told in the back of the building there was a swat team on stand by just in case anything quite like this was to erupt but law- enforcement officials the whole event lasted into place and lasted about 15 seconds door to a man who drove up to the civic center and garland tx and a dark color to than jump out started shooting they were able to own our garment individual he will be ok the two suspects were gunned down in the parking lot of the civic center kron 4 since then i know the identity of the suspect fbi are on the
5:34 am
same beginning to process the organizer of this event described as a free-speech event but the critics of the organizers will include a keynote speech who has been on the target list they say that this was nothing more than an anti is mom events a great deal of controversy surrounding all this and what many law enforcement had worried about had second place. >>mark: on-line help being held without a student's second surprise on the college was shutting down correcting colleges close to make campuses listen to weeks after the proper chain learn ill-defined $30 million since than 16,000 students have been wondering
5:35 am
what to do today it will start at 1:00. >>darya: 2 shooters who led them on a chase over the bay bridge on sunday the shooting happened as san francisco's bayview toronto in the morning the shots were fired between and as you bay and a blue car they follow the as u v as a lead over the bay bridge into oakland after a got off the freeway as u v crash into a utility pole the driver of this is did catch one but the other two are still on the news at this hour. >>mark: the sex-related crimes and a military is much bigger previously thought a report released their of bill the service members of women who live and work near military bases are said elisabeth section
5:36 am
a salted. this data cases are not counted in sex also service done by the defense apartment but apart estimates the crimes are decreasing and victims are more the offenders will be held accountable. >>mark: new details about the possible closure and the east bay and the peace come to costa county fire is run out of money and they're on the verge of closing two of its five remaining stations the fide success and failed to gain voter support on a plan to raise money to keep the stations running the leaders said the response time at the district serves more than a hundred thousand people enhancement 6000 calls a year their planned a public meeting. >>darya: 4 people are dead and another heart is more at a shooting that happened and wisconsin have invested police think that it was a random act this was at the trestle trial bridge people heard the gunshots
5:37 am
and her and the police five people were shot for our dead including the shooter to women was shot and taken to hospital where not sure was a condition right now. >>mark: a baby it has a ride we are waiting for the name would think the princess should be called. some moms have no place to call home we was sitting out of that are cooking a something special foot is ladies. with his a facing charges after still more than 60 guns with they were doing with those weapons.
5:38 am
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5:39 am
5:40 am
>>robin: so far so good no major hot spots a quick a minute trek from the toll plaza on the richmond side making the connection with highway 101. >>darya: several children are looking and facing charges now after they say they stole guns 60 weapons recovered after this house who stole from the police responded there is the house when they got there they discovered three kids were actually still in the home and then two others were nearby the kids took some of the weapons to
5:41 am
their tree house and they practice shooting them the home owner has not lived there in years and is currently in a nearby hospital. >>james: will have a complete look at the forecastles a quick look at a in an east of a forecast for today checking the temperature fell below seven is mostly the some spots could get into the mid '70s as well that with the full forecast just a minute.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
9:00 then bite to it would jump up to the mid '50s where only one to max out in the low sixties for the dead today in the house to be a big reason for that cool coming out of from the ocean to the 20 mi. hour this morning and oakland hills what looks like outside as look off in the direction to but is milelong the bay widespread low fifties with afforded the center was a 49 there's san jose in the mid fifties also cases are cooler here is a look at today's what as a second general look at the entire bay area with a for the morning hours to be cloudy by noontime mostly cloudy will warm enough to upper 50s by the bay the cause will be hanging by the water and by the coast temperatures and land at 3:00 4:00 today will warmer to the bid succeed in the backed and very low seven for the inland
5:46 am
locations most temperatures will settle look adjutancy on the map in the low 70's oklahoma in row 516256 in san francisco downtown and a lot better today the six is the very low '70's mild day today will continue that and one of little bit over the next couple tuesday and wednesday in an hy's getting a to the '70s. >>james: there is a system that will pass as buying a 10 percent chance of sprinkles mostly in mountain out of keep an eye on that. >>robin: we have not had any trouble spots on the bridge pick
5:47 am
a look at the slow and stretching beyond a of a crossing to out toward west grand it does not extend into the maze that is the good news occupancy is creeping along the drive times still listed 15 minutes hitting into san francisco definitely pact at the bay bridge toll plaza of it is still called on the right-hand side of the screen you will not see any problems as you make the connection with highway 101 the drive time from novato down to the golden gate bridge toll plaza in is 21 minutes that is great news for you that is coming out of emeryville making the transition into oakland one lane block no injuries reported is quickly backing of traffic
5:48 am
for the west document if you have to use was about eight it will be stop and go out of berkeley of what up to the scene of the crash and a connector. >>darya: here she is the newest princess there she is a little bundle of joy and she was on saturday morning and looking to the heavens are russell arise the kensington palace this morning the grandparents along with the aunt prince william's father was there so far the baby girl has not been announced we're waiting for that she is fourth in line to the british.
5:49 am
>>michelle apon: they want to know the name of the princess that is according to a padded power and on-line betting web site that is the feminine name of charles made a bomb in a social media and the senior partner 321 for victoria 5214 elizabeth 6 to 14 diana and a thousand to one some are even joking with the royal hashed had someone wrote i can't that is a terrible choice for nine for a little girl and head over to our web site.
5:50 am
>>mark: some moms do not have a home to go to on the family to celebrate with and that explains a special group of that was to make sure every mom gets her day. there is a little more to smile about this coming mothers a time to get dolled up in a joint or a mother's day brunch and so on and you even put on by the hamilton family center in san francisco moms are more than grateful for. it is a 21st year every one of them the dad that
5:51 am
cook are living up to the name and cooking for 50 families a mother's day to remember. >>darya: a chicago contractors setting fire to an patrol to sell the has been formally charged and charged them on friday with the incident happened last saturday >>mark: they're remembering the night your boy from discovery bay who was killed last month saturday and his dad brought the first pitch in the san jose giants' minor league game the night your boy play baseball for the games have been killed and
5:52 am
discovered a homeless on them his older brother's best friend was arrested and is being charged to the boy's murder from some of the san francisco giants also honored him. >>mark: before you head out the door is a delicate bay area temperatures 50 degrees a lot of fog in heavy drizzle afternoon highs will be much cooler we will have more on the weather with james and would rather not were watching bay area traffic. brksidchocatenohas crun. brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs.
5:53 am
♪ ♪ rsh's read brinthe licis tae of hshe's ocole anying evythi. th hshe's read the ssibitieare licis.
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5:55 am
>>james: take a quick look at to forecast was home in on san francisco and the peninsula quick look at temperatures mid- 50s downtown san francisco a full look at what the coming of.
5:56 am
>>darya: the avengers the sequel but it failed to talk the recording which the last film was the record breaker a lot of kids to the old town as this one is called is the only new film and a wide release this weekend where talking about offscreen competition people were too busy the nba playoffs the huge may whether fight that could played a factor. >>mark: by live process' erupting in israel we have new video coming and would say was sparked these riots + format h-p
5:57 am
ceo running for president will say how people are reacting to the announcement we will have more on the web the court down.
5:58 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
>>darya: back to work monday. >>robin: no hot spots a lot of slow traffic on 80 we would check that. >>james: we have some drizzle this morning and core temperatures this afternoon last off like to get a live look outside the camera out in the east of interstate 680 just before the boulevard is talk about whether what you see at the top of the screen that is pretty much what we are seen everywhere on the bay overpass and it is


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