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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 4, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter: the foggy as it does all. >> james: and the north that
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the cause of topside showed a live shot here alive graphics your east bay as a breakdown up part of the planner for you this morning clouds patchy fog and with the foggy will get some accumulation perhaps for the windows of early morning drizzle noontime though we will see parts and lend aggressively fog along east bay shore lines oakland all it down through san richmond later on throughout fremont. not likely see the fog hold on and also when albeit somewhat stronger on the ocean 20 mi. per hour will be little breezy temperatures at that point upper 50s by the bay has you had in the mid-60s three this afternoon it was tickled by the bid because low clouds hovering right around 64 for the high and about 3:00 along the bay shoreline after england's soap will be in the low '70's that's expected high as 70 afternoon and look outside live camera out of walnut creek prolongs 680 didn't just north of tree boulevard if. temperature to
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see right now again mild start to this monday with a lot of low 50s on the map. for a >> james: forecast coming up in 15 minutes now to the hot spot on the traffic front. >> reporter: is a new crash in the east bay coming out of the altar heading toward livermore. 580 westbound commute direction your credit line multicar crash with injury of. blocking the three left lanes of traffic now. normally slow during this time of morning coming out of tracy to the altamont but three lanes of traffic blocked it is really crawling backing you up on the 2 05 working away out of tracy. it stays heavy all the way through livermore and if you're going beyond that point you will get a break in dublin and also doing fine ancaster raleigh. time bump up to the note traffic alerts and blocking three lines 7 to keep an eye on that.
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>> mark: >> darya: >> mark: the driver having a mother and her baby the story broke said it might happen in livermore drove here on to pathway leads to an apartment complex ec the scenes from horrible crashes that was left. o track live in livermore right now works are growing more off. >> reporter: you could not even make up at one time it was corvette after slamming into the victim's the tree is ultimately into the apartment behind me and walk you thru the channel events around 650 at the saturday evening 35 year-old driver was heading from left to the right of your screen. edible part loses control of his core that pops the curb goes on to a grassy conceive tire marks a say over their reagan's clearly sitars and you conceive he clicked the streets. the woman and her
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41 year-old daughter were in that area. pollution so violent they died at the scene. corvette keeps going and then slams into the bargains are here. the one is allowed to go inside show the picture 35 rural men his name is brian jones in livermore said it acted to are before the collision was at the livermore wine country festival. as was a little get together for the community of livermore. they say that once he was arrested at the scene he his blood alcohol content 0.13. >> reporter: 10 in the hospital treated them booked his bail set at $350,000. somehow he managed to make bail which is why this morning after being accused of killing two people and drink to others is that is over the debris from the scene was flying all over the place actually injured a 67 year-old boy is out of
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there were minor injuries so it should survive the ordeal. what people home at the time saturday evening including dustin who was kind enough to join us this morning. he did not see the crash but cannot tell us what you saw. "around 655 i wife and kid and i were at home. our internet went out we went up on the curb he knocked out comcast all internet. it is hearing sirens and i came out over there there's a little boy being tended to buy a fire. firethorn the seat of directors people all over the ground. is ground" >> reporter: did anybody? walk up to anybody third "what someone else here she came running up she actually
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is saw who was driving said was him." >> reporter: tell the mother worry respond with their response of. "couldn't get to them because of what this area off" "luckily>> reporter: is awful season to another man he could even work jessicas all we could think about was the scene not only did she have the 41 year-old daughter should other kids as well older kids obviously hard rock and
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is warning chen understand exactly what happened. >> darya: crews in the east bay hoping to get a water main break fix this morning. ruptured in walnut creek shortly after a series of earthquakes hit. water spewed into the intersection of north main street bureau. east bay mud is not sure of the break is related to the click it did happen for miles from the earthquake center in concord. >> mark: the biggest one of 3.6 in concord. and to others ranging from 2.2 to 2.7 also had. the quakes fell all across and peninsula. usgs survey holding of free public lecture on the forecast and california. happening at may 7, 1920 first at the usgs menlo park and mel filled road. in california
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earthquake go back more than a hundred 50 years. extended history of work record falls 1000 year's budget digging trenches set. this is possible for mobile faults to link up in an earthquake and trigger another earthquake of. using that information to create better quicks forecasting models. >> darya: this department including investigation into a deadly shooting. at a suburban dallas of the new hosting project of contests for profit mahomet cartoons. closer look at the event and show us how law enforcement was preparing for this for some time. >> reporter: in the dallas suburb of the texas say the shooting erupted 10 minutes before the common exhibit cartoon contest was supposed to be wrapping up not exactly known as the organizers were the one being targeted but clearly that the suspicion that law-
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enforcement is operating under an event had been in the works for some time and had done a great deal of publicity because of the also a great deal of law enforcement presence surrounding this of them also were told in the back of the building there was a swat team on standby in case anything violent like this was to or ought to. told by law enforcement officials the whole that lasted less than 15 seconds there were two men who drove up to as the center here in garland and dark colored sedan jumped out started shooting. there weren't. officer of an injury and released from hospital. >> reporter: do not know the identities of the suspects obviously fbi investigators are on the scene beginning the process of china figure out what the motive here
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was. event highly controversial. organizers of this and describe as a free-speech event but those critics of these organizers also included keynote speech by right wing dutch politician who has been the target list of islamic groups around the world. >> darya: mr. yeutter said the night coming area for clues. endowment identified as all 10 boston 10 he set a tweet out before the shooting using #tx attack. >> mark: launch a warehouse better and actually broadcast interview this morning with. says she believes americans are ready
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for an outside doctor years of political unrest and will be the only high-profile woman gst nomination. party criticizing hillary clinton and has a lot of explaining to do concerning the tech dumping gauzy and personal e-mail server. >> mark: snow be cared for president conservative retired physician. official announcement today did try musical hall center. heading back to dallas tx to see the his sick mother. >> darya: bins of choosing one a like charlotte they chose charlotte for the first but then kept going the new royal. charlotte elizabeth dianne off
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>> james: the this morning beginning with a glance at
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oakland break down the delicate temperatures here every couple hours or so. looking for things as zero cyclical in the morning low 50s until 10:00 will have a mid-50s then climbs from there will. have about 61 to 62 degrees for oakland today. there will be a sea breeze coming at 20 mi. per hour. little windy for you temperatures trailing off to man 50s but it o'clock tonight. that's the store with oakland today and a lot of these bay shoreline will be just like that. and what looks like outside overcast conditions over sfo off. about an hour delay for incoming flights. the reports of any issues oakland or san jose it reports this morning. the images are right now like i said a lot low 50s not just in oakland but all of the east bay south bay. also about anywhere on the bay right here in the upper '40's low 50s. 49 and santa rosa 52 nappa 57 cisco 54 san jose and you get the picture break down of the
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day-to-day take against from tracker day part forecast for the entire bay area and the morning hours was cloudy and cool by noontime and will send us a cottage by the coast especially on the bay as the sun shine in the inland valleys and what temperatures there will be upward 66 3:00 for o'clock today will had maximum temperatures because the clause of the coaster on the day it will keep things relatively mild there with mid-50s for coastal communities. mid-60's for bayside communities. inland's it could warm up to the mid-70s most locations will settle below seven is a vacancy concord pleasanton and livermore all right around 7172 degrees. out adults up the middle upper '70's 7576 for antioch. 78 to maybe even 80 degrees out and bring would cause. south bay low seventies for sure. so the san jose may be upwards of 74 and cupertino. most i car communities will be right there between 7074 degrees.
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62 oakland 66 in san francisco. in the north bay it will be mild or 6 is the low 70's. allegedly cloudy the fog will stay with us for the morning hours to. fog that result may hang with us and the early afternoon. >> james: storm trackers of and they are on the bay to. how about monday tuesday wednesday a little more sunshine. temperatures respond about about four degrees. thursday friday will round out the week with a slight chance of some sprinkles. and a system that will give a 10% shot at some rain. and will watch for you what you know as it develops and anything and we can really talk about. not a traffic come you how bad is out turf. >> reporter: fried at a hot spot slowing down traffic coming out of tracy martin house. toward livermore area and take a look at the map here receive the up that we now know this is 2 05 west. a 4580 on the tracy brown house side. originally
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reported as 580 west. on 2051 point blocking three lanes now blocking the two left lanes. so traffic alert was issued for this divergence. seekers have arrived to the scene causing a nasty back up that stretches all with tracy all with to the scene of the crash me during the traffic that would normally be on all small and right now everyone's stuck behind a back up a. was to get to the altamont will pick up and then slow again often on on of livermore heading out toward dublin. the alert to a 5 west 580 blocking the two left lanes. lot stopping the traffic this is normal northbound 85 off and on for guadalupe parkway but toward cupertino creches and sells for a northbound commute. and check in and the bay bridge toll plaza looking just a little bit better on the right-hand side of your screen. much of an improvement so far we extend
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traffic map to get much better until 9:00 hour as we approach the 10:00 hour also check your commute to san mateo bridge credit slowed my hands on your screen but definitely moving their less than 20 minutes from hayward heading up toward foster city and check in on the golden gate bridge nice light traffic in both directions top in and out san francisco. >> darya: now officials lifted citywide curfew. please do say over all and nearly 500 arrests since the protests broke out last week after for a graze memorial service. died of severe spinal injury it prosecutors say he suffered while riding in policemen. 113 officers were injured responding to the rise process have been peaceful since monday 10th and early users are
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prosecutors announced criminal charges as officers and volunteers arrest. >> mark: delivered keynote address to a crowd of detroit branch n.c.a.a. pc 15th annual freedom fund less nine. please committee members need to see each other to know one another pointed to the success of then gradually funded programs about require officers to go with residents and business owners. take a look >> darya: at the scene in tel aviv yesterday more than 60 people injured 40 people arrested. so people caution with place as you see here demonstrators protesting, as early police officers treated as rallies soldier of ethiopian dissents. bishop john major highway through stones even flip over patrol car and. the police fought back with tear gas and water cannons.
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>> mark: test told top 7200 and nepal government. one still be much higher teenager thousand homes destroyed/all damages millions of people desperately need food and shelter. >> reporter: but the five people who live here on this road all of them to unload an earthquake and then this home for a little girl died 11 years old her name was our her brother's they're working helping out their father. the pain is immense but absolutely have no choice but to keep on going here at the epicenter of the dead have been buried the grace said on the side of the month to survive
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continuing to struggle not just let comes to physically coping with the earthquake but ongoing fear tremors do constantly occur if destruction here spence to just about every single house 95% of this town has been damaged. and here at the earthquake epicenter so much focus where still assorted of humanitarian as assistance and we were told one of the indian commanders basically a logistical familiar with his aide in nepal is just not reaching these people are reaching those we met on our way here what is tons collapse because made of rocks that were piled on top of each other those still standing are those that are made of
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brick and cement up till 34 years ago no roads that led to this part of the country now once again throws to close off because the earthquake government has enormous task ahead of the trend help these families out the continued to try to cope with the aftermath of the treasury. >> michelle: 7 partner 101 year-old man was arrested saturday from under the rubble just northwest of the capital they don't know how he survived with elderly man is in stable condition. sun nepal earth could log on to kron-4-dot-com >> mark: controversy brewing
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at watter at starbucks will explain after the break. fifth psst
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>> mark: company at on how they respond to a crippling drought. ethos' bottle water lines owned westar but uses water from springs and the sierra. and as a shows supplies are pumped out of plastic townie. >> reporter: starbucks under
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fire for a bottle waterline. first brought to light by mother jones magazine also right on label. if this water comes from private springs and placer county. area called baxter california water western states on unprecedented california drought. and becoming better place has a major drop from the drugs. reason >> reporter: leaking home of the bottling operations. stark should be ashamed at what point do they decide who gets watter who doesn't want you pay for water and is late officials at that as agents to protect our resources. water comes from private springs not public water sources. i mean there's no effect on other water supply geologist married with the department of water resources has no.
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much water in pullout of stream and will make it down to the other wells or springs. flung springs. depends on how much water is being taken. should be looking at the issues being raised in the college street assembly to bring this. "it's like a beginning in france or else" >> mark: release a statement looking for alternative source solutions for e fitzwater outside of the said a california. >> darya: this weekend's in sports coverage and one show if you didn't catch it take
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a look at sports night live. "in the game was pre comfortable pre composed ready for the moment. main story line of this really what is our warriors made 13 three-pointers. the big picture on nora kop not known for its car but first home run as the giants. the other way to raise your right now it's a fastball inside and. when the pga championship toys: masters has gotten from the current slam force last month in 2012 became the youngest player at 22 the top 10 million earnings on the pga to north. we saw
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this clearly a wind alexis us that we knew were going into this. >> darya: cell either sunday meantime lot more about the fight there was a real winner and it was in may whether talk to gary about that and more on a warriors says curry 15 minutes. up next first students left out nicole when colleges closed seemingly overnight can get some help with their education getting back on. on
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>> james: the closely the role of the ease the shoreline was will be with us ocean breeze lb helical such of the 20 mi. per hour and a warm up to about 65 of the noon hour by 3 afternoon looking for a cool conditions still at the bay in mind of the mouth of the three is your expected average for inland valleys quickly or temperatures are at the moment. back in 15 men's talk about where these low 50s ago for the entire bay area and a complete forecast coming up in just a minute. >> reporter: our traffic alert and tracy cleared all lines are open to 05 and 80 at a lot traffic left over
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what's it look a map here originally reported on 580 locations and put on the tray seaside blocking three lanes of traffic several vehicles motorcycle is finally out a way that would get the sense is there is backed up on the 2 05 all the way out to tracy lord was looking your dried thyme 2 hours 35 meth just to get from i 53586 is what in dublin is moving much better on the dublin and more side everyone's stuck in the back up on the 25 tracy side also trouble spot for the south bay heading toward cupertino a crash no. 85 at the end zone blocking tool and traffic is crawling back from the guadalupe parkway and then on the north bay and a major trouble spots this is typical slow itself for a one coming out of nevada. off toward social center felt the. drive time
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not too bad 26 minutes from 27 the toll plaza golden gate bridge on the san francisco side.. >> darya: 1 help taken by surprise after the college was struck down. wasnt two weeks after the profit xinhua's the final $30 million for misrepresentation 16,000 students ellet to. >> mark: and to achieve highway system with serious injury and fatality among pedestrians and sent ricardo
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others as well tipplers. >> darya: union leaders say the cuts could mean long response times this research more than a hundred of the people and injured more than 6000 calls every year toxoid the closures are planned a public meeting which is tonight happening now police are searching for two suspects fled the march race over the bay bridge sunday in star the shooting of an incentive cisco bayview district gun shots fired the tenacity of the car officers filed s to be over chase in oakland and getting
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off the freeway as he crashed into a utility pole the driver of the s u b and the passengers talent lay officers manage to catch us for the suspects in the tucson was the swing. >> darya: is related crimes and the military much bigger than previously thought there's a new report out today by democratic senator chris single brand reveals spouses of service members and women who live and work near military bases especially at risk of being sexually assaulted your senator says those cases are not counted inceptisols based on by the defense department department estimates there decreasing victims are more confident that they'll be held accountable for people dead and another injured after shooting from wisconsin the shootings are random act the officers responded to the show bridge. >> mark: people in the area heard shots five people shot for dead including the suspect. once again the
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hospital ended up with surgery no word on her condition this morning. so from the figure out what happened. >> darya: to political allies appearing in court the case on charges of scandal involving politically motivated will enclosures' new the washington bridge there were charged on friday same day david will speed person or destroyed the whole mess pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. he admitted he helped with paul enclosure's other be bunch of traffic as political payback. >> mark: will cruise ship in san diego long beach cruise line high surf and it unsafe to dock and national weather service saying and us from new zealand's stern but with some california coast yesterday created dangerous rip currents and waves reaching up to 10 ft.. chicago contractor setting fire to after their truck
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traffic control. >> darya: attorney office charged brian howard on friday for the incident that happened last september and force chicago hair midway international airports to close. how're they say cut cable set fire to basement telecommunications room. and found guilty could imprison for 30 years. >> mark: year-old that killed last month to jordan pauldrons dead star of the first pitch at the giants' minor league game on saturday. nine year-old son play baseball for the board would point and allow the sun was stabbing kill after discovering the homeless underage or. an older brother's best friend 18 year-old william schulz was arrested be charged with the boy's murder. services could giants also honor yesterday. >> darya: tech world is morning dave goldberg ceo of survey monkey. and has been
7:37 am
assuring december and. silicon rally leader died saturday of the couple was vacationing abroad. and they lived in menlo park married to cheryl stamberg. since 2004 this to young children to other. cause of death has not been released his 47th. most >> mark: hyde sporting events ever did meriwether to the billing.
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>> reporter: finally cleared in trade see but a 580 split involve several vehicles and a motorcyclist. family are the way but assistant in the back up coming out of tracy back up entrees to boulevardiers a wider view. kabila's low on altamont. and a step behind the crash much better out of livermore heading toward dublin try. of time is still high 2 hours 6 minutes from my side at the 680 dublin. another trouble spot in the south bay cupertino no. 85 at the ends of. crashed still working here this is not a major hot spots but there's a lot of slow traffic behind-the-scenes. until we back up to the guadalupe parkway. take you an hour just to get from guadalupe parkway to the 85 to a split in cupertino. following >> michelle: was
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trending online today made the fourth star wars fans or the biggest days. here's a few photos from the west losses from lego twitter out photo of the money in the often completely out of lagos. and again really huge amazing the celebrated in australia off. one from me the forced to with to. so far over to a dreary 1000 tweet us with the fourth with. temperatures were on the bay >> gary: mild start but warm up with decently and when. surf >> james: of what the coming up in a bed and possibly on
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the horizon to will talk about all the weather and a moment.
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>> darya: all that. ralph >> gary: a time yet for the conference. >> darya: we will see the big trophy presentation we know that tomorrow night. >> gary: just wondering when they have a big french deal worse stand up and talks of the whole thing we'll know what time that as a. possible >> darya:.: 11 >> gary: 1 of its cutting my radio show
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>> darya: the tech defense to be like a mama bear when they say unlikely dominance of south creek leagues to the likely ndp arabs me the wrong with. >> gary: espn and all the sports gods you know them. does a man i have to like them for. >> darya: also you know the three-pointer but i don't know what unlikely like i woke up in south korea is amazing. >> gary: in little brown every year. >> darya: out this year. >> gary: runs and doing it for years all a sudden this guy. >> darya: don't knock my brother and business during their job.
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>> gary: they just can't match up. >> darya: your go watch the game but i love the highlights i love that behind impact he's so cool. >> gary: their flow just natural not like he's even showing off his warmup the flow of the game. >> darya: or so much dissatisfaction with sears. >> gary: had a hundred dollars also that's the rub for most people in my mind as he got for free is a-ok it wasn't that great the was that bad. when he let out hundred dollars expect more but i heard may weather put a brave thing was his fight to end up in blood.
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>> darya: adults a boxing is it's not an m s. if you had a son who box to what you want him to fight like me or protect yourself you don't get hurt what we like some of these guys to go out when people say although the good fight usually somebody gets knocked out all types of wild exchanges that's the thing may weather still going at age 38 while lot of these guys walking around can't remember their names. >> darya: is the real winner you i may people want to see like you said on knockdown dry got tangled lot that or see a bunch of hogging and dancing
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>> gary: people bit each other may whether this mutt told because even wait people 85 years pactel very popular next time around he has all the money but was see himself another fight may weather. >> darya: much fun degree in giving up all my other titles first of all one of those bills is worth a million dollars is not getting a special belt but give other box is a chance and how does is this a pay some sort of a commission of a dozen other fights you pay night of have to pay his a businessman. people >> gary: the like and from the standpoint violence against women no way to make an excuse for that and one thing is serotinal as you possibly grows up. the
7:49 am
product of your environment when your kid how you're treated was the environment you drop than of the carrier of the rest of your life that's my theory. he grew up wash his father and mother neck along physicality and all that. >> darya: heated to about c $980 million a smarter guy now and say what he said that's how x about it now where i can't defend that is they all tell us how walnut doing what he did but for that attitude now. >> darya: so much for entertainment and pick all phases of a fight and everybody dinero may partly as jake kelly halt all the stars i hope will see these
7:50 am
fiancee. >> gary: the right to a jet and went to the kentucky derby as well. >> darya: awards for the right judge ito wants to get to the fight. >> gary: so the show going to fight the the said a better than ever been to barely park the mall. chanel airline after the fight. other airline there couldn't take any more planes. but interesting reading an article the atmosphere so
7:51 am
like there was a lot >> : is on tv. and if you're there there is a feeling corliss one writer. the real fight was priced of. >> darya: no more tiger and as you wont see them together every time i heard both of them talking. remember all their lives with his lessons other mcmaster's. >> gary: less their business but never farm tiger that exciting if they're better part so be it.
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that's a >> james: cloudy bendel the article said temperatures mild this morning a lot low 50s a few
7:55 am
spots in the upper '40's. a look at the map 53 for concord 54 livermore. low 50s for both oakland san francisco who. as losses one center of the 49 daily city at 48. we did have a late hot 49 and a warm up one of reasons this. in some parts of the bay we are acting through morning sunshine barely making it to the clauses morning. is overcast and that's for sure. to look at today's weather morning conditions call for cloudy cool little breezy out there a. and on the light temperature page a lot of light 50s by. noontime mostly cloudy still for primarily out at the cow was. temperatures woman's life of bay shore line 59 then was 66 and and. and by about 3:00 4:00 this afternoon sun breaks up and gets through those clouds so far deeper inland valleys and talking under livermore to the delta temperatures there in the mid may be upper 70's. most of the east bay and most of the bay and valets any direction and
7:56 am
will see temperatures in most and is for maximum. and concord 771 for pleasanton some. be in san jose. no. bay nappa coming in at 71. and that's the picture for today been a mild a little breezy and also cloudy ought particularly out at the coast. torsions is up clouds and out and more sunshine tuesday or sunshine wednesday. temperatures warmer as a result. and clouds back again as we have another system inbound. and timing was over the bay or on thursday friday may be giving us a shot at some sprinkles. but now that's lifetime percent chance and. we will let you know of that increase is. out to traffic once seen as going out on the roads. >> reporter: 55 out there we're back to usual crawled slowing in the san francisco but things are looking a bit better about the bay bridge toll plaza right hand side your screen traffic is spinning out the cash flames and car pool lanes still backed up in the maze. on 880 westbound 85. 80 coming out of oakland. stop and go
7:57 am
all light up the incline after that the smooth ride across the bay bridge. drive * 17 minutes from amazed at the downtown pre average to normal for this time of morning a. san mateo bridge right hand side your screen at the commute direction westbound traffic heading to the peninsula. slow off and on on the nimitz coming out hayward making the connection with 92. less than 25 minutes from a 80 had out toward highway 1 01. deride the richmond center fell bridge no problems on the span but you'll have heavy traffic at castro from test all the way up to the toll plaza. after that small across heading out toward 11. our earlier hot spot no longer hot spot because things are picking up. and the clear to 05 west to 05 at 580. and tracy injury crash involving several vehicles. crews from got it out of the late blocking three lanes of traffic. about two hours from i five the 60 coming out of dublin. still
7:58 am
improvement zoom out even several ones stuck in the back up that's what's moving out on all smog hangs to learn more links to the crash. other trouble spot south bay cupertino no. 85 waiting for tow truck to get as the new trouble spot no. 11 in mountain view crash involving a motorcycle is wrapping up a very slow coming at a senate bill. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
7:59 am
xxusntroces new veme in ir. ♪ beauful uidi. reorinstreth and exibity ♪ so it moveand spon theway u do ♪ ♪ new prov nexs th ccentted eltin otei d priousngreents r ha thaliveto me.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. >>darya: we are waiting now for a press conference out of texas were to men opened fire outside of the death of the cartoon contest. >>mark: the fbi says in an apartment and phoenix arizona where the two gunmen led we had video session the apartment this
8:01 am
morning fbi special agents said their all collecting evidence at the apartment and have found in one there and unarmed security guard was shot and wounded in the ankle and he was sent to the hospital he is out of the hospital now there were shot dead by police in the parking lot of that convention one of them identified as elton simpson just as one was known to the fbi is sent one out before the shooting. he was a is a provision for three years. >>darya: to happen any moment now is not up and running yet we are monitoring it was over in the weather and traffic on this monday morning. will could and as soon as a start. >>james: the cyclical with the forecasts will be for the east bay will to start off in the
8:02 am
next 30 minutes and went to continue to assess have a cloudy conditions over cash for most of the morning still be called as well with temperatures in the low 50s by noontime we will get some sun coming through temperatures warming up a little bit if you're in the south of a closer to the water you will be looking at 65 with a few degrees warmer as you head inland 68 for the allman rally in san jose when will still be with us. 10 50 mi. from our by this afternoon i should hit a hot temperatures to that talk about those seven as it will be mild because a lot to do their job block in the sun just and the will only woman up to that level. >>james: the inland valleys of the east beginning to see the cloud break up another will get sunshine coming down at the
8:03 am
moment some of our warmest impetus to they will be found amazing that >>robin: a lot of slow traffic out there people getting better the lives of our and if you have to make the west about trip on a dig into san francisco is one to repacked from 8580 come out of the maze 17 minutes from amazing out toward downtown this was so attracted map and show you the question of a motorcyclist is a mountain view north on 101 and the cruiser on same you to see the backed up all the way to south san jose 50 at the usual
8:04 am
101 for the south that is one to be packed. >>mark: a suspected drunken drivers arrested for killing a mother and her baby is out on bill this morning will is live and live a more where there is a growing oriole for the victims. >>will tran: new information to pass along they're actively home monday morning his bill sector has a $50,000 after being treated but he actually made bail and 5 is sold you the sea there the more you're ride behind me there was a mixed
8:05 am
offense before the accident the outside in the pathway of assets on the other side of the fence and are having a good time also in the car came for renting out of control during now. the car was going really fast really quickly you know there are other better injured. .
8:06 am
>>: as soon as we had seen everything will have more from you at 9:00 i can tell you that the police that a blood test on him and that his be a seat was 0.13 we would get from them again, at 9:00. >>darya: the press conference is not on the way we wanted to live to texas near dallas for that discussing the very latest of the shooting that occurred to contest two gunmen were shot dead by security let's listen. >>: the west entrance parking lot there was applause car
8:07 am
they're blocking the entrance to a police officer with the security officer with the car pulled up and stopped also began to exit the vehicle and to men exited the dark colors to ban both of them had also rifles tamil on the back of the car and started shooting at the police car. the police officer in the car began returning fire instructor both men taken them down. the same time it was starting we could actually hear gunfire from the parking lot we had the swat team in the back there very quickly responded within seconds and helped secure the scene. both of the man died their own street next to the car as soon as they got that secured a car bomb unit and what
8:08 am
we know and will we plan on a is very likely to lead you to do this by rated themselves or their vehicle bombs so we started taking the precaution we started writing in area in securing that that included businesses along the area of that included the sports academy just behind the event center the sonic drive-in sam's wal-mart on the other side if we did not evacuate any of those we also evacuated the hyatt hotel by the center. >>: we continue to work the vehicle from the bomb unit side they detonated as they start working the vehicle there were several detonations of findings were the first that this is you heard was open the trunk of the vehicle once that was open we
8:09 am
found several things that they were suspicious of and continued to look into those there were no bombs found in the vehicle the concern yesterday and today and every day that we work here is the safety of everyone in the city we cell plane incident to get those people say if we had one incident where a security officer was shot he was shot and a leg to go to the hospital and
8:10 am
treated in a letter released along one heard yesterday and because of the we were said the we were able to stop those men before they were able to penetrate the area and should anyone else or attempt to shoot anyone else and for that the plan was successful that we set up. >>: once we were working last night of course we were stress on personnel again along with the fbi and atf continue to assist us last night. with that our tax questions. >>: there's a lot of things that i know is going out to some of the people are really saying we're not releasing any names
8:11 am
again at some point there will be but we're not releasing any names at this time. >>darya: we got the of the from the police and dallas about the shooting that happen when the two gunmen were killed before as he said they could do any damage but also we know right now the fbi is searching the phoenix apartment of the to men is a developing story will continue to fall live free will be back in just a couple of minutes. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>>robin: matter knows from mountain view the injury crash cleared but the backed up traffic into sunnyvale all the way to san jose you can see a wider view backed up on 2101 always got to south san jose will have trouble spotting cupertino no. 85 in the hands of that crash cleared but the tough commute back and all went to the guadalupe parkway two hours just to get from 87 heading up toward 85 to 86 will take a quick break and be right back.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
>>darya: announcing the official mvp of the nba is that correct the official announcement that just came out.
8:18 am
>>mark: on to bay area weather and traffic. >>james: here is a quick live look outside of the temperatures here is a look at the live temperature readings we are saying still ride around 52 degrees in downtown oakland but over the course of the day today will warm up to the mid '50s by 10:00 by noon we're looking it up for fifties it will be coal known our and the wind as winter coming down as well from the ocean that in the 20 it will be cool and breezy for the lunch hour one the up to 6162 degrees and best for downtown oakland near lake merritt before temperatures come back down to 8:00 tonight. oakland is afternoon of good bit of the east bay will follow similar lines as well live look out as we look at oakland still overcast i will tell you on the
8:19 am
other side of the oakland hills was lost in this is sunshine with a live camera along 680. >>james: it is cloudy out there along the coastline will be cloudy pretty much all they hear attempts addressing right now warming of slowly woke me 1552 degrees. concord san jose getting 54 livermore up a degree since last week tech. --50-52 >>james: we talk about the morning hours it is low fifties to of the '40's have not seen a whole lot of changes by noon time mostly cloudy will woman up slightly for the bay a little more in the mid '60s there by 3:00 4:00 this afternoon will warm up the inland valleys a low seven is for most locations a few will pop open to mid-70s
8:20 am
mostly low 70's we may see brad would get the up to 78 we got to 78 yesterday similar conditions and a 62 throat with 56 and san francisco round out the unarmed with temperatures in the west 67 to 71 degrees. here was where the weather is going to go over the next three days tuesday the ones that will warm and up a lot more sunshine that with the temperatures up a few degrees. as we finish up with a thursday and friday with the chance of living as the power to at this point it is just a slight chance will keep an eye on that if the gross to anything significant will let you know over the next couple of days. >>robin: i am not tracking any hot spots right now but i have a lot of slow traffic to talk about you're ride into san francisco is still so but it is
8:21 am
getting better. but the right hand side of this when the castellanus and the car pool lanes looks pretty good the 880 of crossing is spinning out getting much better. for those of you coming out of the maze from 580 out of oakland it is at the back of stretches on to the 24 split it is very slow on westbound 80 out of hercules into the maze out of the toll plaza it would take an hour just to get from hercules to downtown san francisco improving but still slow technical cross the san mateo bridge backing up the right hand side of the screen traffic heading to the peninsula 19 minutes from the nimitz freeway heading out toward highway 101. >>robin: golden gate bridge small all morning out of san francisco is useless all from you come from the north facade 101 south stop and go traffic into central san rafael tennis great the more incentive sausalito is the right of way across the red switching over to
8:22 am
the traffic map a lot of slowing typical commit traffic on southbound 680 calling to a pleasant hill what accrete all the way through alamo and finally picking up the drive time heading from concord to walnut creek is 17 minutes but remember at a slow beyond that point checking traffic in san senses the quick look at 1010 major crashes but heavy in both directions and south between vermont and candlestick. >>michelle apon: charlotte as diane--charlotte elizabeth diane the first qin the for the
8:23 am
nine that will be known as our royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge also this morning they had a 62 round of at the tower of london to mark the birth of the princess of cambridge. >>mark: former h-p ceo is running for president the republic and former chief executive formally announced as about 60 white house bed this morning and broadcasted in a bill she believes americans are ready for outsider after years of political gridlock in washington should like to read only high-profile woman to seek the gop nomination as she our loss attacks of hillary clinton saying she has one of--of explaining >>mark: been carson is the official telling the crowd that he is wrong for president the former head of pediatric neurosurgeon in has never run
8:24 am
for public office but his star on long the conservatives and try and of the speaker into a competitive campaign he told his rally have been person and i'm a candidate for president. buy after the break starbucks on the fire because of its water line would say why the company is having some issues aware is sourcing is water will wasteland controversy ahead. fast-track moveless will with the pass line getting punished we have a big bag of. but jim
8:25 am
8:26 am
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8:27 am
>>mark: the multibillion-dollar corporation earns about water run in this turn of the company is sourcing that water from springs in the sierra the watercolors from ride on a level it comes to private springs it leloir come from private springs this is still in packs of the people water supplies to was water being poured out store
8:28 am
is releasing a statement saying " we're now looking at alternative sourcing solutions for the water outside the state while still meeting the commitment in those developing world a small portion.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>james: today will be cool mild the sprinkles on the horizon. the for the u head toward south bed the warmer it will be walnut creek or livermore and antioch of redwood
8:31 am
you're going to be in the low '70's to mid 70's may be of the '70s depending on where you are here is oakland on to hit the 61 to 62 your daytime high will sit anywhere from 2 4:00 this afternoon the winds of one to be out there to 20 mi. an hour it is going to read 61 to 62 on a thermometer it will feel colder you want to blow with an extra jacket or a scarf or one to the outside walking about during the afternoon. >>james: the sec a look at the events happening right now live look on the camera at the bay bridge approach the canal to the east bay where cicada conditions along the shoreline we have some sun coming through on a creek temperatures with a 54 for san jose concord and for livermore center landing afforded the one that of the degree or two we're looking at 50. here is the
8:32 am
breakdown we talked about one hour by noontime is going to be mostly cloudy is going to stay mild with the coastal temperatures a little more on the benefit is in their sixties would mid-60's inland at 3:00 4:00 this afternoon we were hit the peak temperatures still a most and the inland valleys the east bay still going to be mild threat around 64 or 6 is as you did. and down the south of a. cask >>james: the cloud will be held in the coast here is the temperature pays for the entire bay area low seven is for dom lee for the east bay south and north bay a few spots that could get up to the seven is are the delta of a worm could see 75 or 84 + of my bird would disrupt the cupertino make it 47475 as well the majority of the bay area of the six is a low seven
8:33 am
this afternoon as a daytime high of around 3:00. here is a storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast the next three days a goes like this to the in was the more sunshine to the to jump a little bit a little more heat flows two days but then would have a system come in thursday and friday that run the temperatures down to give us the shot it leased a small one over raindrop or two. mainly in the mountains. there are some time between now and that will keep updating the forecast. >>robin: and not tracking any hot spots right now we are not free of so traffic still busy out there into san francisco the drive times are decreasing that is good news and take this for the right hand side the carpool lane and not the castle and on the far right side of the screen thinning out the 880 all across and looking much better but if you're coming from oakland from
8:34 am
580, it is still packed you're also pat on westbound 80, out of hercules and stop and go all the way down through hercules into emeryville. >>robin: from hercules a downtown san francisco 30 minutes the last time we checked it was an hour so that is a very nice improvement it also improved on your approach to the richmond san rafael bridge the last time we look at this live shot it was crawling on 580 from castro of or to the toll plaza. is another way for a chapter to to not have stand out tech the commute from the east bay to the not been for 580 looks great. >>darya: the warriors to walk all over memphis in game one of the series one yesterday 101 to 86. because the chiefs play for the grizzlies is injured he was on the sidelines just in the suit of this team is can i get it done as the warriors but curry sure did to the two-point
8:35 am
play thompson and 18.16 at it was a great game and to make tomorrow night's game even a better game 2 at home that is when staff will get the mvp award presented to him will seal warrior fierce and the stress their pictures to breaking news at or some as a message on facebook as well perianth >>mark: on-line help is now been offered for thousands of students second surprise when i found out their college was shutting down corrected dollars close remaining 20 campuses in the last month less than two weeks after the for-profit chain learned it was being fined 30 mayor dollars for misrepresentation. 16,000 students with the caribbean and coding you callers have been wondering what to do the weather and are starting at 1 this afternoon would have liked to on the web site. >>mark: google looking at the silicon valley investing engineers at the handful of this
8:36 am
sort with the colleges and universities and 5 percent african-american receive science degrees come from those black colleges. they do not make their way to tech firms in silicon valley this year the engineers would teach and mentor students at historically black colleges as a result 30 students will be good will in turn is a summer the hope their efforts will diversify the tech center. >>darya: san jose will release a safety report of vision 0 san jose is called a second prize in the started in sweden no fatalities or serious injuries and fatalities involving pedestrians to sweden has fallen almost 50% in the last five years because of the program san jose mayor and other city officials given a press conference at 1230 today to talk about the program success in the bay area. >>darya: today was to learn new details about the possible closure of two fire stations in
8:37 am
the east by the east, to cost the tired this to as a lot of money in on the verge of closing two of the remaining five fire stations--contra costa >>darya: the union leaders say it could may long response time if you call the fire department with emergency like 6000 people do a year more than a hundred thousand people are served by the district in all talks about the closure of plants and a public meeting tonight. >>darya: to happen in now cruise in the east where are hoping to get a water main break prepared they're working on this one after russia and warmer creaturely after a series of earthquakes water spilled to the intersection on north main street year-old east bay mud the law office directly acquainted with the quake. >>mark: the biggest was a 3.6 that was centered in concord to
8:38 am
the minute later it was a 2.7 a reports of any major damage to people's homes and those injuries. >>darya: public lecture on forecasting earthquakes in california that is a 7:00 on may 21st a geologist have records of california quakes of going back a hundred and 50 years to that extended the history of quick faults to about a thousand years by digging trenches scientists say it is possible for multiple faults to link up and trigger another one there is a lack of presence will create better forecasting models. >>mark: $100 million boost with tech investing to remarkable bird which is an assistant to the technology more from an elementary school classrooms for classrooms in the bay area use the technology provides tutors will personalize play less the to to to to monitor. they'll
8:39 am
raise a heart and 33 million. >>mark: a group of kids facing charges after stealing more than 60 guns will have more on the theft will please say they're doing with the weapons. >>gabe slate: from food to furniture plus how you can use it to get some extra cash i will explain in the tech report.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>darya: they stole guns from home and pennsylvania that when into an abandoned home from the cash and took about 60 weapons recovered from his house their response to berkeley when i got to the old house three of the kids were still in their of two others were nearby saw the kids to some of the weapons to their tree house in practice shooting them that all of the home has not live there in years and is currently in hospital nearby. >>robin: heading into and out of san francisco is a little crowd on the left-hand side of the screen no hot spots know that it will be slow ahead to stay with us. .
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>darya: two gunmen were killed in a shooting at a contest here
8:45 am
is a video from the event last night that held a press conference to talk what exactly what happened what that to you live in case you missed an officer said the two gunmen were shot and killed outside of the van when they opened fire on officers with assault rifles one of them has been identified as elton simpson >>mark: he takes a look at post makes the slow everything you could think of. >>reporter: with the evening delivered past has more than a piece of. >>reporter: men among the new
8:46 am
breed of delivery fog will pick up any thing from anywhere in delivered where ever you are joshua is a carrier for post makes a rapidly expanding network of freelances arm with the smart phone and incoming orders. a lot respiring how will professionals just to use post a to boost its income between gates at about $25 an hour. the customer launches the cap in place to do or it could be from and where to the places that don't normally are for delivery
8:47 am
the commission that will make i decided to order a sandwich about a half-hour later this is the famous and much is called a godmother i'm not even sure what is in there but is delicious. just to mix my i have more time to work another win for the on the man economy. the have struck a deal was several big companies including starbucks and chipotle to handle the delivery of the service is available and several dozen cities and taunted the liver starts at about $5 and goes up. >>darya: will to check out the weather because we have a big court on this week. >>james: really mild this
8:48 am
afternoon and this is why the clouds are going to be hanging around all morning early afternoon as was so some will get a chance to once of will have mild to what should not a moral lesson overcast conditions will likely getting sunshine this morning of the inland is a valid already seen the sun as a result they will see the warmest temperature is this afternoon test of all we're saying in the get in this and there are still widespread the fifth is from the bay and the scarcity for for san jose can't live a more santa rosa ran now at 50 degrees that is right now the winds are out there but they will pick up a second attempt to this afternoon beginning in the inland ease day with temperatures could give fairly warm and the delta 75 for antioch. >>james: look for low seneschal most of the east bay valley the
8:49 am
shoreline a little cool looking for ronson to an oakland and 61 for san leandro and hayward will have for my coming in the 57 degrees santa clara and san jose right there at 771 degrees for 60 is a lot to the sunnyvale cupertino coming in 67 to 69 with partly cloudy that will give a forecast turns the sky conditions would have meant the upper 50s to the close with a clouds with an all-day warming to 62 is a head-on for saddam sale will finish off and another to read this morning conditions that will be mild for places like the park of petaluma 63 to
8:50 am
62 degrees there medicine they hear the future storm track in 7 they're on the back to the when they will warm up will bring it down again thursday fighting is a system that will bring some clouds whimsical to much as a 10 percent chance of such wrinkles and is not a widespread will keep our fingers crossed and hope the chances increases. not to traffic. >>robin: it is busy but it is getting better because it is picking the drive times with a lot better install will carry into san francisco the caste lines pretty much wide open on the left 80 of a crossing that has spanned out nicely and is a traffic that is right in the middle those of you coming from the west about 80 at berkeley
8:51 am
the result is 16 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco not that 38 minutes if you're heading to sfo it was handed to the commute across to some sale bridge looking much better on hey reciting just know if you have to use 92 this was because on the peninsula into foster city and in that connection with saab 101 because out 101 is still packed our barley game hitting into san mattel moving well across the bridge with there were so traffic waiting for your on the other side to the commit for 58 through oakland was down from downtown and the mess that is one to be so marked down to 38 our san leandro. >>robin: not a hot spot very normal for 8:00 hour just know it is packed out there as a look at the commuter on the bay area. >>mark: is called amplifies this
8:52 am
is on their kids paulo we have more great gift ideas. >>michelle apon: the next video as a slam dunk got wrong things happen in seattle climbed up and got stuck his waving thrashing his foot is stuck in the net and nearly a dozen cops try to free him, when that did work out firefighters the seattle police department and the with him and
8:53 am
that began. >>darya: if you missed it to cost or to my life.
8:54 am
all of the masses have looted from the career he began the and is said to the to the top 10 million earnings on the pga tour. >>darya: that is why you watch sports night live is an easy passage of all the sports you need every sunday night at 9:00 we will be right back.
8:55 am
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>>darya: the light snow pack is a lot going the road to reopen the traffic that road was clear all the store early in this season is some of size and is a great and popular in this year is in the pain in that u.s. sources driver caution coming of his official the warriors
8:57 am
announced the step scurvy is in fact that in the days of mvp this season. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
8:58 am
introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:59 am
>>darya: good morning >>mark: thank you for joining us >>robin: is getting better is still a lot of slow traffic from the bay area we would check out the maps maps >>michelle apon: in comparison to last week cool temperatures and especially along the coast along with some fog and low
9:00 am
clouds tear was what we are talking about across parts of the east before today with no for a little bit of cloud cover and some pettifog to a budget will continue to stay on the court cited low to mid '50's will start to warmer plans amid stiff is for the east bay shoreline that and then the case will be a little warmer into the mid '60s during the lunch hour the in the location will be women and to the mid to upper 70's and in no cases on the milder side ease the shoreline to the judge will be on the cooler side will see it at the clouds and sun block and that a live look at walnut creek with enough to some sunshine across that area and could continue to see some more for the east bay valley and for parts of the sock. >>michelle apon: temperatures as of right now still on the cool side in this city and 48 degrees temperatures of federally helped pick the grid of a handful of mid-50s across the east by--hille the long-hau
9:01 am
>>michelle apon: plan on the school lunch hour for lunch nw between five to 15 mi. per hour the when to start to pick up and become more sustained the daytime highs will be one across the east of a balanced and then on the sled cool inside mid-60's coast locations will stay on the cool side this afternoon which is only reach in the mid fifties coming up with a slight ring chance >>gary: will look at traffic heading into san francisco law really wait until 9:00 hour to headed to san francisco because traffic was thin out and get better but it is so crowded a nice improvement so far we have not had any hot spots a major trouble spots on the bridge the
9:02 am
castle is on the right-hand side of the screen as well the carpool lane because we have the second wave of a slowing coming in now the drive time is backed up to 21 minutes from downtown oakland for the four men setting out for sfo >>darya: it just was released this morning and officially from the war is in the nba he is indeed the winner of the in the pain in the in the and they just made that announcement live on our air we have the word in from the warriors this morning he was clearly the winner over likes of russell was abrupt he is fun to watch quetta on the court and a great smile.
9:03 am
>>reporter: a lot of small defaces and oakland with the news about the current debate when last i we were talking to some people ought on the streets of oakland this morning about this and they had a lot of things to say he is now the second player in the history to be named in the pain every civil scoring 51 points to the game for hitting three-pointers so consistently as i mentioned to talk to some fans to get their take that he was named mvp in the warriors' with their big winning streak. >>: been a war is fan for 25 years in this is the most exciting day for may and is really an honor that he has been given this is wonderful war. is
9:04 am
a pretty exciting moment for him his family as well as the city of oakland. were the war is about all this at 1:00 today we will be there are always talk to the war is to get their thoughts
9:05 am
>>mark: the investigating a deadly shooting happened outside of the contest for proper law on the cartoon to begin from the senate the shooting last night the department hosted a press conference an hour ago and talked about the shooting to cheer for your lives to gunman was shot and killed outside of the event after they opened fire on officers with assault rifles during the press conference of his officers said they were aware of the event at a time there was extra security the even pendleton thousand dollars plus a security last night. on the substance of the shooting had been identified as elton simpson the fbi is searching the property in phoenix arizona trying to find a motive in the case. >>darya: 6 pcl car this
9:06 am
year and is running for president the republican and former chief lost a 2016 white house bed and a nasty broadcast interview this morning she says she believes americans are ready for outsider after years of political gridlock in washington d.c. therein as likely to be the only woman for the gop nomination she is criticizing clinton saying she still has a lot of explaining to do concerning the fact her personal e-mail server. >>darya: he may be announcing in the last hour is a conservative and a retired physician
9:07 am
what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip
9:08 am
of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>robin: the one. it was packed him they are ready out the middle name is to on term williams grandmother charlotte elizabeth diana is the fourth in line to the throne she will be card princess charlotte of cambridge. people across britain
9:11 am
are celebrating her birth of the parade was held today in her honor does the royal horse is making their way to london's hyde park and out of the princess as jigsaw she's all the hospital that home wikiup to some fog will track is a range chances.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin: as expected you drive time is backed up to 21 minutes now coming from the maze into downtown san francisco your backup at the pain get good news is if you come from a 80 or paying cash our car pulling a little bit of relief for you the traffic right in the middle come from 80 out of oakland. a lot to commit traffic still lingering lafayette side. the have not had
9:15 am
any major crashes from 280 split continuing all well toward 10 1¢ sale >>robin: that is all very normal for this time of the morning from a live shot it is still great outside where is the sunshine? >>michelle apon: a it all the
9:16 am
awful walnut creek is bay valley and a most everywhere else will be bill was most a cloudless skies. >>michelle apon: the clouds will back and along the coastline looking at san jose for today if you're heading out plan also mid to upper 50s by the lunch hour temperatures will still climb in the mid-60s we will be dealing with some partly cloudy skies. that may impact the morning commute meant that the '60s to
9:17 am
ride around seven days, could a walnut creek that is the same for parts of san francisco later on as to continue for the south to to build a slightly warmer side in the upper 60s but you're on the coast heading to the beach plan on testing very warm
9:18 am
because it a potential for some showers will continue up with the warmer temperatures into the mid '70s for inland locations it to track the forecast with our free mobile application. >>mark: link then twitter a lot of the things taking a hit. >>rob black: all last week they
9:19 am
hit upon the number of uses they have 50 million that fell 20% we can monetizes that the level of billions of hundreds of millions but not the level of billions. appeared this the the bottom feeders this is a lot like 19992000 were in the last three years we sing a doubling of running. when you start looking
9:20 am
at the numbers is pretty impressive of globally speaking for disney the no. 2 might not be bad. >>mark: a lot of strain accompanyist will fill that offered a package of may but the fight for free you hold the
9:21 am
phone tear tv and then your friend is watching it on the application totally legal that information is private with big problem the fight itself shows how graphic the discussion television series will be in the future if you want to lock in check the near catton periscope and they're fascinating people like a giant how should i
9:22 am
manager. >>rob black: is on to be taxed differently than same finding a bag of gold coins in the basement pay the taxes figure it out start an emergency fund whatever is left over you want to sit you to see what is left over and sat in his retirement plan yes. the patient the final piece of a vice and spend a little bit of it. if you have a
9:23 am
question posed on the facebook page and we will answer it we will be right back.
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9:26 am
>>darya: have been assigned to guard and protect the relative law they're here in the u.s. there ride them boston three people were killed in the bombing were the 260 injured at the two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon two years ago to happen today to form a political allies this involved with the scandal that was politically
9:27 am
motivated in the lane closure because traffic to the george cross and bridge to help plot the lane closures of the political payback. >>mark: another rescue of thousands of migrants to the mediterranean states that have a hard time keeping up yesterday 10 bodies were found on the bolsa in the sea. one is the committee facing cutbacks how will it affect the lives of them off the call the fire department.
9:28 am
>>will tran: and five you're livermore man accused of the you by killing off the 40 year-old woman taking a live look at the golden gate as of friday angeles will start for the day temperatures on talk this afternoon. my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years. a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction.
9:29 am
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r ha thaliveto me. >>michelle apon: as it digests for work this morning it will be on the courts decide. timber is only one to one of the ones across bay locations will
9:31 am
system breaks of sunshine in the part of the day. will continue to warmer from there just about to more degrees. the lunch hour one of the to the mid-60s was also talk about a few rain chances.
9:32 am
>>robin: no major hot spots out there are a lot of slow traffic that is on the bay area bridge and still backed up it would take 19 minutes to get from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. the golden gate bridge to miller looks fantastic. we've had no major problems
9:33 am
>>darya: a multinational road traffic center project. san jose mayor san the cargo vessel to gain support it could name a long response times and 700,000 people and answers were the 6000
9:34 am
calls every year. >>mark: happen to the online help being offered for the thousands of students or to my surprise live from of this college was shutting down the creek ecologist is the is at 1:00 in the afternoon informational bevelling to that even. >>mark: 35 percent african- american receive a computer science degrees come from those schools but they do not make their way this year of the software engineers to teach and mentor students to restore to black colleges that finished
9:35 am
repairing the water main the rupture surely after this is ever quite the his yesterday afternoon to watch disputed intersection east bay mud sill does not settle related to the quake would happen 4 mi. from the epicenter. >>darya: the biggest was a 3.6 that was in concord at 315 there were two others to point of and a 2.7 with the narrow pours have no damage. >>mark: they've extended the history of our critics 2000
9:36 am
years by digging trenches is possible for multiple false a link-up and kirk to trigger another one their use of that information to try to create a better quick forecasting models. >>mark: >>darya: how much is spent on cleaning and throws coming up. it is almost mothers that
9:37 am
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♪f you wantt ♪♪o out and t it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less than what you'll ♪ ♪ find at regular stores. ♪ ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ shop here first and you'll always find more bargains. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ everyone gets a unicorn! umm...what? no they don't. ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market. ♪ >>robin: ahead and is looking much better compared to what we star about an hour of the lights are still on the is looking much better in the cash plans across the lines the right hand side of the screen as well as the 880 of a crossing the drive times is not that a dog looking at the
9:40 am
two minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco will look at the south led the nets and the peninsula with more so traffic out there no major problems i will have complete check coming up in just a bit. >>darya: spa also been spending more on mom this mother's day if you want to keep all with the joneses experts say americans want to shell out more than $21 billion on flour juries and that means the average person will spend a hundred and $72 when it comes to gives most people pick a card a lot of the problem flowers are taking them out to dinner but that and added $200.
9:41 am
tappan today a popular road yosemite national park at open. >>mark: the road was cleared of all the snow early in the season the road abound on both the popular ease was crossing of the sierra vista hours a gyves as part of the russell on the construction. it also happened today the signal was vegas will be closing its doors is after the the building 60 years old it was sold to the law's biggest convention and visitors authority and the agency of course was a 10 on the casino and the convict and sentence of las vegas strip the fix is in sight of the casino will be auctioned later this month. it will be back dispensing with weather and traffic because the weather is changing is a big difference from last week to and look at the richmond san rafael bridge it is great out this
9:42 am
morning we will be back with more.
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9:45 am
>>darya: we're talk about what else where we have to spend a lot of money on the road because the snow and bad weather and that transportation officials spent more than a billion dollars on romanus this winter. or have to deal with install this morning. >>michelle apon: rocky bluffing
9:46 am
is cause for a few isolated showers will saw what that of a storm track the 74 cast as of this morning temperatures in the mid-50s temperatures will continue to warm a to lower 60s we pick up the kids from school meshuga just appropriately because it will be on the cool side to the jews will continue on the upper 50s when you drive home from work. outside we have some bright sunshine of your cross the east valley you will be done with sunshine for most of the day. plan on sunglass whether for today and you'll be seeing a lot of cloud cover for sfo. >>michelle apon: with all the low clouds and visibility that is a problem this morning temperatures out there into the 50 warmer spots across the east bay valley locations and parts of the south bay as well along the coast temperatures are
9:47 am
cooler because of the clouds and fog of the 40 to lower 50s and is also for the timbers of and not one to one of that much more to solve the bay this afternoon around 3:00 this seven is from an valley will loss cattle's and upper 60s as we continue for bay locations across the south that looking at the east bay is another warm spot we have submitted the upper '70's 75 for antioch and a handful of mid to upper 60s and low '70's living that is to ensure like committing in comparison to where they were yesterday you definitely need a jacket if you're on a to be on the east bay shoreline it will only warm-up into the lower 60s letter this afternoon afternoon highs across the rest of the area could make the timber to
9:48 am
still slightly on the cool side the rest of the storm track for 74 cast a little bit warmer over the next few days that an estimate of the '60s >>robin: cinematheques a little bit longer for the 80 continue to thin out is only bay area bridge this law ride a lesser still on your still backed up into the maze with a much better on the of the crossing the traffic you see here is slow across the upper deck heading into downtown san francisco is
9:49 am
one usually extends to 10:00 hour and the 11:00 hour that is normal the nimitz freeway northbound still back on the coliseum heading into downtown oakland if you're looking for alternate this morning you're watching this newscast at 580 west do not take the northbound image freeway that was saved a lot of time. >>robin: heading out toward oakland we also have slowed traffic still lingering in the south that, at los gatos and campbell is still packed no major crashes there also some clout on the peninsula is stop and go out of farming and as you work your way into san the sale >>mark: there on buy starbucks
9:50 am
uses water from springs and the sierra >>reporter: under fire from the bottle water line that brought to light by the magazine but also ride on the label the water comes from private springs and contra county and area callbacks the california water for western states during an unprecedented california drought to not become an hour will place it has a major drought hit the water activists recently taking the sacramento water bottling operation he said starbucks should be ashamed to think about is what point do they decide who gets what and who does not customer, to pay for water and how much do not.
9:51 am
the protector resources. the water come true private springs not public water sources geologist to the farmer water resources says nope. it depends on how much water is being taken with the 90 bottle water in a more 10 is one lawmaker is listening. star rose customers we spoke to may think twice before grabbing. >>mark: they're looking an
9:52 am
alternative sourcing solution for the water outside of california. >>darya: he is out on bail now here is new video of the growing more with the crash happened if officer said and a five year- old lost control of his car speeding around a bend just before 7:00 saturday night on marietta boulevard the car crashed into a backyard kidding 40 year-old paralysis from her 14 month old daughter julie they were pronounced dead at the scene investigators think that he had been drinking to the little more wine country festival before the crash preliminary tests indicated he was driving with a 0.13 percent blood alcohol level she and her daughter celebrated her birthday at the first million when they're killed.
9:53 am
they're telling debated the little sister to give up. >>darya: gyre is facing charges and morale is leaves behind a 10 year-old son 22 year-old daughter and her husband. >>darya: coming up we will talk about the big story that we're following this morning for you to and take another look at weather and traffic but we still have the traffic.
9:54 am
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>>darya: the fbi agents searching offensive are men as part of the investigation for deadly shooting at a suburban dallas venue their home to the
9:57 am
contest and two gunmen opened fire the former h-p ceo she is running for president the republican and former ceo loss of 26 in white house bid and and and you this morning she believes americans are ready for outsider after the political gridlock in washington. >>darya: the ndp of the nba they made the big announcement alive during our air official this morning he is going to get the award tomorrow in game 2 against the grizzlies. >>mark: thanks so much for joining us because they connected anytime on facebook and twitter and our kron4 mobile application >>darya: see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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