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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: we have some clout out that it will be one this afternoon i have a great shot from twin peaks this one of our show you in a second with the decor forecast for the east that desperate and down the next 30 minutes as you get out the door look to the low clouds out there if throughout the eastern it went on the bay shoreline or inland to does not matter we have the clout by noontime we
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will see the sunshine really to the clouds to they will part much sooner than they did yesterday it will become as at the lunch hour we are ready in the low 60s by the bay 3 this afternoon 76 will be one of our warmer temperatures most locations will be in the low seventies for the balance is wrong the bay shoreline of our sixties and partly cloudy skies that is just a glimpse at the east bay forecast for today there was what looks like outside great looking shut there is market street and off to the right there is the bay bridge were trapped come into the city to concede the haze of our head. >>james: potentially we're watching their part for you this morning here was where temperatures are right now if you could hang round for 15 minutes i will be back with the fall of the forecast now to
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traffic. >>george: things are definitely starting to get a little busy but the good news is we are not tracking any hot spots here is a change in that isn't the bay bridge the westbound ride at about 18 minutes is not get back into the macarthur maze the '92 riots track in the ride to and from iran and an easy trip here as you look at the commit to talk about. it was that the
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early this morning with some of my roadwork happening today the war is returning to or call are reluctant to take on the grizzlies in the game to perry in a line >>darya: steph curry will be honored as the nba's in the pain will is live at or call this morning showing his team spirit >>will tran: they do not call the stress of local for nothing that are ready to go we were here before the first game of the playoff they did not have
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the teacher is ready to go to see behind me sea of yellow stripe and numbers they work all afternoon yesterday while steph curry was thinking everyone for is in the performance the staff at a row or getting ready for the game is to come down here for the reprise of what ever the to give my cost you may get a free t-shirt. it was supposed to be a tough day they came to roll call and ran into a broad wall competitive in the first have they came into the have time this is down only 9101 to 86 lead by the ndp did not even know he was and be paid until late that night he had 22 points it was a route jose will be another route to the grison
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is not have the star point guard the tech is our since it is available early this morning the nba you get a flag so many instances did the come down here can will play
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>>darya: i cannot resell nothing but the rams will. how many shots the different to the car. the other world-class reporters you know the journalism and the industry will half these people in great shape their promise to have a pickup game. have the average credit to go to some of it people a little out of shape. one guy i like to call the baby. >>will tran: 5 ft. 7 from washington state university.
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>>darya: let's see inside with blue and yellow outfit and team spirit colors she estimates totals and the ship will have more and share some of them coming up at 640 get them and now and we will share them with you drop the show >>mark: slam a responsibility for the attack in the texas suburb where the profit cartoon contest is being held up this is unbalanced the video from the same ice is releasing an ordeal statement to soldiers carried out sunday's attack the two gunmen were shot dead after they opened fire in the center and garland tx the family members or the gunman said there were not aware of the government's plans. >>darya: 40 here and ask oros of
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raws and forcing your daughter or killed in that accident there were celebrating a family members birth and first union saturday night when i was struck and killed here investigators say the gyre 35 year-old lost control of his car speeding around the ban and hit her and her daughter she is devastated about this. >>: he has to go without his mom for the rest of his life he is only 10 and has to go through that. i hate how they posted the bell so low he got out of build the next day $350,000 was nothing to him. >>darya: he is supposed to be arraigned today that did admit to bend the little more wine festival before the crash and
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they tell us that they made a stop at a bar and grill. >>mark: the new mexico man's car
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>>mark: a month before freddie gray died or broker that he suffered in the baltimore top prosecutor called the illegal arrest that already asked the justice department for help addressing this kind of the officers the voluntary review is one step senses to the police departments can take to head off a full-scale civil rights group and a with a freddie gray step their wonder whether city leaders are capable of implementing changes in baltimore without direct federal oversight of our reports that it is a possibility when with the research is going to affect we will have that. and available entune app suite. and,
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h d. on precedent and the man on water use and create new regulations to save water or water is designed to protect state water supply under the rule set is can i use it in water for grass on tree media's
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home owners that the water-to cut back as much as 36 percent approval rate is what effect in june. >>james: does not want to be anything that is out of the drought for sure is a little bit of a sparkling second look at what temperatures are going to be like in oakland because it attempts to graft as we break out that part of the they part forecast whenever i've steady climb beginning at about 10:00
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or so will keep in the low fifties until then will jump to the mid '50s and '60s by noon time it will be partly cloudy low 60s not bad during the lunch hour we would jump as it had been the to the 3:00 for all our backs and out kron 467 degrees or so was have a light breeze in the area 10 to 15 from the ocean it will not be too bad to the to drop back down by 8:00 p.m. tonight that is the day park forecast for oakland today a lot of our east bay community right along the eastern shore line here is what conditions are like or not you could make all clouds as a speculator earlier we're announcing the latest because of the clausen income flights 51 minute delays for arriving flights at sfo. >>james: temperatures at the moment all around the bay area 53 in concord low fifties for
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the san ramon and the war rally 51 and san jose to to to open 50 in san francisco a cool spot continues to be down in sunnyvale off to a chilly less talk about the weather today for everyone it calls for the known time mid 50's probably by the coast the suns as apart a little bit earlier today for the bay were looking for 63 to 67 at the lunch hour by 4:00 p.m. today job of to the mid to upper 60s for the bay shoreline and the low to mid 70's the clout to keep things on my side along the coast will cds and son and temperatures that will be in the low seventies for concord we are
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tracking thursday and friday >>george: the trip time for the
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west about ride out of the east bay in san francisco still holding a 10 and 19 minutes is not yet backed up into the macarthur maze here is the ride on 92 of the san mateo bridge westbound the changeable message signed has been activated with the advisory for the upcoming closure this week and close for two weekends but the first one is this week from the age of the 11 the west about ride still moving pretty smoothly 12 minutes now over to san the tail out of hayward track in the ride to the golden gate bridge and an easy trip was about starting
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the west about interstate 80 commit starting to slow a little chp talking about the possibility of debris in the lines at cutting boulevard senses do not show much of a big backup the drive time for the west about ride is 21 minutes hercules to berkeley your trip through the san ramon valley still looks good the 680 arise out about a loss about but no major delays here it is 24 minutes from dublin down to fremont was showing railroad licenses for the ride on 8528101
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>>mark: she died of cancer and made a stop in san francisco his car was stolen we do not know if it was their conscience the its second bid san francisco police department to give his wife are buried off the coast. >>darya: the senate approved the compromise republican budget that calls for deep cuts in spending while boosting pentagon accounts by $38 billion next year to approve the plan last week and they've said to do so and vote on it today the measure promises to appeal president obama as health-care law if it
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does pass it also will balance the budget and nine years with more than five trillion dollars in spending. >>mark: them, is serving as commander of united states marine corps before that he was a top military commander in afghanistan the not less expected sometime today is expected to be is to confirm by the senate >>michelle apon: remember the tennessee woman who daughter dead her to kiss a random attack while running the boston marathon she's been on a mission to find him the woman is now hearing from the guy's wife she wore a letter to ask if she and her husband to remain anonymous she is not mad it would buy raw
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the whole fall when buy raw the runner has apologized say next time she would target a single guy for this mooch will continue to follow the story on our web site if you also read the full story is also a tradition for women to use the get kisses to the runners at westpac college more news and weather is coming up after the break. how did denny's put the magic of dreamworks into their new kids' menu? that's a secret... kind of. introducing dreamworks to the new denny's kid's menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. kids eat free on tuesdays 4:00pm-10:00pm. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>darya: thomas told the judge that he was not a monster before he was sentenced he pleaded no contest last month to a mr. man instead of code violation that is what they got him what he claimed to be hiv negative and hearses boyfriend to have unprotected sex now the ex- boyfriend has tested positive for hiv it came in 2013 that denied the allegations but the judge said she had no doubt that he was guilty and she wished it could of sentence him to more jail time.
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>>mark: red lobster. the dow features down 49 still at 18,007 it will push it down to near the 80,000 mark >>james: the clouds part illiterate so let's focus on the south bay forecast was wrecked part of the forecast down for you and the next 30 minutes what can you expect? what clouds. there still will be a breeze in the air temperature is on the cool side once again our performance to low 50s just like
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it was when you step out the door yesterday the difference i know and we'll sale to the sunshine to the judge will respond mid-60's already for the and the committee's with low 60s or out closer to the bay like mountain view 3 in the afternoon mostly sunny skies temperatures warm to the 70. before thin chains will wait for that more detail coming up here was a lot of the outside again the photographer is given as a great shot from twin pick looking right down market street it is little overcast as a percent higher you go the more hazy it gets that what they're experiencing as a half of temperatures mild before is the low fifties santa rosa cool 43.
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>>george: looking pretty well we are still not tracking any hot spots at the bay bridge with acid look like they seven very stable what we said the bridge start to back up more and more so far and is holding fairly steady the backed reaching ride to the edge of the macarthur maze and still just an 18 minute drive time opening up on the left-hand lane is for taxpayers looking at the ride high with 92 the westbound trip look at this starting to slow down and it is normal that it would we can expect in the next half hour to see the drive times start to build. the golden gate bridge still an easy trip across and a one of the drive the volume is
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still building. >>george: the volume building we still have not seen the back of this looks a little better than usual for the westbound up 580 ride the tracks of east bay drive times for you second a look at the committee on highway 4 doing really well this morning at 2 to 4 minutes and the san ramon valley 16 minutes that means no delays get out a wad of creek heading south of the incident free for you're ride through the out to my passes morning unattractive in the problem that is why we're still looking at and on the 40 minute drive times westbound from the out to my past out to the dublin and to change it and are they coming up next. >>darya: held for more was involved in overnight crime spree the have video of its they're looking for the man that you see in this crime shot the surveillance shot this is where it happened five steps in the same college and her all lester
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then i for bikes was still upset the different homes as well as tools from another person roszak one victim said the bond so item from her car. she also says she found something to her car that was not there before >>mark: former arkansas governor my cup of the incentive into the race for the presidential republican nomination than carson and former patched seal parlor hook of a was a contender in 2008 descry rest is in
6:35 am
alabama are the stars are the to and say where are the basis of the police earthquake restaurants and paul are built into dirt and debris in a remote village--nepal >>mark: more than 7300 people we have learned to climb as close to mount everest are starting to pack up their gear and leave the mountain after they refused to build the road the strike at a lesser degree and correct. >>darya: bruce miller is not going to be charged with domestic violence for an argument which is your friend but he is facing charges of vandalism from her from ethanol it did not guilty to misdemeanors charged get out trouble march 5th they told the
6:36 am
police a deeper strata regards master from bush's to back pushing part of the story he fits the to year in jail if convicted on of vandalism charge. >>mark: come together to help a homeless veteran and his pet hair from the woman behind the law and how you could help. he's showing emotion in court for the first time in his trial would tell you who testified in the lead to break down.
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>>george: for those of you driver from 37 down to the golden gate bridge here looking
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at a 23 minute trip time know absence--accident source also you're ride to bay bridge home for the city backed up into the macarthur maze is a lifetime from it is still under 20 minutes just like siemens in a downtown san francisco. >>michelle apon: i want to see your warriors pictures we want to share just a few decent to us the e-mail breaking news at a second look at some of them this morning very cute kids dressed in their yellow and blue look at the little kid jota of his jersey number 30 or look at the little one and red jersey dresses and a little blue socks and chubby cheeks. >>mark >>michelle apon: she is looking so nice of her yellow and blue with to see what you are sharing so coming up at 715
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our share more follows a guy sporting your warriors yellow and blue pictures we want to see them so we can post them to our next at 715. >>james: in the weather around the bay this talk about the east bay to talk about the socks bay here is a quick look at the peninsula house of sfo and is a quick look at as some forecasts for the san francisco peninsula area of the fifth is along the coast mid to upper 60s on the bayside back with apple to the weather coming of.
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>>george: we're actually fallen pretty good to you at the bay bridge is something of a surprise to see that the drive times have been holding at
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about 18 to 19 minutes we're not backed up into the macarthur maze at the bay bridge where still does back the right to west grand avenue we have not been striking in the hot spots this morning still free of of this is one of the better ride from the bag is one of your or to try to get a jump on the san the sale bridge take a look at the west about 92 ride as i've been watching this year rotted been facing some stop and go conditions on the approach and the span is already bogged down the drive times already up to 18 minutes for the westbound truck time at the richmond bridge will take a look at the golden gate bridge you're ride is doing here and easy ride. >>george: it will usually be trouble-free most of the morning until then good conditions no delays reported through the marsh wren ride. here in the left-hand lane right
6:51 am
there in the center of the screen before long will start to see the drive times increase especially coming over from the castro street still looking at 11 to 12 minutes to a new look at the drive time interstate 580 a normal trip time 39 minutes and is coming and now at 29 minutes south of a freeway as we've been watching backing of some slowing now on 101 the 281 01 interchange this update that drive time for you now at 22 minutes as you head north. those on the peninsula on we have been talking about this this morning if you live in woodside road been shut down and there are still no estimates
6:52 am
>>mark: he is showing emotion since his trial began some of his relatives and friends to the stand to the penalty phase of the trial and he broke down in tears as they testified the former classmates said they felt betrayed when she heard it was involved in the bombing the marathon bombing killed three people injured to the 60 others prosecutors and the penalty phase we will be right back when we continue.
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>>darya: this sunday with a on to air the first episode of our new special sold call the back
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story as a behind-the-scenes story of how we get your news every day. >>stanley roberts: coming up drivers caught by chp. >>darya: more was that the does behind the scenes it was a really funny episode in a
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premiere sunday at 930 and kron4 >>darya: the war is getting ready for game 2 in oakland will up brings us a sneak peek live this morning and then later in paris or is all about steph curry and saw his big night.
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>> reporter: plausible be here to live for game 2 at oracle will tell you if
7:00 am
there's a target available and how much they're going for a live report. >> darya: use planning responsibility for the attack outside profit muhammed cartooning contest. >> mark: another foggy start with more sunshine on a toyota for a chance of rain later in the wake. >> james: will begin with a quick update on the east bay before heading up the door is what we expect cloudy skies although the sun is beginning a breakthrough which is good news warmer temperatures this afternoon sunshine will be a little stronger inland's the concord walnut creek and then not near oakland will be partly cloudy mostly cloudy and temperatures will be released decent low 60s by the bay shoreline and


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