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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 6, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> darya: details on the drilling is planned crush the co-pilot did to the bourse low enough that showed something was wrong. >> mark: the fall start to as wednesday morning talking about some rain possibly on the way details and a full forecast had.
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>> george: the major hot spots commute busy no major problems that is good news. >> james: conditions this morning live look outside with the bay bridge approach camera shy and a beautiful sky conditions such as up the clouds are beginning to move off and in store for nice day today. ahead of possible showers tomorrow talk about that a little bit self failed to give quick update on your forecast. and if you're leaving the door and is a little chilly up for is low 50s of the cool
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start. by noon time make up for a temperatures than in the mid to upper 60s. in the wins will pick up with a touch but sunshine will keep you on the warmer side. thieves afternoon talking low 70's for the entire area 7 clara valley. again miles sunny month o'clock and so we should hit maximum tablatures just in time for the kids to get out of school. >> james: in spot santa rosa prime example 40 degrees. 48 san francisco 51 oakland 49 in san jose. the complete check in of the forecast of 50 minutes and that ran for tomorrow. >> george: were seeing backups now reaching into the macarthur man is right on the highway 24th not backing off on 24 but certainly to it than the drive time now 2527 minutes for was bunch of of the macarthur this a 80 approach in to the bridge this
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morning and then san mateo bridge certainly showing is typical pattern. at a standstill at the toll plaza right now. this is what occurs right around 7:00. a pattern we've seen now over the last year-and-a-half. right now the drive * upward of 22 minutes out of hayward and of course drive times when traffic gets like this gets harder and harder to calculate because of how sensors release trouble when traffic is moving so slowly. booking it trip to the golden gate bridge won a one ride no problems here. in 74 arrive through marin county won a one softbound. then you trip to richmond bridge back of building here at the plaza and we are now seeing slowing from castro street on 580 westbound. what did a couple east bay freeways for you looking at the right first on highway 4 in the westbound direction.
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were slowing now between antioch and concord with a nearly 30 minute drive time. and then that should sue the san ramon valley looks great despite the early occuring problems. here in all small pass up for 33 min commute in just a little over half an hour from all small passed the dublin interchange of. it is ahead back to the south bay next report. >> mark:breaking news this morning. french investigators say the co-pilot who intentionally crashed a plane into the french alps earlier this year practiced how he would crash the plane. in a new report released this morning. investigators say andreas lubitz tried a controlled descent on the flight down to barcelona that morning. the report says he repeatedly set the plane into a descent before pulling up while the pilot was out of the cockpit. cockpit data shows that lubitz put the plane into descent mode five times in a four and half-minute period during the duesseldorf- barcelona leg. but according to the report the plane never descended sharply and the passangers and crew might not have even noticed the change in altitude.
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prosecutors say lubitz intentionally crashed the plane on the return flight from barcelona to dusseldorf. killing all 150 people on board. >> darya:happening now. people in livermore are calling for justice. asking the d-a's office to file charges against a suspected d-u-i driver accused of hitting and killing a mother and her 14-month old daughter over the weekend. this is video from the scene of the crash. the suspect, 35-year-old brian jones, is still walking free this morning. investigators believe he was driving under the influence when he lost control of his car and hit esperanza rodriguez and her daughter on saturday night. jones made his first court appearance yesterday, but no charges were filed against him. kron 4's will tran is live in livermore this morning to explain *why charges have not been filed. will? >> reporter: was taking so long to prosecutors say they need more time to review the
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evince this despite pleas resting him at the scene were doing and what work it came back and say his blood alcohol level at 0.13. try the video family friends waiting for him to move toward arrived at the court house and gave him a whole bunch of verbal abuse. yelling at him. never touched them but the call him murderer as you can hear. wharton but prosecutors postponed because they are still reviewing all the evidence and not charged him so far this case. family friends are saying why is it taking so long. booking other cases other people in similar cases the charge pre quickly. again track chance to check down of news at the chorus here's what they have the say boy from angry to our age.
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"system has to be is something has to be done in this is not right" "he got into more people who knows if it's a go drink again and more families" >> reporter: this case since monday they were met on monday because of the post pillow was so low of the injured $50,000 and then tell time in jail home on monday morning. that upset them and the effect is two days later still not charged walking all round free. in see their anchor their level going ops. in the light of the land this is where the accident occurred. unseeded orangeman's and right there the four year old woman and 14 of zero trials were on the other side of the wooden fence and they never saw his car wreck coming at them. the died at the same brian jones will be in court again on may 28th.
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>> darya:we have raw video of the victims' family confrontingit's all on our website, kron-four-dot com. "those the biggest issuer in such a rush in desperation of their" >> mark:and after a dominating game one win in the western conference semifinals-- the golden state warriors just couldn't keep up with the memphis grizzlies last night-- as their defense dominated the dubs beating them 97-90. memphis ended golden state's 21-game home-winning streak. they have now dropped to 42-3 this season at rowdy oracle arena-- losing for the first time at home in more than three months-- and for the first time this postseason. the warriors hoping to come back this saturday for game 3 in memphis. that starts at 5 p-m. game four is monday night also in memphis. then its back to oakland for game five. the series is tied one to tone. and as the warriors continue
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their playoff run. we want to see your team happening today. crews with the california academy of sciences and the marine mammal center plan to whale that was found on a beach in pacifica. we were the first to break the story yesterday on the kron four morning news. wildlife officials estimate the whale was dead for four or five days before she they plan to perform a necropsy today to figure out how the whale died. pacifica this morning. he's asking people why they are trying to **touch the whale. 7 scrawled graffiti where do people do that kill talk to them than about the immensehe'll have that in about 30new this morning. >> mark: one of the baltimore police officers who arrested freddie gray is challenging arrest. officer edward nero argues that it's an illegal weapon. he filed a motion challenging the charges he faces in connection with
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gray died a week after custody. five other officers are also facing charges in the arrest. >> mark: a mystery surrounding a mini cooper this morning. found at the base of a cliff on yerba buena island yesterday on the kron 4 how it may have gotten there get it out. >> reporter: call it a tale of two mini coopers first this white one which somehow made its way to the base of this cliff at yerba buena island and onto the jetty near the lighthouse. it looked like someone pushed it off the side of a cliff really the vehicle was discovered about 7-15 in the morning but it's unclear how it got here and when it here coast guard and fire crews did determine there was no one inside and there was no pollution into the bay but this is not the only mini- cooper incident on yerba buena island in the last 24 hours sot someone had broken into a security gate
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monday about 5-30 in the afternoon, a man was arrested for trespassing onto the coast guard base at yerba buena island and attempting to break into a car that's right, a mini- cooper this time, a brown one on hillcrest road. not far from that lighthouse when the owner of the car confronted the suspect he allegedly waved a pick ax him the vehicle owners wife called 9-1-1, the suspect took off running and was later arrested by the c.h.p. hiding under a vehicle standup dan kerman/yerba buena island 1:15-124 authorities say it turns out the vehicle at the base of the cliff was stolen out of oakland. now they have to determine how it got it, when it got here and how they are going to get it out of here. on ybi, dan kerman kron 4 news >> darya:oil prices are rising again.the price for a barrel of crude oil traded above 60 dollars yesterday. that's the first itme that's happened this year. oil prices fell to below 45
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dollars a barrel earlier this year. leading to low gas prices and job cuts in the oil sector. but the recent hikes may be is stabilizing. here in the bay area. in san francisco. the averge price of a gallon of regular gasoline is 3- dollars-80 cents a gallon. in san jose. the average price is 3-dollars-68 cents a gallon. and in oakland. the average >> mark: mother teaches a tough lesson to a 10 year- old son high end up in handcuffs and the back of a police car.
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there is quick and the concord area of cluster of earthquakes 701 3.2 no damage or injuries and sure people felt that a 2.6 on sunday small clique yesterday for them the on sunday 2.0 but two others were history monday and another one just now 3.2 and following up on this ship in the space of the concord area some location there is a 3.2 earthquake at 701.
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>> darya: sure with the sun website moon kron-4-dot-com . >> mark: so far the have eight responses with people feeling here on concord in walnut creek and pleasant hill. a 3.2701 a little bit shaken. if putting >> james: together the you can see how far out from the epicenter people reported feeling the earthquake and all the kind of interesting to see and that coming up here in just a minute. tracking of course your forecast this morning us get to that and show you quickly the temperature graphs here for oakland where the temperatures will go to bed come to enjoy one more day of really nice warm weather before the chance of showers comes in the next tomorrow. oakland and this
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will represent most of our east bay shoreline. it will fall along these lines by about noontime we will see low 60s. up the mid-60s by to. by about 4:00 so will be right around 6970 degrees and mostly as a shoreline. this just happens to be oakland. those images we brought back down by 8:00 so tonight. temperatures are born to be nice level outside off in the direction of oakland along with the camera and seven cisco to san francisco. >> james: occurred livermore 52 degrees san francisco oakland bullpen 51 san jose 48 degrees set or as a even cooler of 42. how weather will break down in the course of the day today. expecting by noon time to see as we saw temperature graf made up for six days more. so the bay area and the ones to pick up a little
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bit another windy afternoon. by about 3:04 clocker so is kids are getting are as " high. and the liberals are anticipating a ride home from work. upper 60s by the bay mid-60's potentially for similar inland valleys of. plenty of sunshine on nice sunny afternoon very mild 11. things will change into tomorrow the. system where tracking of the pacific northwest. it will slide down over the sierra over the next 24 hours or so. it brings up the chance of perhaps some sprinkles or to. at a very slim chance but we do have the potential anyway for tomorrow to see some light showers in the east bay hills and the south bay also the possibility of some dry lightning to which is bad news when the ground is as dry as it does so for the fire department is watching very carefully at the system looking pretty good if you have your eyes on a weekend that's not bad with temperatures climbing back up to the upper 70's to near 88th. but we're experiencing a weather front also check traffic now
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george standing by a closer look at that and sent over to him. >> george: hot spot from the write-down interstate 680. even though the accident occurred in the non commute direction it's northbound here ag may show valley road. that's having a big impact on the southbound ride. a motorcycle accident occurred in the left-hand lane. number one lane in remember the call from the center divider over toward the right that telling their numbered and because of its proximity center divider is visible to the southbound traffic. and that's why you conceive backing up now to 42 interchange. that southbound drive time for a team and is coming down. you're right here from westbound highway for also slowing. 28 minutes in the westbound direction. an accident that occurred here at solano wait. it was after the turn off but the help to back up the right here through the will pass. us
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take a look at the bridges for use here's a look at the bay bridge ride. it's worse than it looks still backed up into the macarthur may is right to highway 24. and 24 starting to back up the speeds are little better though and that's where the drive times have back to drop the bid down to 24 minutes. tracking arrive the san mateo bridge like this at a standstill 2629 minutes now. the commute time out of hayward heading over toward san mateo. the dumbarton on a great alternative for you this morning. because this bridge got heavier and heavier over the last year and have. and if he started heading south of back to the dumbarton bridge was hit much time there at all. >> george:: bieber dried trouble-free southbound run dried thyme still holding about 24 to 36 minutes for shipment from about on the bridge is richmond bridge ride back up into the westbound direction. now looking at a 14 minute trip time getting over this nfl
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101580 interchange for. >> darya: a big tree falls on a playground yes those are kids playing stow them were crushed this is and shall see massachusetts happened yesterday surveillance camera ortler park camera. there goes a tree happen half a dozen kids play under the tree two of them hospitalized. mother of one and her son scared but will be ok the other child has a fractured skull. that opening his eyes recognizing family members that is good. >> mark: rally at a fund- raiser for san francisco this afternoon. fundraiser will be held in pacific heights as. activists are talking with a plan to address crime and change and opposing the pipeline project not released. >> darya:
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jetblue airways is partnering with charter company "cuba travel services" to offer weekly flights from new york to cuba. the non-stop flight will travel on fridays from john f. kennedy international airport to havana's jose marti international airport this comes as the u-s and and you may also be able to head to cuba by boat soon. for the first time in more than 50 years, the u-s treasury department is granting licenses to operate ferry services to cuba. the agency is issuing the licenses on a case-by-case basis. u-s citizens who want to take a ferry to cuba will still need to meet one of the 12 criteria set out by the obama administration. >> mark: have been upgraded against a man accused of killing an 18-year-old university of virginia student. first-degree murder. but now will ask for the death abducting and killing hannah graham at the university of
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marilyn hartman the serial stowaway who constantly finds ways on to flights leaving the bay area and airports around the nation. has been caught again. hartman was found at chicago's o'hare international airport on april 24th. police arrested the 63-year- old when they realized she didn't belong in a restricted area near the ticketing counter. hartman from similiar incidents. hartman's antics started at timeline showing all of the incidents she has been just head to kron-four-dot- com. >> reporter: to teach a lesson that because a mother rossetti of the rest of the sun was acting out in school and and this is like his teacher who taught second place to scare him
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straight and how his behavior does as clear as his older cubs showing up at his home putting handcuffs on him making hands in the back of the squad car and that last about five minutes. the 10 years old is really very scary. and some selling as a sudden idea messages this torque is what page at coming up in 20 minutes social media to blame for a woman's failed million marriage at 740. >> darya: police are using people behaving badly segment to track down robbery suspect. and the latest with the shaking once again in the concord area a small clique this morning after sunday and three of them 3.2 earthquake at 71 and a little shaking concord area this morning brought 7:00 a 3.2
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>> darya: and stanley roberts roberts story could help make an arrest.
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we replaced story for the san francisco police department. he to recognize the men on the surveillance videotapes. "they do look like regulars all mature the adviser inspectors down at the local police station." >> reporter: 0 relief to agree so that was on duty at the time. "it's a feel a lot better if the like is a refined and even though we have the video. now the sun in recognized him" >> reporter: police say now that make the move. "surprise me that the reprehended very soon this of the video surveillance" although unlikely that may be headed on able to get the. tablets of the store is the
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"once the criminal law that he's being watched. if apprehended this will likely face charges of petty theft.. pretty inside their room. show you. people behaving badly. we do a cold wet etches basically is coming upper
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drivers caught by chp. turn the cameras ourselves since the backstretch behind-the- scenes at kron 4 news show premiers of the sunday at 930. still had taught to watter rules how can you say the get more water in the drop in tell you the effect on one community and how they're taking action,. my answering the second whale that was or all this a pretty close to or the other one washed up and what they're doing to today trading northcliffe if you felt that hit just a bit ago 7:00 a.m. this morning the concord will continue to follow that and more in a few minutes with
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following 2.2 earthquake that hit after 7:00 this morning shaking going on in the bay area and talking with usgs over the last few days a series of small quakes here along this fall line, and if you put too little shaking. what people's feelings are as clear as a special another to lead on sunday. we're up there with other men and it's all on the bay was reason down near in concord walnut creek area of folks felt that even as far as san francisco believe not despite the fact is a land 3.2 on the scale again if you feel if a lot stronger than sometimes i shall report that in the usgs. >> james: is the epicenter coming up will have that
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shake and show you the map the bay area and how far out from the epicenter people actually felt that and how they describe it speaking of which describe for us as well on of these page via twitter also the melos to. >> james: whether a sudden now clause in some spots lot of sunshine and others when is not blowing too bad along embarcadero san francisco but expected to pick up this afternoon at quick break down some francisco financial forecast for the day today next half-hour so chilly the most clear out there by noon time mainly clear skies again breezy and that coming and will be in the '50s mid-50s on the cosigned the '60s on the base side of the pencil and then by three this afternoon the sea breeze will kick up just a little bit and also warm up to in general for mid-60's on the base of the peninsula today and were tablatures are right now a
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law cool temperatures in fairfield cerros the 448 san fransico and in san jose with widespread low 60s across the east bay back of a complete look not only that earthquakes should map but also on the shower chance for tomorrow we have instability in the forecast not to traffic court order you tracking. >> george: 11 creek interstate 680 even though the accident occurred in the non commute direction because northbound here adding a show valley road it's affecting of course the southbound ride more than anything else although it is a residency asserting the back up with a northbound commuters heading up out of the san ramon valley and if you have the walnut creek camera we might yield show you that the late on 680 in a northbound direction yes there is any and see the right here so it's rare that will see this northbound side headlights cars heading toward us leading up and to walnut creek that is the
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case is backed up now the on south main street. and again this is backed up like an afternoon commute now is also the south but right is very heavy bleeding into the san ramon valley and that of course is fairly typical in this northbound delay of leading up to our hot spot that is so unusual was take a quick look at the bridges for your bay bridge ride saturday we are still backed up and the macarthur mayest 23 to 25 minutes to drive time here 80 is a better approach 92 san mateo bridge is are a rough ride this morning 29 men drive * sometimes from the west on trip from hayward over to sam a tail and the golden gate bridge still uneasy trip across the span no problems through marin and typical commute which is heavy from central center fell for richmond bridget's heaviest on the approach that the castro street problem free across the span 12 minutes out of richmond heading over to marin.
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>> darya: 10¢ a closure on these farmlands could start as early as o'clock on sunday and westbound lanes could close as early as 8 the bridge will remain closed until 5:00 monday morning then there's the same enclosure several more of the weekend starting may 22nd. >> mark: a dead whale on a beach in pacifica. kron 4 was the first to tell you about this on the kron 4 morning news yesterday. mike pelton is live at mori point this morning. where crews with the marine figure out how this whale died. >> reporter: joint appearances of the cut will perform full necropsy within the next hour or so as to take a look over here to left the academy of sciences just shown up and they're starting to show up as well you can see them putting on some protective gear the having a meeting this
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morning and then they make their way down to the beach start taking some measurements altman late start performing a necropsy over the next one to two hours and hoping we see dozens of people also making their way here along the beach itself of pacific appear and some people even bringing cameras this morning a this is a 32 ft. female humpback whale washed ashore yesterday morning and our officials are unsure what kill about helping the do a necropsy and the next couple hours meanwhile many people using this as an opportunity the get up close and even where little bit about the humpback whale. "all the little boy preachers were so detailed that." >> reporter: was it like this is a person. "the scale on such a big creature will not real sure what seen alive."
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>> reporter: rangers not sure as well assisting the researchers after performing a necropsy insure knowingness to close so well and allows researchers to do their job in see some of those researchers of the california academy of sciences making their way onto the beach again it's a process of taking measurements and then starting to like a better way to put it start cutting into will figuring out exactly how the whale died. live interview the researchers coming up at 830 this morning. >> darya:happening now. californians are going to have to make major cuts in water usage as the drought continues. state water regulators adopted sweeping, unprecedented water restrictions yesterday. the new rules force cities to limit watering on public property and encourage homeowners to let their lawns die. statewide water use fell
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less than four-percent last month compared to the same time in 2013. this after governor jerry brown called for 25-percent cuts. the new rules mean there will be major changes at green spaces in walnut creek. last night, the city council voted to go forward with the contra costa county water district and east bay mud will reduce water use by 25-percent. the water district is also considering a restriction increase to 40-percent on outdoor watering. in order to meet the state mandates, the city will have to reduce water usage by about 20-million gallons a year. police in san jose are defending their actions and >> 700 >> mark: 732 there is a 3.6 to close the quakes that we had on sunday where red sea 0.6 2.72. out and now will cluster again this morning
7:38 am
reported at 3.2 earthquake in the concord area after seven this morning and now a few minutes ago five men to go in fact 3.6 earthquake as strong as the one on sunday with a 3.6 on sunday of all across the bay into the peninsula and people's feelings when 3.6 just a few minutes ago watching the cluster of earthquakes in concord this morning. >> darya: promising transparency this morning. after video was posted on social media showing officers using force on a man. the video was shot saturday night in east san jose by a bystander who can be heard yelling at police. one officer uses his baton to jab the man multiple times. punched and tazed. police insist the video doesn't tell the full story. they say the man attacked officers with a bottle and they thought he was on drugs.
7:39 am
"once the concept with the suspect bitching or attempting to bridge items the suspect running away and confronting officers attacking one of them with a bottle as well as the actual attack of the officers with a physical fight." two investigations are underway to see if officers went too far. >> mark: shaking concord 2.6 earthquake and a 3.23 0.6 at 2.6 all of the last 30 minutes will be watching that and what's happening the east bay look here for merchants nfl bridge a little bit of a back up this morning wore on this cluster of earthquakes following cluster lead on sunday will be right back as the morning news continues. bob
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>> mark: been talking with the last few days the 3.6 sunday concord and aftershocks of the us this morning here's the ones that we've had so far a 2.6735 a 3.6 and 732 at 3.2 at seven a one this morning. >> darya: concord and he has always follow this. all this
7:43 am
thing does the rumbling mean there'll be more of something big where does this happen as a research and our legs of a good thing.. as the san andreas cribbing up the coast. part of pacific place. bull attention being released. >> james: were due for a big one since we had a big one here on the bay. but it's funny because the green valley fall never heard of it in these quickset bring these lesser faults to the surface and broader consciousness. and how many is that now sixers 7 ahead on the so far. and then george and traffic centered more slow trains down because us. >> george: even register under alert system.
7:44 am
>> mark: three point to a 3.6 at 2.6 all of the last 45 months.. >> james: ashake map at is a the assembling of 3.2 earlier first one happened earlier believe as far out as richmond felt the quake wait for the latest on the 2.6 is still far out that one so o'clock in the letter on people will feel the sun heats and through these things and senate what will sell home we feel shaking 7:00 on wednesday people in the cars trouble don't feel it and pour the commute this morning perhaps we won't get
7:45 am
as many people reporting to as more people were on roads to watch and see of course big news on the bay share as described this morning and even along to us this to a tour the usual. >> darya: up will have the lawyers and some interesting football notices to.
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>> darya: this still a good morning but some of regattas is budgeting i will back to reality of was a looks like
7:48 am
forehanded with and do fine with is what happened was that masked men the got the better of their one last night. >> gary: reassure south up to earlier what up the of lafayette reservoir. >> gary: was the mvp of the floor last evening and there was just incredible the way they used him play a little bit at the beginning got off to a good start for us to implement and without being kollek of the public today is with to get another four days rest maybe he'll up a little bit but he was terrific last night the with a like the momentum was
7:49 am
important and is the home for us elvis' stricken anyone's confidence but you heard were disloyal to frantic we this can dispatch an even quicker whistle made to win four games we lose a home but still saturday night game starts of five around 73745 saturday night. we will know of this or sweating north. >> darya: thought career was an umbrella so i saw him the locker room tunnel make them a shot from the very sight and place: crazy that shows if curry and thompson don't shoot well that to make it tough and the new bid is to photograph him there as well shot and many
7:50 am
does that the semi sure that's what some overtime and then bought all nice rich wall turns around runs down the tunnel everyone started a film that now. in mid + nine turnovers as the maid three-pointers. i guess f i can add up but i know they're getting a lot of money. >> gary: gets a sore whenever one once again as they happen to win saturday night nepheline one game in memphis and will be right back in their favor lot of us with solid game sunday and thought my gosh this will be easy but that was great. >> darya: the lawsuits are
7:51 am
now when you knew those coming. the couple >> gary: gamblers and this loss a lot. >> darya: anything's working out was an entertaining >> : to have the money i lost my so this is how it has a lot of wrinkles of people of the buyback sounds like a joke but if may tighten up our go back to the philippines and on sailboard. >> gary: parks and people are pretty resilient as the
7:52 am
trade of sudden and a single out one year from now who knows is coming up his record 48 in off all-time record is 49 and all rocky marciano retired 49 in no see it played off like a business of the record of 50 unknown give had another chance of boxing people have no shame. >> darya: had been rumors colombo captain and an active fighter jersey going $400 and selling sports shop offering new insurance so you buy the hundred dollar jerseys and $10 extra hard this year player within 18 months this retires or something happens to get to buy another jersey city%
7:53 am
off. >> gary: 00 expensive also cut just about the jurors a nominee have enough stuff was the one leave you with as cabinet calls a made his garage into calls. this is a major zebra was as an ideal girl my fears of a and i don't of i should think if afraid. >> darya: afraid he is listening to. >> darya: all i go samir more than me or this much tidier than a if they win this bill is what the hell is self indulges.
7:54 am
>> gary: be a big shot like that though the accord is indeed his for three of those shoes are as referee. he admits the other offerings and long ago as an interesting man gave the also happens no word either about the lawyers. >> mark: will be right back crossover is flexing concord this morning following the storm we had on sunday three earthquakes and the 3:00 hour 3.27012 0.6 at 732 and 2.6 at 735 and watch for any more aftershocks here after we saw eight after sunday's
7:55 am
quake as an shaking in the east is one repress.
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>> george: 10 of walnut creek a major cause but chp cancel traffic advisory for 680 accident but has backed up the ride into the san
7:58 am
ramon valley and more talk now about the car is heading toward us. boy across the tillites of course are backed up as a typical late and alamo ticket traffic mess here you see this northbound crash which was for a while block the number of ways if the when the special advisory has been cancelled lanes are open but we are still badly back of for the no. 680 ride the bus. also attracting major delays for bar this morning, a pittsburgh-based point wine into san francisco and there were problems with obstruction and that was cleared on its heels of a stop all westbound service at the lofty and station again because of a police action and there was a person on a track no one was struck at believe the situation has been resolved vair once again running trains lumbar is talking a major delays that means 20 to 25 minutes for delays on trains passenger delays could be
7:59 am
significantly more. >> james: quickly outside john severances go embarcadero looking over the bay bridge macleod sunshine this morning with more sunshine on the with his look at temperatures of the current hour still looking at low 50s and santa rosa upper 40's low '40's and center of the upper floors in san jose a the mix of low 50s just three worlds of complete coverage of today's weather chance for sprinkles moral more on earth coming ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge.
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but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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did you feel it? sunday this time a 3.2 magnitude. it hit just after 7 a-m. now this is the fourth
8:02 am
followed by eight aftershocks in the sunday. >> mark: is is on cluster of small earthquakes here on the concord green valley faults. no shaking nonetheless. >> darya: tells an answer. "john" >> darya: the mainly seen as many small quakes this the? "small series going on have been some time to time in various parts it's very active places for of course going california,." >> mark: 30 apart maximum we expect to see on the spot? "can predict earthquakes but it's common to see these things want we my head of
8:03 am
the roof fell after into the fifth to visit when six of the sea but would keep an eye on them when there's more agility and of something larger is coming or not and the california people we'd always prepared for that. >> darya: didn't set the bar imports of oil pits and in texas track. as it because this is just far different from our or so small? "due to the size it's probably a smaller and whatever other settings are for their detectors the venture anything. " >> darya: is crumbling about you as an expert on which way it will go from here? "we can predict or forecast that as an appetizer and ever larger as classic people little born of an eye on it when your sister is going like this." >> mark: >> darya: ports of
8:04 am
any damage or injuries of 2.6 this morning as large as of 2.6 is on sunday in the area. >> mark: the concord green valley fall which is us splutter a center is fall know very big earthquake since 1770. control >> james: rooms did with me and as the slide and show you i read this from the usgs websites. boasted us are going to happen this morning the yellow dots over the last seven days we have the cluster on sunday but the force illegal are little ones to issue under 251 really feel some. news gives an idea how active the false been and a 19 or 28¢ less sunday if. >> james: unexpected one will have a structural damage. in any damage. >> darya: is and said they
8:05 am
are poor the story does have a picture little damage to tell us about will shot. >> james: at an off chance shot at breaking news at kron-4-dot-com for. >> mark: share of try food cache water. >> darya: us or very prepared then to miss you think of. that's about the debt today and put the others of us left late also in your house has never know will be if a quick hits any need to survive. for survive left >> james: for an umbrella your changes in taste and then share transfers of the bay area media sprinkler to come up tomorrow in the east bay when israel in the south bay and have to tell you
8:06 am
though the model their own little bit of a disagreement with future cast for a shows a chance of a lot these days of the showers. and then looking the to the have many hundreds of an inch perhaps at one point during the day. then nothing after death. keep in tune here and keeping tabs on these models have been an update you on before testing the cluster closer to energy coming our way. outside relatively nice conditions and a quick break down of the san francisco bay area forecast looks like will keep on a clear sign mostly anyway. cool for the morning hours by noontime. the tick of the broadband low 6 is at that point. this is afternoon we should have our maximum temperatures looking for lotus mid-60's in the bay side of the peninsula. low sixties for the cosigned. all were expecting for some francisco and peninsula today. back with a complete look at the forecast in 15 massive ground. not to traffic.
8:07 am
>> george: around walnut creek there was a motorcycle accident that bid for a while break all lands. or at least through the mine northbound 680. at here at igneous your valley road. and the non commute side of the freeway backed up the southbound route was also affected. but the northbound side is affected coming up out of the san ramon valley. in sacked and backed up all the way into the danville northbound interstate 680. i lost my camera offer walnut creek so will sit with the traffic maps here you can see that this northbound right is backed up in the ballet. there are delays in both directions interstate 680 accident in the final clearing stages. and all lanes are open now but the activity on the shoulder is what traffic is still slow. we need to talk about bar this is not in relation to the earth like cousins story mentioned earlier although there were cluster of quakes. there they were
8:08 am
sufficiently high enough skill level on the richter scale in order to trigger their we did not have the suspense service but. there was a police action of some kind for a while trains were being held in walnut creek for us that this murder bay point line in san francisco. those for about 20 minutes trains are still the felt embark is recovering as they say from major delays. anything over 1520 minutes as a major delay. for a bar and when they talk about that what they mean is train delays your delay could actually be significantly higher. >> george: 5 the bay bridge this morning still pretty bad for right coming out of macarthur may is. still well over 20 minutes from your trip highlights 24. approaching from is a 80 or nimitz freeway you have an easier trip when the shorter drives with. for the san mateo bridge highway 92
8:09 am
nonstops but still quite sluggish. 1922 minutes for your drive here. fair golden gate bridge uneasy trips across the span. and some free and ran typically heading traffic to 37 the toll plaza drive time of about 34 minutes. here's your trip to richmond bridge westbound interstate 580. 12 of 14 minutes for your drive out of richmond over the senate fell. >> darya>> mark: following of three. more the fault months ended monday.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
contrary once again 3.2 followed by six. down grade 235 and 2.6 all heading during a 7:00 hour this morning on reports of damage injury or even large enough for people slow down the trains to check on the tracks and follow the is a cluster or texas morning for others or hit in the same area look at the time those had and how you feel the more sunday of three or like this morning. >> darya: 3 camino feel if you're busy rebel. >> mark: said the quake along the peninsula 3.6 and
8:13 am
this morning a 3.5 0732 this morning. kvell >> james: rights of forecasts is morning bring up the matter once more if addition to those 31 is the fourth lesson at lot more and yellow there quick look here oakland a lot more of full forecast when look at temperatures as afternoon the. 69 oakland not bad at the. showers the potentially on the way a couple the tilsit had.
8:14 am
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water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. >> james: the approaches 86 seamless about where you expect a matter of going through the day when the temperatures of a close eye but are warmer san francisco and all of 53 degrees and how. glenn 52 representing slightly warmer conditions unless update. the four concord good way through mid '50s and east bay valley. is whether follows these lines here for the entire bay area cool conditions in the morning hours noontime boat in the mid-60s by. bay shoreline by a person sees in land and the cause upper 6 is about. through caught for collect
8:17 am
seen as a pickup temperatures also climbed like a loaded 6 is in london also coal so communities and slightly warmer and where were yesterday released a pass the 60 degree mark of and trapped in the mid-50s. enjoy it tomorrow we have the system to the north and string the bay area and the bulk of it will be to the east and this year more than anything with a possibility of a chain requirements for the system may be the site of the western edge of that system could bring the bay area a light sprinkle or to. doesn't look too intensive this moment and try lighting also a possibility elastase one day and it's gone. but soon hear the latest with the different models and how they expect the default to. this point in the space south bay was behind the two regions that will get anything if anything from the storm system. commission >> james: over 73
8:18 am
degrees more than the weekend and that's the weather is your the traffic center. >> george: san ramon valley or looking at 24 interchange camera pointing south in the valley and the this is a south main exit and this is next northbound at initial valley road that accent and in clear from the lands it did back things up all the way into danville on 680 north now there are reports that in the vicinity of south main street around here or here there may be another accident on a northbound side and you can see the traffic is still making its way northbound and also looking at the south on traffic the taillights fairly typical back up a northbound delays are not. look at the traffic map and mitchell valley road out there some on the shoulder final clearing stages both of these
8:19 am
problems affected the southbound ride which is about 22 metric as you head south coming out of concord almost to 42 and coming out of place in hell martina's interstate 680. barr is recovering from major problems here at lafayette on the pittsburgh bay point line heading toward san francisco earlier this morning there was a minor obstruction reported that delayed things a bit as they were recovering from that they ended up with a person on the tracks and they had the stop all trains out of walnut creek that continue to back up the system and they are still in recovery mode looking at crowded platforms and crowded trains for the westbound to trip toward san francisco. you're right to the bridge is the bay bridge here looks like it's getting up and i believe not amazes still slow westbound for cash pairs though it's much easier ride 22 minute drive times is so slow across this ban on the san mateo bridge
8:20 am
92 ride is slowly but steadily improving in 1922 minutes drive time here fear bridge to the golden gate bridge were still looking at any problems through marin makes of the typically slow traffic through nevada rose and fell and for richmond brought westbound interstate 580 taking a back at the toll plaza still sluggish from castro look for about 12 met 14 metric time out of richmond in december fell 11580 interchange. >> darya: lot about the clinton and 11 people feeling them and the kron 4 news and pictures we have a picture of somebody a little damage martina's viewpoint to 2.5 on 2.6 austria between 7730 this morning. >> mark: in the latest and node cluster of quakes that we had on sunday and will be the largest of 3.6 that was felt across the peninsula largest sporting with 2.5
8:21 am
the [♪♪♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
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vertps? ublegent y thller you n't ow "rp" thankso thaarpek pgram this guys spng onis n grason. aarpek gs pele tteronneed to technolog to tterconnt wi eacothe with sial dia,igit viceand ps. if youon'think"hhtagove d" when youhinkarp,th youon'tnow arp" findore rpring poibilies and geto kw ust aarprg/psibities >> darya: continuing coverage of the earth there is happening concord beardsley before grumman work already bore and 7:00 a.m. a busy time of these earthquakes hit nonetheless see a lot over concord right
8:24 am
now checking out the area or the place had been held up a partnership with abc seven is. >> mark: over the place following the cluster we had on sunday his fallen off but did not limit very little damage and injuries. >> mark: this all happen between 7 and 735 this morning that the small cluster had on sunday allowed people felt especially if the 3.63 widespread as far as being fall from the bay area across the bay and peninsula. >> darya: no telling if it was releasing more place to come to our experts over usgs this morning thereby entering the area as we are here to look here the quakes that they show on this map the three red dots the ones that happened this morning the yellow you see some yellow dots are a lot of those are so small late 1
8:25 am
million unregistered kvell. >> mark: watches of the revenues even as more of class, again will be right back rv..
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> james: list of the quick this morning to recap what occurred 701 this morning and concord and the men to the came up at 3.6 at about 732 and then another one that's been downgraded another one coming up after 25 magnitude into six unedited of course comes on the heels of what was saw last week and a good number of chrysler last sunday's 19 as a matter of fact these the red ones are today's earthquakes the we had those that were strong enough to feel lost sunday else to
8:28 am
occur through the rest await not many people felt and so small magnitude who fell to a good question ashake met here this epicenter of the 35 occur this morning and the colors are radiated out and looking for the port of the usgs have felt some shaking and stretches as far north as vacaville and thought the last as portions of the peninsula at deere sfo. portions of sonoma valley their reporting filling them and as far south as perhaps maybe down toward dublin pleasanton that fell to their as well. >> james: fairly widespread in terms of damage all minor they fully of the was any doubt all. off to as this are the few clouds will see in the east bay next 30 minutes and continue to be clear for east bay valley is a noontime will be sunny and
8:29 am
warm 15 degrees and lender with 62 of buying the bay shoreline monday tuesday will be breezy during the afternoon hours special indicating are at 3 and the becoming button to jobs and are in a woman applies for an invalid what mid-70s their mid-60s out along the coastline. >> james: kurt up to 54 degrees or sing 52 san jose which had been locked in for most morning at all in all pretty good in terms of temperatures right now is starting to see warmup vacaville's full head of forecasts in just a bit hanover traffic center and. >> george: continue check hot spots concentrating and of walnut creek interchange san ramon valley we have a series of accidents and a northbound direction on interstate 680 half thursday it nation valley road a motorcycle crash that occurred northbound 24 and
8:30 am
then to separate accidents of of 24 when an olympic and another in north main street light and afternoon commute for the southbound city ride 2224 minute drive in the reverse commute commute from dublin health of the walnut creek when expect that of fourth and earlier recurring problem on the cellphone ride 22 minutes i concord in the walnut creek. 242680 southbound look at our walnut creek camera and the right on interstate 680 even see that it's unusual to see this much traffic still working northbound and southbound traffic starting duties that's fairly typical as we move past 9:00 they get the carpool lane restrictions on interstate 680 southbound california road and that's when things begin to pick up here. tracking delays this morning on bart which is still looking at 1520
8:31 am
mandalay's and so bordering on major delays for the pittsburgh of a point line there was please action here's a lafayette station person on the tracks they stop trains for over 20 minutes that back them up in walnut creek and concord there's still recovering bit and were talking about clout crowded platforms and crowded trains and then here's a look highway 92. >> george: improving conditions of the senate's embrace this weekend will see any traffic on this bridge that all. for the westbound or eastbound ride will be close of the weekend. >> darya: we were rescued a sudden pictures and somebody did tony for martinez checkout those areas you see the pals can off the wall. the can often quite get looks like the glue is
8:32 am
another reminder that you should not use flimsiest of a nude pictures of ron they always tell you feel bookshelf a great is the kind of thing that will come toppling over with the sled as quick these are small place in see here a couple panels falloff is wall. >> mark: need for cruzan pacific got following the latest campus' of the dallas morning of the whale that washed ashore a dead whale the second one in a month. so sinister morning and mike helm live on the scene right now. >> reporter: the body of a car is rather a 22 humpback whale the marine mammal set as well as cruise from macadam erica of sciences there determining what caused oil to die now we will bring an for a mammal
8:33 am
center long walk through what goes into a necropsy and how you determine what can will. "going all the of the carcass was at signs of hemorrhaging bruising or bleeding. broken bones indicate maybe alerts shift change and also try to look at the stomach look for any ocean trash all six several hours and should determine the cause of death. with the timetable is a few hours the third part of this the take several days as well? "for splitting the citizens orsha short-term people from bring mammal center and small group from california will be here was the day to day how trend internal weekend from the animal and also samples we send out which can take weeks months at to determine the board follow up as well'
8:34 am
>> reporter:. repeated term and:. "will of a bruising and also samples and determine if there is another reason that animal life. >> reporter: a sperm whale washed ashore here often this is in season chris also looking at that will what are they doing with that one this morning. "group today might be somebody else. >> reporter: dozens of people to take pictures of blood will unload you do this for your job what does it feel like police u.s. ice on a beach. "the of see that many large whales washed up on the beach so an opportunity the information a baseline data measurements of the data learn more of the species
8:35 am
the cut in the dallas morning club as a result of several hours and what exactly what caused kill the well l of people walking by this morning all very curious to know the answer the question >> darya: bieber cuts in water use says the drug continues to watter regulators adopted sweeping unprecedented restrictions just read and the new rules for city's watering on public property encourage homeowners to what your lawn by and statewide lottery is a loss of 4 percent last month and compared the 2013 this after the governor called for a 25% reduction in water use these new rules mean big changes for places like if walnut creek what they're doing half the city council when for restrictions in such a costa county so easily mutt will reduce water use that 25 percent and this is also considering restriction increase of 40% on outdoor
8:36 am
watering coming back that far and ordered to leave the state mandate the city of walnut creek is going to have to reduce its water usage by 20 million gal. a year. >> mark: details of the b-2 and the ball than the garland tx should out. vowed >> mark: and the security guard during to long guns and four grandsons of the north entrance of carter's call center with russia and ankle isis lenders must go before the tech and officials aren't sure the terrorist group is to blame the city's tax this of the pattern of isis recruitment is in social media to encourage sympathizers of the county officials reactivating the county disaster relief funds to aid earthquake victims involved 7.8 magnitude quake that struck nepal more than a week ago with kelly's to
8:37 am
nepal where countries china and india suffered damages well now made a county officials have a vacation or holiday time to the fund and people to make cash donations setting a check payable to the all the disaster relief fund. >> mark: he'll sue in scouting informational transferred jfk the fifth presentation today at the pleasantville campus 36 another session of the san jose campus tomorrow afternoon for the mouth of the college's share freightliner has been given green light to test cell driving a tractor trailer trucks and nevada this big rig party has a soft drink light trucks in operation now test driving it on public highway always beat a
8:38 am
licensed driver in the driver's seat though but the technology designed and equipped to drive itself an unlimited access to sit here and never than six control the check when in the city and in the suburbs. >> reporter:-user skills to make money doing the stuff to get in the next tech report. >> mark: as an local server if as we had in the concord area this morning on ellis like part of the three earthquakes 35 at 36
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
1 more aftershocks of seven years so far this morning if the divorce then cluster vs. what is the start on sunday of advent concord area of here's some of the ones dealing from if telephone through the door fall this morning to point to a 35 at 732 at 2.6 of 735 all centered around ellis like park east of to 42 off your concord avenue off and let us see if will see any reports of any major damage injury the large enough for that to survive all of bay area of van always a good reminder did your earthquake hit the other thing that.
8:42 am
>> darya: also looking around see this any damage certainly no one was hurt and you know going whats up sunday morn today it does is allow trading halts total small earthquakes ron cochran lost it is. >> darya: red no accident prompting a warning for jim doors a deadly blow to the head. >> mark: of the machine during partition in mexico and we have the most tedious if. >> darya: will related accidents happen more the thing was the slopes were seen some recent yesterday
8:43 am
commission says 24,000 people went to emergency rooms for travel related accidents just last year and has more than any other kind of exercise equipment and not look down at your feet while you're running on that make and it was a bronze limit distractions will bars also holds a village in the near but this does not have a mere tracking delays on board this morning. pittsburgh a point month >> george: service was in chains are moving again and but bart still reporting 15 a 20 minute train delays veered away as a passenger to be hired waw did this and other hot spots when kron 4 more news returns
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> darya: even film but some people of small quakes that have the sun 732-2 3.5 south of concord and have the depth them in not be deep enough or too deep to disturb him farther and have the tracks also saw no one and 735701 after that most small three 2.6 and the fact is this area has been shaking since everyone felt the class on sunday to this also puts on sunday and then maybe waking up in concord this morning felt these same was going on which check that out all experts tell us as the watch and area is known smaller but at the earth faults shaking sometimes means a relief sometimes it means all continue and that there could be more bigger ones something. are watching
8:47 am
something. >> reporter: someone in your area willing to do the stuff you need done higher price if you will agree on. "for all the time" >> reporter: test floors a day delivering newborns less than she wants to do in his her to do list she's turning a test run at the service in 19 cities in counting plus lawyers delivered to a friend the nations dropped off
8:48 am
was a"mature in jobs needed to fill a void of missing come. "she's a late tasker sheathing command a higher hourly wage 35 to $65 for our age tester hill is our loss six of the jobs up to them tasks insured and no need for cash pay right to the at. of the sensitive doing what any the be doing and even what lois one takes care of my thing from. >> reporter: if you the exxon chester morgan and test completed half the fun also make money off the platform i want to set up
8:49 am
the via tasker however you do need a complete an extensive background check for concern accepting jobs. >> darya: get the weather see how things are sedate engines following an earring for tomorrow the surface weather update a glance at our software forecast san jose warm up to the mid-60s i should think when noontime and mostly clear skies sundays and sunshine there possibly up since 6971 degrees depending on where you are and really nice mild weather today whatever shares trailing off about 60 by o'clock tonight winds will still be with us on monday tuesday until be no exception and the sea breeze coming in and sfo looking good nothing but blue sky above often less clear start
8:50 am
on a peninsula san francisco 53 oakland 52 san jose 52 as well for forties' for most of the morning warming is kicking in concord 54 the get the idea santa rosa even warming 48 sounds cold but whats in about 42 for several hours this morning. things began to shiver up nicely by noontime look for the twins a pick up a little bit temperatures in the mid-60s for bay shore community heading inland upper 60s at that lunch hour. we the sea breeze will definitely be there looking at about 1050 mon hour winds temperatures in the upper 60s but they unload mid-70s before england community that said tomorrow we of this instability to the north of diving down toward the sierra de gaulle was a slight chance of a sprinkler to track the up coming up in a bit as it and see lotus 7 news for east bay lotus 7 is for the north bay and south bay for that matter is this from tracker did the system
8:51 am
will show you, your thursday and the south bay a few shots of some light rain during afternoon hours friday as kron said sunday as a look ahead of the weekend nice and dry warming tooth. >> james: out to traffic for 40 following. >> george: still tracking the house but here the walnut creek finally things are improving at least a northbound direction which is attracting in which all are recent spate is a batch exit occurred for a. said the issue valley road and alum that the then south main street in most of those clear now the northbound rise still sluggish coming out of the valley as the closer to walnut creek interchange series pickup. the southbound traffic flow at 22 minutes is back to at least a normal drive time. tracking arrive the bridges it's odd but we're looking at the end of back up here at the bay bridge so like yesterday it afloat at london thick as an end this
8:52 am
way an early end of the backup westbound. the drive times are down 14 minutes there bay bridge drive. there's a slow traffic and the macarthur maze it's not leading to the bay bridges leading to the east shore freeway. mateo bridge right again improved in the westbound direction drive * have plummeted from of ford's 2226 minutes back down to 1315 minutes westbound as no longer backed up on the approach to the span coming over from hayward highway 92. golden gate bridge problem free all morning but at this hour this is what you typically see the heaviest traffic flow even though it is heavier in it is not the way for the south fun ride the trip through marin so coming in at about 30 minutes and 28 minutes south. down from 37 your drive over to marin across the richmond bridge nicely clear out now no longer backed up to the richmond center fell drive time is spent to about eight minutes.
8:53 am
please >> mark: in san jose defending actions of bronzing transparency this morning in the post and social media showing officers using force a man of the osha said and i a san jose a bystander the employees of the city uses his baton the judge a man all times who also reportedly plans portion tays pleases as the video isn't a whole story of how the mets had the officers and the fight >> : drugs the actual contact with the suspect miching portending to ditch items the suspect or a length confronting officers of the suspects attacking one of the officers with a bottle with him as well as the than the actual attack on officers with a visit of lives. >> darya: instigators tech
8:54 am
yellow may weather 5 bifurcating in the fight over the fight is just beginning in court to men of valor of votes you are, any regrets think the lackluster fight deserves a close a budget lawsuit but one lousy at least $5 million for maytag of outthrust he hit his injury and visit there and get both of the century the got the growth of van also fueled vest on many crack of light and now here's injured also a large class-action lawsuit by of pay-per-view customers sing the same thing how this is what they were misled o'bannon was a woman of 1/8. >> michelle: the big quake doesn't happen when patty house votes and say i'm concord should my house if not at the of the jury's
8:55 am
rv. 3 mess ago unless " butler's or erode the dublin pleasanton area of his father of lead to a loss of our visit beijing. bit careful analyses on the field to gather news here. the first so the sunday of the back store in and 30 here on kron of here's a preview.
8:56 am
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8:57 am
>> mark: critics of three to 85 2.6 volume major reports of any damage although we had tree come out in the area of very it may not be related to prevent coming into vogue wall paneling
8:58 am
wellesz of legs allowed people felt was sunday and three more this morning-7 cluster in the concord area evolved around the vent like the park area east of to 42 the then tracking the latest year this morning and to miss on the kron 4 more news as it continues.
8:59 am
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>> darya: cluster requesting country this morning between 77 varied there were three of them why 32 of 35 2.5 magnitude. this following a small cluster of books we had on sunday allowed people selling these guys in the east bay also are across the bed. >> >> darya: have seen as jameses been following the clusters the maps the shape of who felt that people who felt that had a little damage. >> james: reported feeling it far and wide like a map showing the earthquakes that occur this morning a ones in red are the ones that happened this morning of vermont's 01732 and 735 villiers in yellow or the ones that we saw all the reports of loss seven days of bad. some at here and
9:01 am
point out specifically ones were talking about the first ones occur at 7013 points to vote started feeling that one that about half an hour later the 3.5 occurred heights 732 more people felt that one. a couple minutes after that we have a little guy here 2.6 struck at 735 and also considered minor earthquakes typically when it said the see damage like less but has proven to be an active for some of which begin pictures of people who had some damage to walls and gillette what you hear from the morning a jury quickly the straight man here who tweet quite some >> : seven days are so this is of 3.5 occurring in concord this morning callers already a now from that at the center are places reported feeling the quake vest far been north back ourselves as this is san ramon valley veterans efforts as go mid peninsula we had viewers right and the de mayo the
9:02 am
usgs a haverhills it is like interesting is the only people and how far out of people felt the quake even though it was just a 3.5 and a 3.2 of this kind of interesting. what weather now forecast a loss of talk about. >> michelle: cold temperatures low amid 50s across parts the east bay high here if you're gonna be in the east bay very similar to where we were the past few days of very see throughout the afternoon temperatures warmer across east bay valley high in locations and slightly cooler across the east bay shoreline locations high winds will blow to attend a 50 m.p.h. its afternoon and could thus of the 25 keep the mind driving prepared for the of the kids from school as you drive home be prepared for those gusty conditions of how. i've looked outside we do have clear skies a few pitiful start to start wednesday afternoon and their flight
9:03 am
was coming out now where. warmer temperatures across the east abatement 50s out there the six of 53 across the south bay also loaded mid-50s as solid colors whats in the peninsula daly city 49 degrees also before is that arose of high at 48 degrees. temperatures continue the stay on the cooler side when we will see sunshine pretty much all day long will the be dealing with sunshine during the lunch hour choruses'. spots and a lunch hour will be inland locations via verbal locations mid-60s and the response will be along the coast of 50s will continue on through the added as well as the. warmer spots will be in to the afternoon across east bay valley locations mid-60s and who also and back again the sea breezes will be strong from the northwest to him and the closer you get to the demands a lot bifurcate. we have those rain chances in time the mall out coming up with is a contractor and high 74 passes.
9:04 am
>> george: didn't look at traffic major delays on board this morning when our hot spot vanish service disruption of the suburban point line of high-end for wheat of two separate plot problems recovering from the first that had suspended service here at lafayette. double westbound trains and then just as recently as two minutes ago bar top stated they are still tracking 1520 minute delays and a sober considers major delays on the pittsburgh bay. right into severances go. leave voters did of kron platforms and trains this morning and they are recovering likely will be delayed heading in that direction is your plan as a sporting heavy coming in from san francisco on bark or anywhere else on that and on the line. as a take a look at the bridges now we have a much better condition here pick this up the bay bridge hardly any backup left. or dried thyme
9:05 am
14 of forging a somewhat slow drive it may be in the macarthur maze that is not leading to the bay bridges leading to the east shore for a way of viewing the san mateo bridge is cleared out early look at this back to a 13 minute drive time come right hand side your screen which is a coming attraction how it's been 30 minutes and then on commute direction heading back toward hayward all morning. here the golden gate bridge still little heavy for this hour but no delay for the south lawn drive and then smoothed off the wall the bread and richard into marin no back up toward the light here the toll plaza coming up of richmond is not back down to 8 to 9 minute drive time quick check speaking of driving times as we update some for you on the east shore freeways visitors a 80 westbound by 31 minutes from brazil is a berkeley so little sluggish year vendor right through 680 southbound coming down from dublin to fremont sold 28 men dragged the time outthrust.
9:06 am
>> mark: entry coming down this morning around the time of the small cluster with on and on the lives that a lot, some people say has been when the of the trees can cut it loose and get rid of all but the question as the senate come on when the quake came either. >> darya: as a couple cars got hit the tree and then somebody from martina's: in san in this picture of some old panels on a wall or glued that came right leaves and kill off his wallet a quick hit. ♪f you wantt ♪♪o out and t it ♪
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
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9:13 am
couple >> darya: larsen's arms crisis earlier this morning in concord at all happen with that half hour. and this is very small of three. shoe 3.6 and a 2.6 magnitude all between 7735 the morning. so many martina's who watched as kron 4 and 20¢ a slow
9:14 am
growth. the couple tell seen their bluebill wall. the came off can. >> darya: more specifically at what happened 732 2.6 is you can see it was in concord and that's just one of the three that we have this morning to continue coverage asking for four hours of the damage and some laws and this shows you the there have been 19 quite so i 7 days, and once the fall of vision the all-30 had a swing or read the on my pc here. >> george: these quakes were slow enough on the richter scale that didn't register at bart central won a quick reaches a certain threshold bar goes into an expansion mode and shut the trains down the long slow modem so like contract inspections they fully this morning that did not impact their
9:15 am
service. they ended up having problems of their on which where police action here at the loss a at station and because of that trains were held for over 20 minutes in walnut creek there a. had been reported person on the platform once that was resolved they were it will start trains moving again but still in recovery mode that so reporting 1520 minute delays and down toward san francisco and pittsburgh bay point line. today's a narrow ladder than usual drive the bay bridge no longer backed up and macarthur man is 14 and drive time. hardly gets better than that and here's someone who likes to it telecommute lines up before your head and head out the door any time since to the san mateo bridge easy ride westbound driver * back down to 13 minutes at the golden gate bridge problem freeze yourself on any see it easy
9:16 am
now through marin update the drive time for you in a moment that shipped to bring a long-delayed eight minutes to nine minutes now out of richmond into marin county and here's a look at those drive times for use starting in the south bay tracking the commute on 101 northbound 27 minutes of of a couple of stress i'm on the expressway really pretty much right on track and a drive on 280 a little slot 28 minutes should be about 22 at this hour this one in mid peninsula ride feel slow 4101 tracking a northbound trip here at 19 and drive time from paul october early gain and then despite a typical 20 minutes here's the emeline ride even see how the southbound trip is just under 30 minutes at 29 minutes from highway 37 down the toll plaza. no. it traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile app a free download versions for both apple. and apple
9:17 am
>> michelle: shower chances over the dollar today or tomorrow the chances are going through the afternoon as of right now san francisco temperatures mid- 50s they will continue to stay in the mid to upper 50s and soul of the lunch hour what tortures in the mid-60s so sort where were yesterday by few degrees and temperatures will continue to warm up in the mid-60s by the afternoon when you drive home temperatures continued to fall into the 60s with a breezy winds from the northwest of the 25 m.p.h. could affect your commute keep that in mind as you drive home and talking of temperatures 8 falling in the mid upper 50s who. i'd look outside plenty of sunshine out there and another day we have across the sunglasses and so continue to stay bright and it's very bright across the east bay and invalid locations walnut creek what looks like right now plenty of sunshine to have on your wednesday now temperatures are in the 50s across much of the area we do have a cool spot still in san rosa
9:18 am
there was at one of the 54 degrees got a bad way to start the morning and then temperatures continued warmup from their daytime highs even expect upper 60's or 70's across san jose just like yesterday and parsley space amid upper '70's and any of 76 concord 75 areas across the north bay mid- 70s in the afternoon close less state across the coast and peninsula of vest for into tomorrow with a for tomorrow morning drive but it looks ago continue to stay dry of. >> michelle: annunciation our chances by the afternoon this is after lunch time into the time we pick up kids from school parts of east bay valley even east shore 3 lime could see a sudden sharp move in dublin interchange could see as lunch hour when a drive home in the jar chances
9:19 am
continue to push off sell these routes at 7:00 to the south bay much of the area dealing with a cloud cover breezy conditions and if you like the rain the right moves out by friday morning heist will continue on with mild temperatures into tomorrow showers possible in the afternoon by friday clearly out and we will have temperatures warmup this a little bit more east bay valley location in an area in the mid upper 70's for areas across the bay aboard '60s and by the weekend these ambitious start to warm up just a little bit more and they'll be the warmest of the next seven days per big because under weakened by early next week we have the upper 70's for inland valley locations. >> mark: along and people disappointed that were trying along. "i slow six years now
9:20 am
starting to turn into a almost no growth" "adding people to productivity mart in the market adding hundred 59,000 jobs not enough specialness a downward trend employment report o'clock friday these are ok numbers largely they added 5000 jobs in here companies of fewer than 50 people 94,000 per capital to small businesses that do the real heavy lifting in the economy. as a weak number not discouraging is just week which is on the side of discouraging./ >> mark: up $6 for the first time this year they're enjoying a boost our economy with low gas prices. $60 a barrel is good not $90 a barrel of oil lie hundred 50 all barrel of oil hits 6740 this to any people in the world account on a price of
9:21 am
oil sourcing stabilize asian about 58 to meet the speaking means a good area to be unfair in the $4 berle see any time soon '60s really good if it's still here for a few years been a leader for all lost. >> mark: apple but do you is what else is companies in the world. "yes hundred $90 billion in cash. pit borrowing money so that an increase in dividends and buy back shares they borrowed money at 3% to have% absolutely that is exactly what i would do. smart store company they don't need to borrow but they are rates are low as right now that more timing of the system cannot visit the property from tahoe because the money is so she like to borrow some apple or the transit.
9:22 am
>> mark: can ask us a bite is a. would go as i know a time soon company is making billions of dollars from star wars movies to marvel movie and not just open and everyone knows that is expensive but take a look at the last 4550 years the stock keeps going up as always goes straight up what has i do own one expect any money to be made this year no visitors coming and they have this record. >> mark: a question third rob lowe answers during cornforth. >> darya: 15 of all the
9:23 am
earthquakes small ones such as the concord area reaction from people
9:24 am
what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up
9:25 am
enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:26 am
>> mark: 3 our affairs in these various to 0.2352 0.6 v from 7730 this morning watching the scene seismograph and nothing else happening what it's been quiet as follows will cluster of greece as sunday list sent up some that through the afternoon this 2.6 of the 13 that one was wobbly on the bay area concord area, a minute later there was a to 7 on sunday and then followed by monday 2.8 the following will replace the bay area.
9:27 am
>> darya: what people again are in the car on traffic on move if not kill them as much kron for trees just awesome encounter this morning a lot of people of all the pipes. >> reporter: very concord on this one is a lot of people talking about the earthquakes wondering what was going on also they wonder if this all means of there's another big one that is going to hit here. "the walls were shaking but was shaking a little depth is about to 787 and have trouble." "like a really big trick in my house."
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> darya: is clear the hills warmth will settle on the ones the s&l and total at this point with the lot and have a very small ones loans a hit this morning between with 32 low 369 of the two sides and who does all happened between 7 the morning and seven very polite but said an animal and then head on sunday in after in a lot more people felt a 313 and 314 then nor the shade or small 2.8 on monday all on the same area rosolio that's really kind of like those folks up and leave the dealer of signals but there has been small things videos involve a shows the we did see
9:31 am
because a quick huddle of the of the palace of the hanging white igloo a can of the and then is another map with jim's falling about this morning. or >> james: chrysalises of lines as they happen this morning first was struck 701 that's this one right here even see the magnitude 3.2 in size and shortly after that roth to the right we have another one why half hour later than a little stronger sofer's reported as 3.6 assists and usgs downgrade assisted by five this any way you cut it so strong rebel of that is a bite a number of people few minutes after that another one how this one was a third final one this morning that one registered 2.6 and magnitude of quite a bit smaller and grand scheme of things these are minor as quick as arias said with some people that feel them and people will be talking of that bed when our it called us what visit much as some of which about 20 earth lives in the last seven
9:32 am
days and they have all been very small of three residents are the ones with this morning all yellow dots were the ones so we've seen in the last seven days and didn't say we've had quite a number of them concord fault their little-known ones that have is a very active in the past week who fell to a good question this is the epicenter of that 3.5 to august 1st this morning with the. all areas in the different colors those are the areas where people reported to the usg as if all six. paul >> james: council there were light it widespread alway the vacaville which people feel it down south toward dublin pleasanton and livermore and people see of as out france's go down the west down the mid peninsula near what is a san bruno du reported feeling and it was fairly widespread in terms of people feeling about it was not terribly strong however as we were taught about earlier it was strong enough to cause some people say laws that >> darya: vested 74 as at
9:33 am
kron-4-dot-com and would see a little the damage also as a continued to look at our coverage kron 40 trend joins us now live from concord and talking to people involved like the incumbent damage because doing so much restoration downtown martina's serve as such in progress for going on in proportionally no breaks and on anyone at the time of people getting up front so o'clock in the morning and either the voters will go to work to people run behind me assault through the minds of a clock and then the next one was 730 then a little edge back to back. "smell of the beginning come
9:34 am
for another" >> reporter: areas, and her? "i felt also 35 because just a quick little jolt your big thing in our dog jumped 11 immediately.". flex"been tva was in front of pre is nothing fall of no injuries to report no damage done and more tense and very light damage anywhere else with the california there are pros there flex as earthquakes unfortunately. >> darya:
9:35 am
>> mark: this is a chicken down in pleasant hill courtesy of quick " that come to the tree that fell around the time pleasantville from martinez also coming off is the sharing the images from a small cluster of places warm weather and adopted a forecast chance of rain. >> michelle: he up to clear skies across much of a ban temperatures are on the rise if the assumption we're seeing his line lotus a disease of the born in a south bend quickly warm in oven and the upper 60s and what are will be nice view was the outside the prepared for breezy conditions those winds will start to increase into the early afternoon from northwest of the 50 mi. per hour of. even the dust of the 25 at times so keep in mind traveling an area in the afternoon when you pick up the kids or under commute home could be a nuisance tablatures warmup in the
9:36 am
lower 7 is fertile and locations across the south bay of vendor a similar tour the worry is death. the drug's side issue put its somewhat on. of the bread out on. v >> michelle: 54 for hayward this morning's same temperature for sun rose the mid-50s van. along the peninsula lota mid-50s and of course on the bit map this city of the degrees of boundary for the day plenum more sunshine lessing and the lunch hour and early afternoon half the time highs across the bay warmup in the upper 60s hon inland locations across east bay valley warmup and amid a burst '70s soul as sunshine and talking about rain
9:37 am
chances of moving in for tomorrow back all those details coming up at seven day forecast. >> george: for the better part morning we've been tracking major delays on barred the top end of the problem is heading west on a big point line and the san francisco of vote cleared up now the problem is all the trains that were delayed heading this way are now counting for some delays heading back in the other direction of vengefully though there are no longer major delays vest temin delays veterans eastbound from daly city back toward its birth eight. again that's only because outthrust there were not enough trans to keep the schedule heading back into non commute direction we don't expect any lasting problems because of that veterans were suspended at lafayette report but the person on the tracks survey. >> george: there was barred
9:38 am
14 1/5 amid delays no longer backed up and amazed and while there's still some slow westbound 58 traffic heading to interstate 80 not to the bridge to 92 in the san mateo bridge were completely clear out the longer tracking any delays for the right on the approach of where across the span of 1130 minutes: the bridge problem free and the commute through orange county virtually delay free now that rhonda's 30 minutes for a bottle of versatile plaza and richmond bridge been no longer back up to westbound ride just a metric ton is heading toward a center south and speaking of trip times of its rides for a of traffic on east shore freeway that was concentrated here on opry star who is now on the lower east shore but the drive * only 23 minutes for the westbound driver is right on track when the commute westbound interstate 580 r no longer jams it all from passive but veteran livermore dublin and that's
9:39 am
why whistles' it 25 been injured times your veto in the south bay and upcoming report when kron 40 live morning it will take a quick break will be read
9:40 am
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9:42 am
>> darya: 7735 this morning will be back with more of your minutes
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>> mark: waiting for crews to the provinces of a call one day after another well washes ashore and the salary perverse on kron 4 morning to go back in april on brands that a sperm whale washed ashore the necropsy they could not determine the cause of death but did not find any jobs a wealth. when the right hand side that's what's happening now author
9:46 am
this turmoil is washed up and come back well his watch obama beach might come live there him more. >> reporter: this necropsy is well under way with what look cure the beach as of of the civic appeared new information just about 50 minutes or so are presented from marine mammal center this will likely die. a hit by ship vest on for a fractured vertebrae of vengeance as an with a short strike vote researchers from california academy of fighters and marine vet center of board a plane turn of endured the leave voice kill the 32 ft. van that will of vest wash ashore yesterday morning there began the necropsy of the past couple of hours putting and the wealth in search of my answers that they say the for a fractured vertebrae indicated quite what it was hit by ship and a present of california at seven sides of this is what has happened and shipping routes aren't decide the middle of the to minimize harm of mammals this will bit and it is in the check
9:47 am
with any other incidents how does it come back alive even see the necropsy still under way researchers this morning talk about what you need the opportunity this is how to learn more about a comeback will certainly something you don't see every day also wife see some people come up this morning people's signatures and 11 just a few dozen people falls in this morning. >> darya: things and then breaking news for flights that have the concord area this morning of the about half an hour since the light of your on the graphics for with the feeling you don't have so one of 3.2 little bigger than the 3.5 and 731 0735 and how much smaller if you 0.6 all small fife flint that surf the slick on sunday for more people felt the with of the nefarious and eighth year in the afternoon and then another one on monday 6:52 p.m. also
9:48 am
a place sitting in a scenario rescind " and even be prepared for rv. by now look at whether begging of the mild temperatures as of right now setting of schools with 1450's mid-50s are now across and jose damages warmup in the '60s during the lunch hour just like yesterday we'll have less of the sensors near the 70 degree mark across the south bay it will be brief to the northwest wind of the 50 m.p.h. of the 25 into the mind when you drive home the of the kids from school nothing but sunshine outside in dealing with plenty of sunshine felt warm those temperatures off as of right now in another area out sonny for the past couple the as temperatures warmer in the afternoon walnut creek looks great bright sunshine over there and temperatures are for the sunshine with over the past couple hours may 50s out
9:49 am
there concord 57 of an area across the room or area of mid-50s santa rosa in the north bay mid-50s after across east bay temperatures will warm the such disarray plan the upper 70's and warming up to 76 degrees but looking at areas in walnut creek all laid on the clinton plan on lotus mid- 70s and off to the west grow these bay shoreline temperatures slightly on mild aside from the upper 60s oakland 60 in attendance this piece of the warming up to 67 degrees fremont 59 agrees with fossil peninsula with temperatures in the mid-60s and as areas of the site of the peninsula and with city's 68 in afternoon and on the other side long accustomed to a solid colors and in the mid to upper fifties run 60 the birchers warm across north bay up 75 degrees f s
9:50 am
four and into tomorrow morning on the morning of women of seashores but even bring the umbrella because we could see a isolated showers especially. during the especially >> michelle: 06 of 3:00 in austrasia are might be possible will continue to sink further off the south continued see more char's popping up across east bay valley in areas of the official airline that's a new drive home to the mind is driving in that area across the south bay could see some showers sunday at 6:00 farther south on seven hits san jose 80 corridor could be dealing with some isolated showers address the area clean up the clear skies by friday morning a quick moving system given the sara some showers and thunderstorms and others years from tracker 7 forecast continuing with mild temperatures and the sunday and friday by a week and will start the warmup into sunshine which are sunday will be the warmest of the seven days high monday tuesday we have some
9:51 am
milder weather to continue on the contract all the rain tomorrow with our free mobile app and high tunes for google places >> george: and bar the completely new problem they're describing as a serious enough problem there advising commuters of take alternate forms of transportation there now single tracking between 16 straight and the city center stations in san francisco and all i have not yet confirm this i am hearing word how the possibility may be a crack to rail which would mean there have to get this replaced before they could start running trains on both inbound and outbound tracks so not only are they saying major delays because of a single tracking but also saying to the passengers seek alternate forms of transportation in
9:52 am
this problem could impact not only the rest of the midday but could even creep into the afternoon commute so this again a good opportunity to stay in touch with what's going on the kron 4 mobile app that shows is telling you about. >> george: check from the bridge is a generally and the back of the bay bridge westbound the san mateo bridge same situation all in an easy ride remember closes this week and 10:00 p.m. friday night through monday morning at five in the golden gate bridge problem for you saw was the commute now through marin county citizens for trouble getting ready to changeover elaine's here of the toll plaza at 3 check in the marin the richmond bridge has no backup for the lighthouse at quick check of the drive time as promised to the south bay high so have some lingering malaise 101 northbound at 25 minutes how about 34 minutes longer than it should be but the 280 ride how northbound at 26 minutes should be about half that by now.
9:53 am
>> mark: check our special the show will happen show happened at the scenes and on the street as a reporter false the report title. 745 ones to join a now are live truck right here. my the up this sunday 930 right here on
9:54 am
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>> darya: at the breaking news following all morning long since i am one the first quake struck this morning concord 3 and 730 a 3236 2.6 all small because i came within the commute hours the some people did feel it is the big story this morning with all the quake sunday monday also. >> mark: cluster sunday monday on top the list until this morning a treated come down rawls same time those quakes this morning but now it is related and then martine as a your sending us in this venture wall panels coming of villa con 4 weather application very fun as low shaking it open up that and find out or the click was that is the fifth of the long run i kron-4- dot-com all the various. thus >> george: ability services option for the
9:58 am
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