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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: absolutely false on the direct addressing a whole lot happening right now the store to the radar will show you this-if
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you look of the rights of this grain-spring-that in the can is no activity you have stormy weather on the western slopes with the lightning strikes is to concede there was a was a weather advisory in affect for the sierra and back to camp to affect the 5:00 this morning a continuance of 5:00 tomorrow morning that looking for and where from 1 to 6 in. of snowfall of predominantly south of highway 50 off in this area and filled with the heading of the direction are even into the late hours tonight tomorrow morning to bring your chain you might need them because of the activity going on right now we're getting the western edge of bed and it kind of move on by sliding of in this direction looking to see if we have any rain here at least for some portions of the delta at the moment we are tracking the potential for some shower activity near the core dilli a junction .
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>>james: we're not entirely convinced his neck and is well redound to the ground if you're in the areas and as a facebook update you tell me this is asking a giveaway to the ground otherwise when looking at much of anything right now to the direction of the portion of the delta like antioch and redwood will see to make his way there in the next couple of hours we're watching that this is the view that you will see when you had outside this morning partly cloudy sky in that will be this guy could this is we expect to the off chance of a lack of shower in the east bay for the sock this afternoon into this evening temperatures are read now will start a lot of low for is on the map i will be back in
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50 minutes with a view to cast animation talk about how the rain will move brought the bay today do not forget immobile act as a great tool for you will have whether to talk about that get dedicated web application it will work for apple and enter devices. >>george: it is great for keeping a bed of career chapter conditions in this weekend when the san mateo bridge is closed continue to track in the back of short delays that might occur as a result of the closure looking at the bay bridge ride was about to commit coming in from the east bay to san francisco building up in reaching write to the edge of the macarthur maze puts in 18 minutes to the drive times into downtown san francisco currently the san mateo bridge is still doing very well there are no delays on the approach or across the span the drive times 13 to 14 minutes now out of hayward and over toward san the sale we promise of the you're ride through the east bay
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hills a look at the commute on the east shore freeway and interstate 80 was down to up the drive time from hercules to berkeley just 15 minutes here for your trip time and still a good care bill through the san ramon valley all green on the road with sensors may no delays already of or slow to the altamont pass but holding under 30 minutes here for a trip through the out to my out for the dublin and to change at just 29 minutes of from the peninsula we track the accident hasn't yet become a hot spot his northbound 101 at willow avenue. >>george: an accident right near the interchange with the dumbarton bridge it could affect traffic to and from this morning currently travel time from apostle of to berlin and is not very much affected still and 18 minute drive times. >>mark: happening now an attacker on louis and san jose police say if all 13 your your
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home from school and broker house to attack her will more on the police a looking for right now >>will tran: he actually made entry into the home listed right to the pigs to this is very important for you to set a close look at is also for two sexual assaults the lettuce would happen with a 13 you're on to the afternoon she was walking home from school on the 4000 block of three of the system offers the best creek boulevard she entered her home and does not realize he is right behind her as they go inside the home they get into a tussle she manage to get him out of the home he leaves the parents than the parents come should tell the parents a short time afterward they call the police by sun the police are arrived of course he was long gone she is not badly injured but opposite scared to death this morning and not just
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part of the entire neighborhood is heard about what happened and they have the kids and unable is well we had a chance to track down paris will live on this block here in his with the had say when they talk to their kids. >>: concerns me more for the other children i've seen some kids still walk home from school on the wrong that could be a target. >>will tran: his response will according to the police department for another incident late last month this involved a woman at a public restroom at a store in san jose that woman was not injured in the scare was not injured but the police department will have now because they believe he is so brazen that it could be the next attack that he could hurt someone and that is why they gave was the surveillance video and that is the video came from the girl's home will track down her as well
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as her dad and the reaction coming up at 7:00. >>darya: the work of nine to repair their broken section of track a little about it caused delays that talk about how law happen this is san francisco's 16th street station their work for eight hours to get a temporary fix and to play now that time to figure out will cause the real to break in the first place. >>mark: he broke a toe was porter shot up and spoke out about what the merchandise in all took a 14 seconds to reconcile the boutique back on at the 21st in what is inside you can see in a video pick map of the dollars for the product and made his way out the glass door the senses the police said also broken to other shops in the area mike nelson getting information from the scene and we will have live reports and 30
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minutes. >>darya: it's a big earthquake is on his way after the recess one of quick to have been telling you about to happen in concord rep from the geological service has only a small percentage of earthquakes are precursors to bigger even tear is a video for concord taking a look at the quick hit yesterday morning we brought that to you as it happened to 27 1/7 and 53 small shakers the deputy director of bear creek science center says it is normal to have quick like that the effect of these clinics where as long as they were means that we would need thousands of them to relieve the stress on the fall. >>mark: the storms pounding the area web want to have incredible video this morning we will have more on the hardest hit including the new. facing sexual assault allegations this morning will stay you how his teammates are responding
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>>darya: 10 was named in the civil suit yesterday to your woman claims that he groped her while she was passed out a home of the former 49 remic out the
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charges against the dollar were never filed because of lack of evidence so now she is going after the other nine and 49 released this statement about this newest allegations against the mob brooks said the sentences of 49 hours and organization we were disappointed to learn of this and will continue to monitor the situation on the the man who attacked bryant the outside of the stadium with sentence and a different case will say what it is how much time is facing the clinton on the way after severe weather more storms could be on the way we will have more ahead on a ledge video that our forecast.
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introducing lunch at outback every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorite plus new aussie taco new savory ribeye me and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations starting at just $6.99 it's lunch at last every day at outback. >>mark: more storms will be in the wave emergency crews are were about flat shutting the bill sought by photographer who was that in one of the oklahoma city's they had hard nebraska and kansas and a lot of damage to concede the flooding and nebraska with a fast-moving storms to the tornado in lincoln nebraska told people oklahoma city hospitalize but five homes
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were destroyed. again it is crazy everywhere >>james: the with dillon would stressful holiday weekends as men and have a lot of cleanup work for the rest of the family as you saw in the video a lot of damage and destruction associated with this line of showers moving through the midwest down and through the southern plains as well hale strong winds possible tornado all of that as your way up to the next 44 our time frame. that the weather is mainly confined to the sierra here is the latest in storm tracker 4 library or we
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have been tense hours in time for pockets of yellow and a mix of snow in the higher elevations the window with an adviser in the fact that attention in effect until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow looking for anywhere close to home to take a zoom then look we have really nothing much going on chapter summer is out of near the fairfield areas adjutancy breaking up not a thing left here is the latest information it will feature cast the that the product a a member now kids digging into school class the starting just clouds on the fast forward and it's a known time the lunch hour may be a proper shower out now livermore and the out to my past by 1:00 we have to shower activity potential for
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some eastern san jose ride up against the diablo range continues to develop in the next hour to appeal the could be looking at some light to moderate showers proper shower for the south bank at 3:00 it begins to move off as into the rest of the evening the clout to back up and we're looking at a relatively quiet overnight into tomorrow morning that is where we are expecting. >>james: we are looking at clouds of lisbon temperatures mild a lot of low and the performance of a san jose both 48 to 49 degrees san francisco right at 50 asked santa rosa used in the 40's temperatures to they move along the line of the route of the east bay shoreline has to concede more things up to 07 by 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon at to help trigger a pop-up to hours to watch out for this certainly to purchase all around the bay area will be very similar to guess it was a lot of low to the seven is on
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the map 65 san francisco as you saw 771 reason downtown oakland before and * storm tracker 4 leading into the weekend were asked pretty mellow the sunshine comes back out the things would dryout anyone catches and to adjust will begin to a pesetas by the end of the weekend that is a look at whether less ride up there and the problems on the road. >>george: starting with a look at the bay bridge no hot spots are being tracked with the bay bridge the westbound ride is now starting to back up into the macarthur maze is a 22 minute trip time the backed up at about mid made is not quite back to highway 24 yet but it is backed up on the 80 ease tarnoff and for interstate 80, and the sierra is where you will need the chain's canaletto because of the snow that is falling out there. the san mateo bridge looks good right now is closing this weekend as in the truck or
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flashing lights but i do not think it is a tow truck that is a wide low headed across the bridge starting to see some bourke-white's as it will close to the 630 does we began to see them bogged down between 630 and 75 that is always the drive time jump in the 1922 midrange for your trip to the golden gate bridge no problems reported recounted for the southbound 1 ride the problems in to the richmond bridge could you into their accounts was bound no back up 7 to 9 minutes of time across and and into san rafael. >>george: the accident or about 101, at willow has not jam of the northbound ride is only add a couple of minutes 3 in fact to the drive times from 18 minutes to 21 minutes from paulo out of to berlin game the early return accident san francisco is gone
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the good news is this the not backed up the bay bridge enough to make the mineralize it slowed down but the backup is on to dissipate fairly quickly coming a was a close look it was gone on in the south bay. >>mark: will be sentenced to death for an unrelated gun crime he was charged a bang of silent the possession of guns that investigating his beating and found weapons and ammunition and belong to sanchez and his home burned an investigation their friend of sanchez and the fed isn't in the case that one of the search a is a federal prison after finishing his eight years the term for the attack on stowe. >>mark: the board was to increase passenger capacity and
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adjust customer concern the plan on hiring dozens of mechanic a man is on old trains there are not of an overcrowded trains in the system it calls for 3.4% increase in ticket prices that run from 630 to 730 this evening. >>darya: held clinton is heading to los angeles today choose one to three private fund raisers for tickets are $2,700 apiece no public events scheduled of our proposed nine the trade bill and planning a rally near one for fund-raisers similar process just guest list is headed back to bay area tomorrow for silicon valley. >>michelle apon: 27 taking a personal pitch to take a toll
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picture they're asking fans to answer grand their bare feet using by has attacked without choose their every bare foot shuttle note purchase is necessary and the father says he owes to the wake 1 million pairs of shoes for the campaign coming up in 20 minutes out rather video coming up at 640. >>darya: the man who was walking with michael brown when the altercation began with the police and ferguson missouri is now behind bars i know why.
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♪♪ "smash me. dear god, smash me into a million pieces" little miss puffytail thinks every time someone enters this room. for while the people who come in here can use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they can completely forget their experience... ...little miss puffytail can never forget. she can dream. dream for the sweet, sweet swing of a careless elbow. quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. >>mark: when he was at and killed by ferguson police officer in missouri's st. louis, police officers arresting him yesterday and accused of interfering with an arrest and discarding suspected as has not been filed their arrest came less than they did announce that
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johnson is suing the city of ferguson who shot and killed ron he suffered emotional distress in the wake of the shooting. >>darya: coming of and an on shelter in the east bay is working to get a better reputation after all this is they're accused of putting down animals that could have been saved with cell to do direction in making things better. we're live in san francisco police are looking for man who ransacked to restore calm and a white police say he might be connected to other crimes in the area of. ♪ ♪ ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >>mark: that pull back even farther than 18,000 mark once
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again just after comments it was said the dow drifted down another 25 points ahead of the open dow opened from wall street this morning the numbers and what apartment. >>james: it is was a little cloudy and spots and a chance of a spa in the is with a small side show you what we're talking about all storm track four a lot of activity out door east they're all done with showers some of and sensitivity of the indicators showing where the lightning has been happening over the last five to 10 minutes it is pretty active along highway 50 it is the south of highway 50 where we're expecting was accumulation of snow anywhere from 26 and is because of all of this there is a was a weather advisory in effect for this error bring your changes
6:31 am
may need them and bring this up a little extra time the chapel was slowed down as it was adamant their way through the mass here on the bay where i sing much of anything at all we have been tracking since hours of near fairfield that is pretty much all begotten we are left with the waiting game. >>james: there was a chance this afternoon for the east bay in the south bay really the two prime candidates at all happy to pass for 40 it will run you through the different hours of the day it was able this house are expected to pop up in the meantime a live picture for the embarcadero camera and san francisco the bay bridge in the sky above the partly cloudy makes less sense i'm beginning to filter through just a little bad temper to school of your left hand out the door and the next five to 10 minutes look for low 50s and the east bay of the 40's for san francisco and oakland and san jose dropping out of 49 that is the correct
6:32 am
condition i will be back with the portrait of the poor cast will set more on the forecast and 15 minutes. >>george: thanks james c. you ask a question i once and to know more on a hot spots currently that is good news will start a look at the bridges and here is the bay bridge updating this ride westbound the backed up continues to grow and it is right now almost highway 24 for the was about right out of the macarthur maze which will put added 2 to 4 minute drive times and sadly even the 880 a project is the right in the center of your screen is the starting to back a bit for the top of the rap and for highway 92 the san mateo bridge is now at six starting it is expected that things will start slowing down and indeed they are just west of the toll plaza of 15 to 16 minute drive times for the west about ride and mark will be telling you the details listed
6:33 am
look at the golden gate bridge 101 southbound ride which is on the faded and the problems of all grade heading south from the span of a soap by the drive times almost a to 30 minutes from the trip to iran to the bottle down to the bridge the rich and raise westbound still look back or delay is the key to drive times under 10 minutes from richmond over to san rafael and we promise to give you a look at what is, on in the south bay still pretty good conditions most agree some a lot. >>george: the senses tell the story here the trip time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway under 20 minutes that is a good ride even the 280 to 18 minutes out of downtown san jose out for cupertino the loud i to them we have been tracking the ride on one 01 northbound as you head up from power auto there was an accident at willow is a clear to the shoulder and i meant to show you that drive times it is
6:34 am
running tournament at about 23 minutes out of power out heading up toward berlin and up next will take a look a was gone on in the north bay. >>mark: the full closure begins friday night at 10 but may be sooner if the traffic will reopen monday morning at 5:00 a.m. they will be repaving some madness on the bridge and caltrans says $39 million project is needed to preserve the bridge is integrity. >>darya: or breaks into a store in san francisco and mexico for thousand dollars on merchandise police are asking for your help and they want to show you is this call surveillance video mike pelton is live in san francisco details. >>reporter: the store on a sense there will the security system without the the attack happened again she is hoping police as the burglar who was caught off
6:35 am
surveillance video take a look this is actually pretty high- quality surveillance and to see a man thrown around at the front door of the style will take which is near and the west never could the just released the video of the burglary was the place back, it was when it first the video so the burglar going into the store the dufflebag grabbing items and leaving a minute later. he's so $3,000 worth of goods a cause to doubt about what the damage. san francisco police say they senate of that of burglaries in the was poor neighborhood the suspect could be connected to the other burglaries to describe him as 35 to 45 years old 6 ft. tall wang about to run the pound's we are
6:36 am
tech was sampras's complicity of the have and it's sort of leads to is releasing the bill yesterday we hope to have that of the coming of 4 yes 730 this morning >>mark: that needed a director was hidden to botha to reputation as an accusation that there were euthanize that could of been saved the bus driver and arizona resigns after his call pam refusal to open the door for kids why he would not open the door is ahead. a live look to the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza traffic for the light.
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>>george: believe it or not is acetous seen a down tick in the drive times and improvement
6:40 am
their right and the center of your screen on the back of the 880 brand the drive is now down from 24 to just was a man its come into the westbound trip and the east bay of the san francisco >>michelle apon: what is turning on the web of bus driver in arizona has resigned after refusing to let a limited schoolchildren go home to their parents he would not open the door until they started to behave it was all caught on to men as video take a look at this video. the kids get louder the parents get upset when starts kicking the door the bus driver yelled back in paris to kick in the door to keep arguing finding the bus driver drives off as it was the parents left behind many of the kids are still crying in
6:41 am
this is still under investigation coming up i was chasing a severe weather follows from yesterday's severe storms in the midwest that is at 715. >>james: it to take a look here snow showers thunderstorms lightning the whole 9 yds will record down in details of what will be expected around the they brought the day. --around the bay throughout the day.
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>>mark: 11 to choose a luteinizing dogs and cats to convince a designed to turn things around to recessed speaks with the local animal shelter and who says bush is doing to make things better. >>reporter: cheese there's a special bond with cats by the smile there is no stranger to the irony she shared speaking of four cats and other animals the local animal shelter she is trying to turn things around the shelter has to face harsh criticism in the past summer to men accused of the soda failing to be more pro-active begetting dogs and cats adopted out as pets instead putting them down this is all she has been briefly on the job is hard made impact
6:45 am
on getting to the nation break down was in a pretty significant drop in the nation of dogs fortunately it will have a commended as very strong in helps everyone to the lab where fighting their focus to the kids are being brought end militia there is a mother there by bottom-line cassettes should like to she sees so far as was hopeful about the future people of very dedicated and seen improvement.
6:46 am
>>mark: is promising it will waste less water people were upset after the department of power is and 70,000 gal. of water from a reservoir who needed maintenance and storm drains this as the state's historic drought and now has plants reuse water from its tight reservoir when they're being inspected the discharge water and sewers and storm drains so it can be treated for. >>james: the cycle because his and dry lightning everything is brown in the disgusting. of course will be getting plenty of it around the adjutancy there is some storm activity near lake
6:47 am
tahoe in this year and that is the big news for them to cope with that would help with the water table and will filter down toward the bench we do have storm activity per tickly highway for sacramento of tilt assault like talal of lightning strikes on the map rain is no hell possibility >>james: that went didnt know that is good news here on the bay with amassing much in the wet weather we have not lot of activity a little bit off shore just off the point of raise making his way in the direction we may see some lives our but that really is the only thing we
6:48 am
are tracking right now in the entirety of the bay area is a very uneven from morning so far this afternoon a man picked up future cassettes for 8:00 a.m. the latest data coming in this morning so that perhaps maybe by noontime will see some activity begin to pick out in the area of the odd lot past near livermore it may possibly pick up in intensive down is san jose continue into the tools of power as well to consider potential for a mix of light to moderate showers it will be released as apricot is gone as infancy as we had dippy be printed afternoon hours and breaks up and goes away that is a store with the rain today perhaps a pot of shower in the east bay and south bay but nothing widespread here is the view outside of live look from our storm track or a live camera at the golden gate bridge shows clouds and a mix of sunshine as well to the to school a lot of low 50s now before this on the map said jose
6:49 am
of low to mid 70's like we did guest today and he could spark a shower to of the east and south bay we will watch for that at this point was like pretty slim chance as the glasses to the weakened friday and saturday and sunday at good dry and warm get back up the near 80 by sunday that is the forecast track requires what do we expect? >>george: we have not been tracking any hot spots this morning we've seen a few incidents that we all of the minor that is good news will start with a look at the bridges in the bay bridge maybe a little better than usual for the west about ride the drive time holding at about 20 minutes now to back it was like it is done to reach the high which was for both back to about the middle of the maze the san mateo bridge ride high with 92 slowing down right on cue and 549649.
6:50 am
>>george: up to 16 to 18 minutes out of hayward and we are starting to see some slowing on the approach to the bridge the golden gate bridge rise still problem free and we are problem free from iran the back of the starting to build down south heading down to look as valley road and highway 37 getting into marin at the richmond bridge toll plaza the back of the starting now for the westbound ride it does not quite reach castro we're looking at about 10 minutes trip time out of richmond heading over to sen sale with a promise of they cannot they ride will get their first check the peninsula and the skeptical view here on 101 northbound their other early return problems and menlo park northbound they did not do much to the canoe with back down to the 18 minute drive time nor up from paulo out so to burlingame and there is a trip time here is a look at the north to bay ride 101 in the southbound direction
6:51 am
i mention the slowing ride around look as valley road trip time for 101 southbound highway 37 down to the toll plaza look at still just 25 minutes for you're ride out of novato. >>darya: a signal is set for tomorrow in new york city please all the who was shot in the head while on duty over the weekend the friends and family and fellow law enforcement or to gather today for the wicked for officer brian more he was 25 years old the man accused of shooting him has been identified as the beaches blackwell is being held in jail without bail. still floating below 18,000 mark the dow is up 18 points right now fast-food giant wendy's selling some of its restaurants they intend to sell bakery business this said the cells to generate cast to the expenses
6:52 am
there of one of 4 percent in trading. if >>darya: 30 is when storebrand to sell the backsword premiere's and we have a sneak peek for you after the break the sec a live look outside hear the san mateo bridge traffic looks like is plenty of company but is running ok to talk more about the weather in just a few minutes.
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>>mark: the back story every 930 the first time this sunday night here is a preview periods this is not the first rodeo i will make the deadline. this is across shot again but this time
6:56 am
i look at am you to see vicki try to get the story done. that is coming up on sunday speaking of accidents as a on the set i got the sports caster that bad things can happen. then the the four men who attacked a girl as she was walking home from school and forced his way into her house will tell you what of the crime scene think he is accused of.
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>>james: in fact tech a quick look at on this picture of the attention for this year the most intense ran happening at the moment storm weatherly format 8088 tie with 50 is no come down to the sierra what the weather advisory look at the lightning strikes along highway 50 really at the weather pattern there this morning from the bay is not nearly as exciting when picking up a few bits and pieces to talk about high with 24 as a possibility of seeing someone would come down a little pocket a moderate rainfall at the moment-and the northern portion a walnut creek we have that going on san ramon forces of dublin police fighting


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