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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 8, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> darya: happy friday. >> george: now hot spots pretty light right up there so far this morning. >> james: forces us in inchoate cyclical and look of a son up for the east bay hills as begin the day this friday and the workweek and then in of the weekend and we can expect today the begin by focusing in on the self a quick look at the forecast the next 30 minutes and continues to mostly clear out their chili lot low 50s at the moment by noontime the sunny skies will leave warmer temperatures. things got the upper 60s near seven for the lunch hour. really nice of sidon the south bay today by. three this afternoon the kids are getting out of school lot of folks
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contemplating their evening commute home. getting an early start on the weekend and with a mild summer weather for some clara valley. temperatures and year from 69 to 72 degrees about booking forecast. south bay and across the bay area and as well. temperatures are at the moment mid-50s upper sash. >> george: like ride on the bay and is not as well as the hero as the bay bridge toll plaza words very light. what is right of the week the west on trip back up no longer reaching. it's lower down the center lane. effective look here since a little difficult to see in the camera do a show if here and traffic maps. some slow traffic in the maze but it's getting to and say 80 not getting the bay bridge. the bay bridge back up really begins right here closer to
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west grand avenue. that's what the drive * 18 minutes or less. the san mateo bridge slowing a bit but not as bad as usual for this hour. at 7:00 we often see stop and go conditions here and it on other days of the week for. remember this bridge closed my remains close to the weekend. >> george: golden gate bridge ride as a light and easy trip still in under 25 minute drive time through marin county. heading over to maria a good ride here all low-volume going up and back up as a little bigger. still intend to allow a limited time from richmond over to san mateo. take a look what's going on in the south bay coming up the next part. >> darya:happening now. an oakland man and his two young children are safe this morning after they were reported missing in the sierra. kron four's will tran is live in alameda county outside the barbershop where the man worked. will, any word on why they were gone for so long? 0 a >> reporter: the couple
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barbershops and he is a policy back at home back at work as early as said monday but that did not happen that on tuesday his family including his wife remains back an element of county oakland knew something was wrong. rescuers found his two young kids and the father late thursday night. research on tuesday and that's when the family notified the authorities something definitely wrong these very experience knows what he's doing and can not reach him the. in all his and his hero was too young kids other family members told researchers that he told them he was going to go are remote rugged area and tried out what location all the search including six rescuers including chp department of forestry they went out there but ever reason worsening the details or they were able to locate them light theirs and i brought them down and check
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out and factory edge as a target for the rest your's peers what he had a say about this whole ordeal. that the"check the but paramedics and it's very news they're alive and well" "it was on a ways away from where they were' >> reporter: as a very rugged area we were not able to drive down or what the and on and said the father his two kids popped into a helicopter and taken away from that scene. the mother was saying that this has been a living nightmare the past couple days. joseph families save enabled the table the letter read and heard adorably in a helicopter ride been. sure enough votes from loyola month. >> darya: be of little kids can you imagine the fun of hiking 35 year old and dad and he has some hall high these kids away from this truck what must.
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"take it is the mall as mess not trying the sky truly"courageous for zero/ >> mark: 10-hour long standoff in san jose. it started around 6:30 last police got a call about a man who had barricaded himself with a gun inside a streets. a woman told police the man was drunk and had pointed a loaded gun at her. around four a-m, police announced they had arrested 51-year-old john adams. he is being treated for injuries that aren't related to the standoff. no other injuries were >> mark: the federal the ex- convict recently filed for starting order against him and her vocal some of the kids but the father of emergency court order lead also given custody monday he picked up 11 year old cairo
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and from our own report was girls clubs of the way. and he and the girls washington state workers father lives. >> darya: and we first showed use surveillance video of the tech having i car for morning news yesterday. man followed her route to the doorstep there then pushes his way into her house high brow. mr. knox to aforethought black van then ended up leaving its. placing his the same person who tried to so onerous tremendous and was the mark at april 2nd and they think he might live in that area. >> darya:kron four spoke to child safety advocate mark klaas about what parents need to >> darya: only assuming the
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was the scrolls situation also colored kids of the cellphone if they do feel threatened the be able to come parents other upset this they are all gps unable will the at least of the frightening attack. we also have the complete interview with the young victim. that's all on kron-4 dot com. >> mark:a livermore family is now homeless. because of a d-u-i lives of two of their family members. seven-year-old carlos morales is still healing after being hit by debris saturday. carlos, along with his siblings and parents no longer have a place to call home. after the corvette. which police say was driven by a drunk driver. smashed into their apartment carlos' sister rosa says,
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even if the building was habitable she is not sure she would be able to live there. "too emotionally stressful for made i don't want to be there and know every day that's where the dead"kvetch >> mark:not only did an east bay home. being considered for future more than two decades the in the most part got off problem the chair does mother's three for
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everyone. year-old girl with the city manager says the bill seriously considered for future events people in the east bay may and do that by almandine "selling tickets are selling bracelet" >> reporter: marcus roberts talking about some of the safety improvements of vague considered for future events robert says the this festival has a good track record but getting bigger and perhaps more oversight is needed. "you want to expend a parking lot payton monitored as to believe the event where people munching and make sure there said the drive"only a tiny fraction of the people live even of the monetary of this will basically spend area >> reporter: was a policy changes is going we put the
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other and will be putting hand-in-hand there was even organizer was sensible things that they need to change ticket saver one-for- one. >> darya: notice their water tastes and smells a little different. east bay mud officials say it is because the drought is forcing them to change how they collect water. they will start pulling water from a reservoir that contains algae blooms. the algae is filetered before the water is sent out, but it might leave a slight odor or flavor in the water. not all customers will be affected by the change. but if you are. water officials suggest using a the water before drinking it. >> mark:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the san mateo bridge is set to close in a matter of hours. how long they plan on
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and next. tornados continue to tear through the midwest. pictures of the damage in.
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run any injuries or how much damage was caused by the storm. >> james: look of the national map this morning conditions that all continue to be treacherous for good bit of the southern plains and northern plains as we head toward minnesota here the o'bannon showers really intends moving its way off to ease the stop the only been a nasty weather were dealing with either where some tropical storm and of spiraling affecting the carolinas coming at it from both ends eastern have the u.s. is getting calls here to the mothers and regional not look like it's a very happy one and thus here in the western half of u.s. dealing with conditions come down quite a bit from yesterday the system loral through this year of laughing at the east and south by giving us for at times but was a lot valley
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some now of course pushing off and looking at things to clear out and dry up as a load of the weekend but a cycle and a bridge camera of a mix of clouds and was guy sunshine today temperatures right now on the cool side in the city right around 6 to 51 of 56 degrees depending on where you are as a worker with to the day like that said really climb the thermometer to the clock in your 60s and celebrating all sixties today anywhere from 6163 degrees between noon time and for the session and mile day in the city especially embarcadero side temperatures trail off toward 8:00 p.m. that's emphasis is a temperature map for everybody is not right now 50 in the city 50 oakland 51 san jose achill start light and said things will warm up nicely. especially in the health subcommittee a person is for some. listen news and the south bay and the north bay san. francisco oakland coming in the low 60s upper 60s perspective.
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>> james: a week and looks for a good high pressure giving a slightly warmer temperature the yesterday and miquelon off in the next week vest. the weather now and traffic >> george: 3 clara right out there and it continues not checking the hotspots of very light right at the bay bridge this morning only 15 and drive time and not much of a back up all here for the westbound bay bridge dried. when we check the san mateo bridge looked pretty good as well that certainly has changed even see traffic coming to a standstill no fun like conditions here into this much through the back of some of centel bridge tomorrow because there'll be any traffic on the san mateo bridge smile. the kron 4 jackie. >> reporter: the morning you for weeks of the closure was coming now heads the 14 hours away from the summer
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the september is being closed for the entire weekend and how trends as the need to do general maintenance and resurfacing on the bridge according to caltrans this say they're going to close the bridge tonight at 10:00 p.m. and will stretch through the entire weekend till about 5:00 a.m. monday morning this is one of two closures so have the next couple weeks the second one is going to happen over the memorial weekend-saw one who was on the peninsula are restated the get easter west you have to find another way to do it obviously the other option on the bay bridge or the dumbarton bridge go down to 37 as i said the disclosure will start tonight at 10:00 p.m. and if your traveling westbound 90 to the closure will start at call where annual money for the west and color but if you're over on the peninsula you wont go east wall to get any farther than foster city boulevard another little warning 10:00 p.m. but cautions is popular but the
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make-or close the eastbound lanes all little clearer than that and maybe as early as 7 or 8:00 p.m. tonight someone is contemplating getting over the east bay from the peninsula as they do not earlier than later to consider your bridge check the some of the of the ride from to and from marine county. >> george: the bridge for the early hours and doesn't respect of any delays of three ancient time and the right and ran richmond bridge westbound interstate 580 s slip back up here not quite back up to castro for westbound ride to until the message of time in the senate fell coming under richmond they've promised live at the right to the east bay be sure freeways as a great commute this morning was simply imbed this matter couple little bit for some reason it's all little tricky from time to time but this is showing you the south bay where we really want to show you is
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this ride on interstate 80 and westbound direction. in see a 20 minute trip time now fire westbound ride here hercules down to a berkeley and you're right at the bay bridge toll plaza no backup when the maze or from the east shore a little sluggish from the minute but no delays there and you're right here the dublin interchange also a good one here were a problem free for westbound interstate 580 and you're right down to fremont coming out of dublin no delays on six a southbound. >> mark:happening today. a memorial service will be held for jordan almgren. the nine-year-old boy who was discovery bay. the public celebration of life is being held at the golden hills community church in brentwood. the family plans to hold a private service on a later date. almgren was stabbed at his home at the end of april. jordan's older brother's
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best friend. 18-year-old william schultz. was arrested and is being charged for the boy's >> reporter:comedian stephen colbert gives back to teachers in his home state. the students at alexander elementary school gathered and were all excited for their surprise to see the comedian. >> michelle:colbert visited the south carolina school via satellite and annouced thursday that he would fund every classroom project request made by south carolina public schools online at the crowd-funding site donors-choose-dot-org. colbert's generous offer -- totaling 8-hundred-thousand- dollars -- will fund almost a thousand projects for more than 800 teachers at over 375 schools. "donors choose" is an online charity helping teachers get the materials they need for in 30 minutes, an ice cream company is back in the spotlight because of what health inspectors found. i'll have the story coming >> darya:happening today. hillary clinton will be in the bay area attending a campaign event at ebay c-e-o
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john donahoe's house. clinton was in los angeles yesterday. a group opposing a trans- pacific trade deal held a rally near one of her fundraisers, which you see in this video. similar protests took place outside a clinton fundraiser wednesday. today's event is happening in portola. >> mark: committee is meeting today to talk about the n-t-s-b's report on a deadly bart accident that happened in 2013. two bart employees were killed near the walnut creek bart station on october 19th of 2013. inspections when they were hit by an eastbound train. since the accident, bart has made some changes to its safety regulations. >> darya: temporary not responding to a flight date and has not had enough time to adjust report and dispenses has more hombres non reaction, >> michelle: a significant
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disappointment brady's agent, don yee calls the wells report "a disappointment." "tom's interview, i believe may have been the final interview in the entire investigative process, and my own personal impression was that opinions may have that point." >> reporter:the report says brady -- more probably than not -- generally aware of the inappropriate activities" -- those activities referring to the deflating of footballs prior to the a-f-c on stage in front of a friendly crowd, tom brady thursday night. room." "where?" "you may be the only one who doesn't see it. >> reporter:brady sidestepped most of the questions, saying the nfl's investigative process is still ongoing. "i don't have really any reaction, jim. our owner commented on it yesterday. it's only been 30 hours so
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i haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it." >> reporter:the crowd applauded, but not everyone appreciate brady's reaction. "smiling and yucking it up on something that's very serious. listen, we have to remember this is the kryptonite issue in sports. this speaks to the integrity of the game." .but brady says the controversy hasn't tainted the super bowl or detracted "absolutely not." brady's agent says they haven't heard from league official about whether the n-f-l is pursuing any sort of potential punishment in the aftermath of the report. i'm andrew spencer >> darya:coming up at 7:45 we'll get reaction from gary radnich about what tom brady did and an employee at a children's internationally. computer and phone.
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sports a lovely brick of warriors grisly series of inside and out and not marlon's is visible expert but roberts will have our lawyers for its needs sunday night in 9 right after
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is going hacked or a child pornography and sharing it internationally. there arrested him metternich was sent to have been served and togo are working lives several hundred images the of the port side of the of the 27 year-old computer and phone and then soared to emphasize camps covarrubias started working august of 2013. >> darya: on a delta flight after smoke started filling the cabin during a flight. it was on its way from fort lauderdale to new york when the crew reported an engine problem. about 90 passengers were on the plane. the flight was diverted to where it landed safely. delta believes one of the picture of plane with smoke
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>> mark: mobile lunch e-mail campaign now appears the two sets of man of. but very ceo become a pawn partyless immobile once again. up security following a string of fence -jumping incidents. >> darya: steel spikes on top of the white house fence. the spikes will be more than seven- inches long. their purpose is to turn installation is expected in early july. the spikes are only a temporary measure.
7:27 am
the secret service is hoping to come up with a permanent solution later this summer, and put up an entirely new fence next year. happening now. a warning in san rafael this morning. mike, what happened? >> mark: 0 $2 million in gambling charges and 96,000 dollars debt and build entertainment establishments all traveling and dormant business disciplinary actions been taken in the majority of cases and officials say all the charges were eventually reimbursed by the employeesa startling discovery in to people dead in washington state report >> darya: a slaughter of sells the old taken on to a test flight when the crew experience some sort of an in-flight emergency and there still investigating exactly what went wrong the back and over a minute and a car for more news ahead and some of the employes
7:28 am
department fave train officers of proper use of force. >> reporter: police investigating to sexual assaults on popular walking trail advise daughter of the other hikers alike report
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>> james: 730 coming up on 730 a a quick look at 08 said in east bay focus in on the weather next immense discuss continue to be mostly clear and when they're beginning berlin for bay shoreline community is nonetheless temperatures mild lot low 50s are now in a mix of low performers as well in by noon time may be in the clear for some look what looks to temperatures warmup at the upper 60s at this point and when three afternoon to status quo in
7:30 am
such warm conditions in london on temperatures and lotus and '70s and upper sunday and won a two locations and but they were talking and upper 60s for most of the afternoon vesey's the forecast is a live look as we continue look at the sun shine their own clubs bullion a mix by this morning but again lbo generally cloudy afternoon and temperatures as the cyclical side. >> james: upper '40's for good parties bay by a valid committees antioch 49 livermore 38 l little bit warmer and oakland 50 their 50 also san fransico that also mid-40s and the north bay full check of forecast and his team headed over to george. >> george: clicker right here at the bridge were not tracking any hot spots of a bridge back up later than usual 15 and drive times reported right now for less on rye and easy trips a macarthur mess by the san mateo bridge and the traffic
7:31 am
here was stopped at the last summer sodden westbound direction appears removing a little better now for the westbound right and this bridge closes tonight and close through the weekend and the golden gate bridge 11 northbound soft on problem for a freer right across this land under 30 minutes free trips to more in county nevada down the golden gate bridge richmond bridge into marin no longer backed up by interstate 580 this low here at the toll plaza temin as richard time over the center fell and your other drive times for you as you look around the bay hercules' berkeley in like that just 15 minutes the east shore freeway near 580 ride is under 40 minutes even at the peak of the commute and dublin so great read online limits freeways south on 238 down 23726 minutes less than half an hour >> mark: in from places such will sell sun to mother's
7:32 am
small it might come live in center fall of the assault that months ago but now just coming to light. >> reporter: 7 of from two victims have still never come for the come officers they avenge their reported the separate tax to the marin county health and human services department that then relayed that information to police clearly that is not as helpful as investigators talking to director of the victims is low enough so far about the tax centerfold police say in the past five months to mother's age similar incidents pushing a young child's been as rollers evans's subway travel with both cases police say a man in dark colored clothing in and knock them over into the bushes and threatened harm the baby and she screamed her. and sexually assaulted the woman what is original in the county health of human services department police say they take very seriously.
7:33 am
and to"looking collaborate club investigation know your surroundings use the chill wisely. is a buddy system and a possible whats one of going out on the trailblazers the of course hard for anything suspicious of anything unusual contact the police department and notify us we will go out and take look. >> reporter: extra officers and told will patrol the big trail center fell place probing witnesses of the attacks come for an any potential victims the remote location is popular and the number of people passing by this morning i did have a chance as speak with one man to his wife and young kids coming up at 830 this morning >> darya: rolling discovery and morgan hill to discover
7:34 am
a dead body and feel the morgan hill a body found along cochrane road on yesterday's and you see them taking away to investigate than the clothing and shoes believe that there is an adult male and is 50s and the area or this body was found not far from the search area still missing teenager is your lamar and this is yet determine the death of this man or his identity. please >> mark: investigating a shooting in pittsburgh that happen awesome o'clock last night across the drive to people fun i car suffering from gunshot wounds driver died at the scene passenger expected to survive this and looking for the sugar >> darya:you are getting an exclusive look at the new video scenario based training program at the oakland police department.
7:35 am
oakland police say they have seen a dramatic drop in 'use of force' incidents in their city because of the d's new de-escalation of force policy. simulation where the role player or video screen has also installed new restrictions to vehicle and foot pursuits. >> darya: decreasing 'use of force' is >> mark:the los angeles county coroner's office has identified an unarmed homeless man who was shot 29-year-old brendon glenn was killed after struggling with an officer tuesday night. the officer was responding to a 9-1-1 call that a man was harassing people near
7:36 am
restaurants and bars. the shooting comes after police killings of unarmed black men. los angeles police chief charlie beck says both glenn and the officer who shot him are black. and that he worries the shooting may not have been justified. "it takes six the ordinary circumstances to justify shooting and of not seen those circumstances at this time/ the los angeles police protective league released a statement responding to beck saying quote "it is completely irresponsible for anyone. much less the chief of police. to render a judgment on an incident that is in the early stages of investigation." "by making his opinion public without having all of the facts, he influences the investigation for all parties involved." >> darya: rolling about the flooding footballs and it carries a reaction to what tom had the same. airline
7:37 am
being gets creative with cotter move his daughters' lives
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>> george: how for writing westbound direction of vex and reported in bay. back bailey rode the cars involved in the sex and traffic has been very light in the westbound direction dried thyme at 26 to 29
7:40 am
minutes for your westbound trip in the concord coming from and got up did the rest of the traffic coming up. >> michelle: ice and company back in the spotlight they knew about bacteria in water their plants they say about ice cream plant in oklahoma this a positive for this area 16 times highs as 2013 and plans knew about it. they put boat pull the entire line of walesa's your supply steam. sen >> michelle: a cousin got equipment was inadequate and workers or to wash my hands properly. >> michelle: all this is reported in arizona oklahoma and texas the bill say we all have with from time line when we will be back till december months of but a minimum.
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>> james: 0 had tried in the weather map show coming up with the sense that bridge and lot of sunshine there. forecasts for the east bay shoreline temperatures in the upper 60s how the '70s by about 2:00 3:00 this afternoon full bay area why forecast coming up just that
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>> darya: the can say that i'd be a little bit below
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the rate target 34 pages all of that's my pretended i woodburn i watch a big deal this debris of varying club clever and he had this bar is scheduled obverses shame rv. one of the duck and dodge and all what i would be there but to stand up there have the tried to be to bear a lot of wrong so preplanned event by helicopters environment and where the surgeon greg sportscaster and they spent an hour talking hulk of the first for 84 minutes then they moved on. >> darya: with the uncomfortable on this for turnoff./ >> gary: at kron what ever raided it applauded. it's up in the world but to him look
7:45 am
so trained. >> darya: he's wearing a suit. the result should read it to him that it could. >> darya: 80 feel about all that she goes on human i care about people think but a public figure and a some people like tom brady. and i live with apple. >> gary: plays a little bit. again, have any answer if his attorneys and everyone says take the sale or about the support a. and do >> darya: ongoing thing waiting to find out and it's almost like the nfl has all this trouble is as the reports could begin suspension could be as little as $25,000 fine.
7:46 am
>> darya: 5 violation in the game ball comes of the $25,000 fine. >> darya: late out because and declared to vaseline or the polls does it and even death on the awesome players that were suspended four games for marijuana keep your eye on the stuff and go this guy here myself and 25,000 the patriots or look to break party judge of. >> darya: the crowd noise than the loss the draft pick and have to pay money belichick was of half a million dollar fine. >> gary: that just won the super bowl tough call on
7:47 am
what to do what you it's like a lot to make. >> gary: and audiotaped in say a take the air right now. all if there is something. you'll have pictures and video over rice obviously much more serious crime people and see for themselves that you have to do something. >> darya: in this to happen is there this weekend as a big game by the wires and just was read reading the hill toward reading and tom does. >> darya: sector is brother
7:48 am
to this whole point of view where he's talking about what's elect to live this year was south after was the cutest thing he's really being personal we make fun of them over a partial is just a kid how it was a wise " and they're just like normal brothers is a prison where the sea at him as as as relief underage. >> gary: his brother was a relief applies a ballplayer hasn't been able to stick with an nba team but just below the guys who has short being good enough. play minor league basketball seems to be really tough. not the be all of butter brother but while that's hard has one in your family and just the credit and a china do the same thing. >> darya: yet read this because the toxoid that some
7:49 am
the blood think all not as good up off of the lead but think about this i have this person the train with. the with and then there's something that brings his game up and he's going. >> gary: effect it differently al have time. >> gary: a problem more than then brady has. that's what the attorneys for. >> darya: awesome watching the game is slim but watch for the experts. these yet the eight nba. tnt nba >> gary: heard one report saying the plan a joke on him tied to lawyers around the desk. as a thing
7:50 am
>> : of. >> darya: thiazole legitimate fall but now been paid. $500 to the make those final. but it really did fall. of the box before. >> darya: rv make of it funny picture what happened to me and give the best one $500. >> gary: somebody said the guy was putting his microphone on on. and that something on them that's a big man to fall like that
7:51 am
if the set and a mob. revealed on backs or on kron. >> darya: this is some serious level will show you how to make fun of something that some people fear it on talk about accidence you don't pull the to tell us say an olympic athlete while in the game up with the kids. >> darya: fleet using a
7:52 am
javelin the tother up around key believe this brian clay using a javelin you and do that. >> gary: erebus and these are kids to get some the other on the internet.
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7:54 am
7:55 am
vanderveer >> reporter: of outside camera at san francisco international airport and the view of urgent the of what conditions are like import the bay all to the
7:56 am
clear skies lot of sunshine. there clods of the distance and community this morning making up mostly cloudy skies if not overcast ellison the sunshine as afternoon as attacking of political debate of of the much the bay area. aside here for these this is a the bottom allows cod liver more center of. all in the middle of the 40's said as a oakland said francisco now 50 to 51 degrees. slowly warming but eventually will see temperatures along these lines. seven days for east bay valley.. the also probably enormous bought 75 verbal any of fairfield venda. had the justice more use of brentwood when your own 78 this afternoon. and if all goes well was like it will be the of the sunshine are leaving down on yahoo. >> james: 60 for oakland 62 for 7 cisco and if you're on the one country this afternoon fix the tide temperatures around 3:00
7:57 am
between 71 and 73 degrees. >> james: available for hatcheling for saturday sunday these visa to try to sunshine which deal for it is mother's day and weather will be less for a of the of the i car plants and taking your mama to brunch plunge ever plans are and then next week it cool down a little bit and because rolling in for monday and tuesday >> james: 7 the first hot spot of the morning heading to the east bay and closer look at traffic maps here right to bay played in the westbound direction baxter reported in the centers are actually in the middle of the right now does not show up but there is slow traffic here from pittsburgh the bayview road health from the bill will pass.
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>> james: skin be really nice one we have a nice temperatures on tap for sunday is the sugar on the sunday on the bay coming up in just a bit ahead of the door right now but a
8:01 am
software forecasts lot of viewers live their necks cinema's was a clear and there are some clouds out there but in general again was a clear star for some others and declare valid temperatures and low 50s and noontime were taught in the upper 60s for most of san jose. this running communities and there will be some wins that picked up just a touch bogey bad and by 3 this afternoon and everett is the out of school hit our maximum temperature with about 69 to 72 degrees. >> james: on the other side of of varlet missing the some sunshine coming down to the san ramon valley but we are like medical start some and that these bay concord 49 still so socially 50 and oakland and seven cisco across the north bay with that upper '40's over santa rosa and for places like nevada. complete forecast coming up in just a little
8:02 am
bit in a minute kron 4 mobile app resource for any time with this more fun. >> george: and the one or treading hear how with for the westbound direction x occurred valley road about 18 minute drive time now as you head out of the concord for antioch and the reason the drive time as a hired begin with the wade boggs and a westbound direction is because it's been such an exceptionally light rye. . >> george: specialists so here on 680 softbound it's been lighter on the bay bridge to been drawing a very light ride than the westbound direction about 12 to 15 and drive time. know that about 80 approach for coming in from the east shore freeway. san mateo
8:03 am
bridge right had been very slow of the vessel but now remember this bridge closes tonight at perhaps a little earlier in the east on lanes and will remain shut down to the entire weekend scheduled to reopen the five monday morning. >> george: colgate bridges been good to marin county and the drive time to level plaza of from nevada up the check in and run via the richmond bridge for the sluggish at the plaza not badly backed up by all on 580 westbound that's what drives times are 1012 minutes in december fell. >> mark: live pictures from lento small plane that crashed and the senate traded middle of the 85 freeway traffic should on both directions is u.s. of the plan in the middle of your screen there are four people killed in the crash and pile it on radio say
8:04 am
we're going down piper 382 aircraft. >> mark: next and santa clara america parkway helicopter partnership with abc seven is showing live pictures right now of the scene a worker the pictures and intended deal with medalist been killed back in a wider view shown the grain which appears to be toppled over will be following the latest year with the live pictures coming in as the screen accident happens then clara right off in america parkway workers here china's secure some of the model here right now. >> mark: kron been over right now appears the class insecta not been saved see this as another thorn help reveal the bottom of tens of your screen broken over it appears to be the tower that is holding the train as a secret honor this morning more information on injuries
8:05 am
and will bring to your kron 4. >> darya: it's after the family disappeared in the sierra. will also barbershop but in all the of the final or happened to him. >> reporter: which is what can out here also kept out at his home in oakland we do now the this this opens up another o'clock in the morning and business partners should be here assured he calls family and friends including the business partner we will hear details hopefully live in about hour from now the jury the picture this is a happy ending is. the stores in does not end well but in this case the father was with his two young kids. 5
8:06 am
and 3 years old. 41 years old. nicolas. very experienced he told his family that he poultry would be back over a weekend when it passed that tuesday his was still back to the bay area she knew something was wrong and called authorities that's when it went searching for him back. in this year about a hundred miles northeast of sacramento. and they search obviously all day wednesday most of thursday at the last night it will spot the family and of very rugged area of. but her little family members on tuesday of view is going to bribe some early and light volume and drive very rural area and the less anyone had heard from him variables like him and a rugged area and they're listed on the family and the place and the chance to talk with some of the searchers pizzle the have to say about his family's condition. "the money to go to hospital for mayor understanding of checkout by paramedics
8:07 am
really good news"and there live well have the be read either the family of' >> reporter: never be taken to hospital of view were no more details house out of the with those watching television by means of contact us at kron 4 will in the exclusive of the talk about was born on if not all be here will coincided talk with the business partner coming up at 9:00 wife says the worst however live but now it's over passionate letter that saying her kids got the right and a helicopter. >> darya: the hunt continues for the man who attacked a 13-year- old girl in her home. it happened tuesday in the san jose. >> mark:we first showed you
8:08 am
this the man followed the girl as she walked home from school and pushed his way into her house. he grabbed her and knocked her to the floor. the girl hit him in the face and tried to fight back before he left. police think he's the same person who tried to assault a woman in a restroom at a san jose market on april second. and they think he last hour we heard from child safety advocate mark klaas about how to help keep kids safe. but he also had a good insight into how the changing attitude of young girls could actually be "sabine old adage respect listen to adults i think that prohibited a lot of children from defending themselves often times and we see no more more young girls particularly understand that there and very vulnerable age range
8:09 am
city of for the rights and doing whatever is necessary to ensure your own safety and exactly what this young girl dead. >> reporter: we have the complete we have raw video of the frightening attack. change >> mark: is coming the east bay to the tap water what is going to taste and smell
8:10 am
at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. the brands you love. the brands you know and love. even name-brand natural foods and organics. at prices up to 60% less than you'd spend... at those "big-name grocery stores." right now at grocery outlet, one pound of tillamook butter is just $2.99. save up to $3.60. things that i know... and love. grocery outlet. bargain market
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8:12 am
>> darya:the livermore family who lost two family members in a d-u-i crash over the weekend seven-year-old carlos morales is still recovering after he was hit by debris during the crash on saturday. police say 35-year-old brian jones was driving under the influence in his corvette when he smashed into the family's home. they were celebrating a birthday and first communion at the time. family members say they're not sure they would be able to live in the home anymore, even if it hadn't been damaged in the crash. not they lost their home. it is too damaged to live in because of the crash. "have to go through the day are distressed and now are no or sleeping" >> darya: picture of the mother of 41 to old baby suspected driver is out on
8:13 am
bail right now. >> james: the forecast and bay bridge camelot up to the east. quickly as we go for the space in one community is where is ♪♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪
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>> darya: as the midwest. >> mark: parcel midwest are getting hit by severe weather cell the size of golf balls for health. >> darya: reassessing down in texas here is some damage northwest of dallas.. the words of any injuries but you conceive and then to try and steer derailed been a major pulp of cars all weather across the nation and now the mother's day forecast. nash >> james: a map and take a look where the storms are right now vacancy that center of the country between great lakes and texas that the giant of observer whether pushing on through and for today a large hail strong winds adjust to that of dealing with saturday and again sunday it we may have lot of
8:17 am
attention being focused on a par the country right now also point out we have some tropical storm lashing it with carolina coast as what continues to spin off midlantic couple systems giving eastern half of the country are run for its money was morning and got a west coast of yesterday system pushing on out all day with a mouth forecast for today really and summer in the space of the yesterday today all the day of trying and a day of really coming things as we head into weekend live outside as to take a look at current conditions some some clouds patrilocal in a british temperatures this morning on the cool side and right now a low 50s and san francisco but we expect it to a total of six to buy later on today and run around 2:00 which get a maximum temperature of 62 to 63 degrees bring a backbencher of the evening hours at san francisco right now let damages from the bay
8:18 am
area right in the upper 50 upper 40's love 50 degree range and replace those this afternoon with hopefully my season temperatures for the delta runs 75 the most of these for the rest of east bay valley to himself facing forecast three of them, they also are temperatures range between 71 to 74 degrees milder note and 60 a ticket vengeances when kron 63. you of the squid weekend forecast and friday saturday sunday all right temperatures pretty much a study in the saturday and then just a touch and a mother's day sunday and great if you got any plans for. >> george: the detracting one incident this morning fairly recent but this accident occurred and eight. westbound on highway 4 with the. bailey rode. and the chp reports that the vehicle still blocked at least one of the left-hand lane is here and now the drive time is up to 26 minutes putting out and knock over concord
8:19 am
and then again and so much lighter than usual of variety for the trip this morning around the bay that's why we don't see this drive time i 40 minutes which is what would of been on other ordinary day of the week. nothing ordinary about the weekend for the san mateo bridge dried in this brittle though traffic on right now looks very very light. will be closed down for the weekend. kron 4 jackie crossing the track mother's closure for a. >> reporter: the traffic will go away just about 14 hours and the bridge is completely shut down for the entire weekend and touch and see what they call minutes and resurfacing this is just want to closures all happen the next couple weeks the exclosure happens over memorial day weekend and now as far as the closure
8:20 am
tonight they expect the closure will start at 10:00 p.m. and less through the entire weekend goes to monday morning at 5:00 a.m. for little warning for you according to caltrans they actually may close down east on direction clustered seven or 8:00 and if you're someone who normally would use that on a friday evening to govern from the peninsula east bay vice versa was suggested as get there early the closures will start in the east on direction traveling east on 92 foster city boulevard and mobile go any farther east in the direction west on 92 from the east bay that's where they will take you off at that point and then the general maintenance they've had those signed up and letting people know about for weeks and weeks and just about 40 hours away from its normal use east-west bridge is specifically the san mateo bridge and make other
8:21 am
plans or be prepared to wait for traffic. >> george: looking at jackies shot here you see that the approach to the bridge is so light that's why the backup westbound ended earlier than usual as it has here at the bay bridge for the westbound ride this is the extent of the slow traffic on the approach so there's really no back up or delay any right to the golden gate bridge still pretty good one wider than usual traffic through marin county under 30 minutes and a bottle down the bridge and then hear the richmond bridge is still pretty solid westbound direction in fact boy traffic looks here tells me there has to be something slowing the right either from or an accident or stop at the check for that update for your next report. >> darya: track for people bore
8:22 am
the strain all killed. >> mark: teller reported max and on take off same as going down a piper 3882 they will have any details yet as word of plane was heading the some four have been. >> michelle: 822 falling was trendy on the web bank robber in virginia now posing as highs of social media union beach henning the teller a bank up saying i need hundred 50,000 fans right now. as did four minutes out have the ring the alarm after and gone make sure the money doesn't go when i get out and also put sex only in a bag posted them on instagram will still inside the bank and check the instagram account since been removed now but was picked up by police officers after he left the bank police say he was fun of the gym bag full money clem's we
8:23 am
did was a crime and vince gill be found innocent due in court next month. >> darya: to assist a little funny over the weekend is dave mutt officials say the drought is forcing them to change the way they collect water starting sunday the start pulling water from reservoirs and contains out doubloons now thou to filter out before the watter set out to end it might leave behind us light butter flavored and your water and not everyone is going to be affected by this but you will know if you are-if you do notice a funny smell or taste of what they say you should do is use a carbon filter or show the water before you drink it will taste better saw how much fun for morning moose five things you the note to ensure house sells the best possible price i uldn belve itillad acne
8:24 am
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8:26 am
>> mark: as big as a at with a lot of money and credit and repeal among small like maureen kelly speaks to realtor author but the at what shot sellers should take an heist responsible for the homes.
8:27 am
also it should do in order to get the highest sales responsible. >> reporter: update the table inside and out. "the color nice 10 years ago this little dated and so we wonder bring it up to 2015" >> reporter: 6 shares of kill bob second timber ones or the love for a cut there are not they're not going no go back all that looks like mother's sauces, a huge impact and costs lot of joy out the windows here cleaning the windows inside and out lookup clean they are billed as a departure from the greenery outside. kids skip that been more also important the are but nice venturing back the overgrown plants also suggested how black mulch and bare dirt area as the icing on the cake so yes do
8:28 am
it all. >> reporter: 06 to bring a drug that becker the house before on the market. some sellers might be done to this because it costs anywhere from 5 to $10,000 if not more about that being said is a crucial lesson to make. "unless in your home early and money on the table that can beat one of 3000 on the table of incorrectly. home for sale. >> darya: real easy on kron 4: please being taught to limit the use of force and stress situations like a centerfold police say to women or sexual assaults and a popular walking
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>darya: on a friday morning with a check out the weather for today and for mother's day weekend. >>james: this is where we're expecting in san francisco and the peninsula are what give you
8:31 am
a brief rundown as we head out the door is still the cool side talking about 50 degrees in san francisco the have the sunshine the cause of picking up enough that we are getting a look at that this morning mainly clear by noon time but not that was the temperatures in the upper fifties to low 60s by 3:00 this afternoon we will have a strong breeze coming in from the ocean no surprise to 20 mi. an hour winds 60 at the coast with the 64 warming to near 70 as you head down the bay side of the peninsula out for the south bay that is what we expected today a live look at the golden gate bridge we have been noticing nice conditions at least in this vantage point with blue skies and puffy clouds and the sunshine low fifties in the city and we have the north bay you will notice that nor that of its upper 40's in fact in our last a day we'll sing low 50s that is a nice improvement.
8:32 am
>>george: when we last looked at the richmond bridge at westbound there had to be something wrong indeed there is an accident just west of the toll plaza for the richmond bridge so we took what have been of like an easy ride for westbound interstate 580 into marin county with no backups on 580 and of course that is instantly changed now the traffic is starting to back of beyond castro right to the rich and parkway and i expect with conditions as low as they are here that we could see traffic begins to slow from as far east as hardaway on westbound interstate 580 again because traffic had been lighter around the bay area of the back of at the time of the accident occurred was not very bad that is why it is more backed up now will continue to track delays for the westbound highway 4 ride with the accident at bailey rode
8:33 am
and they point now 32 minutes the drive times that is increased by six benisons the last time we checked it. >>george: no backups know the latest is a great tribute to the san mateo bridge and shut down to 10:00 tonight perhaps a little earlier on the eastbound side and remains close to the entire weekend set to reopen until 5:00 on monday morning you're ride to the golden gate bridge still an easy trip here although we are near an approaching the peak of traffic on the typical commuter they did see a little more crowded here approaching the toll plaza come down from the south tower. >>mark: after two sexual assaults on women pushing strollers on the marin county walking trail there recently
8:34 am
received words about this attack that happened months ago mike pelton is life. mike pelton: the san francisco bay terrell is normally very safe to settle soap is a step in the patrol after reports of two sexual assaults police said that over the incidents are nearly identical in each case a mother out with a young child with a stroller and pushed into the bushes by a man and dark colored clothing and then sexually assaulted in both cases the man threatened to harm the baby if the woman screamed in one case he had a gun there the one of the possibility the attacker is still out there which is surprising the one that i talk to the trail he has a wife and kids. >>: my boys are adults in their living in the city life as of his sometimes by herself.
8:35 am
>>reporter: the have yet to speak with the two victims this is both happened three in five months ago however the two victims each reported the incident at a later date obviously that is not decipher investigators as to the web to speak to the two victims that something sale fell police are looking at right now delicacy of their witnesses to the attack and possibly other victims as well. >>darya: a body is found and landscaping crews from this body in a field and hear it is being rubble so they can investigate this was all caught road yesterday afternoon at this point is on a cold and the jews they believe is an adult man and his fifties the area where the body was found is not far from the search area for still missing sierra lamar the question came up investigators do believe this is a man in his
8:36 am
fifties and have not determined a cause of death or given his identity. >>mark: the cinematic trout and was used for senses in the city to give some of the credit to a new deal scenarios simulator they gave was a close look at the new system being used to train officers the store you only seen you're getting an exclusive look at the new video base training program here and cited the oakland police department local police chief says this training is part of opium these new the escalation of force policy some of that is a scenario based trading that
8:37 am
assimilation whether the role player or the video screen that also install new restrictions to their vehicle it emphasizes slow down the line things safer we do not chase people to back yards stops around the area to call the person out we do not create the chance contact he says another key element is decreasing use of force as outfitted all uniformed officers with by cam's. officers behave better when they're being filled by people they interact with a better as well to them and the escalated the drastic reduction of use of force in the city out
8:38 am
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life's super scary sounds.
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and sneaking in without moving the bed. >>darya: during the commercials behind the scene is now a judge has to have a new show that airs this sunday here's a preview periods i'm going to do what we call a whip which is basically '80s coming up driver scott by
8:42 am
i.c.h. paid. >>darya: you get to start the camera on stanley roberts is going to be fun. and >>george: we have been watching the blaze interstate 580 in the westbound direction at the richmond bridge toll plaza of an accident occurred late in the convict started to back up when otherwise been a trouble-free ride will give you the details on when we return.
8:43 am
8:44 am
rich dimero: use in the thick mustaches around town is not as well-known as the other ride sharing service and bills itself as a friendlier alternative that only our drivers getting passengers to point b they're connecting you the ways. and
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never imagined you be driving total strangers around town then things changed her job as an x- ray tech from the same time her grandchild was born she signed up as a live driver now she cannot imagine life without it had met a lot of things possible is of ride sharing service the differentiates itself a bit more personal almost like riding with a friend the big pink moustaches have gave way to a small version the friendliness is still there and met a really good friend will really good friends from the shop where she driving it is
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cheaper to sec alleged in the pay for parking. the music that they give you is really nice to. many less passengers sit in the front seat which is find laura. you could make up to $35 an hour drive and for them even if it is exactly how much you might make in the city you live band one big difference between live in the other ride sharing service this unless passengers to the driver's right from the application if you want to learn more will website richon tech
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.tv >>darya: they may have been taken by their father who has a history of violence they say the girl's father pick to dollar for boys and girls club took them away the mother filed a restraining order against the father but he got an emergency order that says he has custody as well investigators think he is with the girls going to washington state where his father levels and they do not believe that the girls are in danger signal live look this morning at the san mateo bridge all is well there now traffic looking good and trapping will be nonexistent it will be closed all we can until monday morning in the bridges has since then be reopened they will reduce the
8:48 am
maintenance work is a $39 million project to get the bridge back up and running with better integrity >>james: conditions in san francisco with a suspected conditions below '60s in downtown san jose a temperatures will fall off by 8:00 p.m. down
8:49 am
to 63 degrees there will be a breeze out there like we seen each day so far this week will get a little reason for to the afternoon hours as she said and is mild conditions in the low fifties in the inland valleys santa san francisco the sock as well and more aware and the low '50's and 40's and the low 50s and quickly making their way north on the thermometer invested some of us will be the east of a valley and 73 to 7573 in san jose a percentage of downtown along the shoreline in the north they expect 71 to 73 degrees this afternoon here is a wicked forecast are looking for real looking weekend ahead with a condition of one to be nice and mild and fairly stable and back to the to bump up a little bit for mother's day. >>james: a special for cash for mother's day coming up in just a moment or to stick around for that. >>george: a son and mother would
8:50 am
be proud of take a look here the back of the richmond bridge one of the two hot spots we have been tracking this morning that the nose because the left lane just past the toll plaza of has been cleared that this traffic is starting to move again in the back of never quite got to hardaway that is good news is backed up just beyond the richmond park lake in the drive times are about 12 to 14 minutes for a trip all richmond heading over toward san rafael the accident the backed up the right out of the lanes now as if the same situation here are accident had been cleared from the lands and bailey rode for westbound highway for this was our first half of the morning you can see the july time down from 22 to 4 minutes for the west about ride for a trip to the bay bridge look at this friday like for sure it is safer be to say we never like to say
8:51 am
that too early in my the jinx us. no backups no delays in the san mateo bridge of those on to a closing for the weekend right now is like an easy ride there was no back on the approach is a little of the 13 minute drive times here the golden gate bridge 101 south about now is to see the heaviest traffic but that is already passed us by once again as a lie in easy ride across the span of and on the 30 minute trip time through marin county. >>michelle: i am following what is trending on the web has and a daughter of the japan losing her to the most peculiar way here is a video to tie and let them use a javelin what it does next is pretty interesting he actually throws in and you'll see what is left in his daughter's mouth nothing because the tooth is
8:52 am
gone you consider her gums them responded saying the two of was not lost was safely under her pillow so all is well as to fare is given her lot of money for that >>mark: tom gradin not responding he was speaking to a crowd sang he had not had enough time to digest the report the agent caldwell's report a significant and terrible disappointment this said most of the questions and nfl is still ongoing. it's only been 30 hours to but i have not had much time to digest it what i do i'll be
8:53 am
sure to let you know. >>mark: the have not heard from the officials about whether the nfl is pursuing a potential punishment and the aftermath of for seven games. >>darya: he is having a little fun at his own expense you can see the former nba superstar trip and fall off the set of the inside and be a show that he was doing last week and he is rewarding his glove to give five of the dollars to the best one and there have been many good ones already you could alter there is one of his they wrapped up like a giant >>mark: more on mother's day in the forecast had december sales bridge closure with his upcoming this we can hear the mothers
8:54 am
they forecast a nice gift from mother nature its six is around the bay and its upper 70's for the inland spot.
8:55 am
check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. >>darya: perry clinton is in the bay area jews going to a campaign event this is clinton and laws as lysias today and so was this group opposing of
8:56 am
pacific trade bill they held a rally outside one of the fund- raisers today's event is happening. >>mark: the safety committee is meeting today to talk about the report of the deadly accident in 2013 to our employees were killed in the walnut creek park station they're performing inspections whenever hit by an eastbound train employees are working on the tracks they have to travel as a receipt that awful through the communications system. >>mark: bauhaus family missing in this year from safeway last night will have more on the family and our live reports coming up san jose police are looking for a man who attacked a teenager inside of her home will have the pictures from police and other crimes he is accused of ahead. saliva from the san mateo bridge the bridge
8:57 am
opens for now but as a reminder is closing will have more on the closure ahead.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>george: new problem for the east shore where we talk about those in a moment. until sunshine ally of the outside looking at the golden gate bridge. >>michelle: web which we deal with some sunshine for most of the day but the cause of the team to move in for coastal locations and to the afternoon
9:00 am
the daytime high for an invalid location mid-70s and the locations into the upper 60s we would do again tomorrow for much of the area of it will be the cause because more spots with the scene to move in europe afternoon by mother's day temperatures will quickly warmed up into the upper 70's by 3:00 and they will warm up into lower '70s a look at your temperatures as of right now we have so fifties out there with a few cool spots fremont 55 degrees sunnyvale 54 long the peninsula we have mid-50s and across santa rosa some of our fifties we will talk more about any rain chances in your storm track and 74 past i will have the details coming up at 915. >>george: one of the hot spots where tracking was the late change in the ride on interstate 580 we have an accident about 45 minutes ago this past toll plaza of one of the left-hand lane tear that is why it is backed up ride back in
9:01 am
the commute. and the 12 minutes out of richmond over to san were felt. even with the reported problem is still only 22 minutes much lighter than usual traffic take a look at the bay bridge no delays into san francisco even the san mateo bridge at a much earlier the usual clear out of the back of there are no delays on 92 over from hayward and the drive times is actually the same here
9:02 am
westbound as it is eastbound cannot commit direction that is another the minute trip time across the span the golden gate bridge delay free i would not be surprised if they move the lines over to the early the usual this morning. >>darya: happening now an oakland man and his two young children are safe this morning after something happen to them in this era of the has to be rescued last night >>will tran: the co-workers there here are ready and open up at 9:00 show that a 30 in the morning there were kind enough the reason why he is a form because it is in sight peril or
9:03 am
danger just a waiting game. is very experienced we've found out he was lost war on to your mind. hopefully tonight or tomorrow by wednesday morning thursday were you concerned before you heard the deduce i think a bit of is
9:04 am
in the works. it was sore or demote area. there were successful late thursday night that i would never get lost plan
9:05 am
not outdoors so you have this and a national cattle to make after one day can do it was going somewhere along will learn more about it also cerise a is at the family's home this morning and she will have more throughout the will have a live shot her. >>mark: division from the helicopter partnership you can see the crane toppled over san the accident happened this morning when great america parkway we're waiting for more details on this plane in the accident. for people in the small plane that crashed in the atlantic interstate died in the crash. >>darya: after takeoff this one from the airport and there is the same act you concede the highway on the emergency vehicles alas of the small print that class killing four.
9:06 am
>>mark: this happened tuesday in san jose with for a shoulder surveillance video of the incident guest today the one knows we follow she walked home from school he pushed his way into her house and grabbed her and knocked her to the floor the girl had him in the face and try to fight back before the man left is the same person who tries also a woman in a restroom at a san jose market on april 2nd that he lived in the area the one thing the 13 your victim in this case told us is that she saw the man followed her but did not think anything of it because he was well dressed. >>: it was about stranger danger we should always be aware of strangers there was a certain chester of the last look that some bloom in a trench coat with the head and a beard when in
9:07 am
fact that is never really been the problem at all you really have to throw all these old misconceptions out the window understand that we always need to be vigilant we need to be aware of our surroundings and we need to watch out and see who might be looking at who might be following us and realizing the possibly into those people have bad intentions. >>mark: and continues on line of for a minute interview posted we also have raw video from the frightening attack and the complete interview with the young victim does on our web site >>darya: now they're homeless how they're reacting to the situation
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>darya: the law also family members and a crash in the more over the weekend is now homeless here is one of the relative said the injured seven year-old is recovering after he was hit by debris from the car crash on saturday he and family no longer have a home because it was damaged in the crash 35 your brian was driving under the
9:11 am
influence in his or that when he smashed into the family's home there was celebrating her birthday in first of million at the time and a mother and her 14 month old baby were killed family members say they're struggling to find peace at night. >>: woody's they admire to we have to be out at 12 noon the next day like last night we grow up to one in the morning trying to find somewhere to stay is very stressful that is because the home was damaged it would be hard evening at home were not damaged asleep there replay of the accident that happened taking a life of 40 year-old and
9:12 am
her 14 month old baby who were killed in that crash. >>michelle: i will let you know would expect we're talking about some great chances i will let you know what you see any in the 74 cast coming up at 915.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>michelle: is good news we're
9:15 am
so excited the weekend is finally here i have the mother's day brunch for cass on sunday if you are along the coast plan on that being led cool with temperatures in the mid 50's during the lunch hour for bay locations along on one side will to mid-60s for inland valley locations where talk about east bay valley and were talk about the bay temperatures will be allowed warmer and reason with temperatures until low to mid 70's looking at a satellite read or we have the potential for more severe weather type your attention to tropical storms it could to is a mix of landfall across south carolina early sunday morning a little closer to home we have to concede to
9:16 am
push off in the south of south east we will see some sunshine and here is what looks like outside a very sunny start to the embarcadero the drug on a to be out in about four today plan on comfortable temperatures and a breeze from the west looking at the east bay hills we have some human clouds out there as well and read what to see some sunshine for much of the area to the afternoon with a few more clout rolling in for the coast this afternoon. >>michelle: handful of 50 is not to start after friday's temperatures will quickly warm- up into low to mid 70's for the other part of the area of your cross the east valley will be a little bit warmer during the afternoons mid-70s antioch fairfield if you're across the south that some more the yes the afternoon, of off the peninsula low to mid '60's we are going to see a little bit cloud cover move and the rest of your weekend forecast looks pretty good with have temperatures to look nice for in the low cases
9:17 am
into tomorrow they will or '70s the nice outdoor weather if you have any outdoor plans is the perfect weekend to enjoy it sounded to be the warmest of the next seven days temperatures in the upper seven is for is to the valleys and saw the locations the residents storm track a 74 past or seven is to move in for a next week i am tracking our necks rain chance to the to see a few showers come thursday do not forget you also check the forecast of our free mobile application at the i tune of the store to play. >>george: as to take a look at the light ride on the san mateo bridge it is the great to the bare metal said people are staying away in droves the back of and in much earlier the usual here in the west about direction and jackie has been tracking the san mateo bridge this morning in anticipation of tonight's closure through the entire weekend i wonder if people do to have anything to do with this bridge already.
9:18 am
>>jackie sissel: the guard had the message out that they will avoid the bridge even 12 hours before the actual closure began that is the case the bridge will be shutdown this is one of two weekends that the bridge will be entirely shut down for the entire weekend starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. going into monday morning 5:00 a.m. caltrans when to shut down the bridge to the conducing domain is on the bridge also do some resurfacing around the bridge that means someone that would normally get from the east bay to the peninsula or vice versa of them have said the dunbarton or the bay bridge and at the obbligato to 37 which could get the works all the way they could hinder the passage that there may be a few more people on it was the to the closure this weekend as i said it starts at 10:00 p.m. tonight if you're traveling westbound on 92 that went to cut you off and said it down into come from the peninsula you
9:19 am
could make it as far as foster city boulevard and did that have to get off i said 10:00 p.m. the couch and is putting out the message that they may actually closed down the eastbound lane a little early their same it as early as seven or 8:00 tonight if you're someone who was waiting to less meticulous job across the bridge of of what it get across is early because of the accident shut down the lanes earlier in the next closure is what's memorial day weekend and it will be much the same red wine to see the same amount of closure they believe that this the best we can to do it. >>george: we had been tracking some delays this morning even was the lighter the usual commute this was one area that was hot spot for even with a number of incidents we had on the east shore freeway because the traffic was so light and never had a really bad impact on the drive times a hercules down
9:20 am
to berkeley just 17 minutes to another area we have been tracking as a hot spot was the rich and bridge and the westbound 580 ride to see if i find the right button but right now in his luggage here at the toll plaza of the drive times adjusted and is heading over to san rafael there is no longer a back about the castro on 580 at the bay bridge no backups for the westbound ride is to clear out like this over and our and even the golden gate bridge is a pretty smooth commute with no delays at the northbound or southbound across the span and no longer any backups through marin county for the 101 southbound ride will of that the south bay in the next report >>darya:. the white house is beefing up security there have been some of since jumpers in the news recently the sickle service has gotten where showing
9:21 am
you what the fans liked what they would do with extra spikes than expected but the new seven and spikes and that come up with the premise solution later this summer where they will have total offense by next year. that order to gasoline companies to pay 11 and half million dollars to settle accusations a judge approved the settlement will phillips '66 >>mark: the company failed to comply with has matt and hazardous wastes lost 15% to gas stations throughout california. >>darya: coming up that a poor child support is out how many jobs or added last month the sec a live look at the bay bridge approach was a really easy ride friday we will be right back
9:22 am
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>>mark: it is a 259 points while the jobs of torture coming god at the u.s. attitude on the 23,000 jobs in april a nice boost after a disappointing spring is up from 5.5 to 5.4% that is the lowest since may of 2008 the energy field did lose workers in april but lower gas prices but the health care in business industries that added jobs for a poor job tear in the united states >>darya: what happens when you're not watching him with a preview our new show is the back
9:26 am
store appearance sunday at 930 still ahead local police are saying that the dramatic drop of in this city because of what new video simulator will take a look at coming up. to muscle sexless wall-to-wall popular walking trail coming likely such as on the above incident several months later.
9:27 am
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what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
9:29 am
>>michelle: 8 it will receive your taking your mother to brunch on sunday and a very beautiful start in the currency we have a few apache passing clouds. plan on some sunshine until the winds of the northwest by the afternoon temperatures woman up into low to mid 70's no change to the daytime high in store for another night stake across the south the bank to the
9:30 am
to the lobby area handful of fifties out there a little bit on the cool side the temperatures and low to mid '50's was thinking about the weekend temperatures will continue to warm up into low to mid 70's for ellen location this afternoon it will continue on for saturday and they consume more story of the '60s is afternoon coming a we have rain chances the a storm tractor 7 forecast. >>george: it the battle was
9:31 am
almost completely gone appliance since the there's something else all the rich perhaps another accident and it may be a little farther west if other early account problem out there no details yet available from the chp but judging by the traffic flow something is definitely wrong again director richmond san rafael bridge of the hot spots from a ride into iran the job done to 12 minutes will almost all the complete end of the backed up with this all changed we are taking the bridges out of sequence because we'll talk next about this bridge the san mateo bridge where there is no back up to no delays led now both sides of the bridge are enjoying an equally good 11 minutes drive time of his bridge closes tonight at 10:00 in maybe earlier for the eastbound lane
9:32 am
>>george: no backups or delays to get this to me to realize that even been turned off that is how like the commute is hear the golden gate bridge they might do it before 10:00 cell promise of the trip to the south and less door right now will want in the northbound all look good you concede the sensors showing pretty good conditions look at these drive time from the capitol expressway just 23 minutes the northbound 280 ride only 17 minutes that is a great trip time even 85 northbound out to the west valley 21 minutes from the 101 and to change out to cupertino or 280 and 85 come together will continue to keep an eye on what is happening there on 580 at the richmond bridge.
9:33 am
>>mark: half a there was all wet for the attacks and other reported by pelton december fell more the attacks as the the lake. mike pelton: that several top officers and said some time after the attack the reported the incident to an employee at the marin county health and human services department which will lead information to several police that becomes an affirmation but here is the police the two separate incidents are nearly identical it's a place in five months ago of the recent escapes a man approached a mother out walking her young child in the stroller of times the man puts the woman into the bushes and sexually assaulting her and the same time to read to hurt the baby if she screamed disinformation came to police by way of the county
9:34 am
health and human services department today we spoke with both police and concerned walker's out of the trail we are out walking to consider the fact i you isolated you alone tells of was a risky have to be smart you have to think of had this where i am going to tell people and then they know to watch out for you. the plan to increase patrols and the san francisco-based rail and recommend walk in pairs to this point place only described the attacker as a matter when dark colored clothing submitted this case is you simply spa the sketch of the suspect for
9:35 am
whatever reason to this point the two women are not coming forward to help police with the investigation >>darya: an exclusive look had a new video scenario trained to throw them the police department is using the have seen a dramatic drop in the use of incidents because of this video simulated training part of the department of the escalation force policy it cannot prevent at all but they're all absolutely steps to can minimize the chance to force some of that scenario based trading the chief when on-add that the police have also never should since and other key elements have all you for office of the robotic
9:36 am
cameras. >>mark: he is looking for new home was silly-adopt them coming up no information on the blue bell ice cream was carried out break with the company knew and when they know there was a problem. ras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs. ♪ ♪ rsh's read brinthe licis tae of hshe's ocole anying evythi. th hshe's read the ssibitieare licis.
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is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california. >>darya: the golden state warriors are on their way to prevent this the job the third home game of the entire season losing the game in the playoffs december is now tied at 11 and is getting ready to head off for game 3 tomorrow tip off at 5:00 p.m. and memphis well what
9:40 am
delorean show police all looking for two missing crucial north the bent them have been abducted by their father was a criminal history he picked up the girls on wednesday and took them away the girl's mother and father restraining order against them somehow get emergency court order. >>mark: him they were sending in this day he was pulled over and oregon last night with the to let him go after he said to his way to washington to visit his father. the notes were following this morning in ice cream company is back in the spotlight because they knew about bacteria at one of their plants they say a blue bell ice
9:41 am
cream plant in oklahoma tested positive for listeria 16 times since 2013 the plant knew about the last month the company pulled the entire product line after a mysterious outbreak was linked to their ice-cream the documents show the plan sanitize the equipment was an adequate inspectors said their workers or not washing their hands properly they believe three people died over the last year from products contaminated with bacteria illnesses were reported plan to blue bell ice cream and arizona oklahoma and texas they said the company does not have a firm time for reopening and it will be at least several months. >>george: we're still tracking the blaze at the richmond bridge there is indeed a new accident for the west about 580 ride is thought to back it up yet again i will have details when returnedwhen
9:42 am
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loves all people you could contact the lifetime with information on your screen the nonprofit animal shelter remember if you are considering adopting a pet please visit your local animal shelter. >>michelle:--->>george: is at the richmond bridge the westbound interstate 580 ride if we've had an accident about an hour ago we are in the middle of the sensor of days not join the backed up with a look at the ride on our camera you can see where once again slow across all the lanes leading to the richmond bridge and the drive time is now pushing of force of 16 minutes to get over to san
9:47 am
revell coming all richmond last check it was still pretty slow headed westbound come at a vallejo and across the north end of the bad your bay bridge ride out the metering lights have been turned off on 92 the san mateo bridge much earlier the usual and to the backup node days now for you're ride to the golden gate bridge 101 or about southbound indeed they did change the land's early in the usual is not a truck past us and they did not see it is now set for mid day with a northbound and 3 trains southbound.
9:48 am
>>michelle: we're waking up to some comfortable temperatures and a lot of sunshine plan on sunshine all throughout the entire day with temperatures warmer across the inlet since the mid-70s and store will have some upper 60s to their 70's alive because i saw on the embarcadero write sunshine out there will continue on across much of the area and temperatures looks good at 57 in san was a little more 56 santa rosa at 55 degrees and she read for today and if they're comfortable will do again tomorrow by sunday plan of sunshine widespread warmer across is meant the upper seven is in store this time i looked
9:49 am
good deal one up into the upper 60s to the '70s we have plans of the 10 mi. an all or up 15 at times whether to get the storm track or cassette into early next week they're tracking our next great chance it will be on thursday it
9:50 am
>>darya: to today's key events happening ahead >>mark: and jules spencer has the latest. >>: they call the will support a significant and terrible disappointment his interview may have been at the final interview in the entire investigator process. my own personal impression was that the pain of the already been to look at that point. the report says the more probably the not was called at least generally aware of the inappropriate activity that still is a coarse or burned to the deflating of football's prior to the afc championship on stage is for family crowd thursday night there asked about the report the nfl's
9:51 am
investigative process is still ongoing his wallet and 30 hours the controversy has not tainted the super bowl or detract from his joy of winning it. ahead
9:52 am
>>darya: web want to take a look at the big stories you need to know before you head out the door this morning here is a live look at it over to the bay bridge the approach is an easy ride right now
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: in oakland man and his two young children are safe after they went missing for two days in the sierra that did not return home after leaving the camp site tuesday night that spotted the less i they're said to be in good health there's still time to figure out why they disappeared for two days. >>darya: after to mom's pushing their babies in strollers was a swim resulted on the popular trout of the target store in san rafael the attack happened months ago but the police say the country to tell them about this the man had a gun and one of these incidents told the women he would hurt their baby
9:56 am
if they screamed above that of describe the man as hispanic dress and black. >>mark: the san the sale bridge and down this week and closed all weekend closing at 10 but could happen earlier if traffic is like it will reopen monday morning at 5 they were be repaving is a $39 million project to this is necessary to preserve the bridge integrity george is tracking hot spots. >>george: it does not have anything to do with the san mateo bridge is with the richmond bridge this is the second or third incident we have had here in the was about commit direction this morning after the first incident bridge back up and almost cleared out what look at it now it makes all the way back to the richmond park wife and is backing up now almost too far away from the west about ride to concede there is very the movement the back of this act to going to continue to grow a last check the drive time was 16 minutes out of rich and
9:57 am
getting across this bed and into the disaster they clear the drive times could continue to climb to as high as 20 they're not a great octant high with 37 across the northern bank is still so out of vallejo leading almost all of the sears point. >>mark: watching bay area weather in the store for the weekend is pretty nice we have subway mother is a the best of the weekend temperatures will slowly warm weather. >>darya: there you go >>mark: brought about a chance of rain maybe by tuesday but nice weather for today tomorrow and sunday of what each day >>darya: enjoy your weekend rout for the war is the game is tomorrow route for mom if you're never away from was the one to get it on the go get the facebook twitter our web site or mobile application we will see you later
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