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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :breaking news out of southern california. authorities say two people have been shot and one assaulted near the u-c santa barbara campus. the shooting happened shortly before 7:30 this evening. at a home in an area of small apartments in the isla vista neighborhood. authorities say three men in their early 20's were taken to a hospital with moderate injuries. one of those men was wounded from an assualt, not from gunfire. the campus was briefly searched and locked down. the school also says one of the injured may be a suspect in the attack but a second suspect drove away. there is no word at this time if
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any of the people involved are students at the university the shooting comes less than two weeks. before the anniversary of a mass shooting in isla vista. on may 23rd, 2014, elliot rodger. killed six people and injured 14-others near campus, before killing himself. rodger posted a youtube video outlining the attack. as a means of revenge for social and sexual rejection. he had a history of mental health issues. tonight. a final goodbye to a mother and her young daughter. killed by a suspected drunk driver in livermore. there was a solemn ceremony tonight in seaside, where the victims lived. kron 4's jeff bush is live in livermore, where the victims died. jeff? >> jeff : a procession of two caskets were ushered into the saint francisc xavier parish this eveningone
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casket for esperanza and the other for her daughtera daughter who was alive just a little more than a yearbut in that time, she touched her family in a way they will never forgetand, both of them will live on in the memories of those who loved them. angel martinez family member >> heartbrokenheartbroken in the familytwo members of the family is gone now and nobody is going to replace that place. it's hard and our hearts are broken. >> jeff :candles, and pictures and flowers adorned the parishall in memory of the two loved ones who died in a tragic accident while they stood on the sidewalk livermore. a lot of pain in our hearts still and i can't even sleep yet, you know because we are still thinking and thinkingit's too hard for all the family right now. >> jeff :the funeral for the two
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will be held in mexico later this month. i'm jeff bush, live in livermore, kron four news. >> pam :the man arrested in connection with that deadly crash in livermore. is 35- year old brian jones. he was in court last week. but his arraignment was postposed until may 22nd. the district attorney has yet to file formal charges against him and jones is currently out on bail. that outraged family members who confronted him outside the courthouse last week. police say, jones was driving while drunk. when he lost control of his corvette and slammed into the mother and child and the murrieta boulevard apartment building where the family lived. a candlelight vigil was held tonight. for a teen girl who died in a car crash on saturday night in gilroy. a memorial was held at christopher high school for 15- year-old natalia salcito. she was killed after the car she was in. collided with a tree on miller avenue in gilroy.
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hundreds of people gathered to remember her this evening. her parents were among those paying respect to their loving daughter. >>:an italian meant everything for us but she also meant a lot to everybody she met everybody she touched everybody she helped out by being a friend to them. --natalia police say. 16-year-old natalia salcito. was killed after the car she was in. collided with a tree. police say it is unlikely drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. a dispute over a mechanic repair bill, put the mechanic in the hospital, and the customer behind bars. kron 4's vicki liviakis has the story. >> vicki : his customer ran over the mechanic after an
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argument over the repairs. >>:the suspect was taken into custody and charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon >> vicki : he reportedly argued over the repair bill and the mechanics to and from of the car to keep him from leaving, they got violent not only did the customer allegedly hit the man with his car but also dragged him a short distance the mechanic was taken to hospital for broken bones >>:let's see what the outcome will be from the investigation >> vicki : he said the accord next week for raiment >> pam :happening tomorrow: stage three of the amgen tour of california. rolls through san jose and livermore. cyclists will begin at the berryessa community center at 10:45 in the morning.
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they will ride on calaveras road to highway- 84. to livermore. then on to mines road. to mount hamilton. then back to san jose, finishing at "motorcycle county park." coming up: the warriors even the series! gary breaks down game- 4 versus the grizzlies. it's enough to make your skin crawl! the california neighborhood. overrun by bugs! and the efforts to put a man linked to dozens of sex crimes across california. back behind bars. comes up short. where he's alowed to live now. >> reporter :it is still breezy right now because the winds are not over yet but rains are coming up and will let you know when
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>> pam :a santa clara county judge has refused to revoke the release of a serial rapist. amid fears by neighbors that he may rape again. he is linked to a number of sex crimes across california.
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prosecutors say, christopher hubbart. known as the "pillow case rapist". violated the terms of his release and they want him he was released less than a year ago to the antelope valley. outside of los angeles. hubbart is required to wear a monitoring device. he lives with an around- the- clock security guard. still ahead: bugging out! the neighborhood that's crawling with tiny insects! and how we helped a bay area woman find a beloved pet. missing for months! >> gary :and the warriors had to win the of back in their series with memphis. the story at highlights there huffed and we have more news about tom brady suspended for four games and we'll have some much-needed rain coming into the bay area. i
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would know when with our seven day forecast coming up after the break. ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
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>> pam :new tonight at 11 the residents have a creepy problem. they are fighting a big bug infestation and so far nothing has been able to keep these bugs away. with our partnership with
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cn and we have the story > >mark: not just in the thousands. > > mark :and they're all saying the same thing. >> "never in my life have i seen like it" > > mark:and these insects are everywhere, on the street, sidewalks, on cars, on fences, in backyards, and on toys. some residents are even fighting the insects from coming inside their homes. >> "we're vacuuming. they're coming in through the doors, the windows, through the garage. we can't keep them out' > > mark:control companies have been very busy in this neighborhood. now this brown pile that looks like dirt is actually the dead but the live ones are on the move. >> "they are spreading all down the street" > >mark:down the street is right. and also up your leg if you're >> "oh hey i feel them crawling
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up me, that's nice" > > mark :we took a sample of the insects to kern county vector control who said they are chinch bugs which are agricultural insects that feed off plants and don't present an immediate health hazard to humans. >> "they do not carry any diseases that could harm humans, they are more of a nuisance" > >mark :now this residential community backs up against this agricultural land which hasn't been used in months. pest control experts believe because the field is not presently being used to grow food -the insects came out in droves because no pesticides were used. >> "there's no stopping them. they will kill a bunch of them and they're dead for awhile but then more will just keep piling on top." > > mark:right now, residents are trying to find out who owns the property. >> "i want to know if they're going to be held responsible for maintaining it" >> reporter :pam is still over by her desk because she is squeamish.
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we are seeing this a few clouds up there today but it is not as crowded as it has been the last couple of men--nights tomorrow is partly cloudy most of the day for now should be dried it looks like wednesday night we will see some showers arriving starting the. we're still see some pretty strong wind gusts as temperatures right now are in the '50s except here in for a freeze--48 degrees we're expecting some patchy clouds over the night it looks like will not see as much cloud coverage tomorrow morning as be have seen in the last few days, hopefully will be sunny commute
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we will see some high clouds streaming in from the clouds-- coast for tuesday night then will get ready for some rain still cool and will average 64 is your-oakland. a little milder along the creek at 70. partly to mostly sunny conditions. upper 60s in san jose, 59 in downtown san francisco. here is your storm tracker 4 i would like to mention the showers arriving later
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thursday it is going to be a pretty wet day it will impact the morning commute as of now it appears that fighting will be dry air and milder >> pam :in a follow up to a my kron 4 story earlier this year. a cat that escaped from a novato kennel back in march. is now safe and at back home. the animal's owner called kron 4. after the cat slipped out a door while the kennel cage was being cleaned. the owner says. a lot of people came forward to help post fliers. on friday. she got a message the cat was seen in a rugged area not far from the kennel. the cat was captured. she had been living in the woods for nearly two- and a half- months. >> "no wounds, no ticks no fleas, she's very skinny and needs fluids but she's in good shape" >> pam :an employee from the brideswell hilltop kennel said. they are very happy to hear the news of the cat's return. she called the escape. a freak accident.they have reviewed procedures. so this doesn't happen again.
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our own stanley roberts is at it again. he found so many people behaving badly. he needed another special. this coming sunday. stanley catches drivers putting your children at risk. see what drivers are doing and where this sunday night at 7:30, on a people behaving badly special. and later on sunday. after sports night live with jason appelbaum. at 9:30. catch the second episode of "the backstory". it's a look at the making of our newscasts. stanley's in that, too. here's a preview. >>:slow down again over to the right bis guide tried to avoid the scales by going around them can i talk to you on camera about that for a second?
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>>:i'm not behaving badly i'm working >> reporter :can look at the camera and say i was working and the hitting badly--behaving badly >> pam :"the backstory" airs sunday night at 9:30 would pablo sandoval be cheered or boo'd in his first game back in the bay area? gary has the answer straight ahead plus. steph and the warriors come out firing against memphis as they advantage. gary has highlights, reaction and all the sports next!!!!
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>> gary :warriors bounced back in a big way tonight warriors grizzlies fans in "the grindhouse" in memphis 1st quarter stephen curry - long 3-pointer beats 1st quarter buzzer 28-20 gs curry: 21 points in the 1st half 2nd quarter, 38-32 warriors andre igoudala - hits one of his three 3-pointers 41-32 gs igoudala: 11 points, 4 rebs off bench 2nd quarter, dubs up 10 mike conley - blocked by andrew bogut - curry lets the defense run by and calmly knocks down another 3 pointer 50-37 gs curry: 4-for-9 on 3-pointers still 2nd quartercurry toying with the defense - sweet pass to david lee for layup 56-40 gs grizzlies head coach david yaeger - knows it's not his night 3rd quarter draymond green - takes it the length of the court off one of grizzlies 16 turnovers
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green: 16 points, 10 rebs, 4 assists midway thru 3rd quarter, 71-49 warriors klay thompson - 3 pointer from the corner.garbage time the rest of the way klay: 15 points warriors win 101-84 despite 21 turnovers postgame reaction >>:it is a good feeling especially on the road. i think we're all proud of the way we played from start to finish. >>:i wanted to be satisfied with the effort but i want him to be hungry to improve it and wanted to understand that nothing has happened yet. >> gary :again on wednesday and a family game on friday in this series is even with two games a piece
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barry bonds' inducted into the hall fan--hall of fame barry bonds is now 50 years of age. he was accompanied by two of his daughters. people don't give him the title of home run king because of his alleged steroid use. the giants are houston tomorrow.but hunter pence returned to action tonight in the top of the 11th the a's are 1 and 11,
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his home run winds that the end here is some still photography he was playing his first game behind the scenes going pam-- >>:and will have the inside of the back story later on >> gary :tom grieve and the patriots got nailed today for "deflate-gate:
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nfl commissioner roger goodell suspending tom brady for the first four games of the upcoming season. fining the patriots $1 million dollars. as far as money though tom brady is doing fine. his wife actually makes more money than him because she is a model. he is probably going to appeal. he will knock it down to maybe three or two games kap was up in seattlepartying with the enemy he was at the aston manor nightclub how do we knowbecause kap himself posted it to instagram kap was partying with two seahawks, ricardo lockette and kam chanceller
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the club rolled out the red carpet for kapgiving him some expensive bottles of booze kap thanked seattle for their hospitality ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪[ music ] ♪ "american idol" canceled. one more season, then gone. >> clay, what was your reaction when you heard the news? >> then, cop vs. starbucks. >> suing starbucks over a cup of coffee he said was too hot. >> the verdict is in. >> and the family kicked off the plane all because of their daughter. >> have you ever been kicked off a plane? >> did the pilot go too far? then, drought shaming. >> why some of the most famous people in america have lush green lawns during the worst drought. >> it's been ten years since the teen vanished on vacation


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