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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 16, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter:breaking news out of the east bay this morning where a big rig accident on highawy 4. it happened just after 4:00 this morning near the bailey road off ramp. right now only the exit lane is open. kron 4's mike pelton is live at the scene with the details. good morning mike. >> reporter: and eastbound highway fort lee take a live look crews using towed trucks about to put that trailer truck balance will overturn a run for 15 this morning. the order is very concerned what the track is carrying a for chp thought it was cold killer presented a much
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more hazardous said this truck was carrying petroleum coca. but it created a big mess around 4:00 this morning is hp's says the driver of had to swerve around a stock car in the middle of the freeway the driver of the toyota camry ran out of gas and then sidestepping neckar overturning the drivers of both vehicles minor it suffered minor injuries. and lower turn blocking foreign the traffic. cars able to get back on the right-hand side. all this will be open by about a 30 this morning east on highway 4 near daily road. and chp investigating the will of the stock car when they're not the action as the headlights on. and if drugs and up holes played any role in seapieces if you are on the freeway holes. leary will be on the freeway in. at the villa these data shoulder but that's
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not what happened this morning. see if pieces were very fortunate this was not a much more serious accident in the vehicle involved. >> reporter: on the highway parallel and gas was there just one person on board just the driver? >> reporter: just over a symbol of the cart one-person in the trailer drivers both of those vehicles suffered minor injuries. or transport of the hospital again chp says they're not serious injuries. continued up the on the story. as my kids knew information. >> reporter: 05 lookout size differences go and overcast skies there but not much went to the talk about at closer to the day any hong here to tell us about forecast. >> reporter: 54 local and 49 daly city. upper '40's for our
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friends in the north bay as you mention and saw the camera shots a cloudy start to out there this morning. live look at the bay bridge piquancy in the east bay for berkeley oakland all looking at cloudy conditions this morning. and we will see some sunshine for the afternoon. but a storm tracker is a planner for today. a cloudy start will be cool definitely need a jag heading up the door by lunchtime some clear and temperatures remain cool and in spots upper 60s at lunchtime to upper 50s for the day in and 3:00 p.m. today signing clouds the southwesterly breeze besides the 10 m.p.h. and winds will be as strong today compared to last couple days. no radar returns we may see a slight chance for some showers up amid holes today overall those locations will be dry and we are still looking up the cool conditions 49 fairfield 52 in pleasanton. the britannia highest rate in the
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east bay and all take a look a beta breakers for kassala later . >> reporter:that's right the warriors are one step closer to an n-b-a title. they defeated the memphis grizzlies 108 to 95 to advance to the western conference finals. and last night it was the splash brothers who put on a show in memphis. they combined for 52 points. and steph curry had the most memorable shot of the night. take a look. we will have much more on last night's game coming up with gary in about 20 minutes.
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>> reporter: what a friday night it was for the golden state warriors they take the game the take this year is available in the western conference finals to leave from sitting in here every time this crowd got going and the grizzlies got going and appears golden state warriors had an answer for them and therefore might hear in this shot was shot it was a problem will see it all week long month- long yearlong you'll see this for some time says curry at the end the third quarter getting his big shot so many in the locker room after the game fell like that was the dagger... he
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practices that shot the satellite and practice them before the games see him down the hallways of atolls on the side there and shot them avocet of the court and sure enough he did do a friday night it worked in the one on the win the game meantime fans watching the game and all over the bay area last night and after the when they could not contain their excitement. having"the less time every cattleya for the next series it will be great"
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"this time in my life that's happened is my home city this doesn't happen too often not have the lawyers on the ropes for this one take can get any better than that or is taking a lead" last night. they will play the winnerand game 7 in that series is >> reporter:breaking news this morning. a second suspect has been arrested teenager. the body of 17- year old max rusk was found around noon on thursday. just off campus at jesse bethel high school. an investigation led them to this man, 19 year old zachary kroll. police believe kroll and rusk knew each other but are not sure how.
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arrested. a 16 year old out of suisin city. hall. police were able to track down the second suspect after talking >> reporter: in up how giant still gambrinus still using his experience to and fire kids and crime for investigation shows to which parts station has the most crime coming up after the break like candlestick demolitions causing concerns during as the state's historic route
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>> reporter:the demolition process at candlestick park. is raising concerns over use of fresh drinking water in the middle of a drought. this is what the stick looks but what has people concerned is workers spraying thousands of gallons of water on the demolished park. in order to control dust. san francisco's public utility commission says, because people
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can breathe the dust. only water clean enough for drinking. can be used to control the dust. the p-u-c did not say how much water has been used so far. >> reporter: your saturday morning waking up to parlay site conditions today in the cool conditions sticker on clay and a half for how long a chance for some leatherback in the bay area
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weekend. according national oceanic and atmospheric administration. el nino is back. past el niños have been blamed for extreme flooding in mexico and california. this news comes just days after some spring storms. christian de la rosa has more on what this could mean for the
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state's drought. in 1997 and in the 80's el niño >> reporter: weekend forecasts and also look for a head for the sake. sunday in just a minute right now lavalas its sematech now waking up a cloudy skies this morning heading out but as a soccer game karen's a grudge jacket as a closer out their 55 sentences of 54 oakland sent his a good morning due 53 agrees close button center rose up in the north bay and the upper 40's at this hour wednesday still breezy and a few spots of their field 60 mi. per hour concord
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and 10 mi. per hour in oakland along the coast have monday 30 m.p.h. and that seabury's keeping in the cool air for the bay area pitcher cast for cloud cover for this morning throw of o'clock this silicon clearing for places like san bruno and the peninsula began at a slight chance for maybe a shower and higher elevations and higher terrain today otherwise was locations will be dropped to 6:00 this evening. and we see some partial clearing partly cloudy for the afternoon today. tomorrow morning. breakers we're asserting of cloudier will be cool for the runners. and like a storm checker for today. east bay shoreline ppm 60 degrees and manager of. the city of oakland cooler in richmond 59 jacket weather once again in the spot still be below average 691 muckrake 55 and that bill. and behind larcenies. beta breakers forecasting a close our tomorrow
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morning and six. and the race begins at a building cloudy and looks like by lunch time to be 56 if you're running lbo k. if you're locking or stumbling in my little chilly for you. here next three days upper 60s today inland parley credit conditions set. until tomorrow and then on monday not much changed some warmer air comes this way little bit later in the workweek and wednesday thursday friday things look to be little milder. finally if you want the warmer weather. and weather >> reporter: new look at some crimes for apart scott rates explains the new numbers that might make you think twice before departure car or read by concerns stations. warning signs like this are everywhere at the fruitvale bart station posted by bart police leave valuables in plain site sot
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for the most part car owners adhere to the warning and in some cases even went above and beyond to protect their car. we did find a few things like backpacks and other items in plain view, but it wasn't just backs we found, how about this! yup a dog!! thankfully his owner showed up shortly after now because of the warnings we wanted to find out witch stations top the list when it come to theft, here's what we ha found out hon nearly 9=hundred bicycles were stolen from bart riders last year. this year the thieves are striking an average of every 14 hours. and drivers who leave their cars in bart parking lots are burglarized every 15 hours. smashing glass sfx the hot spots for auto break=ins are mostly along the fremont line. fruitvale station is tops, with 23 upto april 13th. the coliseum is next followed by south hayward. across the bay daly city has had 12 auto burglaries this year.
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but hayward, which topped the list, last year, has only had north berkeley is the most dangerous place to leave your bike. 71 were stolen there last year, along with another 14 through the middle of april of this year. two stops away, ashby is in second place this year. macarthur station is right behind followed by dublin=pleasanton. fremont rounds out the top five. after hearing this people who use these parking lots say they will be more careful! as oakland and unevenness but 459 burglaries'. i expect the symptoms are police. >> reporter:the stanford marching band will be banned from performing at away games for the 2015-16the announcement comes after an investigation
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into the band's activities from 2012-15 determined it violated university policies regarding alcohol, controlled substances, hazing and sexual harassment. the band will be permitted to play at home events and at certain non-athletic events. >> reporter: >> michelle: of like bodies recovered from the crime seven u.s. marine helicopter nepal. the chopper went down on tuesday while delivering a tort " and 6 trains to nepalese soldiers killed in the crash the cause still under investigation this morning still had four young, for news it can help is on the way for the giants the a's continue to struggle and gary has more on the wires but when.
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>> gary: lawyers have over the cut western conference finals since 1976. memphis the gutty it but when the lawyer issued by tags given three points they just didn't have curried who had three-pointers to give a mud 25 to 10 courtly: kerry thompson shifty policies does shoot 2115 memphis did make a little better rush identify points 64 footer for curry and from there on the
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party for the lawyers nine points on 3 kurri wartime ndp line 32 points testis 60 rounds . mccurry family sharing cheering a lot on the west by else. "timing of it is still like it down and go a eighth club in like that the big time point moments magnified so, may 1st in college like that but never in your press have court in. this is new ground for the lawyers 39 years since the conference finals a testament to all work that's been put for the last. three of four last" >> gary: there be the clippers or the houston rockets will play
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game 7 sunday beginning at 1230. the vital little bit and show you a great finish and eastern semifinal. >> gary: game tidy things will be tied down three is washington the truth paul pierce could tie the game plan when you watch the replay it did not get out of his hands before the right jobs all over the scoreboard. atlanta when 9491 and believe that series and they finished off four games to two it will playlet rodding cleveland beginning wednesday in the eastern final. the upbeat and as long as for james and the cab. in a morning sports back to a great marty gonzales. >> marty:a update. now to bay area baseball. the giants win big in cincinnati.
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10 runs in a game for the first time this season. and with madison bumgarner on the mound that is more than enough. the giants win by a final of 10 to 2. and good news for giants fans. hunter pence is back. the giants right fielder joined the team in cincinnati last night. pence broke his arm in spring training after being hit by a pitch. meanwhile the struggles continued for the oakland a's. the a's blowing a 6 to 2 lead to the white sox. giving up 5 runs in the 7th inning. chicago wins by a final of 7 to 6. the a's are now just 5 and 12 at the coliseum this season. coming up sunday night on sports night live we're talking what's next with the warriors with the ultimate insider matt steinmetz. plus the giants wrap up a four game set in cinncinati. while the a's try to stop the bleeding against
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welcome back to kron 4 news weekend. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge. >> reporter: the morning everyone happy saturday we have close conditions across the bay area live look from our embarcadero camera see gray skies out their temperatures are cool once again enwraps seeing a whole lot warming today especially in san francisco in the city running errands for audience where temperatures like this mid-50s and then 57 at lunchtime so so pretty cool and we could see partly cloudy conditions but after an 2:00 p.m. upper 50s and the like, and
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the 59 degree range so uneven see low 60s and the city and that will cool down and the mid '50s by o'clock tonight and then west winds about such by the ton miles per hour so not as breezy compared to last couple days olecranon us about the no. 54 in oakland 53 san jose and 48 in the vital center rose out when i come back to take a farm tractor for 74 cast including also breaking down highs and the peninsula bryan stow, the santa cruz man who suffered severe head injuries when beaten by two l-a dodger fans four years ago spoke out against bullying at a local school.
7:33 am
bryan stows entrance. he suffered severe head trauma when he was beaten four years ago by two bullys, marvin norwood and louis sanchez outside dodger stadium. after a mirculous come back , he's speaking out to youngsters against bullying. stow was joined on stage by elliot stone, a baymonte christian school graduate and he joked: it got intense the clarity of me in the hospital's care about thisbut over all the fourth through eighth graders listened intently take action. to a"inspiring death penalty made people stepup"my mother's
7:34 am
father sisters ex-wife also there for support" while this was stow's first public speaking engagement since his attack. he hopes there will be more opportunities to inspire people: "above to effingham a great pillar for this kind of contact with what people can experience" >> marty:new this morning. oakland police are investigating a deadly stabbing. officers were called to the 87- hundred block of hillside street. there they found a 27 year old oakland resident with a stab wound. that person died at the hospital. -police have interviewed an alarm technician about a device
7:35 am
that secretly recorded at least 50 women inside a u-c berkeley bathroom. that technician used to work on campus and was questioned as a person of interest in the case. last friday, a staff member "unit one" housing complex. police say in april, someone placed an "out of order" sign on the women's bathroom there. and directed people to go to another, staff restroom. once the women were inside, there was a device disguised as them. breaking news from overnight. an egyptian court has sentenced former president mohamed morsy to death -- for his role in a prison break. 15 other defendants also received the death penalty for the 20-11 incident. morsy briefly rose to power in 20-12 as egypt's first democratically-elected president. but he was overthrown after a military coup just one year later. he was convicted last month of charges related to violence outside the presidential palace in 20-12.
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big block busters hitting the big screen this weekend. we'll show you what's big at the box office. the maker fate paris this saturday and sunday at el be the best yet wait till you see some of the things that you can see here next uncrowned
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war over there as including this one in san jose. kids can read and these giant big wheels to get the big idea and they need that brief, i had it again allow a fund of this show of this thing water the says. >> reporter: live look out at the san mateo bridge we're waking up a cloudy skies all across the bay area who conditions here stick around along with some wet weather once again more details coming up the crime for morning news continues after this break.
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>> marty: of legatee embarcadero overcast skies there and
7:45 am
meteorologist annie here to sort all of the weekend >> reporter: elba's blue sky close our concerning by temperatures remain cool and storm tracker day planner for oakland's today writedowns of 54 by lunchtime 59 nickel 63 by 4:00 to get us the high temperature than temperatures back into mid-50s by 8:00 tonight looking for southwesterly breeze at around five to 10 m.p.h. that chilly air mass is the impact of a bay area for the next couple days 48 santa rosa and nevada 55 concord and 53 san jose for friends and daly city opera 40's and under cloudy conditions wednesday denounced a looking at some areas that are breezy but not as strong as the senate or even last night at 50 m.p.h. in fairfield 14 concord and that
7:46 am
half monday at 12 m.p.h. in this morning so expect a cloudy start out there today and for small and poorly clad conditions for the afternoon today temperatures will be below average specially inland from one anglo clouds once again kelantan debate breezy at times in the afternoon and pack data records for the afternoon hours and a look ahead to agnes slight chance for showers and even a thunderstorm monday for the higher terrain and we will be slowed at warm-up but warmer temperatures are heading this way future test or looks like this for this morning starts at 8 and 11 missing coyotes clear out partially than a slight chance for maybe a drizzle today for the higher terrain once again in that can continue through the afternoon ... like chance was locations will stay dry 6:00 tonight like new barley, deconditions lb cool once again an overnight were saying increasing clouds and the cicadas are once again tomorrow morning for baedeker's but your
7:47 am
highs for the south bay today 67 san jose 3:00 p.m. 65 mt. view 69 loss gatos for the peninsula 54 redwood city today and definitely cool weather low 60s and sambar no 55 and ocean beach cries for elsewhere 68 santa rosa " 70 and react not too bad 56 in daly city cabbages school forbid breakers looks gray for runners will be in the cool side and may encounter, older drizzle and for walker's bid riggers maybe a little chilly breeze up layers motion >> marty: of date bay area's and loved ones they were
7:48 am
of the offices commodity held friday across the country including this one in san josea shrine now bears the name of san jose police officer michael johnson. his family also honored for johnson's service and bravery. kron four spoke with a woman whose uncle, officer gene simpson, was killed in downtown san jose in 1989. very"emotional for me grateful for the peace officers association and the pd for remembering uncle dave's of honoring him every year. this year especially active feel pain of a family of michael johnson brought everything back fresh for me. 40 police officerssince 1862, 40 police officers, sheriff's deputies and highway patrol officers have been killed in the line of duty in santa clara county.
7:49 am
a wisconsin woman says southwest took his own life. karen momsen-evers found out about her husband's intentions while she was on the plane getting ready to takeoff. he committed suicide after sending her a text. she says when she tried to call her husband back, a flight attendant told her no and ordered her to put her phone into airplane mode. she tried again with another attendant but was also told no. karen sat in her seat crying for the remainder of the flight. karen called police when she reached the gate in milwaukee. but it was too late. officers gave her the news when she got home. southwest airlines has offered its condolences and says the pilots were not notified about the emergency from flight attendants. they've offered her a full refund.
7:50 am
>> marty:san francisco's world famous bay to breakers race. is happening tomorrow! the event was established in 19- 12. and is known for the world class runners as well as the participants wearing wild costumes. the nearly 7-and-a-half-mile race will start a few blocks from the embarcadero. and then finish at the great highway. where breakers crash along the ocean beach coastline. bart will open early tomorrow. so racers can get to the starting line well before bay to breakers begins at 8 a-m. happening today. kentucky derby winner american pharoah is in the running for another victory at the preakness. he's a formidable contender and fan favorite going into today's race. you're looking at video of american pharoah's win at the derby with his jockey victor espinoza. the three year old colt does have a fear of big crowds so that could pose a problem. trainers place cotton plugs in his ears before every race to help with the anxiety. the 140th preakness stakes start at 3 this afternoon in baltimore.
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our own stanley roberts is at it again. he found so many people behaving badly. he needed another special. tomorrow night. stanley catches drivers putting your children at risk. see what drivers are doing and where the special airs tomorrow night at 7:30, right here on kron 4. and later on sunday. after sports night live with jason appelbaum. at 9:30. catch the second episode of "the it's a look at the making of our newscasts. here's a preview. night at 9:30. domestic rather the boss of the buzz about the boss but you do you pay rent edge fiers and the trio time of five seconds of turn on that plant's night at
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647 system and a grant you can also watch the first episode of the backstory on kron four dot com. >> marty:we have newly released video this morning showing the birth of a baby beluga whale. this happened on mother's day at the georgia aquarium. but the video was just released friday. the new beluga weighed in at about 130 pounds and just under five feet long. staff and volunteers at the aquarium are on beluga watch around the clock. to make sure the unnamed baby and mom are doing okay.
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for this difficult to access
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mad max this all remake and in the now showing. >> reporter: maxes' back tom hardy stars mary boone close apocalyptic classic cut himself between a marauders system heroin believes if you get a prospectus or homeland appeal to restore order by next. rated r. fitch >> reporter: perfect is back at again being humiliated
7:57 am
during a performance during and for the president to get thrown off the cost circuit 10 p net tough matchup competition restore reputation rate pg-13. >> marty: casino live report cutting us know the road was expected to reopen this morning. new twists in the investigation in the deadly train derailment philadelphia or the fbi is getting involved in the investigation
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breaking news we are continuing to follow out of the east bay: a major cleanup underway after a big rig crash and spill on highway four.\ last hour. kron4's mike pelton is live near bay point at the scene. mike -- what do we know? >> reporter: cleaning up what is a pretty big mess here and the cleanup effort last about 930 this morning for lanes crowley close the spawn for near daily
8:01 am
road and on the right setting screen the traffic is crawling by on the right shoulder this spelled petroleum all over the 3 freeway is not a chemical additive it's just a big mess overturned about 450 this morning after approached the toyota camry chp says it stopped in the middle of the freeway the driver ran out of gas. driving"the bigger than petroleum under 80,000 lbs. that also proceeding eastbound did not see the camera until the last moment crevice or to left foot the camera as it went by so big rig overturned." >> reporter: is both a close to
8:02 am
a hospital for minor injury and death or is investigating the crash and see if the one behind the wheel the camry hatter has relied on also checking to see the drugs or alcohol or factor in that crash this morning and marty with you do if you're not a gas on the freeway will have that answer coming up at 9:00 this morning and again between 9 and 930 told that's when the planes will be open this morning. >> reporter: understand there's a lot of people hitting badly at this morning we could use stanley roberts? >> reporter: to chp officer sitting next to me traffic crawling by on the right shoulder this the past 15 minutes stuck the officers sitting in the car he said a person trying to drive around all the backed up traffic on the shoulder to. and receive a citation also have courting chp one driver tried to go backward on the freeway to get out of a
8:03 am
big backup and now the primary here can still find a big backup islamic and the camera over what drivers are dealing with this morning but often the distance eastbound highway for you concede traffic and the fence there backed up for probably a mile to a mile and a half clearly some drivers not obey traffic laws this morning in addition to the cleanup chp haven't had no citations as well. >> marty: lavinia it you want tickets easy the golden state warriors are moving on to the next round of the n-b-a playoffs.
8:04 am
they defeated the memphis grizzlies on the road --- 108 to conference finals. the splash brothers -- steph curry and klay thompson -- had a big game. they combined for 52 points. now the highlight of the night -- take a look at this. as the grizzlies are trying to make a comeback -- steph dashes their hopes with a shot from the other side of the court at the end of the third quarter. kron4's j-r stone was at the 'grind house' for the big game. >> j.r. stone: 10 this cargo going grizzlies got going appears: state warriors had an answer for them and their answer for right here in this shot was shot it was gonna see all week-
8:05 am
long yearlong illness see this for some time seth. at the end of the third quarter hitting this big shot so many in the locker after the game the like that was the dagger the record on warmups beauty court shots half-court shot at what a shot was eager the players talking about the fact they practices that shot and that is not a lie and owen practice and before the games see him down a hallway down the talks on the side oil shocks on the other seven court sure enough he did friday night it was in the wound when the
8:06 am
game much more unless that's how it's coming up with gary and 20 madison so fans watching the game all over the bay area last night. "defense offense a basketball rim all over nothing like it tonight is absolutely wonderful best time ever here and i can't wait for the next year is so great this time my time that's happened this to happen too often transcend last year and now have this one can't get any better than that lawyers stick all the way this year to send data or korea the warriors play
8:07 am
the winner the rockets clippers game this year's zeroth three games apiece came seven essays tomorrow afternoon, then turn our attention now we can weather forecast folks getting ready for beta breakers inserting of the day of the class start and a live look from the embarcadero camera getting a little bit nicer little bit later on today the urologist here tells all about or expecting today and also tomorrow hundred thousand people are even been in power in beta breakers all of folks during a tomorrow and looks like will start out cloudy not just this morning but also for tomorrow morning temperatures will be on the cooler side so looks like to get out there running out would say good conditions for running because the value working up a sweat and you might encounter some well- paid but though it couldn't see limbic drizzle in the close morning and let's take a look at the store and trecker for san
8:08 am
francisco peninsula forecast had at the door the next 30 minutes of the chilly out there and cloudy all across the bay area and the suspicion in the north they partly sunny conditions now places like santa rosa nevada ended today we see some clearing in the city and the peninsula temperatures remain cool '50s and '60s by 3:00 p.m. partly cloudy and southwesterly breeze right around 5 this, as per our and temperatures are now waking up to be heading up the door 54 and oakland 53 manioc and mid- 50s in san jose 50 daly city and upper 40's and santa rosa i come back we take a look at your east bay highs and the long-term forecastit's a nice start to the day innew this morning.
8:09 am
the murder of this vallejowe first told you about thisthe body of 17-year-old max rusk was found around noon, near jesse bethel high school where he was a student. into custody is a 16-year-old from suisun city, >> marty: 19-year-old zachary kroll. police believe this man knew the victim, but they are not sure how. has not yet been released. we are trying to find out more about that second arrest -- we'll bring you more information when we get it. "critical for this kind of contact"coming across for newsweek and how giants fan ran so using his experience to inspire kids next a new twist in the deadly train derailment philadelphia what may have distracted the driver
8:10 am
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>> marty:a new twist this morning -- as the investigation continues into the deadly train derailment in philiadelphia. investigators are now looking fifth for an unknown object shortly before the accident. an assistant conductor reported overhearing the engineer talking with the engineer of another train shortly before the crash. she says both engineers mentioned being hit by something. the f-b-i has now been brought in. and will be looking at a crack in the lower, left-hand side of the amtrak windshield to see if it was damaged before the crash. the train sped up to twice the speed limit when it was supposed to be slowing down as it entered a sharp bend causing the train to derail. 8 people were killed and 200 more were hurt. 5 people remain in critical condition this morning. >> reporter: how long will this weather pattern last and storm tracker for forecast coming up after the break and leathers next
8:14 am
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yeah.helpe fi sommugs ♪ t bespartof win' ... [ be ] hey.[ ggle]ok. ♪..isolge in ur c ♪
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>> marty: they acted out yesterday rudy was having so much fun in the snow at the snow in the sierra and a grand old time and as social media expert ego twitter handle. i love seeing force now they really were like three percent of normal for this time of year every little and scouts the high elevation and the sierra got up to a foot of snow rudy having fun yesterday and they have stopped in the sierra boy was it really beautiful and shot all fought us come and custody yesterday tahoe area live look at the golden gate bridge we have cloudy conditions but starting to see little bit of sunshine for the pars the north face and rosa partly cloudy conditions or now and for today at lunch time temperatures in
8:18 am
the sixties and fifties under partly cloudy conditions by 3:00 p.m. temperatures remain below normal specially in inland spots and only generally in the upper 60s low sixties for the bait fifties for the cost and not temperatures like this in daly city 54 nevada and santa rosa and then it's chilly out there but ran jacket may be the start heading out the door when speeds breezy and sunspots and including usual suspects along with delta 14 m.p.h. 13 cocker and also for oakland satellite radar looks like this a lot quieter and a storm that we saw a couple days ago in the bay area that brought some good rain for the east bay south bay that's now moved over the arizona area and gets closer and closer to places like tornado alley over the next couple days highs for today's 3:00 p.m. 63 oakland 62 union city polyclitus guys 59 wall muckrake and low '70's and annie
8:19 am
and britain would welcome back to collect the data brokers forecast a little later six more. >> marty: the cause of the crash still under investigation this morning. and not two-story on crime to a story only on kron -4. a look at some new crime statistics for bart. kron-4's scott rates explains the new numbers that might make you think twice. before you park your car or ride your bike atwarning signs like this are everywhere at the fruitvale bart reminding driver who park
8:20 am
not to leave valuables in plain site sot for the most part car owners adhere to the warning and in beyond to protect their car. we backpacks and other items in showed up shortly after now because of the warnings we stations top the list when it come to theft, here's what we found out nearly 9=hundred bicycles were stolen from bart riders last year. this year the thieves are striking an average of every 14 and drivers who leave their cars in bart parking lots are burglarized every 15 hours. smashing glass sfx are mostly along the fremont line. fruitvale station is tops, with 23 upto april 13th. by south hayward. across the bay daly city has had 12 auto burglaries this year. but hayward, which topped the list, last year, has only had four reported this year. . north berkeley is the most dangerous place to leave your bike. 71 were stolen there last year,
8:21 am
along with another 14 through the middle of april of this year. two stops away, ashby is in second place this year. macarthur station is right behind followed by dublin=pleasanton. fremont rounds out the top five. after hearing this people who use these parking lots say they will be more careful! a update. all i look outside the bay bridge expecting 53 greece later on today in oakland and especially with the overcast byrne's offer now 53 we will be right back
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> gary: meant this boat where she made time the game's third points to some easy but occurring thompson shoots a three-point these guys shoot its 2.21 and 15 map as to make a little better rush got it down 5.10 1/3 but encourage took the wind right other sales as a 64 ft. for curry and from there on to the party for the lawyers
8:26 am
they had nine points on three currey one more time ndp line 32 points to six rebounds steve kerr with curry family sharing mnemonic on the west finals on the ground for the wires 39 years since we did conference finals and a testament to all workers been put in for the last there for years. tuesday night's 6:00 in oakland the clippers or houston rockets and they'll play game 7 on sunday
8:27 am
beginning at 1230 will move on a little bit and show you a great finish in eastern semifinals at game time you think will be tied down three washington appears to tie the game when you watch the replay it did not go out of the hand before the right jumps all over the scoreboard atlanta wins 9491 daily that series and finish off four games to two and they'll player a lot rule brought in cleveland beginning wednesday eastern finals of be a nice long arrest for james and the calves saturday morning sports great bargain dollars. >> marty: now to bay area baseball. the giants win big in cincinnati. the offense woke up and scored 10 runs in a game for the first time this season.
8:28 am
and with madison bumgarner on the mound that is more than the giants win by a final of 10 and good news for giants fans. hunter pence is back. the giants right fielder joined the team in cincinnati last night. pence broke his arm in spring training after being hit by a pitch. he is expected to be in the first time this season. meanwhile the struggles continued for the oakland a's. the a's blowing a 6 to 2 lead to the white sox. giving up 5 runs in the 7th inning. chicago wins by a final of 7 to 6. the a's are now just 5 and 12 at the coliseum this season.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
close >> marty: attempt shares as well as expected legal little nicer today and also some sunshine for the afternoon slight chance for the build of a drizzle higher elevations just a slight chance in fact most of us will be dry for today it will be cool jacket whether live look outside on your saturday morning in san mateo bridge does the of cloudy skies pretty much all across the bay area this morning quick check of airport delays good news conference at 0:00 in san jose are reporting arriving flights are on time this morning and then a storm trackers for day planner for severance as good today heading into the city right now in the mid fifties under cloudy conditions by lunchtime will only be warming up to around 57 degrees so cool day in the city. >> reporter: by 4:00 temperatures will peak at 59 so you may struggle to get out 50s today under parley saudi sunny
8:32 am
conditions and then 55 southwest will be bringing five the 10 m.p.h. known as the as breezy compared yesterday will represent us coming through our not temperatures like this 50 daly city 55 in redwood city mid-50s in san jose under cloudy conditions of the school for the south bay as well '52 and pleasanton 55 and livermore and upper '40's and santa rosa when i come back i'll take elevator breakers forecast and also the oakland a's playing in town letter tonight rinceau giant spent nearly beat outside dodger stadium speaking out against bullying. reporter phil gomez has the story from santa cruz county. >> reporter: i of the tiger played with brian stow and dissevered severe head trauma of being four years ago by to belize mourn nor what those sanchez out. said dodgers
8:33 am
stadium after miraculous comeback he's speaking out to youngsters again about bullying. "by for reason finding my purpose again and my mission to tell its story of survival and to stop police from kumble hurting anyone else. >> reporter: joined by elliot stone can inspirational speaker the speech pathologist brendan nixon jokes. the gatt and intense
8:34 am
>> marty:the memorial was held at mount madonna high school. where school. yesenia mendoza pina and yolanda jimenez . were two of the four people killed in tuesday night's crash. the crash also claimed the life of a 24-year-old man. a vigil will be held for sara williams on monday. . march 24th, 2015."
8:35 am
it was an emotional day for bay area police officers and their loved ones. "very good person would see her come to school every day and show is a despot is a matter what was going on with her life and always happy never really in dwells on the bad and looks for debt living another day she did she live life in the fullest. also a >> marty: claimed life of or 24 year-old man lb helmand. memorials for officers killed in the line of duty were held friday across the country. including this one in san jose. a shrine now bears the name of san jose police officer michael johnson. his family also honored for johnson's service and bravery.
8:36 am
kron four spoke with a woman whose uncle, officer gene simpson, was killed in downtown san jose in 1989. "marriott shall form a grateful for the police officers association in san jose pd remembering uncle jake and honoring him every yearsince 1862, 40 police officers, sheriff's deputies and highway patrol officers have been killed clara county.
8:37 am
about a woman's back in their people strain there were some the devices as an electrical outlet recording dome. from a cult classic three boots to the singing sequel show you what's new at the box office this week and first. in a >> reporter: sematech us setting up for the big maker fair share out saturday sunday this year's show will be the best yet wait till you see some of the things you can see here next dacron
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> reporter: a tie fairgrounds' setting of for the big annual maker fur show saturday sunday over 1200 exhibitors the 1600's and 50,000 people here to attend. amazing show p.m. been here before really family friendly good for kids and adults of all ages as part craft part science fair at like a family version of burning and. here's some highlights of what you can see your show. there'll be circus acts of all kinds every type of performance art. in the racially to sensation mad scientist a job for 500 momentos into 102 leaders soda bottles. making a liquid fireworks display. there'll be a human heart carnival rides jack. if guerrillas going around. crazy vehicles the delorean from that the feature movie will. much of for those caught take cars visit by fast. small and large
8:42 am
robots. all i says addition of the topic came. in an old- fashioned tintype photograph made of your family. to stroll through like a forest and pouring into the robot found. or walk on the interactive like walt. also tesla coil activate with pianos.. this maker as blasting visitors a far greater. someone right now my face. refreshen. kids can ride on these giant big wheels. if you did get your kid needs a break from my head video-game. they will have fun at this show let this thing whenever it is. >> reporter: pitch perfect to what singing about find out out only return
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> reporter: close as zero across the bay area like a storm tracker for is a planner for today next 30 minutes instead mistake cloudy and cool and match to bring a jacket if you're heading out the door lunchtime will see partial clearing but temperatures in the '50s and '60s and then by 3:00 shirts and son some clouds temperatures in line popping and low mid upper 60s and the couple spots the lower seven is right now 54 oakland 55 in san jose when speeds are a breezy for close like oakland and coming from the west at 30 m.p.h. 14 and fairfield but the sea breeze still in play future gas showing as cloudy skies with morning pilot o'clock we'll see the clouds clearing out partially foresight chance of the drizzle may be in the higher terrain otherwise will be dry today
8:47 am
under parlous opposite conditions and talk tonight clear skies this lysander now and mondale and so cloudy for places along the north by an overnight clash conditions once again start off with cluster morning and baedeker's the house for the north bay today 3:00 p.m. cool repartee at 6667 marks a 70 the bat but like helicon 4566 under partly sunny conditions and 59 san francisco so cool and san jose and upper 60s and the livermore oakland a's games leutze's so by close '60s under mostly cloudy conditions it will be cool and store trecker sunday on the day forecast now much chance for temperatures. >> marty: the bay area seems like a new restaurant openings just about every day and yet committee manager is a hillside about some of the best of the
8:48 am
new restaurants would among nice job that great new restaurants. "cedras is still leave zero yacht club holes in a confusion that the island's five with the ever leaving the city and the
8:49 am
funds kitchen executive chef square one and cinnabar brought aba and san francisco. in addition to really great food in the famous shaft the haft have cocktails and knees begging underfur can't tell seen a surprise about perhaps the fed order as generous and looks the impasto what of an octopus from its sausage pizza. a duck egg sits tara. coslet hundred
8:50 am
dollars to its standard for 2 3/6 with drinks and out move to the south bay talking update talk about burmese food as a cut from the bay area san francisco under 60 breeze restaurants or cities and have one and that if you're ever had burmese food magazines privatization fusion a little bit of chinese little bit like thai food m. berman totting corta madera how about if your views already the specialist in family style burmese food and also death philandered to the salad. >> reporter: it's their shining glorious-the mega tableside and- judge of burmese restaurant high-quality pop stickers and shall put chicken wings. and all but untouched its umbrella more
8:51 am
affordable and of things i'm very. casual but those expecting any reservations and larger it so those are ready await but it's relatively worth a not ignore the south bay and to talk about. south as the so much good asian third outplay what if you have not been downside bill olivines of the open in march and then they also do, but interpretation of all dishes and then known for some men style is the really spicy chinese the clippers sinuses their noodles are very authentic in a very it all innovation residents still attempts to tell more grandmother and will let you
8:52 am
know the cause of complementary to a solid recipients the penis into the super labor and very large portions general leslie priced to $12. poached eggs pigs feet spicy peers and its data on. children from the mid to our head this week and the restaurants we got for you. >> marty: will be right back
8:53 am
whene goo the stor find my x of hon bunes of oat d i'm chking toseif i packaged it
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he ss "it ha a rtain code th'my line,th is the da." the last letterswe p22, tha's .
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we sp it. wetack it. wemoosh it. lovit. hersy'makeit a'more... u ma it ecial. hehey's isine,ours r cholate. >> marty:. >> reporter: mad max is back.
8:56 am
polaris czarism the movie close apocalyptic classic and fines resulted in helping a group of women in the marauders chasing them heroine played by shirley's close to the mixed but the back door someone might be able to restore order the bellows to thrown off the appellate circuit. the computer at tough international competition to restore their reputation. pitch perfect rated
8:57 am
pg-13 so tomorrow it'll look at what's going on when you're not on your tv is a sneak peek at the second episode of the back story of the treaty and a tour are night at 930 if you'd like to see the first episode of a back story we have for you on
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crown website still had for you a crime for kron 4 a big step along a highway for an outlet update sinning by just a few minutes
8:59 am
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i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. following >> marty: of the east bay this morning all lanes of eased on highway for now reopened after the cleanup of the trailer truck overturned earlier this morning. first will be about this rare 7:00 hour kron 4 mike pelton has been there since early this morning at a point at the scene in my we understand chp says this was likely a preventable accidents. we move just south of highway for as will much of it to reopen
9:01 am
his 20s chp the cause of the crash cut cents from a driver of another car ran out of gas and take a look at the scene earlier this morning-trailer truck overturned spilling about 80,000 lbs. of petroleum couched and a byproduct of its non refined oil and the use shovels and obscenities as the truck overturned around 42 this morning and will for the traffic east on highway 4 near bailey rode apparently the driver of like toyota camry ran out of gas is sitting idle in the middle of the freeway the big rig drivers swerved away sideswiping the car then cause the truck overturned both drivers transporting a hospital for minor injury will for the seapieces could happen worst >> reporter: the driver nodded last turn it would benefit the collision warning law until chp
9:02 am
says ruefully you and gas ravin descended continue what if you do run out close over the seven rode note north korea there waiting to see jupiter has a lead time and also check and see a trend and alcohol places i role in market this plan clear she will face a citation out back to you that settled state warriors moving out of an answer on the nba playoffs after defeating the of this grizzlies on the road will await the 95 lawyers and dancing in the western conference final and it was the/brothers occur wrinkly townsend with big games last night combining for 52 points and now we want to collect the highlight of the night to cyclic this is the group's lead tenant
9:03 am
a comeback separate patches their hopes for a shot from the others said the court at the end of third quarter j. r. stone was at the grand house with that big game and shock. >> reporter: 0 friday night it was for the golden state warriors they take the game they take the series now go to a western conference finals in the kentucky from sitting here and every time the sky, not going every time the present act going here is the golden state warriors had an answer for them and here in this shot was shot it was public will see all week- long month-long sec current than the third quarter ending this big shot some money in the locker room as this for the game but that was the dagger.
9:04 am
but something that we practice every single day. >> reporter: a shot was clear is that talk about the fact that the practices that shot that is not a lie the practice of for the game resumed on a hallway aside from a shot the mother said he did do a fine night it worked and then went on to win the game much more lessons highlights coming of the gary about 20 minutes to august 20th mets fans and join the game and bars all over the bay area last night after the bait when fans could not contain the excitement.
9:05 am
bill during this time every year we can't wait for that series of the great/can give any better than this for a summer less time that's happened this doesn't happen too often with the giants won last year now have the lawyers on the ropes for this one can't get any better than that kron-4-dot-com >> >> marty: lusser in conference finals will take place oracle rena they will play the winner of the game between the iraq in the clipper is that serious stab at three games in 7 tomorrow afternoon between those two teams and now let's take you outside and draw the attention to the weather of this weekend is to get ready for data breakers small live lookouts at the embarcadero the saturday morning any with a look at the lincoln forecast a condition up there today those
9:06 am
clouds are fairly widespread with the exception of the north bay where seen partly sunny conditions like this like serosa the sporting stormed record a part for a look like this starting at mid-50s this morning cloudless skies than by lunchtime only 57 so cool day today maybe even chile getting up to 59 at 4:00 this afternoon and then southwesterly breeze by the 10 m.p.h. and storm tracker for is very quiet right now no radar returns in the slight chance to belittle the drizzle and higher terrain we all started in the snow that fell in stockholm yesterday and this is from the top vote witter account where you can see the snow on the mountains and also covering the tree so winter storm warning in and buys three has been canceled but now fear at tahoe up in the area this week in you encounter some snow on the ground and also in the higher elevations for sunglasses cal was up 2 1/4 cups fresh snow more details on your
9:07 am
oakland a's it forecast an also beta breakers a little bit later. >> marty: news second suspect in the arresting for the murder of vallejo teenager the body of 17 year-old mass ross found around noon on thursday just off campus and jesse high-school investigation led themselves to this man 19 world zachary police believed colon and breast knew each other negative sure how by another suspect has been arrested 15 year-old madison city has been about the juvenile hall and able to track down after talking to witnesses at the scene is military of the seven deadly crash which killed eight people on board at a marine helicopter did in the ball like look outside and
9:08 am
conditions of the bay bridge you couldn't temperatures later on today and will not treat
9:09 am
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>> marty: investigation continues and the deadly train derailment in philadelphia and investigators' knowledge and the possibility of the trains when she'll hit with an unknown object shortly before the accident and it begins to set a conductor talking with engineer of another train shortly before the crash. and she says both engineers remember being hit by something as. fbi has been brought it in will be like men crash dollar left hand side of the amtrak windshield. the see if there was damage before the crash and. the train sped up to twice the speed limit before it was supposed slowing down and entered a sharp bend in the
9:12 am
train to derail and eight people killed 200 more were hurt and five people remained in critical condition this morning still had a story on kron 4 is like an boston marathon bomber was given the death sentence but there were mixed reactions of the jury's decision hear from them coming up next. "talk of 50 shades of gray and pitch perfect to leave you singing all that more entertainment like back"
9:13 am
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>> marty: demolition process and can sit park rising concern over the use of fresh drinking water in the middle of the drought to look with a stick looks like now but what has people concerned as the workers bring thousands of gallons of water on the demolish park in order to control dust in the area of san francisco public utilities commission says that because people can breathe dust only water concluding an offer drinking can be used to control dust pc did not say much water
9:16 am
has been used so far as contained a to go outside alive with outside approached urgicenter fell bridge a whole lot of traffic there produce the overcast sky there widespread clouds all across the bay area marty live like from our san mateo bridge camera hidden see the clouds out there. >> reporter: start quickly case of a planner for today the next 30 minutes close deconditions cool conditions as well clear skies for the afternoon partially clearing skies by 3:00 p.m. expecting partly to mostly sunny conditions and the south bay temperatures little bit below average and talk about a minute opera '60s this afternoon runout go out the door 53 in santa rosa 15 daly city 55 san jose and mid-50s in livermore physical start this morning and future cash showing us clots will clear out partially for the afternoon and
9:17 am
0:00 the of the slight chance for a little bit of a drizzle of shower primarily the higher terrain in the east bay today at 1:00 like to parlay the mostly sunny conditions this evening should be fairly quiet but clouds will be increasing once again that means better breakers to more will be a gray and choice start high set at 3:00 p.m. for the space shoreline look like this 63 oakland for low average 62 and union city from marketing to around 67 degrees for inland spots pushing close to 71 accreted 6967 in pleasanton warmus spots will be an antioch in brentwood dropping out by it this afternoon by can't merely clutter conditions. thousands heading into the seats marl early tomorrow at 6 race begins at 8 and will stay in the '50s so the vehicle for our runners but maybe chile for the walkers
9:18 am
and weaken for castrating up like this occurs no change a whole lot as such as for scattered showers and thunderstorms on monday otherwise most locations will be staying dry bigness' following this morning some close from boston jury's sentence boston marathon bomber to death and 21 year-old found guilty on 30 counts for his role in those of the tax and paula sandoval with the media partners cnn with the verdict a jury sentenced to death for his role in the 2013 boston marathon bombing sources inside the courtroom at the time of the sentencing say he showed no visible reaction as a death sentence was read at the request of the defense the corp. pulled all the jurors to make sure it was the correct verdict and they all agreed jury had difficult job to do.
9:19 am
this was not an easy result for them to arrive the decision over lies a deaf with heavily on families of victims of and survivors of the attack as say now's the time to move on we go forward and really feel like it's behind best people living in watertown massachusetts where he was captured in a shootout with police have mixed feelings about the death sentence to glisten. everyone knows affected close a family member kissinger any of
9:20 am
it never in and for them. \ execution and some people's lives will see him as being a martyr what people rather see him go into the general population when do is time like everyone else. >> marty: 08 bodies retire from the crash site of a u.s. marine helicopter in nepal. berlin down on tuesday delivering aid to earthquake victims six marines to nepalese soldiers to the crash cause still under investigation this morning. >> marty: ice-cream company at the center of a deadly listeria outbreak now laying off hundreds of workers this ceo of blue bell creameries in announcing the company cutting more than a third of its work force that includes several hundred 50 full-time 700 part-time workers and hundreds of more employees
9:21 am
will be close last fall after the story of prickling to blue bell ice cream blame for the three deaths in kansas and the subcommittee says operations in 10 states. still >> marty: referred university marching band will be banned from performing away games for 2015 season that announcement comes after investigation into the bans activities 22 of the 2015 and determined that it violated university policies regarding alcohol controlled substances hazing and sexual harassment. the band will be played permitted to play at home events answered not athletic events as well. the the lawyers title more time barrier at the channel sofer's level of outside commission that the bay bridge over cast as will be read
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
many times to getting three points memphis' working inside the grind it the have curry, a three-pointers to put up 25 to 10 courtney lead to a pointer so easy but when kurri and thompson shooting a three. you have the has the chute and grinding its two points 21 and 15 memphis did make a little bit of a rush down five points in the third career took the wind rather sale bloom. at nine
9:26 am
points of law and three n. curry one more time ndp line 32 points tennis's six rebounds steve kerr with curry family-cheering him on on the west finals. and not get down at close the game like that in the moments magnified so i may want one college like that all the ground 39 years since have been in the conference finals a testament to all the work that's been put in for the last 54 years tuesday night's 6:00 in oakland either be the clippers or houston rockets sunday beginning at 1238
9:27 am
little bit of a great great finish in the eastern semifinals game tied even gets a gun betide down the three washington the truth paul pierce appears to tie the game and then when you watched the replay of it does not of his hands before the right jumps all over the scoreboard aladdin wins 9491 in that series and finish asimov. the will play a broad and cleveland beginning wednesday and will be a nice long rest for james and the cast. >> marty: coming up by kron 4 is weak and the bay area community honoring officers killed on the line of duty was go ahead and take yourself this libel and overcast conditions of the golden gate bridge we will be right
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> marty: cast as an east bay hit it tells all about and whether for tomorrow beta breakers any all about crudely duelists morning talk check out this file we all love rudy asking for is a boy or girl wasn't quite sure but this is a hurry the goal in doodle from cirrus aho he's been hanging on the set because the gatt cordobas now yesterday up in the sierra tahoe region so rudy was having fun. >> reporter: am waiting back for rudy to it to the back three at a live look outside oakland day planner for today temperatures are cool starting up this morning on cloudy conditions and a stake will like getting the 63 disaster in round 3 of 4:00 and lilac as amytal
9:31 am
claudius guys out there 55 san francisco 54 oakland and a cool 55 also in san jose for our friends in the south bay conquered a perfect '50s mid-50s for santa rosa coming in at 53 degrees and a quick check of your oakland a's forecast for tonight the chicago white sox seceding first pitch at 6 05 and mostly cloudy conditions to the jurors will be in the low 60s and mostly cloudy cool under southwesterly breeze by the time m.p.h. and definitely just my ears once again for tonight's game >> marty: egyptian courts sentence for president to death for his role and a prison break and 15 other defendants also receiving the penalty for that 2011 incident marcie briefly rose to power in 2012 as egypt's first democrat elected president and overthrown as a
9:32 am
military crew to when your letter is used to make the last month but charges related to violence outside the palace and 2012 back here in the bay area memorial held in gilroy three teenage girls killed in tuesday night's suspected you why crash and the 318 year-old student mendoza of an yolanda and sir william's on to the families and friends will be also claimed the life of a 24 year-old man vigil
9:33 am
will be held for sir william and a and the south bay special ceremony for fallen police officers all part of nationwide tribute died in the line of duty over the past year and amid tensions between police and communities over recent deadly shootings. >> reporter: by one name is read as those gathered here at a shrine fallen police officers reminded of their sacrifice and sherry says since uncles and jose police officer gene sense until 1989 at emotional tribute
9:34 am
. lamb had sows a officer michael johnson's that added to the memorial sure florey smith recalled his sacrifice remember his dedication and strive to contribute as fully to our community as he did disservice act 186247 clara county police officer killed a lot of duty and organ solo late cousin were on hand and very much touched by the tribune. "25 years ago as a member like as yesterday and is a lot to me that this so honor his life.
9:35 am
44 officers end of sprayers by addresses name will be the last one added that less. the first is called the friday afternoon i'm side street and there they found a 27 year-old oakland resident with a stab wound and the data hospital so far police have no suspects at this week in san francisco's famous beta breakers race taking place. tomorrow the event will establish back in 1912 known for its world class runners as well as those for disappearance wearing the wacky customs and nearly seven and a half mile race to start a few blocks from the embarcaderos differences go
9:36 am
fish of the great highway where breakers are crashing along ocean beach coastline and are will be running early tomorrow get the starting line will for bid riggers sam and kron 4 sponsor the event live reporter for the race tomorrow for kron 4 newsweek and. a close >> marty: supplicant alligator that wandered into the neighborhood 10 ft. gator was spotted thursday walking across their front lawn. these pictures close on phase but what the kids were inside a unsafe and got to see the gators through the safety of their living room the paris copley's the beginning like his yelling alligator's the swim off a nearby pond. >> marty: belfour prelature in canada affair that story next.
9:37 am
why look outside 7 taboret this time around overcast as there and in fremont expecting a high today as 67 for now 55.
9:38 am
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>> marty: action you would never dreamed of presidential candidates facing off against from world heavyweight champion boxer evander holyfield. raising money for it to charity mission organization and provide surgery's the heel blindness to rounds romney and holyfield a head-to-head each and landing jet flows into a tumble on the mat from the corner through in the tall midway through the second round i met from may 68 years old mentor holyfield 52. >> marty: target it will happen
9:41 am
doorknob on tv quickly to the second episode of the back story. this debt and violation and tread give toward the door on the scale. a so the becks oratory met at 930 here kron 4 if you miss the first episode is awash in this entire area of kron 4 website crops kron-4-dot- com.
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"pitch perfect to and did things available download dvd however you want to get its fourth time money that's upcoming //////////////////////////////// //////////////////
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>> reporter: deconditions a live look out that the golden gate bridge this morning with a climate conditions all across the bay area right now temperatures are in the '50s lunchtime partly sunny conditions. mid-60's in mind by 3:00 p.m. temperatures are cool and a little bit below normal. storm trackers showing us no radar returns right now in fact we will not see any clear down and big area and that we did see some snow falling yesterday. live look at a photo that came across to a letter from mary in showing us the stock in the tahoe area. much-needed snow and the sierra. i now 57 about cool 54 oakland of mid-50s also said jose area. clive for satellite
9:46 am
radar picture. and it is our tablatures remain on the cool side all the showers that we suffer the space of a couple days ago and now moved well-off to the east and a parts of arizona area. continuing further ease out toward a tornado alley. and causing severe weather for sections of the country in the next few days. kleist are partly cloudy cools mal when clouds of showers monday where enemies lot of warm high as for today's 3:00 p.m. 59 san francisco 67 sunnyvale san jose 6. the three in oakland low 70's and manioc and in napa. beta breakers forecast looks like this bar will start early tomorrow morning at 6 cloudy conditions. low fifties in the city and the race begins at 8:00 at mostly cloudy skies chile for the runners and pretty good running condition is. chile for those walkers or assembler's water in a dying to disclose on tomorrow
9:47 am
as the vehicle blanc temperatures warming slowly by the middle of next week's. >> reporter: judge that a few times and the naked people were real problem because the cameras. one shove them and a lot of them should end of the inchon the hottest it would chose to go with their other close should not do that as you feel better by yourself. "lee has number to an animal on hast asked heavy d c #1 no i did not need to see the original pitch perfect immelmann a lot of money. the cult hit and inspired of a cappella singing. and hats off to that and check out the sequel and at the three movies last week and glad i did.
9:48 am
"whatever it takes to get back to the top" lincoln >> reporter: center the for the first lady president and tell him the group that bought an international competition no american the group has ever won the singing and women that they need to regain their status and rights to perform her to the world of clear shock apollo was cut from. pitch perfect matchup of glee and bring it on, best of all the women are originally have their own personality and master acted in who they are by elizabeth the bangs and kate can. the includes a legal voice
9:49 am
of funny rebel wilson and strong synthesizer among others they releasing especially technology german group that will remind you of this on the 90 saturday night live snoop dog with a tender here comes santa claus. sure satire the madrid movie far better than hopper's suit detrain problem to. michael levine's dizziness like he is most of magnetic did this time to you really like it and it's the nothing grapes still good and tight it is a home share some wine and a few candles the suns for you.
9:50 am
but will you see now. based on the best-selling but of course of the movie everyone's talking about 50 shades of gray. but boring movie is better do the all our important element casting dakota johnson easy leading lady care about. at 2 pretty genuine trend navigator world that scarcer and involve the high-flying wealthy business tycoon played by the jimmy dornan i think he's cold and distant but actually shows he's in this as much pain as she is. attracted fantail their jaws and a woman cites nine and half weeks as well as last tango in paris for inspiration for this movie. so did i mention no tears. and the next couple of years like for the sequel 50
9:51 am
shades darker and 50 shades frayed. " they keep the psychological aspect of this story intact.. at the end of the audience is on their feet applauding while doesn't happen often but what occurred after this movie now pay-per-view streaming and dvd some beautifully made film the cast holes once for lumber imports. time in life of dr. martin luther king. 1965 some montgomery voting rights march add-on parade tracks with focus and humanity script by paul webb
9:52 am
struck says the main characters and his courage david as subtle yet powerful as king, and gentle strong impression in credit to scott king they would will for one oscars was a degree aperiodic. bottlenecks one running just out of time little bit so here we go so far this year to earth documentary's streams on dvd pay-per-view don't miss these here they are as real as company that they did a great job after his comedy friends how this survive the world of stand-up comedy turns out the documentary is right misery loves comedy really well done steve jobs a man in the middle of that a man and machine full tanks full passion very well done a good documentary
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>> marty: and the east bay how i fourth of a credible a trailer truck overturned yesterday morning. filling almost 80,000 tonsil full-length substance in this year said the truck crashed to avoid a car on highway iran avgas both drivers taken to hospital with minor injuries. and a second suspect isn't arrested for murder vallejo teenager investigation originally led police 19 year- old zachary coral the body of 17 year-old max rusk was found around noon on thursday just off campus. it's been booked into juvenile hall. where is advancing the nba western conference finals dubs beating the grizzlies 1 0895 last night and now take on the
9:56 am
winner of the l.a. clippers houston rockets game tomorrow. one of the conference finals scheduled for tuesday night at oracle i would not settle and get rich remains overcasts chasm looking a little further to the north they expecting a high today 68 degrees could indifference from current temperatures of 48 degrees right now. >> reporter: cabbages in medical science the next few days here and no major changes in the number so you want see partly cloudy conditions for the actor is a chance for a jar and a canvas like chance for today. and cool tomorrow yes beta breakers happening for the big game holiday in the city. they'll be a cool day above looks like it should be pretty nice for the runners runners like to run.
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