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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :a disappointing defeat for the golden state warriors. they lose to the houston rockets. 128- to 115. m-v-p. and point guard steph curry. suffering a head contusion after taking a nasty spill in the second quarter. the two teams will face off in game- 5 on wednesday at oracle arena. joining us now is kron 4 sports director gary radnich. with highlights of tonight's game. gary? >> gary :the warriors are not going to lose four games straight to eastern--houston.. and curry seems to be okay
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end of the first quarter they wre on fire here is the story that everyone will keep an eye on steph curry mom and dad watching this horrific fall walks off to the locker room does not play to begin the 3rd quarter then starts to warm up, the do ctor's okayed it he came back in the contest not bad, bad 23 points harden with 45 rockets with 128-115, but everybody wants to know about curry >>:it's a bad feeling thinking
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he's going up for a layup and then things change once you're in the air once i got back in the locker room i gathered myself and the doctors okay'd me to go back out and play they wreis was houston's night without steph they cut the lead to but then houston won and another game at oracle stadium >> pam :we have continuing team coverage of tonight's game. kron 4's jeff bush was at an official warriors watch party in san francisco. but first let's turner who is live in houston.
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with reaction from players. ha pauper >> emily : it is not the ending that anybody wanted to see. certainly a significant disappointment. everybody thought this was going to be a sweet, but it did not happen-- sweep this is the solemn walk of the warriors back to the locker room they were disappointed not only by the loss, but because it is hard to come back from a gut check like that fall. everybody in the arena gassed and was wondering what was when that happened--gasped it was a scary scary thing. even if you are a rockets fan he is a nice guy so when he got up
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and walked off everybody was up on their feet and cheering >>:we didn't know what to expect. it was a relief to see him come back >>:it was a little bit nerve wracking but when you see him actually get back on the court and see that he is ok then i was able to relax >> emily : one of the things that the warriors did say in the locker room, they were disappointed but they were optimistic that they're going to win the next game back at home
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with the home team advantage. i'm going to get behind the camera and show you what is happening right now. you can see the crowd here at 1:00 in the morning. right now we're told to stay in place because there are flood warnings and highways are shut down. several of the rocket players are still here you can see them right now we're all stuck in place while this flooding and rain subsides and lee turner--emily turner, kron 4 news >> pam :and now let's check in with kron 4's jeff bush. he is at pedro's cantina in san francisco. one of many viewing parties around the bay area. jeff? >> jeff :well it was a disappointing night here in the cantina but the fans here say
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that they are confident that the warriors will seal the deal when they meet the rockets again later this week. people were future in on their team but in the and the rockets just had more spunk than the warriors >>:i think houston just needed to really win this one so i think home court advantage and the support of fans and harden played a really good game >>:steph not hurt--got hurt, we lost one game, but we'll come back for game 5 >>:it is ok we are going to win it came five. curry is good and we are good--game five
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>>:i think we played that well considering what happened with curry and how harden played >> jeff :again it was a disappointing party here but fans are confident that the warriors will go all the way >> reporter :our team coverage continues tonight with a robust social media reaction to a couple key storylines. first.the dubs can now finish off the series at home wednesday: western conference finals game 5 warriors are going to the finals and i will be there to watch back work--at work helpfully a closeout came on wednesday --game #dubnation #splashon
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steph curry will hopefully be able to play, he had a head injury but he came back such an mvp some people think it steph curry came back to early from a head injury--too early we just hope that symptoms do not occur later on >> pam : domestic violence troubles for 49er ray mcdonald. later. the community of lafayette faces a new dilemma over its aging memorial of hillside crosses. and next. flood waters continue to devastate parts of texas and oklahoma.
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>> pam :in flood - ravaged central texas.
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the official death toll in has now reached three. from all the flooding caused by recent heavy rains. crews have ended their search tonight for 12 -people reported missing, after a vacation home was swept away by flash flooding.the house was taken about a mile downstream before smashing into a bridge. the bodies of a 14-year old boy and his dog were found in a suburban dallas storm drain. in neighboring oklahoma, three people have died. including a fireman who drowned. he got swepted into a storm drain while attempting a rescue sunday. in deep, rushing waters. still ahead on kron 4 news. protestors in oakland challenge the mayor's new rules to restrict demonstrations at night. later. on this memorial day honoring the dedication of those who served in war. >> reporter :and a few spots of drizzle on the golden gate bridge and fog which is going to stick around for a few days. we will have your forecast up next
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>> pam :former 49-er ray mcdonald was arrested again today in santa clara. this time on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. mcdonald has been involved in a string of incidents over the past year. including allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. shortly before 4- this morning. reports of a disturbance brought officers to his santa clara home. police say mcdonald had allegedly physically assaulted a woman who was holding a baby.
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he was arrested in san jose and taken to the county jail but was released from custody and was immediately cut from the chicago bears >> reporter :here in oakland city hall the mary--mayor is defending the policy with protesters. >>:we are doing a better job at managing these crowds to avoid vandalism and cray better opportunities >> reporter :it requires demonstrators to get a permit if they wish to demonstrate on the city's streets after night >>:this is a legal she cannot do this--illegal >> reporter :here in san
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francisco hundreds gathered to honor the men and women of the u.s. arms for--armed forces on this memorial day >>:the people who died in combat and the ones who are wounded need to be reminded-- remembered and we need to say thank you >> pam :there were a number of events on this memorial day. one of them, an emotional east bay service held this evening to honor the military and those who have served our nation. but there is word tonight. there is trouble for the tribute site in lafayette. and its future is now uncertain. kron-4's charles clifford has more on the efforts to keep the memorial. >> charles :everybody wants to
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build some sort if positive tribute but they're not sure what they want he says that something needs to be done soon because it is becoming difficult to maintain the site as it is >>:it is incredibly difficult to weed whackers between the crosses >> charles :they discussed tearing it down and that's when i discovered that people were very supportive of that memorial just believes that everybody involved will keep trying to find a way to make it work, because they know how important it is to make it work >> charles :this has become a symbol of the place that people can come to heal >> reporter :this whole memorial day weekend by the bay has been cloudy and cool, and as we go
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into this abbreviated work week there's not much of a change. but things should change by the end of the week with some more sunlight wednesday is going to pretty much be the same situation we had today eventually clearing out late morning or early afternoon here is the fog tracker all around the bay and in the east bay there are low clouds with that much low cloudiness in place they could take awhile to clear it will still be cut by the bay and the north bay values, around noon is when the clearing will take place temperatures at the beach will
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be cool, low to mid, 60's by the mid lows '70's and south bay here is the storm tracker 474 cast--seven day forecast low to mid '80s inland valleys fairly sunny and warm and coming up next we have gary with any other warriors update-- another
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>> gary :and here's an update with gary the warriors trying to advance to their first nba finals in 40 years. the rockets and james harden trying to avoid the sweep 1st quarter rockets hit 8-three- pointers josh smith hits a trey here rockets up 45-22 at the end of the 1st quarter 2nd quarter steph curry jumps over trevor ariza and is upended landing hard on his head and upp back he ley on the floor for a while while the mediacal staff checked him out his mom and dad look on worried curry leaves the court with a head contusion
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3rd quarter some controversey howard who relatiates with the elbow to bogut's head it's called a flagrat one foul instead of a flagrant tw which would have been an automatic ejection for howard curry passed the concussion tests and started warming up for his return and he did come back into the game mid-way through he 3rd 4th quarter klay thompson 3-pointer to cut the lead to 7 102-95 rockets curry hits the 3-pointer 104-98 rockets less than 2-minutes left rockets up 7 harden hits the step-back 3- pointer 121-111 rockets final: 128-15 rockets warriors lead series 3-1 game 5 wednesday at oracle arena >>:i have had worse symptoms from getting hit in the head but it was to flee the scariest one because i was in the air for so long not knowing how i was going to hit the floor so you're up there just trying to brace yourself
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>>:obviously it's scary because it was his back and his neck and where to turn to make sure that he was ok, but the doctors cleared him and he is doing ok >>:things have not gotten any worse and i expect that to continue until one that's-- wednesday >> gary :i think the warriors may wrap up if this wednesday and for an update here's brian if houston wins than they could play on friday >> brian :i think i might win on friday--they might win on friday >> gary :we are all family
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shared kron 4 news --family here at kron 4 over the last month the giants are the hottest team in the majors. the giants taking on the brewers in a memorial day matinee n milwaukee ryan braun takes tim lincecum way out to the top of the left field stands an estimated 474 feet 2-run blast 4-1 brewers top 6th/ 4-4 tie pinch-hitter gregor blanco he sincles matt duffy beats the throw home 5-4 giants next batter nori aoki continues the hit parade with another rbi single susac scoring 6-4 giants final: 8-4 giants giants have won 9 of last 11 games i think the giants will be victorious tomorrow as well
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>> brian :well somebody has to win >> gary :kron 4 news offer something different because we are a family i have got all of my brothers and sisters here with me it is 1-0 a's 47 games into the season and the a's were still looking for their first three game win streak the star spangaled banner flying at the colesium 25,380 bottom 6th/ still scoreless billy butler hits the grounder to short the flip to 2nd for the force not in time marcus semien scores 1-0 a's that's all jesse hahn needed he gets castellanos to fly out the end the game a complete game shutout for hahn he gave up 4 hits it was the first complete game of his career final: 4-0 a's first 3-game win streak of the season first time they've won a day game at home as well the ducks win 5-4, they lead the series
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>> pam :good night everybody ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> stolen valor? why this army vet is having a meltdown. >> take off my uniform. >> then, how did a pickup owned by a plumber from texas ended here in the hands of isis? and ... worst heckler ever. the standup comic beaten on stage during his act by another comic. >> yeah, i'm the guy who got hit with a baseball bat. >> hello, welcome to the liberacci mansion. >> once a wreck, now restored to its over the top glory and the mysterious mogul who owns it now. >> and what you need to know to avoid long lines


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