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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us. >>james: the first day of june
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on a wet no formal the adjutancy a live look at the golden gate bridge we have some drizzles proposal and light showers coming down to a mix of all the different form of capital were your and an art that it is cloudy and faulty and that is fairly widespread the rain at this point will be confined to the door of the golden gate bridge it will be a what when four u.n. shut wipers in full effect will tell you the bay bridge approach the wipers and aware your the north by the death ride for you this morning ever where else is a cloudy star adjutancy in the shot we do have some light drizzle and light showers and a lot the temperatures a lot of myths affected by noon tile will keep the cloudy out of the coast and most cloud along the way it will start to break up into partly
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cloudy makes to the to the warming up to 07 for many locations where what to keep all the cool site at the coast in by the bank that is a general forecast for today temperatures specifically to cover our back in 50 minutes with a complete check of not only the next three days but also your extended 70 outlook as well. >>robyn winst: the lesser on the back of now stretches on to the 880, of crossing to the split of the maze is slowly creeping back to the west 580 connect the red over to 80 into san francisco there is more heavy traffic all the a incline heading out toward treasure island the drive times the 40 minutes from the foot of the mayor's the san mateo bridge last installed in both directions the drive time
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holding a 14 minute heading out toward highway 101 to the golden gate remember you have drizzle out there is the three walls are read and remember you're driving and reduce these we've had no major trouble spot so far for highway 101 to watching over to the map traffic tractor's a lot stop and go traffic for south 680 write that in the middle of the string is what to offer long as you work your way out for some know of the drive times on the 27 minutes from dublin to fremont that is a pretty good drive times and to commit to the south all the south of the freeways are fined 7085237 falling the shake no. 10146 a split but no major trouble spots saw. >>darya: statewide minutes were water restrictions going to affect the government approved their merger cedric relations to cut water use by 25 percent.
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>>will tran: they're in for finance did try to do it in the past a lot of people that and i get penalized even though they say they will be out there looking for violators the time for talk is over the word volunteered no law and vocabulary is not mandatory 25 percent would be to load this city hillsborough out more to help assure them and other cities across california been asked to cut back even more it is 36% is not the same from city to city in san francisco if they're being asked to cut back only 8 percent because they do not use in general as much water as people of after 10 a lot of those places san francisco did not even have our front lawn there but has only eight percent off even though the east bay places at east bay mud their
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big tax cut back 20% it is a little bit confusing the bottom line is we're all being asked to do even more the reason why is because the stake was asked last year because of all: drought to voluntarily cut their water usage the report came out this is in general the cutbacks of but a percent and that is not good enough for this historic drought which is why they're saying at this point we're not talking about fighting there really step up efforts to impose fines $48 on your cycle as you continue not to cut back the size to cope even more we will get reaction from people who axel what they think about and what restrictions. >>mark: the man report her missing is now facing murder charges he was taking care to
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poor for a starter when she was reported missing thursday morning the 60 chart remains were found a brush fire in or rule area of glen couch about a hundred miles will sacramento and told detectives he was taken care of her when he suffered a seizure and when you look hours later the girl was gone he is the cooperating during the investigation. >>: been adopted a moment where he is not decided not to be cooperative for the sensitive is the discovery of new evidence that have reduced our suspicion and ultimately his arrest. >>mark: he's been held in jail without bail he repeated court tomorrow she was receiving medical treatment when the child did what she is not considered a suspect. >>darya: this happen yesterday afternoon at the terminal 7 area a 67 year-old man was
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driving a sports sedan when he hit the girl she was on the sidewalk so he hit her and then crashed into the wall because it to see the damage there he in the passenger rent-a-car there are not seriously hurt they think that the driver missed the gas pedal for the break. >>mark: several of the essays domestic brands programs of nonstop the school in the agency's controversial phone their collection program after they failed before midnight deadline and the senate agreed to the u.s. freedom act yes today but by the time they pass the procedural vote that already started shutting down several of the seventh programs asked. >>: we cannot allow this we cannot allow the rule of wall that leather arbitrary government for what they collect
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anything they want anytime they want. >>mark: the senate is expected to pass the freedom act but it could take several more days. >>darya: still had a family of robin williams still fighting over the house and split his the state will say what they're having trouble agreeing on bull is try to make it easier for users to find and understand is privacy control will take about the new features the company is rolling out today. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪♪
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>>robyn winst: it is spilling over to 580 that as solace from the split the stock in the traffic will stick with cobweb for treasure island. >>darya: their debut new features to make our sit control easier for you to find and the others and it will uses to feel more comfortable using the personal information that they put out there to support approach each is a redesigned my account of users can find all but was keep privacy controls under cool a check of the right out what services are gathering user information set.
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>>mark: the company responsible oil spill in santa barbara as a place the russian pipeline why did not install automatic shutoff valve relief in texas this morning as much of the state is starting to dry out after severe storms and flooding will take a look good lord the damage come again.
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>>darya: that will give them a chance for the river to receive and for them to continue the cleanup efforts in places like houston where the estimates of $45 million in damage in houston that waltham is to build have some closure but when people have died in a storm this water in texas to oklahoma over memorial day weekend to. >>mark: hurricane season has
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begun starting today and to help the nearly three the six hurricanes are expected to form in the land base as it does every year know what caused appeared as though i live 61 storm to make for bad season overall size of the did 611 tropical storms made what isis has been removed from the list of hurricane names. >>james: just to the east of it we have another depression forming that calling it but it could be a major hurricane at the end of the week most of the storms they are in the pacific all we get our the music are strong waves near the bay area as a we expect for this system start waves cover offshore down the baja peninsula but it will be mild letter or in the week pretty impressive stuff going on down and the pacific ride out
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with our tracking of course what whether that is the good news we've been have been a week after week and a tough sledding flood warnings still in effect to that part of the country it is impacted more is the seat to a lot of the ports bill would give effect to having the lays out of sfo because of that that is for the national with the store where tracking this morning here in our neck of the will to we're seeing right now is confined to the north backed the bulk of the energy of near the border but some moisture on the sock is of that system is beginning to impact the north bay as is take a look at the live pictures you see the golden gate bridge in water lens will start all the trees you the wipers again all of this so far confide to the north bank. >>james: san jose your forecast much different story with a partly cloudy skies and sunshine this afternoon temperatures
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warming up by noon time to the are the six is to their 70, and max out around 73 as we head out to the 2:00 to 3:00 hour today and those to the to take back down. >>james: 07 is in the east bay a mild day and no play of the sixties to low 70 will alter that drop the day for the north bay and its emphasis to the peninsula will be 62 in the city warmer a total seven is as an insult to the south bank. >>james: we focus in on at the clouds of mist in the drizzle and again hold on to the north dish our crop the afternoon tomorrow we're looking for pettifog start the things will be partly cloudy during the afternoon the temperature was a mile and fact we will keep it
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relatively mild below normal for most of the week this it will be sunny but below average temperatures in villages like dow below seven is at all when does it change? the chilly the rest of the forecast friday and saturday will be expensive to jump back up to something you expect around june was the upper seven so it is for the and then committed would mid-60s by the bank. >>robyn winst: it is definitely pack the lessor all in their active it lasted an hour about the back of the jurors saying stretches beyond 880 into the maze is all to 580 that is no solace from a 24 split you will be sitting in traffic all the way up to treasure island it will open up an attractive cast
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all bridge the bay bridge december tabrets not bad at all traffic is minute--pretty slows --smoothed >>robyn winst: north and south for lunch and then out of san francisco no major trouble spots and marin city sausalito and a bottle you're doing just fine if the connection to city streets as well they're showing you stop and go conditions for the nemesis of the top of the milk coming out and selling of the star struck at 238 and will be sold go heading into hayward it is a good ride through union city and fremont tonight minutes from 238 to highway 237580 jammed as usual what you get
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into dublin if you have to use out 680 right at the split that 586 is the of the dublin interchange checking in on the peninsula a rare quiet mill if you have to use 101 and 280 in 380 they're all in good shape. >>darya: the family of robin williams is due back in san francisco for a hearing over how to split his estate they are divided over how much cash she should get the two sides met with the mediator and settle most of the differences over dividing back to parcel affect but they could not settle on how much money susan should receive over her lifetime the judge's schedule today's hearing two months ago hoping that by now the two sides would have read some. >>mark: to a woman was
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hospitalized with life- threatening injuries after she was stabbed during a fight with another woman's on saturday after don't is have allowed a 30 in the optimal the 700 block of blossom hill road the suspect left the same light as the officers arrived with a father surely after and a restaurant she has not been publicly identified. >>mark: they're already in place the ruptured pipeline at a cruise fittest installing 80 ft. of this 2 ft. wide pipe on saturday the company claims all american pipeline showed off the new images they also said this pipeline does that have an automatic shut all about it could cause more problems to the pipe trapping that type of pressure the six of the pipe rupture is now being tested by third-party lab of 201,000 gal. of oil was released when the pipeline burst. on may 19th killings allow burst >>michelle apon: to leverage are using the star power to help
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water conservation and the drought in california she is cut water use is over 50 percent not as to grant she saved yourself with this photograph i felt so guilty taken aback last ladbroke to drop at not use a word for anything i can hope to address where you can to the server our water of the celebrities help conserve water are limits would fledging that sharing a little too much >>darya: still ahead model cars being added or more models of cars being added to the to caught airbag recall would city if your car is not involved after the break.
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>>darya: general motors is adding 303,000 chevrolet silverado to the recall list of the trucks are from the model years 0708 stems from the and letters which it could break into shrapnel hist six people
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have died from this and more the hundred have been injured deliver replacing and friends at no cost to the customer. >>mark: legislation is said to be introduced today the sugary drinks in san francisco test will tell you with the new proposal are calling for remembering and mr. biden would there are saying about the best presidents lay son--vice- president late son
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>>mark: keep our eyes on wall street this monday morning with
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the dow jones industrial average up 76 points ahead of the opening bell as the numbers coming and coming out flat the consumer spending is more than two-thirds of the u.s. economy the dow teaches of 76 that will put the dollar and 18,085. >>james: we are tracking some wet weather in the north bay you can see it here and the golden gate bridge and the lies video showing us the drizzle on the lens itself but the car's driver across but rose this morning is making things work for you wipers in full effect is confined to the north bay all morning long and i found a few droplets on the lands at the bay bridge approach i was watching very carefully the cars coming in the one that the wipers all so is telling me it is listed as in the air but not coming down strother of that and what is bothering with the wipers and is
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very minor at the bay bridge approach. >>james: we're starting off conditions very cloudy drizzle of course as you saw on the live shot temperatures on the warm side we're seeing a lot of rich upper 50s by 11:00 web or to keep the most crowded typically do not move whole lot for the bay where or to keep into the mid to upper 50s would get more sunshine and land and that is why at the 4:00 hour temperatures there and the low 70's where everyone else a stuck in the upper 50s and very low 60s to the cloud along the coast of out at the bank here is where temperatures are read out widespread amid the upper fifties i will be back to 50 minutes with a quick check of the forecast data to get you with a base inside especially what we have drizzle and light rain coming down with the global application there is a dedicated web application download and
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checking out. >>robyn winst: we do have what role to the wheel covers up and makes it really slick it should be driving at reduced speed a use extra caution here is a ride into san francisco is busy as usual the lesser ought of the back of stretches through the lays out and started to creep over to west about 8580 west that is backed up to 24 and the stop and go all the way of the trial island around 20 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco not much has changed the sentence their bridges will win very well this morning now was the target out there before it gets too slow a lot of people are headed to the peninsula that is traffic on the right- hand side of the screen but definitely moving well the switchover to the richmond san rafael bridge a little bit of a back up a provision pick it is still a good ride from 80 to the pages of what out 4101 that
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is less than a 10 minute trip us traffic traffic sureness a and it is not bad it is often offer was about to be odd 80 stars and all right around highway 4 is what's your offer of renault into richmond and into the oakland a's have the drive times in 27 minutes from hercules of berkeley that is normal checking back on highway 4 pockets of slow traffic westbound. >>robyn winst: another stretch coming out of his bird apparently are at the top of the hills if you have to use to 42 or 680 will be slow again south about making the transition out of copper to 42 altus' out 680 the stock to go traffic into walnut creek to the drive time is still not back from highway 422 to 46 a split on the 40 minutes. >>mark: big news were following joseph biden the third has died from diving--the indictment to bring cancer--diagnosed with
6:34 am
brain cancer >>: i like to express my sincere condolences to the entire buy and family and their moment of such a deep and profound loss he was known to many as a dedicated public servant a loving father of two and a devoted partner to the woman he loved. >>mark: their arrangements are pending. >>darya: two years ago he was found guilty of blindfolded and molesting five of his former students at the elementary
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school in san jose the of the families of four of the victims say that former top school administrators this regard a clear warning size and expense of reports of abuse involving chancellor the school district has denied prior knowledge of this >>darya: one proposal was required soda on to have warning labels. the american rivers association group plans to fight the legislation. >>mark: he is wise to formally file for reelection today if today is the formal filing process with the department of the election and, of san francisco you have until june
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life to file their all paperwork the election takes place on november 3rd. >>mark: their plan to process the facebook in menlo park to pull tested over the company's real name policy the protesters want to build to sidon for the site with the day they use and real life rather than the legal and the canada fire lasted for deleted a couch that use the claims to apologize to the issue is said it was changing the policy of this it has not changed its loss at 11:00 this morning. >>darya: leaks house back to the natural raft and still wet weather last month what is expected to drop again and a 92 your woman finishes of mayor fahd in southern california.
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>>mark: of the california drought a swim or industry the contractors are busier than they have been in years as always emerge from recession hot water agencies across the scare of looking at new restrictions on filling or refilling swimming pools because justified in that same study showed an average woman for uses less water than holon dust had about the same as drought tolerant landscaping we did have some storms of the that has put store water back to his natural ram the lake could soon start dropping because of the drought for the first time the water has been so high since the rim at this level back and last october they say that the leg could hover for a few weeks and then drop brought the
6:45 am
summer. >>james: thankfully is actually happening the system all sure we hope and pray will be was a little wet weather luckily enough is not as an unmarked grey before this was completely overcast in mecca and part of the bridge itself passed the south tower but now with an act to see all of the north back the clouds are shifting into the drizzle will shift as well will attractive for you throughout the morning here is will we can expect for san francisco will keep with the drizzly forecasts of a chance of a let showers brought the day today it will be guest the ashford temperatures
6:46 am
it will follow along will we keep in the mid to upper 50s for most of the morning and then it will warm up not a whole lot adjutancy only getting up to the very low 66 to two will be is about as a woman gets about 4:00 or so this afternoon will drop back down support systems san francisco oakland and san jose. >>james: it will be in the upper 60s to very low seven is for most of the area 73 for antioch on the warmer spot 73 for a pleasant and the more timber to a low seven is for most of the 680 ride from caught all the way down toward pleasanton. to date
6:47 am
thing is try out morning fog mild temperatures really do not change a whole lot over the next three days will keep unseasonably cool for the rest of the week we will have that full cash coming up in just 15 minutes or so at least some time in the next hour. >>robyn winst: it is definitely impact the lesser on your back up into the maze the drive type continues to increase and spilled over to 580 and 24 it is on was about 80 which is a stop and go commit coming out of hercules from highway 4 you're up to to see a man is now for the average drive tie from the foot of the maze to downtown as all the way toward treasure island 42 minutes if you're heading to airport sfo or cancel
6:48 am
all flights or picking someone up and is not a bad time definitely slow the backed up as you connect with 92 coming from the nimitz and stars and hay were from 880 to the pace across the span you sitting in traffic all the way out of to the peninsula but no major crashes was stalled over to the sky way to commit out of san francisco the have two lanes blocked off on the lower deck of the bay bridge and just threw out routine maintenance slow traffic and will backed up on 21014280 as you work your way out to the lower deck if you have to use 87 to 3717 they're in pretty good shape no major slowdown threat now it is a little crowded no. 101 coming out of south san jose into downtown. >>robyn winst: is down from
6:49 am
capitol expressway to montague expressway. >>darya: 680 people or in isolation after had people in contact with the deadly murres virus they announced today that more people in south korea have just a positive for the middle east and respiratory syndrome which brings the total number down to 17 in that country 682 people who had close contact with those patients have not been isolated the virus has been mostly limited to the medical staff treated the first patient as well as a stem the members. >>mark: after secretary of state john kerry broke his leg in a bicycle crash of the weekend said the secretariat is now flying to boston for treatment the seventh when your head curb his bike to the plans to travel to the castle secretary care has been lead the american association-negotiator-if the injury has the course of negotiations past the june 30th
6:50 am
deadline. >>mark: settles thousand to begin in new orleans for the bp executive who was accused the to the 2008 gulf oil spill here is video from a devastating oil spill about how fast the oil flowing from the blowout bp mcconnell well 64 horizon exploded on april 2010 killing 11 people and spewing millions of gallons of oil into the go for months it was not tapped until mid. july of that mid >>darya: may was the most violent month in baltimore and more than 40 years 40 people were killed in the city last month bring a total number south of homicides and baltimore to 116 hot site for one year at by this time last year and there had--the have not been in the triple digits. sad news for the
6:51 am
san francisco's to a 32 your pull their had died of old age she was born at the zoo in 1982 and raise the whole life she outlived her life expectancy six by eight years and one of which was one of otis pull bears in the united states before she died on friday the to care of the knees as she got older over the years. >>mark: a hundred bay area and much of to our our friend free pet adoption this is a sane at the adoption of a son of san
6:52 am
francisco spca center for those to walk away with new pub said they're trying to help pets that had a rough life. >>mark: there were set across the bay area including the cat adoption event that was held at the cafe in san jose. >>darya: we will be back with more than a couple of minutes listed a live look outside of this monday morning in his bid a little rain or mist in spots left at the san mateo bridge it is dry you have plenty of company on your way over the traffic looks like it is ok on was about 92 in the commit direction will be right back.
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>>mark: happen in mammals is the time of year again have lunch with the billionaire businessman profit he is often to have laws with the highest bidder on ebay and the money goes for san francisco's foundation the bidding so far as of the five for the $25,000 given to it until friday night last year became a net was $2.1 million to have lunch with or or of omaha. after matches last year you ever is will the $20 million in said francisco.
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>>mark: sliding in some do bloom. >>james: this is in the camera to go to with illustrate the drizzle and light rain coming down at axa has led up and a live shot i've been watching the cars come through about half of them have the weapons on slow the other to not have more on a dark and the preference hot water before you turn on the right person is not have a consistent ride is a light sprinkle like


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