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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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th the details of. >>jackie sissel: who we didn't really know ride know there are no confirmed reports that a shoe have taken place inside of the whole mess and release one person does it to the video right away this shot around 1230 or 1:00 early this morning on a quiet street and downtown pittsburgh i can tell you the crime technician allow police officers are still here on the scene what we do know is what person inside of that hole was taken out of the home and taken to hospital the an ambulance like a said there are unconfirmed reports right now that issue may have taken place inside of the whole we're working extremely hard right now to find out to confirm exactly what took place the pittsburg police are claiming this one very close they're not giving us
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any information of what they have right now obviously continue to be a developing story outside i can tell you they're are pleased to police cars here right now along with technicians and side of the whole and inside of the process as we get more information in the pittsburgh police are to brief us to let us know exactly what they know we will pass a law. >>mark: ought to bay area weather and traffic >>james: we will to start off with a live you the storm track live radar showed less where it is raining from the bank. we do have some speakers and a drop in to end is up near ukiah clearly it looks like maybe out in the direction of coverdale like to propose of all the stress of 101 that it in the way injured getting out the door and software you need to go at this early hour later this afternoon
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you may see some thunderstorms pop-up is will part of a larger system lately impacting the sierra but some of the rock from which are coming down and touch you on the extreme northern portion of the north bank will continue to be so for the of rest of the afternoon here we expect for the rest of the bay area aside from a drop the showers looking as low to mid '50's right out with a partly cloudy skies from the 11:00 noon you still to to buy the they will be ride around 60 was a war to the of the six is at the point by 3:00 or 4:00 the old door to get on the storm still a possibility it by santa rosa no. does the course of a lot of it where talking about. >>james: who expect this to sunshine for the illinois balance here is where to buy or how low 50s to less restrictive laws of the bay i will be back
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in more detail to look at the forecasts and extended out look and talk a lot of hot weather for next week. >>robin winston: no major hot spots with the bay bridge commit as deftly as low spot take a look at the backed up a minor crash on the bridge was about at treasure island but it added to the slowdown in san francisco and stretches to the foot of the maze and drive times hotter than 15 minutes is not bad but definitely slow the crash is out of the way it's been a smooth ride all morning so far come from the law of the bay and the dollar tile over to the traffic map we have late road work in san leandro out a stop and marina this supposed to wrap up
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of 5:00 and they're still out there the have the off proposal to further notice it will be backed up as you work your way out of (98 to lorena keep that in mind continues to sow about limits addled extra 15 minutes to seven minutes to 238 out four to 37 if you're traveling from the south bay the berkeley come from 80 was about still pretty good ride to of pressure hercules to berkeley. >>darya: police in sicily are looking for the person who tried the police officer with their car was trying to get away from the cops and had ride o'clock last night and police said a countywide in for task force will try to conduct a truck stop when it pierced the driver of the driver to of the drive in the officer and that is what
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another officer fired into the car. one would describe to the car >>: i was in a row watching tv when i heard 2 gunman shot fired in a car speeding away the sound like a regular car could you tell of gun shots were exchanged by two different parties or just one person? >>: is it like this one person to gunshots and the sound exactly the same type of gunshot. >>darya: is unclear if it would in that car was injured because the card that away officer who was dragged by the car was not injured >>mark: it is almost over for the five of the golden state warriors championship tonight for the cleveland cavaliers gave one obviously the big store for the series is listed james and steph curry there are exciting
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for a series to begin we're excited and we cannot wait to get out there. >>mark: they have not worse happens ... let in 75 the cavaliers have never won a championship. >>darya: keep the totals, it will share them send them to us send them to us at breaking news @ >>darya: to force will part oakland as you know tonight and then sunday we go to cleveland
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played two games there and in 567 is necessary it is backed it for--back and forth. >>mark: market for like 73 people are dead after a gas station in the capital blue of gonna look at the picture of the explosion the rescue crews or looking for victims investigators said the flooding will start the gas station in nearby neighborhood and that it was ignited by a fire for a nearby house. >>darya: the oil that leaked into the pacific ocean was to result of a corroded pipe that is what we learned what a preliminary government was released yesterday investigators estimate that the corrosion at
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the break cyc had degraded the pipe wall up to one sixth of an inch and thickness repairs had been made to the pipeline because of the corrosion that in 2012 estimates are hundred 1,000 gal. of oil spilled creating a 9 mi. slick into the pacific ocean is still shut down and will be shut down indefinitely. >>mark: slated to let go after she refused to give all muslim capitals so during flight will she claimed with uses for with the airline is doing in response.
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>>darya: a muslim to have been complaints about discrimination she said the flight attendants refuse to give heart and other open a can of soda saying that it can be used as a weapon and happened and she would fly from chicago to washington d.c. the united issued a statement saying that it was less understanding the yes the as of forcible is a statement saying the airline does not tolerate behavior that a discriminatory and that united will train its staff sold know what is suggested to the
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♪ music ♪ people are both soft and strong which is why our products are too. and we believe in value so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong. >>mark: the superstitions and preventing the oakland mayor
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from making a traditional mare's back on the nba finals their purchase of credit and fund- raising that are not betting on the game there the battle of food bank security is definitely the concern. >>darya: they take on the cavaliers and not listen to what happened in the last 24 hours and espn crew had to of their cameras and for laptops: from the car there outside the local wal-mart over there by headed
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bertrand and aretha the wal-mart that is over where they were and so this happened that one step at to security on hand but also the what and what to know that is not in other areas of open will not have the amount that they usually have that would increase the presence of grout or call for sure we have a contingency plan for those offices that will be working during the final game it would ever want to be safe while the enjoy the nba finals at the arena and the city of oakland police say they are prepared for any scenario >>michelle apon: it is of the
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golden state warriors local under his left arm on his rampage that looks like it was painful but this support to the team and they're saying we of less than 24 hours let's get this done to see here is saying go dubbed nation and sharing your for the 2¢ to our web site stay with us as to continue to follow the nba finals coming up at 630. >>james: the weather is warm to be on the cool side but it a habit to worry about however what you leaves and head back to
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the parking lot more difficult to have a jacket with you we have rent in the south the bank the southland but it is wrapping up into the sierra looking right around and impact in the north bank--bay >>james: it is right here between zero rebel at this plant in ukiah that is really all there is at the moment there is a chance were sprinkles and showers even the pop of the store could happen as part of the the lead on this afternoon there is a live look of the bay bridge poughkeepsie is too much louder the we receive them
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strolling down into the traffic into the bay bridge toll plaza to the to smile 5455 is pretty much the down the temperatures of the less we have come up at 55 loss 56 we're also looking at a persephone's maybe even 80 out of the delta less talk about what is coming our way and a chance to levy a pot of shaw resigned after new looking for
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low 80s and will start off mostly cloudy by afternoon is going to be war and led with partly cloudy to most sunny skies with a this sunday monday tuesday wednesday in the next week we're talking but he weighs with temperatures get it back of what they ought to be in this town of the year that is the forecast. >>robin winston: those of you who have to use the bay bridge you sit in traffic as you head out of the maze the lights on and activated about 40 minutes about the back of use airports to the toll plaza stretching all to was about 80 out of berkeley and spill over to 580 that is backed look for 24 you're up to 26 minutes from the mays to downtown the drive type of team said increased the san mateo
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bridge looks great get out there before it gets to bat is the ride between the numbers and highway 101 the richmond san rafael bridge is also the right prettified a 580 west approach and the pay date is a good ride all across connected with highway 101 only major slow spa liberal work of the damage to san leandro 80 southam arena of supposed to wrap up at 5:00 but they are loaded behind schedule and to write plays the closer you be sitting in traffic out of oakland and the coliseum all the way through the construction zone the usual back of your 580 west from 2 to 05 through livermore and stretches toward santa rita no pressure installed from the odd lot to dublin and for those of you have to commute from the north bank and the pretty good on high will once moved in both directions between boston and san rafael. >>darya: construction of the ucsf help children hospital
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begin this summer to get the final approval to the rebuilding project this week the project is a desire to rebuild and modernize the hot spell-- hospital will be to london to on site patient is individuals and expand outpatient center and surgical diagnostic and treatment low and support services and clinics construction is expected to begin like i said but summer. .. >>mark: it was driven she is suing the movie studio and to people involved in the upcoming film strip out compton the will of mr. carter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against you was the studio's the universal was negligent the team feel incompetent after the war the production to keep him away his fault with them for years he was killed in a parking lot near the film set in he's pleaded not guilty the glorious represent
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this man who was a victim of killing a california native and turning it was the scene they're asking for a retrial what they say what role in the first trial.
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>>darya: they tell you how long they think they need to prepare for a retrial in the case of a man convicted of killing washington d.c. in term he was convicted of killing the in 2010 the attorney are pushing for a new trial st. a key witness gave false or misleading testimony the disappearance led headlines in was romantically linked with a representative of modesto and update the recovered all on yes to that. >>mark: he is in serious but stable condition he was hit by a car and someone who was fleeing the police got behind the bmw tuesday night with the car was connected to robbery with office to try to slow the driver he to go ahead amenity was what the crosswalk and a coalition they are still searching for the driver they lost the edge it system over the bay bridge.
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>>darya: what motivated $1 to help.
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i geout wk, and i to e ste, ansomedy says,smeln' aroun smell cookies." i sa, "ono you jussml me, justot o of work th'honebunchesofats, that's al" said "don't eame now." >>mark: welcome back keeping our eyes on wall street today and the fact that job cups are falling off 33% or st. a job on wall street it is better news as far as layoffs are concerned the hiring is done to pick up with the speeches are up 83 points that put it back down to 18,013
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will be keeping our eyes all markets this morning. >>darya: continuing our breaking news coverage of the lead to police activity in pittsburg jackie is live on the same and they confirmed there was a shooting at the whole on the drive hear the video from the scene you see one person being put into an ambulance will have the very latest coming up and have our. >>james: who live radar view not much to look that until use to into northern and you see a few like to propose at this point confined to the stretch of called el in ukiah every now and then begin some of the wrapper of moisture that will be before they today like this all day long would you have sporadic showers again and at some point maybe even a possible of the
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store the chance of august trout but it is out there may with the santa rosa north currently we're looking at a low to mid '50's a local slight breeze and the air no big deal 11:00 to new not bad early in the '50s with the sunshine and clouds hang it around the bay and the coast temperatures along the bay shoreline run around 60 that the lunch hour and then 3:00 this afternoon will have a lot to that threat of the drop it from the store. >>james: left-of-center rose a lot of debt associated temperatures and live look in pretty good mid-70s by the bay not a bad forecast for today but its war as we head into the weekend to live look outside the golden gate bridge to purchase
6:32 am
bay area wide on the cool side we have low fifties in san francisco makes about the 40 with men 50 just about everywhere else. >>robin winston: it is still backed up, so all we have a minor crash and quickly cleared and it never recovered here is a look at your approach the spill over to 80 out of berkeley 580 and 24 into come from those connectors 33 minutes if you're headed to the airport if you're picking some of 33 menaced for sfo san mateo bridge looking good a very crowded on the right-hand side of the screen and to put as a we have had a major trouble spot no lead to
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trouble spots the limits of voided if it can this morning if you know we take a 80 south to get to open there is a row for a double backed up for 580 instead of the nimitz and to continue south through the construction zone after that it is really off and on headed through hayward and union city there was the drive time 29 minutes from 238 out four to 37 with those of you continue to the south bay high with four still crowded the major your south back to you still doing just fine to 378517 all in good shape it will pick up and then it looks pretty good the sunnyvale and mountain view.
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>>darya: is come to oakland tonight and for all that is the hottest spot as game one in the nba finals the warriors taking on the cavaliers a lot of excitement before the game the system more reasonable and not right next to the back because a couple of live shot to go i slapped the backboard but the back wall and it was sea meant it cannot go much higher domestic about a hundred and 700 hundred and $80 and right next to the american flag once again around to how much of the seats
6:35 am
he think it is 750 i would to say $500. >>will tran: if this is the price is right he would be the guy $705 out the door you in 70 other friends their 18 seats available you concede all of that was to and for the other
6:36 am
seat will were there on the left side of the screen earlier that was $42,000 approximately out the door faugh 6700 is as cheap as we can go that is pretty pricey >>mark: the medical history will
6:37 am
be made and that led will undergo surgery at ucsf to start a chain and and i'd wake it the transplant he is making the sacrifice to help others in the pages are remain anonymous to me it seems like this is an easy thing to do better to let his left kidney and recovered a bit back to run it in no time a car service will be shuttling the kidneys to the few miles away and then back again to all line surges are a success.
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>>darya: who they say he was trying to kill and the doctors breakfasts islands and talk about allegations that oldest son he fathered younger girls as a teenager and the family here was what you hear them saying
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>>darya: the state report said that borland water usage was up by 38 percent of the city manager says that actually down 6% in the state has indicated it will make the correction she said the water uses wood dowel by 80 percent during a 200014 calendar year. >>james: 0 track of temperatures off local start however we're looking for a huge war of come next week we will have for
6:42 am
details coming up
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>>mark: this year the files featuring the two biggest stars in the nba right now known for the second pregame rituals the kids all brought the bay are trying to imitate perry his losses exceptional ball handling. .
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>>michelle apon: we are sharing your photos that you sent us we have photos of a kid with a stuffed animal wearing his jersey and another full role of couples with gold and blue on a little baby dressed up in the ones the very adorable we have people in their blue and gold very happy and smiling we want to see your blue and gold pride and we have a full-size show our web site. >>james: every once in awhile i concord it myself it is like out we have plenty of sunshine and a warm up on the way a few sprinkles in the north bay today depending on where you are what
6:46 am
you get when the the to terribly much but it is something the put in motion use it properly should come at us from the south from the sierra and put it around and impacted portions of the north it was to and as a sycamore look here and settle a rare perspective and there you to see a light line of showers cutting through the north to bay of coastal hills and get into areas like the stretch of 101 between core bill and you cry of it will add that to the forecast looks for today as we look out to the east bay from oakland to the to wisely vesica the temperatures responded over the next couple hours of the at the moment is 54
6:47 am
degrees and where same the temperature percent as cisco and san jose here is where to the will be this afternoon checking for conditions to be in the low to mid '70's for the inland ease bank save a stop in europe and 73 to 74 and then dropped back 7 to 75 for community down and around san jose. >>james: 62 in san francisco and 62 in oakland this take a look at the extended forecast we are looking for after today if conditions the will of slightly for tomorrow that is rotted wood and the work with a minor bump in temperatures will receive the kick in beginning on saturday as your real the rest of the seven forecast look for sunday monday tuesday and wednesday for next week varicella like weather move forward to next week.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: it is still packed the lysol hospital over to the maze if you have used was about a pack your patience about 30 minutes if you're heading over to sfo this warrant. >>robin winston: the golden gate nice mood into and out of san francisco and easy commute nothing to worry about no major hot spots less checkouts to drive times if you're using 80 west about about 17 minutes from
6:49 am
hercules to berkeley your know what is waiting for you lost of heavy traffic there come out of the out to mark that is the first to you back up this morning no lead to trouble spots before the south about ride come from the east bay to a stop to your at two to six minutes from san leandro and to milpitas. >>mark: soon after he was shot to death early this week questions arose about the shooting death of his alleged terror plot the fbi sister was killed on tuesday by tear investigator should conservative bloc and the organizer for the proper law, and garden taxes that killed two isis' supplies the outside of that event they said he changed his mind about killer and said it wants to kill police officers to cook and sew
6:50 am
surveillance video of the did the competition to counter the socially declaims a fibbing shot in the back while he was on the cell phone with his father that was the tech and agreed that police were backing up before they shot him with the religious leaders will rent to call the shooting justify he was approaching them they did back up and evidently he was fired upon a real simple to was upheld yesterday and tried a conspiracy he told on tuesday that he planned to begin trying to iran the killed police officers.
6:51 am
>>darya: he crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a bus ticket italian tourist to niagara falls with a dozen people were injured four of them critically the 86 year-old is accused of failing to stop the killing and is the protesters and his 29 year rule in egypt the ruling today the court said november 5th as a date to start the new trial the paris of the jobs data are breaking the silence of giving details about the scandal surrounding the sun . he appeared on fox news program to talk about reports that the eldest son followed five young girls would use a teenager that explain that for
6:52 am
the five victims were his sister's it came to light in juvenile records released to a tabloid magazine is now questioning why there has not been more attention focused on the leak of that information it was released illegally violating the privacy. >>mark: that coin to close some of its tracks for repair work in the closure will start this saturday and sunday morning and run until new coming up there
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>>mark: of grew to be chosen the natural beauty of the national park in utah are the backdrop for his proposal the woman had told her family could not resist captured the moment on camera but now she cannot find a couple is called fire and she wants to locate the pair entered the picture with them. >>darya: come up of the 7:00
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: police investigating a shooting of pittsburg jack has the live on the same gathering information. >>jackie sissel: it is a
7:00 am
developing story we have a lot of the unconfirmed reports but where will to stick with what we can confirm right now here in pittsburgh i can tell you as about five minutes that expanded the crime scene to about a block here on san bridge drive with a firm that there was a shooting here on sand ridge drive early this morning i could also confirm that the detectives to the pittsburg police department or robbery and homicide divisions are here right now as is crime scene investigators as they collect evidence at this location according to them they said they will be out here for the majority of today this all took place at around 12 31:00 early this morning we do know that one person was taken out of the house into the hospital of and that we cannot confirm offici


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