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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark: the cavaliers to most of the game became back for a big overtime went back for joining us this morning. >>darya: game one did not disappoint the warriors were behind it was rare no brighter than they made a great come back to go to say about it back on the second quarter of his performance was not enough for the cavaliers they forced the game into overtime with a missing a shot the final possession in overtime at the warriors out for the cavaliers 10 to two that did not score the first 10 possessions of overtime in with the players to disable the game. >>: you have to come in red to compete and especially in the first game fill it out it is the 14 plays in the play of the plan different style you have to
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adjust and ran to do that. >>: >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: they get to the free- throw line they did a good job of closing the game in overtime. >>darya: he is on the court this morning they did a great job. >>will tran: that was brutal i want to go to bed earlier because we all work the morning shift but it was that nobody with 13 the changes it almost made it all of us collectively almost died when it reached the rim and bounced off the rim it into overtime a lot going on the warriors will be practicing at 1230 today as far as terry irving the star point guard for the cleveland cavaliers we do not know his status will we know he will be checked out today whether of not he can continue with the scare is but he walked
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off you so said it took off his jersey and slander on the floor speaking of the floors as to say you concede there still so much work and these to be done this to the midnight prove this is why i always tell people you go to parties and do not could they're so much clinical on but at least right now we do know one down three to go fireworks or going off on the outside of oracle everyone was tied five and its other we were right there to get the fan reaction here is what they had to say about the warriors' first-round victory in 40 years. >>: screaming... it was awesome ... cheering.... the warriors
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are great... i should even be talking right now it was complete with energy...... >>will tran: i have maybe three to four hours of sleep you know your title your 1/4 cup of coffee and still mellow with the next game as of sunday night at this point we believe it is sold out there could be some last- minute ticket but they would not be released to the in the exact was offered a one and there are tickets the probably will be resold by season ticketholders.
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>>darya: who could shut off? who would do such a thing >>mark: these kids menaces there but watch the game we have some great pictures coming in that is a much for sharing your warriors price peaks and inspectors send them to us at breaking news @ >>darya: we're showing you the highlights it is not the same >>darya: will continue the warriors covers all on a lot and we have the weather >>anny hong: he was selling his
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word tickets to the next and $2,000 a live look at the san mateo bridge and we're starting to see some clouds moved in this market without a loss of some sort of the forecast san jose day planner right out in the '50s by 10:00 will be in the '60s the skies will be clearing out to sunny conditions for the afternoon by lunchtime 67 by 4:00 the temperature will peak at 72 degrees on the southwesterly breeze five dozen miles our our into the 60 this evening pretty comfortable of you have dinner plans for tonight san francisco oakland 56 is 7 for concord and the more santa rosa in the low fifties under cloudy skies 62 in half moon bay and keep in mind we see a little bit of salt for the coast the visibility down 3 mi. of the seventh in concord no
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'80s antioch and the the more we're looking at 68 degrees for the high in oakland would talk about the east of a hybrid of down for your city by city but a little bit later. >>robin winston: the backed up the pace now extends into the maze to stretch it on to the westbound five in the connector is activated by 30 minutes ago there was much heavier traffic heading into san francisco the lies on the far left and the far right hand side wide open everyone else in the and traffic as a way to pay not much of a change in the drive times the last 15 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco san mateo bridge to the right hand side not bad at all 12 minutes ahead were heading out to foster said it the left-hand side of the screen that is traffic into the east bank and to hell with that is just fine the golden
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gate bridge and a nice like a mute about direction you have four lanes south about heading into san francisco so far and is great when a major trouble spots and hot spots to slow down to tell the to the map busy on the nimitz freeway if you have to use op 880 in the slow the entire stretch as a worker with the hayward the good news is on to pick up the union city look at the drive times to six minutes or 238 to 237 not bad at all carter threw out a lot but not bad start after lasko and to commit the remark that if you have to use 4 01 south and about source and a shell is a good ride from 37 split all the way to five in a split >>mark: police nor are releasing surveillance video showing the black or blue as to the academic
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and for that to cover the driver of that car described as a black or dark blue ford explorer the victim is hospitalized with not life-threatening injuries a hacker is carrying out was could be the biggest breach ever of government computer networks and the united states the investigators appointed offenders to the chinese government percent of for measuring current employees have the person of affirmation stolen they may have been trying to map the network support agencies intelligence officials and the contrast the bridge to the chinese government with the spokesperson for the chinese embassy in washington is trying to stop the crimes in the to conclusions our warriors coverage of day one continues we will show you the one shoeshine and next are rising problem at the gas station explosion there is a flood in,.
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h is a gas explosion at the president as observer three days mourning for victims the government will allocate about $12 million for relief operation
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and repair the explosion happened after of flooding swept you will from the gas station does the people at the gas stations seeking shelter from to restraint. >>darya: coming up the government officials and the need to raise the threat of the volcano that is becoming increasingly active how many people have been evacuated and the pact next tornadoes flooding hit northern colorado how much damage done so far there. i bet washington and jefferson would have eaten these. and at $4.99, that's less than a lincoln. red, white & blue pancakes are back and only $4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner. hello. we're here in the tropics to tell you about our ocean spray cranberry mango juice drinks a perfect blend of cranberry and the exotic flavor of mango. they go together like warm waves and a cool island breeze. ♪ ♪
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. >>mark: the video of the tunnels and follow klaus a similar the top ride to the video of the storm tracer the debris is posing as the winds pick up and turned his vehicle it was not injured but the bottom right to consider the damage has also emerged of and the three held a short in the town of our fee which was 4 mi. north a lot of flooding and a lot of damage incredible weather across the nation we're looking for severe
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weather for that part of the country. >>anny hong: we are said marginal risk for severe weather and thunderstorms as well and maybe some tornadoes later on today we're watching for some very active rather going through the currency in the denver area still they have some storms come through but they're not as of what is quite yet if you have trouble plant out of sfo you may to cancellations or less to those locations you see the have generally most sun and this is one of off the ledge of the airports the san francisco peninsula for cats like is the next 30 minutes parlous most cloudy skies and in some in the afternoon are expected from the crowded conditions in the
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afternoon the visibility were down to 4 mi. for half moon bay for also for oakland and looks like elsewhere for san francisco napa is not to back out there temperatures is in the fifties 54 in san francisco and san jose 57 for france and the more 60 in oakland to lure '70s in fremont even warmer heading for the east will is antioch 81 and the more and 774 friends and then they'll. >>anny hong: hall on sunday amid '80s and lintel 7 is for the bay but the heat even rises higher for monday will talk more about that coming up later. >>robin winston: there is some slow traffic heading to san francisco if you have to use 80 a connect from oakland 24 the number is 580 your connectors
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are ok but once again to the gates and let all and is really heavy at the incline the central freeway switching over to the richmond san rafael bridge you're ride here approaching the toll plaza that is looking pretty good we have not had any major problem for 80 leading up to the packets move out toward highway 101 to watching over to the maps we have stop and go traffic come out of pocket as he emerged from south to 42 it will agree ride continuing pleasantville into walnut creek of wealth to 24 that is another minute trip track in the ride or five it was about stop and go track out of the out to my is a little heavy the pixel through free market.
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>>darya: he hit a three-pointer from the corner which is one issue on his foot. >>mark: their meeting at city hall this afternoon in recent weeks the have the mayor to business leaders and other officials across the state to talk about the job with to conserve water to come after he announced the first ever 24 percent statewide mandatory water cutback in.
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a man >>darya: accused of stealing about the dollar of laptop and i had from but myrtle school is due in court today a 28 year-old oakland was supposed to appear in court his arraignment yesterday but did not show up is due in redwood city this morning the bid and businessmen offering large, i is better with the monday done every year was at this is the life foundation is a seventh but tonight is a 1.5 9 million to happen and now they're working on a trend in water from the chinese crude shipped the capsized on monday and they're
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focusing on now looking at survivors to retrieving bodies they feel they have all the survivors they have been located 14 people this survive financially the spokesperson says ellison's fund in one was still alive or is slim to none. >>darya: decease local billing out about some of long on the western indonesia island of sumatra solid this with the government raised the threat level for the what can for the highest level in the wake of the increasing volcanic activity thousand people live below that and look up the seat of their and the danger zone there been evacuated from the home. >>mark: the search for missing santa cruz woman is focus on big
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sur she was last seen on may 12th by her sister to reported her missing two weeks later. how >>darya: the man who started it all is doing this morning a live look this morning at the san mateo bridge everyone else pretty early you have lost a company making in the slow ride right now on was about 92.
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>>darya: a new claim against the south to the kids kept in the former employees include the child molestation the mother spoke with she is filed a complaint against centocor of his education which operates at walden west a 27 year-old has been charged with child molestation and manufacturing trout are free. >>: he was ticketed out for walks tax hikes with them along with the long road he's been sleeping with us he doesn't do sleepovers and the more it is aware of a two-family house cut
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a lot of different things it is a nightmare. >>: the system failed made that did not take my child like they're supposed to. >>darya: they file a similar claim on behalf of another 10 year old boy in the paris of that child said the boy began acting up after seeing a picture of the man right here on tv and was known to the kids as part of their >>mark: it will lead into the night of the hayward of napa is recovering he donated the first kid named the medical center to this video to show a sister in the making the nation's first nine away kidney transplant happened in one city in one day
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some of the other people and the change will send anonymous with leno who received his kidney he hopes it helps it will and with the candidate list to a person was in a dialysis for several years. >>darya: contra costa county water district customers have more motivation to cut back on water use will tell you how water prices will depend on how much water use steph curry not allow one getting a lot of attention the warriors beat the cavaliers in game 1 will show you how rightly is getting attention and highlights are coming up--riley.
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>>mark: the big news this morning is about the jobs report strong hiring for the u.s. economy in may the unemployment rate could rise from 5.4 to 5 with 5% as they're now looking for% is below the 80,000 more in the to be slipping further it is up 44 points that would drop the down to 70,081 will be watching the market. it >>darya: we are watching the finals is amazing there was a good dust kicked that did it could have been rightly jasper her dad to be so great last night still in the hearts of fans before the game as to consider she was not in the
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press conference to complain choose a different operas earlier now that talk about the fact she's not there. >>: you have laws were written were is rightly? >>: she is here and not agree. >>darya: now they stop the press conference to say were issued >>mark: the mayor of cleveland said he is superstitious
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>>anny hong: temperatures are lower because will start off this friday morning because the come in as early as kron 4 35:00 we're starting cloudy and oakland were we will see some sunshine by lunchtime today to the to and will be in the mid '60s it will be clearing out partly cloudy conditions the evening of the ride home to a pretty nice race is the cause increases temperatures in the '60s visibility we are looking get low visibility like half moon bay no problem for fairfield and san jose is clear as a bell for you under certain conditions to of the starting out in the fifth is all across the bay area except for the highs and the puzzle of the checkout the upper 60s in san mateo 71 in redwood city and
6:33 am
lower seven is in palo alto >>robin winston: the lots are on that the page and is one to be stop and allied combat of oakland half for the west five a connector that it should our to was about 80 it was a lot time that is a great idea to avoid the back of the bay bridge toll plaza fast-track castle is all backed up into 880 of a process will is one to be a good ride on the bridge getting into san francisco the usual back of your right hand side of the screen that is traffic squeezing from the east across the span all over to the peninsula is packed now for the tall old boy into foster city of the left-hand side of the screen is the come to a direction is doing just fine as your into hayward for the golden gate bridge to
6:34 am
traffic in the hot spots amid the problems to slow it down to the north in san francisco over to the map we have contracted the east bay the right out of copper and 242 pact as usual between highway 4 in the 680 split two to four months great if you have to make the trip out of walnut creek toward oakland is the ride to the caldecott 12 minutes from 680 to 13. >>robin winston: >>darya: would call the couple is to find out what happened will bring you an update as soon as we get back >>mark: it happened at this up
6:35 am
the creek on the the 2730 in the morning the police are running residence the selected hardware they believe the know what is home. >>darya: they think they have found the driver who tried the police officer down the street on wednesday night we told you about the story is didnt officers of rested reagan about 2 1/3 yesterday afternoon will happen it was a routine traffic stop office of the strong to make on wednesday night the driver took off and drive the officer with a short distance officers suffered minor injuries when another officer saw was that if fired shots at the car to the driver got away they're still looking for the car and for white 2014 parts to 300 >>mark: the prosecutor will meet with the relatives of victims of the german wins crash to discuss
6:36 am
the lead handle the victims' remains to the grieving family the 2014 crash of 9525 and french alps killed all 1 are the fifth people on board the france and germany believe it was the co-pilot to potentially crush the air craft. >>darya: contra costa water district customers will have to cut back on the water used by 2 to 5% or face additional charges that sit on the bill they voted to raise rates for households that use more than 2 gal. per day on average the average uses 320 gal. a day to you have to cut down to 200 gal. if you do. >>mark: that cast a light on home from terrorism howe
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licenses you also submitted to recruit. recruit recruit sympathizers
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>>robin winston: no major trouble spots out there the hot spot to talk about right now checking the ride on 80 is one to be a good record of richmond from berkeley into the maze the control traffic with a to the bay bridge toll plaza not a major problem in the scare to the caldecott the stoppable try to come out concord to 42 as you merge onto 680 after that is one to be a great ride through wall the creek and alamo will track drive times all the bay area bridges coming of. >>darya: a drought have more home owners in his right the use kron 4 bathroom sinks and sours and washing machines the state is close to allow you to install gray water systems in your home
6:41 am
without a permit since jerry brown's announcement is for water conservation is skyrocketed they're offering gray water recycling systems as a routine option when you get a new home it works to bring you the latest what goes on behind the scenes in the commercial when you're not watching. >>mark: to sit on the back story. >>: and try to get some sound check 123. >>darya: stuff like this happens in the failed you see what happens on the set as the turn the cameras on us for this on the back story airs this sunday. >>darya: i am afraid
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>>anny hong: good morning it is going to be cloudy and foggy at the golden gate bridge but it is one to be warming up this weekend just how war and when you will see 90 stick around the news continues after this break.
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>>darya: there are local politicians the mickey that surplus to clear the what those are. >>darya: the loser will send a group of kids to the winning team's museum and the warriors when the cleveland museum was in the hot tickets to the ymca and the cavaliers when the oakland museum was and how the kids from the boys' and girls' club. >>darya: to confuse people on the bay area this is boring to be gorgeous. >>anny hong: it is what did hot
6:46 am
out there for the in the communities in next couple days a lot of at the embarcadero camera and the can at the bay bridge and san francisco you notice about the conditions and is a look at the san francisco de planner is more aware now of the mid '50s by 1061 to bow to will peak at around 12:00 today for the city as 64 degrees in a few have even the plants in the city celebrated the end of the work with projected temperatures in the lower 60s to of our fifties when to pick up in the afternoon amid 50 for san francisco and oakland there is a look at the future cash to shore in the clouds and the rain called conditions at lunchtime still for the coast locations loss of sunshine for inland spots and also for the more they for occupancy some potential
6:47 am
for some chance for some showers and some thunderstorms in the sierra nevada area today. >>anny hong: had nothing is going to back to bay area you will be staying dry on the parlor to most sunny conditions in the afternoon warming up quite nicely the south bay today low seventies in sunnyvale and cupertino 72 in san jose 75 in evergreen and morgan hill all scott was getting around 74 degrees deliver a nice little bit below average. >>anny hong: will start out cloudy for some spots and temperatures will be warming up into inland cited the old war 82 and 70 for the bay and then on sunday will add a few more degrees and talk more mid-80s inland in it will be warm enough out there and was to prevent some sun and over the weekend headed to monday the work week for next week 89 to low 90s and land on monday it will be hot
6:48 am
mixture your and conditions are working well, sure you get a fix of the weekend in the court down begins on tuesday and will see plenty of sunshine and some '80s and '70s for next it was an person finally if you like the he will feel it here to look at the traffic on >>robin winston: the check back in on the bay bridge after those of using the to get to san francisco is crowd but not that the back of the sea here stretching toward the foot of the maze or at the 580 west connector it is ok of the bridge or of the incline and across the upper deck no major trouble spots the heavy traffic is on the oakland side approach in the pain is a rough ride if you're caught this morning and the minutes from the maze of the downtown to five minutes to get over to the airport it is so as usual the san mateo bridge from scratch after the 880 split across the stand will pickup by the time needed to high-rise was of the bridge this is normal slow and 19 minutes from the nimitz freeway out toward
6:49 am
highway 101 the golden gate in easy ride to a to 1 minutes from novato into downtown san francisco no crashes or stall so long commute over to the map 580 west to use was stopping the traffic is the first three went to start backing up the morning is not bad slow the stress come out of tracy threw the out to my into little more pick some of the frigate to 680 in dublin. >>robin winston: a little heavy on the nimitz freeway if you're using sought a 80 stop and author richard hayward to union city the two to nine minutes from 238 to 237 check in the peninsula looking good on 10128092380 here is the drive times in case you are hitting for power ought to from early game 80 minutes free to try to hide. >>mark: the bagels are following all lawyer for the family of a boston man shot to death by terrorism investigators in boston says he showed no signs
6:50 am
of radicalization he was shot on tuesday after police said he launce at a large military- style life when it tried to question him the family is shocked by allegations that it planned to kill police officers and go to work with investing in to search for the truth about what happened he revealed that he planted really kill police officers and order processing with his nephew he will be buried today the shooting is casting a line on home grown and extremist the show was the authorities are warning that isis is using social media to close to the prizes in the united states >>reporter: is part of what nasa security described as a surge in u.s. trade isis' sympathizers a surge driven by twitter and social media law enforcement making the threat of attack some more and more likely that
6:51 am
thousands and thousands of messages being put out into the atmosphere and hoping that they land on the individual who susceptible to that type of terrorist propaganda the u.s. estimate there are hundred and 80 americans who joined or try to join terror groups overseas ices the strategy is evolving not only is a terrible abuse and social media to recruit and inspire national security official said on also use of social media to make direct contact with people like ed garland tx tears expect all to system was to identify the individual that will then try to directly communicate with the individual and give them clutching and guidance on how to do an attack inside of the united states the fbi's use and more resources tracking potential suspects the boston tear suspect had recently been
6:52 am
put on the 2 to 47 survive as by joint terrorism task force. because >>reporter: of the principle is called alarming the fbi director says spices recruitment efforts are becoming increasingly difficult to detect the to a cryptic communication >>darya: will be back with more than just a few minutes ♪ music ♪ people are both soft and strong
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>>mark: you could buy beer wind
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all the pros did a first of bell to sell used the top of the press to your brother of the ingredients on the menu by the end of the year the call, a special cups and allowed to get alcohol for takeout. >>mark: washington state couple is taking the dream home with them the air flowing down to a new location the threat have million-dollar bird matching the the 1923 it weighs five returns them floated to to haul on bay bridge island seattle took more than a dozen use dollars to lifted onto the charge to the house was rented out to john wayne in 1970's. >>darya: if you have the money on the morning news if you have the money if you were there is all the warriors when the game one of the nba finals but it was a nail biter will a hung overhead or call on the floor this morning he has the fan reactions
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game >> darya: 1 did not disappoint the lawyers were behind as many as 14 points at one. . as a mail by air and they came back and won in overtime. they won back in the second quarter by this 3 1/2. >> mark: lawyers struggled the as 34 points but performance was enough for the calves to miss two game winning shot opportunities as the doves for saddam overtime overtime. the warriors this score oscar like cows tend to and. keep from scoring the first time possessions and were 08 to 100 years our players said after the game. "the common ready to compete and especially the first game, a feeling out there just. "the free-throw line and we had zero points


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