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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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there's a lot to sort out and you can see that barred the street at 23rd is still close as they continued the investigation was good police work also some armed robbers did video from allow earlier this morning track that point that put two and two together and went after these two suspects they're able to capture both half of the suspects they also recovered the semiautomatic handgun here at the scene of our lead from the continue to investigate whether chance to talk to a captain with the san francisco police
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department if he talked about how lucky they were and where they were in the right place at the right time they decided to follow the stress and that the to the time to acknowledge there was or brick that occurred in this happen to be at the right place at the right time in the police worked over a little twist to the store where now hearing that there is someone who has been shot in the leg as senses will general hospital where being told reports are that it may be one of the suspects who shot himself in the leg while he was a chapter obviously we do know two suspects are in custody of or to charge card armed robbery here at the scene as the continue to
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investigate and collect evidence a developing story as we get more information will pass along. >>michelle apon: whisking up to some patchy fog otherwise the clear skies across the rest of the bay as of right now will start in comparison to guested and the mid 50s across said francisco of are heading into the city simply too slow to warm up into low to mid '70's if you want to spend lunch outdoors you have most sunny skies and a light breeze from the southwest ms. savage to the sea to the crown to a prayer cloth into the 4:00 hour and then by six temperature will fall into the mid to upper 60s with the outside of sfo a low cloud deck and a little bit of pettifog record or possibly the drive time. >>robin winston: we're free of hot spots at the bay bridge with
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his commute into sentences or portion the bay bridge toll plaza has backed up with with allies activated 530 was a little bit early in the stock up now stretches to and through the maze is spilling over to 580 west and it is just about to 24 split a is a smooth ride after heading to san francisco if you're checking in on the san mateo bridge traffic is moving well in both directions from the problem for the nimitz out toward one on the nimitz freeway heading south amount this is a little bit part as you work your way through hayward here is the drive time up to 32 minutes as you work your way from to 38 headed out toward to 37 a milpitas that is not bad at all the could you out of tracy for the onslaught that a stop and go from 2 05 to about for a street in the rest of the trip heading westbound 580 looks great as you work your way into dublin and will also check the south bay ride no major trouble spot is a little harder on a northbound 101 as a worker way into downtown san jose if the to cut the drive times on the 21
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minutes from capitol expressway to montague expressway and the rest of the south bay freeway. >>james: the chance for the championship continues in a game for the nba finals if you think about is, thomas when situation for the warriors after a disappointing loss to golden state will try to even out the series at two games apiece with a win tonight with detective ron lebron james and the cavaliers and still a lot of improve on that is what they're focusing on today a soap again in gears that need to play with more energy and his energize the same that is what we're hoping to see tonight >>darya: he will be there in cleveland watching his there
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right now getting ready for a game for. >>will tran: some time have they will have a shooter from the golden state warriors their relaxed and the relaxed until you everybody is on the cavaliers then why can't they think that they will when i tracked down former nba sideline reporter he is in town as well he thinks the cavaliers will win as well everyone went from the warriors not aware down to one they're gone from the warriors to the cavaliers to a year earlier to track down people who might not want to talk to you hear a lesson number one this is how to attract someone down you wanted to kill you say they're nine very loudly and front of everyone he used to be a sideline reporter during nba games but he knows a thing to about basketball and he's telling summer storage bands
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relax there was no care reform again to the next every game this is are we will see what happens as an entirely new day his everyone playing above their heads he's playing one of the best plants on the planet that he is despite being down on the road warriors fans in cleveland said they're really not that were ripped off and they play their game and not try to match the cavaliers if they get out of test are off the floor and threw up there like they do this should not worry about the cavaliers a doing the war is over a team nba history to not have any players with nba finals experience in the files this man says so what they're proven time
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and time again that come back as a matter of fact the same by prefer to play from come back to a position we know the war is fans think will win the series. >>will tran: hot not really i wanted the whole thing go down to this out i hold my son sann when he grabbed a guys and mon- khmer just to show his knuckles to pay was so proud of that but the history we need this and the reason why is because no team in nba finals history has ever come
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back from 3 to one hopefully the warriors will be to to if we get to to history will be on our side the reason why is it we all seven games to are the three games will be in oakland. >>darya: i will show you one of the players attached to the he parlayed regret everybody saw that was ride i will have that but i do not care what he said the warriors are actually still favored. >>will tran: they should win it and maybe that is lebron james motivation they're speculating what they're talking about the
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he will not or maybe he is mad about that being yellow sports real/. >>james: will be back with more nicolette's and if
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>>darya: he was what it for violating parole the to the look of the video from the scene on saturday all election avenue law officer shot the 30 year-old the memorial wall was and the bmw that using police say the car had been used in the burglary and san francisco the night before of a sabbatical about someone who would pass out behind the wheel of a car off with a handgun on the passenger seat to spend more than an hour
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trying to contact when he woke up there was a confrontation the search area expands as please continue looking for the two convicted killers to escape from a maximum-security prison for it was a weather looking now.
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>>michelle apon: and we're working to pettifog slightly on the cool side for this morning here is a live look outside looking at the bay bridge toll plaza to concede is off to the top hand side of the screen were we do have some low clouds and fog up and it will be doubled for the next few hours come on the fall and for to move out by the early lunch hour and will start to clear out what to sunshine by the afternoon the sunshine and warm temperatures across in his mid '80s by 34 clock across the inland areas for bay locations 74 from one to be across the beach or the cold temperatures what action pick, to the mid-60s who will show you what looks like to a wise san francisco tickets for the start of the morning of the st. areas across the north bank to enter
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into the mid to upper 50s low 60s across fremont and then continues on to the south of it looking at the east bay emmen locations we have attempted to into the upper fifties to low 60s dress in layers first thing this morning if there is fog had been produced visibility the daytime highs on picklock said the cisco 74 today will be one but it will be hot tomorrow plan on the temperature that will want to the upper 90s. >>robin winston: it is a good
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looking for task would also like the traffic out there because we have any hot spots that is the good news but the commute into san francisco if continues to fill in at a paid to the town more little earlier from 534 the back of stretches on to 80 over crossing into the maze of the 580 with the silent is heavy on your approach but across the bridge is less than 15 minutes that is not bad at all chipping in on the track the map to show slowing it for high with four was about to the construction zone after that to small pockets come out of pittsburg heading into a plenum of the problems the acting minister of the grid drive time from antioch heading out toward concord are you going beyond the point if you have to use 2426 and both are great shape if there is a pot of
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slowing nor the 101 of the 68280 split of but that isn't producing good for santa clara sunny belmont to be on the 20 minutes from capitol expressway heading out to monte express web. >>james: door is in the north have expanded the search area and looking for the two convicted killers to escape from a maximum-security prison six days ago best judging their vermont but they said there been no actual sign of a davis would and richard matt to to use power tools to cut through a steel wall and a brick through bricks.
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>>james: 4 also received information the two may have gone to vermont sister was born to be tapped in a your bare handed out fliers to residence in that area to look to stay indoors. >>darya: he and his wife had a housekeeper were killed in the home and paid according to documents if an adult man had to the back of his had an adult woman was in the same room had cuts on her head and from the home was set on fire investigators think that was the core of origin for the fire they believed the victims were held hostage and killed by darin allen dennis winston they think that he did not act alone.
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>>james: two people charged in the murder of the vallejo teenager due in court today the body of seven senior road map to brussels from the last month by jesse but flies will he admit shut indicted the scene in investing is the lead police to suspect the two pleaded not guilty to murder charges and the court last month to pay for cuts the actor plays on a mass model guns and explosives when they busted a cereal or rent the senses copley's from 38 guns during a such an assault san francisco home last week. >>darya: 22 assault weapons and they also fond of bomb ticking kid as a justice of the guns will be sold in the bayview district they believe they were arrested in response before supper hold of some gas station
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record of the clan of we understand is done but a stretch of lawn of hundred miles of infected coastlines of 100,000 gal. of oil spilled into the ocean. >>james: plans to trade a to- door that would judge bishops who failed to detect children sexually abusive priests it will be part of the competition for the doctrine of the fact that the chief for thought for the catholic church since 2001 the body has been in charge of a dozen priests accused of sexually abusing kids in announcing the policy as a he will be in charge of appointing a secretary at the permanent staff for this new court still ahead of the lure and the east bay is recovering from that rattlesnake bite when told about
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what can you do to protect your kids from state system.
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>>james: the to your remains in stable condition this morning after she was dead by rattlesnake will block the story to you live yesterday it happened to deny the girl was playing in a backyard and a point after she was seventh street hospital oakland
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neighbors say that the snakes are, in that part of town or across the street is an elementary school a lot of parents there are concerned as next may and up in the playground have to have the team from the story as they take precautions to the edge of the does not happen. >>: click away hiding places woodpiles to mature door job properly sealed crawlspaces properly sealed passion always to of visual safety inspection prior to and worn out to play.
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>>darya: a mass of marijuana but indeed they were a police bomb millions of dollars worth of spare one.--marijuana
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>>james: we're back opening bell to just about to ring as not already in any event we had trading getting under way today
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and continue to track the latest wall street this morning all along some of the morning or early positive so we will see where trading goes on to get away with the money flowing back and for the weekly claims arising was still at historically low levels. >>james: will to the team to follow are tricky new store give you a quick of the a major police activity will befallen this in the era of our live in 24 straight they're looking into robbery and shooting the jackie is live with the letters from the same. >>jackie sissel: i am out their 23rd and bartlett your consent police a still out here collecting eggs since after the captors to armed robbery suspect it was of little good luck and a lot of good police work led to this their basic recalled in the act is different early this morning according to the san francisco police department is set at around 3:00 a.m. this morning at the patrol car
6:31 am
spotted two people running down 23rd street and go north on bird led almost simultaneous data received recall of an armed robbery that had happened on valencia out about a block away that put to a to together and they started to go out and after the suspects that have killed both of the suspects just about a block in half awake on our lead will wear being told is of the suspects were taken into custody and that is what they did find a gun at the scene a semiautomatic handgun at the same or rental is there is also someone who went to san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wampum. >>jackie sissel: the question is is one of these two suspects or a third suspect and shot himself in the leg that of the question web try to get answered now we do know some is in hospital with a gunshot wound we do not know what role he played in this car
6:32 am
robbery to have to be in the right place in the right time it took the suspect down half of it is still developing deficit people from the senses go police department still out there collecting evidence yet to see the markers that are on the ground those markers appear indicating what they is better on the sidewalk would not know of that come from the suspect or another will try to pieces together as soon as we get more information will pass along trout from the mission. >>darya: 632 on this more thursday morning we're working our way to another if he fought for tomorrow. >>michelle apon: if you are
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across the south bay or san jose temperatures will continue to warm up santa low to mid '80s and now we're starting off with 61 degrees temperatures would easily warm-up and to lower seven by 10:00 to buy known as the temperatures would easily give up into a persephones looks good is warm and comfortable and will have some light winds to take by the early afternoon women into mid 80 will fall to the '70s led this evening if it is one to be nice evening maybe something which will test an upside go ahead and do it because it will be comfortable here is what looks like looking at sfo road crossing any delays as of right now and the temperatures often to the cooler side this morning the mid fifties across the peninsula and the north bank ms. tupper drifted across the east is a liar. >>michelle apon: with
6:34 am
temperatures will continue to warm up from here on 3:00 across the east about the upper eighties to low 90s but then into tomorrow will start to really pick one up--warmer upper >>michelle apon: will one back to the early part of next week. >>robin winston: is packed right now approaching the bay bridge toll plaza this is pretty normal no major trouble spots or hot spots to so down the ride into san francisco allies on backed up into the maze killing over to 580 is now solid from pacificorp but it is less than a 15 minute trip mocha and heading into downtown santa and cisco that is good news and was bought from the toll plaza toward highrise a is a good committee of the to the peninsula are using the damage freeway this morning and
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there's a lot heavy traffic southpaw swats what amount to 30 and go through hey worked into union city picks up quickly after that it for going beyond the point is a good eye toward fremont and milpitas south 680 will be coming out of dublin intestinal and not a bad drive time from dublin to fremont that is only a 26 minute trip checking in the north bay is still south on 101 toward the golden gate in san raphael ride around the time numic to troublespots looking good out of novato and the central san rafael and out toward iran city in sausalito if airborne beyond the point heading into san francisco it will be a good ride across the golden gate of across the span known as a trouble spot. >>james: 3 people are behind bars accused of turning a warehouse in the east into a marijuana growing operation there a legal crop was worth more than $16 million this is a big operation took a look police seized 13,000 plant and warehouse and the diablo
6:36 am
industrial park in hayward the bus went down on thursday three men were inside when police started this as on a given drug illegally caught betting and selling marijuana is hard to say how much money the legal business made before the recall and they've been operating for a year he did you do the math you could in the year due before different crops been identified as a 28 year-old of hayward and 21 year-old oakland to 22 you're tony of alameda. >>darya: 5 starting to that water fountains with in the city can only use the recycled water and residents are being asked to limit the watering plants and grass to three days a week and to do it between six and night and nine in the morning if you have a lot #street address the
6:37 am
nickel water month it was a friday if you have even numbered among the wednesday friday ought no. your to take as this saturday at violence refined of the $5 at you're recalling 10,000 as you bees because of a problem with automatic braking system will explain what can go wrong and which model impact where from the war years and we have with the team is going to do.
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t washington and jefferson would have eaten these. and at $4.99, that's less than a lincoln. red, white & blue pancakes are back and only $4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner. >>robin winston: thinking for sticking are now we would check back and on the bay bridge toll plaza commute to san francisco of eyesore on your back up into the maze is stretches on 2580 and was about 80 in this product
6:41 am
come out of all the area 20 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco 35 minutes of your continuing talks to the airport and the image of the spots on the bridge that is good news for our lack of attractive check coming up. >>james: accurate now recalling 48,000 as you bees because of a glitch in the automatic emergency braking system the recall involves 2014 and 2015 in the x our telex suvs the british system uses radar is as the front of vehicle is to find something in the front it will apply the brakes automatically to the event a collision the problem is the system can be fooled into sensing that our guard rail or some type of medical and unrolled it thinks is action in front of the vehicle it will part of bricks at your slowing down drastically in you do not know why they're upset in the software to fix the problem look for some sort of notice and the matter of your affected.
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>>james: multifold go to the capsule from the space station just landed back on earth with three crew members aboard backed up this is almost 200 days there was a compact last month but there was a problem with the
6:45 am
rocket the supposed to go up to get them the launch pad had to step along the expected because of that achievement as another to lead from adlai and now has the title of the first duma has enough to spend that much time and space the warriors' ardor clinton this morning getting ready for game 4 of the nba finals not they had a couple of tough losses this series is far from over were also upset because they're things that we can do a lot better everything can be a lot better with the playing the same way and have to
6:46 am
play harder. have markers of >>james: they're doing a lot of pep rally and talking in the locker room no matter where he goes to the starbucks or restaurant he listens to radio it is everywhere. >>michelle apon: what it is
6:47 am
perhaps that we have a little patchy fog looking at walnut creek this morning you can see that bill with a little bit of patchy fog not just their if the dallas across the bay and across the coast of your making your way out the door may be heading to work or some early morning errands you begin with patchy fog will not lift the to about 11:00 this morning as 11:00 the to the to similar 6 is the cost and location as tightly clutching a today and across the rest of the bad low to mid 50's to startled to just layers for today but warmer spots will stay in in the locations if you want to have some comfortable temperatures had to the bay med 7 is in store by the afternoon to close on tuesday across the coast some upper 60s to lower 60s falling into the afternoon the to the u.s. is happening temperatures 52 right now in santa rosa in san francisco at
6:48 am
54 0257 san mosaic floors 60s across the rest of the east of a rally if your boy and to the oakland a's game they play today at 12 05 for the texas rangers it will be lower seventies from the lunch hour commute sunshine in the mid-70s by the afternoon it will be very comfortably go on to be in oakland for today looking at afternoon high for rest of the bay area mid to upper 80s across the east valley baby was isolated '90s enjoy because they can get even hotter for tomorrow the rest of the storm track of 74 cast here is a hot day we've been talking about tonight is maybe the since the digit heat by the afternoon as the still cross the inland areas bay locations mid '80s and it will cool down a touch for the first half of the weekend. >>robin winston: and track and
6:49 am
the commute into san francisco the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is still clouded if you have to use the bridge is not going to be back on the suspension is coming out of the maze through the pay date from treasure island it will pick up and in 1520 minutes from the maze heading into downtown is slow there but not that you're doing very well if you're carpooling that is a good idea to all disabled of time task checking in on the map is across the san mateo bridge that is a committed so far numic troublespots their checking in the drive time to have to use westbound 86 is already stop and go coming out of hercules opening heading toward berkeley is a 17 minute ride the trip out of the of the month that is as close commit were asked starting
6:50 am
from tracy from 2 05 is passed through the out to month and of and on slowing come a lot of little more to doubling the nimitz freeway that is packed to the south bound commuter. >>darya: happening today the house of representatives start to debate president obama new trade proposal to the sticking point between democrats and republicans is the president's bid for fast-track negotiating authority is for to prevent congress from making changes to any trade agreement is expected to go to a vote tomorrow if happen today the families of victims to the german wings plane crash are gathering in paris to meet with investigators and here is video south of the crash site in comes the same week that the first amended return to the family of the victim of a prosecutor said the co-pilot intentionally floodplain into the french alps last march killing all 150
6:51 am
people on board. >>james: it captured officers striking him with the towns of the 10 in that incident outside the court guest today in his sister spoke to reporters. >>: and not saying that my brother is an angel in any shape or form what we are saying is that he did not deserve that beating and that is what we are setting up for. >>james: he had been attacking his own mother and he was resisting arrest. >>darya: the remaining campaign funds will be donated to a new charity in his name the son of vice-president joe biden died last month after battling brain cancer if he was just 46 years old next his serve the dallas
6:52 am
attorney general from 2006 to 2014 delaware law requires all remaining campaign funds to be donated to charity squaws final bills are paid an aide to the family said the funds in this case will be sent to the. promise of full protection of the >>james: police and contra costa county are looking for a man who stole an elderly woman's identity this is the man they're looking for he was what i didnt to get credit cards and surname and anyone on a shopping spree purchasing multiple locations across san jose including home depot the shell gas station and the discounts the purchase is all made last year but there are still looking for him today. >>darya: we're going to take a break will be back in just a couple of minutes the sec a look before we go to the backed up at the bay bridge to consider the seoul plaza and some grace guys we've seen how days than today.
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>>james: 27 of i aside personal letters will be going on the auction block what he was not working on a theory of relativity is in a fair amount time writing letters and some of those letters he touches on such topics as a kiss as jim choose study and even assisted agenda have changed his life was settled on on sale and auction house of los angeles rookie news out of san francisco where police are on the scene of an armed robbery and a shooting jacket will have the latest live on that and in the guinness world do affleck's play better when they are mad was the effect the warriors should do that and i want to believe it would tie rear of it was doing what he was
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testing fire in the fourth order of the game 3 web and the secret a habit of a baseball star.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the police activity and
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card and 23rd street where a lot more about what happened and that is because jackie is live on the same >>jackie sissel: last a lot of questions that need to be answered but i can say that the detectives and that evidence collectors are still out there you concede half some of the evidence tags on the sidewalk and barred by math the corner of 23rd and bartlett and to respect are in custody it was a lot of good police work the got the suspect into custody the recall and the package video from earlier this morning what we do know is from 3:00 a.m. this morning patrol vehicle spotted two people running down 23rd street from valencia toward bird led to that they went north on board the almost simultaneous with estimate got a call of an armed robbery that had occurred on valencia i put to a together and went after the suspects now they did capture will suspect put the bulls and


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