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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 25, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news. >> today could be be the day that the supreme court issues it's ruling on same-sex marriage. the case in question could decide whether the constitution permits states to prohibit same- sex marriages. >> that could usher in marriage equallety to all 50 states. support is at a record high. and for many, it is hoped that the courting ruling could be a victory for a generation.
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it's going to be hot today. talking about triple digit heat across inland spots, and also talking about some very warm concerns across the bay.
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>> reporter: it's going to get hot where i'm at this morning here at walnut creek, concord, same deal. this is at the aquatic center. it will get into the hot territory as we get to 2:00 to
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4:00 p.m. 95 will be the expected my today, but don't be surprised if we are getting just a little bit warmer. i know in walnut creek, we're looking for 96, maybe even 97 degrees. so it will be really toasty this afternoon. we'll use futurecast 4, look at temperatures, gain at the current hour in that mix of 50s and 60s, with a few low 70s out there in spots. at least a potential for it anyway. but let's get right to what we'll expect around noontime. you can see the map changes dramatically. a lot more 80s and 90s, the oranges and reds on the screen right now. and then as we head towards 3:00 in the afternoon, that's when the magenta color kicks in for the east bay. so it's going to be a scorcher of a day for those communities. and we'll break down those numbers more specifically coming up. i also want to give you a quick tip on how to stay safe in the heat. you want to stay hydrated. all of this is common sense,
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stuff. stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. also encouraging everyone to use loose-fitting clothes if you can. don't wear black. slow down, stay indoors, and if you're going to exercise, like i said, do it at the start ofty day, not in the middle of the afternoon when it's the hottest. and if you have to be outside working today, use a buddy is system, and that basically means make sure there is somebody out there with you, so if you do start to experience the effects of heat exhaustion, there's somebody there who can keep an eye on you and call for help if it is needed.
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across the bay, lower 70 into the lunch hour. by the afternoon, mid-80s, falling down into the lower 80s into your drive home. so as of right now, plenty of sunshine. could see a little haze later this afternoon,, and these temperatures will continue to stay this way for another hour, and then we'll really start to heat up. pleasanton, 60 degrees, livermore, you're in the mid- 60s as of right now. the north pay, 57 for santa rosa. san francisco waking up to 56 degrees, and oakland has warmed up to 60 as of right now. so, again, temperatures quickly warming up for today. but will it be as hot tomorrow if all of those details coming up at 7:15. here is rebecca with a look at your person drive. >> and your morning drive looks pretty good so far this morning. checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. nice, bright sunny shot. even our little friend there out enjoying the rays.
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it will be about a 20-minute drive time westbound 80. it will it will take you a bit of time to get to the toll plaza. and once you're on the span, it's going to are pretty heavy, bumper to bumper, making your way into downtown san francisco. switching over to the maps. this is your commute out of tracy, 35 minutes, westbound 580, getting to the dublin interchange, and an accident now reported in pleasanton. this is south 680, the two left lanes are blocked, and chp is on the way, as well as some emergency vehicles, so that's going to slow you down. we're looking at a 25-minute commute time, sun and over the into fremont. 36 minutes from 238 down to 237. coming up, i'll check all of your bridges, and also your south gate commute this morning. >> firefighters keeping an eye out for any hot spots after this huge are grass fire broke
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out yesterday at the park in antioch. will tran is live at the scene with a closer look at this fire. will? >> reporter: cal fire and east bay regional fire will remain here throughout the day. temperatures well above 100 degrees. they know that this fight is far from over. in fact, right now they're having a change of shift, because so many firefighters were on the front line for 24 hours, and now they expect more crews to arrive to the scene. let's show you the aerial footage, courtesy of our parenter something like that with abc 7. the fire started at 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. because this place was so dry that it quickly went up in flames, the responding crew, the initial crew, they called for help immediately, and all more than 180 firefighters from three different agencies, they came to the scene. they did water drops. then great news is they evacuated the homes, just to make sure no one was hurt. those homes have been spared, and those people have been allowed to return to their
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homes. the bad news so far this morning is that they have not been able to determine the cause of the fire, and even though it is 100% contained, there is still so much work left to be done. a few moments ago, i track down a fire captain. here is what he had to say about the day ahead. >> the heel heat will probably slow things down a little bit. supposed to be a hundred degrees today, and they're going to climbing up steep hills. i could see a full day of work, and patrol unit again out here at night. >> but the heavy lifting obviously is over? >> yeah, the majority of the heavy work is over. it's now just rehab work with the trees. >> reporter: so he talked about the trees, mark and annie. he's basically saying they're going to go if there by foot along west those fire engines. they'll go off the fire engines, go by foot, use their hacksaws, their tools to cult down any remaining branches that were burned, so it's cleaned, and by law, they cannot leave this area until it
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is completely out, till they check it from top to bottom, and that could take well into the night. they got lucky, and the reason why is they did so much work after the sun went down, when it wasn't as hot, and wasn't as windy, and that's why they're hoping to get a lot of the work done this morning before the sun is well above us, and really shining down and punishing the firefighters, and as well as the residents in this location. back to you. >> firefighters all around the bay area on high alert right now because of the dry conditions, gusty winds, and the triple different heat expected inland. cal fire is calling in fire reserves, because a lot of their resources are on the moves. these reserve firefighters are coming in. firefighters are making sure everything is ready to go on their engines, and a weed chopping road crew has a water tanker stand big just in case, city starting on monday, cal
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fire is suspending burning. and they say to make sure you have defensive space by removing dead or dying scheduletation within a hundred feet of your home. they say mow your glass to not more than 4 inches tall. and they say clean the leaves off of your roof. and the markly fire now more than 17,000 acres, and still only 10% contained this morning. that fire was sparked by lightning on friday, and is moving closer to the town of marklyville. no evacuations have been ordered, bit resident this in the area are on standby. hundreds of firefighters are working to contain this blaze. and a brush fire has green to 350 acres in santa clarita. the cal grove fire shut down
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parts of area freeways and forest evacuations. the restrictions have now been listed this morning, and about 450 firefighters were battling the fire from the ground, and have now had the help of helicopters and airplanes from above. the fire is about 40% contained. and our wildfire coverage continues on-line. we'll have the most current fire information. just go to our website at and coming up, a second prison employee now arrested in connection with the escape of two inmates. what the maximum security guard is accused of doing. and more trouble for the brand-new span of the bay bridge. what microfractures in bridge rods could mean for commuters.
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the bay, as you drive hole within temperatures will fall into the lower 80s. for are the coast and along the peaches, some mid-60s, and we'll have light wind, but it will be very are dry outside.
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temperatures as of right now a handsful of 50s. oakland at 60 degrees, and a handful of 60s across the east bay. some lower 60s right now in san jose. as you make your way out the door, and if you are going to be across the inland locations this afternoon, temperatures will quickly warm up into the upper 90s. triple digit heat to san ramon to pleasantton. livermore and brown wood warming up to 104. pittsburgh, 98 by this afternoon, concord, 95. upper 80 do continue on for areas across hayward, down into fremont. oakland will warm up to 78 by the afternoon, looking at some mid-to-upper 60s across richmond and into berkeley. coming up at 7:30, janes will talk more about high temperatures across parts of the south bay. across the peninsula, mid-70s today, so it will be warm if you are heading into the city. looking at the next three days,
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temperatures will back off just a little bit more for friday, so not as hot, but still very warm inland. talking about mid-90s by tomorrow afternoon. for the coast, some lower 70s. and then for the first half of the weekend, temperatures turn a little bit cooler are with those mid-to-upper 80s and lower 70s across parts of the bay. coming up, we're talking about the rest of your 7-day forecast. all of those details are coming up at 7:30. here is rebecca with a look at your morning drive. >> so far so good. we are hot spot free this morning, but of course the usual with slow spots. traffic dropped up into the mcarthur maze. it will be 20 minutes to get from that point to the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. the san mateo bridge getting heavier as we speak, but the drive time, not that different. the golden gate bridge is looking great opinion it's been that way all morning long.
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a five-minute trip for you. the richmond-san rafael bridge is looking good. just about a 12-minute drive time westbound 580. we're following a crash in pleasanton that still has the two left lanes blocked of southbound 680. chp is on the scene, injuries reported. that will definitely slow down your ride. 28 minutes now southbound 680 from dublin making your way into fremont. and it's 28 minutes on north 101 from capital expressway up to montague, and for 280, it's 19 minutes from 101, up to the 85 split. when i come back, i'll check the rest of your east bay commute. >> a lot of big rulings expected for are the supreme court, and one of them just coming down regarding the
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affordable care act or obama care. the supreme court has upheld that tax subsidy, and the ruling that preserves health insurance for millions of americans then justices ruling in a 6-3 vote that the subsidies, that 8.7 million americans currently receive to make insurance affordable do not depend any where they live under the health care law. so this is the second major victory for the president in this politically charged supreme court charge test of his most significant domestic achievement healthcare. chief justice john roberts again voting with his live really colleagues in upholding the act. and justice kennedy also voted with his more liberal colleagues, so looks like the affordable care act is here to say, as we've just add a key ruling from the supreme court that the tax subsidies are
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legal that are provided as part of the affordable care act. we are staal waiting for the same-sex marriage ruling, and with this ruling of the affordable care act comes down, it appears more earn likely that a decision will be announced today on the same-sex marriage. but we'll be watching. the chief engineer said the cracks dance be seen by the naked eye, said they are tiny,, and more testing is needed to determine if this is a significant problem for the golden gate bridge. >> it's important to understand that no one should jump to a conclusion. when people think of crack, they think of some massive thing you can slide your finger in. that's not what we're talking
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about here. i would say we're talking abite imperfections. >> a local core owes expert said that it means that cracks could break under normal wear and tear. they are conte dent that the bridge is safe for drivers. >> and happening today, be the first funerals will be held for the victims of last week's deadly shooting at a south carolina church. president obama will deliver the eulogy tomorrow for senator and reverend clementa pinckney. last night worshipers in the church held a bible study in the same room where the mass
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shooting occurred last wednesday. and last week's shooting has sparked a controversy over the use of the confederate flag, and around the nation, hundreds have demonstrated to have the flag removed from retailers, but a flag is fly at a home in petaluma, and that is creating controversy. >> i discovered the confederate flag flying in my neighborhood. >> the confederate battle flag has no place in modern american society, and she says that she was offended that the flags owner would display such a symbol of division in this country's history, especially in light of the tragedy in south carolina where a man is accused of the racially motivated killing of nine people while they were in church. that suspect is scene in several images holding the flag. >> and i just think that it's
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really unfortunate that it's flying in our community. petaluma has a history of racism. >> i went to the house, and the owner's name is travis. he didn't want to go on camera, but defended his choice to fly the flag. >> this is not a symbol for racism. i'm not a racist person. that's that, you know, and we have to accept our history, and we can't just white wash things. that gets into an area that we don't need to get into as a society. >> travis said he is going to keep his flag flying until he decides to take it down, and his neighbors say that they're going to continue to complain about it. in national news, you may wants to think twice about heckling the president. mr. obama was interrupted by an active vies, and at an event yesterday honoring lbgt pride month in the white house after several outbursts, the president reminded him who lives there. >> no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no.
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hey! yeah, listen, you're in my house. (crowd cheering) >> the heckling persisted, and obama went on to call the act disrespectful. the man was protesting deportations under the obama administration. an immigration group later said the protester is a transgender undocumented immigrant who founded an advocacy group for lbgt immigrants. and big news we're following for you. a second prison employee has been arrested for helping two convicted killers escape from a prison in new york. gene palmer is accused of promoting prison contraband and trying evidence. -- and destroying evidence. >> reporter: police took gene palmer are away in handcuffs, facing felony charges of tampering with evidence. his lawyer said he is cooperating with investigators. >> >> he will continue to cooperate. has a very -- he's a man of
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integrity 0 whoa made some mistakes. >> reporter: after richard matt and david sweat escaped from the clinton collectionle facility, they said that palmer tried to destroy paintings that the inmates had given to him. he told investigators he allowed matt and wet into the catwalk area behind their cells to fix circuit breakers, giving at least one a screw drive per & a wrench. prosecutors say joyce mitchell, a prison tailor, admitted the provided hacksaw blades and drill bits this to the two inmates, but she didn't have access to their cells. instead she hid the hacksaw in hamburger meet, which gene palmer took to the men. without getting into specifics, palmer's lawyer has said pitching manipulated his
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client. he didn't comment on the charges against palmer. andrew spencer are reporting. >> the defense in the jameses holmes trial will begin it arguments today. holmes has pleaded not guilty by wren of insanity. the defense will argue that he has a classic case of schizophrenia. prosecutors have already attempted to prove holmes' sanity by calling their own doctors and pointing to detailed plans in his notebook, which they'll use again during cross-examination. >> a stronger economy and cheaper gasoline means more people will be traveling for the 4th of july holiday. close to 42 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home during this holiday weekend, up .7% from last year, and the most since 2007, right before the recession. as usual, aaa says the vast majority of travelers will be in their cars, 85% of them, and a family traveling 200 miles away from home driving will save about 7 bucks with the
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cheaper gas prices. it could come as no surprise that whole foods customers are paying a lot for groceries, but may surprise you to find they are paying more by accident. we'll explain.
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whole foods is coming under fire after an investigation found the chain was
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overcharging its customers. >> reporter: when you put your groceries in your cart, you expect you have paid the right amounted for them. >> i trust the checkers. trusted they're charging in the what they say they're charging. it's just a lot. >> an investigation in new york found whole foods there overcharged customers, anywhere from 80 cents to almost $15 more. mostly for prepackaged foods, like berries and veggie platters. violations include taxing the wrong items, and incorrectly weighing food. >> never had that happen before, but there's always a first time. >> never had that happen to me, so i haven't really worried about it at all. >> it has happened in california. last summer, whole foods agreed to pay $800,000 to settle an investigation that found similar problems.
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this outcome is now the second major victory for president obama in this politically charged affordable care act. chief justice john robbers once again voting with his liberal colleaguing in support of the law. robbers was also the key vote that up held the law in 2012. that was a challenge to the man date that all americans have health insurance. justice anthony kennedy also voting with his more liberal colleagues as the second big challenge to the affordable
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care act goes to the supreme court, and the supreme court now once again up holding the affordable care act. >> and the and the bay area heat for today is the other big story. >> temperatures are starting to warm up. we can tell how warm it is already. james fletcher shedding the jacket. he has more from walnut creek. >> reporter: yeah, the sun is up. been up for a little while. take a quick look. wee have changed locations. we're still near the aquatic park, but we're here with a brand-new playground. want to talk about what kids will be experiencing if you take them to the playground today. it will be hot, bring water, and look for opportunities to get into the shade. they just designed this park last fall. it hasn't even been opened a year yet, but you can see they put a lot of thought into providing shade. we have umbrellas not only in the structures, but over the
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benches too, so mom and tad can at least find some shade. that will be critical for you this afternoon, because it is going to be hot. in fact, let's take a look at some of the high temperatures we'll expect in the inland east bay today. wall nut creek 97. that's where we're located this morning live for you. livermore, 104. this certainly going to be uncomfortable weather for a lot of folks there. we're really going to have to pay attention to the symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, which we'll talk about here in a second. antioch, concord, both come income around 95, and pleasanton again hitting the triple digits with 100. i can tell you as you head out, on the list above, it's going to get to 104. livermore, pleasanton, that entire corridor is going to be awfully hot. what are the symptoms of heat exhaustion? if you notice that your skin, or somebody near you has pale moist, or flushed skin, that is a sign. if you can't same to catch your
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breath. that's another sign. if you feel like you have those symptoms coming on, you want to move to a cooler place, try and loosen that clothing. use a damp cloth if you have one available to try to cool yourself down. and if you start to feel like you're about to lose consciousness, or you see someone who has those symptoms, you'll want to take action. at that point, you're on the verge of heatstroke, and & that's an awfully bad situation. so that could be a possibility today, at least the conditions are ripe for that, be so you want to be on guard, especially the little kids playing at the playground this afternoon. we have michelle standing by in the weather center with more. accomplish until >> good morning, james. we're waking up to plenty of sunshine and those temperatures are quickly heating up a long with. so it as of right now, inland locations, especially where james is at, temperatures are into the low-to-mid 60s. now for are the bay, mid-50s,
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and across the coast, temperatures have warmed up into the mid-50s. now hot spots this afternoon across the east bay valley, 104 for livermore, even brent wood, and most of the area into the upper 90s to right around 100 around 3:00 p.m. for bay locations, plan on mid- to-upper 80s. it's going to be very warm and above average for this time of year, and looking towards the beaches. telling on the slightly cooler side warmer than they have been the last few days. temperatures out there as of right now, we have some 60- degree temperatures in concord. antioch 62. looking at the pen insousa l.a., san francisco 56 degrees, and across the north pay, temperatures in the mid-to- upper 50s. coming up, i'll is that forecast. all of those details at 7:55. looking at your morning drive this morning, it looks pretty good out there as far as any hot spots, but we do have some slow traffic starting at
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the bay bridge toll plaza where the sun is shining, so at least it will be a beautiful drive into san francisco, but take you about 20 minutes from the mcarthur maze getting from the toll plaza. we had word of a stall that was just before the median lights, but saw a tow truck on the camera there, and it went to go clear that, so that should be cleared momentarily. we're looking at an accident in pleasanton that is really slowing things down. the two left lanes remain blocked, and emergency crews are on the scene. that is backing traffic up rather quickly. this is your drive time into fremont. 29 minutes from the dublin interchange, heading in the southbound direction. here is some east bay drive times for are you.
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>> he took a bar and just smashed the wind in. >> mareee ann shale describing the moment when she was robbed on tuesday afternoon, sitting in her car, second after she arrived home in pacifica, all this after a day of taking photographs at sutro bass in san francisco. >> pulled out a rod and broke the window, and i thought what a mess. hey, he broke my window! and then he reached for my camera, and that's when i got pissed. i thought that's my camera, and i use that thing every day.
7:37 am
>> hale said he was one of two men who followed her home after taking pictures. she describes the car he was in as a black one with tinted windows. possibly -- when she fulled back into her driveway, the driver of that car immediately boxed her in. this man then walked to hire passenger side window. >> i didn't know him, but then it's a nice neighborhood. if you want some directions, i'll show you where to go, or at least, you know, i'll tell you which way to go to get out of here, but that was just unexpected. right in your own driveway. >> in fact, after the robbery, hale went looking for are the men who stole her $5600 camera. she was unsuccessful, but said she is thankful to be okay. >> did not shoot me. i'm not injured. i'm still standing on my two pins, so i am so blessed. there's just no doubt about it. i'm mad about it, but, mine, this is -- the camera can be replaced, but i'm not done living my life yet, so at least
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he had mercy on me and didn't shoot me before he left. >> j.r. stone, kron 4 news. a survivor of the deadly balcony collapse in berkly is taking to facebook to talk about her situation and recovery. the irish student posted that she suffered two collapsed lungs, a breckenning should wish broken knee, five broken ribs, and also a brokennen spinal cord, and she said the chances that she will ever walk again are slim. she indicates they'll be in rehab in san francisco for are the next two months, but said despite all of that, she will work hard to recovery, saying life is too short, and she plans to honor her friends who tied while living the happiest and most fullivelying life possible. six people died in last week's collapse. she was one of 7 survivors. >> ford motor company announce at recall of more than 200,000 vans and suvs because of anivey with the instrument panel and
7:39 am
seat belts. the company is already recall some of the 2015 model transit vehicles for a seated belt labeling issue. but no accidents or injuries have been attributed to the defects. coming up, we'll take to gary radnich what, if anything, warriors fans can watch for tonight. >> and we have team coverage on the weather for today.
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the makers of salad dressing are recalling thousands of bottle offerings ranch dressing then bottling actually contain blue cheese salad dressing. the blue cheese dressing contains eggs, which spot in listed as an ingredient on the ranch bottle. stores are being asked to pull the dressing from their are shelfs. queen elizabeth and the duke of eden burg may have to move out of buckingham palace for a little while as the palace undergoing a $236 million renovation project. it needs major updating to wiring and plumbing, and asbestos must be removed. it hasn't been refurbished for more than 60 years. meanwhile, the queen is relocating to her holiday home,
7:43 am
the windsor cast. accomplish until >> waking up to lots of sunshine out there. we'll talk about the heat and your seven-day forecast coming up at 7:5050.
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good morning, gary. >> what's going on there. >> so much excite, the nba draft. >> yeah, you know what, when the warriors are picking 30th, it kind of takes a little bit of the luster off for me. >> are they picking 30th, or giving that pick and david lee away to somebody else. >> well, if somebody will take it. you know what i mean? when you get david lee, you get a decent play wish but also take his salary, too. >> so he was supposed to be the highest paid player next year, right, for the warriors if? >> yeah, between 15.5 and 16, as i see, from the new reports. he has an expiring contract, which manies at the end of next
7:46 am
season, they can just dump him entirely. >> so is he worth $15.5 million for next season? >> nobody is worth -- lebron is not -- >> is anybody? >> nobody is, are they? but in basketball, i don't know, just a lot of money, but we'll see. bust i don't blame him. hey, he made the all-star team twice, so he wants to be on a time where he plays great baseball. >> and the warriors will pretty much be together next year, but the cavs seem to be falling apart. no love in cleveland next season. looks like kevin love is going to be leaving? >> well, you know, mark, everybody is opting out. when you hear a guy is opting out, it used to to be, oh, my gosh, he's not happy, because he's turning down $16.5 million, with burt with that new tv deal, getting ready to come back. ty think we hit this yesterday briefly, but the in tv contract kick nbc at the end of next season, and guys like curry will go from $11 million to, like, $30 million. so everybody who is on the -- or considered one of the better
7:47 am
players, they're all going to opt out. >> oh, i see, to get the new money. >> yeah, so the teams are going to come through, and like that draymond green, neck they can get him for -- if they can get him for 16 or 17 million now, they do it, otherwise it will be 20 next year. >> the most expensive triple- double in history for draymond green, that performance in the final. and hockey is changing on overtime from 5 on 5 to 4 on 4 for five minutes, but too many shootouts last season, so they're going to reduce overtime in now to 3 on 3. >> yeah, to be me, a fringe fan, mark, i would rather have that. i think it's anticlimactic end on a shootout. you play against each other for, you know, for three hours,
7:48 am
and then you end it just one-on- one. i don't know. >> yeah, they call it -- they are saying they award one point to someone based on a skills competition, rather than playing hockey. >> is that the bottom line on it, is that they don't -- the integrity of the overtime? >> that's what they basically want to cut. >> television is saying gosh, get this thing over with quicker? >> yeah, and the overtimes were supposed to pretty much end the shootouts. so they're thinking if they're there's fewer players on the ice, more open ice, and don't have to go to the shootout. >> i always had a hard time watching hockey until we got h did d tv, where you can see -- hd tv, where you can see the buck, and now it's much better on tv. >> the difference to me between in again on tv of the four
7:49 am
quote major sports, the biggest difference to me is hockey. you see it live, you get a whole different feel. >> and live, at least you know what's going on. i go to football games live, and i can't tell what's going on. i would rather be at home watching on tv. hockey, i feel acan figure out what is going on at home or tv. >> i think football is great on tv. i think baseball, you get a better kick when you're there. >> i feel the same way. >> yeah, and basketball, to me, either way. >> i agree. >> we'll nerve be sports talk partners, we would have to disagree. >> and we're both yugoslavs. we do our daily curry segment,
7:50 am
and steph curry giving one of his jerseys that he wore in the nba finals. petrovec, the great you go slash player. there is curry during the 1992 three-point confession competition. >> you know which game that was? that was a 1992 all-star game that the magic came back. >> yeah. >> and don nelson was the coach. >> there you see -- look how young nelly looks, and so dorsen's mother watched curry while his dad, del, was doing the three-point competition. so as a tribute to did drasen and his mother for watching him during the three-point competition, he's giving one of the jerseys are that he wore during the nba finals to
7:51 am
drasen's mother. and curry getting ready for are the new video games, and they'll doing the still motion capture, and he has all of the bucks on, and they give hymn his wife the ball. she's 9 months pregnant. here is occur by doing the dinks. and they turn the camera over to asha, and she's popping threes. it just runs in the family. >> i'm looking at this tape, mark are, you keep hearing, boy, these guys need a rest. oh, they're exhausted after that longed six-month season. are you kidding? now it's money-making time. >> it certainly is. so we have some great video here. hitting two three-pointers in a row from the nba line while 9 months pregnant. that kid is going to shooting threes right out of the woman. >> good stuff, mark. >> you're off tomorrow, gary. >> yeah, just going to take a little day off. that's all right, isn't it? >> all right. all right. we'll take of talk to you soon, gary. we'll catch you on the radio, and be right back as the kron 4
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morning news continues.
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firefights are working to contain a wildfire burning on the 20,000 block of hicks road. it started around 5:15 this morning, and so far it has burned three acres and firefighters say it is 80% contained. cal fire santa clara county fire, and san jose fire crews are all on the scene right now.
7:55 am
we have a crew on the way, and we will bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> fire danger is going to be be all day today, because it will be hot, and we're expecting lower humidity values, so inland locations, you have the potential for fire conditions, so keep that in mine as you make your way out the door. not a cloud in sight, and that's going to help to warm those temperatures by the afternoon. we could expect some triple digit heat across inland locations. pleasanton, 100 degrees, livermore, 104. a lot of east bay locations in the mid-to-upper 90s by 3:00 this afternoon. look at the south pay, upper 80s to mid-90s for today. looking at san francisco, five degrees warmer than yesterday. 76 by the afternoon. looking at the east bay shoreline, upper 70s to the upper 80s. in the north pay, heating up to the upper 80s to mid-90s. it will still be very warm
7:56 am
tomorrow. for the bay, upper 70s to right around 80, and then we turn a little bit cooler for the weekend. here is rebecca with a look at your morning drive. >> and your morning drive is still hot spot free so far. some good news there, but the usual logical -- usual low slowing. san mateo bridge, we're seeing about a five-minute increase for your drive time. 25 minutes now from end to end and over to the foster city side of things to the 101 split. golden gate bridge looking great, though, just a quick trip across the span into san francisco. five minutes if you're coming from the saucealido area. switching over to the maps now, we're looking at the commute, and through the livermore valley, getting to the dublin
7:57 am
interchange, it's 51 minutes, and for getting yourself from dublin to pleasantton, into fremont, that will take you about 31 minutes, southbound 680. checking for are the nimitz commute now, 22 minutes northbound 880. more news weather and traffic coming up next. >> got kids or know someone who does? if so, you know that kids spend way too much time on the tablet. well, i've got a new device to show you that will turn that tarlet into a stimulating educational experience. stay tuned. that's next on kron.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: in the last hour the supreme court has upheld the nationwide pass subsidy of the president president obama is health-care overhaul. >>mark: miller once again preserve health insurance to millions of americans this morning the justices same the 6 to 3 ruling that the subject is the 8.7 million people currently receive do not depend where you live there eligible for all americans and the 2000 healthcare lob this is not the second major victory at the supreme court of affordable care act. >>mark: the sec congress passed the four a broker at to improve
8:01 am
health insurance market not to destroy the the template 2 million people have signed up for health insurance under the affordable care of those receiving subsidies 6.4 million americans were repressed and losing those subsidies because they live and stay there not some of the own health insurance exchanges and the house democratic she just released a statement saying " to uphold the key portion of president president obama health and insurance of all because of heavy affordable care at this is the victory for common sense and for all american families she went on to say that it is long past time for republicans to abandon the salt on the new- found health security that the affordable care act providing millions of reason americans across the country we're waiting for the president is expected to speak about half an hour discussing today's supreme court ruling will bring that to you and some of the president begin speaking.
8:02 am
>>james: out here live the sun has been a for a little while temperatures are beginning to respond is getting a little bit warmer as the tech live look behind this of the lake out of the garden park in walnut creek for folks of been out here during the early morning exercises be sent people running and riding bikes getting into the morning walks and bad as the key you want to do this early on the day because later on this afternoon is going to be uncomfortably hot for a number of communities here in the east bank a lot of high-level " walnut creek while we are here and just plain out how the typical of or to develop over the course of the afternoon. >>james: for expected to approach the 80 degree mark as early as 10:00 and then by noontime it will be 90 or round of the walnut creek. it will be hot record during the lunch hour and it's even hotter after that
8:03 am
between 2 and 45 or on the max out by 96 to 97 degrees and every one of course, as if you've been out of the exercise, and the clock and then it will be 82 still outside so it is simple to be uncomfortably hot the morning hours when you would get it done trip was the outside doing anything strenuous you would not want women to the afternoon to try and tackle that here's a quick list of some of the safety tips that can employ to to try and stay safe and you beat the heat you ought to stay hydrated pretty track loss of water and make sure you have that available to you drop the ban. >>james: avoid wearing dark clothes and also slowed down if you can stay indoors and try to avoid sometimes you lose track
8:04 am
of time you keep working to increase loan your feeling lightheaded and may be overheated if you want to avoid that because after he exhaustion comes heatstroke and that is when the paramedics up to come to help you out of dry plain water were born to be out here all morning long keeping tabs on people getting into more of what an exercise for knowledge continue the team coverage in the studio. >>michelle apon: temperatures are quickly hitting a partner all we have a lot of sunshine and this is when you could expect as director went out the door retinol sunshine on the way home with no clouds in sight as of right now to the to start actually warmer we're into the mid-60's as of right now across most of the bay upper 50s across the coast mid-50s to start of the thursday morning if you want some hot weather ahead in an attempt to the war to continue to warm up into the lower 90s into the early
8:05 am
afternoon temperatures will continue to climb into of the upper 90s to triple digit heat some hot spots will mainly be across livermore and of that will be 104 by this afternoon for the bay area, low seventies quick reading of 85 on average of more frequent and across the beach tend to continue to warm up into the upper 60s. >>michelle apon: temperatures out of the area looks good to win the 50s across san francisco 56 oakland as one of the 64 degree temperatures continue to climb across much of the east bay copper as of right now 67 fairfield 70 degrees and is only 8:00 in the morning looking at the stopped in mid to upper sixties to mid 60 san jose in 64 mckeon and not based lower to mid 60's. >>michelle apon: will talk with other areas consist of one temperatures and were also talking about what to expect for the weekend will have all the details coming upon.
8:06 am
rebecca: the morning drive is busy on the roadway and especially of the vapours toll plaza of your headed into san francisco as a parking lot the toll traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze and also on the 880 over coffee it will be about 20 to 25 minutes for you to make your way across the span and into downtown san francisco this morning if you're heading into sfo will be about 45 minutes to get your bass of definitely a protecting the plane leave plenty of time ahead this morning the san mateo bridge that as busy as well to five minutes to get you from and to end and getting yourself over to the peninsula of foster city rotted the 1 01 split it is almost a 30 minute commute time. rebecca: 20 minutes on 101
8:07 am
heading into the northbound direction as a mecca with impala out to berlin game and checking the 280 freeway it will be from 92 down to 85 in cupertino baltica bought 24 minutes so far this morning. >>anny hong: firefighters in the east bay are keeping an eye out for hot spots after a large grass fire broke out yesterday afternoon and the contra loma regional park area and antioch firefighters stayed on the sand overnight. >>will tran: they could have another overnight and then you conceive the cal fire crews in east bay regional fire there also appear in the reason why is because of the hot spots are still concerned you can see it some areas of black and that is because the fire moved through this area so quickly in the end of off 533 a. were burned the good part is 100 percent
8:08 am
contained the contains not mean the fire is out there still hot spots if the have to worry about their things that can creep up on them which is what they plan to be here pretty much throughout the day about an hour ago better chance to track down a fire captain here is what he had to say about the day ahead. >>: the will produce opens, we have the image of the crew of rehab is faulty hundred degrees today before the of work in the patrol unit getting accurate night with a heavy lifting obviously it's over. >>will tran: in the and about 100 homes are evacuate for everyone's safety those people were allowed to return no injuries and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
8:09 am
>>mark: warrant out for hecklers as the president's not going to take in his south would explain coming ofup.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>>mark: they're recalling more than four a to the 50,000 cars with the problems with the air bags there and five injuries
8:12 am
from airbags pushing sun visors and a passion during crashes the recall covers be equipped for " from the to about 2005 it from 01205 from this price the sebring and dodge stratus me to be cheap rate for quite all five passengers who were injured have facial injuries and two of them lost sight in one of iris. >>michelle apon: working the to sunshine and temperatures will quickly give up this afternoon triple digit heat for some areas hobble details and a look and wouldn't expect over the next three days come up after the brick.
8:13 am
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>>anny hong: breaking news to firefighters and lost battles are working to contain a small wild fire this morning is started early this morning and 515 on a 20,000 block of road so far and is burned 3 a. and firefighters say it is 80 percent contained the santa clara, fires in san jose fire as far on the scene this morning we have a crew of the web will bring you updates as soon as they become available. >>mark: raising fears of fire danger would take a look outside and on the bay as temperatures are starting to heat up as afternoon highs and in response to special over 100 the micro climate coupled they conceive of a bridge cameras the bases, the when the light in a nice morning but a really hot
8:16 am
afternoon inland it is very short lived he even if this is pretty much today and it will call don tomorrow. >>michelle apon: it will be very warm across some of those areas 94 tomorrow for the spot it will be very warm up in today's special cross and the location of the fire danger will be elevated because of the humidity this afternoon the ones with big buy so that will actually help in that case but as of renault will have sunshine and of very beautiful outside pic. >>michelle apon: we're talk about mid-50s across the coast into the lunch hour it will warm up into the lower 90s and then by the afternoon it will be some more degrees will talk about zero hundred degree weather for most in one spot lookit
8:17 am
activate data lines will continue to be on average in the mid 80s across the beach it will be a 70 degree mark temperatures as of right novelist 60s across the north may 60 across most of the east and the and the south and, worm king of the peninsula upper 50s across san francisco and the beach is 55 out have more bang. >>michelle apon: it is closer to the calls were talking about lower 90s across santa clara and campbell and looking at areas for the south and the south in moscow 94, an outlook for the 93 morgan hill 94 by the afternoon evergreen '96 and lockheed had inland because temperatures warm up into the upper 90s to triple digit san ramon down to presents and 100 livermore 104 of the afternoon brought what woman of to 104 as well. >>michelle apon: 5 degrees
8:18 am
warmer than just a day rather 76 by the afternoon and across the beach upper 60s to lower seventh the rest of the storm track for 74 cash not to talk tomorrow mid 94 and spots for the bay near the 80 degree mark and then for the week antipater's will cool down a little bit more it will be comfortable across the locales and looking into early next week were 94 inland spots. rebecca: starting off into the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze it will be 20 minutes for you if you make a way to the toll plaza across the span into downtown san francisco expect a 42 minute drive from if you're headed to as the fall so far this point in the morning 25 minutes is born to get you across the san the sale bridge and over to the 1 01 split in
8:19 am
foster city wheat a little bit of extra time in the golden gate bridge that's the problem free all morning long sought 11 checked problem free from high with 37, all the way of to novato and you see 23 minutes to get you off oregon's top 101 and or expand into san francisco. rebecca: howe out to san rafael of switching over to the map this is the commute out of antioch heading into concord on westbound for 19 minute drive times so far baltimore past getting into the dublin interchange that will be a 38 minute--altamont pass. rebecca: 36 minutes according to the road sense of from 238 south about all the way into to pull the seven if you're going to hop onto a bart train this morning
8:20 am
they have 62 trains on the system and they're all running on time so far. >>mark: we've seen the supreme court rulings they did not announce any decision on the future of same-sex marriage today and is built on a two days left in the opinion should be coming out tomorrow or monday the court will decide of same- sex couples have the constitutional right to marry or whether state bans on same-sex marriage can remain in place will befall the latest ones in supreme court closely. >>anny hong: after an investigation found the market was overcharging its customers. >>reporter: when you put your groceries in your car you expect you paid the right amount for them and investigation in
8:21 am
new york phone wholefood there overcharge customers anywhere from 80¢ for almost $15 more mostly for prepackaged foods like berries and vegetable calories violence include taxing the wrong items and incur berkeley winning food--weighing food. >>reporter: it has happened in california last summer bowlfuls agreed to pay $800,000 to settle an investigation that found similar problems . >>: our check was received and as well as to the crisis. >>reporter: a spokesperson for wholefood said and never intentionally try to deceive customers. >>anny hong: you may want to
8:22 am
think twice about having the president president obama was intended to buy an activist in the event guest today after several outbursts the president reminded this person about who was boss. >>: listened you are in my house. >>anny hong: he persisted and president obama went on to call back disrespectful the man with processing deportation under the president obama administration invested the president have the man removed from the room and immigration group led a said the protest is a transgendered undocumented immigrant who founded an advocacy group for algae bt emigrants. >>mark: we're minutes away from his speaking this morning discussing the supreme court ruling that uphold the
8:23 am
affordable care accepting and coming up at 831 will carry it from start to finish when he starts speaking will carry for realize.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>mark: happening today the for field will be held for the victim of massive debt and shooting out of south carolina
8:26 am
church they say it provides to the victims who died in the tech to massacre the with the state senators said they will be held tomorrow at the menu 80 church for the shooting occurred in general also scheduled for tomorrow president obama will deliver the eulogy and you'll be there along with first lady and vice-president nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire during a bible study class last wednesday. >>anny hong: worshipers in charleston attended the first boston study after of plastic shooting despite the racially motivated attack they say everyone is still welcome in the house of worship the web site says last night's lesson " the power of love and mass shooting have sparked a big controversy over the use of the confederate flag a combination thousands of people protesting to have the flat removed from state buildings and for retailers but now the confederate flag is hang
8:27 am
from home in petaluma neighborhood that is great controversy some people say flying the flag conjures up old waves and sonoma county and not everyone agrees. >>: it is not a symbol for racism i am not a racist person but we have to accept our history and we cannot as a white wash basins that gets into. that we give money to get into in deciding. >>anny hong: he is going to keep his flag flying until he decided to take it down if ever
8:28 am
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>>mark: the supreme court issued a ruling upholding of a nationwide tax of studies under the health care along will now provide health the source for millions of americans the justices sang in the six to three ruling that the subsidies of 8.7 million americans receive did not depend on where you live under the 2010 hawker law-- health care law. >>mark: chief justice john roberts said the majority of opinion they passed the affordable caractacus helping adoptive the straighten.
8:31 am
>>mark: will follow the latest in a way for the president to speak from a rose garden in the next few minutes. >>anny hong: they have been reacting to the ruling including live democrats also nancy pelosi and hillary clinton as well and a lot of those people are supporting the supreme court's decision on basically the backfills president obama care and a major win for them for the administration.
8:32 am
>>james: we're out here live in walnut creek at the aquatics center and have the farms park in walnut creek where the sun is out and it will get even more intense in terms of the heat these guys have the right are given out in the pool and all morning long this is actually a swim team for practice and that is a good point for you if you have an exercise in the to get in doing in the morning because little this action will be down like a comfortable the second episode of attempted were talking about in the east of a walnut creek were we are this morning 97 expected higher this afternoon that is of comparable to said the lisbon by comparison to the market is at hundred and for that as the daytime high today amid war antioch 95 also
8:33 am
looking for 95 in concord benicia slightly warmer but not by much. >>james: this will lead to exactly what the temperature is up on to develop bay area wide drop the day today and for that will be used for cash for and the hours this morning will mainly 64 for the potential for some seven is creeping up to the forecast predicted it o'clock hour heading toward nine as we advance the map until noon hot weather in the north bay and the east bay in the south bay with '80s and '90s bay area wide and as we advance the three in the afternoon that will probably be when most communities temperatures for today of the new color on the map magenta where talking 100 again for the delta and for the livermore valley with the mid-90s tupper 94 good bit of the east bay valley in north bay and south and for that matter. >>james: 12 a minute if you are
8:34 am
looking out for any other activities to they want you to be very careful you could succumb to heat exhaustion if your skin feels cold and clammy you cannot seem to stopped sweating that is what the side to my suffering from heat exhaustion if you start to feel lethargic or tired or dizzy and especially if you start to feel nauseous because of the heat that is another sign that you were in the first phases of the exhaustion because estimates to heat stroke you would not want to get that far take whatever measures can what is getting inside getting into a shady getting a " call to that dying the skin. president obama: in america
8:35 am
health care is not a privilege for an appeal but a right for all, over those five years as we work to implement the affordable care act there have been successes and a setback the setbacks i remember clearly as the dust has settled but no doubt that this lot is working it is changed and in some cases saved american lives except the country on a smart to a strong record and of course after more than 50 votes in congress to appeal or with in this law after a presidential election but the part of preserving or repealing the small after multiple challenges to the floor before the supreme court the affordable care act is here. to here
8:36 am
president obama: regardless of where you live if the partisan challenge to this law have succeeded missouri americans would have thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from for many insurance it would have become more affordable again it would be uninsured again a ultimately everyone's premiums could have gone up america would have gone back for and that is not what we do that is not what america does, we move does today as a victory for hard-working, all across the country whose lives will continue to become more secure and a changing economy because of this law if your parent you keep your kids on your plan to deter a 26 something that has covered means of young people so far that is
8:37 am
because of this loft in your senior an american with a disability this law gives discounts on your prescriptions something better save the 9 million americans an average of 16 of the dollar so far. president obama: your insurance have the offer services like annual and lifetime caps on your care because of this law because of the law and because of today's decision millions of americans who live here from every single day will continue to receive the tax credits given about a and 10 people who buy insurance on the new marketplace as a trust of health care plans because less than half the baltimore when it comes to pre-
8:38 am
existing condition the some data grandkids will have apparently a time when american discriminated against people who get sick because of that is something this law has ended for good that affects everyone with health insurance not just people who got insurance through the affordable. all americans have protection but did not have before the law's provisions of taken affect more than 16 million undulant americans will again cover so far nearly one in three americans who was unsure of your years ago is in short today--insured today. president obama: the law has doubled the price of health care the slowest growth in 50 years
8:39 am
if your family gets insurance through your job if you're not using it before the correct you're still paying about $1,800 less per year on average been you would be if we had not done anything buy one leading measure of what business of its payout and wages and salaries is not finally growing faster than what it expand on pulp insurance that has not happened to missing years and that is good for workers it is good for the economy the point is this is not an abstracting this is not political talking point in we can see how does working on this lot of working exactly as it is supposed in many ways this law is working better than we expected to pull all of this information and all of the doomsday predictions all the top of that panel's and job
8:40 am
destruction followed the repeal attempts this lot is now helping tens of millions of americans they've told me that they've changed a lot for the better. president obama: this law is working in is going to keep doing just that five years in this is no longer about the law of this is not about the affordable carry as legislation or president obama care and political football this is health care in america and like
8:41 am
social security or medicare and a lot of americans still do not know what president obama. beyond all the political noise in washington across the country there remain people who are directly benefiting from along but don't even know that is ok because there's no car then says president obama can we in wall that is by design for this and it's never been a government takeover of health care despite cries to the contrary this reform remains was always been a sense of fair rules and tougher protection than made health care in america more affordable and more tenable and more about you the consumer the american people it is working. president obama: with this case behind address be clear we have work to do with health care in
8:42 am
america even better will keep working to provide consumers will all the tools you need to make it conform to about the care will keep working to increase the use of preventive care decker ride from down the road and keep working to boost the steadily improving quality care in hospitals and bring down costs even lower and make the system work even better then save the society money we save family monies and make people healthier for making cards will keep working to get more people coverage of what is are the can to convince more governors and states pledged electors to take advantage of the law and put politics aside and expand medicaid and cover their citizens would still have staked out there that for political
8:43 am
reasons are not covering murray's of people but they could recovering despite the fact that the federal government is picking up the taps. president obama: we have more work to the what we're not going to do is to unravel what is now been the five khmer my greatest hope is a rather than keep refining battles this unsubtle again and again i can work with republicans and democrat to move forward three generations ago we chose to end an era where seniors will left to languish and property with castles security and slowing it was woven into the fabric of american and made a difference in the lives of millions of
8:44 am
people too generous of the vote it chose to end an age when americans in their golden years did not have to guarantee the falcon medicare was passed and that helped millions of people this generation of americans chose to finish the job to turn the page on the past when our citizens could be denied coverage of forbiding 6 to close the book on his feet wet in the men's americans had no hope of finding decent affordable health-care. president obama : we chose to write a new chapter in an economy americans are free to change their jobs and start a business chase and no idea raise a family free from fear to cure and the knowledge that portable affordable health care is there for us and always will be and that if we get sick
8:45 am
or not want to lose all home and then we get six there will be of with to fill the gap our families. the bompresident obama: it tried to build something better for generations to concord that is why we do what we the the whole point of public funds this was a good day for america.
8:46 am
cheers and applause >>anny hong: you're just listen to the president responded to the supreme court decision saying that this is his response within his time for him to work with democrats and republicans is time to move forward also saying that the affordable care act it in here sustained. >>mark: supreme court with the form of care at survive into challenges through the u.s. supreme court were still waiting for the decision on same-sex marriage the decision will be released by the court tomorrow morning or monday morning back with more news with an amtrak. natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy.
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>>mark: within the last hour of the supreme court upholding a nationwide tax subsidy and the president obama is affordable care act the role when opera buff up the tremendous americans the justice is a 63 rulings that and the subsidies the means of americans curb receive do not depend on whether not the it's the exchange of the federal exchange and the 2010 health care a lot this the second major victory for the affordable care act and the u.s. supreme court as passed the affordable care and to improve crop insurance markets not to the strident 10.2 million people signed up for health insurance under the a see a bear receive a subsidy 6.4
8:52 am
million people. >>anny hong: hot weather hitting the bay area here is a look at the bay bridge to your left and temperatures of want to be stop and take a look at the height of afternoon on the right to change the quantity live in walnut creek of the top of the next hour we haven't seen corporate all morning on the heat that is headed this way. >>michelle apon: east bay and land in warmer across the south and north of this afternoon but again the bay area warmer than normal for this time of the year and backed temperatures will put one of what the sunshine we have out there 67 on average across in the spotlight now the bay will to mid-60s and
8:53 am
across the coastal mid to upper 50s and temperatures with the sea to hit a triple digit heat in an and for the banks plan on mid '80s and across the coals of 17th wraps sunglasses and a be very light just like it was in walnut creek a lot of sunshine here with that being said temperatures have warmed up quickly in that area. >>michelle apon: to mecca went through the day will be very warm if you're born to the giants game but played the match will 45 it will be hot temperatures was thought of as a low seven is on the game's start by early afternoon temperatures
8:54 am
quickly heated up into the mid 17th low to mid '80s water on 94 of the mid peninsula across the beach upper 60s their seventies looking at the north but temperatures will be warm there as well as novato one of to 99 a handful of mid-90s and a look at the quick 74 cast will quickly warmed up into small but not as hot temperatures will warm up into the mid-90s for friday and and and spots a week in terms of of a:. rebecca: the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is backed up at the toll plaza here of a live shot is want to be stop all the way out to richmond parkway was to get past the toll will be a three car accident in mid span and is blocking the left flank the cruiser on the way i try to
8:55 am
get this cleared off the bridge with traffic is solid defensive the road since the just read all the way across the stands as one to be a slow ride into san rafael you're looking at about 25 minutes drive time for you so far the big race is on fire if you're traveling on the nimitz freeway is a southbound by the formidable for the right man is blocked by fire crews. rebecca: sloshing over to the bay bridge now it is still pretty busy 25 minutes to get you into downtown san francisco the wait is extended on valente the macarthur maze at this point traffic as a little bit slow across the span and once you get to the end of the span traffic is moving pretty well five looking at the cameras what the fremont street exit cars of looking like they're just at the london--limit.
8:56 am
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>>anny hong: americans 15 and ups and an average of eight hours and 48 minutes slipping last the almost nine hours over
8:58 am
the course of the rest of the day that average american spent three hours on leisure and sports one hour eating and drinking 58 minutes on housework 26 minutes on shop in 25 minutes caring for family. >>mark: and this time it was the nationwide subsidy for americans over vencor will carry more reaction from the decision ahead in was a wild fire raging across today our five friends are preparing for increased fire danger.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>mark: that was nancy pelosi speaking moments ago their polling buppies tax subsidies under the affordable care act they're not preserve health insurance for millions of americans the justice ruling in the 6 to 3 vote that the subsidies the man americans, and receive do not depend on where they lived under the 2010 healthcare lob it is the second major victory for the affordable care act. >>mark: 10.2 million people a
9:02 am
son of what the insurance unaffordable catfish of those receiving subsidies to 6.4 million people or wrestle losing the subsidies because they live in states that have not set up up on health insurance. >>: i'm surprised and disappointed the ruling is not an incentive mcconnell said it will this does not mean that president obama care is paid the means is one to continue until someone finds a better way for will be left with president obama can for the rest of our lives and their children's lives and those that follow. >>mark: this is a tremendous victory for improve health care and validates the health care act this message for a film in america in 34 states with a tinge of access to health insurance subsidies i cannot be
9:03 am
more pleased. >>james: it is already starting to feel how the sun has been for a little bit another not deprived of repressed the seven big remarked i'm getting some conflicting number of the thermometer at the port says it is just a little over 70 out of checking my phone message 74 here and one of greek it feels like 7 degree weather already and we're only at 9:00 in the morning and that is just a glimpse and a hint of what's to come in on today mitchell you will we have in store for livermore and will be the hottest places along the bay this afternoon and here is a quick break down of the temperatures drop the day was already looking for a temperature as afternoon hour to run around 94 degrees that is
9:04 am
taught and only gets hotter take a look 102 by 2 in the afternoon by 4:00 we should have about a hundred and for all to pull a history degree shy of the record there you have a 6:00 p.m. is still 100 degrees. >>james: only: down to 89 by 8:00 tonight it is going to be awfully toasty and the livermore valley in the south as what it will be on the ones i took a quick look at our high as those for cashless shopping were expected to be brought about 90 in san jose woman to 96 right nearby and evergreen adjutancy it will be how they're 94 and lost battles in morgan hill as a head this talk about that a couple of things first of stay hydrated to drink plenty of water beds, the big tips you can participate in this afternoon police make sure you're doing you're also not to run loose
9:05 am
fitting clothes a lot of people during the morning walk in exactly that in fact the morning what is what you want to do you want to exercise during the early morning did not during afternoon that the point where you want to slow down the head indoors if japan last if you have to work outside try and do it with someone else because of use optical effects of heat exhaustion he once on a run to build a spot that try to get to some help if possible for other people that out and about as well as bus and the fed's favorite pets do not leave them in the car to run a quick errand inside temperatures if you want to be hundred today that it is and the more it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes the the temperature inside the car to reach a hundred and 40 and that spells the problems. >>michelle apon: temperatures are starting off into the 60s now for inland spots will have a
9:06 am
fifth is still at the close but looking outside where you have a lot of sunshine and it is warming up temperatures as of right now inman and based mid to upper 60s across the coals 55 degrees to stop morning and at jamaica way into the lunch hour possible '90s for inland spots it will be 20 degrees cooler in december to a woman to the lower 80s by the afternoon. >>michelle apon: as of right now the temperature in the 60s across the north bay 68 and about the santa rosa 67 level has one of the '72 fairfield ninth seven effect handful% fees.
9:07 am
>>michelle apon: livermore and brentwood 104 like james mention antioch in concord by this afternoon we're talking about it is going to be held tomorrow or report to see some relief in the department. rebecca: starting off the 9:00 hour loss of slow spots the we're following especially at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is still backed up into the macarthur maze 20 minutes to get you into downtown san francisco across the span and we're switching over to the maps aware were looking at a new accident does the action in tracy is was about to 05 just before the month of how to exit the three ratlines about that was all the ride down through the livermore valley at 30 minute phone was about 580 from the optimal for livermore and to the dublin interchange rubble and earlier car accident that has been cleared off the
9:08 am
richmond san rafael bridge spent it with three cars before to slow down the drive times the live event will take about 20 minutes from and to and at this point, of after the break. abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio before srtinstela® youroctoshou tesfortubeulos. stela®ay ireasyouriskof ccer. alwa telyouroctoif y ha anyign inftion have had ccer, orf yodevep annewskinrowt. do n takstela®f yoarealleic tstela® or any oits grednts. aleryouroctoof n orworsing oble including heache seires,confion and vion pblem thesmay sig of rare potentlly tal aincondion. serious lerg reaionscan cur. tell yr door iyou anne iyourouse needs or h rectly ceiv a ccin in a micaltudy
9:09 am
mo stera®aties saat ast % clrer in and the majoty we rad cleed ominil at 12 week elar® hps kp mykinclear. ask yo docr abt stara.
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9:11 am
>>mark: a fire in san jose put three people injured including two children have been on store erode their mccurry avenue of building is on fire the flames broke out around 8 this morning by now the fire crews on the scene in reported headed that way and will bring you an update as soon as we get more information the of the backfire star we've been following the firefighters in the east bank are keeping a file for hot spots for this large brush fire broke out yesterday afternoon and the contra loma regional park and antioch will rely on the scene at the afternoon evening and will it is live this morning. >>will tran: hot spots will remain a concern all day and possibly for another overnight but how long the plant to be here you see a fire truck right behind me the pickup truck and they have proved to have left the hillside you conceded burn right behind me they've been here for so long it's been a
9:12 am
change of shift the to leave the area video courtesy of our partnership with abc seven it broke out about 1516 hours ago and they still will be here with no one has left the scene in charge of #five fighters and about a hundred and 80 firefighters tackled the flames and by the time it was over the homes were spare no injuries but 533 a. were burned and we get a chance to talk to a fire captain this is far from over 100 percent contained minute the fire is not going anywhere but they pretty much prokhorov and there are hot spots that they have to deal with. >>will tran: here is what is on tap for the incident. >>: or oak trees that: fire and there is a lot more about to do and it will be lots of things the we have to have approval to details with chain saws and the
9:13 am
country so we can apply the water deep inside the feet of the tree so we can get everything out. >>will tran: i can tell you that it is already hot right now is only 915 in the morning the firefighters were telling me this is not scratching the surface they are hydrated the have their clothing were some of them the have ice packs with in a jacket to keep " as far as the cause of the fire they're not thinking about that at this point once the fire is completely out their the investigators will turn their full attention to the calls. >>mark: they're working to contain a small wildfire this morning in started about 515 in the 20,000 block of text rolled back as brent 3 erica's firefighters already said have 80 percent containment cal 5 santa clara county are on the scene,more news weather and
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
rebecca: the backed up only extends just past 880 of a crossing in the metering lights are still on track of a bit sluggish across the span of zero can't drive to about 15 minutes now we sought 20 to 25 earlier so that is much improved for your commit this morning san the
9:17 am
sales ban still pretty busy the golden gate bridge looks great and it is very lightly traveled south 1 01 to five minutes from sausalito down across the span into san francisco and the richmond san rafael bridge and the recovering stated, the earlier crash in mid span the west about 580 moving pretty well the toll plazas as a slab but backed up the cars again was to get onto the bridge is moving quite well into san rafael only about a 10 minute drive now for you so far the second looked at the east bay travel time from hercules to berkeley 24 minutes and through the livermore valley, with about 580 getting to the dublin and as an adult ticket just over half an hour and mr. milken's family and without to milpitas that will be 29 minutes for you. >>michelle apon: with enough to
9:18 am
sunshine and winds are light as of right now looking at the embarcadero from the studios it will continue to heat up if you have any guarantee to of the outdoors tried to do the and this morning because into the afternoon temperatures will quickly even for most of the bank as of right down the coast and to the mid-50s and a handful of 67 were l buy lunch hour to the to warm up into the lower 90s and then you continue to heat up into triple digit heat is often a double-team on when you drive home and looking for the bay temperatures are corn could drop to lower eighth peeking into the mets' offer aid is falling of the low 80s when you drive home. >>michelle apon: across the east bay in an spots lower to mid
9:19 am
70's werke of 7573 concord the more as 72 minutes of the 60s across the south bank and at the peninsula 61 in san francisco with the mid to upper 50s and the other side of the bay timber to a warming up into the upper seventies for oakland we also have minutes apart it is touching off with a couch develop down fremont. >>michelle apon: looking at the
9:20 am
base 79 and looking for the first half of the weekend park 80th to bay milosevic and: along the coast. >>rob black: health care of the street will be using doctors and medicine to and biotech companies is affected you want to invest in a big win for president obama character came out the first thing you said it was winning a supreme court the health care university health care hca holding in net income of the whole sector is running well and this is a second and one to invest in the easiest way to do it more people access to
9:21 am
and we're getting older were living longer a given more health care you must own health- care 5 peseta fix and 20%. >>mark: we're talking about tender mascot, headed for ipos these are docked, bus companies or the make money? >>rob black: they bought from their private it is called a match group and by a.c. is qantas in this the problem would have done that it will be hot and italy that year they say is about a hundred and 14 degrees pretty hot weather it will be in a couple month it will be.
9:22 am
>>rob black: divorce rates are people meet on a match are lower they own and obviously star wars and a good franchise with a rock-and-roll i think it is a company you want to own but the super premium if you by your not make a lot of money in the first year.
9:23 am
>>rob black: to give you a 1.9% will have a question from damon is asking him when the stock dropped and we've seen quite familiar rise just yesterday it is larger and wal-mart. >>rob black: are elected facebook you want to own it but
9:24 am
here's how your own review by a little bit now for the next 10 years probably will not be relevant for 15 years their media and then faced with this virus more company. back with more news.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>>mark: the actor best known for playing screech he is sent to jail by a judge since and the 38 grow to four months behind bars
9:28 am
still ahead you will hear from president obama about the supreme court ruling this morning on the affordable health care act.
9:29 am
9:30 am
president obama: made it america's to afford health insurance regardless where human if the person chalice through the slot have succeeded ms. americans would have thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from for many
9:31 am
insurance it would have become unaffordable again many would have become uninsured are ultimately everyone's premiums could have gone opens america went on backed and that is not what we do that is not america does we move forward. >>mark: the supreme court chief justice john roberts have been involved with his liberal colleagues will hold a key portion of the affordable carafe he was the key vote to uphold the law and 2012 regarding the mandate to have health insurance justice anthony it was a dissenter of 2012 was part of the majority today. >>mark: surviving a second
9:32 am
challenge in the u.s. supreme court the other big story is the weather a hot day especially in and worked in public or amount of hot weather. >>james: will be out here all morning tracking he cannot continue it really is coming on last we check it was in the low eighties already in your real at 930 as a sample of what is the slipping to upper 90s across the dominican meredith in the east even triple digits we're out here at have farms garden the park with the pull a lot of people are beginning the cool weather getting in their exercise and the safest way you can which is a wave of keeping cool that will be talking about crop morning does give you a quick with a walnut creek was also elected the two wives-why-.
9:33 am
>>james: today is born to be a climate day will have cool weather out of the coast and to get into an expensive in the east bay it will get half 10:00 were seen widespread '70s and '80s by the noontime the transition to '80s and '90s as the to see a lot more red on the map and then by three of the afternoon we're talking upper 90s to triple digit what they do concede the magenta on the screen for places like the delta in the east but also in the livermore valley one final moment in time for you six p m it will " down but not by much the gypsy brass still looking at the fine line of 90 degree weather from about 680 out to the east and across the north republican on the napa valley out to the east as well it is
9:34 am
one to be hot today take care of yourself try and stay cool. >>james: chris canfield school which cannot stop sweating one of the signs you happy exhausted you my experience headaches and nausea dizziness and with this as well if you feel the symptoms coming on with what to do with it inside get into the loose in a close and a damp cloth and try and " don skin and if a guest to the point where you are beginning to get dizzy and you feel like a man lose consciousness call for help because the next up on the chart really is heatstroke. >>michelle apon: the temperature above one to warm up quickly and where he funny of sunshine you're born to need some block from one to the outside half the
9:35 am
out door tried to limit the activity this afternoon because temperature is near the '90s and near 100 later on today write in sunny skies where a ball cap sunscreen during can influence it will be very hot outside temperature is right now san francisco 64 oakland mid-60's but warmer right now we have low to mid '70s and '80s across the east bank santa rosa into the upper 60s and of sunshine a couch and five middle of a bit of haze in jamaica when out the door the temperature will be a to the lowest of its a nice lunch hour across much of san francisco the typical 51 of into the mid '60s is where should be this time via much of the bay area warmer than women should be coming up a 945 before look at the 74 cast. rebecca: the bay bridge toll
9:36 am
plaza also improving and heavy traffic only extends down to the 880 of often it is a much quicker trip into san francisco once you pass the meeting was to have the cameras at the incline traffic moving very well across the span all the way into san francisco just about 15 minutes it will take to get to their from capitol expressway to montague and checking 280 that of the 24 minutes and 24 minutes from san jose heading over to cupertino and 85 from south san jose it will take about 24 minutes to pick up to the 280 interchange in cupertino better news if you are along the bayshore freeway that moves into a miniature pot out so to borland gained--berlin gained
9:37 am
>>mark: the firefighters have been relying on planes dropping cards about the lack fire because it is burning in an accessible area in the mountains 700 campers had to evacuate yesterday when the wind shifted more than 23,000 a. have burned in a fire is on a 21 percent contained big news in the bay is more cracks have been discovered in a seismic ankle what the use of the new eastern span of the bay bridge one of 400 of these laws and connect the main tower to the base below for the cosmo for testing because they felt stress testing the cracks of fought until the rock and is not clear of the false or a result of corrosion from salt water.
9:38 am
>>: we're talking about imperfections. >>mark: the cracks could maim the rocks could break with normal wear and tear caltrans says most of the remaining laws recently passed a seismic stress tough and they said they're confident that the east to a span of the bay bridge is safe. >>mark: his funeral is for tomorrow president obama will be there along with the first lady and the vice-president nine people killed when they opened fire during about the study class in the church last wednesday last night worshipers
9:39 am
controls and attended the first about the study class at the church since the shooting the class was held in that same room where police said 21 year-old of the fire at the spike their racially motivated attack they say everyone is still welcome in the house of worship the churches websites says less nice lesson was the power of love the survivor of the berkeley barb and a collapse in sharing her difficult recovery process will table she has to stay ahead the robbery victim who stopped in the process' speaking out about her close to counter coming up. farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something.
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why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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>>mark: the organization's park on a made remarks about mexican immigrants when he announced he was running for president earlier this month he insinuated mexican immigrants are practiced
9:43 am
corporate in drugs and crime to the united states and one to build a great wall between the u.s. and mexico the division's lift a statement saying that his remarks were consulting and that it would not be hearing the pageant of work, and the other projects tied to the trump organization the news division will proceed to buy coverage of all the presidential candidates including donald trump.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>michelle apon: larcenies as of right down bay locations meant the upper 60s across the cold temperature, " sighed mid-50s lucky at the lunch hour lower to mid 90's across in the spots and the temperatures will drop to 1 degrees looking at the brave men
9:47 am
'80s by 3:00 in across the coals nice beach what we have temperatures heating up into the upper 60s run around 70 a live look outside from the studio at the bay bridge the flags are moving just a little bit but it is breezy and will continue on reconditions mainly across the coast san francisco up to 50 m.p.h. this afternoon. >>michelle apon: with that being said the temperatures are warming up and password will attempt to wife and when spots we have low to mid 70's antioch 71 he was into the upper seventh of a rock 80 pleasanton and livermore low was seven is as of right now the 60s across the south bend looking of the
9:48 am
temperature falls afternoon will continue to heat up to talk about triple digit heat to will be across the board will and the more and san ramon tech the what about if you can stay-if you're born to be out of bed on the printer is often enough across the north they met to upper 90s it is hard if you're born to be running today looking at afternoon hypocaust the rest of the area and for eighties to low to mid nineties across the south bay across the peninsula mid-70s across parts of the east bay shoreline up to seven is the upper 80s very hot across much of the region temperatures will back off just a little bit for friday mid-90s looking at bay locations near 80 degrees and then the weekend turns. a little bit turns >>michelle apon: here is a look
9:49 am
at the traffic. rebecca: no hot spots and no major accidents to report the bay bridge toll plaza this must improve the back of extends just passed a 80 of a parson and want to get past the metering lights it is still on an easy drive into san francisco speeds of up to lament the golden gate bridge this man has been problem free all morning long stop 101 of 5 minute drive time from sausalito dock across the span in into san
9:50 am
francisco the same golfer richmond san rafael bridge bettas corn to be about a 10 to 12 minute commute for you from the top of the milky way across the span into san the fellow at the 1 01 split and hear with a couple of drive times on the nimitz from hayward to open a 20 minute but it looks really good on 580 from dublin ought to castro valley that is a nine minute drive times for you and novato looks great for 11 of two santa rosa that is 26 minutes. >>mark: the fire in san jose that injured three people. >>terisa estacio: we are
9:51 am
concerned bit about injuries they suffered this after a decline in support of the second-floor apartment with heavy black smoke from the second story window and satellite people were track and it appeared in the little red alarm to have the resources and to provide medical care.
9:52 am
>>terisa estacio: they have cuts they have to go to the hospital to get stitches but at the same time they were barely hear roles. >>: you're absolutely right they risk their own lives and safety to help a neighbor and we appreciate that we caution people where highly trained we have the specialized equipment to make an injury like that again we think of ross to concerned the reply they're not since the injured as well. >>terisa estacio: seconds matters in this situation and it was clearly scare enough inside of the children from the recall
9:53 am
to of a bottle second floor window by job growth significantly injured and we hope they are ok the two panes taken to the hospital the have critical injuries because of the fire because it contained a stay on the story. back with the kron 4 morning news.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: trip for gasoline mean more people be traveling for the fourth of july xxx estimating 42 million americans will travel 50 mi. tomorrow for the upcoming holiday as of 4.7% last year the most since 2007 or the recession and a juvenile to place in the vast majority of travelers will be in their cars 85% with gas prices fall and that means a family trying to win the miles away will save $7
9:57 am
san jose 3 of shopping around its typify an average of have a replica 338 (41 in san francisco at 354 we mistaken said it was today exactly tomorrow the contests are set 6:00 p.m. tomorrow on the corn the stage at the palo fact, may be buckleys' don't win watching bay area when the 74 calf 104 for the house and one spot antioch and the more timid '80s among the warmer spots near the bank seven is near the close beautiful weather nickel for the next few days to ever to touch a quota on a bed in as you recollect for the weekend today should be a holiday of the next seven stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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