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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 11, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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people are being forced to take the eastern route to and from the city. our kron 4's emily turner joins us live to tell us how the construction that's causing the shut down is going. >> reporter: like you said a little bit of construction moving right along. apparently, according umnnn]zto the press conference, everything is right on time. >> we are still on schedule. that's ur overall progress. >> reporter: and =;:: that is music to the sound of driver's ears. that so far, despite thursday's rain and other issues, the coil drive construction is moving along as planned. even if =jp construction and continue give us a route. that was a the difficult part. >> reporter: there were back ups and confusion. but while drives navigated
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through the parkway, crews made headway. laying asphalt and median and barrier construction. at this point ó y>officials say there's nothing stopping them from #n%( w meeting %< ver there so we were kind of bummed. >> reporter: nothing major as this closure g> reporter: which is pretty cool. because where i stand, there's a big open area of grass. this right here is the tunnel. this all will be grass. pith seen the mock ups.
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i have seen the drawings. in fact, you will see them. coming up tonight at 11:00. i have those rendering what this will look like. reporting live, emily #up dents got the boot earlier in morning. they were squatting on state property and all out. >> reporter: between 60-80 people from the ás >> how many. just want a place to call their own, you know. want to cook dinner. >> reporter: city did a sweep on july 8th for l3 ate did their ñ/xdoz
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saturday morning for everyone inside. >> for what? no. no it's not fair. >> the %yp died. they ran over her when she was asleep inside of hez2g::éktent. >> reporter: for health and safety reasons, trees were trimmed and debris cleaned. >> they're doing so many at one time. what ends up happening, you have a lot more people mobile. a lot more people that are out in éu%( h%the streets. they're going to be coming to a neighborhood near you. >> reporter: camp runs about a mile long and right over here a makeshift shower for the entire camp and this served as a door. one of the entry ways to the camp. but no more. the state put a lock on it. >> we're told where to go and what to do. and when we do it, we get, there the doors s5f >> reporter: even with notice that there could be arrests, many of these faces say with nowhere to go, they'll more than likely go right back in ]jp 6cj&
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after the clean up is done. reporting = news. it's been a little lice handgun stolen from a agent and later recovered is the murder weapon. while this stand ?e[/off continues between san francisco's sheriff and others over the shooting, the sheriff came out defending his department's decision for releasing the alleged killer back in april. the sheriff saying his department was in compliance with the city's ordinance and department policy and as the political fall out continues, the conversation over c%t andidate donald trump, one of the most outspoken on the issue. now with 1
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controversial presidential candidate is saying now. >> reporter: he appeared before a large crowd in vegas that today -- today 9ují ents about immigration. those were j upset so many people. he said that there are too many undocumented immigrant still crossing the border. edly love at border. people flow through like water. and they send people through that it adon't -- that they don't want. >> reporter: trump also spoke in phoenix later in g%( kñthe afternoon today. during that speech, protesters started booing him and tried to raise a banner during a speech. all of this is a j 7ñó(backlash continues for the candidate's remarks on immigration. trump spoke for some time and at one point one of the audience members asked a q5= hand things got a little heated. >> aóp
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>> ask your question. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> you've got a lot of people waiting. >> would you bill walls -- build wall of the al,a9f of the united states for all the rapists and others that come in. >> citizenship. i 3a> #ó( so a lot of controversy there. only frontrunner jeb bush leads trump in the polls right now. bush says trump did us not represent the -- does not represent the views of most republicans. >> all right. thank you 3e:g and bay area new, behind bars tonight the suspects wanted in connection of a ijppt vicious shooting of a 24 year old alleged prostitute inside of jp
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y today. kron 4 speaks with an investigators who explains what led to their capture. >> reporter: booked into the county jail on $1 million bail. charged with attempted homicide and assault with a fair arm. his alleged 19-year-old accomplice and roommate also taken to the same jail on half :: a million dollars bail. charged as an turn into a ( homicide investigation. >> i agree. >> reporter: sergeant aaron johnson with the department of public safety says fred gill is the one that opened fire and beat the ózz?iman ;h%( /rwho was pistol whipped. johnson says surveillance photos next door shows the car pulling up to drop fred gill off early in the morning. a later photo, johnson says, shows fred gill running away
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from the motel after the shooting. >> we're not sure q >> reporter: what the dps will say that it appears the wounded woman was inside of the motel room at the time with another man and engaged in prostitution when they were s #6gconfronted. the woman was shot and the man pistol whipped. police stopped the getaway car but eventually et will the men go. -- let the men go. days later they found evidence. and on friday, arrested both without incident. >> the investigator the found some clothing and distinct pair of glass in the room where !"xthe victim was found. through their investigation, they were able to find pictures on é wearing glasses that are similar to those that they found. >> reporter: at this time, the wounded woman is still in intensive care (f
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been made to look like a police car. a woman says that had the car followed her fb car followed her back home from work. she i that said police. she said the car did not have a insignia, or a vehicle number. another person reported seeing the car a week earlier. police are looking for the man involved in xt d install and private video camera qx e of f the suspect to the homeowner. anybody who recognizes the suspect should contact fremont police. and more 'np
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korean war memorial. ground was broke this morning near the national cemetery. the ceremony commemorated those who ebp the war are buried there. the mayor ed lee was one of several speakers who spoke at event. >> commemorates and honors our most well deserving veterans. and together, we, in san francisco, will always remember the americans that fought in the so called forgotten war. with their brothers and sisters. from south korea. >> crews are expected to begin landscaping and construction on the site very soon. >> ojg:zusa helicopter search is underway for a ( i%( @9ñ74-year-old woman whoë is ent missing in. she was last seen just after 2:30 yesterday when he is walked away from her apartment near civic park. these are surveillance pictures captured of her before she left her apartment. police ("÷say she does have some
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health challenges and may become disoriented. last seen wearing a cardigan and pink slippers and addiads pants and [%($rred 7nwfleece and a robe. dozens of =guales swimming off the of the ec federal officials say small and large boats should be on are being told sç( to slow down to 10 knots in boat traffic lanes approaching san francisco. last week at least 115 endangered whales were documented during a one hour survey. authoritiesauthorities in shsata county have resumed their search k'f old missing baby. the county sheriff says that new developments ú led his investigators the town about ten miles west of happy valley. search crews and dogs are scouring the area jp
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clues. detectives have named the baby's father, matthew graham %( 5) as a person of interest. no official charges have been filed against him. coming up, pope francis wrapping up his tour. his message about the poor. ahead. a possible explosion at the beach in rhode island sends a woman to the hospital. hear what witnesses cw re saying about the incident. >> and protesters take a stand against trains carrying some locations and into the 60s, 70s and even low 80s. but we have a storm system come our way for toni( b!,b!,bb,b!,b,b!!b!,b!!,b!!,b!!bb!!,b!!bbbb!b!,bb!!,b!!,bb!!,b!,bb!,bb!,b,b!!,!bb!
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pope francis now in parguay. his last leg of the tour. from our partners at cnn, there's more on his message. >> reporter: at almost every turn in pope francis ice trip, his message, the world needs to pay attention to the poor. all leading up to this bomb shell in barack -- bolivia.
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>> translator: an unfeted pursuit of money. the that is the dung of the devil. >> reporter: sering language from the holly father as he spoke to a group of grassroots organizations. >> the pope is not afraid to use strong language and he needs to get people's attention as jesus did. >> reporter: the pontiff also talking about new colonnism. that take from the poor and give big multinational corporation. as the pope moves onto his next stop, the message here, well received. especially by those countries who have been governed by dictatorship in recent history. >> the response from the united states, unclear. as for conservative republicans, if the backlash from the pope's recent letter on the environment is any indication, presidential hopefuls, won't hold back.
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>> i don't get economic policy from my bishops or cardinals or from my pope. >> reporter: pope francis' speech dogging capitalism raisings the stakes for those eyeing the white house. >> he's going to disturb people on both sides of the aisle. but these are catholic issues and catholics who are politicians and lawmakers are going to have to take with a he says v. seriously and consider it given his moral authority. >> reporter: one of the pontiff's closest friends agrees, it's difficult to get, to know what he will say. but it will probably include -- >> the god who loves and cares for his children. [ inaudible ] not to judge. >> reporter: as the pope continues traveling and speaking his mind, it's unclear if 2016 presidential candidates will embrace his views or judge
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them. cnn, santa cruz. hillary clinton has won the endorsement of the american federation of the teachers. the teacher's union also supported clinton's primary campaign in 2008. this after she courted labor leaders in recent weeks. a possible explosion cause the the evacuation of a beach in southern rhode island today. the reported explosion happened in the salty brine beach and officials are saying the possible explosion came from under the sand. and reports also describe a loud noise was heard. one woman was injured after being knocked into some rocks. hear what witnesses at the beach say about the incident. >> we watched a little bit but we got away from the rocks just in case the rocks were going to come down. and then they just played everybody out. >> i literally just stood up
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and walked away from there. but it blew her right out of chair. we're at the beach all of the time. >> it's unclear what caused the explosion. authorities say the beach would remain closed while the investigation continues. the crisis in greece has caused many small businesses to struggle. the businesses catering to tourists have been especially hard hit. from our partners the cnn, phil black has more. >> reporter: out here in the clear blue gulf, you have to remind yourself, greece is in crisis. the ferry companies haven't forgotten. they have been -- there have been so few passenger. some are running reduced services. but on this both, there's a good size crowds ofday trippers and -- of day trippers. the people that flow from the hull are desperately needed
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here. there are some tourists but much fewer than they would like. occupy si around 35%. it's now peak season and it's usually double that. >> what would normally be happening a the this time of day? >> this time of the day normally we starting with lunch. people are coming to having lunch. but as you realize, the restaurant is the empty. for. >> business at her hotel is so bad she's facing some tough decisions. if things don't change what will mean for you and this business? >> i will come to a point i won't be able to pay them. >> reporter: the 60 euro cap on atm withdrawals is a big problem. there's only one cash machine. and it's run dry twice in the last tweak week. week -- last week.
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to deal with a setting up a new digital currency. others here send the immediate crisis is now passing. >> actually, already a little bit more safe than yesterday. >> you sound almost optimistic. >> reporter: but he says his hotel's phone is ringing again and it new become -- books are coming in. because there's a sign that a new deal might be imminent. >> we're going to recover it again. through the rest of the summer. >> reporter: it's not hard to see where people are confident the tourists will come back in the greek economy is bailed out once again. the fact that it's not guaranteed is something they would rather not think about. cnn, on the island, greece. the solar plane that's been flying around the world the past few months, has been grounded for at least a few weeks. the team impulse says the plain's battery overheated
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during the last flight from japan to hawaii. the plane will not fly until the beginning of august. phoenix arizona is the next destination in the plane's around the world journey. the fight between fire and ice coming up. we'll see how volcanics serena williams faces down her ice queen opponent. it's a battle of the sixes. iphone 6 verse sam -- samsung 6. and tonight we have a weather system moving in. actually some wet weather over the pacific. i'll have the forecast for sunday and the fact that this will have on us coming up.
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there. she has won the last four majors over the past four years. she's now trying to join three others as the only players to win all four majors in the same year. wow. amazing. it was a stunning warm day here in the bay area. kron 4, brian is standing by. can it get any better? >> well, i don't know. today was a day to beat. we had the sunshine. we had nice temperatures. and for tonight, it's going to change. so i don't think tomorrow is going to be better. unless you like some clouds. so we have some wet weather off shore. but before that arrives, lots of sunshine here in marin city. the grand opening of rocky graham park and it was just a gorgeous day. big blue skies. sunshine, temperatures making
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it up into the low to mid-70s. although a little bit breezy out there. and there's that light rain off shore. but i don't think that that's going to hit us. as it rolls in, i think most of that is going to dry up. high clouds rolling in as you can see from the golden bridge. those will thicken tonight and making for a mostly cloudy skies and fairly grey day for much of tomorrow. here's a live view at fso and another look making for some beautiful sites out there. as the sun is setting tonight. so for tomorrow, look for low clouds early on. and then, high clouds for the afternoon. we will see a pretty good dose of sunshine too. but the passing, low clouds and the morning high clouds for this afternoon. for this storm here, there it is off shore. and as this approaches, we're going to toe soot clouds
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increase and temperatures might cool off a few degrees for tomorrow. look for low clouds through noon. sun and high clouds for the afternoon. that system goes by for monday, then we're back into a more typical weather pattern. low clouds and the drizzle in the morning on monday. clearing for the afternoon. and adds we go through the -- as we go through the week, we'll see less fog. especially starting wednesday. that means warmer temperatures. so by wednesday, thursday, and friday. look for highs in the low to mid-90s. with reading approaching 80 degrees. new challenges for firefighters not from hot spots necessarily in the ground but from up in the sky. coming up, we'll see how drones are now becoming a problem for fighting fires. o many bills? think you can't afford auto insurance? did you know there's a state program that makes it possible to get liability insurance for under 400 dollars a year? good drivers owning a vehicle valued at 20,000 or less who meet the income requirements may qualify for the state of california's low cost automobile insurance program. find out if you qualify.
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two of the most popular smart phones are known for their cameras. as rich explains it's iphone verse android in the battle of the 6s. >> both the i pope 6 and the --
8:45 pm
iphone 6 and the samsung galaxy 6 are known for the cameras. but we wanted to separate hype from reality so we head to the streets for a blind camera test. here on the world famous hollywood boulevard. and it's a it's 6 verse 6. i've got samsung. producer chad has the iphone 6. we're going to take the same pictures and see which is better. we took similar pictures and posted them to slash rich on tech. >> first challenge taking a landscape picture. samsung's picture is super clear. but colors seem more realistic on the 8 mega pixel. iphone wins. and the food picture. i know just what to get. iphone did okay here.
8:46 pm
but our cream filled puff was lacking focus. the samsung picture, more appetizing. enough to win with more likes. okay. here we go. the selfie is where the samsung really shines. the front 5 mega pixel has a wide angle lens. the samsung selfie got five times the likes as this iphone selfie. and now we're going to have them jump and down. >> th both cams are -- both crams able to take midair shots. but the iphone picture got more likes you know when you're going to be ready to run into a -- celebrity. iphone picture got five times. bottom line, both are top performers. overall, iphone edged out samsung in three of the five
8:47 pm
pictures. >> this was a fun test and the iphone did come out on top. but in my experience the samsung does out do in low light photo and wide angle if i self--- self-if is. if -- sell ifselfies. and the video shows people violently kicking and punching people. accordtology man involved in the fight it broke out because of confrontation. he accused of of woman of damaging his cousin cars. the exchange gets pretty heated and son other people get involved. and the fists start flying. >> we were talking about the situation and it escalated into
8:48 pm
a fight and from that situation it just escalated to something totally big. it could have possibly been some shooting. i'm probably sure there would have been. >> well the man also claimed his friend was attacked right outside of the gas station's front door. he said his friends suffered bruises and cuts. and firefighters are reporting more and more encounters with drones. fire officials say the drones are intruding the air space interfering with fighting the fire. david reports. >> when there's a fire in california -- >> reporter: firefighters said their pilots have spotted drowns like this over california three times in the last three weeks. >> the threat of air space in -- intrusion is extremely sincetive right now. -- sensitive right now.
8:49 pm
>> reporter: dennis brown says drones can way up to 55 pounds. that's more than 2 time z as much as full grown candidate guess which have sometimes flown into and damaged engine. >> conceivably a drone would do even more damage. because it's not soft tissue. so potentially it could be devastating. >> firefighters request a formal flight ban over a fire zone. but not always. the u.s. forest service says in all cases, drones should simply stay away from fires. but the forest service can't say exactly how far away that means. >> we don't have that defined right now. that's the problem. there's no definition for that right now. so things we're working on is trying to get a definition for that. >> reporter: state senators says he's working on a bill. the current fine is $1000. >> i think we should be looking
8:50 pm
at incarceration. you could be putting someone's life at the risk. if you had a death, how would you address is that. >> call fire is declining to comment on the proposed bill. saying that do not comment on any end. ing legislation. and europe is faced with its shame. those words from one dignitary in ceremonies marking 20 years since the massacre of thousands of men and boys in the town. they were muslims slaughtered by ethnic serves in the civil war that tore apart the former slavia. >> reporter: 20 years after the massacre here, families of the victims are still looking foreclosure. they're still -- for closure. they're still looking for justice and some way this this truth is always remembered. here they are amongst the
8:51 pm
gravestones and today, 20 years later, more remains will be buried. she's come with her sisters to remember her son. that day is her son's head stone. where they're sitting right now is where they hope they'll be able to bury her husband. he has yet to be found, yet to be identified. >> translator: this day means a lot to me. the day of remembrance. and the more people i see coming here, the more relieved i feel because i know we are not forgotten. >> reporter: president clinton spoke and said he loved this place. what he did gathering the coalition, to and later on was the most important things he did in his president si. and he issued this heartfelt plea. >> i am begging you not to let
8:52 pm
this monument to innocent boys and men become only a memory of a tragedy. i ask you to make it a sacred trust. where all people can come and claim the future for the country. >> reporter: as the prayers for the dead, for the martyrs were being sung, the coffins, of those who we buried on this anniversary are being prepared. it's extraordinary to think that two decades later, remains are still being found. have yet to be buried and another thousand victims who have not been identified yet. but as the prime minister came to pay his respect, the grieving families here could contain themselves no longer. booing and hissing and even pelting him. they were angry that under
8:53 pm
served pressure, the russia vetoed un resolution calling this a genocide. the prime men stir and his people fled and left the scene. after, i asked president clinton what this meant. >> who would have thought when you were asking me questions about that, 22 years ago, that after 22 years, the question of identity would still be at root of most of the world's problems. >> reporter: although the accord stopped war. the people know is cemented the ethnic division. for them, real peace, real change, will mane reopening the political process. cnn, 20 years later. and switching gears here for a moment. what to do when the dog goes down the drain. coming up, we'll shoal you a puppy -- show you a puppy rescued after being stuck.
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miami neighborhood came together to rescue a little puppy from the storm drain. you can hear it whining. neighbors noticed with had they heard a crying. fir and rescue was called and the rescue took a matter of minutes. the puppy is waiting to be placed with a good family. brian hasson burn. >> yeah. i was how the for 15 minutes
8:57 pm
and couldn't find shade. but tomorrow we may have shade from a few clouds. >> always wear sunscreen. that's it for us at 8 but stay connected at see you at 11. ooh i think i saw dessert! but you just had a big lunch! wasn't that big steve... hey! come back here, steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts. with each 150 calories or less try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one!
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