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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> catherine : happening now. crews are working to fix mis- aligned lanes across the presidio parkway. several lanes have been shut down while crews fix the problem. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. kron 4 was the first to break the story this morning on our show and on our website. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live from the presidio tonight. jeff? >> jeff :the two lanes heading into san francisco have been shut down as engineers have been determined that there were missed aligned structure
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you can see just how offset the stripes are on the roadway. engineers determined that was dangerous and needed to be fixed right away so crews have shut down to take care of these situations hopefully this will be resolved by 5:00 in the morning. we will have continuing coverage in the morning, and will give you the latest updates that you can know how to plan your commute into san francisco. >> catherine : be sure ton 4 mobile app. you can stay up to date on the latest information on the presidio lane closures. it's available to download for i-phone and android devices. a shocking twist in an alleged kidnapping case in vallejo. what police described as a hoax. has apparently turned out to be the real thing. today. authorities arrested 38- year-old matthew muller in
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connection with the case. now. lawyers for the victims.denise huskins and aaron quinn. say that the vallejo police deparment needs to apologize. kron 4's j-r stone has their reaction from today's news conference. >> j.r. :this is denise haskins and her boyfriend who were both victims of a break and, with her being a victim of kidnapping. >>:psychopaths and sociopath assembly bent on destroying other people's lives day are the victims did not speak at this press conference. the boy was drugged and put into a closet while the girl was sexually assaulted in kidnapped and drop off. in southern off
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the police had previously called this a hoax >>:within hours the police department said this was a hoax. but had asked the, basic the what is the motive here, they would have known that this was more than meets the eye. today the police department owes an apology to both of them rjr i did reach out to the police department but they said they're not commenting >> catherine : people in one dublin neighborhood are shocked to hear about matthew muller's arrest. police had arrested him in connection with a home burglary after the vallejo kidnapping incident. kron 4's alecia reid is live in dublin tonight with reaction
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from nearby residents. alecia? >> alecia :it was 3 months after that vallejo kidnapping that matthew muller was arrested for a home invasion on this block. neighbors are still trying to figure out why the suspect chose the house that he didwith a husband and wife and their daughter inside sleeping >> supreet pabla : definitely someone was watching that house and that's the scary part. >> alecia :police say a husband and wife sleeping inside this home woke up to matthew muller standing at the foot of their bed, shining a flashlight in their faces. >> kundan singh : he hopped over a fence. >> alecia :authorities say muller got in by prying a screen off a window frame, then entering through the open window. he tried tying them up. telling them their adult daughter was sleeping safely in her bedrrom. the wife somehow got away and ran into the bathroom, where she called 9-1-1 from her cell phone. the husband fought with
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muller, managing to pull his mask off. that's when police say the suspect hit the victim leaving a gash on his head. muller rushed out of the house soon after, but forgot his cell phone. police traced it back to him. authorities also found plastic zip ties, duct tape, and gloves near the home. since then, neighbors have taken extra steps to secure their homes. >> : we thought we were safe. now we have alarms on every window or door. >> alecia :police say that evidence found in multiple locations linked him to this crime. a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon >> catherine : be sure to visit our website for the latest developments.
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we have a more in-depth timeline of events. and the complete f-b-i affadavit. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. coming up. residents in walnut creek are fighting the arrival of a convicted sex offender. what they have to say. also - one of the world's most infamous drug lords is on the loose. after an audacious prison break in mexico. the story. just ahead. and. a dozen people are displaced following a huge fire in south san jose. we'll show you the damage.
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>> catherine : three homes were destroyed and two others damaged in a south san jose fire sunday afternoon. twelve people have been displaced. the fire was first reported in the backyard of this home on snow drive. it spread to the other homes and then jumped a freeway sound wall, touching off a grass fire along northbound 101. a neighbor captured a few seconds of the fire on a cell phone as firefighters evacuated several other homes. >>:there was some type street access and difficult location with hills and it lot of equipment coming in. the weather conditions with the wind and the additional wild land component were reached the wall. so a lot was going on at one time >> catherine : because of the extensive damage - arson investigators along with a federal investigator were on the scene this morning. it's not clear yet how the fire
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started. still ahead. the family of eric garner reaches a settlement with the city of new york. how much money the family will receive. also - residents in walnut creek sound off about a sex offender who could move into their neighborhood. >> gary :and coming up later in the broadcast we have bay entertaining home-run contest and will have a good time >> reporter :when can we expect clear skies and hollow last? we will have your forecast >> catherine : stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester.
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performance sedan. lease this from around 269 per month. >> catherine : residents in one walnut creek neighborhood are fighting the arrival of a convicted sex offender. he moved in in february. after the courts decided he was allowed to stay. his terms of release were revoked because the people supervising him-- say he can't be trusted. kron 4's emily turner has reaction. >> emily : the neighbors of him want him out of the neighborhood but they are going to have to wait a little bit longer. >>:she is a danger to our neighborhood so i think someone with a clear mind has to hear
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this and remove him from our neighborhood >> emily : he was placed in the neighborhood in february, and the people who live there tried to fight him living there but they lost >>:did have a really high expectations for him to be transparent about what sort of contacts he has in the community and they're relying on him to report what he has origins urgings or feelings and if they are not feeling like he feels honest, and he is not adequate to live there >> emily : he had an unapproved and uninvited kim--conversation with a community member
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>>:i want him out and i want him gone. there has got to be somewhere else that they can place and but not in a neighborhood surrounded by young children >> catherine : saidnew york city has reached a that this settlement with the family of eric garner for five-point-nine million dollars. almost a year after the 43-year- old died in police custody. the family filed a notice of claim in october.asking for 75- million dollars. garner was stopped outside a convenience store for selling loose cigarettes. a video shows him being put in a choke-hold. he lost consciousness and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. the search continues for notorious drug lord joaquin guzman.also known as el chapo. he escaped this weekend - through a mile-long secret tunnel - from a mexican prison. now the u-s is pledging to help mexico's government put him back behind bars. from our partners at c-n-n.emily schmidt has the story. > > emily: mexico's most
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notorious drug lord's exit strategy to get out of a maximum-security prison involved a mile-long tunnel connected to a hole in his cell's shower. it worked. joaquin "el chapo" guzman disappeared -- leaving behind only his reputation. >> : "he is a complete savage. what they do and how they do business is based on complete terror." >> emily :officials say much of the marijuana, cocaine, and heroin on us streets comes from the drug ring guzman heads. his influence is so strong forbes magazine named the billionare cartel leader one of the world's most powerful people in for several years -- even though guzman was on the run at the time. he had escaped from prison in a laundry cart in 2001. he was finally caught in a mexico beach resort - 13 years later >> : "people live in fear, quite honestly, not only for their own lives but for the lives of their family, which results in greater cooperation with drug kingpins." >> emily :mexican authorities say they are now questioning 18 prison workers. u-s officials are angry guzman got out. they had tried--and failed--to get
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him extradited to the u-s, to face charges. >> : "we always had to be very careful in trying to intrude too much into the sovereignty of mexico." >> emily :when guzman was caught last year, then-us attorney general eric holder called it a "landmark achievement" and a victory for both mexicans and americans. now - the search for guzman begins all over again. i'm emily schmidt reporting. >> reporter :a cloudy and a foggy night ahead of us. you can kind of see the clouds and the fog approaching. the morning lows are mostly in the '60s. the upper 50s for san francisco and the north the region's tonight patchy fog with a slight chance of drizzle. cold a
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midmorning with gradual clearing warming up back on wednesday with thursday into the '90s satellite radar showing human moisture-you the moisture the low pressure is giving us low clouds and patchy fog and the breezy conditions on the shore, at about 15 mi. per hour currently here is the fog tracker the dark green areas indicate some patchy drizzle and then by noon time most of this will pilaf and the fog should burn off plenty of sunshine to last you all and did long--all day long
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more sunshine in these areas south but you will not see much of the '90s until later in the week here is your seven day forecast much of the clearing with the clouds will make way for lots of sunshine >> catherine : a program reminder. you can catch back to back episodes of kron 4's new reality show 'the backstory'.starting tomorrow. that's starting at 9:00 right after kron 4 news at 8:00. in sports. the home-town favorite takes home the top prize in baseball's home run derby. . but the social media buzz focused on derby t-v commentator chris berman's hair. gary will tell you about that. and have all the sports. next
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>> gary :the change the rules a little bit and the home run contest blowup. they put a clock on the contest. they give you four minutes plus a 30 second bonus time semifinal #1
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josh donaldson the former "a" now a toronto blue jay was only able to crank out 9 home runs the leading vote-geter for the all-star game is eliminated he was beaten by hometown favorite todd frazier of the reds who bested donaldson as the clock ran down in regulation with his 10th homer semifinals #2 a southern california showdown rookie joc pederson.of the dodgers cranks out 12 home runs including this 448-footer albert pujols repping the angels hit some moon shots but came up one short afterward pujols hugs pederson's autistic brother champwho said pujols was his 2nd favorite player after younger brother pujols sent him an autographed jersey earlier this year in the finalthe "todd-father"was just too much needing just one homer in bonus time frazier blasts the derby winner his brother and pitcher charlie goes crazy. frazier gets mobbed frazier holds the trophy social media surrounding the derby. blew up over espn commentator chris berman's hair
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the comments centered around the receeding hairline the comb over and the orange tint especially the orange tint one person posted this photo of a clown with orange hair with the caption "chris berman's dad speaks out" another posted a photo of benjamin franklin with the caption "chris berman's hair was back, back, back, gone" and last but not least the hulk hogan comparison with the caption "chris berman. that's quite a look" nobody picks on you unless you are an established star. i'm not a big fan he is pretty much kissing everybody's written and, but at the end of the day to upstage the game with your own social media president's--
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presence you have to be a pretty big star bruce bochy picks los angelas dodger zack greinke as the starting pitcher for the all star game tomorrow oppostie dallas keuchel of the houston astros. greinke has not allowed an earned run in his last five starts.a span of 35 2/3 innings. he was a 2009 cy young award winner and is making his 3rd all star appearance. 1.39 era, 8-2 w-l, 106 so, in 123.1 ip. and that was the great barry gibbs, or robert kidd--gibb. one
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of tehihehe ---the gibb borthers-- brothers john travolta was in thtat and then starred in pulp fiction remember moment to moment he had saturday night fever grease and then moment to moment and nobody bought it, then pulp fiction as a comeback
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>> catherine : the family will enjoy it >> gary :nba summer league. warriors-kings. jerry west looking on kevon looney the warriors 1st round pick he had 13 points and 7 rebounds his best showing in the summer league thus far willie cauley-stein the kings 1st-rounder out of kentucky with the dunk he had 13 points and 8 rebounds and check out george karl and demarcus cousins shaking hands rumor is karl wants to trace cousins but managemebnt doesn't and will fire karl rather than get rid of their all-star center final: 90-71 kings the summer league tournament starts july 15 this is michael bradley gold cup. usa versus panama in kansas city. 55th minute/ 1-0 panama in kansas city michael bradley comes to the rescue for the usa with the tying goal 1-1 final: 1-1 tie
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usa had already clinch the group panama advances as well with the tie next up the quarterfinals july 18th against a yet to be determined opponent kathryn good night everybody
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save my baby! >> how carrie underwood rescued her little boy from a hot car after her dog locked the door. >> hit it hard, hit it in the middle. is then, we've got a new miss usa. >> oklahoma! >> as donald trump takes on mexico again over the escape of the notorious drug lord. then, whoopi under fire. >> i don't get on board with a lot of stuff that is upset ising people. >> and is bill cosby's wife getting advice from oprah about staying in the marriage?


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