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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 4, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>will tran: the have about 11 people and a different center between the 3 mi. from my location these wonderful workers we've been there for them from the very beginning.
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>>: you see a beautiful letter that the children and their parents does little notes of appreciation of the road and we're blended together and we have a really good time. >>: clear and on the part of their family they're not as, left outside so their need was great and we russify camels and cat carriers in the most wonderful pain unfortunate there were a lot to have the animals inside however will ever to get
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them outside we is interviewed a man at 630 he was evacuator on saturday is been four days approximately a week do not know his fate as far as as somebody knows of the people are on the same journey and he's not doing too bathroom's of renown. >>will tran: they stop by here to donate for people to evacuate to come here they need the material is needed for anything they could stop by and pick it up as well if you are watching
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in your near here are there any items that they could donate their been a wonderful and credible fresh produce at this point we're relieved pretty good to go back to kind into generous
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and, by and donate. >>james: come our way from the pacific from what was formed a hurricane gimel with a little long but that is the moisture streaming this direction we can get it to attract some of the
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unstable air which is also headed this way we might have a powerful thunderstorm even. >>james: is perhaps the north bay in the northern half of the peninsula and the east they were talking about contra costa county.
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>>james: with a chance to maybe a stray shower and maybe even pop on the phone was ringing the umbrella you may need and is better to have the not in case you did shower in the neighborhood. >>rebecca: we're hot spots free right now but definitely a lot of self spots is usual in the morning the nimitz commit that is going to be very slow so far this point is going to be very heavy from the altman on the livermore valley on to the dublin and to change 36 minute to get you to the 58680 split is going to be out of antioch this one almost half an hour to make you from westmont for over to the connection into conference so far.
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>>rebecca: traffic is backed up just at the foot of the maze not bad as far as the backup was born detective 15 to 20 minutes to get into downtown san francisco because insurance low if you have fast-track you fly ride by and have to wait if you're pain with kasten is going to be awake time for you leave some action time this one if you're headed to the airport. >>mark: the caltrans is apologizing for a big traffic mess in the seventh of the comes up the drivers will take a massive back of for several hours after the southbound lanes it was unexpectedly were alive and pacific up where there is going to be another round for road work happen today. >>jackie sissel: the hope is it will not be anything as bad as it was yesterday but did concede
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traffic coming out of pacific a torch and francisco estivate it was a nightmare commit for many people trying to get back into pacifica and accurate picture of the viewers sent us yesterday caltrans closed down one lanes south bound traffic go into pacifica to do from roadwork unfortunately they did not tell anyone not authorities with pacifica or the public a lot of people caught flatfooted it's better to back up an astounding in was an accident around note that the slowdown the work and also cause more traffic it took two to three hours to get into pacifica last night a lot of people were very very frustrating.
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>>jackie sissel: went on to have another line close a starting today were sitting and rented them more because of the stop light down vendettas went their respective do more work it will be in the northbound direction which will probably help live event metals after the interview that one of its employees of off the bus and about 3 mi. from this location got off the bus and walked and he beat the bus down to this location the good
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news isn't. >>anny hong: we have video that is getting attention from across the country this morning they set a driver from oncoming couch trained. >>michelle apon: want to show you this video take a look of the senate sale, share of deputy seven a driver from the pack an oncoming couch trying in sunnyvale you concede the deputies along the 20 year-old man from this car moments later the northbound train crashed into the vehicle this happen at the mary avenue crossing just after 630 last night there were delays of up to 45 minutes after the incident but all service was restored by 745 cal trained data for the to alter the sense that these women and their pull the man to safety.
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>>anny hong: in the bay area people in one pot auto neighborhood are on high alert this morning police said the suspects seen here posed as a pizza delivery man and forced his way into a home on suzanne drive a mother and son of the home screen in one of the suspects cover her mouth with his band the three men left her and her friend left after the father ran to get help police described one of the suspect as a white man and 20 ft. about 5 ft. 8 in. tall and hundred 70 lbs. of blond hair and brown eyes.
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>>mark: special ceremony a survey on sunday night the u.s. on a flag was raised in hayward police department the parents visited the apartment early in the morning the special u.s. on a flights also flowed from 051911 and went into space on the last nasa mission. >>anny hong: the restaurant would donate 35 percent of discourtesy to the trust fund in the event also raise money through door prizes raffle items and a small live action.
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>>anny hong: why schools cannot sing tub fill those vacancies take a look at this dominion stopping traffic on a busy irish rolled will explain what happened.
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>>anny hong: california's
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historic drop continues to protect wildlife whopping of an endangered fish playing a role in the state toward the delta smelt and the islamic sacramental son walking record >>anny hong: environmentalists say the species need protection because it is a key indicator of the delta's helped the universe of california in davis map is breeding the smelt in captivity to ensure its survival parts of california are sinking researchers are calling this phenomenon land in some areas have sunk by as much as 10 ft. since the 1930's scientists said the sinking is because the state water and they pump out of the ground for agricultural needs p.m. the ground collapses down to where the water once was lawmakers passed legislation to
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start monitoring ground water basins however it could take 20 to 25 years to implement those policies will have some cause of the peninsula hill the other nine will live in a pre is a sharp--start. >>james: 7 mono wins in concord in oakland a soap things on the column cited in terms of the when also mild one talk about temperatures would have 60 in san francisco wide spread of 65 and the east valley and the northwest and the situation will have meant a perfect is that the moment there is a chance after about 11:00 this morning for the first half of the afternoon.
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>>james: was unstable air we could get some thunderheads form and could drop from randolph the chance of action happening is pretty slim but we have our fingers crossed with macy in the north bank into the top half of north half of the peninsula in the east bay name the contra costa county the south they might not get too much of the system but hopefully it will all work out and maybe of the to get a spark or two around the bay the bay area math and general looking at a percentage to low
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eighties for the east bay and south bay in the north bank of an invalid will be right next 76 degrees and maybe 79 the of the few allies preferably of tin 80 brentwood 82 some section of the south bay. >>james: wednesday and thursday the inland ice climbing a little bit and the clippers with a set things up for the middle of the week in thing to traffic we go. >>rebecca: 2 brand was the first one is for the east may commute this one isn't the point along with kron 4 right after the daily boat exodus to to divide its vocative to the role since the show was a lot of slow traffic by the red: here is the drive times combative antioch 28 minutes as you make your way westbound and to concord switching things over to the
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peninsula of this of the brand no accident on no. 1 01 radicchio and san mattel the left lane of blocked does want to slow down the drive along at the bayshore freeway the webers toll plaza is packed of death toll traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze in the drive times 15 to 20 minutes to get into downtown san francisco for headed to sfo will ticket 35 minutes the senate labor is also heavier the drive times increased by five minutes in his 20 minutes to make your way on the westbound 92 ride from the 880 connect and heywood over to the connection 1 01 on the peninsula side and keep in mind there is an often in san mateo on the lawn 11 of the exodus and. >>anny hong: of florida families in the ground pork is now and above ground pork it
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popped up out of the hole after heavy rain--pool dramatic video collapsing and china is sent vehicles plunging into the river below the video was broadcast by a tiny state media heavy rain led to this collapse of three cars parked on the st. paul to review sit one man climbing down the collapse quick to get to the car in with a heavy rainstorm area have seen in years the only able to retrieve all the cards. >>maureen kelly: right now there are 51 and the teacher positions in san francisco public school classrooms the first day of school of the 17th and is coming up quick the distances that and
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better this time last year but this time the superintendent made an unprecedented role in setting up this e-mail to staffers as much time to quote from their own network of france the biggest need special and bilingual and high school math and science teachers one reason for the trouble the turnoff for the profession after years of layoffs at the recession another reason the high cost of housing and the bay. we think about what it costs to live here in a staggering the bishops said their meeting with the cities and teachers union in order to try, with long-term solutions to the problem it will be closer to
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his nephew. >>maureen kelly: it is a powerful recruitment tool there, and all of the crash of the system will be filled and time for the first day of class. >>anny hong: sometimes about how hot or cold is it in your workplace scientist in the netherlands have exposed a temperature trend the women say it is too cold and off of the study found that most office buildings especially here set the thermostat based on a 1960's model the factors and several things to maximize worker, and productivity the problem is is based on a time when most the
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men were in the office in they based their model on a four year old 154 lb. man the research service why so many women are often freezing of the cubicles the scientists say most women prefer a 75 degree workplace of a preferred at least about five degrees cooler. >>mark: the if research and a sense that compared to the 2010 after the procession and researchers say 26 percent of manila's a living with their parents from 24% of the 2010 despite the amount of ribbing " on 4 percent and now the down to 7.4% they refuse cent the bulls might be due to be more acceptable to limit home your 20s. >>anny hong: and blocked traffic
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in the i received a 33 ft. balloon was promoting the movie and the virus broke free of the status of blue cross of roadway one city councilman said the whole situation was despicable. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: pay attention to the man and a white cap as he goes along the fence at four. does under the golden gate bridge on the san francisco side tracked and another man takes the same route followed by another one you might not notice they went round these kinds one reads area closed all visitor used due to high security pact in violence of the to find that as a federal notification and no trespassing violence will be cited yeah finding people and to restrict the area was not hard to do the convict to tackle the bridge however with all the views the some defense sometimes it's the way the often shoot
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through the fence or around the fence. >>stanley roberts: this man and the red shirt with over eye and ropes and is now on the other side of the barricade and made only and not the views from inside of the barricade for the sake of the view from outside of the barricade the size. be off- limits it is also slippery. is not have a large wave rolled up with little or no warning most people here towards the free local frequent despises. >>stanley roberts: we hope with
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hand in this segment begin selling some people the headache of the fine for trespassing or worse against what a to see-- swept out to sea. >>anny hong: a car thief getting away with more than a stolen car while woman is so desperate to get back what was taken.
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>>anny hong: a mass about fires
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still burning out of control south clear lake in napa and sonoma county to the foul the people have been forced from their homes so far more than 65,000 a. have burned. >>will tran: you consider the red cross volunteer they're ready to go should more people get the block of the door to leave their homes the evacuation orders a mixed some mandatory some are voluntary pencil and a feeble or voluntary evacuations package personal belongings the important people were just in case you get a knock at the door with a luggage people dead starting on sunday some of the people in the committee this is not read across this of the committee members-on of and the understand everyone is in this together.
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>>will tran: turn in his dress and and and we've been here for how many days? >>: 3 days in tonight's >>: i was on the phone of my friends in the sheriff came down to moscow and until the money to get in touch with them later that was it.
7:32 am
>>will tran: and should be ok the fire jumped 20 last night but elliptical miles in on wrote that a jump onto. >>will tran: she's been here few days and shifting about volunteering to help the newly evacuates hopefully there will be any more but just in case a show of children and long enough where she could pretend help as well.
7:33 am
>>grant lodes: 52,000 a. charred and burned on right here fire and jumped highway 20 about 2 mi. east the lot of homes along in the long valley road near spring valley the concern is that the fire continues to establish itself and not the pilots on the move beyond the winery the of the homes in this neighborhood could be in trouble. >>anny hong: the fire started
7:34 am
nearly two weeks ago and flared up last week when a broken toy lines and damask one home and for all buildings to other outbuildings for also destroy this video from last month courtesy of our helicopter partnership more than 8,000 a. burned in his 95 percent contained in on evacuation orders have been lifted. >>mark: the fire had burned nearly 6,000 a. of the starting a week and a half about the structures have been damaged the six people have been injured the ministry backed u.s. will begin to the other residents are still not allowed in their homes. >>james: the winds are not
7:35 am
terribly strong but it does not take a lot to live in the amber and floated from a couple of hundred yards and drop into san drybrush as been a big challenge for 55 has not been terribly when the but the when they have seen have been enough that is what they're dealing with at the moment after later on today temperatures should warm up to low 80s a little bit better than yesterday when they're in the upper 80s unit it will drop back down to 50 to 20% range that want to change direction and change where are looking for a huge guest today they've beaten the 13th yesterday because of the tent and a few more miles from our to that today nothing strong but it is enough it might
7:36 am
be a slight chance for sprinkel will talk about that coming up on the 42nd 15 minutes. >>rebecca: once a starter for to highways and access shut down because of the rocket fire of his barn to south of with acrylic rather and will look at the map right there is one to be high with 20 and highway 16 we
7:37 am
had to close the home where or to set a look at the hot spots that popped up a core belief of this is was about 80 just after the truck scale for car pileup that had the two left lanes blocked traffic as backing up into fairfield is one to take about 50 minutes on westbound a ticket to hercules hear the drive times along the shore for with berkeley's into berkeley the stand 21 minutes and is always kron 4 to activate the role the center divider and that will have the drive times the 29 minutes come out of antioch and jamaica which to connect their over to concord. >>anny hong: there was a frantic search to find her their dental
7:38 am
students at the medical university in south carolina the two were touring the country to raise awareness of all cancer been pulled over on both the market street and the city and force a quick shopping. >>: the man was wearing a red be me and he was a little bit darker and. >>anny hong: the stuff inside including computers camping equipment and documents are gone this is the dog named a lady was checked and hoped someone find person she would not be is san francisco until she gets the ball back and never
7:39 am
store you're like to share with us go to our web site you to select your story. >>mark: a 38 ft. will the was the shortest of the beach will be towed out to see this afternoon and said the come back well was not fully grown and was like a head and killed by ship a dog walker first found the remains of a sunday morning is not the third did well to watch a short piece of of this year operators and not an act to slow down the specimen will announce be in the area of this will will be towed out to sea at 2:00 this afternoon. >>anny hong: controversy over the sunscreen leaving people with a major sunburn this lovely name behind the products and dermatologist and sang about the problem.
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>>anny hong: controversy over sunscreen has some consumers red hot and a famous actress and her natural product brand.
7:43 am
>>reporter: recently on the sunscreen to of the amount of zinc oxide roughly a half that percentage would decrease was made part of the reason why it was not as protective the company is standing by his product they say when it comes to sunscreen one size does not fit all anyway.
7:44 am
>>james: take a quick look at the temperature grab for san francisco will get up to 67 today.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>mark: the giants parting six
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nothing. >>gary: he went to walk twice and looks like he was identical to get a first major league advest and pick it was a base headpin and boxlike the was it. >>mark: not good when the that the giants' schedule going for
7:48 am
the code the astros nets car parts dr. d's all for second place teams these octanes or 500 the giants generally work off the head of the. >>gary: was always the conversation they've been playing so well from this amount but every team they've played has been under 500 you
7:49 am
cannot say enough when you announced their planning for the future and no one is going to put upon a baltimore but none the less you announced that you're planning for it might take a couple of years you ought buy a ticket. >>gary: even possible to not move.
7:50 am
>>mark: michael jr. played for the calves. >>gary: in this football and basketball football and basketball pretty much either you make it or you don't baseball you've been hanging around for seven years so hopefully
7:51 am
>>: that this gave me a panic attack. >>mark: question is why? >>mark: makes him better his harvard graduate. >>gary: this one of melbourne's
7:52 am
and laughter >>mark: he cannot get rid of the kangaroo he went from a flight to flight and ripping them apart. he will >>mark: 94 practice what can i get his chipping in because of a kangaroo. >>gary: this as a whole scene as you said the shoe collection a hundred 50 pairs of shoes place with the spurs would sign a new $80 million contract to build a house in dallas it is not big enough he's building a second home behind his home just four issues he has a new contract to
7:53 am
build a huge cause it what it will not hold all of the issue slipped to build a second home behind his home in dallas for issues. >>mark: thank you for your time will catch on the real and we will be right back.
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>>james: liberally in looking shot at the golden gate bridge we have a mix of some clouds of blue skies and sunshine, got a right not good bit of the bay area we do have some moisture streaming out direction maybe that would develop some cloud the cooktop rain shower mainly in the north bay perhaps the peninsula northern half of the east ave we're looking for the
7:57 am
possibility may be a pop-up shower the chances are very slim but better to have a the not temperatures otherwise looking at about 67 to san francisco 72 of " improper seven is located for the east valley. >>james: every model of the for this foreseeable future a slight warmer for wednesday and thursday. >>rebecca: we're headed to an accident and cordelia does relieve time of the drive on westbound 80 traffic is backed into the fifth area because of a to a car accident traffic is backed up into the frontier area and get into hercules on westbound 80 in here is the east shore freeway also a rough ride
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live in middletown where thousands of people have been evacuated because of the raging rocky fire. we will have a live interview with the red cross and what they are doing and some of their needs. you can do it -- >> it hurts the stop. >> and this is new viral video showing a police officer handcuffing a third grader that was misbehaving at school. does this cross the line? what you need to know to
8:01 am
avoid the mess. this is the bay area's news station kron 4 news at 8 starts now. good morning, everyone. >> our top story this massive wild fire that is still burning south of clear lake. 65,000 acres have burned. at least two dozen homes are destroyed and thousands remain in danger. >> what is the latest will? >> reporter: a lot of people now getting up. as you can see they are huddled over there. they need to keep their spirits up because a lot of them don't know the fate of their homes.
8:02 am
we just heard an update this morning. it's been the same. the number of structures does not appear that number has gone up. that is giving them hope and also giving them hope is the red cross. they have been here to provide whatever they need whether it's blankets, food and even a shoulder to cry on. what are you telling these evacuees that everything is okay. >> we try to provide con fort. we are here to provide their needs. we have caseworkers arriving to help them get what they need. >> reporter: what's their biggest concern? >> everyone's concern is what happening to their hope. every one wants to know what is
8:03 am
happening. i keep them updated what i know in terms of containment. but in terms what we can do we will stay here as long as it takes. they can count on us. >> reporter: is there anything people want to pitch in. is there anything you need now? >> we are doing well in terms of donations. we do not need any kind of donations here. we have meals for the people. we are looking to build our volunteer in lake county not just for this disaster but as long-term because fires are most common year around. locals that are interested helping here. >> i think you have a lot of people staying here. a lot of people went to the hotels and motel. how many can you handle.
8:04 am
how many people can you possibly help out. >> last night we had 43 in the shelter and 83 here to date. the capacity of it. i know we can handle more of that if necessary. we are working with our partners should we need to expand. >> reporter: you see so many people here. you can see the community is also pitching in. they are stopping by to grab items they need. people don't think about pets necessarily. these people have pets so they can't go to the hotels and motels. people dropping by and dropping off pet food as well. they are smiling at this point. >> thanks for that report. we will check back with you a
8:05 am
little bit later. >> we keep an close eye on the fire spreading to other location. it's been tough for the firefighters. >> it has been. we have chance of sprinkles in the north bay where they are. we have moisture headed our direction. that is thanks to hurricane giermo. like i said at the moment it's a slight chance. if that can happen, we can get thicker clouds and higher clouds and form a thundershower or two. we need the rain. so we will keep you updated on that. the timing on it probably late this morning into early this afternoon and again mainly for the north bay. this is the hurricane, again, former hurricane with the
8:06 am
tropical storms at 70 miles per hour. the latest prejex puts it to the north. at this point the track should pass by to the north if it continues on the way it has been moving here. we are watching that very carefully. keep it tuned here, we will update day by day. as for our weather, we have a lot of sunshine here. our east bay camera shows us that. we have basically mostly clear skies. those clouds are expected to thicken. we are looking for temperatures to be just a little cooler than they were yesterday. those clouds will block some of that sunshine this afternoon. there is that chance of stray thundershower this afternoon. i'm going to be back in 15 minutes. i will have a more detailed look
8:07 am
at your forecast. on to traffic. they are turning to slow spots. starting with our krar in cordilia. as you can see from all the red in our screen the traffic has stopped. passed the seen of where that crash was. now transferring over to your westbound 4 commute. it has been a sore spot just after bailey road. 26 minutes over to concord that is 21 minutes from the highway. you are almost 20 minutes making your way all the way out to highway 13 so far. this has been very heavy so far. the back up is not as we havex(@
8:08 am
8:09 am
the city leaders in pacifica planned to talk to caltran and possibly switching to overnights. viewers said they were stuck in this traffic mess. here some of the photos sent in. you can post pictures on our facebook fan page. jackie will have more on a live report in the next hour in today's construction and lack of warning. mosquitoes tested positive for the west nile. the treatment takes place between 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night and in through 5:00 a.m.
8:10 am
thursday morning. they will collect mosquitoes again to see if treatments are necessary in redwood city. a deputy saving the drive from the cal train. the heros behind it. michelle? >> reporter: this is san mateo deputy saving a driver from a train. you can see him pulling the 20-year-old man from his car. the train crashed into the vehicle. this happened at mary after 6:30 last night.
8:11 am
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the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty heavy getting downtown. it will take you 20 minutes to
8:21 am
get from the mes to the polls and then bumper-to-bumper all the way from there to downtown. >> reporter: a kentucky sheriff's deputy is a being sued at her arresting a and 9 year old boy who will add a ph.d. ahdh >> reporter: this controversy will video is difficult to watch. the police officer faces
8:22 am
federal charges because of using excessive force against in a year-old child-care. he is cuffed at the biceps' because his wrists are too small to be cut to. officer works at laconia elementary. the sheriff of canton county is also in the suit because of his failure to properly train his deputies. the complaint was submitted on behalf of the young boy by an
8:23 am
anonymous source and by another girl who was cuffed for several reasons previously. >> neither of these children committed a crime. everything was related to their disability . >> reporter: the aclu claims that the officer violated the of those with disabilities act. >> reporter: a woman visiting
8:24 am
san francisco desperately searching her dog after her car was stolen in detail. stacks.
8:25 am
8:26 am
r hethy plants, n ju like gumsre the undaon for heahy tth. ne kil ger and formsa protect. r guhealth.ethy plants, n fostronger, althr gums >> reporter: discussion in
8:27 am
office can become quite heated. there was dead study done in the netherlands that showed temperature was adjusted optimize work for men but not women. >> reporter: of bay area neighborhood this morning has a guy masquerading as a piece a guy who forced his way into a neighborhood this morning has a guy masquerading as a piece a guy who forced his way into a home.
8:28 am
hey foster farms! neighborhood this morning has a glooks like you left these two guy west coast birds behind!a home. foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. >> reporter: caltrans is apologizing for big macs and pacific other resulted in not how worse long hold up.
8:30 am
>> reporter: the hope is that they don't get a repeat performance today. caltrans says they will start the road work in about one hour. here are some pictures viewers send us yesterday afternoon with a huge traffic nightmare for thousands of commuters trying to get into pacifica. caltrans shut down one lane during the commuting caused a lot of problems. it took
8:31 am
around for three hours to go about 5 mi. >> it was worse than frustrating. there was no idea that the road was going to be one line, people were coming home for more, and it was about a two-hour wait. a lot of cars were overheating. it seems that caltrans was waiting for asphalt and they dropped the ball. >> reporter: caltrans will give
8:32 am
notification and ways to work around the construction. other people said that even going around in it there is a lot of traffic. >> james: you can see the satellite image here and definitely make out the storm system itself with a giant mass of swirling clouds. there's the big island of hawaii. it looks
8:33 am
like it the storm will track just to the north of the island chain. of the center is about 170 mi. north of hilo and should keep tropical storm winds off islands. we will see if it continues on the wind. we have a live look here at the golden gate bridge. we have some decent sunshine nice blue in the clouds. the clubs are expected to bill this afternoon. we could
8:34 am
be looking at a pot of shower now and again throughout the bay area later on this morning and into the afternoon. temperatures are in the '70s. >> reporter: if you use the center fell bridge for your commute there is the major back up because of an accident. the toll plaza will be blocked to about richmond. the bay bridge
8:35 am
toll plaza looks pretty heavy. this is your commute on south won a one 101. as a live shot of the golden gate. >> mark: tens of thousands of
8:36 am
people out of their homes with 60,000 a.. many many firefighters are battling this blaze, with 13,000 people evacuated. there were holding the line on highway 20 but the embers are over their head and jump the highway. there is still a fire going on at lake berryessa. here's video from a few weeks ago. more than 8,000
8:37 am
a. were burned in this fire but it is 97 percent contained. go read >> reporter: to people had their cars stolen with their dog inside. their dental students at the medical university of south carolina and came here to study cancer. after getting here and parking their car the car was stolen within 15 minutes. >> we got al and then saw the
8:38 am
car driving away. the man had a red bikini with darker complexion but was not black. >> reporter: the dog was stolen and she hopes somebody finds person. if you have a story you'd like us to share than submit this story at the mike kron-4-dot-com web page. >> mark: officer they killed michael brown speaks out and talks about his life after the shooting.
8:39 am
8:40 am
my kery see stoms evy da gfounaty, yr door c gprcribaczo® g, agecnegot tter n i uldn belve itillad acne th sawas macnenot . a apovedor t topal eatmt of anprov in inic stues th pple yes anolde lk tyouroctoabouanymecal nditv incling pd diciey, a y mecatis yoare ing. anprov in inic stues th pple yes anolde use benyl poxidwithymecal nditv acne®el m cau youskin w yocoulpay morthano $1for zone geldryss,cion. geyouroupoand arn re at aone.m
8:41 am
acne®el. escrtiontreaent.rovere >> mark: 8 38 ft. whale when not on the shore will be towed back up to see. a biologist and biologists believe that the whale was hit by a boat. this
8:42 am
will be towed out to sea at 2 this afternoon. >> reporter: a giant banyan escapes and blocks traffic in the inner city. the main yen minion said that the giant balloon got out of control but the mayor said with good humor that it was a despicable. fo
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> reporter: we're tracking your forecast and maybe showers
8:45 am
>> james: outsider now we have some good conditions this morning but with some clouds overhead and sunshine. we are expecting to build clouds. linseeds at the wind speeds we see that the wind was at 25 mi. per hour earlier and now is down to 18 m.p.h.. we have 65 straight down the east bay shoreline and a a good mix of '60s and east bay valley. in one
8:46 am
place in the '50s holding on but the rest are in the '60s. is a break off from what is called hurricane guierllmo might come to california. in the south bay we have temperatures in afternoon '70s. we have a '70s
8:47 am
to low 80s in the east bay and north they. here's the long-term view: temperatures will jump a little bit as we head into wednesday and thursday with the mid to upper 80s. >> reporter: across the richmond bridge there's an accident which is in the clearing stages. you can see that the traffic is just solid here. once you exit the spanners a new crash that happened on cell phone 1 south101. into
8:48 am
downtown oakland the end a 80 it is down to 20 minutes from san leandro. how >> reporter: windows 10 is now up on the market and it is a vast improvement over windows 80. >> gabe: this is techie the guru and has been using windows 10 for months now >> this is a huge upgrade from
8:49 am
windows eight. it is trying to bridge the gap between tablets and desktop computers. >> gabe: anyone running windows 7 or windows 8, can get windows 10 for free over the next year. cortanna is like siri and can help you do a number of things. people who live not used a
8:50 am
computer in the past decade will still feel home here. >> hyou should be able to do may things on windows 10 and this task oriented. >> mark: a former police officer during wilson is opening up in a lengthy overview interview. officer wilson shot michael brown in ferguson misery. he
8:51 am
said that brown's family is suing him and tells how dangerous it is a bomb public for him. >> reporter: haladrian gonzales said he would use a high- powered rifle to kill several students in high school. he said he claimed responsibility. he said he was not homicidal just seeking a thrill. adrian
8:52 am
gonzales will be tried and it is an adult for his murder of an eight year-old girl madison. >> mark: the u.s. flag flag was raised at half mast for one hour for each year officers got longer served at the hayward police department. the u.s. on a flag also flew at ground zero at 911. >> reporter: from 11 this morning till 10:00 p.m. there is a a barbecue that will donate
8:53 am
money to officers trust fund. >> mark: the district says that it is doing better this year than last year but it is still behind in its preparations. >> california as a whole is facing a massive decline in people who are entering credentialed programs and getting credentials. >> mark: officials are saying a meeting with the city and the schools to come to a long-term solution. say they'll have all teacher positions filled by at
8:54 am
the time school starts. >> reporter: here's one that correct creek under the weather the time school starts. >> reporter: here's one that correct creek under the weather conditions. everne nds aff.even your ile. lgatoptiwhite tootaste the time school starts. >> reporter: here's one that correct creek under the weather conditions. es bond rface stns twhiten ov 3 sdes. everne nds aff.even your ile. lgatoptiwhite tootaste the time school in ft, it >> reporter: heritenmorethat correct creek under the weather conditions. es bond rface stns twhiten ov 3 sdes. everne nds aff.even your ile. an the adinexpress whiting rip. lgatoptiwhite tootaste the time school in ft, it >> reporter: heritenmorethat correct creek under the weather condit'yourmile bff. es bond rfacitenorejust by brhi. stns twhiten ov 3 sdes. everne nds aff.even your ile. an the adinexpress whiting rip. we get 24/7k this out. professional monitoringme and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching]
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[baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today. the mark of >> mark: the san francisco
8:56 am
giants gave up a game to the a landgraves atlanta braves. in oakland one of the players returned off from the disability bench t2 an elbow injury. >> reporter: the bay area moving
8:57 am
company was caught in trouble when they were dropping in throwing furniture out of the moving van. one work you can see here throwing the table and it shatters on the sidewalk. the workers then drove off. we are watching it weather and apple stock is dropping. we'll have
8:58 am
details next. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ i'm going my way... ♪i leave a story untold... he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'...
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9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: the largest in the state right now still burning out of control south of clear lake more than 65,000 a. have burned roughly twice the size of san francisco. >>mark: a dozen homes were destroyed the fire spreading east edge of highway 20 yesterday for firefighters were trying to hold the line when the conditions continue in the area highways 16 and 20 remain close the fire continuing to spread to the northeast. >>anny hong: more without and firefighters from across the region are battling the blaze which is running into the rugged terrain crews are trying to build the time and mine the on the fire as of right now more than 13,000 people living in the
9:01 am
area have been evacuated and now out of their homes. >>will tran: nervous days for those evacuated because of all of their here they're very far away from their homes and a typically do not know the fate of last time they left they think it was okay but now over the past couple of days the of if the slow from cal fire because obviously they're very busy dealing with the fires of information right now is just the numbers have not been updated as far the structures burned and that is the only glimmer of hope the people here at middletown evacuation center run by the red cross. >>: two days ago we went back
9:02 am
and it was fine do you think this morning today and that your home park optimistic that it is still there. >>will tran: very sensational we can't tell you they are ready to go plenty of items at this
9:03 am
location but the committees also dropping by they're staying here and a center right next door and many of them have some are staying outside because they're not allowed to bring in their pets they're sleeping outdoors with their pets in the seven of the complaints that this point that is because the last sunday they checked a home was ok but of course just like us that keeping up with the updates. >>mark: will win watching the fire weather with the machel with strong winds during the afternoon the committee yellow higher today it may help. >>michelle apon: a thunderstorm and a lightning strike back at least for the fire this afternoon fans across the we do
9:04 am
not want but we do want the rain and so as of right now is the current conditions 61 degrees in the area humidity right now still up 85% letter on to a temperature is warm up into the mid '80s some areas could still want to the upper eighties to low 90s clear skies across the back and we're watching this one should move in and some tropical moisture decadently give us some afternoon showers or thunderstorms later today as you leave your home will stop the morning with some mexicans across much of the area of 66 and and and spots of the howe
9:05 am
called attempts to bar for a salmon spots on the warming up into mid-70s across the basement for six days and across the coastal mid-60's if and will continue to warm up into the upper 70's and then will stay there a long 5:00 with the potential for stress shower or a thunderstorm to the afternoon. >>michelle apon:, where one to talk about what to expect for the next couple of days. >>rebecca: the accident has been clear from lines the slow traffic has not always bought 580 just past the toll plaza we did have the left lane tied up and all lanes are open traffic is still very happy across the entire span here and a look at the approach to the toll plaza
9:06 am
the loeffler and is tied up there hear with the drive times out of the north bank from highway 37 this is a 28 minute all the way down to saw off the little and then across the golden gate bridge >>anny hong: police investigating a homicide in hayward police sent early this morning on 1:00 the man and woman walking and section of our for avenue and morningside drive that is and several men confronted the two of them was strange words and a gunman shot the man the group fled and still receiving the man died at the same in so far there have been no arrest. >>mark: caltrans apologizing for what were the lead to the traffic backup for several hours
9:07 am
on highway one the crews plan to do similar work starting in about 20 minutes from now between facile or at the math avenue in the city leaders and pacifica path to a plan to stop the couch and about the notification edition. >>anny hong: take a look at this dramatic video of a san mateo, sure they're pitting they save a driver from the path of the oncoming couch trying in
9:08 am
sunnyvale pulling of the 20 year-old man from his car moments later the northbound train crossing into the vehicle you see here this all happened at the mary avenue just after 630 last night there were delays of up to 45 minutes after the incident off service was restored by 745. >>mark: happening now three major airlines said in a lot of going to extend the trophies of recall on the train adults america united mykonos and after protests over the killing of a well-known african mining cecil this is a van the worldwide shipments of line and the effort palo--after killing cecil and zimbabwe.
9:09 am
>>mark: there will be allowed to participate in their debate on thursday only the gop top-10 candidacy based on national poll will be allowed in thursday's national televised debate in cleveland the billionaire businessman donald trump is assured giving his rise in recent polls several high- profile republicans are on the bubble fatal the parts only female presidential candidate is executive ohio gov. and former texas gov. preparing--rick perry. >>anny hong: they may get justice for their daughter who was killed by a traffic stop in texas.
9:10 am
>>rebecca: the time right now
9:11 am
is 910 we're looking at the slow spots on highway 13 is a brand new accident that have been blocking the left lane, it is going to be over on the left lane and then also another accident were following this is over, and what they read the southbound 101% france's the left and is blocked the drive time getting from san rafael down to the golden gate bridge is going to take you 20 minutes. >>anny hong: also is suspected to be filed by the family she a texas woman who was found dead in her cell last month just three days after getting into a confrontation with the state trooper bring a traffic stop investigators say she hung herself an attorney for the families of the loss of will be brought against the state trooper the family says that she was headed to a job interview and would not take her own life. >>anny hong: where track in the potential for shower a
9:12 am
thunderstorm this afternoon and will take a look at the tropical storm although details coming up after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>rebecca: it turned into a small spot our accident at the richmond san rafael bridge has been cleared up the stock traffic has not was was about 580 days after the toll plaza block in the red wine they move all the vehicles off the road where the traffic is still solid and here is the start of the toll plaza and backed up to the richmond park when the total drive times will be about 20 minutes to get to the tall across the span of bumper-to- bumper up to 1 01 speaking 01 01 is an accident south won a one right before the for frances street exit right after you exit the richmond san rafael bridge of the flame still tied up the drive times coming out of the north bank from the box on highway 37.
9:15 am
>>rebecca: across the golden gate bridge into san francisco with the biggest so far the better than pretty heavy all morning long it is still the same way it will be a 15 minute drive time from the foot of the maze is still pretty solid and traffic is one to be bumper-to- bumper across the entire span into a downtown so far. >>michelle apon: we have just a few clouds out there and we're on to solve one of the will not be as warm as yesterday temper this will be on the cul-de-sac in compared to our mission been one to show it looks like for the visible satellite composite mostly clear skies for inland spots the few clouds across the peninsula the shot you start early helicopter cover will see more costly to filter into the afternoon with that being said the potential for a stray showers and thunderstorms as motion continues to follow up into the bay area.
9:16 am
>>michelle apon: as reluctant to the afternoon and most of the cloud cover was there crossed the north bay parts of the east bay shoreline and a delta areas across the east and south bay and press the peninsula have some sunshine but the areas that have the cloud cover is just north of what the potential for the strike afternoon thunderstorm. >>michelle apon: that is the contract and have but we still consider the potential at the center monitor if it does make a left-hand turn with the wanted to use some of the impact that the hawaiian islands could save some islands acquiree mall we and lanai hath a tropical storm watch does, in effect five to 8
9:17 am
ft. high today damaging winds and and because heavy rains are between 1 3 in. on average would hire elevations of 7 in. of rainfall and the have the potential for the flash flood and tomorrow and for a third of the a little closer to home but you have to buttress into the 60s across much of the bay with a will have 10 more degrees in looking at the afternoon one of around 3:00 and a seventh for those in one spot and seven across the south bay in the north and. >>michelle apon: they will all the one of the to the upper 60s to ride around 70 degrees. as we look for thursday the temperature climbed continues on and will talk about the rest of the we can forecast come up at 945. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers.
9:18 am
>>rob black: people are starting to get a little bit spoke less talk a little bit about and there was an analyst technically some of the side effects of apple music not on terribly great people are just a little border and the switching around the investments the stocks of not going to fall apart what it did last time the 2012 from september 2012 until april but did not have a stock buyback and plays a big problem and they have not had a big product hits until the iphone and that is a big of an issue apple they need china so my
9:19 am
opinion is that declines a little bit more is more of appliance fact of the card was the best days and they're behind it the worst the trillion dollars will to cut the $65 billion and that the economic designed an accord to build a to move as high and as fast as they used to. >>mark: is a sign is a very healthy company isn't it? >>rob black: the personal digital assistant will be bay as of the three big because they are looking at the phone and searches it will send a reminder
9:20 am
for you the day before your dinner it was recommending there was other information to advertisers much of information but they say he is such an for restaurant. >>mark: remember we talked about this last year that between 90 and under armor and now it's turned out to be our real still of the bill. >>rob black: he did offer $200 million of 13 years his a 10
9:21 am
year extension worth $300 million those bills off 50 and $30 million roughly and value his underarm four years ago the cells of going through 754 percent last quarter of to the quarter before that issues called mccurry one and a huge when a farmer until that bill and the factory sign him and even the war is a great deal they're overpaid and $44 million over four years and still a good deal for everyone. >>mark: was the best way to save for college? >>rob black: save for retirement because you can send your kids to grants and scholarships and
9:22 am
loans you have anywhere to go money grows tax-deferred the effect to which and of books and for other things the companies will start matching if you put money in about this past the lobby with a credit back as an employer is a help match a good website is saving for
9:23 am
>>mark: posted and will answer on the air we will be right back. i'm cadee.i' hadodere toever plue prias most of myife. buthatasn'stopd mefromodelg. my doctotolde abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio
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9:25 am
>>anny hong: to store the from the east coast have a car stolen san francisco with the dog inside there was a frantic search to find her the friend victoria are dunstan's as the medical university of south carolina the two were torn in the company to raise awareness of oral cancer and a pulled over on the balls and marquetry in san francisco for some quick shopping and less than 15 minutes later the car with a dog inside was stolen. >>: the windows were cracked and she came out fedex and saw the car driving when the man was
9:26 am
wearing a red bikini and he was a little bit darker he had a rally round face a little bit away she was shipped and hope that someone will find her soon and she will not leave san francisco until she gets a dock back. >>anny hong: and mosquitoes and run with had deposited for what's now virus the district will have to track my miskito trepan along the area of the effective but to prevent him in case of the west now the convict 50 9:00 p.m. and tomorrow night and 5:00 a.m. thursday morning dish official will collect samples to test for the virus to see if it does the treatment and a said.
9:27 am
>>mark: teacher shortage for the weeks to for school start. >>jackie sissel: construction a possible cause a huge traffic nightmare will tell you about new construction is going on today may have a repeat, and live report.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: their apologizing for a big traffic mess of off of the cup drivers for the mass of backup for several hours as to death after a stop on land of highway 1 was shut down without notifying pacifica were alive at the same right now account for the war were about to get underway >>jackie sissel: the hope is they would not have a repeat the like to have a guest today in a traffic nightmare the problem
9:30 am
was ever was caught flatfooted no one knew that this construction was going to happen since then they have apologized and said it would give a heads up the next time happens to supposed to start happening in this hour here something to from yesterday and sent to us ever stuck in a traffic nightmare what happened was the came out and closed down one line of highway one to do some repaving work unfortunately they did not tell anyone. >>jackie sissel: since then caltrans has apologized and told us they will be back out here at some point this month to do work we had a chance to talk to us of
9:31 am
a president who was stuck in a traffic she knew some truckers that of the paper did not know. >>jackie sissel: not as frustrating as the people who sat in the traffic as we said the road was opposed the start at 930 this morning and extends into 313 everyone will have a heads up and a be no more traffic problems like the have a guest and and. >>anny hong: will get a quick check of the traffic with rebecca was tracking hot spots. >>rebecca: it is in the south bay for the san jose commute it is not about 680 this is just before you get up to capitol
9:32 am
expressway with the to the flights are tied and injuries have been reported emergency crews are on the way to the same path a couple of more drive times for the south bay drive it is 27 for no. 1 01 for capital expressway getting to downtown san jose to a commission to cupertino bets than the 17 minutes highway 85 with the most pretty slow this one in 21 minutes off from the one once but give it up to the 280 split headed off to the north bay this is the crash on the southbound side of 101 more before sir francis drake boulevard. >>rebecca: all the way across the golden gate into the toll plaza the san francisco stand to talk to five minutes here was a live shot of the golden gate bridge, of sausalito on south 101 it will be easy five minutes drive times for him. >>michelle apon: we have some
9:33 am
sunshine just a little bit of cloud cover looking at sfo as of right now not a battle with a stuff to bake temperatures will stop mailing to the 16th would have one spot the difference of sunshine will the creek with a felony sunglass of your cross bows of locations if temperatures the summit over there readmits upper 60s across and limitations the is to assure my mid 60s across the south back if you're not credible to vary from the low 60s. >>michelle apon: moving at the upper 60s across the bay and the coast and we have 5:00 drive home an early dinner time temperatures will be below average for this time of year
9:34 am
and submit the upper 70's final mid-60s by that time rubble to talk about a warm-up and also talk about a week in a forecast of of these cells, a 945. >>mark: the state has approved the move to start collecting signatures for ballot initiative that will boost the minimum wage to $50 an hour by end of put to 21 the minimum wage is set to increase to $10 next year >>anny hong: san francisco unified school district is scrambling to hire dozens of teachers will before the first day of school and only two weeks away and. >>maureen kelly: there are 51 and the teacher positions in san
9:35 am
francisco public school classrooms the first of school as of the 17th and it is, of quick the districts and other accidents and better than this time last year but still the superintended unprecedented move a senate office e-mail to its staffers as and to try recall from on network of friends the biggest need special and bilingual and high-school math and science teachers one reason for the trouble the shrinking pool of qualified candidates people turned off of the profession after years of layoffs during the recession. >>maureen kelly: was off 53% decrease over the last five years and so we are were read the district of their meeting with the city of the teachers' union and order to try and, with a long-term solution for that problem.
9:36 am
kron 4 there, it will be filled by time the first day of class. >>mark: a 38 ft. whale that was the sharpest of the convict will be told what to say this afternoon biologists say the comeback well was not fully grown and most likely have been shipped a dog walker for from the remains early sunday morning the royal carpets will
9:37 am
be towed out to sea into o'clock this afternoon. >>anny hong: they are on high alert this morning after three men were involved in a violent home in beijing on sunday night police said the suspect you see here on the screen polls as a pizza delivery man and forced his way into a home on suzanne drive and killing the two other men followed one was on with a knife in the other had a gun the mother and son of the home screen and the suspect cover her mouth with his hand the three men left after the father ran ticket helps police describe one of the suspects as a white man in his 20s he's about 5 ft. 8 in. tall on hundred and 70 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. >>anny hong: controversy over brad of sunscreen leaving people with a major sunburn to a
9:38 am
celebrity's name behind the product and dermatologists have to say about the problem growing evidence shows california is sinking while the state is losing ground.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: it is up 2% from 2010 despite the unemployment rate dropping from 12.4% researchers said the boost might be due to and been more acceptable to live a home in your 20s
9:41 am
>>anny hong: they set the thermostat based on a 1960's model factors in several states to maximize worker comfort of productivity the problem is based on a model when most men were in the workplace back in the 30's and they focus specifically for for year-old 154 lb. man they said this is why so many women might be complaining is too cold in the cubicle the scientists say most women the 475 decree worked as wall guys prefer red at the five degrees:. >>mark: will be right back >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next. let's mobile.
9:42 am
same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place.
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9:45 am
>>anny hong: possibly wiping out innocent danger finished playing a role in the state what awards the small to live in, sacramental somewhat green river was supplies water to central valley farms and millions of california residents this into much water as with the to protect the fish the waters and continues to grow crops if you're reservoirs' the sons of the species need protection because the key indicator of the delta paulo the universe of california is breeding in captivity to ensure its survival of that are calling this phenomenon subsidence. >>mark: time to save the sinking is because the state's water is being pumped out of the kron 4
9:46 am
agricultural needs and without that cushion the water below the surface the ground collapses down to where the war works was bomber does not pass legislation to stop monitoring ground war bass however it could take 20 to 25 years to implement those policies. >>michelle apon: 400 mi. away, a tropical storm and there are tropical storm watches for the big island of maui molokai an ally and that is under a tropical storm watch as a right now will continue to monitor as a continue to track the northwest and northwest and direction in the tech is want to stay well above the hawaiian islands and is the potential for some high surf and that will last through today with a five to 8 ft. damaging winds nearing seven moscow our committee possible but the main thing will be heavy torrential rainfall.
9:47 am
>>michelle apon: forcing some clout as well across the bed but planning on to clear skies right now will see more cause in the afternoon off that much of forgive of the potential for a stray shower, in the next 13 minutes or so will start to see more clout start to filter in the battering chances was they were off to another california, the sunshine letter on temperature during the afternoon is going to be on the court cited the cloud cover heating of
9:48 am
the to up 1/7 to daytime high of around 3:00 p.m. timber to start to wander off into tomorrow it will continue on for thursday and it will stay in that area for friday will call back down for the first half of the weekend looking at cements opera 7 for bass was up 1/7 their 80s across the and and spots a quick check of traffic. >>rebecca: it is an accident was down 80 just after central avenue the right lane is tied up emergency crews are actually here is the commit time 20
9:49 am
minutes, and hercules as a mecca where on the seashore freeway into berkeley so far the bay bridge toll plaza of this looks pretty good the what we saw earlier this morning the drive times across the bay bridge into downtown does about 15 minutes or so it would take about an half an hour the san saver is much improvement as a lot lighter for westbound on the to ride on the right-hand side of the screen it will be about a 10 minute drive times for your non getting from the east debate over to the peninsula. >>rebecca: it was night for a while because of an earlier accident is declared by 30 minutes in a back at about a 10 minute drive time from the toll plaza and getting on to the stand as one to be a breeze all the way up to the 101 connection center for health the golden gate bridge is a live shot of is one of the beautiful as well but an easy five minutes trip on the southbound side, of sausalito getting into the city.
9:50 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: pay attention to the man and a white cap as he goes on the fence at four. is under the golden gate bridge on the san francisco side another man takes the same route followed by another man and then finally a for the man and the gore on the fence the venice out of sight but you might not have notice that what around these signs one reads area close all the tubes due to high security violence of the to find as a federal notification and the of one reads no trespassing violence will be cited by meet people in the restricted areas will not hard to do however with all the views that some defense sometimes it's in a wide toilet often shoot through the fence or rounded and all else fails on or around the fence with his wife to go gaper's patrol and four guys are trying to stop people from going into the area this
9:51 am
man in the red shirt of the- world and is now on the other side of the barricade amazingly enough the view from inside the barricaded the the same as the view from outside of the barricade the siberia been off limits it is also suffering it is not to have large waves rolled of little or no warning. >>stanley roberts: most of the people here are towards but a few locals for compass spot
9:52 am
which can save some people the headache of the fines for trespassing. >>anny hong: parents you may use a sunscreen for your kids and jessica taking some heat over the commerce company receiving complaints that they're all natural spf 30 lotion is leaving people aren't and and pain-- burned. >>anny hong: after using a sunscreen they do not need to be as concerned about the natural course is not natural sunscreen. >>: is very important to but sunscreen on your stand and is a non the percentages the information we have about the sanskrit ingredient whether there are ganic or not it is
9:53 am
difficult to apply to real life in humans if you're uncomfortable with a given an ingredient with enough options you contrive other types of sunscreen the company is going to test a further improve all natural products and better protect people's skin. >>mark: a live look outside of the bay bridge where watching traffic still backed up. check this out. with xfinity home
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>>mark: the mass about five the largest in the state right now still burning out of control south of clear lake more than 60,000 a. have burned 0400 square miles containment is now still only a 12% to as a home with the short and the western side of the fire spreading to the northeast impacted jump to the fire line on high with 20
9:56 am
guest today because of the hot temperatures and wind conditions highway 16 and 20 close in the area more than 3000 firefighters from across the state are battling the blaze and over 13,000 people living in the air have been evacuated. >>anny hong: the apologizing for road work that led to major traffic backups for several hours on highway one nicole the southbound lane that repay some of the roles in the city was not told about the sun had a lot of heavy backup caltrans crews are doing similar work this morning and the star about an half an hour and city leaders and a separate plan to talk to them about the modification edition-- issue. >>mark: 38 for the well that was the shortness of the convict will be told what to see this as if howe back well was not fully grown it was most likely it by ship and dock worker found the
9:57 am
remains of a sunday morning and this is not the third did what to wash or a specific of this year it will be towed out to see. the 2:00 this see >>anny hong: there were released during a bankruptcy court filing he says he pays a hundred and $8,000 amount on his livestock including $5,000 on gardening he filed for bankruptcy last month and next city and in order him to pay $7 million. he also owes money to his stylus barber and fitness coach is due back in bankruptcy court tomorrow. >>mark: and for to schooling, around the bay you can always been a bet on whether traffic on the mobile application as well as on our facebook and 20. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile
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