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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 4, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that his dirt bike had been found.and the body was nearby. >> catherine:he was last seen more than a week ago -- riding his dirt bike through the el dorado national forest. >> catherine:cavanaugh was a popular teacher at the downtown continuation high school in san francisco. >> catherine:he'd been on his bike on a trail - and left another driver he'd been with. >> catherine:a search team included his family, friends, and more than 50 volunteers from the area. >> catherine:a family member released a statement tonight -- saying they're heartbroken. but that they hope everyone who loved him will know his bright spririt "is still with us." .. >>"it's really a massive fire. and, it is very scary. thousands of people could lose their home." >> pam:the relentless lake county wildfire has now burned 65-thousand acres. and continues to push through acres of bone dry brush. >> pam:evacuations continue in the area. keeping
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residents are on edge todays cooler weather has helped a bit. but there is a long way to get to containment of the massive fire. and fire crews are strained. up and down the state. >> pam:tonight we have team coverage. >> pam:j.r. stone is along the fire lines in lake county. >> pam:grant lodes is tracking the other wildfires burning across california tonight. >> pam:we begin with j.r live in lake country. successful >> reporter: i do want to go
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to some of the video that has been shot in the last hour to read you can see that the fire crews are still busy. they are not just on the ground, but in the air as well. he concedes is water being taken to a different area. >> reporter: yesterday, it jumped over highway 20 and threatened hundreds of homes in this area. back in the spring well area were a number of homes are with smoke. and today you can see any any smoke. some of the people have been read that you waited in watching our newscast wondering how are their homes to win tonight. suddenly, there is still a fire fight going on in the distance from where i am standing. >> reporter: lee about seven to 8 mi. from where i am standing north east of highway 20.
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>> reporter: again a very rule. and lots of brush creek we will hear from people who live in this area who refuse to leave. that is just moments coming up! j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: some 13-thousand people have been force to flee their homes due to the flames. >> pam: many of them are staying at shelters, and anxiously wait it out.hoping their homes are spared. >> pam: kron 4's will tran continues our coverage tonight. >> reporter: the last and they left they thought that it would be ok. but the next several days at the above dates are slow because they are very busy dealing with the fires. information come out right now is just that they do not know. the numbers have not been updated in regard to
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structures burning. for the people here in middletown. with the evacuation center run by rick cross and it >> i am very anxious as to what has happened to my home as a measure up other people are as well. you have >> no inkling as to its a has been destroyed her partly damaged. you just do not know? >> live on the north side of highway 20. >> reporter: discarnate not did you start packing your personal belongings that a not would be at the door shortly?-- did you start packing >> i was not necessarily
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prepared as much as i should have been. >> reporter: they are encouraging people to go to red cross dot auric and make financial donations because it will be a long call. not just your but featured in the future as well. -- >> grant: we have additional images the chicken see the invisible to miles in steep tough terrain in range. helicopters dumping water critical. 24 homes have been lost and countless vehicles like this truck are now destroyed. you could check out kron4 dot com.
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>> diane: yesterday we were in the upper 80s and that helped out with cooler temperatures. because we had the light showers pass through. also helped with fighting that fire. south east winds up to 9 mi. per hour for it so there you have it fascination. ! >> diane: we may have some public showers again. but overall the best day today
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was to fight those temperatures are fight those fires. >> pam: hayward fire chief is back on the job tonight. after being suspended for a month for drinking while on call. and fighting with a subordinate and there are new questions as to why the city manager did not fire him for his misconduct. kron4 dan kerman is like that hayward city hall with more. >> reporter: the chief says he is remorseful for what happened and he is vowing to do a better job and only four. --the ford-- moving forward >> reporter: investigation has brought up a laundry list of misconduct. among
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the findings, driving the city vehicle on four occasions under the influence of alcohol. also starting a fight with a local fire fighter. not responding to the scene of this significant fire. >> i think that his behavior is embarrassing. however he has been instrumental putting together the clinic and station fire atlantic and the money that he has brought to the department. >> reporter: chiefs positives out ways to misconduct. so instead of being fired the city manager suspended the chief for one month and how port cut his salary in half. >> we have the ability to
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terminate him for any repeated behavior that is a negative manner. >> reporter: to achieve the it owned up to his misconduct and said that he has made changes for the way they operate separate. >> reporter: >> have dealt with the consequences the due to my actions and that have taken responsibility for my actions. something that i believe the community has come to respect or expect from me and what extent from my own officers. >> reporter: that live in hayward city hall can tell you that as we said he is back on the job. would the people who live and work in hayward think about this whole situation? we will
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have more and later in the broadcast. >> pam: and popular restore not is holding a fund-raiser to help out the family of sergeant scott lunger. who was killed in the line of duty. as kron4 terisa estacio reports residents and officers say is the least they can do during the difficult time for his family. >> reporter: they gathered to pitch and all and that after to help the fall in hayward serjeant family. >> it is the right thing to do. >> the family needs of snout and that is why we are here.
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>> reporter: all day long thin is based restaurant and hayward was packed with residence a law enforcement officers. others to 35 percent proceeds will go to the family. he was fatally shot during a traffic stop in july. >> reporter: in addition the edam raise money through a door prizes, raffle items and a small allied action-- auction. >> reporter: the manager says the tunnel has been spectacular. >> everyone here is every everyone here is very excited to be here. >> reporter: here in
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hayward terisa estacio kron 4 news. >> pam: coming up in doughnut part. the latest on the dramatic rescue by sure of deputies on the man stuck on caltran truck all captured on video. the latest will to be stranded on the beach in pacifica. moved this afternoon. we will show you the difficult task. we back! sur pogrip sealout re fd paicles. soour od w't g stu. and yocan joy ery ngleite. t lo. li lou supepoliip. ses oumoreood. ♪ super ligr hol you dentes thtlyn ple. youeverave holback. ugh ud. li lou sur pogrip
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> pam:a cellphone video showing a rohnert park police officer unholstering
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his gun while confronting someone holding a cellphone a major cause for concern for some people who live in that town. kron4's haaziq madyun gives you a close look at that video. >>"this one really has got a gun on me, no! you don't touch me" >> reporter:you are looking at cellphone video, uploaded to youtube of a recent confrontation between what appears to be a rohnert park resident and a rohnert park police officer >>"go ahead and take your hand out of your pocket" >>"no sir, i've done absolutely nothingput your gun down really?" >>"that's how they did me" >> reporter:people here in this town have mixed reactions when asked if what they see happening in this video is something they've experienced by rohnert park police >>"this guy had his hand on his taser the entire time he was talking to me, i was in the middle of a public parking lot and he told me to get off my bike" >> reporter:according to the
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facebook page of the person who posted the video, he was in his front yard when this patrol car rolled by he started pulled out his cellphone and started recording and the confrontation takes off from there >>"i've seen this sort of behavior here before in this town" >> reporter:greg richardson and his son own a smoke shop here in rhonert park >>"we ran out because my son screams dad, dadshaking with a gun in my son's face" >> reporter:however ricky vega says rohnert park police have never given him a hard time >>"honestly all the cops here are pretty chill" >> reporter:you say you recognize him? >>"yeah i always see him around here" >> reporter:well you might not see him anytime soon, according to rohnert park assistant city manager don schawrtz the officer in this video is now on a pre- scheduled vacation. in rohnert park haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:today rohnert park's
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mayor and city mananger issued this joint statement regarding the cellphone video >> pam:we've been made aware of this matter and we are taking it seriously. we understand the concerns that have been raised by our community and others and we want the public to know that your trust in law enforcement in our city is a top priority. as a result we will conduct an internal review to verify that appropriate protocols were followed. we will also review our protocols because we want to make sure we are using the best practices for the highest level of safety for both our officers and the community. mayor amy ahanotu and city manager darrin jenkins >> pam:police are tracking down three teenage suspects, who shot and killed a hayward high school student this morning. >> pam:the 17-year-old hayward resident was out walking with a friend around one a-m. when the two were confronted by three other
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teens. >> pam:after a brief exchange. one of the three suspects shot the teen. who died at the scene a short time later. >> pam:the suspects fled in a silver s-u-v. investigators have not yet determined a motive for the shooting. >> pam:new information on a murder- suicide that rocked an east bay neighborhood. police say, 21 year-old scott bertics. built the firearms he used to kill his girlfriend. 19 year- old clare orton. and then himself. >> pam:their bodies were found in her walnut creek home last month. authorities say, bertics bought gun parts through the mail. >> pam:police say, the gun was not required to be registered, nor was it illegal for the companies that make the parts. to sell them. pure heroism. jayme ackemann,caltrain communications mgr.
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>> grant: the one it dragging the guy in the other deputy land towards the oncoming train grid try to get the attention of the conductor so that he could slow down in time. >>"caltrain is so grateful it was really a tragedy averted and we thank the deputies for their quick action." >> grant: this is that they probably saved his life. we will hear from the two guys tonight at kron 4 news at o'clock.
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>> pam:the city of pacifica says cal-trans has apologized for failing to notify pacifica about the road work. that led to hours of unexpected traffic on highway- one yesterday. >> pam:the road work was stopped today. cal-trans closed one- southbound lane of highway -one monday morning between mori point road and rockaway beach avenue. for repaving. >> pam:the situation got worse after an accident occurred nearby. now, the city of pacifica plans to discuss coordination and notification issues with cal-trans >> pam:the oakland animal shelter is asking for help in fostering large dogs. >> pam:the shelter recently saw an unusual intake of
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larger breeds. and is now at 200 - percent capacity. >> pam:shelter officials say, the influx is due to a surge in evictions and higher rent costs in the area... which can displace many families... including their pets. >> pam:just last month, the shelter waived fees to encourage adoption. >> diane: at the golden gate bridge in certain seamlessly sky action we are on the coarse side of things and the inland valleys. tonight, mostly cloudy conditions. at 10:00 p.m. passing that f o g near the peninsula. much like what we saw yesterday. with temperatures in the low 60s. >> diane: we have a weak
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system that brought and the like clouds and showers. that system is a weak one son is only giving as a trace of showers. it will move over by the end of the night. mud speed is picking up because of that system 3134 hayward and 14 mi. per hour in the inland valleys location. >> diane: cooler temperatures overall and the east bay shoreline. 74 degrees in san francisco. we have more of the forecast coming out when i return! >> pam: an incredible story out of ohio where
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authorities say drone dropped drugs into a prison yard. we will be
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>> catherine: this is the fifth super tisch's video claiming to show that the planned parenthood organization makes money from the sale of aborted fetuses. like the others is highly edited. >> it is all just a matter of line item sprit >> catherine: the video shows the director of research planned parenthood gulf coast to discussing providing people tissues to
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actors posing as representatives of a human biology company. it ends with graphic footage of the laboratory including organs. the video were secretly recorded by the anti-abortion groups center for medical progress >> " planned parenthood is actually willing to still fully intact fetus is to buyers of aborted fetal tissue. " >> catherine: planned parenthood said supply fetal tissue to medical research is researchers is both legal and at the culprit and " the footage released today does not show planned parenthood staff engaged in any wrongdoing or grant to violate any legal or medical standards. " and stick ", the latest tape shows an extremely of this of intrusion and lack of respect for women with
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footage of medical tissued in a lab. >> catherine: the plant. the executive vice president costa takes deceptive weapons and the battle to undermine adoption rights. " we are seeing attacks intended indy and analysis to get rid of safe legal abortion in this country and destroy a planned parenthood creek " >> catherine: monday republican effort to defund planned parenthood phil to get enough votes to overcome a democratic filibuster >> catherine: donald trump won on a conservative radio to urge republicans to shut down the government ended the and if the democrats did not agree to defund planned parenthood. >> catherine: will be back!
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>> is wild fire has destroyed over 65,000 a. to ninth and only 12 percent contained creek we now have j.r. to give us more details. >> reporter: and has picked
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up which measures the when the speed here and you can see sustained went out here at least 12 mi. per hour. we have seen this consisting of the last party minute spirit when you are fighting a fire of this size. i do want to go to some of the video that has been shot with pardons and cnn anchor it--cnn >> reporter: are some still images here. in a very small ski area. the fact that this fire has hopped over highway 20. the good news is it has pushed off from those homes. but is still deep into the forest area.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: i was speaking with some of the people. although thousands have been evacuated there has been an number of people who refuse to leave their homes. that is coming up as 6:00 this evening live just east of clear lake, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: you will find tweets of our reporters on the scene creek and the evacuation centers housing thousands of people that have been forced from their homes tuesday evacuation is all on kron4 deck,. -- >> diane: low sixties for the inland valley locations and east bayshore lines.
5:33 pm
what to expect from your rest of your evening, apache f o g after 11:00 p.m. tonight. breezy southwest wind. moderate to warm temperatures warming up brown wednesday to thursday. >> diane: there is a mix of patchy f o g at 5:00 a.m.. and at 11 a.m. you'll see high clouds take place. so really not a big change for tomorrow's forecast correct --forecast appeared. >> diane: we have more clout coverage coming up with 86 degrees on friday. mostly cloudy skies.
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>> pam: a drone was used to deliver drugs inside a prison in ohio. prison guards found a package of drug inside the mansfield correctional institution. after a fight broke up in the recreation yard security video showed a drone dropping the package. and transferred name cowbell man says, a package with the drop into the prison yard retarded did you think. he said it takes practice. >> pam: did as additional ton structure capable of doing more and more. prison officials say, nine inmates were involved in the fight over the drug dropped into the prison. there's no word on whether they had figured
5:35 pm
out who was flying that drone. >> pam: the family of san grumbling and the illinois woman found dead in a texas jail cell last month filed a wrongful death lawsuit tuesday in houston thrift seeking to hold law- enforcement officials accountable. authorities say, a land that was the result of the suicide in her county jail cell on july 13th. >> pam: her family is now questioning whether that was really the case. a glance mother geneva reid says blandishing have never been inside the cell and the first place. she was are arrested for a minor traffic violation. >> catherine: and fresno county investigators are still looking for the gunman who shot a pretty woman in the face. a happened in the parent wrote rage incident
5:36 pm
sunday. the 18 year old woman, who is three months pregnant was riding in the passenger seat on the car. while her husband was driving and he reportedly had passed and as you de on a roll to grow because it was going slow. deputies say this with st because of pulled alongside in shot at the couple hitting the one in the eye. >> pam: the woman remains in critical condition as of early today. her on born baby survived the shooting. the fresno county sheriff's office is hoping that someone might have information leading to the gunmen but they don't have a lot of leads. >> pam: plus another hollywood couple is calling it quits been insider look at social media reaction to glenn and gavins break up. and kitchens where every meal is the most important
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it took leonardo and miriam years to master the toss. but just a few little steps to master depositing checks with the chase mobile® app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> reporter:a hollywood couple is breaking - up news. >> reporter: gwen stefani and gavin rossdale. are calling it quits. the insider's louis aguirre has more from los angeles. with details on their divorce. >> reporter:pam, fans of the rock star couple not feelin 'hella good' today.
5:40 pm
>> reporter:as we go inside social media's unbearable grief over gwen and gavin's break up. >>gwen: we been walking down this road for some time >>carson: oh its so personal this is terrible / sad to say gwen stefani and gavin rossdale they are divorcing >>baby dont baby dont lie i dont want to cry no more >>they have been together 20 years married 13 >> reporter:a generation of fans being rock's coolest couple are a joint statement saying >> reporter:while the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage we remain partners in parenthood >>hello my name is kingston rossdale >> reporter:the parents of 9 year old kingston 6 year old zuma and 17 month old apollo crying emoticons from their social circle. 83 percent of our yahoo celebrity heat index is negative with one fan tweeting quote >> reporter:gwen stefani and gavin rossdale are divorcing, love alone #realtalk >>just because gwen and gavin broke up doesn't mean that love is dead
5:41 pm
>> reporter:our relationship insider, delivering a little reality throwing their hands up in surrender when it comes to >>i think people like to think of celebrity relationships lives / and if they cant stay together then whats to happen to us which is crazy celebs have special psychological personalities / and need a lot of me me me attention so they have a hard time having healthy giving. >> reporter: all they gave us the ultimate stars are are just first hollywood premiere as a married couple in 2004 we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 to you, pam. >> pam:the insider is part of a full hour of entertainment news that starts at 7:00. at 7:30 it's entertainment tonight. scott >> pam:then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 ... >>tens of thousands of concertgoers are expected to flock to san
5:42 pm
>> grant:francisco's golden gate park this coming weekend for the eighth annual outside lands music & arts festival, a three-day fete largest such events in the country. elton john, mumford & sons and the black keys are among the groups!
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gabe slate tech report >> you are going to find a lot to like here. >> reporter: and a tan is a free update for anyone running windows 7 or windows eight for one year. after it
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expires it will cost $120. >> reporter: default internet browser is slimmer and much more modern than its predecessor internet explorer creek windows 10 the virtual assistant, is a windows example of series for it or version of scary. --siri >> reporter: additional learning curve. --there is no learning curve >> you can create fake desktops so much you can multitask. >> still works really well
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>> diane: when speed is an average 13 mi.. sen francisco and the peninsula is in the upper 60s. we do have a multi cloudy conditions. with your temperatures and low 60s. and then will we go with parley, as the temperatures in the '60s for the bay area. so satellite repair shop manual and wheat system. >> diane: have also brought in and trace of showers to rid east bay palin hi, for tomorrow with the '80s and
5:48 pm
84 degrees for stan long. temperatures at 74 degrees for selling and drove at 69 for richmond and 75 per union city. >> diane: sunshine will peak out later in the afternoon. at in the north that you can expect patchy f o g. >> diane: move over to san francisco peninsula here we will see most of the apache f o g. --we will see most of the apache--patch fog >> diane: everywhere also be
5:49 pm
mostly sunny. >> diane: friday, along with shea the down to 83 degrees. east bay will be in the mid- 70s. >> reporter: washington de la owners and losers. --wat ching today! >> reporter: economically if they lose a point of to they will break down after it. i did >> reporter: not believe that the stocks will fall apart. >> reporter: million people likely will buy another phone. --3million
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my >> reporter: opinion, is if it declines a little more i will step up and buy a little more. >> reporter: you will hear more and more about this next year. google, it is now out there. i use the up for goal occurred there are looking at your phone searches. it will say hey you went to the gym yester day and it took you this long to get to the gym. >> reporter: this is the next level with start recommending and 1 restaurants we will want and what drives times it would take >> reporter: curry with the
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issue of war for him which is a real steal of the deal. under armor for years ago and nike in his first 40 years they had curry because he was always hard so they said they do not want him anymore. under stepped in for $4 million. the sales are going through the roof. the issues are curry won. -- the shoes are curry 1 >> reporter: people behaving badly! up next!
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:the inferno still rages in lake county tonight.seemingly unaffected by a light rain. the wildfire burning near clear lake has consumed 101 suqare miles.has destroyed dozens of buildings and homes. and threatens an estimated seven-thousand more, >> pam:good evening. i'm pam more. >> pam:the erratic fire has been burning for a week, and shows no signs of letting up. kron 4's j-r stone joins us
5:59 pm
from lake county with the newest developments. >> pam:j-r? >> reporter: i do want to go to some of the video because you can see the crews fighting only on the ground but also from the air. you see one of the helicopters being used to pick up some of the water. and dump it at some of the affected areas. this fire had jumped over highway 20 and threatening homes to spring valley area. >> reporter: was in that area talking to a number of people. last night they saw black smoke but today they are not see any smoke because the land is very strong to the north--to the north east. so they are not seeing that at all.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: i talk with someone, because some of these people have not evacuate it and that was where this is one of these people that have not evacuate. and this is what she had to say. >> in look like we should have left but i'm glad we did not because some people are not being able to return. and i haven't been able to go to work for it and i have no where in town to stay so i'm stuck. >> reporter: i am on the far west side of this fire. it is beautiful outside and it is sunny outside. but this plant is pushing a lot of the smoke far east from where i am standing. just a few miles from here is a much different story.
6:01 pm
>> pam:the first day of school is being pushed back for 14-hundred lake county students because evacuees from the wildfire are taking shelter in several school buildings. >> pam: kron 4's maureen kelly spoke with the middletown unified superintendent who says, the new start date may be pushed back even further, if conditions worsen. >> pam: evacuees are sleeping in cots set up in the middletown high school gymnasium. eating meals near the lockers and the red cross' intake center is in their multi purpose room.which is where supplies.for those affected are being stored >> reporter:the middletown middle school is also being used to house the volunteers. these schools were supposed to open up for classes next tuesday. >> reporter:but as the fire continues to burn. the superintendent decided it would be best to push the first day of school to august 18th.for the entire district. she says inconvienced parents are dealing with it.
6:02 pm
>>people who are needing it >>it means a lot to us >> reporter:gina powers and her husband moved into the shelter on sunday.because at the time they had no where else to go. and she appreciates the help. >> reporter: schools in the district could be pushed back even further.and other districts may have to do the same.all depending on where the fire spreads. >> if it were to move into a heavily populated areas and all of the schools are handling the evacuees, and across facility is being used we all may have to delay and delay mortared is a possibility. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news
6:03 pm
burn. >> reporter: received a stream of water that this is eliminating an uphill battle when you look at the wall of flame. these ladies are tired. >> grant: there's nearly two dozen well fire struck the state tonight. and this one by far is the lake county fire which is known as the rocky fire. causing several of these fires to start. it is not just went on natural causing, lightning can come. yet also see the scope of this thing 65,000 a. patrick to soaring over tall trees. mandatory e evacuation notices. steve and tough to rank it planes dropping fire
6:04 pm
retardant and helicopters dumping water are critical. >> grant: despite all the efforts to win for homes have been lost and countless vehicles like this truck here is destroyed. for more images and video from the lake county fire check out kron4 dot com. >> pam: breaking news tonight period of the search for a missing set francisco teacher and el dorado county has ended in tragedy. the 44 your old it cavanaugh was found dead off a trill west of slate mountain. catherine heenan is here with more of this breaking story patrick capelin? catherine?
6:05 pm
the sheriff's office received a call that he may >> catherine:the caller was a member of the family's search effort.who located a motorcyle matching the deceased person nearby. >> catherine:he was last seen more than a week ago.riding his dirt national forest. cavanaugh taught at downtown continuation high school in san francisco. >> catherine:it's a heartbreaking ending searching for 45-year-old edward cavanaugh. >> catherine:in fact we've learned tonight that it was a member of the family's search team who found the body. a little before noon - that person called the el dorado sheriff's office to say thatcavanaugh's body had been found - not far from thrt bike he'd been riding. 17th. >> catherine:he was a popular teacher at san francisco's downtown continuation high school. he'd been with a friend in the el dorado national forest - but left on his own at some point. >> catherine:his family tonight is thanking many people who rough terrain. in a statement - they say it's a testament to his people cared.
6:06 pm
>> catherine:the coroner's office has not identification of the body >> pam: in hayward. the city's fire was suspended for a month after an investigation found acts of misconduct. some involving the use of alcohol. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from hayward. with details on the fire chief's troubles. dan? >> reporter: we are just finding out what the police chief was accused of doing. >> reporter: taking part and that behavior skirted, find this he was under the influence of alcohol starting a fight and assuming alcohol while on call prepared. instead of being fired, they suspended him for one month and cut his pay by 9%. >> we have now seen any more
6:07 pm
of the bay-behaviors' and we do not believe that the cheese has any behavior problems or alt problems. >> as i mentioned it is very difficult. to believe in the best interests of the city and department that i state in the role of chief of police. i plan on winning back that trust with the same after that i could answer the last 20 years sprit--that i put in for the last 20 years. >> i do not think it is fair. i believe anyone else would be fired.
6:08 pm
>> everyone deserves a second chance. i hope that it would happen to me. >> reporter: you do not think so? >> know. it would that happen for me. (laughter) >> reporter: and hayward decrement >> pam: in hayward, a big turn out for fallen police officer scott lunger's family. all day long.this hayward restaurant.famous dave's contributed 35-percent of its proceeds to the lunger family. >> pam: there was also door prizes.raffle items.and a small live action. those attending say it was important to show their support to the family. >>.any way possible. ..
6:09 pm
>> pam:the fundraiser will last until closing tonight - which is ten p-m. >> pam:san jose today was recognized by the white house as a tech-hire city. san jose joins 30 other cities nationwide...including san francisco and oakland... to be honored by president obama for its commitment to creating pathways to jobs in the high-technology industry. >> pam:tech-hire was launched in empower americans with the education and training needed to earn higher wages. >> diane: parlous some additions by noontime, 5 mi.
6:10 pm
per hour breeze. . the afternoon highs about 3:00 p.m. cooler than average for this time of year. >> diane: stand along the 71 degree mark for hayward and sampras is glenn peninsula and the upper 60s. we do have passed g f o g in the area. half moon bay and the north bay for tomorrow morning. --patchy fog >> diane: we will have the upper 80s for the inland areas and the east bay. war clearing with those guys and sunshine in place for friday in time for the weekend. >> pam: the humpback whale carcass that washed up on a pacifica beach last sunday got a send off from a couple afternoon. >> pam: a crew from a santa cruz towboat company tied a
6:11 pm
line to the remains and pulled it slowly off the beach. once out to sea they were faced with a long journey to
6:12 pm
my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose.
6:13 pm
my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. >> pam: the humpback whale carcass that washed up on a pacifica beach last sunday got a sendoff from a couple dozen onlookers this i can than accurate and crew from santa cruz towboat company tied a line to the remains and pulled this slowly off
6:14 pm
the beach. once all to see they were faced with a long journey to an acceptable disposal site. >>we are planning on towing it out past the farallones, about twenty hours, and then come back home. >> pam:the tow company is familiar with the voyage after having from half moon bay earlier this summer. >> grant: local deputy got a guy out of his corporate you can see him dragging him out of caltran print as the train their lean down. we froze the tears and you can get your bearings. it was taking far away. in sunnyvale. this is slow- motion patrick caltran says the two sheriff's deputies sprang into action. when
6:15 pm
dragging a guide to safety and the unborn when toward the oncoming train to get him to slow down in time. -- to get the conductor to slow down in time for it. >> we cannot thank them enough for the quick actions last night. she >> grant: 20 year-old nelson gomez was arrested for d.u.i. i in no driver's license. caltran tweet of this picture to think the deputies and we will hear from these two guys tonight at kron 4 news at 8. >> pam: redwood city will resume after finding west nile virus in samples of harmful virus. in an effort to prevent human cases vector controll will spray around the areas where the infected mosquitos were found. >> pam: redwood city residents can see a map of the treatment area by visiting the san mateo county website and search for vector control and
6:16 pm
mosquitos. >> pam: a recent increase of large dog intake has the oakland animal shelter asking for the public's help. >> pam: animal shelter officials say that due to a surge of evictions and increased rent costs... many families are no longer able to care for their pets. >> pam: as of monday...there were 230 dogs at the meant to house 120. >> pam: the shelter is strongly encouraging dog they have already been spayed or neutered, vaccinated...and given a complete physical. >> pam: there's more fall- out after an american dentist shot anda well known lion named cecil. >> pam: that's after he illegally baited it - from a protected wildlife reserve in zimbabwe. catherine heenan is here with the latest - including how people are showing their anger.
6:17 pm
>> catherine:that dentist - walter palmer - is still believed to be in hiding. no one has seen him at his home in minnesota >> catherine:but this is what's been happening at his florida home. someone has written "lion killer" on his garage door. >> catherine:palmer shot the lion with a bow and arrow -- and it reportedly suffered with the wound for 40 hours before being tracked down and killed by the dentist. >> catherine:someone has also vandalized his florida home by leaving pigs' feet in the driveway. >> catherine:and spelling out the word "killer" -- with stuffed animals. palmer was identified as the hunter last month. >> catherine:one strange twist to the story.some people have been threatening 'another' dentist with the same last name in louisiana. >> catherine:he says he and his wife - who works with him - have been tormented by nasty calls and negative posts on his facebook page.
6:18 pm
>> catherine:meantime -- a toy company is honoring cecil the lion with a beanie baby. the "ty" company is selling this stuffed lion = and says that all profits from the sales >> catherine:will go to animal conservation efforts. the beanie baby lion features a dark mane -- something which made cecil well known by tourists in zimbabwe. >> pam: a group opposed to abortion rights released a new video today, claiming that it shows planned parenthood profited by selling aborted fetuses to researchers, >> pam: the video includes secretly recorded conversations with a planned parenthood official. with actors posing as representatives of a medical research company. >> pam: and it ends with a tour of the planned parenthood lab. >>"are there any fresh specimens from today that we can still look at? >>we had a really long day and a lot of them are mixed together in a bag." >> pam: planned parenthood said the video does not show
6:19 pm
any staff member engaged in wrongdoing. and calls it an extremely offensive intrusion. >> pam: the family of sandra bland filed a wrongful- death houston...against the state trooper and other officials involved in her arrest. >> pam: bland died on july 13th in her waller county jail what authorities say was a suicide. >> pam: her family is now questioning if a suicide was death...and are criticizing the trooper who stopped her for failing to signal a lane change. >> pam: bland's mother... geneva reed-veal...stated that bland should never have been in a jail cell in the first place. >> pam: three north carolina men are weapons for an attack on the u-s government. >> pam: according to court documents.the three collected military gear and other materials over the course of several months. >> pam: the documents allege
6:20 pm
they intended to booby-trap land draw government forces there to kill them. >> pam: prosecutors say the three an attempt by the u-s government to impose martial law. all three are in federal custody. >> pam: fiat chrysler has recalled another one of their vehicles. if you own a dodge slam the doors shut. >> pam: nearly three- hundred-thousand chargers from 20-11 to 20-14 may deploy side airbags due to the impact. fiat chrysler believes three people were injured because of the malfunction. >> pam: no crashes have been reported. >> pam: the automaker says the problem is rare.but owners should use caution until >> pam: parts of the country have been hit with stormy everything from high winds to flooding.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>> pam: this was the scene in providence rhode island this morning. where lots of trees are down. catherine heenan is here with more on some of the hardest hit areas.catherine? psst >> catherine: one of the trouble spots -- new hampshire. where monday night winds at a circus in the town of lancaster. >> catherine: the fairgrounds was packed with people when howling miles an hour. people under the circus tent began to get up and leave -- but too late. >> catherine: the tent collapsed -- and we killed were a father and daughter. the fire marshall had an update today. >> was approximately 100 people in the tent at the time of collapse. we have reports of approximately 32 people that have been treated and for regional hospitals in the area.
6:24 pm
>> catherine: the number of injured might be higher -- since some people were walking into emergency rooms on their own. safety inspectors spent the the tent was properly put together - and everything. >> catherine: severe weather in parts of florida led to scenes like evacuated from apartments in new port richey. >> catherine: at last word - no one was injured -- but there was a lot of storm damage in the buildings and downed power lines. >> catherine: and the severe weather hitthis aerial view shows just been knocked over in the storm. >> catherine: causing traffic and powerin some's expected it will be days before they get the mess cleared up. >> catherine: continuing our
6:25 pm
coverage.the schools in the middletown buildings. >> pam: our top stories tonight, the rocket fire destroying land at three northern california counties current the latest in the containment efforts this next. >> diane: have some light showers and the night in the area today and that will let him know if we will have more in the future! ♪♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more
6:26 pm
colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪♪
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6:28 pm
>> reporter: against the fire crews are not only on the ground watson the air as well. scorching another a number of hillsides coming close to homes and area. we can report that the plant has pushed off to the north east trip not threatened like they were just last night for it >> reporter: to meet our coverage the fire is causing to push their first day of class is in the unified middle school district later. >> reporter:the superintendent says parents who have to scramble to find babysitters aren't happy but they understand the need. school is now slated to start on august 18th.but that could be moved again.depending on the fire. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news
6:29 pm
>> evacuation center in middletown is still open every of by the red cross for those affected by the rocky firepit dozens of people have come and gone since it's been all that. some rusting in the hotels and motels where the city creek--and the city. after some the want to donate the same cannot predict because they have plenty of items card however you could make a donation to the red cross organization. >> reporter: investigation has come to light the fire chief has been launched last of-behavior going back to 2013%. star >> reporter: dan a fight and under the influence of alcohol print--under the
6:30 pm
influence of alcohol when in command. >> reporter: the chief was suspended for one month and had his paycheck cut by 9 percent. now he is back on the job. here in hayward kron 4 news. >> reporter: out the day threat this restaurant right here they miss the days and hayward donated 35% of its proceeds to this family. the fund-raiser was run by the police and by your fallen heroes organization that is a non-profit organization. raising money from a small live auction door prizes and raffles. here in hayward to receive and stuff still crop for newsprint--here in hayward, kron 4 news
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the two year old pajamas shepherd is back with her owner. a few personal items were stolen lady is now back. just seen one in kron4 newsprint--to your old german shepherd >> pam: chinese state media shared this dramatic video of flooding in north china. heavy rains led to the collapse of this road. >> pam: three vehicles parked on the roadside fell into a river. one man was seen climbing down the collapsed cliff to get to a vehicle. >> pam: state media report it was the county in dozens of years. crews were able to retrieve one of the vehicles. >> pam: there are no reported deaths. >> diane: afternoon tomorrow
6:32 pm
gradual clearing with this clause with when speed at 10 mi. per hour. a modest one mop for thursday and friday creek will not see the '90s but still a warm-up will then have spent in the next couple of days. >> diane: as i mentioned, it is a weak system there. with that, the system is in place with more clout and patchy fog. and light showers. we transition into tomorrow. at 11:00 a.m. morphed f/g wearing off after it stretching over the inland valley location naso much
6:33 pm
for the north bay they will have sunning skies. >> diane: by 8:00 p.m. the same with patchy f o g. and modest warm-up come wednesday into thursday. he said for most of the cities. castro valley, at 76 derrick--76 degrees. no. i city scattered f o jean. moving over to the sao francisco peninsula with the microclimate accurate state here--the gradual clearing. >> diane: and modest, one must come thursday, 86
6:34 pm
degrees for thursday and friday with most of the clouds clearing out. for the weekend more sunshine into early next week. >> catherine: >> pam: tesla motors has a grander plan beyound electric cars. we'll tell you about it when kron 4 news
6:35 pm
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>> gary: role of the highlights explanation plant
6:43 pm
>> gary: they have to combat...hunter pence! >> gary:6th endings one run! >> gary:he thought the ending was over! >> gary:6'3! now i have to go to grant. he's watching
6:44 pm
the giants game. >> diane: >> gary:pam, its 6'3 ...6/3 giants >> gary: well, keep me updated! >> gary:he's off to a great start. a big fellaw name
6:45 pm
campbell. >> gary: he's goingto be a dominate player. >> teach me some things and i can learn from. >> he've-- he's very humb le. >>suffering a grown --groin
6:46 pm
incident >> he will be out for a while. >> >> gary: floyd will come back ! 49-0 >> gary: he will want to go 50-0. reportedly, not a lo
6:47 pm
aheadt to like outside the ring. but inside the ring he is a genius. >> gary:even pam looked at me? >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: tricked out snea kers. only for shoes >> gary: 80 million dollar contract
6:48 pm
>> gary: i was-- alayways ahve a --have a thing about earning money. >> pam: of course, it;'s's your money! >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: when you build your house just for shoes? >> grant: how do you sell
6:49 pm
that ?? >> gary:brandon armstrong no longer plays professionally? >> gary: but he intimated idates kolby >> gary: we will update you
6:50 pm
on the giants game and swi mming update s
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> pam: officials inspected the board and found the documentation and shelled that it was not to leave spanish territories.
6:54 pm
>> pam: all for panda cubs are boys separate just over 18 giant pandas left in the world. >> pam: we are back with kron 4 news at shinnecock. >> diane: we are going to be in the low 80s and 70's for the east bay. things will warm up modestly by thursday and friday. we do have a slight chance of showers. i should mention for wednesday night.
6:55 pm
>> pam: hope that trace becomes a big reality for all buster at--for all of us. have a nice evening.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
terrible. gwen stefani and gavin are divorcing. >> we've been together for so long. >> don't speak. news has social media sitting with hopeless romantics everywhere hoping. >> just because gwen and gavin broke up doesn't mean love is dead. and then donald presidential forum. but his tweet keep him surging in the poll. >> i'm number one with the hispanics. and ments. plus amy viral vacation photos have everyone. >> i see pictures of you and
7:00 pm
jennifer lawrence. >> oh, god. don't even start. >> how did hollywood it girls become besties? their unexpected romance. >> i look like her coach in all the pictures. i'm like listen, jen! now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. the donald skips the first official gop event but trump's not taking the hit as poll numbers keep climbing like crazy. >> you are not kidding. thursday's debate could be the most watched debate ever and i do mean ever. we're going to get to all that but first turning to the news trending for all the wrong reasons today. gwen ste fiancefani and gavin divorced. i wanted them to have a simple kind of life. >> not feeling hella good today as we go inside social media's unbearable grief over gwen and gavin's break-up. >> been together for so long.


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