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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :a health warning out of berkeley tonight. a u-c berkeley student has been diagnosed with measles. and officials say, the student rode on public transportation. and spent time on campus, before the diagnosis. good evening, i'm pam moore. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from the u-c berkeley campus. where students are on high alert. alecia. >> alecia :anyone that was on the u-c berkeley campus between last monday and saturday, should know that they may have been
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exposed to measles. measles is a highly infectious, airborne virus that spreads rapidly. >> : im sorta afraid of that stuff. >> alecia :the infected student spent time on campus, and got on a-c transit. on monday august 24th around 3:30 in the afternoon, the patient hopped on the 25-a bus, then again at 5:30 in the evening along the same route. antonin fourez walks these streets everyday. he doesn't believe in vaccination. >> : i missed several vaccinations as a child and i still feel good. >> alecia :the city of berkeley's public health department is working with the university to notiy students that attend the same classes, or share living space with the infected student, that they may be in jeapordy. >> : i had measles, chicken pox, mumps as a kid >> alecia :anyone that may have come in contact, and now has a fever or rash, is urged to call their healthcare provider.
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keep in mind measles can linger in the air for up to twp hours. health officials say once vaccinated, the risk of contracting the virus is extremely low. reporting live in berkely. >> pam :new at 11. firefighters are battling a 2- alarm house fire in san francisco. it broke out just before 9- tonight. along clayton street near 17th street. so far, there are no reports of injuries. we will be sure to bring you more information. as it becomes available. the family of kate steinle. plans to file a claim to hold san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, immigration and custom's enforcement. and the bureau of land management. all responsible for her death. steinle was shot and killed last month on pier- 14 along san francisco's waterfront. francisco lopez- sanchez, an undocumented immigrant, who had been released from jail in april by sheriff mirkarimi, is
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charged with steinle's murder. mirkarimi refused to keep lopez- sanchez held for ice officials, citing san francisco's sanctuary city law. the gun used in the shooting was stolen from a bureau of land management ranger's car. back in june. steinle's family plans to hold a news conference tomorrow morning. we will live stream the new conference on our a string of robberies in a popular san francisco tourist location. has residents in the area on edge. now. the city of san francisco is enforcing new patrols in the area. to prevent future attacks. kron 4's emily turner has more on the change. that is supposed to make criminals think twice in the area. >> emily : a beautiful skyline on a picture-perfect street and add to that blue uniforms and you will have your daily view
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here are the new ambassadors the city and the police treated it due to the growing amounts of crime in the area these folks help direct traffic and help to lower down prime >>:up our presence out here helps lower crime a lot, we help others out >> emily : will pick back up again in may. it is costing the city $110,000 but residents believe that it is worth it >>:it is just a accident waiting to happen so i think some controlled chaos is useful, but doing it in a way that is nice to the tourists is in sports and--important >>:we don't get shot or wander
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off to summer probably shouldn't be, but it helps you and know that you are in the right place >> emily : there are opponents of this program who believe it is not a wise expenditure, but there are similar products and fisherman's wharf and has been successful time will only tell if this will be successful as well >> grant :and now here is the time trend in the neighborhood from north point to broadway this includes the steep high street area and the crooked part of lombard we had an enormous spike of car burglaries', tourists with luggage in their cars and distracted by the sites were the main target. and then a much more disturbing
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target on lombard, two days rob a to rest stealing his camera and shooting him in the shoulder. this prompted the police chief to ensure residents that it is still a safe place >> pam :after a weekend of problems that started friday night, highway- 101- in burlingame, is back open in both directions. at least for now. power lines came crashing down along the highway on friday. cal-trans says, it was actually the back side of an excavator. that crashed into a tower. leading the power lines coming down. temporary repairs have now been made. two, wood power poles which have been put up in the location where a tower like this, once stood. >>:we are going to sit down and look at what makes sense to make these repairs. we have to put the milk transition to our backup eventually--metal transition tower up eventually
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>> pam :cal-trans officials say, the excavator was part of a group of trucks, being used to do work to dig holes and then fill them with concrete -- all steps necessary to expand a bridge over highway- 101 in burglingame. after the accident. the highway was shutdown. along with nearby ramps. some p-g&e workers were on the clock for more than 50- hours in order to fix the power lines. work finally wrapped up this morning. the sanctuary city policy under fire by a bay area county reconsidering whether to keep it in place. president obama talking about climate change. on a special trip to the nations 49th state. and a heartfelt memorial for the virginia news photographer. ambushed and killed last week on live television.
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>> pam :a community came together tonight. to remember virginia news cameraman adam ward. ward, and reporter alison parker, were shot and killed on live television last week in roanoke. hundreds of people lined up at the visitation. inside adam's former high school, to give condolences to his family, and his fiancé's family. the salem high school principal coached ward in football. and says, this community is healing over the loss of one of its own. >>:he loved life and he was truly kind to people. he smiled all the time and wore shorts every day no matter how cold it was. he was fun and he was genuine
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>> pam :as more people came to pay their respects throughout the day. they said they wanted adam ward to be remembered as the man in these pictures. they say he made everyone smile. and was always there for anyone who needed him. coming up. a one -time secret service agent. guilty of using the black market website - silk road. just ahead. denny's wants to connect with burger king. on a burger 'peace' mission of sorts. we'll explain. >> gary :and the coming up we have a big big a big game tonight with the giants and the dodgers. we have the highlights. and the a's are finishing up against the angels and will let jan know what serena williams did a little bit later in the broadcast--let you know what >> brian :starting tomorrow it gets fog, year and fog will have your forecast for the week ahead coming up--foggier, and cooler
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>> pam :in the wake of the pier -14 shooting in san francisco. many bay area counties are taking a closer look at how they deal with undocumented immigrants , who get in trouble with the law. kron 4's kate cagle reports. a "sanctuary city" pioneer. is giving the policy a second thought. > >kate : nearly two months after kate steinle died on pier 14 santa clara county is taking a second look at their sanctuary city policy.
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in a meeting today.the sheriff admitted they've been ignoring ice requests since late 2011. >> : "we are still getting requests and we are ignoring them." > >kate:she is asking the board of supervisors to take a second look at their policy. the man accused of killing steinle is an undocumented immigrant who had been in and out of u-s prisons. ice supporters argue law enforment cooperation makes everyone safer >>:i do consider our current position as a loophole > >kate:many recent immigrants spoke at the meeting in support santa clara county current position. >> : "right now their scared. they are in a very vulnerable position right now. " > >kate:priya murthy is the program organization that helps immigrants know their rights. >> : "people have to feel safe
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> >kate:the board of supervisors will continue their discussion at their next meeting.september 15th. kate cagle. >> pam :new at 11. a former secret service agent. pleads guilty. to stealing 820- thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. from the silk road online black market. shaun bridges pleaded guilty to one- count of money laundering. and one- count of obstructing justice in federal court today. bridges is one of two former federal agents c. onvicted of corruption during the investigation of silk road. the website sold illegal drugs, false identification, computer hacking tools, and money laundering services. it's founder, san francisco man non - named ross ulbricht, was sentenced to life in prison. some inmate services have been restored at san quentin prison. following an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. the restored services include out- of-cell time for inmates. law library visits, and dental appointments. there are six confirmed cases of the disease at the prison. an additional 73- inmates are
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under observation. but have not been diagnosed with the disease. the disease is carried through water. such as steam, mist, and moisture. >> brian :things are going to turn cooler here for the next couple of days. if you look out here at sfo there are some cloudiness coming into the day making the inland valleys cloudy low clouds are still clearing bayside in mid noon and it might be till later before we get sunshine in places like san francisco temperatures will be down a couple degrees in fact five to 10 degrees cooler for tuesday afternoon close to 84 the south bay but no '90s for tomorrow in the east bay valley
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it will continue to get cooler as we go through this week tomorrow sonny for most of the day in the valley with more fog expected on wednesday but grace skies was slow clearing and temperatures dropping a little bit more and about the same for thursday starting on friday we will have a little bit of a change with lighter sea breeze that will help to reduce the fog as we head into labor day weekend '70's at the coast and '80s by the bay, '90s for the east bay valley possibly some sunshine all the way to the beach >> pam :president obama is calling for urgent action on climate change. without change, he says, countries will be submerged under water. and cities will be abandoned. the president spoke earlier today at a climate change summit in anchorage, alaska. the first of his three day visit. he is warning that the thawing
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permafrost. and the warmer waters. threaten alaskan homes and livelihoods. he says, some villages are already in imminent danger. and must relocate entirely. > >obama : the fact is that the climate is changing faster than our efforts to change it-- address it that ladies and gentlemen must change. we are not acting fast enough >> pam :president obama's tour of alaska is aimed at showcasing that states melting glaciers and rising sea levels. in an attempt to demonstrate the damage from global warming. the president also plans on changing the name of mt. mckinley to mt. denali. which is its original name denny's restaurant. wants to work with burger king. to make their very own "peace burger." this comes after mcdonald's rejected burger king's suggestion, that the two fast food chains sell hybrid "mc-
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whoppers" to celebrate peace day. denny's wants to combine elements of its bacon slamburger. which includes hash browns, egg, and bacon. with the iconic whopper. burger king has not yet responded to denny's. in sports. the giants try to gain some ground on the dodgers in their showdown series in l-a. and what happened to the wall at the coliseum during the a's game? sports director gary radnich is back. he will explain. and have all the sports. coming up [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up.
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>> gary :if you are interested in sports and the giants, i will talk to pam and brian this is like a playoff game the dodgers have one runner on carl in the 1th marlon byrd gives giants 3-1 lead in the 3rd adrian gonzales ties game bot of 6th andre here
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if you can't get it brian, go to your monitor in your deck shoes and get them anyway 4-2 dodgers, then tied at 4 let me go to brian it is still 4-4? >> brian :yes, with a man on 2nd >> gary :i would like to watch it myself but we have some technical difficulties here at the studio, so brian will keep an eye on it the giants have to win because they face some hard games coming up with the 2 best pitchers in
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baseball out to the coliseum they had a football game last night, tore the football stadium down to get it ready for baseball a's up 5-3 beats the throw home 250k dollars whenever they switch from football to baseball > >brian : inning over, giant's up now > >gary: i would love to watch it here but we still have technical difficulties, and brian is walking around with his deck shoes protruding like he is on they got--pretending like
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he's on a yacht >> pam :we know that you are an honest sports director >> gary :i just hate having to rely on a man wearing deck shoes, but i love my brian he was in the 2012 draft, he had a chance, but no pam moore is writing things down > >pam : same thing > >gary: the producer does once to look busy--just wants you to look busy jim is a big deal
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some think he wore out his welcome he's good for a few innings fox is carrying michigan vs utah and they'll have a camera on him the whole game, the khaki cam steph curry is all over the place, sharks hosting a warrior's preseason game at the arena in san jose they are giving away steph curry bobbleheads that's how we stand at the 12th, still 4-4 >> brian :they are still getting
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ready to start the 12th inning >> gary :now i'm going to go home and watch the rest of the game >> pam :good night
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♪[ music ] nicki minaj vs. miley cyrus. >> this had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. miley what's good? >> and is kanye west serious? >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> then, what was she thinking. the mom who left her baby in a shopping cart. what she's saying now. plus, donald trump on the attack. >> one of the great sleaze bags of our time. >> wait until you see who he's calling a sleaze bag. then danger at the stadium. >> how you can


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