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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :at eleven. yet another wildfire burning in lake county. details at eleven. another wildfire is burning out of control in lake county. it has scorched 450- acres. and is 20 percent contained. the fire is burning near elk mountain road and mount dinger road. north of upper lake good evening, i'm pam moore. fire captain emily smith from cal- fire joins us live on the phone now. captain. what can you tell us? >>:cal fire and the us forest service are working,
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20% contained moving in a northeast direction. >> pam :described the area affected for those not familiar--describe >>:is a smaller community and it backs up to the forest. lots of brush and timber >> pam :no buildings are threatened at this time? >>:correct. red cross is working with any individual circles >> pam :any idea how it started and you have any concerns as they headed to the late hours? >>:weather conditions have turned to the favorite son of the--favors of the firefighters,
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winds ahve subsided, etc >> pam :there have been a number of fires in lake county and to an untrained observer it may seem like there is a fire and blood on loose, is that a possibility or is there a reasonable explanation? >>:lake county is notorious for having driving--dry fuel >> pam :thank you for joining us tonight. that fire is 20 percent contained at this hour >> pam :there is finally a chance for justice for sierra lamar. at long last a trial date has been set today, the santa clara county district attorney confirmed, the man suspected in the 15-year girl's murder back in 2012 -- will stand trial. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal spoke with sierra's father, who reacts to the day's developments.
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>> phillipe :steve lamar says though so much time has passed since his daughter's disappearance, he never feared antolin garcia-torres would not stand trial for his daugter's murder. >> : "oh, no. i wasn't concerned -- no." >> phillipe :and, says he's relieved to know now that the trial is set to start next year on april 25th. >> : "we were forewarned by the da's office that it would be a long haul and it still will be but every little step like this helps." >> phillipe :up until earlier this year volunteers had organized searches in morgan hill since sierra went missing in march 2012. despite her remains not being found, the santa clara county district attorney's office says forensic evidence found in garcia-torres' car links him to sierra's murder. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> : "is there any hope she may still be alive? yea, i always keep that hope. the whole family -- we're always keeping
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that hope, so that's not gonna go away until we have concrete proof. so, its gonna be a tough, tough haul. so, i'm not looking forward to that part, but i am looking forward to getting some justice for sierra. do, that's the important thing." >> phillipe :philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :it has been a long, painful road for sierra lamar's family, friends, searchers, and supporters. grant lodes explains the major events. that led up to this point. >> grant :we have to go back to march 16th of 2012 when she did not show up to school after leading for the blast and was reported missing. there were disturbing significant clues like her cellphone and her clothes found on the route to the bus stopped. the suspect was arrested on may
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22nd and dna evidence allegedly linking him to sierra the court process was painfully snow for the next two years, and in february of 2014 he pleads not guilty and today a judge sets the trial date of next april 25th, it will be almost five years after he was first arrested >> pam :to stay up to date with the sierra lamar case, and all your bay area news, be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free to download from the apple store. the man who the f-b-i says, is behind a bay area kidnapping. was in court today. and the defense attorneys want a key piece of evidence out. matthew muller is connected to the vallejo kidnapping of denise huskins. and a home invasion case in dublin. in court. his attorney argued that muller's cell phone. considered a vital part of the investigation. should 'not' be presented as evidence. he claims, authorities did not
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get a search warrant before getting information from muller's phone. >>:if you are going to search something without a warrant you have to make that search clean. it has got to be a search that if it is want less it better be good in every other respect-- warrant-less >> pam : tomorrow officers from the dublin police department say a victim in the dublin home invasion case found muller's phone on a counter and gave it to them shortly after police arrived. officers then dialed 911 from that phone to immediately get the numbersomething that is now the focal point in the case against matthew muller. you can see the burglars ransacking the home and ripping down the security cameras. police say the thieves whose faces were captured on camera will help them track down both suspects >>: because of this video is going to make it easier for us and the
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other officers can see this and say that they might know who it is and i can trigger a starting point for the starting >> pam :investigators told kron 4 news that they may know who is involved a restaurant worker refuses to serve a police officer. because of her job. we'll tell you what happened next. kate steinle's family. blasting the officials and demanding accountability over her killing on a san francisco pier. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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>> pam :new at 11. the family of pier- 14 shooting victim. kate steinle. is speaking out about her death. officials arrested undocumented immigrant francisco lopez - sanchez. on suspicion of shooting steinle. todays talks with the family, come the day after they filed a lawsuit against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and his department. along with two other federal agencies. immigration and the bureau of land management. steinle's brother says, the negligence of these agencies. led to here killing in july. >> grant :up to this point nobody has taken responsibility and nobody is being held accountable. the federal agencies and the city of san francisco have all pointed fingers at one another, blaming the other person or the other agency on her death.
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>> pam :the suspect is a convicted felon. who has already been deported five times. just ahead. an airline listed as worst in the world for service. where no pictures are allowed. or you could lose your camera. burglars hit a business in mountain view. taking thousands of dollars worth of property. details ahead. >> gary :coming up a little bit later in this broadcast to the giants and the dodgers highlights are coming out. and we had a historic day at the coliseum >> diane : a windy day for tomorrow with cooler temperatures. a luncheon of the wind will affect your holiday weekend--i will let you know if the wind
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>> pam :we have more information regardnig a story we first brought to you last night. the bart police department is defending its actions, after a union city man shot himself at a bart station in oakland. the man was taken to a hospital and at last report. is critical but stable condition. the story. >> charles :this is video taken with a cell phone showing the moments after 28-year-old corey powell of union city is believed to have shot himself at the west oakland bart station on tuesday evening. according to bart police, two officers approached powell, who was illegally smoking a
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cigarette on the platform, and tried to issue him a citation. powell then allegedly became combative with the officers and at one point tried to jump off the platform to the sidewalk below. the officers tried to restrain him and during the struggle police say powell reached for a gun hidden in his waistband and shot himself in the stomach. he then dropped the weapon on the platform. the officers did manage to taze powell but that didn't stop the confrontation. >>:the person falls to the ground, he starts reaching for the weapon that's on the ground, the officers pull him away from the weapon and he's screaming that you shot me. saying that the officers shot him, which is not true. >> charles :bart police now says that after reviewing video of the incident, including video from body cameras worn by the two officers and talking to witnesses they are confident neither officer fired a gun or even un-holstered their weapons. >> : their guns were never drawn, tested per protocol bullets counted. one shot, one bullet, one weapon all belonging to the suspect. >> charles :following the
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shooting, powell was transported to highland hospital and wednesday evening was listed in critical but stable condition. bart police say that because he attempted to reach for the gun after it was dropped, he could face an attempted murder charge. >> pam :new tonight at 11. mountain view police are asking for the public's help--- identifying two robbery suspects. this is video of the two male suspects who took more than 7- thousand dollars in property. from a business in the 400 block of north whisman road. police say the suspects took several items, including computers and computer monitors. anyone with information is asked to call mountain view police. happening now. officials are fogging parts of the south bay and the peninsula. after several mosquitoes tested positive for west nile virus. the infected mosquitoes were found in san jose, mountain view, los altos, and los altos hills. fogging is taking place from now until 4 a-m. officials say, residents should avoid going outside. and should
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keep windows closed to minimize exposure to the pesticide. -and we had cooler temperatures this afternoon but now we will have cooler upper 50s for a good portion of the inland valley and the south bay and the north bay as well. what we're dealing with here is a cooling trend because we have no right in the forecast we just have a weather system that is pushing all blow clouds in place and picking up our would squeeze--wind speeds quite a bit by 5:00 a.m. you can see all of the san francisco peninsula area and even across the heyward parts of livermore could get some light fog as we transition to around noontime the fog should burn off giving plenty of chance for sunshine but will not get as warm as it has been for the past
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couple of days we're in the upper 80s, but now we're looking at upper '70's san francisco and a lot of the peninsula stay at the upper '70's--60;s clear skies and then temperatures jumping from 78 on friday to 88 on sunday >> pam :in national news. a police officer in south florida is *denied a meal. simply because she is an officer. according to an incident report, the manager told the pembroke pines officer, that the drive- thru worker did not want to serve her because she was an officer. a manager eventually gave the officer her food. but the
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officer said, she no longer felt comfortable eating it. after hearing the news, several protestors gathered in front of the arby's resturant. >>:how can you refuse service to somebody that you call when there's a problem? >> pam :arby's chief executive officer contacted the pembroke pines police department and apologized. if you are caught snapping a photogph on this airline. a flight attendant might take the camera and delete that picture. a no- photography rule. is just one of the many reasons why 'air koryo' has been named "the world's worst airline", *again. for the fourth straight year, north korea's airline. air koryo. is the only airline to receive one star on a recent report by sky- trax. other weaknesses. flight attendants not being able to speak foreign languages and cooling systems dripping on passengers. the ratings are based on service. not safety. in sports. five-time super bowl
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winner eddie debartolo. is a finalist for canton. . and a side of bruce bochy you rarely see. gary will show you the call that got him angry. and ejected for the second straight game. that's coming up this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
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>> gary :klayton kershaw. the boss tonight in los angeles. alex trebek of jeapordy fame at dodger stadium bottom 2nd/ scoreless carl crawford doubles off mike leake to the wall in left- center angel pagan bobbles it justin turner scores all the was from 1st on the error 1-0 dodgers but in the bottom of the 6th pagan makes amends singling off clayton kershaw kelby tomlinson scores 1-1 tie but one batter after pagan made a great catch against the wall chase utley solo home run off leake 2-1 dodgers top 7th/ 2-1 dodgers kershaw almost untouchable strikes out matt duffy bur here was the strike out giants fans are talking about brandon belt barely checks his swing but 3rd base umpire mike winters calls him out and look at bruce bochy
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winters ejected him last night after a questionable strike call bochy is ejected again top 9th giants with 2 on but kershaw strikes out marlon byrd to end the game 6 hitter and 15 strike outs for kershaw final: 2-1 dodgers kershaw: career-high-tying 132 pitches giants now 6 ½ games behind the dodgers in the n.l. west and 6 ½ games behind the cubs for the 2nd wild card spot a's / angels a's taking on the angels at the coliseum this afternoon sonny gray on the hill, worst
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outing since september 2nd of last year top 1st / 3-0 angels david freese slaps a single to deep right, david murphy scores angels score four runs in the 1st bottom 1st / 4-1 angels. albert pujols and the angels offense took over top 2nd / 4-3 angels albert pujols hits a two-run bomb to left-center, puts the angels up 6-3 his 555th career homerun final: 9-4 angels pujols becomes 4th player to have ten 35-homer seasons in their first 15 years. a's open a series with the mariners the day after tomorrow former owner of the 49ers, edward debartolo jr. is a finalist for the 2016 class of the pro football hall of fame as a contributor. debartolo was nominated today by the contributors committee. elections will take place next february - the day before the superbowl. with debartolo at the helm, the niners won five super bowls and competed in 10 conference title games during the 1980's and 1990's. debartolo has presented five of his former 49ers to the hall of fame. bill walsh, joe montana, jerry rice, fred dean, and this
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past year, charles haley. this would be a beautiful time for him to enter if he were to be voted into the hall of fame serena williams survived round 2 of the us open, defeating kiki bertens of the netherlands today but it wasn't a smooth performance by williams she fell behind early and struggled to find her serve all match, ending with 10 double-faults and 26 other unforced errors. clearly frustrated with her second round play, williams hit the practice court immediately following her win. she took several practice serves with doing anything she can to keep her grand slam bid alive. williams has won 30 consecutive grand slam matches, and is trying to be the first women to complete a calendar-year grand slam since 1988. american tennis player, coco vandeweghe had a frustrating second-round match at the us open today five games down to bethanie mattick-sands, vandeweghe destroyed her raquet with two emphatic smashes the crowd loved it, applauding her mid-game meltdown. vandeweghe went on to lose the match
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the charleston riverdogs, the new york yankees single-a team partially owned by comedic- genius bill murray had a little fun during last night's game to celebrate their record season attendance of 285,000 fans, the team decided to give away a car! pretty awesome prize except the car was a 1998 honda civic with 285,000 miles citadel cadet, winner. he didn't have a car before winning the civic and celebrates with a loop around the field 285,000 mi. is a lot of miles >> pam :but if i had a bentley at not worry about it--i'd not worry about it
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>> pam :good night ♪
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wrestle legend, charged with murder. >> what happened? she fell? was she conscious? >> she was not feeling too good. >> and her sister's 30-year quest to the bring him to justice. then -- >> deborah: home alone nightmare. >> the brave girl who caught a suspected burglar in the act. >> reporter: not only did she take video of the stranger as he lurked, she also took a picture. >> what she's telling only "inside edition." >> i'm hiding. i hear the police sirens coming. >> exclusive, she was hired by the cheating website but listen to what she says about them. >> i think they're scam artist. i think they're shady. >> she's famous for


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