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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :now at 11. fighting back against hate speech. francisco -- denouncing the man arrested tuesday, for allegedy spray painting anti-chinese graffiti in the portola neighborhood good evening i'm pam moore. the second of two rallies took place at palega park. kron four's philippe djegal reports tonight. >> : it was like a stab in my heart." >> phillipe :and, despite an arrest in this case. the community is clearly still hurt and offended. a neighborhood made of young children and adults who have spent their whole lives here. still seeking closure.
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>> : this kind of thing happening in this area is very ridiculous. cove police-- the fleet >> phillipe :a racial wound in san francisco's portola neighborhood -- that will clearly take some time to heal. >> : its not okay for anyone to write hate messages anywhere." >> phillipe :let alone "no more chinese," as 62-year-old john schenone is accused of spray paining in at least six different locations. on tuesday, he was arrested and booked on five counts of felony hate crime and five counts of felony vandalism. at a rally in palega park -- people are still upset. >> : you do this to the chinese you can do this to everyone. you know that is very unfair for us. its scaring us." >> phillipe :police officers also attended the rally, as did supervisor david campos. >> : and, in san francisco, an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us." >> phillipe :earlier in the day, the san francisco democratic party and asian pacific democratic club held a similar gathering. >> : it sent a chill down many people's mind."
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>> phillipe :the message clear -- hate speech will not be tolerated. >> : it has no place in our city." >> : being here today, we want to be able to practice, flip the page." >> phillipe :one woman tells me her family has lived in this city for more than 50 years, and never has she ever felt so violated. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. demonstrators took the steps of city hall today. to call for increasing the minimum wage in oakland. right now, it stands at 12- dollars and 25-cents an hour. but even with a job. people living in poverty. say, that is not enough. >> pam :the minimum wage in oakland was increased on may first. and the next increase will be to 15 -dollars an hour, but that's not until 2018. another rally was held this evening. also in oakland. some two dozen people. gathered outside the whole foods market near lake merritt. over the alleged beating of a customer by an armed security guard.
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people chanted and held signs outside the store. and disrupted customers who were in checkout lines. according to witnesses -- last week -- a customer was trying to buy groceries. when he got into a confortation with a security gurad. the guard allegedly beat the man unconscious. after the incident, whole foods dismissed the security guard and the firm he worked for. the bay area continued to see triple digit temperatures today. forcing some school districts in the south bay. to dismiss early for a second day. people trying to find ways to keep cool all afternoon. kron 4's diane tuazon joins us now to tell us when relief is on the way. >> diane : relief is on its way but we do have one more day with mild to warm temperatures and here is the breakdown for you. in 11 in the morning you see places covered in red
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they will all be in the upper 90s while everyone else will be in that 80s and then transition to about 1:00, the temperatures will rise to the hundreds we do have a cooling trend in sight and that is going to be kicking in right around saturday as we have more high clouds in place because of that partly sunny conditions by sunday and will have she met moisture as well and will have your seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes >> pam :the heat is hammering fire crews. struggling to save homes in the sierra foothills. as a dangerous fire explodes. the fire started yesterday. in amador county and has now spread to calaveras county.
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last night, the fire was at 2- thousand acres. it has now swelled to nearly 15-thousand acres--- and is still going strong. six homes have already been destroyed-- and the fire is only 10-percent contained. mandatory evacuation orders are widesperad, with schools closing as well. you can continue to follow the progress on this fire. by downloading the kron 4 app. it's a free download for iphone and android devices. a new report shows. a pleasanton young man. shot and killed by officers in july. contradicts what the police department have been telling his family. an independent toxicologist. did *not find drugs present at the time of john deming juniors death. although police say they suspected he was under the influence of drugs. in july. officers responded to the unarmed 19-year-old.who was trashing a car dealership. when confronted, police say,
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deming fought back. seriously injuring an officer who eventually opened fire and killed the teen. also contrary to what police said, the independent forensic pathologist found nothing to indicate that a taser was ever deployed. >>:i am not surprised and it is what we felt all along that we would find, but unfortunately we had to find it and we had to come up with our own investigation and our own toxicology. there is just a huge profit--problem with it. now we are left without out answers and we are disappointed and horrified >> pam :kron 4 new's did reach out to the pleasanton police department. they declined to comment. the f-b-i is now involved. in trying to solve a 'cold case' murder in oakland. he was gunned down after a
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traffic accident in north oakland and friends and family gathered at a conference this morning as the fbi announced the reward has now been increased to $125,000 for information to his killer, the fbi contributed $25,000 to the reward >>:i felt like my entire world kind of crashed and if anybody has any information i don't know how much money we pay, if $125,000 isn't enough that we will keep raising the reward until we can bring justice to the family >> pam :the victim had just graduated from the university of oregon when he was killed
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just ahead. the act of kindness by police after a little boy is hit by a car on his first day of school. hundreds of rape kits left untested in a number of bay area counties. now, help is on the way. amazing art work by sone unusual local artists. all being auctioned for a good cause. coming up. auctioned for a good cause. coming up. auctioned for a good cause. coming up. with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero, loaded with three authentic italian deli meats. including our new spiced capicola, our new cracked-pepper-seasoned mortadella and our always-delicious spicy genoa salami.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> pam :a ten- year old east bay boy. did not have the start to school year that anyone would have wished for. his mother is sharing his story. in hopes it will make drivers
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more cautious. after her son was hit by a car on his way to school. sandy benson agreed to let her son orion ride his bike to school for the first time. she even drove to the school to make sure he made it safely. but only a few blocks away. orion was was hit by an s-u-v which was going 25-miles per hour. and his mom. nearby, feared for the worse. >>:i got a little closer and i saw a pair of shoes in the middle of the street and that is when i knew it was him because it was his shoes. i was furious but once i got more of the details i i am going to let the officers do their job and i'm going to do my job. i'm going to beat them all i want to be end helped my kids feel--be the mom i want to be and let my kid
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heal >> pam :the helmet the young boy was wearing likely saved his life. police arrested the 40-year old driver of the s-u-v. for not having a valid drivers license. more certainty from scientists that this year's el nino is heading our way. how one local city is getting prepared for a possible deluge. alameda county firefighters make a school assembly a special treat for some studetns. >> gary :and coming up a little bit later in this broadcast nfl football is front and center. we have the highlights and a 49ers may make an unpopular moves >> diane : and we are just about done with the heat wave at latino when the cool down is coming in in your forecast in just a minute
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>> pam :new at 11. the backlog of rape kit tests affects a number counties in california. not just san francisco. government officials released information that alameda, contra costa, and the state of california all have backlogs. back in june, information came out that san francisco had almost five -hundred kits still to be tested. but the numbers in the east bay are much higher. now federal money will be given to these counties. so that the evidence can be tested.
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alameda county will receive over eight- hundred- thousand dollars. to test around one- thousand kits. contra costa will get almost two- million dollars. to test twenty- four hundred kits. and the state of california will need more than one- point- five million. to test two - thousand kits. a strong el nino climate pattern. could bring much needed rain to the bay area this winter. and now. according to a new report. there is a ninty-five percent chance. that the el nino forming in the pacfic. could last through the winter. the rain will help. drought- stricken california. but all that rain could bring flooding. kron 4's charles clifford tells us how san francisco is preparing for el nino. >> charles :this spokesman says that san francisco's sewer system can handle a steady flow of water for a long time but a
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single powerful for a coup-- storm could overload it >>:the water is is going to float over the top on to the street >> charles :did say that they are trying to expand the capacity of the sewer system, but if not they're going to make sure that it is an optimal condition for a flood they say that during a heavy storm small things can cause big problems. for instance a trash bag blocking a drinking caused flooding along the street, they hope the public will help solve these small issues. >>:is safe remove that the debris so water drains, and if it does not then contact us and will be out there with a crew to
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respond >> diane : patchy fog along the san francisco peninsula and east bay shoreline. overnight temperatures around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning have upper 60s around 5:00 a.m. 61 degrees average in san francisco satellite radar is showing you the moisture coming from southern california you can see it popping up in the green area that is all light rain showers for southern california this will bring the humidity levels up as it travels to our region and also have high clouds in place which will cool things down quite a bit for the weekend and into next week by 10:00 a.m. a lot of clear skies in the valley and south
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bay and north bay and east bay shoreline then we transition to friday you concede it is going to spread out credit--quite a bit that is the reason things are going to be cooling down we will have a couple 100 in the valley everywhere else will be in the low nineties to mid 90's with the east bay shoreline in the mid '80s and san francisco staying in the '70s and then saturday and sunday we have a cool down for your weekend and then coming monday and tuesday will have cooler temperatures and place >> pam :monday september 14th bart will make some changes that aim to relieve crowding on the trains. bart will add more cars during the rush hours and additional improvements will be provided during non-peak hours. trains to s-f-o will have up to
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ten cars at one time. bart will also turn trains around sooner which will increase the number of rides between stations. oakland zoo is auctioning off 32 -colorful paintings from their very own artists. not from their employees. but their animals. these paintings were produced by animals including elephants. giraffes. lemurs. goats. and even cockroaches. bidding starts at 200- dollars. so far, there are around half a dozen bids. with the 'sun bear' art work leading the pack with two bids. bidding ends on september 20th. and all of the money will benefit the oakland zoo, and help those working in the field. to save wild animals. anna yates elementary school in emeryville. held a 'back to school' supply assembly. this morning the alameda county fire department helped collect three- thousand dollars worth of school supplies. and 600 - dollars. to purchase other supplies. some of the items collected
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were pencils. paper. notebooks. markers and backpacks. they will be distributed throughout the year. as needed. the supplies that were donated last year, helped students throughout the entire school year. tomorrow marks the 14th anniversary. of the september 11th attacks. and on the eve of the anniversary, a new memorial has opened. the new memorial tells the story of the people onboard united flight 93. the flight was traveling from newark, new jersey to san francisco on september 11th, 2001. when the plane was hijacked passengers disrupted the attack and the plane crashed in a field in pennsylvania. the new visitor's center includes photos, videos, audio recordings and more. tune into kron 4 news tomorrow for full coverage on 9/11 ceremonies. beginning at 4 a-m. in sports. raiders legend and n-f-l hall of famer talks to kron four about the new-look raiders
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and brady is back.tom has a record-setting night in the n-f- l season opener. gary has the highlights and all the sports.coming up.
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>> gary :the n-f-l regular season is here and what better way to kick things off with the main topic of the off-season: tom brady pittsburgh steelers visiting brady and the patriots in new englad brady getting pumped up he's not suspended fan sign: where's roger?not attending the game. owner robert kraft reminding everyone that the pats are reigning champs and the championship banner revieled at gillete stadium 2nd quarter rips one to rob gronkowski. and gronk dances his way to the end-zone for a touchdown and we get our first of many gronk spikes of the season 4th quarter 21-14 pats pats from the goaline and brady hits the fading gronk again big ben and steelers score late.but not enough gronk: 5 rec, 94 yds, 3 td brady: 25-32, 288 yards, 4 td brady.with his 161st win surpasses brett favre for most wins by a quarterback for a single nfl history final: 28-21 patriots the 49ers just days away from kicking off their regualr season against the minnesota vikings and it may be without a fan- favorite
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niners practiced today at their facility in santa clara where head coach jim tomsula and speical-teams coordinatorthomas mcgaugheysaid jarryd hayne may not play in the opener hayne made the 53-man roster from playing in just four exhibition games this summer but may *not be a part of the 46-man active roster for monday night's game >>:most rookies and lessee or the top 10 or top 15 picks in the draft they do not get to start in the first game. -- unless they are in the top 10 >> gary :just three days until the new-look raiders open their season against the visitng cincinnati bengals raiders legend and hall of famermarcus allen. >>:an outstanding tough football player
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>> gary :and on sports night live sunday. catch a break-down of the raiders season opener. full analysis of giants and a's and j.r. and bip have the author of the book cronicling jim harbaugh's departure from the niners to michigan. sunday night at 9 sports night live 49ers to michigan and magic johnson also went to michigan state, dream on got rich--draymond got rich seth curry reportedly turned an offer from the golden state warriors.seth.not steph. the younger brother of nba league mvp stephen curry , turned down the offer to play with his brother and signed a 2 year , 2 million dollar deal with the sacramento kings " i didn't want to go back to golden state , i didn't want to be in steph's shadow"
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>> pam :good night everybody we'll see you tomorrow
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say fchevy. the v8. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado,
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and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. >> groom to the reese cue. >> somebody call 911. >> jumping out of the wedding toast to save a choking guest. who would have imagined on their special day, this would happen. >> somebody call 911 right now. >> then, donald trump does it again. storm over what he said about carly fiorina. >> i probably did say that about carly. >> and partying at the u.s. open. but not for this tennis star. >> body slammed by cops on the streets of new york city. >> put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. >> plus, hidden treasure. we're going all over america. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, wow. >> this


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