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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>:it was horrendous and just terrible >> vicki : devastation and tragedy in northern california. at least 20-thousand people have been forced to evacuate their homes in lake and napa counties from a raging wildfire. we have learned in the last few hours that one person has died. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. the so-called valley fire broke out yesterday afternoon in lake county. and has now moved into napa and sonoma counties. here's what we know so far.
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the valley fire has scorched nearly 50 thousand acres. and is zero percent contained. it broke out yesterday near high valley road and bottle rock road in the town of cobb. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. and thousands are threatened. as we mentioned there is one fatality that we know of. 20- thousand people have been evacuated. five thousand are without power. here's a look at the area where the valley fire is burning in lake county. most of the damage so far was in middleton. the hidden valley lake area is still seeing damage as the valley fire continues to burn out of control. for a full list of evacuations in place visit our website at currently there are nine evacuation centers in place for those forced out of their homes. the majority are in kelseyville including their high school and presbyterian church. the largest center is at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. there are also two centers in lakeport at the auto movies and big valley rancheria gymnasium. in ukiah. the shelter at the redwood empire fairgrounds has room for people as well as their animals.
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for a full list of evacuation shelters visit our website at we take you back out to the front lines. with team coverage of the valley fire. kron 4's scott rates joins us live from middletown. where hundreds of homes have been destroyed. scott. >> scott :it is a horrible scene and i cannot believe going through these neighborhoods and seeing people's lives is destroyed in the blink of the second--the blink of a second nothing is left is just a pile of rubble there is still smoldering going on there you can see the smoke coming out from the house. this house just like several other
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that house across the street is untouched i want you look at this video here this is some very disturbing video this is actually an apartment complex and you can see several youths--units and there is also a strip mall that was leveled and the only and that was left was a playground there. so many people having to deal with this right there and do not know where to turn to. they're getting some assistance from the red cross holmes just destroyed and i have seen animals and horses along the side of the road dead--ani mals like horses
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it is ruining so many people's lives and firefighters are still struggling tonight with no containment on this fire as it is continuing to rage out of control 20,000 people remain out of their homes so hopefully this thing is not getting into other neighborhoods right now as firefighters are doing everything they can to stop at the last check with cal fire is that 0 percent containment >> vicki : again some 20- thousand people have been forced to leave their homes. evacuation centers are in place across napa and lake counties. kron 4's kate cagle joins us live from the largest evacuation
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center. located at the napa valley fairgrounds in calistoga. there any word how long these people will have to stay here? loca> >kate: people are sellingn the evacuation centers with the knowledge that it may be days before they can go in to see the devastation alone there are more than a thousand people sleeping here they have put the sign up that says donations tomorrow please but i have not seen them turn anyone else turn just a while ago i saw a woman drop off betting and they're just trying to give everybody a break to allow the evacuees to sleep and to everybody running the center has been a very long day
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>>:is all relevant as it is not as long as other people who do not have a place to sleep > >kate: we did see some volunteers sorting through clothes and people are sleeping on cots and tense--tents there is a spirit of generosity and it was time for one more generation--donation for those in need some evacuates have come to this area to bring betting which has been helpful for those who have lost everything. and many are anxious to get back and see
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middletown. with this it want to check on their animals left behind or to see the damage done there told maybe two or three days before they can go back to check on it >> brian :we had high heat and extremely low humidity and strong winds that were between 30 and 40 mi. per hour. for today the winds have not as strong
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it is going to bed--get cooler still we are going to see some cloud cover and that will help and here is your future cast a possibility for even a few showers plus another chance of rain wednesday which i will talk about coming up >> vicki : and will have an update on the fire and its past seven--path of destruction, coming up
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>> vicki : here is what was their home that they sent us a picture of that you can see by the photo that
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everything is burnt to the ground as his new fiat is torched as well still ahead more coverage on the raging wildfire burning in lake county. will take you to one neighborhood that is facing massive destruction
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> vicki : the valley fire in lake county continues to burn
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out of control. one person has died from the fire. it has scorched nearly 50- thousand acres. and has destroyed several hundred homes. at least 5-thousand people are without power joining us now is pg&e spokesperson nick stimmel. nick, what can you tell us? 1 is it safe for your crews to work on the lines? >>:it is important that we're working closely with cal fire as we assess the situation so we have gone and and the fowler-- fire damaged cables have caused power outages >> vicki : 2 are fire crews being hampered at all by the power loss? >>:that is our goal to make sure that they are able to safely access the power they need to and if that means to reenergize lines that will make sure taking
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it to the areas they need it is just one of r restoration efforts >> vicki : 3 when do you think you can have >>:this is a very active fire and we're not hundred percent able to give a estimate on when it will be a fixed but we are working very hard to do our best to restore the as soon as possible >> vicki : hidden valley is one of the areas that has had several homes destroyed by the fire. kron 4's philippe djegal spoke with one person in the area who lent a helping hand to a neighbor in need. >> phillipe :the level of damage is startling and heartbreaking for those who had to leave their pets behind
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>>:they couldn't get up here and there house is burned but we got their horses out safe >> phillipe :did every animal make it out lives?--aliv? >>:at least every animal from their house but were not sure the others we are trying to get out here and help everybody but we could not because of the fire and it would not lead us out but today we have an escort and we got here to get the horses out >> phillipe :what is getting you through this? >>:the community helping us >> phillipe :clearly a developing situation with no end
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in sight >> vicki : from what we can see.the valley fire has just about decimated the town of middletown in lake county. forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. cars are burnt to a crisp.and an entire neiborhood eerily resembles a war zone. david hamilton refused to evacuate on saturday. after surviving the lake county fire.he is riding around taking it all in. his housing complex escaped without damage.but a house nearby wasn't so lucky. >>:is the daughter was on fire and i tried to clean up the gunner and the sheriff told me to get off the roof and then the fire truck did not, and the house burned down--did not come >> vicki : most families have evacuated. some came back to check on their properties. there is no electricity or water.
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pg&e crews have been checking downed power lines throughout the day. and firefighters are still checking on hotspots. the nearby gas station is also working on getting a generator hooked that people can fill up on gas. officials from most county and saftey agencies in the area joined together this evening in napa. some of their pets had to be left behind. lake county animal care and control says they are doing all they can to reunite owners with their pets. the shelter is taking calls and checking on the animals as their able. if the pet is safe. a representative says they will make sure your pet is fed and safe. if the pet is in danger. they will take custody of them and leave a note for when you return. lake county animal control wants to stress that they cannot escort people to check on their pets. for more information visit our website at kron4 dot com. >> brian :we're going sees--to
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see temperatures dropped about 10 degrees by mid to late morning you'll notice a few isolated showers and sprinkles beginning to show up here on future cast it is not going to be heavy rain but just a few drops maybe but the humidity will be higher and temperatures will be lower and this system coming from the gulf of alaska could actually bring some widespread light rain mid-70s south bay and only in the upper '70's to around 80s for the inland valley is still quite a bit cooler than what we have for today. going into tuesday expect even cooler temperatures still and we're going to have a little bit of fog in the morning who even know
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we're cooler and more she mid the winds are one be picking out some of the rain could make it into the south and east of sand and cisco and that storm starts to clear out on thursday as we head into the weekend we are going back to sunny weather >> vicki : we first told you about the valley fire through a push alert. for the latest information on the fire and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free to download from the apple store. and j. r. stone has the update on the sports coming up next
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>> j.r. :bengals have never beaten the raiders in oakland fivewe go tto eh--we go to the first quarter
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24 yrd gain 2nd quarter scrambling tries a stiff arm and injures his right hadn hand 17-0 bengals in the endzone bengals up 24- 0 halftime raiders pay tribute 4th quarter just over a minute left here charles woodson goes down after colliding with the pile
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appears to injure his shoulder 33-13 bengals bengals get first ever win in oakland jack del rio on their performance >>:i feel like today was a moment or a couple of things went wrong they did not go well and we have a little bit of trouble finding ourselves--had a good share the a's lost-- >> vicki : updating our big story one more person is dead. and governor brown declares a state of emergency. after the valley fire ignited and burned through lake and sonoma counties in the past two days. fifty-thousand acres burned, hundreds of homes lost, and thousands evacuated. all in less than fourty-eight hours.
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evacuees are gathering at nine designated centers in surrounding cities. calfire says tonight the blaze is at zero percent containment. for continuing coverage of the valley fire watch our morning news starting at four a-m. or go to our website at for all the latest breaking news. the one that silver lining is that the weather is going to get better >> brian :the winds are ramping up we are not going to have the hot and dry conditions as it will get remarkably cooler in the next couple of days. humidity is on the rise as well and on wednesday there is a weather system coming in which could bring widespread rain to the north bay and i am hoping that helps things >> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get
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latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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the "weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. we'll cover all the presidential candidates who are donald trump. everybody's weighing in on trump. everywhere you look, everywhere you go, everybody's talking about trump. >> no apologies. >> reporter: plus, a tennis star taken for a thief and tackled to the ground. this is blake, the retired tennis player, was part of the nwpd reduce. >> part of the good week -- bad week. >> colbert to the jimmy, rivalry replaced with love and laughter. >> good night, buddy. >> night. >> the


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