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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :now at 11. the lives of three people have been claimed by the devastating valley fire-- as crews continue to search through the rubble. meanwhile, the victims of the valley fire must soon make a plan to rebuild. and we have the latest on the suspects who, police say, are taking advantage of those who have lost everything. good evening everybody, i'm pam moore. it has almost been a week since the 'valley fire' started. rapidly destroying parts of lake, napa and sonoma counties. tonight, we are remembering the people caught in the path of the deadly valley fire. bruce burns, barbara mc-
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williams, and leonard neft. are all confirmed dead by officials. an uknown number of people are still missing. a retired teacher, barbara mcwilliams had advanced multiple sclerosis. and was unable to drive. crews were unable to reach her middletown apartment -- destroyed by the blaze. leonard neft- a former san jose mercury news reporter - was packing his car to leave, when he last spoke with his wife. officials confirmed his death today. and many described bruce burns, as a gentleman. another middletown resident who was unable to make it out alive. and now. day six of this disaster. still a rough haul for the evacuees camped out in calistoga. but despite the dire circumstances -- hundreds pulled together today, to make sure a 5-year-old boy still felt special on his birthday. kron four's philippe djegal joins us live tonight in calistoga. with this heartwarming story. philippe.
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>> phillipe :pam. what took place here just a few hours ago, certainly will warm your heart. and, might even make you shed a tear. >> : we lost our house yeah. >> phillipe :and, since saturday, jessica cline has done a lot of this. using a shoulder to cry on, but today, these are happy tears. >> :everybody is so wonderful, i thank you with all my heart -- i feel so blessed thank you. >> phillipe :how could someone be so grateful. especially after her home in middletown burned down. left homeless, and stuck in a tent, using portapotties, like the rest of her neighbors. >> : you're getting these horror stories of what happened, but in those horror stories, you're seeing these things of beauty, where, the community, man its just been incredible. >> phillipe :ron ogden helping to lift spirts. >> : george, i understand you have a birthday. >> phillipe :his group -- the good ol' boys motorocycle club of cotati -- learned cline's son george turned five today. >> : you like small trucks? no,
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i like we big, haha. >> phillipe :and, wanted to wipe away the pain even for just a day, and give george a birthday he'll always remember. >> : said he liked monster trucks, so i put that out on facebook and everyone responded ten fold. we got him a mini- monster truck today. >> phillipe :not for keeps, but that doesn't matter. >> : here we go, yeah >> phillipe :hoisted up on shoulders. treated like the star he is. >> : george, george, george. >> phillipe :george was in awe when he finally saw the mini-- monster truck. >> : get in there. >> phillipe :an uplifting moment for a community in desperate need of one. >> : its been some terrible days, and this has been awesome. >> : i mean, you walk around here and you see the love, and you see the things that have happened here and its been pretty amazing -- restores my faith in humanity. so, i think i'm the lucky one today. >> : my son will never forget this his whole life, and i have pictures to remember this, thank god. thank god for that.
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>> phillipe :george also got hooked up with a couple tickets to the next monster truck show in this area. well deserved. happy birthday george live in calistoga, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :hundreds of crews from p-g-and-e, caltrains and several other utilities are scrambling to restore services in the three affected counties. there are miles of downed power lines and burned poled that need to be replaced. although there was rain yesterday. they may have helped slow down the valley fire, it is clear that there are still thousands of smoking hot spots in the forest fire crews from all across the state are still actively working in the area even as clean up efforts gets under way. early this morning, three suspects were arrested on suspicion of attempting to burgalarize. the evacuated homes in the hidden valley lake area. a sheriff was patrolling the area. when he noticed a toyota tacoma, with three people
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inside. headed towards an evacuated area. after pulling the car over. the deputy searched the vehicle and the suspects he found a loaded gun. along with tools, suggesting they were going to burgalarize homes. dyami connell and michael james of brisbane. along with david cesari of san francisco. have all been arrested on conspiracy to commit a crime. among other the family of an autistic boy in sunnyvale, is being sued by neighbors who claim. the boy is a public nuisance and should not be allowed in the neighborhood. kron four's jeff bush brings us reaction. >> jeff :the case of flowers vs gopel claims that an 11 year old autistic boy is a public nuisance and should not be allowed back into the neighborhood on arlington street. the autistic society says the suit is an unfair attack against the family of a disabled boy but neighbors say the boy's behavior was more a result of a
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lack of supervision and not so much about his autism. >> tracy may : it was a very tense thing. the children used to ride up and down the block and when it happenedall that stopped because a lot of kids were scared because there were things that happened. but, now, they've moved away and they have rented their house. the place is more back to normal with children playing outside and not being afraid. >> jeff :tracy may lives across the street from where the family used to live and says if the boy's parents get control of their sonthe family would be welcomed back. may : i just hope that the neighborhood can be safe for not only the boy and his family but for all of us, too and i hope that day comes and i hope there is some understanding about that and i'm sure this neighborhood would welcome them back with open arms. >> jeff :i reached out to the
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boy's family for reaction but haven't heard back from them. i'm jeff bush, live in sunnyvale, kron four news. the family is due in court september 22. >> pam :ahead. a new development in a local kidnapping case, once labeled a 'hoax' by police. only on four. we hear from maddy middleton's father. just days before the teen accused of killing the little santa cruz girl. is due back in court. the animals stranded in the valley wildfire. now have a safe place to stay. thanks to the soft heart of a caring neighbor.
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>> pam :denise huskins and aaron quinn are back in the news again. this time taking aim at the city of vallejo. the couple first reported a home invasion. robbery. and kidnapping earlier this year. at the time. vallejo officers dismissed the alleged crimes. calling it all a "hoax" but now a man is behind bars. and the couple is filing suit. the claim that was filed tuesday says, there was never any evidence of a hoax. and that police refused to hear them out. treating them as criminals instead of victims. it also claims emotional and physical distress, humiliation, and mental anguish. vallejo officials did not comment on the suit today. six weeks after the murder of 8 year old maddy middleton of
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santa cruz. her father michael is still coming to terms with the devastating loss. today he talked exclusively with kron four. maddy's alleged killer. adrian gonzales. is due back in court on monday, to enter a plea to charges of murder. kidnapping and sexual assault. middleton says, while hate will not bring back his little girl. he does want justice. >>:as a father is hard. i lost my little angel. you want to make sure that if he did this he is not able to do this again >> pam :maddy's father is asking the community to join him outside of the courthouse monday morning. not to protest. but to rally for maddy, before the hearing. coming up, scores of animals. left without a home because of the valley wildfire. now a place of refuge because of a kind neighbor. u-p-s already gearing up for the holiday season. offering thousands of new jobs. details
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ahead. >> gary :and a little bit later in this broadcast we will check in on peyton manning and steph curry -and cooler temperatures are here but not for long will have your seven day forecast coming up next
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>> pam :more than two decades ago. rancher kevin tighe built his ranch. now he is using it to help his neighbors. as people flee from the valley fire, his ranch has become a safe haven for the animals the evacuees couldn't take with them. but which they didnt want to leave behind. when he heard about the evacuations. he told his neighbors, to bring their loved animals to his farm. knowing they would be safe. now, these middletown fields are home to 22 -cows and 18- horses. along with goats. cats. dogs and lots of chickens. knowing that tighe he would not have enough supplies for all the animals, volunteers from places as far as eureka, made the drive to deliver everything he would need. >>:i was sure that this would be a safe place if i took them to my house just having that response to
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help the people and this is not about me is about my friends >> pam :now tighe will be able to care for these animals. until their owners can come home the valley fire has left a deep scar in the communities of lake, sonoma and napa counties. all this week. we have brought you their stories of both loss and generosity. >> : i lost my home, lost everything that i loved. >> : i don't know how to take that in or swallow it, >> : i can't really wrap my head about the fact that my home is gone. >> : never been in a war, and i never want to be in something like that again. >> pam :before the fire, one in five families in middletown lived below the poverty line. now about half of the town is now homeless. >> : how many of you are from middletown?
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>> : how many of you lost your homes? >> pam :these children facing an uncertain future in a makeshift tent city. >>:every time they want to lay down they want to go home. they don't really have a home to go to any more. >> pam :survivors shocked by what they found, >> : i am here and there is nothing left. >> : so much worse than i thought it would be. even though i expected it to be bad, i didn't expect to see everything gone. >> : i can just tell you our world has just changed overnight. i can't eat. i can't sleep. >> : more than anybody could imagine >> pam :bringing hope to the hopeless. help from surrounding communities. >> : i just wanted to help them get food and i donated some clothes. >> pam :if you want to help, the red cross is collecting tax deductible donations, you can send money by phone, text or the internet. you can also find this information on our web site. go to kron four dotcom and check the "how to help" tab on our valley firecoverage. the death toll in chile has now risen to eleven people. after last night's massive 8-point-3 earthquake struck the nothern part of the country. that number could climb as emergency crews reach the areas
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which were hardest- hit. dozens of aftershocks have followed. some 1- million people were evacuated ahead of the tsunami wave there. experts believe aftershocks could continue for several months. >> diane : overnight lows with about a handful of upper 50s. a couple of sixties in your east bay shoreline satellite radar showing the dry conditions here is your future cast plenty of sunshine into friday
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and saturday and sunday were the heat fix things up--kicks things afternoon highs tomorrow and then will gradually fill the different as it will be three degrees warmer than today your seven day forecast for you as that mentioned we will have some clouds in place which will then clear by the weekend sunday will be the hottest day of the week as you can see monday and tuesday we will start dropping it down into the low 80s and that will stay with you until mid next week >> pam :in national news. a friend -- of the charleston man who alledegely shot nine
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churchgoers to death -- has been arrested. authorities began investigating joey meek last month. for lying to investigators and failing to report a hate crime. the 21-year-old says dylann roof -- the alleged church shooter and the man in this video -- stayed with him before the june 17th shootings. meek told the associated press, that roof had drunkenly complained that "blacks were taking over the world" and "someone needed to do something about it". >> pam :with the holiday season just around the corner. companies like u-p-s is looking to hire, to help ease the holiday rush. the company says, it is hiring up to 90-thousand-seasonal employees nationwide. both full-time and part-time seasonal jobs will be available. u-p-s says, for some workers, the positions can potentially become a regular, full-time job. interested job seekers can apply by visiting u-p-s- jobs -dot- com. in sports. a game- winning home-run in the
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a's - white sox game. was it in favor of oakland? and a record-setting performance by peyton manning against the chiefs. an un-believable finish at arrow-head stadium gary has the highlights and all the sports.coming up welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh.
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>> gary :a's looking to split the series in chicago.taking on the white sox sunny and clear day for september baseball at u-s cellular field bot 4th tied at 1 strange play herewatch the second-base umpire. watch out!.just dodges the chopper up the middle ump got the heart-rate going but he would be ok top 9th 2-1 white sox chicago just two outs from a win and country breakfast gets served for lunch billy butler rakes this deep. and its caught.wait now it's a home run! the outfielder avisail garcia catches it. then his wrist hits the top of the wall and the ball falls out that's a 3-run shot for butler. a's would go on to win it final: 4-2 giants have the day off.start series with the diamondbacks tomorrow at a-t-&t
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pam is it okay if i cough? >> pam :go ahead >> gary :if you had to cough i would take your script and finish the news for you the 49ers have one win under their belts and feeling confident heading into week 2. but they face some tough teams early in their schedule. here is quarterback colin kaepernick on how he and the niners are preparing for the pittsburgh steelers on sunday >>:making sure that we know all of our plays and working together as a team >> gary :here's a look at week two thru week five for san francisco at pittsburgh this week then travel to arizona to take on the cardinals then they host the pack at levi's stadium then on to new york to face the giants week two of the n-f-l seasonstarting with a game going down to the wire. the denver broncos visitng the kansas city cheifs eric berry.who announced earlier this year he was cancer-free
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pumping up the crowd at the chiefs' first home game 4th quarter 40 seconds left peyton manning and the broncos never lead in this game but don't count out manning throws this strike to emannuel sanders for the touch-down broncos tie it up at 24 chiefs trying to run out the clock and send it to over-time and jamaal charles fumbles! bradley roby scoops its up and takes it to the house final: 34-21 broncos come-back win in kansas city now manning and brett farve are the only two quarterbacks in throw 70-thousand or more passing yards stephen curry returned to his alma mater , davidson college. with the larry o'brien trophy in north carolina. the former wildcat turned warrior . participated in a team workout , took the first official shot in the new practice facility. and had a question & answer session with students. curry . was accompanied by davidson head coach bob mckillop, who led curry and the wildcats to the elite eight in the 2008 ncaa tournament. they were happy to have him back jason pierre -paul 's right hand have surfaced. the all pro is
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missing most of his thumb , his entire index finger , and even has a wrap on his thumb. paul's hand ,. was damaged in a 4th of july fireworks accident and has kept him from playing , practicing or even signing with the giants. he was due to make maybe 14 million this year j.p.p . is confident he will play this season tweeting today " i cant think of the last time my index finger got me a sack " >> gary :we will look forward to a 49ers this week's paul lead the giants with 12.5 sacks last season thanks again for jumping in when
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i cough >> pam :have a good night everybody we will see you tomorrow
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trump versus carly. >> she's got a beautiful face, and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> the icy glare. what you didn't see on tv. >> this spin room is more like a usc championship fight. and jeb bush. is he really standing on his tippy toes to look taller? >> standing on your tippy toes, you're looking to be a little taller than the guy to your right. and blunt apology from new american citizen emily blunt. >> i really apologize. >> then, she's been searching for her dad her entire life. look who he turned out to be. ♪ it's now or never >> an elvis impersonator. >> how


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