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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 21, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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fellow funny ladies and working it backstage. >> you were so cute and motional up there. >> i like the fact that you actually remembered to thank your makeup artist for the smokey eye. >> thankseverybody, who has helped me and the girl who gave me the of smokey eye. >> what a trash bag. what do ywant? i have a lower back that too. >> she me a sweet text. she said i looked pretty not smart. >> that good. he brought ice paccs with him. i'm like meat at a bu shop. >> i'm a sweaty back. i'm dripping. >> there is built in air conditioning in the dress. >> i can't think of anything but the heat i'm afraid. my br is just fried. >> what is up with this? >> my gosh. it's really hot. >> i regret not wearing underwear. >> let me tell what you, i might
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stand here and talk you to all day because this fan is giving me what i need. >> the most surprising moment of the night -- >> i suffered a traumati injury. >> tracy morgan's return on stage after surviving a car accident that initially left him una walk. >> i finally regained conscio i was just ecstatic to learn that i wasn't the one who messed up. >> backstage, tracy w emotional. >> part of my therapy was seeing tv seeing my friends and saying i'm coming back. my wife made sure of that. >> he was having a blast with his family at the emmys, that's his new bride their 2-year-old daughter. >> emmy winner jon hamm gave tracy some love backstage. >> and the emmy goes to jon hamm. >> he crawled you on the stage to finally snag his first win after eight nominations for lead actor indrama. >> this is a very long, overdue
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emmy. >> it's been a long, long journey. and it's really nice to be here and a good way say good-bye. >> i saw a very large standing ovation for you. >> i think i turned around. that's when i stopped remembering what i was doing. >> thank you all very much. >> jon thanked his daughter cora and his ex-girlfriend of 18 years. he just announced two weeks ago their split and earlier this year he completed a stint in rehab. >> you had a lot of things this year that have happened. but, yet, now you have this emmy night. how does it feel? >> you know, in the grand sche of things this is just another night. but it's al nice to be recognized for something that really did put a lot work into. >> "game of thrones." >> the hbo show made history with its record breaking 12 emmys. slaying the west wing for most emmys wo single year, even amy schumer was trying to get in
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on th >> so you made emmy history. how does that feel? >> it feels fantastic. >> viola davis. >> but fair to say the night belonged to this woman. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else isopportunity. >> she became the first african-american actress to win an emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama. she celebrated with a well deserved drink backstage. >> i just hope that this is now a part of the status quo, that women of color are included in the narrative and we don't have to have this discussion anymore. >> now just moments after viola's landmark win, she joined us backstage. we talked about how she really sees that mome >> she did. and we also called up her 5-year-old daughter. that moment son the we also show you how we celebrated with jon hamm and amy schumer. >> and we have so much more. but we're not finished yet with the scorching red carpet. i mean scorching as far as heat
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and the styles. so what were the hottes trends? here's the person that knows it all, our fashion expert. >> of course, nancy, you looked great with a sun and that heat. oh, my gosh. the emmys were like a rock concert. i saw a lot of heavy metal. there were chains everywhere. the had silver chains, shoulders, straps. a chic look. >> you have a little edge going on. >> no clair danes was awesome. it had a beautiful metal shoulder strap as well she went for prada. but her dress had chunky links that held the gown up. carrie washington, she really embraced the metallic theme in a shor jacobs gown that looked like chan this is the t length 2.0. >> this dress off the runway. >> yes. i was just on it days ago. we loved it. they sent it. so here w >> and my ultimate fav, kristina
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hendricks, row upon row of metallic sequins. >> you know it's not a heavy as it looks. it'scomfortable. >> one trend that everybody brought back that i wasn't ready for, the prom dresses. okay, we're really going to bring that back here. there was the beautiful ruffle skirt. it looked like it was more for a ball. elizabeth not in a magenta ball dress. hit a stripe across the bust. it was interesting. i mean this is something that we're go get used to. i have to go find my prom and seal up this one. let's dry it. >> and final trend, women celebrating their shapes. not only on the red carpet but even when i was at new york fashion w i saw how lane bryant really pushed the fashion envelope. the new plus is equal campaign is aimed at all women loving theirbodies. guess what? fashion is for everyone. that's right. and the style all about confidence. >> it's just such a big part of who i am. there is just no question.
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i'm going to be represented for the ladies. >> being a curvy girl, i have to go for something custom. a lot of the girls a able to get off the rack. but not when you got a little bit of something going on. >> want to advocate that we are beautiful. that we need to take care of ourselves. >> you think that we celebrate women of allshapes, sizes, colors? >> i think we do more now than we ever have. i think that we could do more. >> i wanted color blocking. you know, as curvy girl, they love to put us in black. i'm not feeling. that i'm just twirling f my life. >> all the ladies so well spoken on that top great job. but of course we're not going to let jeannie go without naming your best and worst dressed of the night. >> you are ki me? i'm so ready like viola. do this. >> that's on the way. j-lo made a statement in vegas from head to toe. >> i think i'm going to do corn rows. >> also, it's time to do a little party hopping with the emmy star. we'll show you what went down after dark. >> i know you were playing
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double duty. you went from the nfl network to the red room. >> i had to power through. i was tough. we teamed up with dunkin' donuts coffee to see how everyone got through a long day. >> including the stars. we want to know what keeps them running. >> my grandmother is here. she is 91 years young. my mom is here and is here. i'm very excited. >> just like a character, spacey doesn't let you see him sweat even fit is over 100 degrees. >> what keeps you running on a crazy day like this? >> it's so cool out today. >> how you are the person not sweating? >> my shoe is air-conditioned. >> we instagram the pick me up. >> here you ar bringing east coast. >> now i used to have bged ship in from the east coast. >> you have to love that kyle channeled letter is keeping it real. >> my moesimosas. >> what keeps me running on emmy
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night is the night when get a lot offree. >> i didn't get one of those. it's not like for free for everybody. >> i got them over there. >> okay. >> all right. can i take that one? >> no. it's over
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family missing two bodies found a suspicious fire family business raid by police pieced together this bizarre story than the science threatening big signs firm using technology at a local park are the real coming up next on kron 4 news that it. signs firm using technology at a local park are the real coming up next on kron 4 news that it.
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>> joey and phoebe, a little "friends "ow "friends" re you were hanging with a lot of people last night. >> man, was ever. there were emmys all over the place. i was at the hbo bash. there was so much there to celebrate with wins. more than anybody else by a long shot. but the party always starts at thegovernor's ball.
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>> tracy morgan gave away, she did the best i won pose. amy held on to hers and got a hug from andy sandler. this is where the winners got the sttatues engraved. at the hbo party, julia and her hubby posed with their newest family editions and everyone was talking about viola's historic win. >> talk a little bit about what a strong nig it was for women and especially women of color tonight at the em >> i think it was a great night for women, women of color as an african-american woman, you know we represented to the fullest. and we just want to b respected on even playing field. and at the end of the day, that's what it's about. >> we witnessed history and viola stepped into that history beautifully. >> art imitates life. life imitates art. if we just kind of switch and i think it's women, it's our tim >> "the modern family" cast hit the fox party. sophia brought joe and posed with lady gaga. she was a photo magnet.
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she leaned into this one with emma roberts. later she was spotted at the bar with taraji and got cl naomi campbell. heidi clum checked out the netflix bash. andy threw a private party where his best friend was a bot of tequila. but allison janney lost her driver. we all felt this way. >> coming up more from the winners backstage with us. the fun mo the motional triumphs. >> you can feel it right here. >> amy sup sister and was viola family just not impressed? >> she's not picking it up. she probably already fell asleep. >> plus, we'll reveal our best and worst dresse of the night and who got compared to big bird? ouch. it's all ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of
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sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... jennifer lopez goes bold and brave at the iheart radio music
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festival. >> i cut my hair sho now how many different things can i do with short hair? >> she told us she's ready to call ve home when her residency show lands at planet hollywood. >> i named the show which we just revealed during my all i have because that's what i intend to give. >> along with the two tv jobs, american idol and her copshow, how can even remember what block she's from. >> i feel like i'm two different people. and i come here and i'm like what's up? >> i take medication to get rid of this thing. don't take your medicine. >> right. there is mylife. >> she drove them crazy and newly single pe for all the single ladies. >> thanks, everybody. >> many great music performances. here's the big question, who had all the wrong notes on the emmy red carpet? we're going to get the pick for best and worstdressed. let's start with the runner up for the best dressed. lady gaga.
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everybody thought they was beautiful. she had the most sophisticated and natural look carpet. it was such an unexpected look. it was a simple gown. instead of getting gaga, we got a ga. that's not the best dressed. the absolute best dressed was carrie washington. ladies and gentlemen, she proved she is a risk taker. boy, did she pay off bi i mean her chain inspired mark jacobs with stopped the runway. sse did it even better than model on the runway. >> now when it's time to hear the worst dressed. >> i love you, girl. jewe jew julianne huff, the gown, i don't know fit was appropriate for an emmy award show. this was a little more gma for me. now the absolute worst dressed of the night, i have to say it is heidi clum. i think when you do yellow, it has to be more simple. >> it like big bird. flying away with it. >> oh, man. and the jewels on her fingers. i wondered if she had big news
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to share. >> nothing to tell you. this is not an engagement ring. i won't get married again. >> hold on. heidi clum wants to t you to. >> here you go. >> and here is julianne. >> i'm deporting yself. i'm going. >> well, the bash is glam. that is of what makes the emmys fun to watch. this year's show about so much more than that. >> it was. i mean a new emmy star was crowned, a long time favorite got his do and diversity was celebrated like never before. tonight pictures, how the emmys got it right. ♪ it seems like the right person was there at the right time fo this historic moment. >> you know, now it's like they always say that purpose of life is a life of purpose. i just remember i grew up in such poverty. and there was something in the forefront of my mind that thought this could be my life. and for god to have brought me
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to this moment is kind of miraculous. >> in my mind, i see a line. >> to the carrie washingtons, the halle berries, thank you for taking us over that line. >> how will you celebrate? >> we are going to the parties. i'm going eat bread and i may have a few drinks. >> they are the history makers. repeaters. >> you tied candace bergen and mary tyler moore. >> that is cool. >> it's about time and the one whose talent can't be confined to one category. >> i really just want to say thank you to family who have stood b me my entire life. >> your mom your sister being here. >> my mom has stood for me i couldn't stand myself. and just carried me in times
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when he was weak. >> you also have the unfiltered strong and funny lad >> how does it feel to be winning this with your sister? >> cheers! >> yay. >> so is this another time when you really emotional? >> i cry normally like. that. >> she's a big crier. >> she's big crier. >> this is the most exciting feeling in the world. >> but what makes each winner stand out? and stand above is the difference they're making in their own lives and in the lives of the people aroundthem. >> my son ian, you make bei a mother my greatest accomplishment. i love you. >> my goal in life is to make her proud. and seeing makes me know that i have somebody that i look up to that is amazing. so it's surreal. >> have you called your daughter yet? is she still up? >> she may beup. she may not answer the phone.
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she told me, mommy, if youlose, i still going to love you. you're still my favorite girl. >> page, can you pick phone? it's me, vio i'll on "enterta tonight" and they want to her genesis' voice. she's not picking she probably already fell asleep. >> it's okay. >> you see how i handle all this success. this is it. people are just not impressed b me. >> too cute. >> yes. you're a big deal in everybody's house though. >> and in hers. >> yeah. the way, every year they hold a preoscar party. they're all regula and they go there to support each other in tindustry. and we saw that in action last night with viola mentioned tho names. all right. still ahead, emmy precenter l.l. cool jay, he's in the house. >> that is always cool whether that happens. and in our birthdays, which of last night's emmy winners is en entourage fee?
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regina king, bill murray or -- can you find out whether we come back.
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>> pam: britain that much closer to home-dry weather creating serious problems today bizarre story unfolding at a melding of missing not a family bodies discovered in a fire law- enforcement raid on the family the best of the news that a next.
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and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. is your 24/7 destination for news on your favorite celebrities. >> and tonight's "e.t." birthday, entourage free, no publicist, agent or businessmen tore? bill murray. he turned 65 today. and by the way sh we have an
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emmy prec l.l. cool jay here laughing. what was your favorite moment lanight? >> my favorite moment was seeing tracy come back. >> that was special. >> yeah, tracy morgan coming back. walking under his own free will. cracking a joke at the end. >> i got a big question. season seven of ncis-la premiers to night. what can you tell us? i hear it gets intense. >> my character is put in a position where i can choose between listen together orders of boss or support my partner. >> did you keep your face straight when you were watching this? >> no. absolutely. let me see. >> take a look. >> watch this clip. >> please don't turn your back on me again. >> so good to have you here always. >> so to be here. >> stop by any time. the premier is i can't wait. >> yeah. yeah. >> good night.
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>> grant: loss to the flames alamo fairfield lake county at returning to the only home you've ever known and finding nothing but ashes other academy benicia couple seven year-old son feared dead after fire destroyed their cabin cases a bizarre turn $300 fine for using smart phones i have laptops let everyone amused by this official loafing street sign is that the cisco part. shp is nearby city rat pete's ago freer choice for prime time is.


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