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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>:i do not know what i'm going to do in regards to how i will survive >> catherine : rising rents and illegal evictions are forcing hundreds of people in oakland from their homes. right now. the oakland city council is addressing the city's affordable housing crisis. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. kron 4's alecia reid was at tonight's meeting. and explains with the housing problem. >> alecia :tenant protection and illegal evictions are hot topics on tonight's city council agenda. >> : i'm being forced out >> alecia :latifa lewis and her 6 & 8 year old girls live in an east oakland apartment that she says is uninhabitable.
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>> : they basically wanted all of the tenants out so they could remodel and charge more rent. >> alecia :the ceilings in both of her bathrooms caved inafter a year and a half court battle with her landlord, she decided to settle. >> : there could've been more enforcement on violation of the codes. the stairs are bad. there are holes in my ceiling. there's been the hot water leaking and bursting into my bedroom. >> alecia :she is no longer paying rent and has four months to find a place. except.everything is so expensive, the only apartment she can afford is in stockton. with last week's announcement that uber is making its way to oakland, city council woman rebecca kaplan fears there will be even more displacement. she's pushing to fix oakland's affordable housing crisisby strengthening tenant protections, while taking actions to increase affordable housing in the long term. >> : we absolutely need to look
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at vacant lots and buildingsand in the meantime we need to enforce the laws we have so that existing tenants aren't displaced from oakland in mass. >> alecia :mayor libby schaaf formed the oakland housing cabinet, where they are working on a number of straegies, to immediately stabilize neighborhoods, and protect existing residents by converting market rate housing to affordable housing. reporting in oakland >> catherine : if you have outstanding traffic tickets -- you might be in luck. starting tomorrow - the state is starting a ticket amnesty program. it will allow discounts of 50 to 80-percent off outstanding tickets that were due on or before january 1st, 2013. the program is designed to give drivers who couldn't afford to pay spiraling traffic fines and court fees... a second chance. >>:this is a way to not only get those fines paid but to reduce debt to give people an opportunity to get their license is backed--licenses back
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>> catherine : the program excludes parking tickets, reckless driving and d-u-i's. the state tried the amnesty program once before... for six months. this time -- it will last for 18 months and end in march of 2017. new at 11. police have arrested the suspect behind a string of east bay burglaries. today. martinez police pulled over 23-year-old michael dehaydu near amador court and tahoe circle. they say they found numerous tools and electronics in his car. dehaydu admitted to officers that he'd stolen some of the things in the car -- and had more stolen property in a storage facility. that unit contained property from crimes committed in 6 east bay cities. police believe the recovered property could be connected to more than 10 car and home burglaries. there's an outpouring of support
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for an east bay man murdered in cold blood. as the hunt for the killer continues tonight. the oakland community has been gathering to remember 27 year- old artist antonio ramos. and fellow artists say they'll finish the mural he was working on when he was killed. kron 4's haaziq madyun attended a vigil today.for a community heartbroken over this tragedy. > >haaziq : they came to this roadside memorial bringing flowers, lighting candles, bowing their heads in prayer and writing messages of thanks for an oakland super hero artist, antonio ramoswho was gunned down while working on this super heroes mural project under the 580 freeway in west oakland >>:we came by to show our support for the family because it is very sad >>:he was doing such a wonderful job helping the community and i'm just plain sad
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> >haaziq :you can see this message left by one of the students involved in the project which reads antonio thank you for making our class laugh >> : "antonio ramos was just such a bright light" > >haaziq : the director of the super heroes mural project says ramos made his presence felt everyday he worked on the mural >>:@ out of everybody in the team he was the most excited person and held a high-level of spirit and this project meant a lot to him and he will be greatly missed but he will lives--live on through the color and the painting and the beauty that comes from it the community will have more passion than ever before and will be dedicated to make sure that this is not in vain
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> >haaziq : in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine : investigators have released new details. in a shocking double murder that happened earlier this week in castro valley. the two victims have been identified as lori thompson and james hamilton. on monday, they were found dead in their mobile home. sources say the weapon used in the violent killing. was a wrench. the alameda county sheriff's office says they've arrested lori's son. who remains in police custody. he reportedly has not been questioned yet. investigators say they're not actively searching for other suspects. more cases of west nile virus in the east bay. today. two chickens tested positive for the virus in oakley. fogging will take place tomorrow near delta vista middle school. between 6-50 and 10 pm. people in the area are advised to close windows and turn off air conditioning units.
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this is the third fogging operation to happen in contra costa county in two weeks. west nile virus comes from mosquitos. and can cause fevers, headaches, and body aches. coming up. a popular restaurant on the peninsula is closing its doors. we take you to tonight's final celebration. also --the drought is wreaking havoc on sewer lines. why cutting back on water is causing a stink. and a t-v station on lock down. how news crews put on a newscast -- despite a bomb threat. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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>> catherine : new at 11 scary moments for a los angeles t-v station. k-a-b-c had to shoot its afternoon newscast from their front lawn -- following a bomb threat. the station's anchors stood outside their building in glendora to broadcast the 4-pm news. police say they got a call from a man who said there might be several bombs inside the building. a bomb squad and search dogs showed up - but found nothing. everyone was allowed back inside the building about a half hour later. still ahead. sewers are becoming smellier than usual. why the drought is to blame for the problem and hundreds of people turn out for the last day of a peninsula restaurant. >> gary :and we have your sports highlights coming up with an nba
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owner doing pushups on a basketball >> diane : and much of the bay area got rain showers today. your forecast is coming up next
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>> catherine : the last foster freeze restaurant on the peninsula closed it's doors tonight for the last time. the store is going out of business and there was a big party to celebrate the decades of memories that were made there. kron four's jeff bush was there and talked to residents who say the place will be missed. >> jeff :it was a bitter sweet event. the foster's freeze on oak grove avenue served the final hamburgers, fries and shakes to hundreds of fans who wanted to be there for the last day of business. the store has been in the same location since 1950 and a lot has changed during that time. operating the business has
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become too costly and too much for the owner, sung lee to handle. and, so, the decision was made some time ago to close the windows for good and call it done. lee bought the place back in 1984 and has been serviing the soft ice cream and american fare since then. hundreds showed up to say goodbye and thanks for the memories. we've been standing in line since 5:30. after volleyball practice and we come here an awful lot. we come here after girl scouts and we take a nice walk from school and it's just been our favorite and we have been coming here for so many years and i just always thought it was going to be here. >>:i'm going to miss it because when i was little i would come heremy dad would bring me here almost every day and the owner would give me ice cream. >>:i hate to see this place go
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>> jeff :the store may be closing but the memory will carry on. the owner says he is going to donate his sign and several soft serve ice cream machines to the local little league to use in their concession stands. i'm jeff bush in menlo park, kron four news. then b> >diane : the bay area got a few showers today. >> catherine : it wasn't a lot -- but enough to catch drivers off guard. as soon as the rain started falling... the c-h-p says the number of wrecks went up. and most of those were people driving too fast... the showers did help gardens.and was on and off throughout the kron 4's diane tuazon has been tracking the forecast. and says more showers are
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coming. diane? >> da> > diane: satellite radars showing the image here of all that moisture and we do have another round of rain showers coming our way you can see the yellow indicating some moderate rain showers for much of the southern part of our region. any minute now we can be expecting another round of rain showers first we're going to get a san jose 0 little wet and then the inland valley locations and then the morning and will have the north bay for san rosa here is your future cast
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the upper 60s for san francisco peninsula and here is your seven day forecast with one more day of light showers and then a warm-up and then for the weekend nice clear skies and they should last until mid next week >> catherine : and a reminder. for push alerts on breaking news and up to the minute weather forecasts, be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app.
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it's free to download for apple and android devices. the drought isn't only having an impact on our environment. it's causing problems for our sewer lines. experts say with much less water being put down into the sewer. waste products are moving much more slowly through local treatment centers. that's causing more odor complaints. both in the pipeline system and in treatment plants. and that's not all. sitting sewage can turn into sulfuric acid. which can eat away at any materials like concrete. >>:you're not going to see it immediately, and it is on to us to make sure the pipes are clammy conserve water--clean and we conserve water >> catherine : crews are using high pressure hoses to keep sewage moving. all in an attempt to keep the pipes from corroding. the "back story" is back.
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it returns this weekend with all new episodes. we'll go behind the scenes to see what it's like at kron four as we bring you the news. here's a preview. >>:that appear--get up here >>:it is unfolding just as we speak, and we have to make sure that there are families on the other end of the story >>:this job will keep you awake >> catherine : this sunday night. you'll see how we covered the heart-breaking story of maddy middleton. and how covering such horrible news affects us all. that's this sunday at 9-30. right after sports night live. in sports. barry zito makes likely the final appearance of his major-league career. . and after being eliminated last night. the giants continue to turn to their youngsters to finish the season. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next
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took apart the hangover boys nick with his first major league homerun mike with a story first career shutout tim hudson 12:45 first pitch barry zito barry zito making likely the final start of his career in anaheim he wasn't bad here he gets albert pujols to ground into an
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inning-ending double play to end the first zito enduced three double plays but in the botom of the 3rd mike trout takes zito out to center field one of two solo home runs zito gave up bob melvin shakes zito hand as he lets him know that's it zito's final line 4 ip, 4 hits, 2 runs, 4 walks the high pitch count prevented him from going longer top 8th/ 7-5 a's coco crisp's grounder goes under the glove of c.j. cron 8- 5 a's only 1 of the a's 8 runs was earned as the angels committed 4 errors final: 8-7 a's angels 7-game win streak snapped after perhaps his worst perforance as a pro 4 interceptions 2 retruned for touchdowns in the team's blowout loss to the cardinals colin kaepernick must bounce back this sunday against the packers
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things not looking good as the 49ers are as much as a 10-point underdog at home something almost unheard of in the nfl here's kaepernick and jim tomsula. addressing their latest problems. >>:i am not too big on feeling of this feeling. i'm doing what i can to help this team when there is frustration i am not going to lie to everybody everybody is frustrated >> gary :there will be no frustration with jr stone, mark carpenter, and bip roperts,-- roberts night at 9pm on sports night live
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and send us your school pride and seld us your high school football selfie your photo may appear on sports night live submit them to or post on social media under the hashtag: "kron-4-selfie" nets owner russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov. paid his team a visit at practice today and showed off a little he did pushups with both arms and legs balanced on basketballs he also did other variations --- challenging the players as well brooklyn finished under.500 last season seem to be desperate for ways to improve sometimes he is in our country and sometimes he is hanging out in russia but he came to visit >> catherine : maybe gary can do
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the return of donald trump. >> donald trump calls a truce with fox news. >> how does it feel? >> i'm back. and at home with the trumps. their new family portrait. then -- >> deborah: billed by the bride? >> after she was a no-show at the wedding. >> you got to be kidding me. plus, mom takes the stand at her trial for killing her husband. she says he abused her. her blow by blow account of what happened that day. >> i ran to the other side of the bedroom. >> what did you get? >> my gun. >> her shocking pregnancy. could that new boyfriend really be the baby's father. and then they advertise


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