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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 5, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: the top stories the of the emergency have been issued as south carolina where record rainfall is causing severe flooding let's get right to the south carolina officials sang about 30,000 charleston residents are without power and as of sunday people have been killed due to weather-related causes in the carolinas that is our distort the flooding is part to the state getting at least 2 ft. of land in the weather is being blamed for at least five deaths in the state on the roadway and if you are in your
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house stay in your house this is not something to be out taking a picture of this is not something you want your kid spring and search and rescue forces began monday morning and columbia water rescues are ongoing drought brought state more than 200 to place over the weekend was a danger posed by floodwaters the south carolina emergency management division reported 315 car accidents among the 750 calls for assistance along highways over 12 hours. shut to the big sur for residents whether they backed away from their homes. >>reporter: it is not confined
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just to south carolina is my be the worst hit here but as of last my state of emergency for both carolinas virginia and new jersey and there are flood watches up and down along the coast all the way from georgia to delaware. >>james: will be from the store across the day as well with the coverage here in the studio bricky knows it does get to quickly san francisco police officer injured after being hit by a car that happened then at their marysville avenue we all have a continuing coverage from lead on this morning he is headed their collecting information but in this video you can see the scene of the crash with a few cars crumpled up.
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>>anny hong: that is a possibility of a wise to have life jackets for the kids and they're heading out the door for school this morning sit here live look at the golden gate bridge will have clear skies bring this on this monday morning temperatures are fairly cool all when good morning to you are not in the low 60s and the clear conditions 65 by 10:00 this morning or seven is 74 by 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon highs 75 will have a southwestern breeze about five dozen miles per hour and for this evening ride home the tech sunny conditions september to call down to the '60s and a percentage but in court this evening temperatures across the board generally in the '50s and '60s including 60 in downtown san francisco 56 of san mateo or 50s and san jose 657 and a little more for our friends and the more they 53 in santa rosa of the '50s and out of it is a
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look at the temple just for today. >>anny hong: 70 is maybe a couple spots getting close to 80 bed clothes places out for fairfield, and the more overall for the rest of the bay area lot of was to be generally in the '70s today and then by 6:00 tonight temper to school and got into the '60s and '70s a pretty nice evening but we can once again system fog developing. >>anny hong: will bird down-you in the east bay and also let you know how the next few days are looking as well. >>anny hong: 6 no major hot spots to report a live look right now at 80 on the bay bridge we want to quickly mention that in the eastern town just west of 580 and 24 there's an accident but the vehicles are
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on the right-hand shoulder because traffic is so light not affect in any major slowdowns because of it there were some reports of high winds on 92 between clearwater and foster city this morning the chp did go ahead and issue a high wind advisory keep that in my you may encounter some dust this morning right now things look in the trap lies in both directions task very light traffic conditions right now no-fault been reported just get the stalled a may impact the golden gate ride a letter on this morning and live look at the richmond san rafael bridge commute were very light traffic conditions along interstate 580 a we come back with take a look at the drive times across the east bank a little bit later. >>james: to the ticket back to oregon were the cab was
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massacre that shook the nation they're filling the reverberations of that community nine people gunned down the 26 year-old christopher will to this own life and been a huge outpouring of community support for the victims and families and those who survived the shooting said in this unassuming building hist that boy is hard work is going postal business and taking some of the back seat to them if the u c c strong the cow now selling out faster than he can make them is all the help the family the girl boy grew no one
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and you shot he is also close with her father set the rest of whatever he makes said he plans to give to the general you cc fund. >>reporter: this small town is doing just that even walk into the park to raise money for the victims and their families hist
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together they say they will all get through lifting each other up and away the tan the caller shooting had some california still is particularly hard last week and have on the same day as they became available for uc schools and send the sale last night said they held a vigil for the victims of the committee colors shooting just in the past few months seven mass shootings at churches and move appears california already bans guns within a thousand feet of any school. >>james: hist it would end an exemption for concealed carry permit it get the support of these parents they gather at the
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car is no charge of san mattel after every school shooting the campaign is using the has tech enough to bring awareness and to stop the violence set plans to remove or reach out sex predator into home near oakley now on hold. >>phillipe djegal: far from the big city headed down the road if you were not paying close attention so that our we drive right by past 80 on rest resting on a living those living here sit from antiart who in july
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hist the contra costa sound says 50 one-year-old six is currently being housed at a state hospital with the department of state hospitals was a pleasant and is taken home more than once this is robert bass have been convicted of committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age and that is why neighbors here do not want him. moving in him >>phillipe djegal: recent situations crop up in concord and walnut creek neighbors lashed out same sex predator should be moved to more road less congested areas including a
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supervisor publicly blasted the potential martinez and others weighed on pins and needles for decision socked more problems with the bay bridge the bridge design and is warning caltrans the cable holding up a new bridge eastern's plan is vulnerable to corrosion this is due to rain water leaking into
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anchorages there are ready preamplifier is been flowing into the two anchorages because of design problems with the guard rail system but have yet to say how the rain plan to deal with those leaks fire fighters continue to fight wildfires are long the west coast the ride on 92 so far moving well will keep the child commit to let you know when it begins to back the. are admirbeautiful nails. they have good reason... introducing the latest innovation from amopé, the new electronic nail care system
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>>james: the to get over to the weather traffic center.
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>>anny hong: we start with a live look at sfo this morning we have clear skies no-fault as of now we may see some fog developing out toward the coast right now for arriving flights things are looking pretty good we will keep you posted if we seek in the delay is not just as the fall but for oakland and san jose airport had grabbed a little sweater or jacket heading out the door this morning 3:00 p.m. will get the afternoon high of 77 degrees the southwest and breeds 5 the to amounts of our. >>anny hong: 12 for san jose
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this morning temperatures low 60s in san francisco opera tickets and antioch 57 a little more often is an oakland 77 in danville 75 in san ramon and brett what we'd like a low 80s today a gradual warming trend for tuesday and into wednesday made a is expected for our inland communities to mid to upper 70's even the coast as 4% of the getting into the upper 60s close to 70 degrees by wednesday we will let you know how long the war conditions last.
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>>anny hong: if you're going for hercules to berkeley nothing to slow down this morning on 80 that would take about 15 minutes from hercules to berkeley antioch the copper looks really good of the like ride taking you about 15 minutes or so as a noun a major hot spots to report. >>james: one of the big stores will file today for high-school
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students another california are accused of plotting to a school shooting the stores or rested before anything serious can happen accord is in the minister's estimate of high- school contacted wednesday about three students were making threats against other students and faculty that investigated and discovered there was a 42 who was involved in the plan as well so sops. >>james: rested on conspiracy charges that have not been identified yet because they aren't juvenile with their identities were made public a
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fremont man has been arrested and charged with this is like telling his mother. >>reporter: identified by a former student says the victim is said to a ban on math teacher at american high alex says patti generable the special at math teacher off for years he went to school here like many others now reminiscent of the school's alumni facebook page tour members meeting her son 31 year- old all marmalade who was now wanted for murder or arrested in
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kensington sunday people who know both the mother and her son sen are asking what went wrong. >>james: there are planned for the victim to life from 7 to 9 hist the incident occurred in the 1300 block of a quiet street about 840 in the morning the security video was posted the armed suspect to be seen attacking the man in the garage the victim tried to back after the strawberries in to arrest and handgun were from the robber the owner description they have is that he has dreadlocks.
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>>james: after breaking into a furniture store police said the man through items around damage led to untold walls of concrete was in the morning as they responded to a burglary alarm through the block of seats month the vista avenue hist the police along with the fbi made the announcement will have erica with more on the story. >>reporter: 1 years since the deadly shooting at the fish house bar and grill shocked the central coast the shooting left of the four year-old an unintended victim of gang violence the intended target was
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ramon also killed most of the suspect in the shooting have been arrested and now another sits in jail 23 year-old marcos rollers led to mexico soon after the shooting he faces two counts of murder in the killing. >>reporter: the fbi raided the apartment in guadalajara mexico with help from social video just less than two months ago the officers and fbi agents were here on these front steps announcing that $20,000 reward and now he's behind bars not
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only did the fbi arrested but also his girlfriend for accessory after the murder brought both back to watsonville friday night the hunt for the eighth and final suspect continues and authorities believe he is also in mexico timor in for assistance would hope the victim's family can get some sense of closure or rough we can for bay area football fans to recap both games coming up after the break.
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>>james: another tough loss for the 49 as a hosted the green bay packers a uc-berkeley they're leading the pack they got off to what early start with the first quarter touchdown was a close
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will have to watch the highlights the barcelona early lead with a touchdown with 2 minutes left if they drove the bears down the field for a last- second field goal the bears with
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and a winning it barely 22 to 19 the raiders not to into on the season that will face the broncos next week to baseball the giants closing out their season it was all about their me at at&t park his last game after 14 years and the leak the three- time world series champion made special mention of his father. >>: was too oversold in the oakland coliseum look at my dad and said that i will plan a one day my dad had me on the head and said go for i was two to two years of age and what this is a filled stage to the heart warming moment for him and emotional speech as we just saw
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>>james: you to see a bill to the officers were told was suffering from broken ribs and a broken leg the suspect that was
4:31 am
involved is in custody the state of emergency has been issued in south carolina the campaign which a group to prevent gun violence matt up last night at the conference the church of san sale it needs at that church every school shooting after
4:32 am
school officials said they were plotting the school shooting somerville highs what minister is contacted police on wednesday about the reasons for making threats against other students and faculty and they investigated and discovered there was of four students involved in the plans as well off for students have been arrested on conspiracy charges those of us have been on friday. >>anny hong: we have one more day of rain today before they finally get out of the and there was a dry conditions starting on tuesday look at the system as south carolina still pulling in quite a bit of moisture in concern this morning once again its flash flooding of the flash flood watches and warnings posted for this month's south
4:33 am
carolina including places like columbia and charleston gorges and the right showing you the heaviest rain has been falling over the last few hours the other concern is the when the have a high wind advisory and on the ground already saturated and when the winds pick up the concern will be for down power lines and also down trees. >>anny hong: here in the bay area things are much quieter this morning a live look on the monday morning at the san mateo bridge san francisco good morning to you low 60s lunchtime a percent is expected loss seven is of high to that at 2:00 p.m. and i smile day in downtown 56 by 6:00 this evening under sunny
4:34 am
conditions in the visibility is clear as a bell clear conditions we could see some fog developing especially on the coastline this morning saw temperatures are at 54 and about a prophet is an oakland 59 for our friends in san jose a percentage for a possible cut in half moon bay and four ocean beach here is a look at the rest of the bay area looking at 75 in oakland to 73 in vallejo it was what check of the 7 day around the bay forecast one of tomorrow and for the middle of the week for the end of the week as well. >>anny hong: the bay bridge looks pretty good on interstate 80 a few more cars to affect a
4:35 am
little more traffic on the eastbound and westbound why things are still very quiet a live look at the san mateo bridge camille it is safe to go ahead and issue a high wind advisoryill not be surprised if that will be canceled because they have diminished quite a bit since last night and live look at the golden gate bridge commit were attracted also is very light this morning the southbound ride on 101 last not least the last look at the richmond san rafael bridge commune where traffic is also very light along to stay 580. >>james: morse of our store is now being told at the captain's mast after the father of one student who was in the classroom during that shooting is not sure of her story she has more on the reaction to what happened.
4:36 am
>>reporter: his daughter was inside the classroom were so many lives lost some she survived he died in the shooting he says when trevor was shot he moved closer to help protect her we believe that his last moment he made a conscious effort to cover my daughter the
4:37 am
shooter stepped over lacey thinking she was dead she was in church sunday as a father recounted the story lacey is determined to not let this is to define her chief plans on going back to school and to work. >>james: the president on an 84 year-old firefighters who died in a line of duty in 2014 along with three you died in previous years in area larger than the
4:38 am
entire state of maryland 13 has lostheir lives and today we honor them as well we must work to prevent fires and fire fighting equipment and the support that they need to get the job done and to come home safe it is still at 90 percent containment so firefighters anopheles surrounding the death it is holding just over 76,000
4:39 am
a.. >>james: despite dry conditions across most of the california area it will be reporting the stake in the fiscal year in june with an estimate of $43 million and the money that was left over from fire prevention the collective one $300 million through june for more than a hundred out of property owners to pay a fire prevention free will to will firefighters are doing now to figure out the cause and the cause a person a website is helping to collect extra cash would take a look at how it is getting some people in trouble that is coming up in our next report.
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now time for the tech report with :gabe slate >>gabe slate: it is caribbean before driveway and lets people
4:42 am
all in their home on their driveway run out the driveway to other people to park from the airport alarm as a fall or a laudable one parking this is really taken off a lot of the are renting the drive way to people are traveling through sfo the people who travel get a huge discount parking is a lot cheaper than a car commercial loss or four lots the performance in the driveway get a steady stream of income is so expensive to live here in the bay area it seems like a winner when the but it is not that simple. >>: they will start noticing the four violations she lives in san ramon she's been using it for a while to stay in the bay area
4:43 am
there were certain businesses by the city of san ramon to stop renting out their driveway beside is them by letting city ordinance could have a negative impact on the neighborhood a mystery parking more difficult there is barely any street parking she have is that the two car driveway and only one personal card she only runs out one's eyes as she is not impacting her neighbors in that way.
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>>james: give him a story idea you can reach out to him and all of our twitter and e-mail him
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>>james: the rainstorm began a few days ago particularly hard officials and the capital city of columbia said there are without drinking water because
4:47 am
numerous water main breaks caused by flooding has left with anything to drink seven acts to stay home because this in the streets we have much more on this story coming up the u.s. coast guard reported 225 square mile area of the ocean with styrofoam would cargo and other items earlier the divers have recovered a life ring bearing the name of loss of the mouse is.
4:48 am
>>anny hong: also tar sand and not getting a break today the high winds of one to pick up for the big concern once again the high wind advisory in effect but in the bay area things are pretty quiet blustery winds and weaken the thing is a quiet this morning under clear conditions oakland the morning to you will have a pretty nice day today in the lower 60s in downtown oakland 71 by lunchtime the wind speed not too bad about 64
4:49 am
oakland 3 in redwood city in 12 mounts are in san jose and 57 and that is in the upper 50s in fremont 77 and san jose hills a storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast of one a trend starts tomorrow will be gradual warming of mandated by the middle of the week to wednesday and thursday. >>anny hong: looking at the long term models things are looking like or want to be cynical look conditions by next week we do
4:50 am
have some the leg is on a 880 and also 5 a due to construction this morning keep that in mind if you're born to be out and about this morning otherwise would door quick check of the bay bridge were traffic is also still very light a little bit of a line for the past pain lands and overall fast-track is very light ride this morning. >>james: we have a fire that ripped through a strip mall in san jose now fire for the time to figure out what caused it. >>reporter: firefighters work four hours to battle a blaze this started inside of a grocery store at the center sopping complex.
4:51 am
>>james: in under bare brick two-story subtler california took the found came face-to- face with the bear the got two- family home the report the dog. acts we scare dog golf >>reporter: don't let the face
4:52 am
or size fool you jules is a to guard dog to bears believe to be a year old worn into the family's front yard a third bears on the balcony just of the camera's view the to these, gore -- hesitate chasing them off you concede one their estimates to be a hundred pounds scoured offense to get away from jules awhile fire a couple of years ago impacter the food source for wildlife not annals look for food in people's yards some of its neighbors and her rich and by feeding the there's still may sound funny with two young kids
4:53 am
these are taking any chances the below window is border to rent them from sliding glass open his install this camera to alert him when there's and activity at home south hist.
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>>reporter: they're not the
4:56 am
only one in person in political figures in the end of that came together in song they sold auction for $96,000 the winning bidder was not named the marchand blastoff in near record numbers this weekend and a $55 million of the box office hotel transylvania came in second with 33 million action thrillers a car real fairness third. >>james: hurricane may not have made landfall but it is causing devastating weather for the
4:57 am
carolinas will show you what is happening in the massive flooding their bill would hamper its list of the is had by suspects' car will have a live report is of some pretty severe injuries will solve all that is well new stories of survival and heroism are merging follow mass shooting at the college campus.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: san francisco police officer injured when one of the suspect tried to run him over
5:00 am
police said the officer was pinned against the patrol car this happen and i near mayor bill allen and shot well street in the side district. >>jackie sissel: we're out here on mirabel street you could see that police officers from san francisco police departments are still out there gathering evidence try to figure out exactly what led up to that officer being crushed between his car and a suspect's car his video from early this morning police said around midnight this morning there received a call potentially in all burglary going on when they got out here somehow made contact with the suspect sitting inside a vehicle as soon as the officer stepped out of this car that is when the suspect ran to him were
5:01 am
being told now he's in stable condition he is sustained and is broken ribs a potentially a broken leg to other people were detained not clear whether not those two suspects of as little earlier the san francisco police departments said they do have a primary suspect in custody we are awaiting word for the san francisco police department and of the of the office of as we said broken ribs at the least the protest rally also broken leg he is in stable condition at san francisco general hospital. >>darya: state of emergency in south carolina where record rainfall is causing severe flooding seven deaths have been
5:02 am
blamed on the storm's hundreds of people already been rescued fast and floodwaters and more door-to-door search operations are planned for today that had been awaiting into waist deep water they're trying to help people or trapped in cars beyond is an clivias south carolina and had the latest on the deadly flooding. >>reporter: they called it a thousand year flood historic flood has brought more than 2 ft. of water to parts of the state in the weather is being blamed for five deaths on the roadway to have residents and officials on edge search and rescue operation began monday morning water rescues are ongoing throughout the state more than 200 took place over the weekend because of danger
5:03 am
posed by floodwater they ordered all interstate and around columbia shut down on sunday said the south carolina emergency medicine division reported 315 car accident in more than 750 calls for assistance along highway over 12 are. shelters of the shuttle for resins were been evacuated from their home. >>reporter: is not just limited to south carolina there is the emergency log carolina virginia and new jersey and there are flood watches and affect all the way from georgia of to delaware >>anny hong: it is not over get disgusted for those in south carolina goes look at the satellite radar picture the massive storm system still a lot
5:04 am
of moisture associated one more day of rain today a up to five and is still possible today they busted a lot of records of the weekend and continued to set new records in the side they would expect more rain today beyond today they will be drying out starting late tonight and into tomorrow for the rest of the week pretty much covering most of south carolina you can see we have a flash flood watches the other big concern to the fact said when the ground already saturated and when the winds pick up there were concerned about down power lines and also
5:05 am
down trees for today if one more day of stormy weather before they can really get a chance to dry out starting tomorrow here is a look at the local forecast a lot,. >>james: it is mainly form along the coastline it will build a little bit as its for sunrise when the chemists to clear conditions san francisco oakland, a livermore coming in at 58 the exception of the santa rosa all when the live camera position as get a sneak peek at how those temperatures will develop over the day will be in the low seven is looking for about 75 by 3:00 4:00 will drop the down to the opposite is but is thought to lie.
5:06 am
>>george: we checked with caltrans this should not be out there for very much longer this work on interstate 580 was about to revoke the it will be picked up at 530 this morning carly is going to add about 23 minutes to give time to downtown oakland not a major problem here on the nimitz freeway this work on a southbound at marina boulevard they started picking up at 5:00 it will add about five minutes to your trip time on 880 in the southbound direction if you're heading to the airport had to tell and the backed up give yourself about an extra five minutes for the next half- hour so far to the bay bridge the back of snow delays or
5:07 am
problems an easy ride of the east of a trip out of hayward over to san mateo looks great with an amendment of time. >>darya: the oregon committed to callers were nine people were killed that can get their belongings they left behind when they ran for their lives last thursday when the gunman opened fire at classroom in council the on to be there today on campus to assist anyone who needs counseling sfax >>: part of his body was online
5:08 am
we believe that in his last moments we believe he made a conscious effort to cover my daughter i sincerely 100 percent believe his blood saved my daughter's life they open their doors over the weekend to those who needed support and their religious adjutancy for the victims church members an activist with the brady campaign to prevent a gun violence held a vigil for the victims of that committee, shooting values in
5:09 am
the past had enough. >>mark: was poster on social media following the death wish shooting it did not mention a specific school but did mention a specific time police are searching for a man who suspected of robbing a bank it happened yesterday and. >>darya: it happened at the bank the man gave the teller a note demanding money and got away with cash.
5:10 am
>>mark: acheron 7 on friday and probably on a bolt on too much water and capsized half a dozen people were able to swim to shore once they're on the sure they realize some was missing the already preoccupied with the possibility of that the base of the spend tower could be paroled by water the officials the dollars they had been flowing
5:11 am
into the two anchorages because the design problem with the guard rail system i have yet to say how they plan to deal with the leaks fleet week is getting underway in san francisco. >>darya: for the third effect annual kickoff starting today you seaplanes passing through and over the bank for all of progress and for the signature air show this weekend the very on the map will be a flying with the blue angels today will have a preview from have come up at 530 if you want to catch all with the best seat in the house what our blue angels live special welcome in the blue angels to this year's fleet week to catch all the high- flying thrills as we bring to the blue angels live this saturday and that is october 10th starting at 2:00 p.m.. >>mark: violence home invasion is caught on camera this morning police are still looking for the suspect will have details plus link then could all use the
5:12 am
money after the break the partnership and 33 crew members still missing this morning after selling in the path of hurricane will have the latest on the search efforts.
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>>mark: losing strength as a mix away past bermuda and far out to be in and take getting an idea of what the damage could have been if a hurricane like that made a landfall in the u.s. will have video from the coast guard sean of the destruction in the bahamas with hurricane hit on thursday many homes on the water we tore the bahamas as a category four or five are in of 240 mi. from our and by late last night they said a sustained winds up to 85 mi. our research continuing for a large cargo ship that went missing on
5:16 am
thursday that the search and drop the knife and several days not any size of the missing ship the on confirm trades is a life ring that was found on saturday contacts loss to the ship on thursday it was settled into a hurricane as a dramatically strengthened it was a routine trip that was lacking is a different sort and pr 33 crew members on board 20 americans and five polish nationals the debris still has been found some to the '50s were miles wide. >>james: will max out in the upper seven is for the ellen about is what will be really comfortable nice and mild and gradually over the course of the next week slowly warming up by this weekend should be in the low 90s between now and then it is going to be a nice grammar rap of this a live look outside where am looking at the bay bridge, we are expecting some of the warm temperatures today hear
5:17 am
the satellite radar high pressure keeping in intimate weather well out of the bay area 59 in fremont 58 in san jose 59 in redwood city generally in the mid to upper 50s or not adversely will warm up as a low 70's. >>james: 675 to 7 a degree generally for the east bay valley may be brentwood this about 80 degrees the rest of the bay area will follow a similar pattern 70 in san francisco low to mid '70's for the bay shoreline that is how to days when to play out as for the short-term forecast to the wednesday temperatures to gradually increase in land by was the run the gamut '80s for the daytime high.
5:18 am
>>george: we continue to monitor these construction delays on 88580 in the east bank oakland there was supposed to pick one up at 530 and looks like that actually getting started a little earlier than at the 580 ride west lawn and the actual the back of was already starting to break up here for the ride through downtown oakland and the other side not far away as 880 southbound at moran a boulevard of this supposed to be picking up at 5 but it is along the closure to take awhile to pick up so as you can see there are delays here for 880 southbound leading into san leandro and come out of oakland this will likely be in place for about the next 15 to 2 to minutes before starts to disappear that is unless it is late in picking up the support southbound for the ride to the bay bridge just beginning to back up now as well
5:19 am
likely see the back of the carnage within the next 15 minutes for the east bay ride over to stem the sale still looks good on the hayward with an amendment trip time and ride in an already counting problem free with the ride on the golden gate bridge. >>george: just in a minute trip time out of richmond heading over to. san juan to >>mark: invest is asking for help in identifying an armed man wanted in connection with home and visit robbery and san francisco to see a violent home invasion call our surveillance video this happen on a quiet street monday morning last week the security video the armed suspect instead attacking a man and a garage the victim fight back after a struggle he's interested handgun away from the robert and then move the outside of the rise of one of the weapon of the suspects but he ran away police said on a description the havel the robber is to concede in the video has dreadlocks.
5:20 am
>>darya: they're on hold this morning after a the judge reviewed the case is looking at more evidence now the 51 year- old has been convicted of multiple times of committing lewd and lascivious acts with the child he is said to be released into little neighborhood on the baffle island and oakley border with the neighbors are fighting at the 51 your honor or the mental health evaluation once that is tennessee's supposed to be released to the 2400 block of the natural world. >>darya: spoke to the mayor of oakley and this is what he had to say the hearing has been rescheduled for later on this
5:21 am
month will keep you posted a find out where his eventually placed the last gun store is closing. >>mark: minute to difficult stay in business a hybrid farms and businesses 1952 is this city's only gun store since 1999 it will close on hollowing october 31st the owner decided to close after it was for possible prior hybris to record every gun cell if the report every ammunition transaction to the police department the proposal at more paperwork to the steps already been required to comply with local state and federal regulations his proposal was meant to help combat the crime. >>darya: the supreme court started a new type turned proms as a strain of divisive social issues and number of high- profile decisions and strong before the high court involves a
5:22 am
woman who lost her legs in an accident after she fell all attempted to board a train and austria the issue is whether she can sue the state on austrian railway system and american support. >>darya: the social in that arkansas has agreed to shell out $13 million to settle a 2013 lawsuit linked to the site had connections feature some latin members were upset that the address book contacted had requested to connect with had received multiple reminder e- mail's the sedum affects those who use the fee to the plan september 17th and october 31st of 2014 you have until december 14th to submit a claim to be included in the settlement customers can get up to $1,500 apiece said.
5:23 am
>>mark: they reviewed the section and concluded the wording does not look to the publisher standards they will appear in an on-line version of the community will be included in the books next is getting more expensive to visit disneyland will tell you about the theme park new ticket prices of silicon to travel over the holidays today is the best day to buy airplane tickets. oh, well that's a good price.
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>>mark: the company hopes the co-founder can help nearly a decade of financial losses he helped start the company more than nine years ago and the dump them first time around but the board directors appears convinced and the maturity for to fix the problem is call the company took lose half the volume in his seal of the mobile can co. square and his claim of his board to remain as ceo of both companies such off now for
5:27 am
october 12th are the best days for you to buy fairs for thanksgiving christmas and new year's eve is a lot to travel during those holidays it might be good to check out the price is right now they said the prices will be at the lowest tomorrow east south the best days to buy those tickets to the destination is october 10th. >>mark: it is a thousand dollars a year the nose of the price is getting a lot of laws on social media a lot of this defensive they're upset that no longer afford to visit the park if they said this overcrowding at disneyland with the team to follow the lead out of south carolina state of emergency
5:28 am
after rapid rain fall hunt the people have been rescued and seven have the hill.
5:29 am
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fluffy, fluffy cloud. make your tummy happy. mmm, yoplait. so >>mark: he is injured after being hit by a suspect's car this happened at midnight there avenue and south will street is suffering from broken ribs and broken legs and 3 thankfully did
5:31 am
not appear to be life- threatening they're investigating were told there was a suspect in custody there on the same gathering more information about officer who was had attended the patrol car. >>james: we have clear visibility no fault obstructing the view there is a line start to the monday morning temperatures mild as well the upper 50s 58 straight down the board as to go from san francisco all the way down to san jose out there, but in the more holding in the upper 50s with temperatures in santa rosa of all 54 by comparison template is are expected to climb to the
5:32 am
upper 70's by later on this afternoon we should get the maximum temperature of 3:00 4:00. shh >>george: we're tracking to the leas to construction in the east bay one was on 580 west to bomb is gone we're still looking at some slowing as it continued to pick up the cones on 880 south down the construction work was a little farther south here in mexico the cones are being lifted and the ride is improving forced out about 880 if you're heading to the airport right now out of downtown oakland and still at about five minutes to your drive times seem the activation to the metering lights right at the bottom of
5:33 am
the our things are starting to back a already toward 880 of a crossing if an easy 11 metric tons still for the san mateo bridge. >>darya: record rainfall is causing severe flooding will monitoring the situation from the wrecking newsdesk. >>anny hong: they seem more than 2 ft. of rain over the past couple of days they're getting more today is not over yet is been blamed for half a dozen deaths or the flooding in south carolina have residents and officials on the edge rescue such operas to begin this morning and columbia water rescues are ongoing throughout the state more than 200 taking place over the weekend here because of the danger posed by floodwaters governor nick haley shutdown of the to states and around columbia said that the
5:34 am
south carolina emergency management division reported trigger the car accidents more than 700 calls for assistance along highway over a 12 hour. . >>anny hong: it is not just limited to south carolina new jersey virginia and north carolina also are under state of emergency the weather service have issue flood watches it will begin to pile more rain expected for today will continue to follow the story on a newscast and also. says >>mark: she was brutally murdered on september 29th insider the apartment in fremont they shed their part of the son of the one-year-old who was arrested yesterday and booked into jail is the charge with the murder of his mother
5:35 am
then said to be a math teacher at american high for people new recession was known for a great personality sphere and they have made one arrest and then searching for a second person after all home burglary and san carlos 6 to k-9 unit ifs he is described as a hispanic man and his late teens or early 20 said and he was seen wearing a great giants sweat shirt bluejeans and a great baseball cap with the red bull. >>mark: used arson and planes passing through over the bay of preparation for the air show for will be flying with the blue angels today he is live in oakland airport with a preview. >>will tran: nervous scared
5:36 am
asking myself what the elected myself and to this said it will take off at 5:00 tonight will carry a live as i go through the training they said there is breathing exercises that will have cameras mounted so everything that i do will be shown on the evening news salting crackers this is the diet for today by the way it is brent can do it i can do the show you some video he did this last year he had a great time that he went up the tech
5:37 am
fabulous photos some if you are able or keep in mind that the restrictions on the what is will you be notified do not come to close the navy the blue and the double flying today and practicing with their intense practices will begin on thursday and friday south pack some clothes and teachers the first
5:38 am
three minutes are great and then start to get a little queasy. >>mark: will get the tech and have them for you tomorrow morning we're excited for that
5:39 am
is an amazing event. >>darya: may be known for wine but they're weighing in for the biggest pump can and after the break of tellers dog tags from a family of bears and it is all caught on camera.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>darya: surveillance video captures the bear that is when the steelers 25 mobile box plans and action he is chasing them down that is great and the east
5:42 am
bay shore lines on forecasts will be back with complete bay area coverage 75 an oakland woman to about 78 in fremont. ♪
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>mark: will show you some more the videos coming out if the majority will did some sort of illness this winter everything from what you need to what you breed can make a difference of we have tips on surviving this flu season begins today will take a look of some of the best places you can catch the action of the air show in san francisco safe hoff
5:46 am
>>james: that is what the seven day and from the bay choses at the moment we're seeing relatively clear conditions at sfo where temperatures are doing pretty good no clouds to speak of the see the live satellite nothing in the area with high pressure will continue to build as we did drop the week to quick look at temperatures 60 in san francisco a slew of its upper 50s just about everywhere else. >>james: 57 for fairfield and antioch is off to mild start to source libraries in the air into a densely one of force will
5:47 am
replace that with seven is all on the bay about 3:00 or so this afternoon very low 80s in the east bay valleys professionally most locations will selleck and 77 to 79 degrees brentwood made to us the 80 degree mark by this week in were looking and low 90s in the mid '80s by the bank that is the forecast the potential for one there were some late construction delays on '80s southbound this was one of the sites one of the two sides were supposed to have been picked up at 5 and the the cones are being
5:48 am
picked up southbound but there are reports that a gravel that was left in the roadway and is creating a spray for southbound motorists we still have all backed up on a 80 in the southbound direction there some concern of this could translate into on going problem. >>george: they're still delays while 580 westbound has completely cleared adding to the bridge this morning bay bridge metering lights have an active for over 15 minutes we already backing up toward the macarthur maze no delays for the san mateo bridge the high with 92 ride out of the east bay to san sale looks good as do the golden gate bridge where the late free northbound and southbound the right out of the east bay into marin still looks good here to cast the lead of the only have two lanes instead of four lanes
5:49 am
open at the toll plaza for cash pares. >>mark: his return to south korea's today three other south koreans getting ready for custody to a form are serving life sentences at hard labor camps accused of being spies suggesting farming teachers in the wake of thursday's shooting the command a couch or in the gunman shot and killed nine people tromps said that his demonic the crowd at the campus there and rose four with the gun free zone he hinted that the campus policy is part of the problem.
5:50 am
>>: every time something happened did not bring mental illness or mental health care and out of like all the other problems by the way it was a gun free zone if you have a couple of the teachers are some with guns and that room you would have been better off he vowed to uphold the rights of attacking costs more gun-control he remains on top of the republican presidential polls they show he is up and i will with 24 percent in carson at 19% he remains in first place 21% support for the sixth thing they do reflect some slipping in the last month that
5:51 am
are investigating a fire broke out at a strip mall in san jose and spent hours battling this fire. >>darya: that had to work well to the afternoon to get it all out thousands of gallons of water port on and the grocery store obviously destroyed in that they will be keeping an eye on and and investigated the call stop. >>darya: they believe because they're so much debris that may actually investigate the they would never know the calls--call south >>mark: on the phil they gave up seven runs in the ninth inning
5:52 am
launches before the feet of the center keep it soon will what just for the weather and track and right now take a peek will show you the temperatures and a net of out the door 60 in san francisco.
5:53 am
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>>darya: the former room when a northern california contest with a record-setting 1,806 lbs. pumpkin that nickname the pump and the flying saucer is pretty flat and wide he was one of about 50 good pumpkin farmers to haul in their harvest to compete in the annual way off at the giant plant and harvest festival the collected $12,000 of prize money but the most important part of winning is to share the when it was a 28 year- old daughter. >>mark: the next hour we are following recon news out of san francisco office and hospital after a suspect hit him with the car pennon of the office against a patrol car will have more
5:56 am
details in oregon community college reopening this morning after a shooting rampage last week you hear from the father of one of the survivors.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: thank you for joining us >>darya: the senate to the breaking news story would tell you what the latest is. >>jackie sissel: they told with the police vehicle and the
6:00 am
suspect vehicle involved in this accident san francisco police officer was sent to the hospital with injuries after the suspect ran to with his vehicle is video from early this morning san francisco police department say from the not last my officer that was here on mayor bill st. investigating a potential or burglary somehow made contact with the suspect who was sitting inside of a vehicle as the officer got out of his patrol car and that is when the suspect inside a white bmw ran the officer after that the suspect backed up and tried to flee the scene only to be apprehended by a second patrol officer who are ride at the same the suspect is in custody this pay was taken to hospital and is in stable condition are being told he sustained a broken rib and a potentially a broken leg we're being told to other people
6:01 am
have been detained. >>jackie sissel: no indication whether not they will be charged in this case we can tell you about five minutes ago we saw two trucks come up here but told a with a white bmw that was the suspect vehicle also the patrol car the average opened up but obviously still some questions out there since we get no information on the officer conditioned will pass along. >>mark: they had to be rescued from this fast-moving flood waters and door-to-door search operations shelters have been setup for residents will been evacuated from their homes team coverage of the deadly flooding with incredible images coming in. >>anny hong: just amazing for
6:02 am
this coming out of south carolina off from a weakened seven weather-related deaths had been reported since the began spreading over the eastern seaboard from the hunt is a weakened rescues and friend the drinking water supply for hundred thousand people in colombia with officials' warnings of you could do without portable water for days because a water main breaks for also power outages affecting spousal this morning police in colombia sale emergency crews will continue carryout restaurant operations in the city and in nearby richmond county several schools and colleges including an aggressive assault carolina had canceled last as a some businesses plan on staying close in numerous roles and bridges around the state all washed under water to concede
6:03 am
the really intend shower the rain flooding continuing again today at the good news is after today if things do look like they're beginning to die down that is light at the end of the tunnel for them. >>james: temperatures and san francisco should one to seven is to take a look at that city different forecasts calling out to los sixties will be back in 50 minutes and break down the forecast for today.
6:04 am
>>george: we concede that the backup is breaking up now for the southbound trip we are however starting to see atypically slow traffic into hay wud which means the court or commute is already up from the 25 minute drive times to a 30 metric time from to 30 it down to 237 the ride to the bridges but the of normally that means we are ready backed up into the macarthur maze and a trip to the san tempers the next business corridor for the bridges at least look good and likely will for the next 30 minutes. >>darya: 9 people killed in the shooting rampage is open today in a limited capacity to meet death and the faculty will be allowed back on the campus so they can get what they left behind when they fled the classrooms run for their lives from a gunman last of the morning also there of the council's on campus today for
6:05 am
anyone who needs help class's are going to restart on october 12th meantime survivors are telling their story passed a randy's says his daughter lacy survived because her. classmate protected her >>: she said of a sudden seven was on the left side all of a sudden i felt his body as it moved toward mind and part of his body was online we believe that in his last moments we believe he made a conscious effort to cover my daughter i sincerely 100 percent believe his blood saved my daughter's life. >>darya: the open the doors of the wicked to those needing support thereof vigils held all the way here back into the bay area as well last night at the
6:06 am
congregational church of san mateo this is what they automatically go to meet after there's a school shooting the shooting or happen all the same day they opened on seniors who once called uc schools. >>: those parents to send their kids off to college for college education and our whole the memorial's rather than their graduations. >>darya: the campaign is using enough to raise awareness and tried to stop the gun violence. >>mark: university in philadelphia area are in a lawyer after threat of violence was directed and local campuses it was close also should begin falling glass with a deadly shooting at the committee couch
6:07 am
the threat did not mention a specific school but didn't a specific time for northern california high school students are accused of plotting of school shooting their war rested before anything serious happen contacted the wednesday about three students for making threats against other students and faculty they invested and discovered even a fourth student was involved in the plot that should be done by k nine unit. >>mark: were arrested on
6:08 am
conspiracy charges on their home did not identified because of juveniles. >>darya: police are searching for a man who robbed a brentwood bank to happen yes today about 20 afternoon at the tri county bank the man in the teller a note demanding money and got away with cash no one saw any weapons and no one was hurt at about seven on friday night there will probably on but the to on much what--boat >>mark: more problem for the bay
6:09 am
bridge designer now warning caltrans that the cable holding up the bridges eastern's plan is vulnerable to corruption that said this to do to win water leaking into anchorage that already preoccupied with the possibility that across the bay to dispense our approach to buy water they a dollars the rain water has been flowing into the two anchorages because of design problems with the guard rail system they have not said how they plan to deal with the leaks as take a look at video from last year big show events happen all over the city today to kick off the 35th annual you see the plane's passenger over the bay if you're probably hit their roar of the engines and this is all before the signature air show this weekend he is very nervous we have a special this
6:10 am
saturday at 2:00 p.m.. >>mark: francisco on a fight back against the armed robber was showed a videotape happen coming up.
6:11 am
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>>mark: it is just a hurricane by different name prompted warnings and the formation several tornadoes this tornado land in the chinese province hundred and 60 people or injured coming in from the coast
6:14 am
guard aircraft the hurricane hit on thursday ec widespread flooding and a lot of damage a major hurricane with how the 40 mi. per hour winds, i in that hurricane of large cargo ship is still missing in the coast guard is in searching for any signs of the l farrow was a missing cargo ship when it sailed into the hurricane it was on the trip from florida to send what i could recall from jacksonville 33 crew members on board 28 of them were americans.
6:15 am
>>james: we have a gradual warming not a big heat wave not a giant hit spy but over the course of the next five to seven days will gradually day-by-day increase by a few degrees is a live look outside the san mateo bridge to a little hazy but the fog is not too big of a deal this alive you from space because the high pressures to high clouds away any but whether we do see on the radar well off to the south and to the east and zoom in the tech look at temperatures 59, in san francisco 54 oakland a little bit warmer than that and send us a 58 at the moment we have decent mix the '50s anywhere from 53 like we have unpleasant richmond coming in at 62 on the
6:16 am
warm side there by 9:00 also cases from the they will be in the '60s will fast-forward and times about the lunch hour would commit expect from the bank. >>james: the sea temperatures flirted with 80 degrees and find out your what we have about 80 but mostly 77 to 79 santa the south that and and the threat of the mildest of victory is 77 the midst of this along the bay shoreline to whether 7 day around the bay forecast is sick of the entire week. week >>george: looking at an accident now on 880 west about the call about a role here and hercules this to the potential hot spot we understand from the chp report of vehicle may have lost
6:17 am
this will which may make it impossible to clear to the shoulder without a tow truck we could have a lame blocked and that could back of the ride to beyond what low for a was found curled with the drive times are not that bad 24 minutes from hercules to berkeley we have cleared of the construction delays on a is out from track in the ride to the bridge is the bay bridge is already backing up into the macarthur maze for the san mateo bridge high with 92 with just 13 to 15 minutes away from same thing slowdown here if would follow the typical pattern in which i believe it will the golden gate bridge ride is a problem free so is the trip from marin county south about 4101 your drive texas marin this morning if you get there within the next 15 to 20 minutes you're likely still to be delayed free
6:18 am
within a minute travel time over to san rafael. >>mark: is namaste militants have the assurance 2000 year old arch in the and to sit upon my role the child was one of the most recognizable sites and the city which i sissies the backed the main opposition activists posted late yesterday the miller to destroy the arch to the also blew up the first century temples upon my room a moser plane crashed during takeoff last week he grow of a camera and saw the california piloting the plane as it crashed unspecified number of people on the ground also kill them best it will cause the crash happened now and this is the asking for your help in identifying an armed man wanted for home renovation robbery. >>darya: take a look at this
6:19 am
video from the home invasion on the surveillance camera this happened at the appliance tree last monday morning and you can say this was posted dark man is attacking command and the briars and the victim is fighting back after the stroke he is able to wrestle the hand gun away from robert disclose outside the garage and a home on appoints a weapon at the robert and the robber when ride no discussion they have all the robber is that he has dreadlocks plans to move repeat child sex predator into a home that oakley are on hold this morning after a judge review the case decided to look more evidence he's been convicted of multiple times of committing lewd and lascivious acts on the child. >>mark: is as released the fifth when you're on the women's health evaluation once complete
6:20 am
he could be released on the 24 on the block of the natural world the spoke to the vice mayor for the city of oakland about having a sex predator living in the area the here it is now been rescheduled for later on this month. >>darya: the supreme court is back in session that our meeting publicly today for the first time since a number of high- profile decisions the cases on the firm of oxygen in fees made by a public employees' class action lawsuits and death penalty appeals is possible that the so-called contraceptive mandate portion of the affordable care at could come up for review.
6:21 am
>>mark: lincoln members said they were upset that the content the requested could connect with had received multiple remind e-mail's they affect those who use september 17, 2011 and october 2nd to first of last year you have until december 14th to submit a claim form to beat it is a dollar amount per connection clothing retell american apparel filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy no surprise to industry watchers back in august officials say there's a statute of the company could remain in business their profound in 1990 it was known for watching ad campaigns the town was forced from his position from sea of made allegations of mismanagement and sexual harassment.
6:22 am
>>darya: the political climate has made it too difficult for a gun store to stay in business now is going to close on october 31st the owner decided to close after a proposed it would hybrid to the record every gun sale to report every ammunition transaction to the police department the sister was considering having all campuses do the same events with the
6:23 am
l.a. times the new policy is optional at berkeley this year. >>mark: bid and ask for recommendations for undergrad application test that they rely on high school grades standardized test scores and a review of the students' accomplishments the same letters offer another way for admission officers to choose among the tens of thousand students trying to get an. >>darya: despite all the hand was in the majority of us will get something this winter everything from what you need to how you brave can make a difference. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
6:24 am
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6:25 am
>>mark: 61 degrees with 50 and novato will be out for pleasanton and livermore in the mid-50s to nine degrees and the richmond 62 changes in the forecast this week >>darya: that want to get sick
6:26 am
at some point here are some tips on how to survive the first thing they say get a flu shot even if you have the back same it and still get sick there are some things you can do to shorten your set this call long at last year but would like cultures and to talk a mushroom havel immune boosting powers that would drive the air and was in the air at apyrase the sore throat and the cough stop touching your mouth the average person touches their mouth or nose more than three times for
6:27 am
our that is the easiest way for the germs to get in the system the chase almost all models is captured about a desk and video will have more on the dramatic change. >>will tran: get ready for thunder of the skies of the bay area as it begins today the blue angels one of about six of them parked in oakland.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: come out on friday with about 60,000 fewer jobs at the u.s. economy in the month it expected however on of women raised its stake of 5.1% we're watching the faces of the hundred 40 points ahead of the opening bell this morning keeping our eyes on twitter as they announced a former sea of at the same the intimacy of jet darcy's say it it will be on as the sea of and a mobile payment company san francisco police
6:30 am
officer injured and there is being taken away this happened the night there mayor bill avenue. >>mark: broken ribs and broken legs he is the images are not life-threatening they're investigating two other suspects in custody he was set with the car and and and the patrol car when gathering information and a live report coming up. >>anny hong: including one of a mother and her baby girl been wrested from the roof of their home to look thises and south carolina just north of charleston and is an area video showing the flooding and you could secrecy new and a 15 month old daughter and there were stranded due to flooding in their neighborhood following days of heavy rain and consider
6:31 am
the coast guard there were notified of a distressed by the family early on sunday morning they hoisted a was taken to mount pleasant ridge new airport what they're doing fine and they suffered no injuries to consider the mom and her baby girl happy with the coast guard to and in the many thanks to her rescue they're doing a lot better this morning.
6:32 am
>>james: as we work through this week and into next week as well it will be drive for the foreseeable future a live look outside clear as to take a look at the bay bridge from the embarcadero can attempt is all on the bay beginning to show was the makes 60 in san francisco law office is all flood of the '50s and san jose it depends on where you are here with a forecast as to get ready for school this morning off to call starred class is getting out seven in its almost 80 degrees for the invalid schools with low to the seven is for the bay shoreline schools
6:33 am
and accident that is backing of the ride a bit beyond high before. >>george: is about 67 minutes longer than usual for your trip down the shore freeway here in santa clara an accident on 101 of the bomb just past the guadalupe parkway affecting the ride on the bay shore northbound now 27 instead of 21 minutes from the copper express went to the montague expressway for 1 01 north at the bay bridge were backed up into the macarthur maze we are ready clocking 24 minute drive times and right on cue the san sale of bread to almost come to stop now at 633. .
6:34 am
>>mark: she was brutally murdered on september 29th and separate apartment in fremont she shed their formal first son he was arrested yesterday and booked into jail the victim was a math teacher at american high she had a great personality. >>darya: the containment is that 90 percent right now the fire is holding and 76,000 a. for people have been killed in a fire near the 2007 were destroyed included 1303 homes for the call the fire is under investigation. >>mark: $43 million and the money left over for fire
6:35 am
prevention the collective one of $300 million through june more than a hundred thousand property owners who paid a separate additional fire prevention free the debt is have made one arrest and they're still searching for another burglar. >>darya: a canine unit found him hiding in the gardening shed near the break-in was yesterday afternoon on why it all quiet with the other robert got away was seen fleeing north on on the streets toward beaumont avenue and here is the vague description relative for a hispanic male where a great giants watcher blue jeans and a great baseball cap happen today kicking off in san francisco is the seventh planes flying over the bank. >>mark: with slime with the blue angels today he is live this
6:36 am
morning at oakland airport. >>will tran: all the flying at 5:00 tonight the flights with the other be happy the the second off at 11:00 in the morning so close was so far away in the meantime i'm on the other side of the gate yet to see one of the blue angels i cannot way they told me several months ago and i've been thinking about almost over thinking that over the weekend i started to get a little bit nervous a little bit scared but since you did you give me inspiration they told me what sticky heat saltine crackers eat bananas because they taste the same going down as the taste going up of the audio to grant
6:37 am
also was able to go with the blue and choose the to the 35th year this is a privilege and i cannot wait but if you want to check out yourself in begins today unless all the way into next monday in the blue angels they seem to be the superstars of intense practices will begin on thursday and friday with a will be going of the rock to bay area today. >>will tran: if you are bolder in your in the water did not surprise at all because they need their distance it started back in 1981 that is the way it is respected are the men and women who serve the military since then it has been an annual tradition and san francisco so many people cannot wait for.
6:38 am
will we previewing which starts today a saloon in the military personnel in the bay area strong depreciation for all they do this great nation there live this saturday coming of more a
6:39 am
fleet with the that is one of the big stories we will be. right be
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>darya: that have bed this midland is introducing a new way to paint surge pricing for the theme park this a disney is considering the demand based pricing structure under that tickets will cost less on the slower days when you cannot go because you're at work more on
6:43 am
the day that you want to go the holidays the weekend and everything else to have to do something like the crowding and this is one way it would help a fortune of the weather here was a look at oakland to but is broken down during the different parts of the debt will like that from 75 full for castrated had. ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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>>grant lodes: time know cases for the sights and sounds with a blue and just come to town you
6:46 am
can watch some of for the sister ships pretty cold get here early because did for love fest if you have the past and a guarantee first-class experience-50 to 2 on the 25 bucks a ticket depend on the day you come to where you want to set if you want to bring your own trees and use these dickinson and for one heck of a show of the blue and will basically per your harem come streaming by traffic always a mess in these areas on fleet
6:47 am
week weekend the best that do not drive and is more fun that way. >>mark: catch them were proud to welcome them and we can catch the high-flying terrell as we bring you the blue and to live this saturday october 10th start and to the afternoon lifted so showing has been asking whether it's time for a change of quarterback will talk about the a vatican freeze have the surprise of the catholic church he is gay and in a relationship. >>darya: they respond to the news? >>mark: what happened to the sinking ship.
6:48 am
>>james: gradual warming will start of mild by this weekend it will be nice and toasty with low 90s and the forecast before today will max out in the upper seventh that is how money is on to play out of live look outside we see a nice clear conditions at the moment with temperatures that room pretty good this morning we're saying a widespread declaring all across the bay and across the state will have high-pressure temperatures take a look list of all the views of the convict a city near you aware looking for and this in the appointed equal to start 59% francisco 54 oakland the bentley will one of nicely here this afternoon in the south may use a glimpse the zone forecasts for the santa clara valley and san jose 78. >>james: very mild as it and see similar relief for the east valley of the seven is of very low 80s of near brentwood and
6:49 am
one of the 273277. >>james: like we said eventually by the weekend status and then low 90s and one with low to mid '80s by the shoreline fleet week weather will have the forecast of data for your day by day as we get closer. >>george: we're definitely a 33 minute trip time and you can see it is already quite slow all the
6:50 am
way down from the upper to the shore freeway where still tracking so when the ride a bed also an accident on 280 knockabout here at saratoga road 101 drive times still only 27 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze 24 to 26 minutes the san mateo bridge is at full capacity of 26 minute drive time from hayward to san mateo golden gate bridge is problem free like traffic in the northbound direction that is typical for a monday. >>george: backing up into more and the back of the not quite to the richmond park with for interstate 580 westbound. >>mark: the coast guard said the u.s. bay cargo ship the owner
6:51 am
said and had more than enough lifeboats and rafts to the crew contacts loss during the ship on thursday when cell into a strike and a hurricane it was a trip from jacksonville over 7 t a foot-long cargo ship had 36 crew members on board including 28 americans and five polish nationals knew this morning a south korean student from new york university who was detained by north korea it was arrested in april for internal career at illegally across the chinese border the return to south korea as of this month at least three of the south koreans do remain in custody in north korea.
6:52 am
>>darya: signing this in sacramento he was joined by his wife and their two dogs important things happen in sacramento as a consent this isn't 2016 happen today the president a hopeful will unveil new gun control measures and to strengthen the background checks on gun buyers of eliminating legal communities for sellers is what she wants to them their
6:53 am
repeal the legislation deshields the manufacturers distributors and dealers for liability suits that may strict gun laws the centerpiece of the campaign this issue will battues executive power to expand background checks. >>darya: donald trump is suggesting in farming teachers in the wake of last the is this- shooting at minutes to cause an organ were gunman killed nine people he opened fire at the committee, to the rose bird the campaign rally in tennessee it there reminded the crowd that that campus and will bird or in was a gun free zone he hinted that the campus policy was part of the problem is about when to
6:54 am
of hold gun rights of quick break when the news continues to live look outside the conditions on the bay the santa saver is waiting for us guys to lighten up when the sun come over the east bay hills will have more on the forecast and traffic hot spots and. we spend a lot of time together.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
the judge is nicknamed the pump and the flying saucer because of the czech the prize money was nice but the most important part will sharing in with this 28 year-old daughter coming up where track and bay area weather and the work which is starting on live look at sfo in gear is were the 49 is capsized.
6:59 am
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>>jackie sissel: he is injured when a suspect had had much of the occult we are in san francisco will show you what happened and how the officer is doing coming up in a live report. >>mark: historic flooding in south carolina where hundreds of people had to be rescued and the death toll continues to climb we're tracking the storm. >>darya: track in the weather no storms and the bay area with a live look at the golden gate bridge. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: a suspect tried to run him over the officer was and of the and his patrol car. >>mark: it happen net midnight in the english side district.


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