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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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brutal treatment they said they and door behind these walls family friends gathered to mourn a fremont teacher murdered last week and the apartment she shared with her son. the outran the straps and ready to take you for a ride with the blue angels full hour of your choice for prime time news/ >> catherine: is behind bars to the accused of using fake profiles on social media from the drug sexually assault bay area women there aren't that lisa for convictions possibly more than that. >> catherine: a joins us from fremont police station with the details use your fund is simply
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open up an application to make a fake profile, they are worried there could and more women who were hurt. "i wanna be clear problem with this whole thing was the suspect was the victim was and that they did something amiss or any way ashamed. >> reporter: documented as man kevin parke kevin gin jeremy or heavenly police say the center motorman use aliases to meet women drug them then sexually assault them. he was >> reporter: these sites smoko hinder it faced a scout in september via lead detectives traveled shipping
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address the twin year-old suspect university of illinois they say they know of four bay area the films over the summer between may and august detectives will let a detail evidence they have they say points to more victims of the american woman rendered unconscious possible some victims would not remember the counter. >> reporter: there something else he has done other people we want to know about it because we will make sure he's held accountable police say they understand if a single looking to date the and this is how you do it these days basically say you have to be safe number one from a finally meet someone for the first time in person make sure it's in a public place. tell somebody where you are going be >> catherine: spake community coming together to remember a beloved teacher murdered in the suspect is her own son alicea
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live with the visual for 64 year-old male appendage and taught special education in fremont. celebration of the wife loved ones they focus on the good that she did while she was alive a former student parents people who care deeply they told us that to the doting teacher more than a teacher to her children made the effort to make sure there were always smiling especially math teacher fremont school district for 13 years retired in 2013 was summertime at american high school and parents here tonight have nothing alarming thoughts about a woman they say it's excellent care of their children.
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"come over and see how is doing and just the personal side adored her kid business stories. all evening besought omar is being held without appeal will be arraigned in alameda superior court tomorrow. "something that is a huge step forward for all of us felt we find ourselves in this predicament. when a >> catherine: to vaticans' a lot in california terminally ill patients cannot in their own lives with the help of their doctors making our state the facts and the nation to allow that does not come without fight just been office
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here then note the top 11 of the woman who really triggered this campaign today he says he fulfilled that promise for any thought to the very end to see the passage of the right-to-die laws here in california her husband's supplely after her death last year tells me today is the day friday would be proud of they area woman suffering from terminal but brain cancer. with the organ ted take her own life last year house been tested by her promised his bride she would not die in vain. "he knows his wife would be grateful for his determination. be"menu berkeley's
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determination that of her life knew who i had married. the of >> reporter: nurse " with professionals on both of the issue before making his decision osha letter explain his support did not know what i would do if i were dying in prolonged excruciating pain certain however it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill and would not deny that right to others other lawmakers supporting his decision all pretty ever wanted was a choice to die on her own terms. that possible for others even reflect a legacy his love left
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behind. "a lot of the park. >> reporter: to diet law allows doctors to prescribe medication and the patient's life if two doctors agree that person has only six months to live and is mentally competent to loss starts on january 1st. in the >> grant: state police hope the surveillance and it helps to guy who shot an artist is see right here working on a neighborhood mural police say it there was a verbal argument before the gunman fatally shot antonio then ran off employees are calling this guy person of
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interest in the case 6 ft. tall ideas jacket the victim 27 year- old ramos killed last tuesday morning under the 580 overpass near 35th street and of the 10,000 boxcars are being offered to information that leads to an arrest. >> catherine: madison middleton of turn 9 today her mother for is hosting a huge celebration in her honor. the key is live in santa cruz tonight or a birthday party just wrapping up. party wrapped up an hour ago kids all went home with their parents. calling it madisons day the party in the park today in fact one of the favors they handed out in honor of the little girl killed. >> reporter: alders laughter
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face painting also a day to remember as a militant of turned 9 years old the party in the park would of her been her dream come true complete on bouncy houses even at even a petting zoo no masson to enjoy here the mother still raw from the murder of her little girl struggles the stay positive
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>> reporter: back here live all the kids sang happy birthday de medicine and under the circumstances you can imagine those a very emotional time for madison's mother. >> catherine: police say ice- cream commander shot and killed an east oakland saturday afternoon 45 year-old shot near peach street and second avenue that at the scene investigators trying to find a motive no one has been arrested. roseburg or got foregone greek ingratitude hand-in-hand survivors of last week's shooting of the community college know they are lucky to be alive tracy in the classroom for the shooter gunned down his victim's one by one she appeared in the hand described her
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terrible experience the cnn's sarah. he wanted to do that and he seemed happy not stressed been see nervous the community college did open their doors today no classes were held students allowed to collect their belongings of so have the option to talk to counselors class's will resume october 12th or on foot or guy shooting. kron4news-dot-com letting new details about the gunman in grants left behind in a manifesto all that and more kron4news-dot-com >> catherine: since before the new eastern spanish bay bridge opened there is not a lot of questions about what role corrosion water intrusion by be playing in the long-term safety of the bridge now new concerns about a different section this time the focus is on the main cable the question with the
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water is getting in the eastern anchorage just follow the road that could corrode the cable officials say there are no active water at this point the bridges safe but are keeping an eye on them as a stadium deal is dead for now and some are holding out hope major-league baseball a's will turn their attention back to the south bay. then as they are about the lambs for a new downtown baseball stadium but as expected by most legal experts u.s. supreme court refused to hear san jose's contention that major-league baseball stalled the city's bid to bring the a's to town and a violation of antitrust laws the mayor of san jose says that it's time to move on at a home water wrestles with an armed the attacker who invaded his home. the leak is under way now in the bay area will train was in the
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injuries >> catherine: the close of falling in the pacific remains in limbo buildings abandoned in 2010 powerful storms eroded by clef and charles clifford live for us tonight and if the the cut and update >> reporter: >> gabe: the plot thickened planning commission is scheduled to discuss the demolition of those buildings last month postponed until early tonight and the commission won't take up the topic and two weeks in the meantime neighbors by the apartment complex so concerned the buildings could fall. winter 20092010 heavy storms possibly fueled by that year's i'll milhaud war with the cliffs of the avenue in here to set the code became clear several buildings on top the class were in danger of falling apartments for red tag evacuated remain that way ever since efforts were made to iran for their roach and for the past four winters mild close remained
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mostly unchanged another el nino forming the pacific the concern the apartment could once again be in danger of falling. diana lives a few doors down an apartment building that all so on top of the cliffs she was the red tag department removed before the prom if any use worst back live now the planning commission does eventually prove demolition plan that could theoretically begin in just a few weeks. police are on the hunt for armed robber wanted and the connection of home invasion robbery in san francisco and ply as street and the other sunset last monday
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when at the surveillance that you see a man attacking a homeowner in his garage the victims fighting back in after a struggle manages to wrestle away the man's gun then moves outside the garage points the gun at the attacker begun jams and the other man runs away this is the second time in two weeks once tried to break into the victim's apartment. temperate weather diane has been watching weather and things will be warming up later in the week. >> diane: will be difficult to look at when steve right now as we take that and wind speeds pignut quite a bit because the transition the fellow from we have in the area. the mouth and our oakland onshore breeze the side pfeiffer haywards and out livermore and then also 5 mi. an hour of unconquered little
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breeze there the whole stay with us for the rest of the evening 10:00 p.m. lisa see we have more clouds rolling into the area and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning cool breeze deconditions 58 the 60 degrees by noontime when a gradual clearing and the low 70's here's why we're calling things down sunday tomorrow and warming up quickly low pressure system that's an area of rain all the rain showers moisture out of the south of us in the east of us all pushes off and then the average pressure system that makes its way giving us the war from the coast in the warm things up for us in the upper 80s feel see that the sunday forecast a few minutes afternoon highs 4:00 p.m. '70s low eighties for the valley mid-70s for east bay shoreline of the '60s for the coastal regions next few days for you thursday 87 degrees to talk more about how long the orange and lasts and the 74 cast coming up next. >> grant: as pilots and planes
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here for a fleet of course popular performances always the biggest draw of a long weekend today are very unwieldiness iceman doubled and ride and an faa hornet with one of the best, "about the state last month nothing prepares you for flight with the blue angels of and doing it at that the train years to be a pilot last friday. one of them was seven g is seven times your body weight pushing
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down on you." the cat >> reporter: and was as fresh as a morning walk i study worn out fully would feel like two hours at the gym they were not kidding. "did a nice job reposited added to all with through an pleasure flying with you" for the >> reporter: record ever passed out or the roll up.
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the money >> grant: on will keeping it together i got to do this three years ago. >> grant: >> pam: settlor fielder's the barrel barrel will aquila's better than i was but looks like i'm trying to give birth to something.
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babbitt: experience the postal videos online kron4news-dot-com body of the get the go because we're blue angels station and have the show for you saturday at 2:00 at 845 tonight best places to watch the blue angels. >> catherine: had it jail filled with screams and cries of pain local sheriff's office accused sadistic attacks on inmates. >> gabe: 5 the originally hit the market new chevy ball is being released next week this one have the time of the improvements over the first version a lot cheaper.
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for a >> catherine: major update to the chevy volt dealerships next week game sleep at a preview shows us how this new model is better and much more affordable. >> gabe: 4 officially hits the market next week should be brought a new 2016 will be the seventh disco media give it the chance that give us then. but take a new bull riding around
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l.a. cut handled very nimble pepe facile the san francisco problem there is some power in this car a lot of improvements from the first version basically rebuilt from the ground up a few like this is a high and electric hybrid vehicle you can get for lower price with the federal state discounts get the newbolt for as low as $25,000 now known as dasa of tesla the have all the high-tech bells and whistles but tesla $80,000 plus way out of range for a lot of us this is the affordable alternative one advantage being a hybrid does have a gas engine that kicks in if you need it 90% of its ties to drive around town on your regular commute you will use only electric power to get stuck in traffic when a downtown for the weekend talk " moderate outlay you can get there with this car without having to recharge refuel $420 a miles of one charge and wanting gaffe
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when you break it recharges the battery when you're driving your read constantly recharging. 200 lbs. lighter additional safety features at lane's departure warning leaky assist options available for college alert 10 airbags in the vehicle at a 11 year-old accused of murdering a neighbor woman of lead to the deadly confrontation general mills recalling 2 million boxes of cheerios we should know about your next full bowl of cereal
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>> grant: cheerios says with the boxes not always quite what it says general mills recalling 2 million boxes of chillier. as tonya trios live and free had week in them and that they were made in the plan for 30 minutes of and yet the company says wheat flour and and certainly use and a process close in free fall flower penalty on them and festive use dates july 2015 including how refund kron4news- dot-com >> catherine: if polarizing
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record flooding devastates fellow carolina and lengthen the sending too many e military might be entitled to some money shocking claims lawsuit against local sheriff deputies accused of brutal attacks on in the
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>> catherine: rights lawsuit against some county after two former inmates 5 hour beatings from deputies the senate this systematically sadistically attacked them at least 18 others j. r. stone has the story.' >> j.r.: accusations of the alleged happenings' inside these walls. the sonoma county name to former inmates have come forward and filed a federal civil like rights lawsuit alleging violence in this misconduct against inmates may 28th of this year according to this complaint in may gm bonnie the wake up wednesday was being given out in that house when it to the inter turned at one. the beatty's cresson all black wearing ski masks dragged monte the shower
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ordered him the survey could the complaint says martinez pleaded unable to breathe a bag deputies to stop and a response according to the complaint let me hear you say it this is our house we can do this all day and another is in fact they banks was denied medical attention for his injuries more than 24 hours suffers from serious anxiety mental health difficulties following the incident. >> grant: amazing images of south carolina tonight coffins floating out the ground flooding that to the state once i thousand your offense to feeder rain and no where for all that water to go.
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residents of this north charleston neighborhood watch helplessly as the water poured in this home people and pets pull the safety all their possessions left behind thousands of people driven from their home. over the weekend the coast guard pulled another infant daughter to safety. ever of this truck when a ball from the barricaded nearly lost his life comer says conditions are getting more dangerous after the rain dance over floating/hundred the bridges.
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the residents cannot silica the damage ignoring the warning for officials.. >> grant: water filling the historic center of charleston a drowned used here the death toll from the storm 1210 people of south carolina as well n.c. was of the victims were caught and vehicles by the flash flooding. >> catherine: year-old boy facing first-degree murder charge and the a year-old neighbor the kayla direct was in the far house saturday night and was shot in the chest the shock. came from a 12 gauge shotgun inside the home next door and mchale is mother says her daughter had been playing outside had refused to let the boys see her puppy not a. long
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afterward she was shot and paul mchale of the boy attended the same school will state warriors are taking up the preseason tonight. that's right the world champion tipping off a place that's usually looking at jeff bush's life tonight. that shp center a lot of excited fans thousands of lawyers as made their way to this unusual location. to see the golden state warriors as you can imagine very excited they came up with the championship. >> reporter: that the lawyers are seeking the pot offering fans of a special treat the bubblehead curry wearing this of the coveted souvenir everyone wanted a limited edition bubblehead featuring the lawyers and vp were the delight and that
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cross pollination of the two sports at the and the fans and the size of the crowd of this event was the number one ticket in town amazing considering this is an exhibition game but is an exhibition game with the team that caught the imagination of sports fans across the bay area and beyond what a team won the nba championship of people out here three hours before game time amazing. first let been here for basketball game.. a line lived
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around and then surprised >> reporter: everyone wants that bobble headed the conceal lot of people very excited lawyers taking on trappist night that over the portland on thursday. >> catherine: ahead at a clinton ordered to pay $13 million to users-let me will claim some money plus freely under way the scoop on the best places to watch the blue angels next cold blues season coming. it's the help you get be a warm-up is in place coming up
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>> grant: some sort of illnesses winter in texas tonight on how to survive season of sickness. flu shot doctors say even if a protected from the flu see see says most adults bit 23 be more colds each year but the key evidence suggests yogurt with a lot of the culture is news to many companies see honey protective one left the set thinking about average person touches their mouth and nose three times an hour and obviously a great way to get the germs in your system time for whether diana's to hear
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>> diane: will fifties' the most part under cloudy skies and light can their approach. in the bay bridge will be the way for us this evening. the clouds in the sky temperature is curve numbers for you mid-60s and the valley east bay shoreline., or 60s for severance as the peninsula over. right lows around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning handful of upper 50s of 63 there. what are cooling things down for today. tomorrow as well one more day low pressure system in the region there pushes out the east. at a high ridge pressure system off the coast and will bring warm off the coast and our area that's how we deal with the butchers and '80s later on in the week. as a transition 6:00 a.m. tuesday dealing with loquats in place even extending out to the east bay shoreline to the valley even concord livermore should get some clouds
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for the morning hours and by 10:00 a.m. you see a lot of it and pulling back quite a bit saying in the seventh is the peninsula area off the coast as the transition in east bay shoreline and part the federal flood its clouds than by the afternoon clears up quite a bit including 5:00 p.m. tuesday. back all those heavy clouds and place in this promotion that will again wednesday. with the cloud moving in and out of the area there that it will give us warmer temperatures with hired pressure system every day this week we transition 78 degrees and warm things up a couple degrees as we get to the week wednesday. 82 thursday will be the warmest day of the week of the work week and should say eight. some of the valley 82 east bay shoreline 73 along the coastal regions friday warm temperatures in place and that will stick with us to set a sunday clear skies and the weekend until early next week. >> catherine: thin as a helper
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to minimills that sofa networking the site agrees to the shell out $60 million to settle a 2013 lawsuit. when to the site's bad connections feature and some users very upset address book context they wanted to connect with had received lots of reminder e- mail's over and over happen to december 14th to submit claim and customers of the $1,500 each depends on how many people file claims/ >> catherine: we give back coming of the covered for the best places see the blue angels before saturday and in sports they have an on real fetish
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my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. >> catherine: angel the back of the bay area high-flying show to severed cisco every year more
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than a million people flock to various places see them perform can be crowded also very expensive kron 4 grant shows of the best places to catch the flight week event. >> catherine: >> grant: publications for people to take in the five sounds when blue angels come to town the rock. spot center stage for the show airspace around around i alcatraz the germans for good with a check of the action especially near the water at the high street here for five bucks protect the early the ships fell fast the of the cash and guaranteed first-class experience murray agreed by be the place for you food and drink the whole will impress people 50
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devoted $25 a ticket the panama did you come if you want to bring your own deeds so in for one heckuva show here at a quiet part and if you know someone with a rooftop deck that's a great way the logic after the rights bought the blue angels basically partier harris. streaming by worth noting traffic always a mess in these areas on fleet week wheat and the best bet will drive it for fun that way check the >> catherine: blue angels here we're bringing you the blue angels live this saturday beginning at 6:02 p.m. at for complete fleet week coverage go to our web site and the scheduled events: more about the famous blue angels kron4news-dot-com >> gary: demeaning everyone born again of by on line in person in
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your bathtub people are believed the upset with this guy and rightfully so some bad games and we showcase de bounce pass here. 49ers' averaging 3.9 yds per play and the worst offense in football catholic six times my only comeback defensive but at times to allow his coaching staff anyone there ever really come through and experience helping a quarterback in trouble the loss yesterday the packers
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be. this poor guy again never been a head coach be thrown into this sports show sunday night at 9:00 because of a year high school ball dissolve picture post if what flood bid kron 4 #se backlfie double bilb be be grant patent grant ce is that we have here the dacron
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went independent at rid of all my ties/fed out where the independent spirit back in a wave first 2003 at believe. >> gary: independent spirit and that is the truth. and the think it millisecond.
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liberator >> gary: 49 there is really going the other way the raiders yet to into but pretty good performance yesterday chicago this derek parkinson good pupil touchdown throw their but octavius marie coughed up fumbled twice and the bears went on a 49 yd field goal so 2220 chicago bears' first win on like thomas to us look at dario and as i have a handle live raiders doing good work tonight hosted an event for breast cancer
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awareness nearly 20 survivors in caregiver's visit the facility for sand and reveler awareness nfl is basing breast cancer to the cat began to tell you how much it means to me. >> gary: rego this chili was tonight just wrapped up 24 yds of the back and so on right at
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the goal line and goes on to win 1310 and a tricky thing illegal punch lovesick moose
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fighting over a female
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>> grant: anchorage alaska this time of year earnings season the female
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