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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant:now at eight. police say these three murdered a popular therapist on a marin surveillance video led to their capture in oregon. >>the vehicle in that photograph is our victim's vehicle. >>whoosh >> grant:breaking news in san francisco. the latest on the traffic south of market street. >>whoosh >> grant:it's not just an idle threat. how parents may be putting their kids health in danger by something they do after school. >>whoosh >> grant:s=o=s in sausalito. some residents say tourists are ruining their town. >> grant:this is a full hour
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of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:three people are behind bars tonight. the primary suspects in the murder of a tantric therapist on a marin county trail. >> catherine:good evening i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine:kron-4's justine waldman has been following the developments.and joins us live from marin county. >> catherine:justine you talked to people who knew the victim. >> reporter: >> he is just a being of love and life. >> reporter: the therapist was highly regarded and greatly missed.
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>> obviously it will be a huge hole in people's lives. >> reporter: is pictures taken a half an hour after the murders. the three suspects were arrested at a community dining hall. we do not know their modems. it is confident that the killers are caught. >> the second thing is to command all the people that help with this investigation. >> reporter: his grieving friends still some relief. now that the three individuals are custody-in custody
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>> hopefully the three individuals that committed this heinous act will get their just rewards. >> reporter: steve lives world on a state that pays to that knowing how many people loved steve, is what keeping are going duron is very difficult time i also spoke with a family spokesperson who expressed his thanks for every one who is remembering steeped in saying that he was such a wonderful man. however, we do not know about the suspects tonight. where they are from. or their names and details. >> catherine: breaking news tonight. >> catherine: the search is on for a man tonight in the south bay. kron-4's scott rates joins >> catherine: us live from
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san jose. >> catherine: scott what do we know about the man they're looking for? >> reporter: search has been plant run 5 1/2 hours patrick and his got my hand on this month shot. the police are looking for the individual,according to lt. rick weger happened at 2:30 this >> reporter: take a look a what the search look like. with our helicopter partnership abc seven newsprint--news >> reporter:bail agents flagged an suspect they had in custody had escaped >> reporter:bondsman were not hurt, suspect is handcuffed in thesearch happening on near taylor and first streets >> reporter:tecnical
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difficulties an elderly man in the south >> 9 + times. >> reporter: overwhelmed with grief. and life taken too soon. >> fortunately he was caught up in the wrong to chelation at a long time. --the wrong
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situation at the wrong time >> reporter: neighbors pointed authorities and the right direction creek and the alleged shooter, anthony grant was charged with murder and caught just a block away. >> anthony, he knows that i love him. he knows how i feel about him. i would ask that you judge that you do not judge we do not know what the situation was and why he was led to this spirit i am not sure what was said between him and christian and anyone else. >> reporter: the victim leaves behind a wife and two daughters print a 5 month old and a five-year old. >> reporter: reporting live
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in berkeley police still read kron 4 news. >> catherine: crime stoppers of oakland is offering a tent that the dollar reward for a man they say killed did ice-cream vendor on saturday. police say the individual was killed in an east oakland over the weekend. they are looking for this man. investigators say he shot the man on peach street near 94 ave. when first responders to erect a fountain did on the streets and police have not offered a motive in this case. >> catherine: an elderly man in south bay has been arrested for possession of
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child pornography. frank pendergast took an s-d memory card to a campbell camera store yesterday. >> catherine:police say that when staffers looked at the card -- they found about a dozen pornographic photos. >> catherine:pendergast was arrested to the store. police say they found more evidence during a search of his home. >> catherine:investigators are looking into possible other charges. >> catherine:an update on a story we've been following all evening. a man has been brought to safety after spending hours on the ledge of a san francisco building. the c-h-p says he had run market neighborhood. >> catherine:he got into a building on 10th street near harrison.and perched on a window ledge. we brought you the story live on our six o-clock news. >> catherine:after a lengthy stand-off - police were able to talk the man down. they say the car he'd been driving was stolen. the man has been arrested. >> catherine:as for what ended the stand-off.a cat apparently helped, believe it or not. while hanging out of the second story window - the man said he wanted to see his pet. and police obliged.
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>> catherine:officers got the cat - so he could see it before his arrest. they say it helped calm him down.and end the episode safely. >> grant:books and bed bugs. tonight yet another bay area library is closed because of the bugs. >> grant:this one's in menlo park. doors were locked today at the main menlo park library on alma street. >> grant:and last month the bugs were spotted in three different bay area. in nearby palo alto - both the mitchell park and rin- conada branches closed to deal with the pests. >> grant:north berkely's library also shut its doors while they dealt with the problem. as for the current issue in menlo park. one solo bug was spotted.but it was in a public seating area. >> grant:a drive thru book drop in the parking lot has been taken out of service until further notice. the entire facility is now being inspected, treated and cleaned. the library could reopen as soon as tomorrow morning but not before it's inspected and cleared by bedbug- sniffing dogs. >> catherine: parents of students at an east bay
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elementary school are outraged. after students were locked in their classrooms. it happened monday at mt. diablo elementary - in clayton. >> catherine: teachers and students were told to lock themselves in protection from a 3rd grade student. >> catherine: the student had been screaming and kicking classroom doors. >> catherine: parents say it's just the latest episode regarding the concerned about safety. >> catherine: some parents say something should be done. and until then - they're not bringing their children to school. >> catherine: a san francisco man was pretending to be a doctor and sexually assaulting patients. >> catherine: a jury found him guilty of felonies.including identity theft and assault. practiced medicine without a license. >> catherine: ten victims testified in the case. including nine women he had operated on. investigators say he operated a dermatology clinic on mission street called "derma clinic." >> catherine: the women claim he assaulted their procedures. >> catherine: guzman-garza
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faces nearly 40 arrested in 20-11 for the crimes. >> catherine: a man has been arrested this week - after being accused of photographing a woman at her palo alto home july 21st. twenty-two-year-old norbu norbu turned himself in.and was booked into the santa clara county main jail. >> catherine: the victim... a woman in her fifties...reported that she had just taken a shower in spotted a man taking photos with his cell phone - outside the window. >> catherine: .norbu faces a misdemeanor charge of peeping. >> catherine: the san francisco police department may begin rewarding informants in homicide cases with up to 250-thousand dollars. >> catherine: at least that's the proposal by supervisor london breed. he wants to create a permanent city fund of reward money. the compensation would be announced only after police have exhausted all investigative leads. >> catherine: and after the police chief decides that
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public help is necessary. >> catherine: ahead at eight. a popular display is coming back to the bay area. >> catherine: when you can see the bay bridge lights return. >> catherine: also -- rising concerns in a local city that tourism is growing out of control. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: the health hazard your children could be exposed to as they wait for you to pick them up from school. >> diane: we had a nice bit full day with clear skies. we will be back!
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>> catherine: in the east bay today, a group of students and health officials in pleasanton tried to encourage parents waiting to pick up theirfrom school not to idle their engines. >> catherine: they say pollution from running cars poses a danger to children with breathing problems. >> catherine: kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in pleasanton with details. charles... >> reporter:well, an idling car can emit a variety of toxins including benzene and formaldehyde which can cause lung irritation. sometimes after school there can be long lines of cars waiting to pick up kids and that can be a problem. >> reporter:here at pleasanton middle school.. like many have to wait a very long time to pickup their kids
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>>we sit here for 45 minutes. >> reporter:and when it's hot out.. like today... many people keep air conditioning on in order to stay cool. the problem is that all those idling engines are putting out pollution which could be breathed in by young kids with lungs that are still developing. >> kids to have as much it is difficult for them to breed and the quality of is that correct bay are smelling exhaust coming out of school or coming out of the cart at the school. >> reporter:the danger is right off the bat kids are coming out of school and smelling the exhaust >> reporter:on wednesday afternoon, a group of students and local health officials went car to turn off their motors. >> reporter:as an incentive the kids handed out these small fan misters. not exactly a substitute for air conditioning, but they hope it will help send a message. >>we just want to tell them to air conditioning or idling because the pollutants that come out are harsh. we need to ensure
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that they don't use it that often because it does affect hundreds of kids at our school alone. >> reporter:now school and health officials here also recommend that parents idle their engines for no longer than 30 seconds. in pleasanton, charles clifford >> catherine:governor jerry brown is taking ambitious action against climate change. >> catherine:today. he signed a bill that will increase california's renewable electricity use to 50 percent. >> catherine:it will also double energy efficiency in existing buildings by 20-30. >> catherine:the bill was amended to remove a third component use on california roads. >> catherine:brown blames the defeat on a multi- million dollar ad campaign by oil companies. >> reporter: >> catherine:slightly warmer weatherkron-4's diane tuazon
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joins this will continue for awhile. >> diane: it was nice. and it will warm up even closer to the '90s. right now, let's look at the live camera across the bay bridge. what mostly cloudy skies for tonight and you will receive more clout as we get through the evening. at 10:00 p.m., we will have the coastal f o g r on the peninsula location. >> diane: to attack early as 70 degrees, east bay shores arrau '60s. --plaza intent at the seventh degree mark >> diane: tier is why we are dealing with a warm up. what this system, making its way
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into the region. would afternoon highs. and more clear skies. >> diane: futurecast, 68 am showing the cloud cover across the east bay shoreline. it will stay about the same near 108 am. >> diane: east bay shoreline closer to the '80s, by friday the temperature will be on route 86. and said the one on around the coast. saturday, closed the mild temperatures. how long will this last? more when i come back! >> catherine: the l.e.d. sculpture called the bay lights will be back on the bay bridge in a few months. >> catherine: the work to get them back on the bridge
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is getting underway now. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight along the embarcadero -- jeff? >> catherine: the bay lights were lighting up the bridge for two years. the lights were a big attraction and a lot of people were disappointed when the lights came down last march. caltrans had some important maintenance to do to the bridgeso, the bridge went darkthe lights came down and the work was done on the bridge. >> reporter:fast forward seven months and the lights are ready to be reinstalled. only, this a permenent fixture on the bridge. the l.e.d's are heartier and more robustdesigned to withstand the harsh environment hundreds of feet in the air above the san francisco bay. >> reporter:the work should
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be done and the lights should be turned on by mid december. i'm jeff bush, live in san francisco, kron four news. >> catherine: new ahead 8. >> catherine: a shocking murder in a quiet south bay community. tonight we're learning more about a woman stabbed in her ho --home >> reporter: to it reporter gate slate, make up without even trying it on and that is next on kron4. >> gary: sports later on in this broadcast! this broadcast! k to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing
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>> catherine: new tonight at 8it's being called a 'virtual make-up studio in your pocket". >> catherine: a mobile app that let's you virtually try on any kind of shade.without actually putting anything on your face. >> catherine: our tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works >> this is like a make a counter in your pocket. it would be tried on at your own time and ensure with your friends or buy it the actual product right here on this application. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. gabe slate tech report >> reporter: the application will virtually uplight on your face of the tube and
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see how it looks. >> you can try on shades that never would in real life. like bright blue. this is really fun to try. >> reporter: if you can run across any color in a real life you can take a picture of it with the application and shade scott will match the color and offered to try it on your face. >> reporter: to snap a picture and tri-shade on your lips. the same or similar color as miami what spirit--naomi watts >> the shade here, looks very similar to her dress. i recently purchased this bright pink and i was inspired by this really cool flower so now i have
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the lipstick. and, i receive compliments on it all the time. >> reporter: gabe slate kron 4 news >> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine: a controversial crackdown at the d-m-v. how employees are being punished for staying too long in the restroom. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: a savings struggle. trend nearly half of americans are facing.
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my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.
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as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> just a gentle human being a wonderful person really. i cannot say enough about her. >> catherine:tonight close friends remember a young woman who in her own home. >> catherine:today police announced that they have arrested a suspect in the case. >> catherine:kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live from milpitas with new details. >> reporter: catherine, when i gave my condolences to decca's father earlier this afternoon i could tell he was fighting back the tears. his daughter only graduated from milpitas high school
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two years ago. >> reporter: this is 20 year old danica bascos who was found murdered in her millipede is home on monday afternoon. close friends of hers are still grieving. >> i consider her like a daughter creek my daughter vanessa has been spending nights over her house and so is just a terrible loss courage really is a senseless situation that we are having to experience this time and. derrick >> reporter: stored daughter was friends with her at that two years ago when she was a student and the lp is high school's board with her substitute teacher. he met with her parents on wednesday.
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>> there's no words creek is beyond words. there are no words that can come for them. i just came to give them a hug. that is all you can do. what else can you do from them for them and know? and frankly just cried. >> reporter: this is the 26 rural suspect kevin when he was arrested in san jose on tuesday am booked for murder his facebook pence says he studied at san jose city college and this picture he is wearing a safe way name tags on us to the motive behind the killing, police would not say the family friend says she was his ex- girlfriend. >> grant: and waterlog south carolina to nine rivers are rising. and downs are bulging and the new dangers
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are threatening thousands of people. the run off from more than 2 ft. of rain last week and is heading towards the coast. >> grant: high above the low country, and you can see the water on the most threatening to cause more damage. >> south carolina we have 409 closures right now. a road and bridge closures, 141 of those are bridge is and you will see an number go up and the reason is, as the water is flowing downstream creek >> grant: national guard helicopters and drops them back to shore up sagging levels with coastal residents are being urged to hit for high ground. >> when the news said our rolled it was time to get up and go.
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>> reporter: fear of lugar's keeping some home owners in evacuating. >> bottom line is i am not leaving occurred that's the bottom line. >> reporter: gary pearson lost his new orleans home in katrina now his home in north carolina or north charleston is a total loss. >> just as bad. it just as emotional. everybody has something to lose. >> reporter: clothes, furniture and positions rowland. --ruined >> is hard to describe to you seen it hit look at everything you work hard for and it's all gone through it is hard to hold it together from our girls and not want to break down because it fabre ground than they do.
8:34 pm
--because if i break down then they do. >> catherine: new at eight. tourism and the city of sausalito is the headline topic at a meeting tonight. one man is bonds and an initiative he hopes to make the june ballot. he called on the city council to create a plan to deal with the impact of tourism. kron4 to delete this job is like on-site the spinnaker where the meeting is wrapping up. philippe? >> reporter: that is right kaplan. the meeting started at all ross 7:00 and it is winding down as we speak derrick at least 250 people
8:35 pm
showed up mostly business owners and those living here take a look inside. >> reporter: those attendance at to sign the petition to get this initiative on the ballot. so far, the sponsor says he has collected about 300 signatures derrick and he needs 500 by january for the initiative to make it. with increased tourism in the area. >> reporter: arrested downtown is getting crowded in keeping some residents from even visiting downtown because of the up the traffic. to buses and cyclist, he says are contesting the roadways and he says the city does now have a specific plan to address terrorism. in addition to the city's existing zoning and land-use ordinances. arlen said the tourism and pet plan will require the city council to draft a plan every two years.
8:36 pm
>> reporter: aligning how to impact sausalito and set of goals to improve the situation the council would also be required to report the progress or lack there of to the residents once a year. >> catherine: and the dog eat dog food world you have to set yourself apart by cooking up all kind of crazy dishes or coming up with a catchy name. on tonight's edition of die and this vicki led the rockets give us a taste of dusty buns. >> reporter: seriously who can do-that's seriously who can say no to this? >> reporter: this is brit named not for these buffer these. mrs. bonds bakes the suites. dusty and his crew make these. >> reporter: aside 10 days
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bunt and signature grill with fresno to least there are all kinds of fresh organic goodies. yes, snap peas the airline to metals oyster mushrooms. >> reporter: dusty and his wife are from fresno where they bought another dusty bun spirit dusty learn to cook the accord bomb blew but prefers more down-home or may fooled. and so does his customers. and as you could say the st is very hands on but no flour dust on his pants pocket. in the meantime onions and tomatoes all hold the bottom. --but hold the bum
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>> catherine: new at eight. >> catherine: disturbing video shows an roughly handling a baby. in this cell phone video. the woman tosses a blanket over a six-month old - and shakes her violently. >> catherine: the incident sparked local authorities to shut the facility down -- and the woman was arrested for felony child abuse. >> catherine: officials say there's video of a similar incident from another day. where the daycare worker was caught roughly pulling on a baby.
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>> diane: went to speak will go up on the breeze decide at a mosque per hour for oakland, and san jose as well. everywhere else, when speed for the rest of the night. --wind speed will go up >> diane: we have gradual clearing at 10:00 to give you plenty of time for sunshine and warm up as well. noontime, to keep up with sunny conditions. for the east bay shoreline. this is why we are warming things up because of the high- pressure system pushing the want into the system here. >> diane: your highs
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tomorrow, dealing with three degrees warmer them where we should be for this time of year for san francisco and the peninsula. it will be more like five degrees warmer for the bay side cities and for the ellen valley locations. --inland >> diane: your average temperature with 85 degrees and the north bag. averaging about 86. monday and tuesday, we will get closer to the '90s under mostly clear skies. >> catherine: time spent in the restroom could actually cost you sacramento d-m-v call center. >> catherine: the local union claims that one of its members has filed a grievance against a controversial policy. >> catherine: the employee claims if they spend more
8:44 pm
than seven minutes in the restroom -- their bosses will begin to dock money from they pay -- and even their leave time. >> catherine: the d-m-v says it's aware of the grievance.and is taking very seriously. >> catherine: so who is standing with a stop watch? >> grant: the bosses, apparently? >> catherine: coming up next. >> catherine: a fleet week preview you won't want to miss. >> catherine: a look ahead to the blue angels show this saturday >> catherine: they're the biggest draw of >> catherine: gary has the highlights of all the sports coming up next
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>> reporter:the navy's famous blue angels. >> reporter:and this year - there are for the air show.. >> catherine:kron four's terisa estacio see this weekend. >> we are going to have all of the food trucks. and live music for the local bay area than accurate and we have shipped to courts at your 80. --ship tours
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>> reporter: we should expect to hear them on friday night? >> you may. >> they desman have a little bit of noise. --definitrely >> reporter: what they are doing is to survey flights. but there are getting their bearings. there is a lot to keep track on print best to go on-line and check things out. >> reporter: that is right we are the place to turn to look more extensive list on our web site creek it is almost here accurate to receive it and stuff still kron 4 news
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>> catherine: and you can catch all the action right here on kron four. as we bring you the blue angels live. >> catherine: it's this saturday, october 10th. starting at two p-m. >> catherine: coverage visit kron-4 dot com. >> catherine: there you can find a schedule of events and the best places to watch the blue angels. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: after cubs picture hit a couple tony watson says, look here the bench is clear and i am going to guess no one past the electric--passed away
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>> gary: the cubs' first postseason man and 12 years. --win >> gary: the chicago cubs' move on to place san louis and one divisional semifinal. the others will be the dodgers. purchased-- versus the met. >> gary: you better go outside. it is a wild scene. >> gary: their id is kron4 taking you live to see buildings appeared.
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>> reporter: we have the best director and the business. >> reporter: >> gary: i have a shot of wrigley field. >> catherine: they are gathering. >> gary: gobbling you can only see on kron 4. --a gathering >> gary:colin kaepernick remainsafter two terrible outings by him and the offense there have been rumblings about if the team is confident with him under center and if kaepernick has lost all confidence in himself >> gary:many are wondering how many poor kaepernick performances can the team endure before benching him.
8:51 pm
>> i do not worry about job security when i walk into this building. >> i believed in and colin kapernick. i believe in him. >> gary: if i had $18 million investment, and i wanted to stick it down. i name all bullet to the owner credit but, he says that he is going with it. ok jimmy. >> gary: ahmad brooks was excused from 49ers practice today head coach jim tomsula said it was for "family reasons" and does not know if brooks will play with the team this sunday against the giants. tomsula did indicate it was a serious matter >> gary: the 10-year veteran had a sack on aaron rodgers last week to go
8:52 pm
>> gary: jack del rio strided the sidelines at raiders practice having a quarterback derek carr >> gary: carr and company hosty the 4-0 denver broncos sunday >> like and of this stuff court matter what the computer in his head. offensive coordinator >> he is a hall of famer. >> gary: and that means peyton manning who hasn't been his best so far this seasonbut good enough to be unbeaten thus far >> gary: here are del rio and carr on facing manning return to >> gary: . and tune in every sunday night at 9pm for sports night live. followed by abrand new episode of the that story--back story
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>> gary: . and post your high school football selfie to facebook, twitter and instagram with the hashtag "kron-4-selfie". and it may appear on sports night live. >> gary: former nba teammates matt barnes and derek fisher got into physical altercation over the weekend over barnes' estranged wife >> gary: fisher is dating gloria wives" fame. the knicks coach was with her and friends at the house she opnce shared with barnes >> jacqueline: barnes drove 95 miles from grizzlies training camp in >> gary: santa barbara to confront fisher upon receiving a call from his twin sons fisher was at the house >> gary: fisher reportedly had "a few scratches" after the incident but won't press charges
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>> grant: pizza hut before 2013 was the largest buyer of killed. in the world or america? i don't know. --of kale
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